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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma City VA Health Care System IN Oklahoma

Stacy Scott

The problems with the VA are getting better with the out outsourcing to other doctors.... Office outside of the VA but you have to be realistic they see more people than any other hospital system in the Nation

Joe Albrick

Each of several appointments have been in a very timely manner. Each of the departments Staff has been very professional, caring, and personable during each visit. The care I have been receiving is well beyond my expectations. As a veteran and resident of Oklahoma I am very proud of this facility.

trish smith

Best VA facility. This is old but everything you need is here. If you need help they have patient advocates, but so far everyone has been helpful care has been great. 4 years and still happy.


Waited 45 minutes to talk to a nurse on 9/1/2019.. out of med.. forgot to take them with me..took 45 minutes to talk to sad...

Ashley Burch

When the VA refers to you a civilian based clinic, be prepared to wait hours on end and/or have to reschedule your appointment with the civilian doctor due to the VA inability to communicate and failure to fax a single document DAYS AHEAD of time. Also, you do not get very much help with it comes to the actual offices when you call. The receptionists are rude and degrading. The VA can't even send a simple email. Point blank, I forseen issues, thus why I am having a surgery done at a civilian doctor. I wouldn't trust the VA to operate on my pet rock.

Larry Markowski

Last Friday I obtained an annual physical and Dr. Malatinszky is my physician. As usual I received excellent treatment. He has been my doctor for eighteen years. His nurse assistance is a lady by the name of Gwen and she is outstanding. One of the things Dr. Malatinszky pointed out is now at age 72 I have developed scoliosis and sent me to get some x-rays. There I was greeted by a lady name Serena and due to a pinched nerve in my back I was not able to walk to the x-ray room. Literally Serena almost carried me down the hallway to the x-ray room and then went out of her way to assist me to get on the x-ray table. After it was all over she walked me down the hallway to where I could get to the parking lot and get into my car. Serena is definitely an exceptional individual. Again for the last eighteen years I have had amazing service from the Oklahoma VA hospital and I am very lucky to be a retired military individual.

Ricky Sluder

Don't waste your time. The people running this hospital are unethical scum. Watch out for security they send fabricated tickets in the mail without ever talking or seeing the veteran. The OKCVAMC is a slap in the face and a dagger in the back of veterans. The state of Oklahoma should be ashamed.

Ron Edwards

This VA facility has caring, concerned personnel in every department I've been in. I am very pleased with the care I receive each time I have to come in.

Donald Shaver

They do a good job taking care of veterans

Doug Rose

I've had many appts at Oklahoma VA. For several medical reasons. And in my experience I've always been treated promptly , professionally and with respect. They help make me proud to a USMC vet and would recommend them to any vet that truly needed help.

Melissa Wolff

My mother was in this hospital in the ICU in 2013. They released her into the general part of the hospital even though she was complaining that something was very wrong. I spoke to the nurses and they said she that everything looked good. Within a a short period of them releasing her. She was found dead in her apartment some weeks later... It was and has been a nightmare. They just let her go home and something was wrong and she died. The military did not treat my mother well, she did not have a respectful death. We have had no help from them regarding any of this.

Maria Johnson

There is a reason this facility has a "3" star quality rating and is often referred to as having a culture climate of inefficiency and complacency. However, from my personal perspective a culture of incompetence and complacency would be more accurate. The idea of attaining a "5" star rating is laughable. What is more realistic is moving towards privatizing veteran healthcare....veterans may actually have a chance of receiving correct medication and proper care to overcome and or adequately treat their illnesses. Because currently all this facility is known for is prescribing the wrong medication, malpractice, killing veterans, and lying and deleting files to cover it up.

Frank Robles

Since I've been home I haven't trusted the local VA system. The people here are nice and seem like they wanna help but operate on a system designed to save the institution money. Communication is not great, appointment setting sucks, parking sucks, record keeping sucks. I've been put down as a no call no show numerous times with me present, it took almost 2 months for my last appointment with primary care. And it seems like their favorite explaination is aging. I was 1st told that when I was 27! I was told on 4/18/2019 that my doc was gonna set up some appointments to help me. It's 4/22/2019 and I was just told that nothing's been scheduled yet. This is common. If I schedule an appointment after back spasms I won't get an appointment till stuff heals over. It's no longer heals over so we'll anymore. I'd have to go to the ER. There's been times when the ER doc will suggested I follow up with my primary care physician but wouldn't be able to get an appointment for for a couple of weeks. It's been like this since 2012. This year I'm keeping a log and seeking help. I didn't know what to do when I got home I did what I was told and hurried up to wait. They say closed mouths don't get fed but it seems like the VA system takes it to a new level.

Dena Lamkin

Would give them 1/2 star but thats not an option. The Okc VA has been rated one of the worst in the nation by their own OIG. Look up public info before going here.

Levi Downey

I concure with Dakota's review, i am 70 percent disabled, I have called 6 times to set up a primary care doctor and every time I am routed to a voicemail telling me to leave my name and number. 6 times over a month period and no call back. I got routed to a "superviser" who griped at me saying they get a lot of calls as if it would excuse her from doing her job. She took my number as well. It's been a week since that conversation and I still dont have a primary care doctor and live with agonizing back and joint pain every day because I haven't been able to obtain a prescription or even talk to a doctor, let alone get physical therapy set up.

Brett Crawley

the only thing consistent about your VA care in OkCity is that you will never know when you will get it, and if it will be good, or just rushed through like fish in a farm pond.

Fortnite Gaming

Parking awful but service has been awesome!

Raquel Conner

The only problem we have here is the parking but other than that no complain at all. If my husband has an appointment we always make extra time to come early since the parking are always packed up between 8 to 1 pm. My husband is a hard headed. He has some attitude problem. I always remind him to be patience and he did. The staff and doctors are awesome. They are very helpful. If you have attitude problem then you will ended up arguing with the staff. VA are always crowded everywhere especially on weekdays. I told my husband VA are trying to accomodate everyone so be patient! Happy Thanksgiving!


I will say that this facility has greatly improved within the last 2 years. Yes they have some terrible providers. But they also have some outstanding health care providers. The ER however in my experience has been fairly bad when arriving by ambulance. I was forgotten about for several hours with no one responding to cries for help. The parking is insane. It is best to arrive early because it takes a while to find a parking spot.

Jimi James

I was there on July 3rd with a friend who brought in a Vietnam Vet. Took him 5 and a half hours to be seen by a doctor. Another Veteran said it took him close to 8 hours to be seen. No Veteran should have to wait that long to get seen. The waiting room was packed. I did happen to see an employee who's also a Vet in the emergency room and it took her less than an hour to be seen. So I guess if you're a Vet and work there you get priority.

druidiron .

Hope you never need to call them. I'm convinced that the appointment center employees just refuse to answer any phone after 10am. See attached picture to see how long I was on hold today. But dont worry, AOC says the VA care is perfect as it is. I've sat 30 plus minutes after my appointment time only to find out after I inquired (they couldn't be bothered to check if I was there) that their stupid machine didn't sign me in properly.

Thomas Melendrez

Most of the staff and veterans are kind and helpful. However, there might be one or a few people who express disappointment with their daily life.

Donna Page-DeVore

Trying to speak to someone with travel, been on phone for 1 and half hours, tried before left message to be called back no response.......worst customer care of any place I've ever seen.

Justin Prewitt

The majority of the people that work here are great. A lot do have their hands tired with the government tape. But I have a great set of Drs and nurses that take good care of me.

Linda Brickley

I recently switched my medical care to the OKCVA. It was a little complicated to figure out everything and the building takes time to figure out, but the care has been excellent. I especially appreciate the pharmacy delivery and the on-line app. Customer service is excellent.

Willard Edge

The ER is a complete joke. You would be better off laying on the side of the road. The muslin doctors there try to poison you with drugs and show no respect to Americans. They would rather see you in pain or dead before treating you. My muslin doctor told me for TWO years I had bone cancer and wanted to radiate me. Found I had NO CANCER and just a complete false reading. How would like to be given the death sentence by a doctor for 2 years just to find out the Muslim doctor was just wanting to mess your head up hoping you would commit suicide.

Lyn R

Oklahoma Veterans Medical Center environment is not cold or cool so there is lots of live germs in the air or on objects. So there is a pretty good chance when you leave this place, you will be a lot worse off by the germs you pick up from this hospital. Young doctors that are doing their residency at this VA hospital. One young nurse, who had just been hired at the VA Medical Center, told me that they will hire anybody. Every time, my husband got treated here, he was much worse after he left, until one day, he died here. BEWARE!

A.J. Jackson

Ive had good service. Its natural to have some delays as they service alot of Veterans. But overall good service and good hospitality

Joe Bagby

You can get all and any help you need

Carlton Dorsey

The staff is friendly and they are respectful and caring

Tony Smart

Slow, they hurt me in the fast


Horrible ER, I can not express this enough! Went in for symptoms of a stroke, was told it was a complex migraine and given migraine medicine that was basically legal meth! I had a horrible reaction to it and all they did was give me benadryl and had me try to sleep it off. Was put into a hospital room upstairs with another patient that was being seen for an infectious disease! Are you serious!!! The beds also auto adjust so you will never get any sleep at all! Then a multitude of med students will bombard you every hour asking the same damn questions over and over. I get that they have to learn, but why is a student making the call and not an actual doctor? Also, trying to see your actual PCP is like finding a magical unicorn. I've been in pain for 2 weeks now trying to see my PCP and they keep "forgetting" to return my calls. The one person that did call back was nothing more than a parrot and said what was on a piece of paper infont of her and couldn't actually answer even the simplest of questions. Looks like I'm going to have to pay out of pocket to see a real doctor before my spleen explodes and I die. Thanks for nothing VA! I hope the government shuts this medical facility down and gives us all the med card that allows for outside treatment.

jawesome 1978

It's the VA, what do you expect? You get some good and you get some bad. All in all they've kept me alive and walking upright.

Jason Branson

The OKC VA Medical Center went through a brief period where they were giving quality care and actually cared for their hero's. Wow! Things have changed so fast. This is purely a drain of tax payer dollars. The Neurology department is non existent. The ER is very dirty and employs a lot of medical staff that simply has chosen the wrong profession. The backlog is worse than it has ever been. I was sent outside the VA after waiting over a month. When I arrived to the outside physicians office, they informed me that they do not perform the type of medical treatment that the VA sent me out for. The patient advocate doesn't call you back. I left a message and nobody has ever called me. Do they care? Doesn't seem like it.

Jan Goodner

If your a veteran you need to use it.

Paul W

Warning the staff at OKC VA are scum & overtly hostile toward veterans! VA staff assaulted me, violated my civil, constitutional, & patient rights! I’m a retired First Sergeant & I was unlawfully forced into 10 day civil confinement where staff forced multiple drugs (Haloperidol, Lorazepam, Risperidone, Quetiapine) on me under duress against my will because I exercised my rights & complained in the ER! African-American Staff said they tampered with my food & exposed me to TB. They violated HIPAA & solicited a MH patient to threaten me. As a forced inpatient I got an infection & antibiotics were maliciously withheld by sadistic staff. I arrived at OKC VA when my uninvited estranged military-hating sister-in-law sped down my half mile gravel road at 60 MPH in a cloud of dust onto my property (posted no-trespassing) with a Lincoln LS (eg. un-marked cop vehicle). 5 unidentified people rushed my home pounded on doors & windows as a disgusting prank. I took cover in master closet with my Glock .40 & wife behind me. The unidentified car had just blown onto my property & it sounded like several minutes of forced entry while I waited ready to lawfully defend my home. After minutes of pounding, the car left, my weapon went back in the holster & never left the interior of my home. Oklahoma Castle Doctrine states I was 100% within my rights to react as I did to the potential threat on my private property. Cops arrived, I was upset. Well intentioned cop concluded I must have PTSD simply because wife said “I'm a veteran”. Cop recommended I visit OKC VA, I declined. While cops are at my house an unknown third party called the Veterans Crisis Line (“the so-called confidential” toll-free hotline for veterans). According to VA transcripts I got later, a VA Crisis Line worker without talking to my wife or I unlawfully determined that the OKC VA should remove me from my home with no suicidal or homicidal ideation because an idiot VA rep heard “a man yell in the background” (neighbors were partying/lighting fireworks). The cop kept saying go to the VA, I declined over and over again & requested attorney. Cop persisted, I kept declining! I committed no crime & didn't want to leave my home period. Cop continued to coerce me to go to VA because I was upset. Huge mistake allowing cop to take me to VA! Arrived at VA ER 2230. Cop even told staff I was not an Emergency Detention! I informed staff of TRICARE insurance & provided retired ID card. Staff took vitals was having chest pain & I explained car threat drama. At 0100 I asked “where’s my wife”& got no reply from staff. I walked & found my wife, she said staff requested a written statement about me without my consent, I took paper, said “nope” and destroyed it. At no time did I authorize anyone to be my care-giver or act on my behalf, staff never asked me to fill-out squat! Staff called VA police because I caught them red-handed violating my rights! Staff tried to push Ativan, I refused. 0145 ER doc told wife and I that I was “Medically Cleared”. Waited & at 0230 VA staff suddenly implied I may be on drugs & demanded urine sample, I refused which agitated staff. I asked for my ID card back. VA cop blocked my door, I said “Am I under arrest?”, he said “No”, I said “Am I detained”, he said “No”. OK, give me my ID card back! Seconds later two VA police violently assaulted me, both tackled me to the ground full force from behind, hand-cuffed me & threw me in a wheel-chair. I yelled at them “THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT VETERANS!?” and a few expletives. I told them document cuts they caused to my knees & wrists. RN stabbed a Haldol injection against my will & I was forced to 8N psych ward for 10 day hold & further VA abuse while forced a powerful cocktail of psychotropic drugs. I reported OKC VA to White House VA Hotline immediately upon my release. OKC VA Public Affairs Congressional Officer contacted me & U.S. Dept Of Treasury reimbursed my VA bills. I won’t forget the VA scum who violated my freedom & life!

Rick Jenkins

This place has become very very Excellent

Dana Wilson

The hospital was great. But they sent us to the ER and have been waiting with my 82 year old Uncle for 5 hours so far still haven't been seen.

Bonnie Johnston

Everyone is so friendly here the seem like a big how big family they keep you informed if you have someone in for a procedure

Joan Taylor

Those who have served in the military protecting our country deserve better treatment. Not to mention the lengthy hold times wich are ridiculous being over 30 minutes. If the military waited 30 minutes before they did their job we would be in serious trouble. As well as appointments being canceled with no explanation. I am disgusted by the way our veterans are treated.

Kyle Travis Levings

This VA dosnt know how to operate an ER in the day. Get there at 1, xray and labs by 3, leaves by 5. Havent seen anone, no one pulled me to a bed. Nothing. I was number 3 in place at 4, then moved to 5, at 5. Im going to come back when people know how to operate an ER after midnight. Wish me luck! This is VA will have someone die in their waiting rooms. Mark my words. That bad.

Rick Meador

These people performed a very rare procedure on me and did a phenomenal job. The after care in ICU for a week was the best care I have EVER received anywhere. I am absolutely sure they saved my life, and they way they treated my family was above and beyond the call of duty. I am forever grateful for the professionalism and compassionate care. Thank you to EVERYONE.


Medical staff is great but all other civilian employees are rude and incompetent.

natalie bridgeman

Er was awful. Husband was having severe back pain. With pior broken back we hoped they wouldve taken his pain seriously. He could barely move. Nurses and doctor wouldn't help him get into the bed or out of it. Acted as if he was faking. What a way to treat people who have fought for our country. So disappointed

Rabid Badger

Where do you guys dig up these stiffs that pretend to be police officers? Chief Carpenter is the epithome of corrupt police department. “Backing up” his officers without any knowledge of situation. Belittling a photographer for knowing the law. Words like “how can I help you?” don’t even cross his pea size brain. But he can start with “what do you want!” though. I guess this happens when the Chief has no social skills. I just wonder what merits got him to that position. I guess ignorance of law is top of that list. From video it appeared as though he has some issues. Let it be mental or drugs but he should be tested. Fidgeting and twitching, interrupting when others speak. Please get him help before he hurts himself or someone else!

Gene Atauvich

Luv da professional employees, nurses n doctors who take care of r veterans!!

Phillip Sisco

Outside of my surgical team, Ineptness is standard here, rude support staff, incompetent Patient Advocate office, snot nosed med students, Dr's who dont listen, waiting more than 30 minutes after appt time. Pateint food that a dog wouldn't eat. Know of someone that was working as a nurse who had multiple drug convictions(not there now) so employee background checks aren't done or they are ignored to fill a spot. Refill prescriptions without PT knowledge for copay money.

John Copeland

I am proud of the VA and so wish that I could give a higher rating. It is that my experience with this VA hospital is merely mediocre. There is nothing wrong with the staff's attitudes towards the patients or the cleanliness of the facility, although the level of administrative support, healing ability, and medical knowledge aren't good. I have never seen so many staff professionals openly comment that they are working in the ”Wild West” at this VA location. I literally have seen better medical services performed by veterinary hospitals, no joke.

Tina Lonnon

We were at the VA hospital ER in Oklahoma City last night for 10 hours. We appreciated the care my husband received even though we were there for 10 hours. Honestly if they had told us it would be that long we would have left. Glad we didn't. We were driving cross country and my husband needed some serious health care and we were thankful to receive it. Every employee we encountered were professional and kind. Thanks from the Carroll house.

Chad Mott

Good facilities and great staff.

charles smith

I have type two diabetes and use a CPAP MACHINE. Not used cpap because va failed to send hose and mask as they promised they would. Not had any medication for type two diabetes since 2016. Failure to send. How many other VETERANS are going without medication due to hatred from their local VA.?

Redneck Aviator

Finally found the right help. PCP, specialists, and home health should have been more knowledgeable about getting services arranged. Occupational therapy fixed my WWII Battle of the Bulge Veteran UP!

Jennifer Lawrence

The work hard for are Veterans, And my Husband works here also..

Eddy Summers

Battling cancer. At this facility more than I care to be, BUT have nothing but good results with every department. Tulsa and Muskogee is home and they are great facilities also. OoRah

Al Cavenee

In 2012, i spit in the grass and it was bloody. Va saved my life with rad and chemo. Sent me farther than i expected to live. That was 6 years ago. Then i collected upper left lungectomy, two years ago. And here i still ame. Life savers they are. Proud of all of my caretakers at VA.

Ginger Metcalf

I have always received great care. So has my husband. Very courteous staff, seem to be caring and enjoying their job.

Brittany Mcneely

I was in the facility on Monday 8/17/15 visiting my grandfather. The housekeeper that came in and cleaned his room and restroom. She was really good and friendly. She did a WONDERFUL JOB! I asked her what her name was. I believe her name was Summer. I wanted to let you guys know that she did a good job and to keep up the good work.. Awesome job Summer.

D Williams

VA Hospital. No problem- I suppose I'm lucky. When I first called the VA hospital in La Jolla I got an application in the mail the next day, and had an appointment two days later. Now living in Oklahoma my wait times are minimal and they even call me in for annual physicals and for follow-up appointments. A couple of years ago I got a card which allows me to go to anywhere I want if the distance is too great (It isn't for me) or the wait is too long. Finally, they found a small cancer on my scalp and sent me to a cancer center for specialized surgery, no cost to me. They have already scheduled a follow-up visit for that procedure.

William Farr

This is the best Va hospital, I moved from Virginia to here 10 years ago, I have only the highest praise for this hospital the nurses in their doctors, When I hear people complain about this hospital , I feel like they are nothing but little whiners, They will probly complain about anything and everything.

Alicia Bain

This place is 50/50 my pcm team is great, but the ER really depends on the dr. Last time I was there they said sleep it off... on top of that the neuro clinic has taken months to see me the first time, then months to give me a solution to fix major back issues...


ONE STAR BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GIVE ZERO STARS!!!! Long wait times, cancelled appointments, rescheduling without patients knowledge (blind scheduling) just to clear a doctor's schedule. Patient Advocate is in reality a VA Advocate, condescending and will continually attempt to make excuses for the VA. Impossible to get a "human" on the phone. When you do they ALWAYS say that is a different department and transfer you. Customer "service" is a joke. Rude and demeaning is an understatement. Funny but if there were no veterans they wouldn't have that cush government job.

Linda Crossley

As I wait in the er I'm listening to foul language from the receptionist and arguing between the 2. No patient should have to listen to complaining, rudeness and the language.

Randy Thompson

There is always room for improvement. But it is quality health care. Would like to see all elevators running and parking structure done.

William Lutz

Pretty good VA Hospital. Looking around today, I didn't see a whole lot of veterans getting care. A lot of staff but not many vets. Maybe just an off day. Store was okay. Cafeteria was okay. Helpful help desk on ground floor. Bus stop is close. Chaplain's office was closed, of course. No signs, schedules, or indications that there's any Roman Catholic mass or any other kind of Catholic presence except a tiny little photo of a priest outside the chaplains office. Chapel looks like a classroom/Conference room. Sad. Tiny nasty little smoking area outside, with a guard keeping smokers out of the enclosed smoking area. Really poor elevator system here which totally congests and confuses the main ground floor hallway.

Donavon Lester

I called customer service to help guide me in the right direction for me to get some help. The guy gave me a number to call on Monday because they’re closed on the weekend. Then he just hangs up on me. I was respectful looking for help. One thing I hate more than anything is being hung up on. Thanks a lot okc va customer service.

Nathan Gauwitz

I drove an hour and a 1/2 to wait for 2 hours (three people were seen in 2 hours) just to be told (after I asked how long it would be) they just went to lunch. I couldn't get travel pay because the lab only takes walk ins. They took too long to see me so I had to leave without getting prosthetics and without getting paid travel pay.

Stephanie Story

ER doctor was AWFUL. My husband went in for stomach pains. Spent 5 hrs in the ER to get less than a minute of time with the hospitalist. We tried to get a better understanding of my husbands diagnosis and the doctor walked out of the room as we were asking questions. The nurse had to go get him again so that we could finish asking our questions about his lab work. All he would say was to go see his primary care physician. He then prescribed pain pills which wont solve the problem. Did not inform us what the pills were or give any instructions. The next day my husband went in to get a copy of his medical records and there were several findings from his CT scan that we were NOT made aware of. Some of which relate directly to his symptoms he was experiencing. We are going to another hospital to find a doctor that actually cares about treating patients. This hospital is a disgrace.

Randy Campbell

Very kind caring and helpful people that tend to REAL sick people's needs. THANK YOU

Toni Duren Banks

I’ve have Optic-neuritis and the VA sees me every 6 months! This clinic is one of the best clinics in the OKCVA! They are very professional and kind! Thank You So Much! Toni DUREN Banks Retired Army

David Peebles

I had 2 surgeries at the VA hospital and the Doctors and nurses were some of the best people I could ever have.I would recommend the hospital surgery staff to all the Veterans in this area.

John Adams

Horrible experience nothing good to say about Oklahoma City VA I would’ve the drive 500 miles back home you have a good experience going to come back here

Alicia Dymond

Do something about the parking!! The parking garage does not help!! Its like a circus!! Also designate a specific area for loading and unloading people, it just backs up traffic even more. Overall, do better for us Veterans!! We deserve it!!

Cindy Travis

The WORST hospital ever. My husband and I have been there several time and they always take forever to get them to see him. Today he went in for throwing up blood and the nurse told him that he could be beeding from inside. So thank you for making him wait 4 hours without giving him his results. So if something happens, you'll be responsible and have a lawsuit on your hands.

Debra Thompson

Im a vet and im employed at the va

Seanna Price

They improve services on a continuous basis. Helping myself and my fellow veteranson an always improving level and quality of care

dive shallow

Wonder why mental health patients quit seeking help from the VA? Overburdened overly bureaucratic system that purposely reduces the impact of trust in the therapist patient participation relationship. The overly medicated overly streamlined overly impersonal DOLLAR STORE quality is self evident. Less than 1 star if able.

Jay Wilson

Look its care that is provided to you for a debt you paid for service to this country. No one said it was going to be the best. No one said you were going to be seen in 5 minutes. If you want top grade A care you are going to pay for it and yet we will continue to complain no matter the issue. Majority not all enjoy helping the us Veterans deal with our short comings and I respect them for it. Thank you for caring and remember they pledged an oath just like you did but not ever one will have the same standards.

Bridget Mejias-Mariani

Cant even go get your prescription without getting loudly cat called by the hoodrats who work in the information booth on the ground floor. This place has no professionalism. Pigs.

Marcy Milligan

Readily accecessible always worth a helping hand eger to offer information with no attachment

Gary Sessions

They have been very helpful every time I have been there.


Dec 16th 2017 my husband went to his VA doctor in Ardmore, which is an hour and a half from our home, with complaints of spitting up blood and waking up choking also severe pain in his lower esophogus. Dr. Got him a referral to Wichita falls tx to see a gi doctor who did an upper and lower scope. They found a stomache tumor. Another doctor did a EUS. So they sent another scope down his throat with an ultra sound attached and did a needle biopsy. Initially they thought it was cancer. Lab came back as benign. They recommended it come out but said that it was not the cause of symptoms. VA said they would take care of it at the VA hospital. Another scope and the VA said it was a cyst. We decided to get our own unbiased diagnosis and went to a lawton doctor who confirmed benign tumor and should be removed. Told the VA and now, 18 days away from being one year since we found out he has a tumor we are still waiting for proper care from this VA.

Guy Cates

They have taken care of me from a to z. Good care.

Dakota Duree

It gets pretty old waiting on hold and being asked to leave a call back number and never getting that call back, I have tried that at least three times and waited on hold for the better part of two hours one time. And half the time you call it's outside of hours or something and they send you to a national call center and they don't answer the phone saying it's a national call center and they try to give you some bogus freaking answers that you know aren't real and then you say are you at Oklahoma City and they said oh sorry I'm at the national call Center in Houston. S*** is ridiculous. Like Obamacare and insurance companies recommend you call teladoc cuz they suck so bad

Jay Bell

These people really do try to do a good job.


Great care and service from ALL departments. Very nice people.

Tom Logan

Always receive good care here. Thanks VA staff!

Mittie Goff

A Transplant Center for me. Can call, use secure messaging to communicate with the Coordinator about any of my concerns with my health, medications or other health matters so I can call a direct line for getting information as opposed to another VA Hospital which I cannot! Can also direct communicate with pharmacy or orher providers within the system and will get back a response within a reasonable amount of time.

Thomas Lewis

It's one of the best hospitals in this part of the country.

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