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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma Heart Hospital IN Oklahoma

Kevin Mellon

Staff and doctors are knowledgeable and professional. Food is excellent. They value your input like I value my dogs opinion. They carefully listen and do whatever they were going to do in the first place. I've seen my doctor for a timed 2.5 minutes in three days, had an ekg twice a day with no feed back. As long as you are ok with that, they will take moderately good of you.

Diablo Loco . H-town

I'm a truck driver from Houston TX. On 9/18/2018 I woke up in Davis Oklahoma with severe chest pain. I had a 100%.blockage. . Thanks to a great staff and great drs I'm here today. Special thanks to Wil . Greatest guy I have met in a long time.

Laura Mccloud

Patrick Gallagher

Eric Rains

Very attentive staff. Would have got excellent except billing calls about co-pay less than an hour procedure.

Francisco Garcia

Connie Nittler

Bob Power

Great doctors, nurses, we were very pleased.

Colette Ellis

I have been very impressed with the professional quality of care, the one on one attention and the superbly clean and state of the art north campus facility. My husband was (and currently still is) being well cared for!

Jamie Coles

Cindy Stubbs

Sherrie Andersen

I thank the heavens above for finding this hospital and Dr Adamson!!!!

Bob Martin

Heather Burke

There is no better place to go for cardio or vascular related problems.

Steve Zea

Missie Tosee

Great staff and amazing care

Cristi Knighten

This hospital is excellent. Only 1 nurse failed and was fired as should be. All Staff,Doctors and facilities are the Best Statewide,including the food.

craig harrris

Not happy with the hospital and business side on the OHH. I had to change insurance company due to a change in employment and went in for a routine Echocardiogram. The hospital did not informed me upfront that it was not covered by my new insurance. I received a bill for over $1000 which I was not expecting. If I had known, I would have postponed the procedure and made other arrangements.

Rikki Abrams

My stepdad received exemplary treatment there! He is still living today with basically one half of a functioning heart! It's due to them doing such great work! Praises!

Tommy Brown

Excellent medical care

Marie Nunley

It is an outstanding hospital. The nursing staff is above and beyond. The meals are excellent. All in all 10+ experience

Courtney Elliott

Dont take ur family here

Bonnie Trobis

They are very efficient ,Drs, Nurses ,and Staff, also very kind and Friendly. It's very Clean

Stephen Vanhooser

Larry Reid

I promise you, this is the best staffed hospital I've had the good fortune to visit in my 71 years. My Mama is there for treatment. I spent 2 days and 1 night there with her. They have excellent Doctors, Nurses and Housekeepers. I was very impressed with the entire staff.

Tammy Baxter

My husband is here, we have had the very best treatment. This hospital by far is the best in Oklahoma! We have been in several in Tulsa, with no answers. This hospital has treated my husband's conditions as where the other hospitals "band-aid" care was given and no answers! We are now on the road to recovery! Thank goodness this hospital has the care and help we needed! The absolute best one in Oklahoma! Never will we go back to Tulsa!

Joni Espolt

I called before I came to make sure all illnesses were treated here, not just heart complications. I was assured that they were. I came in for a double ear infection with one side that had already ruptured. I was hoping to save the other ear drum so I wouldn't be deaf in both ears. I also work in the medical field and see patients all day. Front desk was great, all staff and nurses were great. The Dr (fitzgerald) I believe, asked why I came to a heart hospital for ear infections? Maybe becaue my second ear drum is about to burst and its 5am, i dont have a pcp or a referreal for an ent on hand (their offices are closed anyway) and i was told i could be treated here. Then he proceeded to tell me there is basically nothing he can do besides oral antibiotics (which I expained that i cannot take) and said that the reactions I have to antibiotics is a coincidence? That's funny. It's happened every single time I have taken them my entire life. Then he prescribed me oral antibiotics and walked out. So thank you, Dr Fitzgerald for making me wish I had never come here. You are like so many other doctors out there who don't listen to their patients, assume all patients are the same and don't care to offer up any real solutions.

Brenda Duesman

I'm now being sued for almost a 1000 bucks over an unneeded procedure. I'm on Medicare and social security and have an aortic aneurysm. I had to cancel all appointments bc I can no longer afford it. If I had been told that 2 years after starting treatment that I'd be back to square one only now in debt as well, I'd never have done it. They do not care about anything but money...I was an insurance claim, only. I want to die now

Brandon W

Highly recommend! Everyone at this hospital is very friendly and they will go out of there way to make sure you are taken care of.

Debbie Reece

Husband had pacemaker put in.

Java Cafe'

Dana Scott

Desiree Ramsey

The staff was very helpful and caring with my grandmothers surgery and care. They were all so friendly and asked if I needed anything every time I walked in or out of the room.

Jessica Smith

Amazing staff, everyone seems so happy you can tell they take care of their employees. This is the 2nd time my moms been here in a year and she has received excellent care each time!

JoRaye Knight

I can't say enough nice things about this place and their staff. We have had 3 or 4 visits up here with my Dad, all with the most respectful and friendly staff. Unfortunately, this is the place where my Dad lost his battle with cancer, but I cannot thank the CCU and all of the other staff enough for how caring they were with me, my Dad, and my family during his final days. I only had two negative experiences in our last visit. One was a Starbucks employee giving me crap about using a employee free drink coupon a nurse gave me because I had been up all night. Second one was the pulmonary specialist, who came in to give his second opinion and tell us it was time to pull the plug, he did it in the most uncaring, unprofessional, coldest way I've ever seen, Luckily, a respiratory therapist was in the room at the same time, and she ran over to hug me as soon as he left and apologized for his terrible bedside manner. I can't ding them on this because everything else they did was so above and beyond anything I'd ever expect from a hospital. It was service I'd expect at a 4 star hotel. It was the worst day of my life thus far and the staff at OHH made it just a little less terrible and made me at least feel a little comfort in that moment.

J. Mitchell Ellis

Highly skilled, experienced, and effective heart surgery specialists. The place to fix a tuckered ticker.

Joey Johnston

My father died Tuesday and no one will sign his paperwork so I can get him released for his funeral. NO one will answer my questions...... If anyone knows a person I can talk to please let me know!

Rebecca Prince

My husband underwent aortic valve replacement & a thoracotomy with a lobectomy all within a 2 month period & received excellent care during both stays @ the hospital. Thank you so much!!


Bobby Stowe

Exceptional ER staff, cath lab staff was a bit heartless especially the surgeon, he was rude and not comforting at all. Excellent recovery staff, food was great for heart healthy food and the cafeteria was extremely quick with my order. I have to really praise the RN's here as they made my stay as comfortable as possible and they treated me like I was a human being not a chart number. Thank you OK Heart Hospital for saving my life....

Carol Gravley

I am extremely unhappy about a change in billing. I went to a routine checkup I had scheduled a year ago at the facility in Edmond, OK and spent the usual hour or so waiting, followed by maybe 15-20 minutes in an exam room, paid my copay, and left. A couple of weeks later, I received a bill for around $200. Be warned that they are now charging a "facility use" fee for routine checkups that is NOT covered by your copay and probably not by your insurance. I am sending an appeal in to my insurance company after talking to them and the OHH billing office. I will be more than happy to use their emergency facilities as I have had nothing but good experiences there, but I will be looking for a new routine cardiologist.

Wendy Birt

Joann Richards

Nurses are very caring and make sure your needs are filled. You are taken very good care. .

Evelyn Ehrlich

My mom had to have a procedure done yesterday. She had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. The nurses at this location are the very best. Everyone from the front desk to the cafe and housekeeping I mean EVERYONE in that place was kind and helpful. Love it. Mom got 2 calls from nurses called to follow up on her today. By far the best I have ever been a witness to.

Michael Walter

Best staff ever !! The food is awesome as well

Missy Horrell

Jacob Lopez

My wife received excellent care! We couldn't be happier with the amazing staff and medical team that helped us through this difficult time.

kb F

There is absolutely no better hospital than this one.

Kevin Ward

Love these people!!!

David Miller

Benny Inman

I have been here twice in desperate situations with heart problems. I have walked out twice after being treated by them. Their work is excellent. My wife has been admitted twice and she also walked out feeling fine. Not only good Doctors but all staff are excellent and make you feel you have nothing to worry about because they have your back.

JoAn Lamson

Husband was on the verge of a heart attack. Joseph Horstman MD was our assigned doctor after our emergency room visit. What impressed me about Horstman is he doesn't try to be impressive. He is unassuming, low key, truthful and exceptionally competent. Also, the hospital staff, especially the emergency desk nurse, Jennifer, were absolutely top notch -- the best I have experienced in any hospital. If you MUST have a heart attack or heart disease, have it here. Horstman saved my husband's life.

David Philpott

So patient friendly! The staff is exceptional!

Trecia Staton

The entire nursing staff does an outstanding job! !!! Since my husband and now myself have had to stay here, I have always said,"this is the best Hotel we have ever stayed in" thank you OHH, for making our stay more tolerable.

Dawn Monroe

Great great nursing staff, doctors, hospital personnel etc. My mother will not go anywhere else, and live about two hours away.

Christina Adams

I visited today on crutches. Lady outside offered a chair and got me where I needed to be. My mom was with me and does not like elevators. They also took the time to get her up the stairs to meet me. After my appointment they got my mom back to the first floor via stairs and me back down and out to the car. The staff went above and beyond to make sure my needs were taken care of. Thank you to all who were involved in my care and needs today.

Duglas Pierce

Caring and highly professional staff

James Pratt

These people saved my life and for that I am eternally grateful. I have had 2 heart caths here and in October 2019 I had quadruple bypass open heart surgery by Dr. Garrett. I can't say enough good things about the staff and physicians. The place is clean, food is great, attitudes are positive, and they have great results. I had a lot of complications after my heart surgery but they stuck with me and helped me through and got me back to running. I ran the full 26.2 mile OKC Marathon 6 months after open heart surgery, thanks in no small part to these folks. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my life.

Mimi CatBats

If they find something in a scan they will not necessarily tell you, beware. Get a second opinion. They scanned me and told me on the phone I was fine. When I had my GP look at the scans she discovered evidence of gallstones. (They were looking in that area for renal function). And it was notated by OHH but they didn't tell me. I called and have not heard back. The office staff will also make appointments without telling you, they will order medical equipment to be sent to you without consent. And when you call to question this you will either get attitude or the run around. There are a few competent helpful people there but not enough to make up for the terrible treatment and possible life threatening withholding of information. This place is garbage.

Cory Perkins

We’ve been in every hospital in the city multiple times and nothing was like our experience here. Through multiple rooms and multiple staff members, everyone has been so helpful and accommodating. He can be persistent and stubborn but every person who walked into his room made him feel important.

Henry Alley

I was scheduled for a tilt table test and recieved very little info as to the instructions I needed to follow. All that was sent to me through the mail was the admission form, a list of my prescriptions I was required to bring and the follow up paperwork. That was it. I work in Enid, for a company that runs on a point based attendance system, and had to take off work early and travel all the way there just to be treated like I was bothering them. I got the sense that they felt they were doing me a favor. Just to find out I should have been fasting for the test. I never recieved instructions to do so. So not only did I miss over half my workday and got pointed but the appointment had to be cancelled and reschuled. The lady that set up the new one said they always send out that info. Essentially calling me a liar. She ignored me when I told her "well I didn't recieve it." So far things are off to a rocky start. I may shut this down before going much further. The only bright spot in all of this is the tech was very friendly and courteous. Very, very knowledgeable man. He repeatedly apologized. He is the only reason I don't just go ahead and tell them where to go and how to get there and take my money and insurance elsewhere.

Burney Bellettini

Susanne Gudgel

Rick Abernathy

We had the best care ever for a triple bypass. Excellent nurses too.

James Sherbon

My experience with OHH is heart felt. They did a great job on my operation. The ICU staff was excellent and my doctor was top notch. I have to drive a long way to get here but it has been worth it. I am still ticking.

A Efe

They are horrible . Oklahoma needs to step up and take care of people. It is sad a large percentage of patients have to go out of state to receive good care. Oklahoma doctors need to go back to school. I had to use them and they did a few cardiac ablations instead of a cath to check and make sure I was ok. Found out from a SMART out of state cardiologist that I have valve issues and it's getting fixed. Thanks Oklahoma for almost killing me!

Heather Satomi

Melvin Hall

Truly an excellent hospital in every way. From the moment you arrive to the point of departure. They just got it together.

Gayle Jones

A wonderful place of healing, care, compassion and individual attention by all staff. Smiling faces, caring attitudes, clean, safe and qualified care givers. So thankful we have you in Oklahoma City for our families.

Gena Mendenhall

My mother spent some time admitted here and the nurses and Drs were wonderful. Dani, Gayle, and Sydney stick out for being very caring and helpful. Thank you!!!

cdr bwa

Great hospital with great people

Carmel Zins

The staff at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital (volunteers through physicians) are terrific. They recently hired a new valet service. The staff of the valet company are much better than any other valet service I've ever encountered! The food is great! The administrative department, the pharmacist, the nursing department, the diagnostic center are extremely patient oriented. It's truly one of the best hospitals I've visited.

M R Noneya

Dr. R. Mark Bodenhamer saved my Dad's life. How can I rate that any higher? Rose colored glasses, no. The hospital itself is great. The staff is top tier and professional. The facility and features for family and guests is great. I hope I never NEED this location, but I know where I'm coming if I do.

Tex Waco

Corrupt billing depart committed fraud against CMS and had to make a mutli-million dollar settlement.. Their "heart" is in the money, not the patient.

Lonnie Lowry

Excellent nursing staff. Took great care of my dad during heart bypass surgery.

Stephanie Pera

I've always received excellent care at Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Beautiful facility with knowledgeable, caring staff.

Jean Dodson

Great people

chris lee

Ricki Hwang

My husband received excellent care.. Every doctor and nurse there did an amazing job. They cared about the people they were taking care of. In so many hospitals, they are just there for a paycheck. They also took excellent care of me, always asking what they could do do to help me. The food was very good. Every staff member was kind and courteous.

Shelbi Davis

Oklahoma heart hospital is one of the most caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable hospitals we have ever been to. I highly recommend this hospital!! ♡ Thank you so much for doing all that you do!

Penny Candee

From the Dr. to the rest of the staff...AMAZING. The food though... so not scrumptous. Every protein I got was dry, overlooked and no flavor. As a person who has completed mealtime challenges and has worked with health related diets, I know it's difficult to cook for everyone. Just because you are cooking heart healthy does not mean you have to leave the flavor out or ruin the flavor by overlooking. Matter of fact when you overlook fish you will lose your omega 3's.

Robyn Donahue

Becky the Chaplin at the hospital was so good to our family unfortunately our grandmother passed away in the morning that we came to the hospital. She was so sympathetic and went above and beyond to make sure we were OK. She even said a prayer for our family especially Grannie on our way out the door. Her care Made us feel much better during such a difficult time. We are very grateful for her love and compassion. Thank you Becky ❤️

Khup Gin

Dennis Bell

The night-shift nurses were incredibly sweet, also."

Clinton Weaver

I went into AFIB early last month and went to Oklahoma Heart Hospital on 240. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. They got me back into rhythm. My thanks to them.

Stephen Butler

they treated me well

Linda Ledford

britishborn usachick

Dr Ghani and Dr Bodenhamer took excellent care of my mother. the doctors and staff are excellent.

Natalie Goldman

Staff is amazing and very accommodating. Food is delicious. Cannot say enough good about this place!!

Jeff Wynn

Nurses were awesome, even tho I wasn't the best patient, sorry for being so difficult guys

Deb Howry

Fast & Friendly

Steven Robertson

Michael Francik

Great doctors

Lucy Kimani

My friend was given the best care

Mary Hoopes

Michael Hasten

Howard Wright

Dr & nurses are the best. Treat you like a person not a #. Staff very caring and explain what is going on. Don't ignore you questions. Do their best to put you at ease as much as possible.

Janetta Wrice

The best staff I have ever experienced in a hospital.

Sharon Wright

Excellent care! The patient comes first, family and friends are welcomed as a part of your recovery. Meals cooked for you when you want them; and the food is scrumptious! One on one nursing care. Dr Bodenhamer did my bypass surgery, he is the best! I am a six year survivor! Disregard the negative posts from the negative people, you can't blame them for a death that was years in the making because some people don't take care of their health. The Oklahoma Heart Hospital is the best place to be for Heart problems. Your treated like family not a number! Your in there to heal and recover and they put forth every effort to make sure your needs are met. They don't wake you up to eat, surgical vests for women are provided and billed to your insurance; other places tell you to purchase a soft bra, Not good at all. If I wasn't in pain from the surgery the stay would have been like a spa retreat! One nurse chased down my Dr to have my pain meds increased! See...all top notch nurses! Patients come from all over the nation to be treated at the OHH. That should say a lot for their reputation.

Ellie & Jim Franks

I loved it it should have 5 stars from me!


hate this place.

Linda Stockwell

Dr. Sawheny is an excellent Pulmonary Care Physician, and I really appreciate her.

Keith Teeter

Jerry Dennis

Best hospital in OKC!!!

Jerry Thrasher

Wonderful awesome staff of great doctors and nurse's where you are number one

Angela Welliver

They were clean and thorough.

Rose Bunch

I had quadtripple excellent care everyone was so got 5.stars from me

M Simmons

I went into the ER hospital for chest pain’s… I had no idea this facility would be so incredible !!! KYRA, Tammy and the staff were extremely efficient, knowledgeable & extremely caring.... you knew you were going to be taken care of. Thank you ladies for the incredible work you do !!

Rosemary Armoudian

My husband had two surgeries the week of August 14.2017 and we are so thankful for the amazing care he received from everyone involved in his hospital stay. The Heart Hospital is definitely deserving of a 5 star rating.

Alexander Davis

People are always friendly and the staff is excellent.

Barb mcc

Livesavers and so kind while they are at it. Double bypass was scary to even think about but every encounter I had with anyone here has been encouraging and kind. The hospital is so clean!! The best medical experience I have ever had from start to finish. They listened and responded to every concern I had and 3 months since still are. If you have a heart problem this is where you need to be.

Elvin Bethel

Excellent care. I can't say enough about the treatment I received from the doctors and nurses.


Always quick and informative! No long wait times. Great staff all around!

Bill Osborne

Wonderfully! I chose this facility as it had been highly recommend. My life saving emergency procedure was preformed without flaw. Staff definitely deserve the reputation they have earned. Excellent food. With my stent in place I was able to leave in 24 hrs. Thanks all

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