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REVIEWS OF OU Medical Center Edmond IN Oklahoma

Tyler Riascos

I came in with severe chest pain and issues breathing while laying down, the nurses seemed nice but failed to ralize I could here them talking about the validity of my pain, I overheard hem discussing me several times and was ultimately discharged with no resolution and still in Excruciating pain. But most of all the feeling of having a group of nurses who don’t believe and have a PA barely do anything and ultimately tell me I’m fine, worst experience ever!! To add to this they unhooked my IV WIth pain meds in it after me needing to to the restroom and never came to join it back! I fear for anyone who goes here and your issue is not visible scary!!

Shine bright Beautiful

Do not go to this hospital!!!! It is awful!!!! The ER is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! And the wait times are crazy! They can have no one in the waiting room or even come in and you still will probably sit there for a good few hours unless you go in via ambulance then I pray for your life. Because you are not in a very good place to save it. I seriously would not take a dying animal there. And for sure not a loved one.

Cendie Moore

I have been to the emergency room four times here and hospitalized twice. I have received nothing but top notch care here. Never had a wait in ER. Procedures and tests were always carefully explained. Staff was always very courteous. They have saved my life! I WOULD recommend this hospital! And the one downtown also!


Good staff

Cameron Shurtz

Are you dying? Think you might have something a doctor should look at? Well then this place might be worth checking out.

Nicole Azimi

Been waiting for over 2 Hr had 11 people go ahead of me ! I been here sense 5:20pm it’s 8:18pm I’m stilllllll waiting I’m 6 months Pregnant possibly have DVT (Blood Clot ) in my leg Can barely walk can’t drive this been going on for 3 DAYS !!!!! Would go to another hospital but can’t drive !!

Leann Priebe

Great emergency room service for my son

Raven Flieger

Treatment was terrible. I had been hit in the head; and they sent me home alone to walk in the dark woods while it was freezing... I will NOT go back. They are discriminatory. I have the paperwork that says I was assaulted. Suit intact.

Christy Knight

There is a Nurse her name is Myra she was my sister nurse in ICU Mrya is the most compassionate nurse I have experienced in awhile I would highly recommend using this hospital it's staff is wonderful

Jessika McNelly

Kiley Jordan

OU Medical Center in Edmond is literally the worst place to go if you would like to be treated with respect and dignity. The on-call doctor spoke to me for 2 minutes before dismissing me and discharging me without so much as discussing my x-Rays with me. I came in on an ambulance and the doctor, PA and nurses spent a maximum of 10 minutes speaking to me before discharging me without checking on me once. I have never been treated so badly for a service I paid for in my life.

Jerrid Edgington

Kennedy Dow

Had to ask for pain medication for a broken shoulder.

Jessi Kyle

I went here for a biopsy. Ashley at registration was extremely professional yet personable. There were about 3 people back when I did my biopsy and they told me what they were doing every step of the way and made it clear my comfort was their top priority. In a stressful situation thinking I might have cancer, they really put me at ease. I can't recommend this place enough if you ever need a biopsy.

Daniel Underwood

Best place

Amanda Schrader

Can I give a negative star? Because I would if could! As someone that's been to a lot of hospitals, this was by far the worst experience I've ever had. And I wasn't even the patient! My boyfriend almost cut his hand off in a chainsaw accident. We went to OU Edmond since it was the closest hospital. We sat in the waiting for over 30 minutes. He had blood running down his arm and was feeling faint, I kept asking the admin people to do something but my only response was "a nurse will be with you soon" They waiting room was empty, nothing was happening and no came to help. After almost 45 minutes with NO one even acknowledging that we where sitting there we left and went to Integris Edmond and got treated as soon as he walked in the door. This was absolutely mortifying to me as someone that works in the medical field. And this was not his first bad encounter with OU Edmond. We never have any problems with OU downtown so from now on we are going to take the extra time to drive into the city!

Rob G

Customer service was fantastic, we got there and were seated in a nice classy booth within five minutes! The wait was almost nothing compared to other restaurants. The food was very pleasant, I ordered the most expensive item on the menu and I could definitely see why it was the most expensive item. Good quality and clean restrooms and good lobby/ waiting area, best salmon fillet you money can get, cannot give this place a good enough review! I will certainly be taking my wife here for our 5th year anniversary! OU Medical Center, you've earned the 5 stars!

Zachary Nelson

The ICU nurses and doctors at OU Edmond saved my life. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult.- which is a child’s disease. I was very sick and spent 5 days in the ICU. The ICU nurses were amazing and providing exceptional care! You can tell that these nurses really love their job - very nice and caring. They guided me through how to live with a life-changing chronic illness. Each one genuinely treated me with respect and compassion- in particular Deborah, Nicole, and Colby. Dr. Sheikh and his nurse practitioner Matt were the absolute best doctors I have ever had. Dr. Sheikh made a personal call to ensure that an endocrinologist fit me in within 7 days of discharge from the ICU. Everyone in the ICU went above and beyond to ensure that I was successful living as a newly diagnosed diabetic. I cannot thank them enough for saving my life!


Terrible Hospital....enter at your own risk ...they killed my Mother.... Nurses and Dr. Hull absolutely Hateful...

Christine Boden

I would rather die then go here. Bedside manners are terrible, and the nurse Jackie doesn't know how to draw blood, I left. Both times I been there it's been a terrible experience. Place is filthy.

Joy Cross

Zach Ponder

Ambulatory care was excellent. Had 2 wrist surgeries (one minor, one major) and the staff was great.

Sabrina Harrell

I went in for kidney stone pain. I've had kidney stones off and on for 11 years. The ER doctor said there wasn't any blood in my urine, and they refused to do any other tests. They gave me morphine at the hospital and called me in a muscle relaxer. 1 1/2 days later, I went to an urgent care because my pain keeps getting worse, and they found blood in my urine and are doing more tests! The only person who was understanding and listened to me was my nurse, Austin. He was great!

Tia Edwards

DO NOT GO HERE!!! Family was transferred here from another hospital because he was completely paralyzed on one side of his body and couldn't walk and was having vision problems. Not only did they completely dismiss him, they left him in a COT overnight with NO blanket and only a pillow and did not feed or give him anything to treat even a headache. Then a STUDENT doctor came in to tell him he had an abnormal MRI and the other doctor would be in shortly.....only to tell him that he was behind discharged... This place is a JOKE!!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

The Science of Art

Never COME HERE! They sent me home after a stomach ache that lasted 12 hours. They gave me some pain killers and sent me home. I woke up 5 hours later in screaming pain. I went back and they told me I need to have my appendix removed. It had burst. I could have died if I had listened to them. They were rude dismissive and arrogant. Then after the surgery they sent me a bill for the first ER visit that they almost killed me!

Gary White

Mercy said i was fine then i almost bled to death, went to OU n they took the time to actually check me out. They saved my leg. Twice now i owe my life n body to OU medical Center. Its my first choice and the only hospital i recommend. Love OU

Alex Veliz

Ahmed Mohammed

Nonprofessional medical staff who did not know what to do with the TMJ disorder. They gave my wife improper medicine that never decreased the jaw pain. Although they saw how she suffered, had difficulty speaking and couldn’t even breathe in or out, they left us for hours and couldn’t say that we don’t know what to do. What made me more outrageous that they had been racist because we are international and just wanted to discharge her from the hospital. Then, i went to Integris ER where the professional and respectful staff work, my wife did not last for an hour ,and they directly knew what she needed to be fine. OU, We are totally not SATISFIED

Isaac Jones

My sister is cancer free thanks guys

Shakeem Rey

Worst e.r I have ever been too.

josh Martin

Ihate hospitalaI and was a jerk and they still saved my ass , send those folks chocklatte eclairs for Christmas.

HaLisa Sowash

I had an ER visit in December 2016. I gave the admissions clerk both of my insurance cards. When I received a bill for my visit 2 months later, I was confused. Called and spoke with billing and they informed me they did NOT have the primary insurance information. I gave them the info, they thanked me and said they would handle it. I received another bill in November 2017. Called again. Was told again that my insurance (my secondary) denied due to need of primary EOB. Gave them the primary insurance again and was told again they would submit and take care of it. Well here we are almost 3 years later and I have another bill! Found out AGAIN they did NOT submit to my primary (which I do not have any more and haven't since 2017), nor did anyone put the information in my account. Advised the rep that they are PAST TIMELY FILING and good luck getting paid. Since OU did not do their due diligence on submitting to the correct insurance in a timely manner (as instructed), I am not responsible for this bill. Be careful when you have 2 insurances. Make sure you confirm they have listed both insurances on your account and in the correct order. Shame on you OU! Shame on you for thinking this was okay. Shame on you for causing even more stress, frustration, and concern on someone who came to you in pain!

T Sanchez-Grams

Walked into ER. There was no one to greet us because they were volunteers siting around in a circle chatting and not paying attention. And there was NO ONE AT ALL At the check in desk or nurses window for the ER section. We turned around and walked out. I'm glad no one was dying because they would have been waiting a very long time. We will not go back ever

maitham Alshaikh

they are the worst do not come here aver they are the worst hospital


ER team treated me terribly, but the surgeon and nurses were fantastic. The guy driving the ambulance that picked me up was so kind--he apologized for every bump he hit in the road. Only one of the four ER nurses showed me any type of sympathy--the others treated me like I was a stupid idiot with a stomach ache. The ER doctor was just as bad. After CT scan, a surgeon was called in. He was amazing. It turns out I had gone into septic shock and could have died. He took the extra time to remove my burst appendix laparoscopically and was so nice to me. The nurses who took care of me for the next few days were amazing and thoughtful as well. Summary: ER staff was rude, everyone else was fantastic.

Chauntelle M

Davonna Bolden

terry hollis

Wendy Belles

They had the wrong date up, two and a half hours into the next day. The ER phlebotomists had only the slightest clue what they were doing. It’s as if they only had a three day workshop on it. The nurse forgot to sanitize the site with alcohol before the venipuncture. Her assistant asked, “How many times to I turn these tubes?” The nurse said she didn’t know. I said, 8 times, if you want to follow standard operating procedure. Lord help them when JCAHO pops in on them!!

Sarah Hendershot

Dr Fig in the ER has been super attentive with my pregnancy related ER visits this weekend. He was considerate of my dignity and explained every test result to me and what they meant. This is why me and my family come to this hospital when we have emergencies. Thanks guys!

Anita LeDoux

I had a sleep study at this facility. The check in process for an established patient was very slow. The tech, Jessica, was nice and knowledgeable. When I completed the survey call I continued to receive calls from the sleep lab director at my work. I did not score the study poorly. I was asked if I knew when someone would contact me with the results. I was not told this information. Please do not harass patients after services are completed.

Debra Heird

waited for about 30 minutes to get checked in and got a really rude nurse and than when we got to our room we were in there for an hour with out seeing anyone. won't be going there again

Demetria Smith

Worst hosptial to deal with My son Had a Asthma attack and they were no Help !!! Never again will we return back to this hosptial

Andrew Castleberry

Terrible organization, their physicians use a billing company out of Texas so that nails you with out of network charges on your bill.

Anissa Carter

Edmond OU is one of the worst hospitals in Edmond...The service is very poor...every family goes there for service in ER... Nothing ever gets accomplished... Just a waste of time!!!

Lacey Childers

Ron Watson

I went for a Bicycle head injury to Emergency room and was in/out in the most expeditious of time. treatment was started before paperwork was complete. 11 staples and an hour later I was out. In Puerto Rico that would take All day; at least.

Chatnee Nik'ko

They killed my grandmother. Go to Integris! !

Dys Fox

ArzoO Naqvi

This is the worst hospital. Never ever go to them. I went for an ER visit and they had horrible service. I gave them my insurance information and they never sent the medical records to my Insurance company as asked by them rather sent the bill to the collection department. And ruined my credit history. To this day i m still trying to make them send records to insurance company so they can pay them. Horrible staff at billing and all they know is how to be rude. No body should ever go to this hospital.

Tony Riche

Mark Williamson

Trying to get lab work done but the lab staff was not interested in assisting a white patient.

Sheila Landers


Bridgette Ball

2.5 hours ago two men walked in here one with a seriouse issue and im here to drive them home..... i was questioned by security officerbecause i was... Walking around the building with nervous energy since they have been in there for so long.... I think its wrong i get harrassed and questioned walking ...

Rona Climer

Diane Keck

I tried to find an email address or another way to provide direct feedback (vs doing it here). I even called them. I give up and will comment here. I am only doing this in the hopes that they will clean up their act a bit. My child was in an accident; therefore, we went to OU Edmond hospital (although I was told by several to NOT go here). I didn't see ONE PERSON wash there hands - NOT ONCE. This is SIMPLE PEOPLE. When you walk into the room, use hand sanitizer. Do what you need to do. Then BEFORE you touch the patient WASH YOUR HANDS. Do NOT touch anything between washing your hands and PUTTING ON YOUR GLOVES. If you touch your computer keyboard (repeat process) BEFORE YOU TOUCH THE PATIENT.

Jared Hickman

I would not recommend this hospital at all. They didn't seem to care about the issues that I was having. The wait time was very long for no one even being in the waiting room. Afterwards when they assessed me, they did next to nothing to resolve the problem. After a couple of weeks the issue became worse! If you need to get something taken care of go to an urgent care if it isn't an emergency or go to another ER.

Dance Mom

My daughter was at OKC Ballet training for the summer when she became very ill with strep. Being from out of state, we were not familiar with the area hospitals, and chose OU Medical Center Edmond due to location. Upon entering the ER, she was greeted with friendly faces and seen immediately, no waiting. The nursing staff and Dr. Little were EXCEPTIONAL! She was evaluated, treated, and comforted without pause. Everything was thoroughly explained, and they took time to answer all questions. Their efficiency, professionalism, and kindness was top notch. We were thoroughly impressed with this ER, and couldn't ask for better!

Lonney Corder Agnew

I had a hip replacement 1/10/2017. The surgery was fantastic, but the care I received in hospital was only fair. 1. I was *not* informed what meds I was given; nor side effects. 2. The nursing assistants were inadequately trained. 3. Occupational Therapy refused to provide assistance and instructions concerning shower safety, which the nurse's aide also neglected.

Armstrong McCall, OKC


Beverly Hill

I have always received excellent care at Ou Edmond. Bothe my self and my grand daughter!

Mandy & Me!

went in for a tooth ache. Never saw a doctor. Was given antibiotics. when I asked what I was supposed to do about the pain until the antibiotics worked, I was shut down. When I complained, a doctor came out and accused me of just wanting narcotics, which was not the case, I was just asking a question. When I spoke to the supervisor, she did nothing but take the "doctor's" opinion, instead of staying neutral. They treated me like a drug seeker. I will be speaking to a supervisor and I wouldn't wish this hospital on my work enemy. go to Integris if you have to go to the emergency room.

Tiara Wright

My visit was May 24, 2016. I verbally badmouth them every chance I get but also felt I needed to put it on here. I went to the ER with lower ab pain. I told the on-duty doctor my medical history with this similar issue and he decided I was wrong. Long story short, he accused me and my boyfriend of being promiscuous as that was the "only" way I could have my issue. I even told him my primary care doctor had diagnosed me as easily susceptible to infection since I'd caught it once and my immune system was compromised from then on. Whatever, he has a medical degree so apparently he knows better than I do! He ran a test and found it was what I told him. Despite this super unprofessional care, I was hit with a $3300 bill as they "aren't in my network" but they told me at the hospital I was since I had a copay with my insurance?? TL;DR: Don't go there even if you're dying. Put it off and get to another place.

Mary Bishop

I was seen on November 3rd 2016. While being seen, billing/admission, came in and asked if the visit would be 3rd party billing. I told them yes. I was given a form, so my insurance wouldn't be billed. I filled out, signed and mailed the form the next day. The hospital confirmed they had received it. When the 3rd party insurance was ready to pay, the hospital told them, I had a 0 balance on my account. I was so mad. The hospital, although they had received the needed form NOT to bill my insurance, they did anyway. And of of today, I am still trying to have them correct their mistake, so the 3rd party insurance can close my case. I've spoken with supervisor ... So frustrating......

Nissan Harjo

joyce sinclair

Not one bit satisfied with Dr. Prabhu. Trying to ask questions of a procedure was basically dismissed. Any doctor who doesn't welcome questions for understanding, I wouldn't use him. As soon as I began asking question about the procedure, Dr. Prabhu's demeanor immediately changed, (and noticed by visitors in the room) he at that time stated this is how we do it. When I questioned other methods that were more updated, he again stated he knew nothing of this. Modern medicine has new technology all the time, not impressed with a physician who refuses to search new knowledge or listen to patients. And I am a woman by the way. The patient was discharged with the statement, "since you don't want the procedure, you can do what we're doing for you at home." The patient didn't refuse the treatment, just wanted options. Subsequently the patient sought treatment at another hospital, where caring physicians listened to the patient. Dr. Prabhu has terrible bed side manner, shows no concern of patients fear and understanding of procedures.

Amber Seigel

My husband and I have used their emergency room facilities twice, and both experiences were a financial hassle. We were told by the billing services in the hospital that what we paid out of pocket was all we needed to pay. For my husband's visit, we paid $90.00, which seemed small, but they said that we didn't need to pay more. A month later they smacked us with a bill for $1,000.00. Second time around, we paid $900.00 for my visit. We wanted to make sure that they're wouldn't be any other surprise payments. They assured us again and again that all we had to pay was $900.00. Next month rolls around and we receive a bill. The bill isn't from the hospital, but from the doctor, and it's $150.00. We were a bit concerned that someone was trying to trick us out of our money, so we called the hospital.They told us doctors go through a different company to be billed, and that there was nothing they could do. When my husband went to the ER, a doctor visited him, but we never received a bill from his doctor. Basically, OU billing will leave information out. They will not tell you the whole truth, but we'll reassure you with a smile that everything is fine. They'll sneak up on you later and try to grab what they can from you. Do not trust them.

Marie Anna Pate

My 19 yr old daughter passed out in class at UCO and hit her head hard enough to cut. Campus police and an ambulance rushed her to ER. However no head ct scan only blood drawn. Sent her back to campus saying, it was maybe low blood sugar. Like most freshman she was nervous, today 2 days later she calls me crying feeling nauseous and that her neck hurt. I told her to call the ER and speak to a nurse. As I am in Tulsa, I was not there to advocate for her. I asked her what the nurse said, and she said that the nurse said neck pain was normal and had a really bad attitude and she doesn't feel comfortable going back to that er. So I called the nurse to see what was going on, attitude again, plus stated that she told my daughter that if she felt it was an emergency to return? Also told me that because my daughter is 19, she cannot give me any information. My daughter is now on her way to Integris. There is a reason this hospital has a 1 star. If you have a student that is young and vulnerable, please do not send them to THIS ER!!! Did I mention also that my daughter was rushed by ambulance from UCO after blacking out and hitting her head hard, that only a blood test was done!!! and that her parents were not made aware of any of this until my daughter called us telling us that she was being discharged!!!!! No doubt I will be receiving all the bills, for this unacceptable service, but I am thinking what for?? when she called as instructed with other symptoms 2 days later , she was not treated with any respect or kindness!! So now another set of medical bills from Integris. Is this the world we live in now! Complete madness, and no responsibility. In England she would have been kept in overnight for observation!

AD Manshad

I went to the ER withe my mom because she had. a sharp pain in her back, We stood there for 10 minuets they give my mom a pain injection to reduce the pain and told us to go home, I told them she did not eat anything for last 4days and they did not give her IV or any medicine for that.the nurse was rude. I wish if they can fix this and ask the staff who is working over there to be more professional.

Megan Kite

Took my grandma to the ER after a fall yesterday. The experience was fantastic, from getting us back quickly, to the hysterical and exceptional care from every staff member we encountered. I’ve never laughed so much during an emergency, but it really helped alleviate some of the stress. Thanks, OU medical center ER. We hopefully won’t be back but know where to go should we have another emergency. Grandma says thanks for the jorts you fashioned for her

Derek Inderlied-Student


Shaunna Braddick

Carmen Mena


This hospital has made great improvements over the past. They are fast and on the ball. Jennifer RN was right beside me during my emergency and made me feel at ease.

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