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REVIEWS OF Norman Regional Moore Hospital IN Oklahoma

Ashley Wilson

I have had to take my kids here on occasion, and I have been treated twice for kidney stones here. We have gotten exceptional care there every time. The staff is very caring and do everything they can to keep you comfortable, and show you how much they want to help! Jaime, a nurse in the ER last night who helped my daughter was outstanding! I cannot say enough praise for this hospital! Best hospital hands down!

Lezli Jones

Jennifer Nunez

My experience in the OBGYN clinic there was nothing like we have experienced ever! This place is horrible. The woman with the colorful hair was very rude and unprofessional.. They take forever to get your paper work faxed and dont care if you are missing work for weeks while you sit and wait.. I wish we would have read the reviews before chosing this place and I am super glad that we have found my daughter a different Dr that actually likes her job and treats people with respect!! DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple Philly

Went there told them I felt sick coughing sneezing, backed up sinuses and they would not do anything about it. Y'all go to school to help people so start helping people instead of turning them down!!!

matthew Nichols

If you have an emergency do not come here. It would be faster going anywhere else. Got here at midnight and 2 hours later still in the waiting room to be seen. Wife needs stitches and hasn't stopped bleeding yet no one here cares or has even seen her. Just get the excuse all beds are filled. Well let's work to get the people in those beds done so the rest of us can be seen.

Beatrix Hammett

This was the worst experience ever.... Nurses where sarcastic and unprofessional. They completely forgot about my son we where sitting there for for hours. After two hours and noticing that everyone that came in after us was seen. Needless to say after four hours and me telling them that we where leaving... I was told that they accidentally missed him... No apology what so ever. We where told that we still had to pay for the triage. I will never go back!!!!!


Sent me home when I was really sick... six hours later I was in the icu with enterovirus, pseudomonas and pneumonia. Enterovirus attacked my heart and went sepsis with pseudomonas.... they seriously had just sent me home over the weekend with pain meds and said go see my primary care monday. Now I'm hearing from a bunch of other people they've had the same experience. I went to Baptist integris on north 63rd. Best hospital one could ask for. I'd advise everyone to avoid that place at all cost. I drove from purcell to Baptist integris and passed moore right up...

Wendy Trahan

I went to the ER with my head gashed open bleeding and when they took my back I was in so much pain but they didn't care. They put a bunch of staples in my head without even numbing it!!! Then sent me home saying take Tylenol lol needless to say i suffered for over a week because they refuse to and treat you like an addict when you need pain relief! They have made me feel awful more then a few times. Oh my newest experience I got hurt pinned between the wall and large heavy dresser and hurt my shoulder. They took no x-rays didn't even examine me when I clearly am bruised purple from my neck down my chest with a knot on my collar bone.... They told me it was a shoulder strain and take ibprofin. It clearly says I'm allergic to that. Anyway I left very mad and ended up at a quick care center. Come to find out my collar bone is severely broken and my shoulder is seperated!!!! Norman regional in Moore is the worst hospital to go to if you have any pain related problem.

Douglas Mackay

Jennifer Bennett

Raul Martinez

dedra loy

I have never seen a hospital with so many bad reviews before. I know now that I WILL NEVER go there. Probably wouldn't even take my dog if I could. I csn tell you the one in norman is just as bad!

kat Farrar

Moore medical emergency room is terrible! And Dr. Ben is the all time #1 jerk. I went into the er with terrible terrible shoulder pain that i had never had before. It was so bad I was bawling and could barely move my arm. He walked in, eyes on the chart, didn't even look at me, and the first thing out of his mouth is " What? What do you want? Pain pills?" Treated me terribly! The whole time. I understand there are people who go in trying to get pain pills, but if he were to look at my history, which all doctors have access to, he would see my last narcotic rx was after I had surgery at 16 y/o. I am now 24. That hospital is a horrible excuse of a medical facility. Dr. Ben is an idiot. I wouldn't take a pigeon in to be treated by that monster.

Shawn Hudson

Waisted hours there in pain with flu, they sent me home finally telling me to continue the Advil and Tylenol regiment that wasn't helping. I'm still writhing in pain in my bed 2 nights later hacking up a lung, wheezing non stop. The one scrip they did give for nausea never got called in. Will never go here again.

caleb hinds

I had stomach virus and was dehydrated bad wait over 2 hours in the back room without anyone saying anything to me. I'm positive they forgot I was there I left and went to an actual professional hospital who care about their patients.

Email Account

Worst hospital I have ever been to they had my grandmother worried to death and my own Dr who told me to go in cause I had a bad reaction to medication they had me take at home before a surgery and they left me passed out in a waiting room until my grandmother filled out paperwork then when I got to a room and was a wake cause this medication put me in to severe labor pains they let me lay screaming in pain for 2 hours before finally helping me . No one in my family will ever step foot here again. I suggest drive anyone to a different hospital.

Toby Lee

Jonathan Mariscal

The waiting times at this place are unbelievable. Both times with appointments and both times waited a looong time, wasted time. I had higher expectations for this place, they didn't fail to disappoint.

B Tran

After a day of fighting a severe stomach virus and cramps, I had given in and decided to check into the nearest ER. When I called the Norman Regional - Moore ER to ask about any wait times or if I could check in over the phone I was disgusted by the way their response was to me. The woman on the phone was rude, short, and sounded like I was wasting her time. Whether I'm dying of a stomach virus or delivering my first child I will never consider ever coming to this hospital. After reading others' comments and reviews on here I'm shocked they haven't taken any corrective measures. It seems like these poor patients have been treated poorly for YEARS based on the dates of these reviews. Cosmetically, beautiful hospital. Internally, it's the ugliest place you'll find yourself in.

Steven Terry

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at Moore Medical Center. I've had two children and my spouse (three different occurances) visit the Emergency Room there. They were treated very well and service and attention were top notch. I went to physical therapy at Moore Medical Center after having knee surgery. I could not be happier with the way that I was treated. The staff were thoughtful, explained in detail what my condition was. The staff, from cleaning crew to nurses to physical therapist, we all very gracious and attentive. I Give them A+


Wife transported from Tinker Air Force Base medical clinic to this emergency room complaining of lethargy, head ache, swelling of foot, itchiness entire body, nausea, and fever. She had been in a boot camp class day previous and remembered a pain in her same ankle similar to a mosquito bite but took off sock thinking maybe it was a wood chip stuck between sock and skin. There was a small red round mark on ankle. We thought possibly a tic bite having read the official CDC (center for disease control) protocol for possible ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER (RMSF) toxin caused by deer tics. Protocol says 40 percent bitten by tics never see a tic, don't know they're bitten, don't even notice a red mark, but if most symptoms are present (my wife had seven out of eight classic symptoms) start anti biotic DOXYCYCLINE immediately, 100 MG twice a day. We asked for anti biotic band told them to start DOXYCYCLINE immediately but because this ER doctor saw no signs of a tic or bite refused to administer a simple anti biotic contrary to CDC guidelines. CDC says test for RMSF immediately (which they did after we asked for it three days in a row) but it will always come up negative due to it taking three weeks before anti bodies build so that RMSF test will even pick it up. The first time you test is to see a baseline of anti bodies so that when testing the second time for the RMSF tic bite you can tell if you've been bitten by increase in anti bodies. This ER refused to test for RMSF contrary to basic CDC RMSF protocol. They had no idea what was causing my wife problems and we finally decided to transfer her before she would get worse off possibly needing amputation or die. My next review, for Norman Regional, will be for their main hospital in Norman and it goes from bad to worse. I would not step foot in this ER again if my life depended on it and I'd suggest nobody else go here as well. I think this ER visit was a classic case of malpractice in that they refused to follow a very simple protocol of administering a simple anti biotic to stop possibly lethal toxins traveling through my wife's body. We have the best insurance available and the anti biotic was fully covered as was all her ER visit with no co pays needed. Three weeks later, we finally received an absolute positive indicator my wife had been bitten by a tic and she had contracted ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER. GO FIGURE!

Terri George

Im mixed on emotions about this hospital. I love love love my ob and pediatrician and *most* of the nurses (daytime) in labor and delivery. But as far as the ER goes they suck! My baby had a low grade fever and diarrhea 6 times in 24 hrs so I took him in. The dr said his poop was normal (even though hes a formula fed baby!!) And said he wasnt running a fever! And took an xray of his stomach and immediately diagnosed him with colic. Then preceeded to tell me my bottles or formula were the problem and my bottles "didnt look very anti-colic and hes too calm to be sick" "go to the ped tomorrow". Umm really?! 9 days later we still dont know the problem!

Angela Morrison

My doctor is thankfully moving. The customer service provided was always good except for one individual by the name of Jill in suite #201. This was just about every single time, not just once bad experience.

Heather Jarvis

I love the staff and the fast service, they also listen to your needs and help not just say oh well there's nothing we can do. Very very little wait time. I went in 2010 and my son was just seen tonight 2015 building may not be there but the love a care still is strong! Can't wait to see the new building open this summer!! Thank you Moore medical family!

Patrick K

If I could rate 0 stars I would. If you have more than a simple sniffle DO NOT go to this so called "emergency room"! Kept being told over and over from a "doctor", that and I quote.. I know your not lying about being in pain but... This hospital is a joke. Same happened to me in 2011 when I went for lower back pain told I was fine next day went to southwest hospital immediately got MRI done and immediately admitted 3 days later needed surgery.

Ashley Onley

I tore my ACL and the attending Dr. Treated me like nothing was wrong. She stayed on her phone the whole time she was in the room and even rested her weight on my torn knee while she was checking the other one

Tami Warman

The review is for Norman Regional Hospital in Norman, not Moore.

Sirena Marina

HORRIBLE !!!.... This is the worse hospital and worse treatment ever... Front desk girl was an idiot, long wait an on top of that doctor was a jerk and in a hurry ... THE WORSE HOSPITAL NOT HAPPY AT ALL !!!

Bianca Abel

I went in on February 3rd 2019, and my doctor was doctor Ryan Wilson,DO and my nurse was her name was Shelia. After going to 3 different doctors one at OU hospital which was terrible these people did the most for me I had a terrible eye infection in my right eye and it was starting to spread to my left eye I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis I’m both eyes and preorbital cellulitis in one eye and these people right here were so wonderful to me shelia came and checked on me every 30 mins while I was waiting made sure I was taken really good care of she had a great attitude throughout the entire visit and I was there for like 3 hours or longer she gave me drinks and snacks lots of blankets and I was in a great deal of pain and she did her best to get me some medicine and got it quick! Note it depends on how busy they are or what test their running weather you can eat or get medicine quickly but my doctor took really good care of me gave me the medicine I needed to get me through till I could see my eye specialist to make sure everything was ok but I’ve always hated hospitals especially now that I’ve grown up and this was the most comfortable relaxing experience yet I didn’t feel misserable or anxious these people that were on shift gave exceptional care and deserve a shoutout and a RAISE!!! Thank u guys and god bless you❤️

Kylie Garner

This place is terrible!! Took my friend for feeling like he is about to have a seizure today and all they did was say cant do nothing and sent him home!! I do not recommend taking ur loved ones here!! This is not the first time i have had a problem with this hospital there has been 2 other times had a problem with this hospital but let them go but this time i can not!!! Would give them a zero vut had to put atleast a one!!

Vanessa Martinsen

Moore hospital took very good care of my husband. I could not have ask for a nicer nursing staff.

Cristina Allen

Wonderful hospital I've been going to this hospital for 12 years now and I've had nothing but good experiences with children have had good experiences and they trust the people there great stuff great Hospital

shelley christian

Took my daughter to ER after a dog bite because Urgent Care ECT.closed but did NOT want to pay OUTRAGEOUS CHARGES for few stitches ended up with 3 staples.Can imagine the Cost???? Now 10 days later when due to come out I called TOLD NO CHARGE BY THE ER DEPT. Did not make it as planned yesterday so called this evening to see if busy and what needed done would take 2 minutes but told could NOT tell me if busy at moment!!!! She told me I could go to an Urgent Care in which I told her did not have the money to pay to have staples removed. She then told me I had to pay even though paid OUTRAGEOUS amt.10 days ago plus 3 hours of time waiting.I will Google how to remove myself before give give that place another dime!!!!

Terri Stell-Warren 67

Michael, the radiologist at Norman Regional hospital in Moore was awesome! I had to have an MRI done and the two other previous attempts at other facilities were utter failures. This facility made all the difference in the world. Not only was their MRI a perfect fit, but God blesses me with the most understanding man,Michael!! He listened, he assisted, he cared, he was attentive to my every need, even when I didn’t think I was going to stay on the table. He talked me through every scan and before I knew it Gods peace passed over me and my scan was done. Go here for your MRI!

d harris

ER is like waiting for Christmas to come. Billing is too high, I will keep looking.

Hayley Johnson

Nate Austin-Powell

I cannot access my patient portal for bloodwork for possible hormonal imbalance. After driving to the obyn office i discover they have used the wrong email for user login. After reseting password several times i can't access the results. I now, after contacting portal customer service have been told i have to email the physicians portal IT service. I've also been charged for more testing than necessary...after discussing with Melissa Deen. Poor communication everywhere. I've got nothing accomplished and now have a $400 bill.

Wendy Nitzel

I been in Moore Hospital 3 times and each time they had took very good care of me. It is very clean and all the staff are very friendly and caring.

stasha foster

Went there last night and the service was perfect. The doctor and nurses were so kind and helpful. I truly appreciate it. ♥️

Susan Porterfield

My husband has been to the Moore ER. The doctors and staff are very caring and thorough. I am grateful that the hospital will open soon. Thank you for the great service to our community.

Tasha Adams

The doctors here are slow i have been sitting in a room for 2 hours and still have not been seen... Seems like since the tornado hit they just dont care anymore. Lazy doctors

Rosa Arellano

Erin Corbit

Well it sounds like to me the tornado did them a favor from all the poor comments I've seen. Maybe it will get better after this.

rkelmo PokeWizzard

Everett Slavik

Kimberly Kay

I've been to the ER before the May 2013 tornado severely damaged the entire hospital that it is having to be completely rebuilt. And my mom has been to the ER after they tore down what was left standing and set up the modular trailers in December 2013. Both of us were admitted quickly, treated with respect, kindness, and compassion. We were each given a prescription and told that we could fill it at a 24 hour pharmacy right down the street which was a good thing because our pharmacy didn't open until 9am. I will be thrilled when Moore Hospital finishes rebuilding and opens in the Fall of 2016.

Kristofer Fullingim

Kelly Peltier

Never had a bad experience here. Everyone was very pleasant and always listened to my concerns.

Aaron Palmer

My wife and I have had our three children born here. Great staff, wonderful people. Dr Cherry is awsome. So sorry to see all the damage. Hope they rebuild soon.

Stephany Beam

this is the worse hospital in the world. I was just there with my sister yesterday and she was pregnant. it took them four hours to even get her information. they left her blood vials in the room and a urine cup half full of blood in the room. she had horrible bleeding and clots and they discharged her. a little after they discharged her she miscarried. I feel like they didn't do all that they could have for her. after they did whatever they did when she miscarried they didn't clean up they left all the bloody stuff all over the room. the used tools sat in a bowl next to the sink. there was blood all over the sink and floor and they just didn't care. they wouldn't tell any of the family what was going on. it is very upsetting to know how poorly they treated her. I would have had her go to Midwest regional hospital and that hospital isn't any better. but I know they would have treated her better and cleaned up the room atleast.

Brianna Scott

One more Summer experience to report. She is obviously an issue and you guys have got to do something about her. I came in for a Lone Star tick bite with an obvious bull's eye rash and accompanying symptoms. All I needed was doxycycline But had been working out in this heat wave all day with a fever and was feeling a little emotional. She actually made fun of me, commented that I was a drug addict, asked if she had walked into an AA meeting, and then continued to go out into the nurses station and loudly make fun of me with her charge nurse.. Did her charge nurse do anything about it? Absolutely not! She joined In with the laughter. Apparently summer is being taught that she can act this way by her charge nurse. The fact that you have her named in more than one review tells me that you guys have not rectified the situation with summer. She does not need to be working with the public.


I was scolded and yelled at by a RN named Summer because she thought she told me something about me not being allowed to leave when I take someone to the ER for pain medication. The funny thing is she didn't tell me anything as to what we could or could not do?!? When I tried to explain she didn't tell me anything and she didn't say a word before I left, she gave me a lot of attitude, she was combative, defensive, just completely rude to me and the patient.

Scott Floyd

The Family Medicine Department is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Amanda Wright was very thorough and practical. They have in house labs that have a very efficient system in place. The location is great for me. The only reason for the 4 stars is it is hard to just call the hospital and get information. For example I was trying to find out what Doctors were in my network and I just could not find that info on the web or by calling the main number. They should put a direct line in google to the Family medicine department. I highly recommend Dr. Wright.

Kaitlyn Bauer

The facility is clean and inviting. All the staff I came in contact with were absolutely phenomenal - kind, attentive, and knowledgable.

A. K.

The staff were rude when I first came into the clinic. They were very mechanical, did not give any greetings or explanations, they just shoved the waiting device in my hands and told me to have a seat while they signed me up. The lab technician was the worst. I told her to draw blood from my hand because the vein was too deep in my arm. Not only did she not listen to me, she decided to take it upon herself to "accept the challenge". When she initially stuck me in the arm, we both knew she missed and she moved the needle around until she struck my vein. It has been days since my lab visit and I still have the bruise on my arm. This lab technician did not make any eye contact, she was no professional, and all I have garnered from this visit is that this facility does not care about its patients. Healthcare is not an environment for people to work in if they do not care about the basics of human kindness and interaction. I hope someone reads this who cares about the standard of this facility because I was not the only patient who noticed this attitude.


I am at this hospital right now. The Doctor is very rude and disrespectful. Myself and my family are for my little sister. She obtained an severe head injury bleeding from several deep cuts and her body is cut up and possible broken bones. The treatment when we arrived was to a very kind front desk clerk In the ER then she was quickly taken to the back where we waited for nearly 20 mins before a nurse even cane In the room. The nurse is being very rude and disrespectful and while cleaning the wounds they did not numb the wounds before cleaning them so my little sister screamed loud and fought to get this nurse off and the nurse screamed at my little sister saying sonethibg ignorant which i do not recall. After a entire 10 mins of this the nurse exited the room after slamming cupboards and drawers putting her supplies away then just left the room. Then a Xray technician entered about 5 mins after the nurse left and she too was very rude. My little sister cannot walk or even keep her balance and the Xray tech was expecting my sister to get up and into a wheelchair. I then at this point became very irritated and upset and told the Xray tech that she wwas going to need to wheel my sister on the bed. The doctor was rude and didn't ask much questions nor did he seem like he wanted to treat her. This experience I am currently dealing with now is horrible. I'm to the point of taking her to another hospital because this is ridiculous. I cannot believe what I am seeing its so horrible.


Clean. Quick

Misty Thurmond

Possibly one of the worst medical experiences I've ever seen. As a retired RN, who worked in ICU and the ER, I couldn't believe my ears whenever my children told me the medical staff released such an ill individual home! He has end stage cancer and liver failure! They just sent him home with basic instructions and a full " all clear, hall pass"!!! The discharge papers listed him as stable. There was nothing stable about him! He was taken directly to another hospital the very next day, again, in an ambulance and spent 2 weeks in acute care. He was home one week and is back in hospital with liver failure and end of life care. So, no ty to this hospital did he receive any type of comfort or medical care. Wow... It’s only now I can update this review

Mick l

Over an hour with my son who's foot was bleeding still no on came in. Will never come back here again I got better care in the middle of a war zone I mean come on guys get you're s$&: together or close the hospital

Cristi Venable

Took my 4 month old because I thought he had a Left ear infection, he kept pulling on his ear and crying. Doc checked him out said he was fine hes just got some nasal drainage and for me to use saline and keep it suctioned out. The very next day was his 4 month Well Baby check up..... Pediatrician pulled out a GIANT wax ball from his left ear. Thanks ER your really freaking great to leave a 4 month old in that much pain and discomfort.. WORTHLESS..


I paid my bill as soon as it came in the mail and they sent me to collections anyway.

Casey Patterson

Normally very quick to get in to. Staff have always been polite and helpful.

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