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REVIEWS OF Mercy Clinic Primary Care - North May IN Oklahoma

gg taylor

Dr French is the best doctor I have ever had. My back went out on me felt like my bones were crumbling I could barely walk. He found out quickly it was a kidney infection and prescribed the proper antibiotic immediately and after one day I am getting better. Thank goodness I don’t have to suffer through the week end

Isabel Slack

Always have a bad experience when I go in so I’m giving up and trying a new place. Update: Try AM/PM doctors on Hefner for good clinic service!

Alexandria Mundy

the absolute worst service. they have failed at mailing my prescription, giving me an expired script for my meds (live in Edmond drove all the way to them drive back gave to my pharmacy and an hour later when I went to pick it up they tell me it's expired), it's next to impossible to get anything done over the phone and when you go to call them back all they do is write notes to send back to the nurse and then you have to wait till they get around to calling you back. it's phone tag. Been dealing with a prescription issue for 6 days now and they have failed to mail it again. I'm done with them. DO NOT GO HERE! !! not to mention I've waited for 45 min in lobby for an apt and when I did get in there with doctor I was in and out in under 5 min. my doctor was dr. miller. I felt like a number not a patient.

Tamara Rondores

Horrible, very bad place, I had to adjust two appointments and the what name called French is very bad. He refused to see me. Doctors swear on helping patients not dismissing them. This place is very bad with ever worst physicians and staff in the country. I took my business somewhere else. Trashy place.

Terry King

We've have wonderful visits, our doctor was timely and thorough. Only drawback is their follow thru on faxing information, referrals, etc.

Carol Gravley

Krista Treaster

Dr French and his ma Darlene are awesome.. He has spent relentless hours trying to get me help in the right direction since my illness isn't so cut and dry. He got me in a Saints Rheumatologist and a Saints Neurologist. He went outside of Mercy to get me help since no one at Mercy would take my case.. He's an awesome and very caring dr

לאלי לאלי

Do u want low service. This is the best place. Rude receptionist. Hateful staff. patients are abused verbally to a high extent. Most ever female treatment. Had a very bad experience with Dr French. They really need to take the license and stop him from practice. He is a danger on the society. My mom suffered for a whole year from wrong medications, I pulled her to Integris, much better treatment away from the horror of this doctor and his staff. AVOID THIS LOCATION...

Gustave Swedenish

Had an appointment and waited 1.5hrs past the appointment time. Don’t waste your time logging on the website and making an appointment. Absolute rude staff. My first visit they charged me for a physical which is free under my insurance plan and I waited 30+ minutes to be seen. My second visit I was 14 minutes late and the rude receptionist made a huge deal about it and told me they will get to me when they can. Every time you call there is at least a 10 minute hold time. Would not recommend this office to anyone based solely on rude staff. I know a lot of people who go here and say they are very knowledgeable. Which they may be but at the end of the day I'm a customer and don't like to be treated badly by staff.

Marwan Soudi

Dr French talks more than listen, Took my father and had a wrong diagnosis , took hime to another dr, who found out the real problem. No recommendation for this dr, The wait is long and the staff is rude.

Anthony Berryhill

If Dr. Mankin wasn't here we would seek a different pediatrician. Called to ask if we could have something faxed for our daughter and the medical assistant was too busy eating while conversing with me on the phone to take a note, so I had to leave work to pick-up something that could have been easily faxed. When I requested it to be faxed the receptionist said she cannot guarantee that anyone will do it. Incredible. Looking at the recent reviews, I am not shocked by this....I bet her lunch was good because she didn't want to get out of her seat much less stop smacking before answering the phone.

Jay Vee

I was charged over $350 for a 15-minute appointment. Be sure to ask what coding you are subject to before entering into any discussions other than the reasons you are there. I went in for a simple blood lab review (primarily PSA) and left being charged over $350, plus lab costs. And people want to know why our healthcare system is failing? It may be the only service in the world that one needs in which the consumer does not know what they are paying, and the physicians can't or won't tell you. I am done going to this physician, or any physician, who cannot answer the question "How much is this going to cost?" Update: Just got off the phone with the office manager. My 10-15 minute appointment with Dr. Kent French was $351. I feel like an absolute fool for paying a GP $351 for a routine exam. DO NOT USE THIS CLINIC OR THIS PHYSICIAN unless your insurance is very, very good. I am self-insured....and they hosed me.

Alan Rutledge

Service at this office was quite poor. The doctor(Thuan Pham) was unable to diagnose a minor medical condition after numerous office visits, numerous tests(at multiple facilities) and nearly 3 month duration. That said, the remaining staff(nurse Veronica in particular) were the main trouble spot. Response times were very bad...good luck getting a phone call returned in under 48hours. This is after expressing that the condition in question is causing ongoing daily pain! Very poor customer care and no followup calls were experienced. Even simple xray results were a 48hr turn around time. Extremely disappointed and will not be returning.


i was referred to this clinic by a co worker. after waiting for over an hour to see the doctor as a new patient,. I spoke to the MA about my concerns and the reason for my visit, which she obviously spoke to the doctor about because he came in with a bad attitude, like i was too much to deal with. He was not very interested in anything i had to say. He kept asking me what i wanted to do??? Are you kidding me, i am here for help, you tell me what to do, never in my life have i felt so rushed and not heard by the doctor or his sloppy MA. after having a 3pm appointment and leaving at 445pm, and only having less than 10 minutes to discuss my concerns with a doctor who just met me... I was very disappointed, and will not be returning

Elle Taylor

I have been going to this clinic for years, and I keep hoping it will change. If you are considering this clinic- GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! The office staff is always discourteous- flat affect, not welcoming whatsoever. They talk about billing and payment as soon as you walk in and don't make eye contact let alone smile. I've overheard them treat people with soonercare abruptly as if they were an inconvenience. The television in the lobby showed Fox News- my son turned to watch a man being shot. Very inappropriate. The nurses ask the same questions on the paperwork, again no eye contact and not at all friendly with children. The nurse we saw today smelled like cigarettes. When we were leaving she actually grunted and pointed at the exit- no "good-bye", "thanks for coming". Nothing. The only redeeming factor is the doctor- Alice Mankin. She is very friendly and professional. She jokes and is the only person in that who office who seems to enjoy her job.

Mom Forever

The facility, nurses, and office staff are all horrible and not efficient, which is very common for this location . Dr. French, who is treating me I think has some serious issues which need to possibly be watched by whomever issues medical licenses. He has ordered MRI's for me, prescribed several types of pain medications, The problem I have is that every time I see him, he has no idea who I am or what is wrong with me. He also needs me to remind him what my prognosis is, and what he has done. He did not remember ordering my MRI, even when I was there for a follow up visit to go over my MRI. Now keep in mind, I've seen this guy 4X in the span of 6 weeks, and I do not have the type of look or personality someone forgets easily, good or bad. I just think this doctor is either on tons of drugs or simply doesn't care enough about his patients to review their chart before coming into see them. Now I have NEVER had a doctor show: 1. Blatant negligence of my condition 2. Not properly explain what is wrong and how to proceed 3. Expect me to continually remind him of my treatment history while under his care In addition to seeking out a 2nd opinion because I don't trust this guy, I also feel compelled to write a negative review about him. I really think he should be reported to the AMA or whoever monitors doctors licenses, because his lack of awareness and blatant disregard for his patients is what leads to horrible medical accidents like administering the wrong prescriptions, and mistaken diagnosis. I am going to another doctor.

linda blair

Dr.Wilson has been my PCP for the past 5 years. He is attentive and very concerned about my health issues. He is caring and compassionate about what is bothering me . He listens and responds within a day to my messages and emails. He goes over and beyond in prescribing meds or setting up test for issues and concerns regarding my health . I’m very much pleased with him and his staff.

Terri Gorman

I have experienced excellent care, diagnostics and swift call backs from Dr. David Wilson, his nurse Becca and another nurse in this clinic, Dawn. I am not a fan of the change to Mercy Central scheduling as there are delays in administration. However, the licensed professionals have provided courteous, good care. Dr. Wilson answers emails daily, even on weekends and during his time off. I recommend David Wilson, MD.

Pansy Hall

Dr. French and Darlene take great care of me. They always respond to any questions and concerns I have either by phone or via the website.

Sean Shenold

My fiancé and I were both GOING to be patients of Dr. Kent French here at this facility . . . but they canceled our appointments and didn't notify us. Added to the multiple reviews that indicate an incompetent office staff, we're looking for a different primary care provider. My last one was with Integris rather than Mercy, and he was wonderful (only problem is that he's in Moore, and we're now in Edmond, and Moore's too far out of the way).

Adelina Iglesias

Two drs in particular, French and pham. No time for patients. They rush to see a patient after another, no courtesy, no help, no good attitude and of course bad service. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE,

Jana Turk

Dina A

Worst staff and drs, they only care for money.Dr French has no time to explain extensively his treatment plans,. I had to wait two days for prescription to be sent. Long wait on the phone and in the clinic. Not comfortable to deal with. I do not recommend. Period.

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