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REVIEWS OF Oakwood Springs IN Oklahoma

Melissa Fair

Oakwood Springs was helpful at the beginning. My brother suffered from bipolar 2 and schizo-affective disorder. They were able to adjust his medication and take better care of him than St. Anthony’s ever had. However they lied about many things when it was time for him to get out. They said they would have a transition plan in place, that they would find a transition home for him to live, with a doctor for him to see, a nurse that would come to check on him once a week, and continued therapy that they would help us find. None of these things happened. We waited in the lobby for hours trying to get answers. Instead they released him with no medication refills, no doctor and no therapy, no help for him at all. My brother succumbed to his illness a few months later. This place and all the facilities in Oklahoma City have no plan for their patients when they leave. I would reach out to Norman Transition House if you are looking for help when your loved one is released. This was the only place I could find that would help the mentally ill transition from hospital to a life they could handle.

S James

Horrible facility! 1. They ask for money up front. 2. Staff treats patients like prisoners and lie. 3. Mrs T is also a lier and probably commits fraud on a daily basis along with the rest of the business office. 4. They use wrong codes when billing insurance. 5. Have witnessed staff making fun of other patients and discussing patient information out loud for everyone to hear and having patients charts out in the open for everyone to see. These are HUGE Hipaa violations! 6. If your thinking about going to this facility or taking a loved one here save your money and time a look for another facility. All this facility cares about is money and could careless about the patient. You have a really good chance of coming out of this facility worse off then when you entered it.

Skyler Perkins

I've been to different inpatient programs before, but nothing like what Oakwood Springs offers. It has been the best experience for me, and life changing. The care they give with the groups and therapy is outstanding helping to really change the way you understand your mental illnesses. They have your typical therapy groups, but then they have groups like Music Therapy, Activity Therapy (Ranging from going to the gym, to playing basket ball, and to playing fun games like Farkle and the like), Art Therapy, Pet Therapy, Yoga, Spiritual meditation (Not necessarily God relating, but just relaxation meditation), and many more. The way the staff works and helps you through your difficult stay is comforting and reassuring, they help guide you to find the light in the darkness. The food is also pretty good, and they will work with you for payment like doing payment plans or financial aid. You also get up to 7 smoke breaks a day! You heard that right, you can smoke at this awesome place! I would tell anyone going through troublesome times to definitely give Oakwood Springs a try. Just remember to really immerse yourself in the program and groups to get the full beneficial help you deserve!

Leann Perkins

If you are searching for answers please don't be scared the moment you walk through the door you will be fine I had to take the dreaded police ride but once I got here I was fine the seriously are amazing my world was turned upside down and I was scared and didn't know what was going to happened and knew nothing about places like this if you are like me or even if you have been to places like this we all became a family in a very short time very nice the staff is amazing literally the moment you walk through the door you know they are on your side and working to help you don't be ashamed seek the help you need

Franklin Sales

The staff are friendly, unless you are rude to them. The food is good most of the time. The rooms are nice and very clean

Sean Lovell

This is, without a doubt, the best facility in Oklahoma.

Lauren Matherly

My wife and I both went here. Me in late August for the IOP program. I had almost completed treatment when my wife went into inpatient in September, and the only visitation time was during my outpatient. So of course I visited my wife. I was kicked out with one session left to go because I had missed a few sessions being with my wife, meaning now my insurance may not pay. It was all for nothing. Once my wife completed inpatient, she participated in the PHP program, and was kicked out after just a few days and a knee injury. They said the reason was because insurance would only cover 5 days of the program. In other words, "we just care about the money, not your mental health or safety." Also saw multiple HIPAA violations between the two of us. They don't allow clocks in the rooms but some of the staff won't wake you up to attend sessions when you're trying your absolute best to attend them all and do your best. Staff was catty and rude. She was also placed in the incorrect "house". She's been fighting to get Short Term disability since she went into inpatient and they have been HELL to work with. They refuse to send records or just appear to not give a care in the slightest. But here we are- with an eviction notice. Unable to pay for food or gas, etc. Great for a person's mental health! #amirightoramiright ??? Now that I know what they put you through when you're desperate and overwhelmed, I'll just off myself instead of trying to seek help.

Cara Johnson

I was traumatized by the intake process alone! They left me in the intake room for 5 hours with barely any contact. I was told they'd be right back. I ended up breaking down in there, when I came for help. I was calm coming in. The staff can also be dismissive when you try to get help. Some staff were great,but the overall experience made me regret ever many mistakes and understaffing as I understand.

Pidge Slatton

I wish I could leave a glowing review, because my experience inpatient there was fantastic. I was planning to transition to outpatient until it became clear that it was not feasible for me, not from a schedule standpoint or a financial standpoint or a standpoint of overexerting myself - it would've required three fourteen-hour days from me a week, which would be worse for my mental health than just finding a traditional therapist. When I went to get a form signed for my job about the treatment I received while inpatient there, I was told I could not have the form signed unless I began outpatient treatment. It breaks my heart to have to be investigating legal avenues against a facility that I thought was so wonderful. Mental Health Law in Oklahoma states that the release of my records and information CANNOT be made conditional on participation. I really want to believe that this is just the fault of some particularly unkind outpatient front desk staff, and not the facility as a whole. In the meantime, I’m going to have to see if my primary care physician will sign the form stating that I was in the hospital, because the hospital will not Update: Now they are continually harassing me to come to treatment both I and my advocate have told them in no uncertain terms I will not be attending. This place is a nightmare. No, you can’t have any more of my insurance money!.

Protected Health Information

Love the new facility and the care coordination is amazing!

Derek Frazier

My time at Oakwood Springs was mixed. While the counselors and classes were generally favorable, the staff and their overall lack of knowledge was extremely worrying. After waiting approximately five hours to complete an assessment, in which many times a random employee would pop in to apologize for being understaffed, I was finally admitted. Having never been in a facility like this, I was unsure of what to expect. I assumed I would be provided a treatment plan in which goals and expectations would be listed. Apparently that was too presumptuous, as I never received a treatment plan, medication, or even a blood test, for three days. During these three days, however, I did attend useful groups and classes that provided pertinent information for a wide variety of mental health issues. Unfortunately, all the knowledge that was provided to me was overshadowed by a complete lack of not only professionalism but also compassion for in-house patients. I witnessed assistants mocking patients, a nurse named Keith give patients an attitude when asked even the most basic of questions, etc. But the most disenchanting aspect had to be my meetings with Dr. Shyvonne Gray, the psychiatrist assigned to me. In our very first meeting, she came off as cold and arrogant, alluded my regular psychiatrist wasn’t actually a psychiatrist and questioning her validity. This coming from someone who has only been practicing at most a decade, compared to the two decades my normal psychiatrist has in experience. That sort of cockiness and egotistical behavior isn’t warranted or necessary in a medical field, and left a bad taste in my mouth. Subsequent meetings with Dr. Gray only deteriorated further, at which time I realized after still not receiving a treatment plan, or even the medication I arrived with, Oakwood Springs has definitely been a big mistake. Since I had self-admitted, I had the option to pull myself out, and on the fifth day, I exercised that option. The staff at Oakwood Springs definitely did not make that easy, however, as employees ranging from nurses to discharge associates such as an employee by the name of “T” used what could be almost categorized as bullying tactics to keep you there as long as possible, even going so far as stating that the only way to be released was by a doctor’s signature, which was a lie. I eventually spoke to a very helpful employee from another department there, who indicated everything that I was told was essentially a lie and I could exercise my right to leave when I deemed necessary. After that information was brought to light, my discharge papers were immediately drawn up and without issue, and I was finally free from what was essentially a wasted week. At a quoted price of $800 a day, my $4k bill consisted of a few daily classes, approximately five pills and three, five minute meetings with a haughty psychiatrist. The entire experience left me more anxiety-ridden than when I entered the facility. On a final note, as I was signing my discharge papers, my treatment plan miraculously appeared. I asked the employee who brought it to me and demanded I sign it when was I supposed to have received the treatment plan. She said within 72 hours of admission. I was admitted on a Monday, and I left on a Friday, well beyond the 72 hour window. I refused to sign it. I definitely would think twice before utilizing Oakwood Springs for any of their services. They were terrible.

Ronald Burgandy

This place saved my life. If you truly want to get sober, and become a better you, this is the place to come. Food is great, staff is professional and great at what they do. I just hit 43 days sober today! Don't hesitate just go!

Vanessa Sumner

With Blue Cross blue Shield and Oakwood springs they charged them $24,000! with the discount and what insurance paid we are still having to pay $7,000, My Husband sure as heck didn't receive $7K worth of care! The phones don't even work when you call your family member with constant static. One morning I got a call from what I thought was my husband but it was another patient calling me from the redial button just to mess with me... how freaky! My husband would call me to complain because he wasn't getting his questions answered by the staff in a way that he would understand. There were multiple visits that they couldn't even find my husband on their rosters up front and we would only get to visit for 30 minutes instead of the hour. This was totally the PCA Michelle's fault she couldn't find my husband and refused to let us visit. There was another PCA that would let us visit longer if they were not found on time or if they were the ones who were at fault. The only nice person up there was Rex the PCA. My husband didn't even know who is therapist was up until 2 days before he was discharged and didn't see the DR until almost 3 days into his original stay. He went in on a Thursday and didn't meet a Dr until Monday.

LeAnna Esparza

im considering a law suit after I recently went voluntarily in-patient, and felt comfortable doing so because of the great experience I had in the outpatient programs. It quickly turned into a night and was the worst experience of my life, and will definitely never consider going in-patient in any facility. I waswaiting4 hours with no communication of what was taking so long or update on how much longer I had to wait. I eventually got moved to the correct unit (Meadows) as patients were lining up for evening medication to be dispensed. I let a staff member know if I would be receiving my medication, that I had also brought with me, because I am on a heart medication and Paxil, and told them I begin to withdrawal horribly. I was told they were waiting for doctor orders on the computer, so I went into my room after a long day. 3 hours passed with no medication and it was now 10 pm, I left my room to get an update on the doctor orders and let them know I was beginning to withdrawal after not having paxil for 2 days at that time. The medication nurse, Tiffany, got irritated with me and told "I already told you we're waiting on orders." I began to get upset and cry and told her I was withdrawing and went to my room. I eventually became very nauseated and had my head in the toilet for an hour, and with my door wide open right outside the staff counters no one came in to check on me, except for a staff member asking for a urine sample ( even though I had taken one 2 hours before) and ignoring the fact that I was vomiting. A manager name Keri eventually came to me after a while and was attentive and caring while she gave me my medicine. She was the only positive factor and apologized to me. I was obviously not happy and spoke to my doctor the following morning and the head nurse, who told me my medicine could have been dispensed to me, and didnt understand why it was withheld from me by Tiffany. I also woke up that morning with ant bites covering my neck, chest and arms, it took TWO DAYS and my reporting it to 8 different staff members, me speaking with my doctor, the nurses, and the CEO. Our bed sheets weren't even changed and we stripped the bed our selves, and asked for more bedding. I was given a moldy blanket which I returned and got a fresh one. I dont know how staff who do the hospital laundry dont notice a black blanket but whatever. At night none of us could get any sleep because Tiffany would be loud and obnoxious, stomp her feet and would be laughing all night long. Most patients would talk about how rude she was and acted so annoyed anytime we asked questions about our meds. I was also in line to get my evening medication a couple days later, when Tiffany began arguing with a pa tent, WHO SHE GAVE THE WRONG medication to, and the patient having to restate that the name on her cup is not her name, and Tiffany eventually stopped arguing and corrected her mistake. The patient then began asking questions about her meds, when Tiffany pointed her finger towards her and was shouting, telling the patient she is holding up the line and she needs to just take her meds and go sit down. The patient, who was in her 60s apologized and sat down. I went to the nurses desk to let them know how ridiculous she treated a patient after trying to dispense wrong medication and couldnt even own up to it, and pointing her finger with her attitude is inappropiate and unprofessional. They said they would take care of it. Moments later Tiffany literally busted into the community area where patient gather during down time, with her manager and unzipped her jacket and threw it on the counter like she was ready for a fight. She then shouted and was screaming like a total lunatic, with the manager just letting her act like a fool. Even with all of the patients filing grievances, tapes "supposedly" being reviewed, other staff witnessing and KNOWING her behavior, this woman still is working there. If you expect compassion and profesiolism, keep your standards to a minimum. But shout out to those who really show they careJOHNATHAN/TAWAUNA/DEEDEE

Victoria Broadbent

I came to this facility while having a very difficult time. I didn't really want to be there at first but the PCAs were very friendly and so were the other people in the facility. There was always things planned and there was a schedule put out everyday, which made it easy to know what was coming next. They were very understanding about meds, they had check-ins throughout the day to see if you need anything. The group therapy is wonderful. They really helped me figure what had caused me to come to them and gave me a ton of coping skills that I am using everyday in "real life". If you are in a crisis, a difficult situation or you need a place to feel safe and heal, Oakwood Springs is the best place to go. Oh and their food is AMAZING!!

Sheron Kent

Greatest hospital I've ever been in!!!!!

Carie Heaton

This place has been amazing! I am being treated for Postpartum Depression and the treatment has been exceptional! Especially my therapist Jonathan!!

Travis Wascher

I'm surprised this place is even OPEN!!! This facility is a waste of peoples time and money. Do not bring your loved one's here.. This facility is clueless on what they are doing and what us going on.. No one I mean NO ONE really knows what they are doing!!! The receptionist at the front desk was on the phone and taking pictures of the computer for about 20 minutes while I was standing there waiting for someone to talk to.. This facility is total BS!!!!!!! DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES TO THIS FACILITY!!! THIS FACILITY IS JUST TAKING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY AT THIS FACILITY!!!!!!! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE AND WANT TO HELP.. THIS FACILITY IS IN IT FOR THE MONEY


I was very happy with my experience at Oakwood Springs. There is something very freeing about the camaraderie you have with other people going through the same thing you’re going through. Each of the staff members from Melinda to Kelly and Julie all truly care. My therapist Jonathan was absolutely top-notch and the best of the best. I highly recommend the facility .


I found the inpatient and partial hospital very helpful. I would consider the cafeteria staff a bit on the gruff side. With an exception here or there. They are skimpy on servings and have started not giving seconds. Either give more the first time or give seconds. On inpatient giving one more smoke break would be appreciated due to dealing with so many issues and other people on the unit. The Partial Hospital Program is outstanding. I appreciate the group setting and the 45 min groups with breaks in-between. Jonathan was an amazing Therapist/ group leader. Julye was great to deal with for medications she is just hard to get time with. I did feel sometimes I was talked to by the nurses in PHP like I don't know anything. I think people forget that there are high functioning people with depression, etc. Overall, this hospital is very good. And great people work there.


Most phenomenal help I've ever received! The Sunrise unit is the best and only treatment facility in the State for our Heroes! Thank you for the amazing and caring staff!

alison mc alison

Upon intake fees were misrepresented. Be aware that their physicians and psychiatrist are all billed separately. This was not explained upon 3 conversations- they claim since it is in fine print on a form its legal.

Billy Jones

I checked myself in there on July 9th 2018 and was discharged on July 13th 2018. I was skeptical at first but afterwards I'm glad I went. They helped me out a lot with my depression and alcohol abuse. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for help or anyone who knows someone looking for help. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Bubbas Meisa

Country club prison, sleazy MEDICAID-FRAUD MILL, illegal entrapment & outrageously illegal kidnappings, leading to egregious false imprisonments, all sanctioned by the entire mostly corrupt OK political system... designed to destroy affordable health for people who really need it. Unearned-bucks-care-for-the-rich!! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!! Besides nobody there seemed the slightest bit out of control, let alone dangerous...they were just exhausted from societal abuse and not ever getting their real needs met (like respect from others and some chance to move ahead) FLAG THIS PLACE AND WAVE IT BOLD is what I say. Oklahoma SHAME ON YOU!!!! Oh, and I see this smarmy "response" from the ostensible "owner" now, to wit I should call them BACK so maybe the same thing can happen AGAIN??? Really. 'SCUSE ME JACK but when I called up later to politely ask 4 my medical records to show them to a lawyer, the desk-screw called the bloody POLICE on me. WAY TO GO "OWNER"! Actually the cops were the nicest feature of this whole grotesque nightmare. AND THEY NEVER BROUGHT ME IN the first day, the thing which supposedly justified this entire OBSCENE CRIME AGAINST ME. DO NOT TRY TO SAY ANYTHING MORE, YOU WILL CATCH YOURSELF IN YOUR OWN FILTHY LIES, and this time I HAVE a copy.

James Bass

Hope you don't need any time for your mind or body to recover after you get discharged. Apparently these people think you are supposed to be able to function completely normal with no recovery time. They refused to give a Dr note for 1 week until time to see the phycologist they send you to. Their phycologist isn't smart enough to know people need time for their mind and body to adjust. They say they encourage family involvement but that only means visits 1 hour a day because they sure don't involve the family in any part of the treatment or discharge plan. They don't even talk to the family period. The receptionist was pretty much the only contact family members had with any staff member. If this is one of the best places in Oklahoma I feel sorry for people that need real help.

Dakotah Sumner

Kaylee Keenan-Loftus

I was hospitalized after expierencing some SI. This inpatient program is the absolute best in Oklahoma. You are offered good food, amazing caring staff, smoke breaks, your entire treatment is placed in your own hands. If you choose to sleep all day you may do so but at the risk of staying longer or interrupting your treatment. You go to groups that dig into your issues and offer amazing things to use when you are out. Their PHP program is amazing. Speaking as a patient this changed my life. I have been to other places in Oklahoma and no place sets the bar as high as Oakwood. Please, if you or someone you know needs somewhere GO TO OAKWOOD SPRINGS. The Ceder unit is for addiction, Meadows for mental health, and sunrise for veterans. Please go here if you need help. Good luck.

Connor Bollenbach

Nick Gur

This place is ONLY about money, gouging the hell out of your insurance. They do not care about mental health, only MONEY.

Charis Roberts

Amazing facility! I checked myself in for depression and each day was brighter than the next. It's amazing how much the staff helped in making me feel better. The doctors care about you and help you find a medication routine that works for you. The food is excellent, group therapys were helpful, and the units are clean. I HIGHLY recommend oakwood and am glad my doctor refered me

Ashley Heeke

This place is incredible! I would never go anywhere else for inpatient treatment. All of the staff is friendly, caring, and helpful. The groups are educational AND enjoyable. I highly recommend Oakwood Springs to everyone.

Jill McFall

I had a great experience. The staff were all kind and patient with us. My group therapist, Jonathan was really fantastic. The program helped me tremendously with building resiliency skills to cope with the stresses of life. I appreciate everything they did for me.

Noctu Sova

clean and well staffed. If you are struggling you couldn't ask for a better place to be sent

Coreyonna Johnson

I went to Oak Wood Springs scared and extremely confused about life. Not only is the staff AMAZING they actually talked to me like a normal human. I learned so much while In treatment and I felt comfortable and relaxed to be myself and open up without judgment, only help. I’ve been to a couple treatment places before but this is one is by far the best of them all! So much positivity and even the other patients were nice and helpful. We joked a lot about the saying “ Theres hope. There’s help. “ but truly they helped me get the hope back in my life and I couldn’t thank them enough! I think the doctors are also awesome and the therapists!! Even with the tougher patients they were always calm, cool, and helpful! Great facility if you ever need help they are the place to go!

Jane Deviney

This organization treated my nephew with no regard to his medical condition. It was like a prison, they would not let family visit because he was on, one on one care. I had to beg everyday for information on his condition. I was never able to speak with a doctor. We brought him clothes but they never changed him from what he entered wearing. His teeth were not brushed, hair filthy and wearing urine stained clothing. We assumed he was being cared for when we were forbidden from visiting. After more than a week and a half he had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. He arrived in emergency with crusted lips from dehydration. Once in ICU, they administered IVs. The next day he regained all facalties. I could not believe they let him get in such bad shape...the seizure / hospital saved his life.

Colby Vail

Zonna Franklin

Amy Kunhart

I was admitted after a horribly lengthy process approx 6 hours....which I was told would be avoided if I scheduled an evaluation which I did. After finally getting in my room I wasn't allowed my hygiene items or anything from my bag it was locked up immediately. This was after midnight. The next day it seemed they forgot I was even there. I had to go remind them! So finally they moved me to the unit I was supposed to be on essentially missing breakfast. At this point I was still not given vital medication I require to stay awake. I suffer from narcolepsy. When I asked for a bed to lay down to avoid injury they told me to pull two chairs together! The reason for my visit was to try a new medication under supervision. On day three they finally said they couldn't get it. I told them I was ready to leave then. From that point forward I was bullyed shamed and lied to by the staff. Keith specifically said I was vacationing from my two year old. Tj told me I was on lock down in the unit for trying to leave early. The Dr said that he didn't have any reason for me to stay other than his gut feeling. Therefore I was essentially a prisoner for an additional four days costing me 800 dollars a day. All of this after asking specifically on intake if I was free to leave because I checked myself in. They said oh yes of course. The icing on the cake was the daytime med nurse Connie who has no business passing meds. She refused to give meds seemingly just to feel powerful and on many occasions I had to ask my rn to give me my ordered my ordered meds because she refused to do her job...without consulting an rn, pharmacist, or house supervisor. I at least can advocate for myself but many of the other patients were certainly denied necessary medication because of her limited knowledge about medication and basic medical terminology.

Virginia Hathaway

I was on heavy pain medicine for 10.5 years. I decided I know longer wanted to be on them. So my Drs. Found this facility for me. The entire staff was amazing at helping me thru my detox which was not easy. I am proud to say that I haven't had any pain meds almost 4 months now. It hasn't been easy I still have pain due to my illness, but with that said I use the coping skills that I was taught and continue to work the program from home. I'm also working on getting my video blog up and running so people can have someone to talk to and ask questions. I have been doing research with CDC, NIH, also with NIDA. So keep the faith and God Bless you. Sincerely Virginia Hathaway

Samantha Pena

Amazing staff. They helped me with my anxiety and ptsd through stress management and group theripy. They are very nice and willing to work with you. Also the food was awesome!

Susan Albright

Kathy Young

I voluntarily checked in late at night because I had been depressed and suicidal for a while and was sleeping all day every day. This wasn’t my first time in a psychiatric hospital, so let me just say Oakwood Springs was SO much better than the others. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, for mental illness or addiction. While I was there I got my sleep schedule back on track, and pretty much eliminated the thoughts of self harm I was having. Also this is one of the only hospitals I know of where you can smoke. Just make sure to bring UNOPENED packs of cigarettes.

Cindy B

I waited 90 minutes to be seen, only to be told that I would have additional 20 minutes to wait for intake therapist. They only had 1 therapist on duty, and I had scheduled an appointment. I was made to sit in a room with my purse locked up, all by myself. I was quite uncomfortable and when told it would be extra time to be seen, I opted to go home. No care or compassion given to me. Would never go back. Very disappointing!

Andrea Stone

When families are desperate to help their loved ones, Oakwood Springs seems like a good way to make things better. I read the reviews and thought that the negative reviews were just from people who didn't follow the rules or weren't savvy about psychiatric care. I was wrong. Oakwood Springs is a disaster and has nearly destroyed my relationship with my family member instead of helping. The intake involved a lot of waiting despite having an appointment. Then we left and my loved one was left alone and crying for more than an hour because they didn't have the bed ready. Why take an appointment hours before you have facilities ready for people? No one there knew anything about his care when we called because they apparently use a paper chart that was often with other people. Staff wouldn't talk to us because they couldn't see the HIPPA waiver in the chart. We spoke to one therapist who saw him in group therapy. She didn't even know why he was in the facility. He was not given appropriate medications for his condition and ultimately was discharged with meds that weren't even useful to treat the condition they diagnosed him with. The entire goal of his stay was supposed to be to help him get meds that would help him. He wasn't given access to a patient advocate. He only got one message we left for him when he needed to hear familiar voices. He was abused in this facility. Now, he has many of the same issues as before except he resents us for putting him in this facility. If I had it to do over again, I would NEVER put someone in Oakwood Springs unless they were an imminent suicide risk. Keep the person as safe as possible and take them to a psychiatrist as soon as you can even if that means babysitting the person and dealing with difficult behaviors for a few days. Please, please learn from our experience and don't put your loved one in this place.

Jose A Escapa II

Where should I begin? I checked in at what I can only describe as the lowest point of my life. All I could think of was, 'I'm out of control and now I have to turn myself over to complete strangers who will compel me to do who knows what.' That lowest point became my greatest moment. The check in process was easy yet thorough. I was placed in an outpatient therapy group from 9:00-3:00 and not one day felt wasted or ever dragged. Jonathan, our group therapist, kept the sessions informative yet with enough care and concern for us that you knew he wanted us to, not just learn, but embrace the information. There are so many wonderful staff members such as the doctors, Shane, Jonline (I probably totally misspelled that

Ariane Carter

Robin Lockaton

This place is a joke, almost cost me my son. They finally realized they were in way over their heads and sent him to St Anthony hospital and they were able to help him and get him on the road to recovery. Most not all of the nurses were rude and lacked kindness. They are only after your insurance money NOT helping people. They kept him from seeing his family for almost a day in half. They had him on very strong drugs that were making his condition worse. he never cleaned him up nor changed his clothes, he was severely dehydrated after a day in half in ICU on IV fluids at St Anthony hospital he woke up from the fog he was in. I don't know how much longer my son would've lasted at Oakwood Springs. This place needs to be shut down.

misty parr

I also had a terrible experience with my fathers inpatient experience. I am his POA as he has dementia and bipolar disorder 2 with psychosis. He was inpatient for 4+ weeks and only deteriorated during his stay. I spoke to nurses every day during his stay and asked to speak with psychiatrist and counselor for 2 weeks before I was finally able to consult with either. The discharge planner Latongia or T was very disrespectful and told me more than once she did not want to do “frivolous” work on my fathers behalf. I would not recommend this facility to anyone that is a caregiver for a parent. You will not be kept in the treatment plan and very poor communication. Also my father fell twice and was sent to ER for low oxygen and I was not notified.

Branagh Garrett

I could say a lot about Oakwood Springs. I could talk about their clean, safe, and comfortable facilities. I could talk about their kind and supportive staff. I could go into specifics about the many different kinds of therapy they offer, and how effective they can be. All I really want to say, however, is this: I was standing on a ledge, and Oakwood Springs pulled me away from it when I needed help. I highly recommend this facility over any others. If you are struggling, they will help you.

julee cook

I would give this place no stars if possible. Waste of time and money. JUST A WARNING even if you VOLUNTARILY check in... they WILL HOLD you for at least 120 hours IF you have good insurance. They ARE NOT about helping people!!! They are ALL about the money. The communication up there is horrible. It is very unorganized and unprofessional. Even if the patient signs access to patient information - to discuss the treatment with family, it will be brief, vague and make no sense. Suicide Squad was shown for movie night. To me that just sounds like a sick joke for the staff members to laugh over. I really do feel sorry for someone who actually wants help to understand why they feel so up and down emotionally.


As with many others, if I could leave a negative 5 star review I would. I will detail my experience here, as well as in a formal complaint to the OK dept of health which this facility is accredited by, and I am also filing a formal record with the OKCPD about my experience. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!! I was in Mercy hospital for ketoacidosis and was referred to contact Oakwood to go in for 2-3 days simply to monitor my vitals after I was medically cleared to have my vitals monitored over the next few days. I called and scheduled a 4:30 assesment evaluation. I arrived less than 10 minutes late becuase I had a difficult time finding the facility, checked in and filled out he paper work as I was asked to. I sat patiently for over an hour an a half seeing others being called and after 6 pm, went to the counter and asked when my assesment would be as I had a scheduled appoinment over an hour and a half ago. I was told RUDELY that other patients were being evaluated becuase they "were there" and there were now no beds so it would be a MINIMUM of another hour (I had been assured if I came in for my apt, there was a room available). At this point I did not feel comfortable becuase I was being treated rudely, shown no priority when I had a scheduled apt and it was clear they were only wanting to get people in for money, NOT any type of medical treatment. I said I would like my paperword back and was leaving. I was told "you WILL wait for your evaluation, I have locked the doors". I was beyond dismayed. I was an at will potential patient who had not had any assesment and was not a patient, I had not done anything but sit in the waiting room. I advised I WAS leaving as I had no obligation to stay as I was not a patient and had come in voluntarily. The receptionist told me "fine, we can get to you in 10 minutes (how convenient that they has someone when I wanted to leave?!) and went back and got a man who came out and said, I can go ahead and do you assesment now. I told him I was not interseted in the facility and that I did not want an assesment, I wanted my personal information back and to leave. He again said that for my "safety" I was required to have an evaluation by policy and could NOT leave the facility as they had locked the front doors. I again stated I was under no obligation to do an assesment and to unlock the doors. He refused and I attempted to record the situation on my phone and he told me I was not able to (the lobby is a public place and I have every right). At this point I called 911 and advised I was being held in a public place against my will and I needed an officer. Once the dispatcher got the address and advised an officer was on the way, the gentleman still refused to give me back my personal information but said "Change of policy, you can go". I was able to leave at that point but this is beyond bad customer experience or treatment, it was illegaly holding someone against their will and trying to FORCE them into the facility, I assume so they could get more insurance money. Make your own decision but any place who handles potential patients like this, I cannot imagine how hard it would have been to leave on a voluntary admission. I am glad this happened so I did not have to find out and I hope no one else does either.

Crystal Toner

I was admitted in March very shortly after Oakwood opened. I was desperate to find a place that would actually be beneficial to my health and wellbeing. After my experience with 2 other local hospitals, I was still very skeptical about the treatment I would receive. As soon as I was taken back after being checked in, all of my fears subsided. Although there were still kinks to be worked out, the staff and program were amazing! I have never received such thorough care from any other hospital, or even regular psychiatrist and therapist. The facility is very warm and welcoming, there are many different group activities through the day, the food was great, the staff was beyond great in doing what was best for me. I will return any time I need that level of care again. Thank you Oakwood for saving me and putting me back on track to recovery.

Rosevelia Hermosa

Be prepared to come in feeling terrible then leave feeling even worse (and possibly now homeless) because of the cost. And if you think you can go in and request to leave early due to the price, they will hold you against your will for an additional week. This would be okay if they stopped charging you after you signed the contract to leave against doctors orders, but no they're money hungry.

YT-Razor l

Shawn and a few others were the best. Always willing to help. All-around it was a very nice place.

Ron Archer

Our son was dismissed after spending 9 days in detox for opoids. They would not listen to him when he tried to explain what was going on. He was not experiencing withdrawals from opioids it was from another medication. The doctor promised him 28 days of medications to help him until he could get to a doctor after he was released. . We are basically back to square one. The doctor left before he was released so didn't write his medication. This is pure madness. We attempted to contact the patient advocate as advised by owner but was not successful. Called the number and left a message and our call was not returned. So much for that. Here we are again with pretty much the same results. Checked himself in again a week ago. He was almost at a point of a complete breakdown. Person who admitted him told him they had had several complaints in regard to his care and wanted a chance to make things right. Same doctor wanted to know why he was back. Same doctor treated him this week with same results. Why won't this doctor listen to his patient. Our son has spent time and money seeking help and so far they have not helped him. What do we need to do to get help? We were told Oakwood Springs would help. No such luck. Any suggestion would be helpful. We are at a loss. I want to be clear about my concerns. The staff at Oakwood Springs have been good and helpful to us and to our son and we understand they can only do what the doctors prescribe. . Our difficulty is with the doctor or doctors which reflect negatively in respect to the center. We and the insurance are paying basically for the centers failure to assist our son once again. We are back to ground zero as of today. Still no help after all this time.

Matt Donica

Beware price-gouging. $2000 a day without an explanation better than "that's our rate". They refuse to break down charges any further so I am apparently supposed to believe that my wife ate $2000 worth of cafeteria food and took $2000 worth of naps a day. This place's business model is getting people to sign huge debt contracts under duress. If we lived in a just society, the CEO and many of the other business officials at the hospital would be in prison.

Linsey Graeber

Donnie Crusha

Its a waste of time my wife was there didn't evan see a doctor for over 24 hrs you can't evan get a hold of someone to talk to to see what is going on with your loved one. I wouldn't take dogs there

Evone Reynolds

I did not know what to expect when I was admitted to Oakwood Springs. I was at the lowest point of my life. All of the Nurses, Aids and especially Dr. Shyvonne Gray were so understanding. I did not feel like I was being judged. I've suffered from depression most of my life. Since then my Drs concluded , that I was having a negative reaction from my meds. Dr. Gray immediately suggested that I may be having an adverse reaction to my meds. I would recommend Oakwood Springs to anyone that needed help.

Tasha Eagan

April Love

I walked in barely hanging on & came out a new person. The staff is AMAZING! You are treated like a person, you are listened to, & you are respected. The facility is so clean & the food is pretty good. All of this is important, but the most important thing is that I feel like they saved my life.

joah enevoldsen

I had a very great experience at Oakwood Springs, from the initial assessment to the the start of treatment-the staff was more than friendly and understanding. I felt very comfortable through-out my entire stay with all interactions with the assortment of groups/therapy groups offered. I would highly recommend Oakwood Springs to anyone looking for a positive experience to help them with what they are needing to work on. Best of luck.

Hannah Small

Danny P

I was disappointed to find out if you guys didn't have a translator so I could send somebody over that was Spanish and was referred to another hospital emergency services instead. Actually the person on the phone didn't know if they had a translator I'm Duty the person on the chat didn't know how long it would take to get some in there

Lindsay Martinez

H-hi. I went here in early August, and they helped me with what I went in for. Thank you. The staff, nurses, and doctors were helpful to me, and very kind.

Dela Wind

I've never had a better experience. The staff genuinely care and do their best to always make us comfortable and safe. I appreciate everything thing you alm did for me, I couldn't thank you enough. Oakwood saved my life

Stacy L.

An amazing place if you need psychiatric care! I don't know why some here have given this hospital less than 3 stars, but I'm thinking is because they didn't follow the rules of the hospital or they didn't ask questions. My son needed care and I'm so glad we found this place! From the first phone until discharge the experience was amazing! Any questions we had no matter how trivial, they answered with patience and thoroughness! The facility is very clean and the staff were top notch, including the billing department. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone needing excellent care for a substance abuse issue or mental health crisis.

Cynthia Walker

My granddaughter was admitted last Thursday, as of yet we haven't been told anything. We have several calls for the so call doctor to call us. Yes, she signed a waiver after we informed her. She's only been 18 for two months, not mature enough to know about all the paperwork she was filling out just what they want her to know. Nurses are uncaring about patients and the families who worry about her.

Andrew Collier

Great medical detox program and the staff is extremely helpful.. You get to bring ur own clothes and toiletries too

Apriel Nikolle Cunningham

I cannot put into words the feeling that I have for Oakwood. They pulled me back from the brink of disaster and turn the on in the darkness. They had superb, caring staff, nice daily clean room. The food is not typical hospital food and there is plenty. Cannot wait to start PHP.

Shawna Broadlick

It feels a little like the Starship Enterprise. And while there are issues from time to time I feel that staff involvement in seeing those issues resolved is exemplary, especially considering the inevitability of such things given the work being done. They have overall done a good job cultivating a staff that genuinely cares.

Mary Mckeen

This place is one of the better facilities. The doctors really care about your treatment. The nurses are awesome as well. I would defiantly recommend this facility to others.

Blake Phipps

If you can find ANY way to go to Mesa Springs instead, do it, if you didn't want to die before you got here, you're gonna want to as soon as you get checked in. I was in the meadows unit for five days, and I don't think there was a single moment I actually felt safe or okay. The doctor I saw here, Dr. Verma, was a complete joke, told me "compliance is always a good thing" when I told her I was being given medication she HADN'T PRESCRIBED TO ME and the nurses wouldn't let me refuse it. Nurses were pushy and inconsistent with rules, and I don't know if it was the doctor or the nurses who messed up my medications, but there were quite a few issues with that, 1. They never let me have my birth control, 2. They lowered my dose of anxiety meds by half without discussing it with me, and then wouldn't listen when I complained about high anxiety, 3. They prescribed my anxiety meds for three times a day, but I was lucky if they gave it to me even once a day, 4. The first night I was there, they told me I had to take an antipsychotic, I asked who had prescribed it, and they said my doctor did, I said I hadn't seen a doctor on the unit yet, they said it must be from my normal psychiatrist, I said no, she gad prescribed this to me in the past and it didn't work, they had no answer to that and just asked me to take it, I refused, they tried to push it on me anyway, but eventually let me say no, but didn't let me sign a refusal. The next morning the same thing happened. I met with my doctor that day and she told me she was prescribing something else (that i told her I didn't want to take due to the possible side effect of weight gain [I came in because gaining weight in eating disorder recovery made me suicidal], but she also wouldn't take no for an answer and wouldn't even consider any other treatment/medication options) and I would start it tomorrow. That evening, the nurse still gave me the same medication and wouldn't let me refuse. After arguing with her for a few minutes I just took it so maybe they would let me out sooner, even though I knew I hadn't been prescribed that medication. The next morning they didn't start me on what the doctor told me I was supposed to take, and forced the original medication on me again, and by this point I was having tons of side effects (sweats, chills, nightmares, tremors, lethargy, muscles spasms, drowsiness, etc). I met with my doctor again and she asked how the medication was treating me, and I told her everything that happened, and she admitted to me that she hadn't prescribed what I was taking, and yet she still praised me for taking it anyway. It took at least a day before they finally realized their mistake and gave me what I was actually prescribed. The staff on the unit was a mess. As soon as any patient would show signs of being upset, the staff would just escalate the situation by yelling and fighting rather than offering help or solutions. The whole place was very disorganized, and the schedule would change without notice or explanation. Every day there was at least one thing on the schedule that just wouldn't happen, and we would spend that hour just sitting in the day room. Staff didn't ever have time to help anyone or even pay attention, multiple times people who were supposed to stay on one side of the unit would somehow wander over to the other side, despite the locked door. The majority of the group therapy sessions were completely hijacked by the therapists, so we never actually got a chance to actively talk about and work on our issues, and we were lucky if the therapist could even stay on topic, some of them just told weird unrelated stories from their own lives instead of talking about anything helpful. They would give us tons of papers in group, and some of them were helpful, like lists of coping skills and grounding techniques, but that's literally all we got out of group, because we never got to really talk. And this isn't nearly all that's wrong. This whole place is a shitshow. Hope they enjoy my two packs of cigs they lost too.

Gena Goodson

The staff both inpatient and outpatient are very kind, caring & supportive. Accommodations were very pleasing except seating in outpatient that becomes very uncomfortable after several hours. The food is relatively good (some better than others). I would have rated the place much higher EXCEPT...I was inpatient then began outpatient immediately after discharge. Inquired what my copay was for both programs and initially told nothing due since I had credit from the outpatient program I’d paid for and had been attending prior to going back inpatient but had not completed. Upon being readmitted to inpatient was again told nothing owed. At discharge when I stated I wanted to go back to outpatient dependent on cost & still needing to know what I was due to pay for the inpatient visit. Again, I was told nothing was due at the time. I immediately started outpatient therapy and inquired yet again with business office what I owed and was told “When you owe something we will let you know.” I asked several times during the next several weeks and was met with same answer. Now, today, as I stepped down from full day therapy to half days, I’m called out by billing and told Oakwood made a mistake and billed my insurance incorrectly so now I owe a very large bill! This is unacceptable that I was proactive all along and needing to know charges but always met with the responses of “You don’t owe anything right now” and “We’ll let you know when you owe something”. The hospital is aware I’m unable to work, have no disability yet, and am on a very fixed budget! This is highly unprofessional to wait until weeks after the fact to be told your hospital had billed my insurance incorrectly and now I owe all this money - NOW! My insurance states they’ve received nothing from hospital but that should not be my burden for your business office’s mistake. I certainly don’t have the kind of money the hospital is now requesting over two months later for their mistake! Not something that should be thrown at a patient still in therapy and dealing with deep depression!! I’m highly discouraged with the lack of the billing department’s responsibilities and now feel I cannot complete my therapy at Oakwood due to the hospital’s error. Very displeased with this aspect of the hospital!!! (Update: Went with my concerns to Outpatient Director who requested a meeting with the now “former” billing department employee who changed their story. Needless to say, I “think” it was straightened out and the new person I spoke with was much more kind and professional! As far as all other services received - this is the best place to go in the state of Oklahoma. The staff really do care about your wellbeing and give you the tools to start on the road to recovery. Shout out to Johnathan Prince who is an awesome therapist!)

David Robertson

I just got released yesterday after a 5 day stay. The staff are caring and helpful, but it's a new place so everyone is still on a shakedown cruise and they're learning new things as they go. In computer lingo, it felt like I was part of the beta testers and they were just about ready to release the app. All in all a good experience. I signed up for their outpatient therapy, but decided not to go so I won't be able to review that part of their program. If you come here make sure to get your questions answered in writing. My experience was that if you ask three different people the same question, you get three different answers. I'm sure that in about a year from now they'll be running smoothly.

Kara Christensen

Actually, I am Shara. Not sure what is happening to computer. My clothes were in my car in the parking lot. No one told me that I needed to bring them at check-in. It took 3 days to get my clothes. Brought in me Poise pads and they were lost. Without them I had quit a rash. Was denied my religious freedom reading by with holding my Bible for 4 days. That is very illegal. The psychiatrist would spend no more than 15 minutes with you. They depend on the notes written by other personnel. If I had a counselor, I could not tell. Ask for three days to speak with my counselor but the request was ignored or just fell through the tracks. There is a computer program that they were very proud of and displayed on web page. It was never working during my stay. They were also proud of their exercise gym. Again we were able to use only once. Did not feel the staff remembered that we paid $800 a day to be there.. However the food was great.

russ wolfe

David Wapskineh

Vanessa Meeks

Alex 0zuna

Im glad that we have facilities where are good medical attention Excellent doctors and nurses!! Very nice and polite!! Kind heart human beings that care about their patients health!

Mel S

I would give a negative review if the option were available! I had someone in the outpatient program, they were given prescriptions. However, Oakwood failed to call them in to the pharmacy. FOUR days of trying to get this person their scripts and nothing. Call, get a person whom then transfers you to someone's answering machine. Who in turn DOES NOT return calls. The truly sad part is that if this were someone on the edge, would they even care? Highly doubtful. I called, the person's primary care physician called. Ridiculous business practices, not to mention this could directly affect someone's LIFE! Good job on your communication break down. I'll never suggest this place to anyone!

Richard Cooper

DPB Land

it’s is baby sitting - the mental health staff was worthless and didn’t listen nor are the capable of diagnosis or correct medication.

Sara Warren

Amazing staff! Everyone truly cares about your well being & they are more than willing to help you in every way they possibly can to ensure your wellness! Keep up the amazing work guys!!! ❤️

Jacob Williams

Basically a rehabilitation center for addiction and mental illness. Definitely a business operation, and they do not communicate honestly. Be wary of being lead on, trapped, and price gouged without consent. They will refuse to release records to you if you’re not a part of one of their exorbitant programs.

Melissa Beer

This place was so good to me! The inpatient stay was very comfortable. They are very structured which helped keep me stay in control. They also allow you to have a sense of independence. I would recommend this to all my family and friends!!

Jessica McKee

I would leave no stars if I could. If you must use this facility I strongly suggest leaving your belongings with a loved one as opposed to allowing the staff to “store” them for you during your stay. I took my Mother to the emergency room, and when I dropped her off she had her purse with all of her personal belongings in it, she was then transported to this facility by an officer who can confirm that she still had all of her possessions, oddly enough when I picked my mother up she was missing her purse, wallet, two sets of car keys, the keys to her home as well as two albuterol inhalers. What has the staff done about this? Absolutely nothing. I have attempted to get in touch with “Paulette” about this matter with no luck all day. Also the man in charge of my mothers unit “Robert” was no help whatsoever, instead of offering to investigate the matter he instead chose to question why my mother had two sets of car keys and why both of them would be with her and in the same place, as if it were somehow relevant or any of his business at all. Since I cannot settle the matter with the staff, I’m sure the police department will be happy to help me file a report and further guide me in resolving this issue. The car keys alone will cost my mother $1600 to replace. As if she wasn’t going through enough already.

lexi morgan

This place is a big waste of time and people's money! Their website lies and don't help people at all with any kind of addiction!

Isaac Farnsworth

All of the people involved in my recovery were simply amazing. Very kind and helpful staff that displayed genuine concern for me personally while I recovered. I had barely slept in two weeks before my arrival, and all of the staff were great while I was able to rest and get back on my feet. I had never been to this type of facility before, and am grateful for the help they were to me. A great big shout out to Brandon, Phil, Monique, Charles, Shaun, and the rest of the gang. Thank you!

karin knapp

To whom it may concern: I was told that it was a HIPPA Violation to tell someone else if a person had an assessment or not. I told my husband, whom I believe is suffering with some sort of mental Illness, that i would go with him if he went to take an assessment. He went. Not only did they not listen to any information i told them or even ask me about it, they told him I did not take an assessment. My husband is suffering from paranoid delusions about me cheating. So now he has become even more abusive. I recommend this place to no one! They did absolutely nothing to help the situation! They only made it worse for me and my daughter!

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