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REVIEWS OF Oklahoma City VA Health Care System Emergency Room IN Oklahoma

Justincase Beright


Paul W

Warning the staff at OKC VA are scum & overtly hostile toward veterans! VA staff assaulted me, violated my civil, constitutional, & patient rights! I’m a retired First Sergeant & I was unlawfully forced into 10 day civil confinement where staff forced multiple drugs (Haloperidol, Lorazepam, Risperidone, Quetiapine) on me under duress against my will because I exercised my rights & complained in the ER! African-American Staff said they tampered with my food & exposed me to TB. They violated HIPAA & solicited a MH patient to threaten me. As a forced inpatient I got an infection & antibiotics were maliciously withheld by sadistic staff. I arrived at OKC VA when my uninvited estranged military-hating sister-in-law sped down my half mile gravel road at 60 MPH in a cloud of dust onto my property (posted no-trespassing) with a Lincoln LS (eg. un-marked cop vehicle). 5 unidentified people rushed my home pounded on doors & windows as a disgusting prank. I took cover in master closet with my Glock .40 & wife behind me. The unidentified car had just blown onto my property & it sounded like several minutes of forced entry while I waited ready to lawfully defend my home. After minutes of pounding, the car left, my weapon went back in the holster & never left the interior of my home. Oklahoma Castle Doctrine states I was 100% within my rights to react as I did to the potential threat on my private property. Cops arrived, I was upset. Well intentioned cop concluded I must have PTSD simply because wife said “I'm a veteran”. Cop recommended I visit OKC VA, I declined. While cops are at my house an unknown third party called the Veterans Crisis Line (“the so-called confidential” toll-free hotline for veterans). According to VA transcripts I got later, a VA Crisis Line worker without talking to my wife or I unlawfully determined that the OKC VA should remove me from my home with no suicidal or homicidal ideation because an idiot VA rep heard “a man yell in the background” (neighbors were partying/lighting fireworks). The cop kept saying go to the VA, I declined over and over again & requested attorney. Cop persisted, I kept declining! I committed no crime & didn't want to leave my home period. Cop continued to coerce me to go to VA because I was upset. Huge mistake allowing cop to take me to VA! Arrived at VA ER 2230. Cop even told staff I was not an Emergency Detention! I informed staff of TRICARE insurance & provided retired ID card. Staff took vitals was having chest pain & I explained car threat drama. At 0100 I asked “where’s my wife”& got no reply from staff. I walked & found my wife, she said staff requested a written statement about me without my consent, I took paper, said “nope” and destroyed it. At no time did I authorize anyone to be my care-giver or act on my behalf, staff never asked me to fill-out squat! Staff called VA police because I caught them red-handed violating my rights! Staff tried to push Ativan, I refused. 0145 ER doc told wife and I that I was “Medically Cleared”. Waited & at 0230 VA staff suddenly implied I may be on drugs & demanded urine sample, I refused which agitated staff. I asked for my ID card back. VA cop blocked my door, I said “Am I under arrest?”, he said “No”, I said “Am I detained”, he said “No”. OK, give me my ID card back! Seconds later two VA police violently assaulted me, both tackled me to the ground full force from behind, hand-cuffed me & threw me in a wheel-chair. I yelled at them “THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT VETERANS!?” and a few expletives. I told them document cuts they caused to my knees & wrists. RN stabbed a Haldol injection against my will & I was forced to 8N psych ward for 10 day hold & further VA abuse while forced a powerful cocktail of psychotropic drugs. I reported OKC VA to White House VA Hotline immediately upon my release. OKC VA Public Affairs Congressional Officer contacted me & U.S. Dept Of Treasury reimbursed my VA bills. I won’t forget the VA scum who violated my freedom & life!

Charles L Dick Jr

The VA health services saved my life

Mike Bee

I've always received fairly prompt service although people needing"routine" medical attention (not true emergencies or urgent care) will likely have to wait a while.

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