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REVIEWS OF Lakeside Women's Hospital IN Oklahoma

Stanesha Lindsey

Worst experience I’ve ever had, made an OB appt with Dr Simoni, before my appt I visited their ER twice! Because I couldn’t keep fluids down, both times a doctor never came in only a nurse the entire visit, then I was sent home both times with no RX, finally my I just went to Deaconess ER for the same reasons, the doctor there did an ultrasound, drew blood, and diagnosed me with HG I believe it’s called I may be wrong, but anyways he sent me home with some meds and I’ve been much better since, cancelled my appt with you guys, even left a terrible review thru the mobile texts they send, and no one even contacted afterwards smh, don’t even get me started on the front staff they made me feel as if I was wasting their time, smh this is my 4th child so I’m not new to this, just never experienced this symptoms or problems with a doctors office, designed for women!

Becca Leigh

Dr. Stone and her PA Allie are wonderful. I've always had serious anxiety issues surrounding my care, but I am much comfortable when I visit here. I also felt comfortable with the ultrasound tech I had at the Lakeside imaging center. I absolutely recommend them.

Yvita Fox

I'm treated better at an urgent care clinic. I went to Lakeside as a new patient and received a chilly reception from the front desk. The attendant took me to my room and began asking questions about the menstrual issue I was dealing with. Then rudely and with an accusatory tone she says, "And why is that??" I told her if I knew why I was having those problems then I wouldn't be there. Dr. Simoni finally came and was kind and ran some tests. I was told that they would call me with test results in a week. Later that day I get a call while at work from a clerk asking me personal medical questions. I told her that I was at work and didn't feel comfortable answering those questions there. She retorted, "Well, we ask everyone these!" and then hung up. I can't believe she didn't understand the concept of not want to describe my personal medical history in a non confidential environment! By the way, no one ever called with my test results. Weeks later I found out that you can access your results through a portal that they email to you. No one ever told me about that. Weeks later I went to to the mammogram clinic for follow up testing. the clerk at the front was kind. She realized that no one had explained or followed up to give me information about my visit for the day and was apologetic. She was warm and kind and treated me respect. The attendant that took me in to get my mammogram treated me like she was a prison guard. She was unfriendly and barked orders at me when in the room. I was so taken back by her demeanor I didn't hear what she said. I had to ask her to repeat it. The only time she smiled at me was when she realized I was in pain during the testing and when she asked me to take the survey about her at the end. Then she flashed a big ol' smile. Finally, my results were supposed to be ready that day for me to receive. i checked the portal and didn't receive a call. A couple of days later I called for my results and was told that the Dr. hadn't come in the office and hadn't analyzed the tests. She would call me later that day to tell me the results or the next. Nothing. I called the following day and still the Dr. hadn't looked at my tests and this time, I was told that she would call me "sometime."' What does that even mean? Terrible service. The only bright-spot is that they are off of the lake. That's not enough to make me endure them again.

Ashlee Perkins

Dr Parker & her nurses during labor were amazing. The labor & delivery nurses were just what a mama needs while in labor. The nursery nurses are also incredible, they truly enjoy taking care of your new little one. Everyone is informative & so nice. Would recommend to anyone & everyone!

Lucy Yang

I was here 3 years ago and gave birth to my oldest child here at Lakeside Women's Hospital. I have the best customer service, although one of the traveling nurse did accidentally broke my water, but she was able to handle it professionally. Otherwise, the place is clean, neat, and in luxury style! Dr. Elizabeth (forgot her last name) was professional and throughout the pre and post pregnancy. I would recommend this place.

melinda davison

Very unhappy with dr. Pinnard! She wasn’t willing to work with my work schedule so I had to find a new doctor. If u are employed and work do not go to Elizabeth pinnard. she was very rushed every time I saw her.

Hunter Caskey

Carla Galbraith

I haven't been to my first appt yet. One person did call to make an appt for one procedure . when I tried to explain I needed another procedure done on the same day she said someone else would call to make that appt. Don't understand that concept at all. Why two different secretarys to make appts for one patient. Same location. Same office. Same appt book. Luckily for me when I called early Monday morning a very nice lady by the name of Debbie managed to squeeze me in for the second procedure.

Brittany Hood

Yadira Guardado

Heather Burke

When I delivered many years ago, they were nothing but wonderful. Just scope out your doctor and make sure you feel comfortable with the policies and procedures of the hospital before you decide.

Ashley Brown

Loved this hospital & staff! It was the best birthing experience and I am forever grateful for all of them

Janae Bullins

All of the nurses and staff are so kind and were always really good about asking if I needed anything, I loved it.

bailey alexander

I would give more stars if I could my doctor was amazing the staff was amazing surgery went great. I would definitely recommend to have surgery here.

Riley and Gabby Young

Dr. Lacy Parker was everything I could have ever wanted in an OBGYN. During my pregnancy, she spent a lot of time getting to know me and my entire family. I was nervous about the pregnancy and delivery and she was very reassuring. During the delivery, her and her nursing staff were amazing! I wanted a hands off approach to my natural labor (i.e. little to no interventions, labor and deliver in whatever position desired, mother led pushing) and, as there were no complications, she was able to give me the exact birth I desired. If I were to have another baby, I would call her in a heartbeat.

Robyn Affentranger

Amber Lyn

You can really tell that the staff cares. I came in at 7am on a Sunday, so they didnt have any techs in, but i had the best experience ive ever had in a hospital, the woman seeing me was super attentive and had a heart to heart with me about some of my issues. You have my thanks.

Cathy Ann Lynn

Wendy Kenville

Lovely facility, care was wonderful. Kind caring staff. Loved my nurses Staci & Dena and my sweet tech Kim!

Britany Goff


Delivered my baby boy here today. Lacy Parker was my doctor she was absolutly amazing! Highly reccommend her. Shes very informative and paitent. Even though we were having some complications, thanks to Lacy Parker and the wonderful and attentive staff here at the hospital, i was able to deliever naturally with an epidural. Nurses always remainded calm but promt when his heart rate was dropping throughout my stau here before delivering. They really did a great job at keeping me calm and cared for and making sure my babt was safe and would be okay. Very positive experiance for me here as a first time mom. :)

Heather Moore

Almost everyone there is so friendly and really makes you feel at home. I had my baby there and while i was pregnant i had to go in 2x a week for nst's and every time i went in there they chatted with me and made me feel like i was a friend and not just another patient. Most of the nurses were friendly and very helpful. Will definitely be having our next baby here!

Kevin Heinen

Kelsey Warren-Bryant

I love Janet Ritchie, she has always been patient and explains things very well. The only problem I’ve had is I almost always have to wait a long time past my scheduled appointment time to be seen.

shauna mccollum

Tina Harjo

Alisa Bruner

Dr. Lacy Parker made me feel comfortable as a new patient and she answered all questions with an affirmative response I’m glad I chose her!

Robert Potter


The best hospital experience ever! The staff was amazing and very professional!

Joel Fodje

CRAZYJACK1235 lol you

Disappointed that the doctor would not file a pre determination request and letter with insurance Carrier

Ashlea Rogers

Randa Scott

LaDonna Thimmes

Awesome medical facility, thanks to everyone, and Nurse Kim, for helping my niece bring Wyatt into the world.

Brandon Orr

Two weeks in a row, 45 minute wait before being seen by the doctor. 25 minutes before being called back, then left in the room for 20 minutes. I understand sometimes offices run behind schedule, but when it happened 2 weeks in a row. I had my baby at the facility, which was a great experience. Not worth the wait though to be seen, especially since you have to go monthly until delivery.

Karen Starks

Great place for women! Staff is very nice.

Courtney Nelson

Modern updates, large rooms for delivery, wonderful staff!!

Bari Adams

Although I was having a minor procedure I was very apprehensive about what to expect. The entire staff was fantastic! Dr. Margaret Hall performed my procedure. From the moment I walked in the door to the staff that checked me in to the recovery room my experience was great! My pre-op nurse and my post op nurse met all my needs and then some. The anesthesiologist was fantastic! Dr Hall was awesome! Thank you for making a scary experience tolerable!

DJ Hancock

I have been absolutely amazed at how my wife has been treated since she started coming here last year. Before, during, and after her procedure we have been treated like royalty!! The food is delicious and the staff is top notch. After being in Oklahoma for the past 5 years, I believe my wife has found her OB.

Emily Teal

Stacee Smiddy

Dr. Arielle Allen is great. She has excellent bedside manner and very informative.


Dr. Parker delivered my baby, she was awesome!

Lacee Martin

Joe Safarik

Nice clean place good people here I like it

Nicolette Mosley

I was Dr. Parker’s client when she first moved to Lakeside and I loved her. She’s amazing and this review is not directed to her at all. It’s really the front desk that I have a problem with as well as the nurses that work in the back. I made an appointment and found out that my IUD was missing, not only that but I needed a new prescription for antidepressants. After a week when I didn’t hear anything I called and was told the front office would let Dr. Parker know. A week later I called again and every week for almost 2 months I called. I’ve started to get painful cramps that get worse each week and yet I cannot go get an ultrasound without having my patient information sent over by the front desk at Lakeside. I have been hung up on, left on hold for hours, rudely talked too, and told to leave a voicemail. Not only that but before even making an appointment I made sure to see if my new insurance was covered and they said yes just to tell me AFTER my appointment and tests that they don’t. If I get billed I have proof through an email that they said yes to my information. They are horrible. The office was better before it moved and expanded, now it is disorganized and the patience are not the priority at all. I love my doctor but I am looking for a new one now. I have very important needs that have been ignored and as medical professionals you would think they would make sure we are taken care of. Obviously not. Very disappointing. I suggest you find somewhere else.

Heidi Ballard

Dr. Rable and the hospital staff is the best they go above and beyond! The staff is so kind and helpful they make you feel special like your family. I would recommend anyone to come here!!

Rebecca Muniz

Great staff and doctors. Just had my baby there in April and I felt very cared for and my baby was well taken care of!

Tayla Rae

Uee Kahi

Yukon Mom

Excellent care at Lakeside

Clint Robison

I really can't speak highly enough about the Doctors and supporting staff at Lakeside. We had a medical emergency and they received us quickly with little notice. Dr. Parker was on call. I have 2 children delivered at Lakeside, but never met Dr. Parker until last night. She is a tiny, soft-spoken women but has a commanding presence. Our emergency was scary but her decisiveness and calm demeanor put us at ease. She took the time to explain the logic behind her decisions prior to the operation and personally filled me in immediately after the procedure. The staff of 4-5 nurses swarmed around my wife making sure everything was communicated and set up properly. Everyone was on point. Thanks so much for your dedication and professionalism.

Jessie Gray

I have been going to Dr. Seres for a few years, but she recently delivered my first baby. Dr. Seres and the lakeside staff are AMAZING. I highly recommend them. If you deliver there and can request people, ask for Marisa as your day time nurse, Emily as your night time nurse, and Naafi as your baby’s daytime nurse. Also, go see Erica at lakeside Women’s imaging if you need a lactation specialist. She fixed all my breastfeeding problems in literally 5 minutes.

Andy Fair

Anna Tew

I went in as a new patient yesterday. I paid for a babysitter so I wouldn't have 3 little kids in tow. I would not have picked Lakeside, but my former OB (their office is closing before my due date) recommended Dr Driver so much that I thought I'd give them a chance. At 30 weeks pregnant, I don't have a lot of time to find a new doctor so when I made my appointment 2 weeks ago, I asked if I could meet Dr Driver. I was told procedure is your first visit is with the NP and then you meet the doctor. So I asked if I could just have Dr Driver step in and say hi at the least. They said, "Sure, that's possible." At my appointment yesterday no one greeted me friendly at the desk. It was just, "DL and insurance. Thanks. Have a seat." That was also when I asked if Dr Driver could just pop in and say "Hello." And they were like, "OH, she is NEVER here on Mondays." All I could think was, "Then why would you schedule me for a Monday when I requested to just meet her?" So I was really frustrated and upset and told the nurse so as we walked back. The nurse was very understanding and very sweet and then I kind of felt bad for complaining about the incompetent front staff. Then in walks Regina, the NP. Immediately by the look on her face I could tell they were like, "oooh this lady is maaad" so I smiled and said, "Did they tell you I was mad?" She halfway said something like, "Hi I'm Regina, sorry about that." Then I said, "I am frustrated, I spent money on a sitter and just wanted to meet Whitney, but the stupid front desk staff messed that up." She immediately puts her pointer finger in the air at me and says, "HOld on, I can't let you continue. First off, It's Dr Driver. And I don't agree with you, our staff isn't stupid." Her tone was SO rude that any patience I had left was gone. She then says, "I'm sorry but they're following protocol." To which I said, "Right, I'm fine with that. I don't mind seeing an NP, but I specifically asked if Whitney could stop in and just say hi so I could see if we are a good fit" At this pitn she has explained she is going to check my blood pressure and we'll go out and pee in a cup, blahblah. She puts the cuff on my arm. "Well, I just want to remind you that you have 0 ties here at Lakeside. You don't have to stay here." And I'm like, "Did she really just tell me to leave the hospital?" I forget what I said but then she reminds me in a very nasty tone, "Well, I've already said I'm sorry 3 times so I'd like to remind you again you don't need to stay here if you're not happy with our staff. You can leave." So that's what I did. I got up and left. She RIPPED the cuff off my arm and followed me out, telling me I can't make an appointment on Wednesday to see Dr Driver up front I have to do it back here. I can't believe she thought I would stay. We interacted for 3 minutes at the very most, and in that time instead of being apologetic that the staff didn't know directions to the hospital (My GPS doesn't work and I turned into one parking lot too soon), they couldn't be halfway nice at the front, and the staff couldn't figure out how to schedule someone to meet the doctor, she told me I was welcome to leave. If you look online, and go to any mom group and ask people what their experience is with Lakeside, it will either be 100% great, or totally awful because it depends on who you get. That's true. The nurse that initially took me to the room was SO nice and actually had me feeling bad I even complained. Then the NP came in and was honestly such a jerk I can't imagine ever going back. I have complained less about a soggy sandwich at Chic Fil A and been treated better. And I'm spending $5 on a meal there, not $10,000 on a delivery. I would recommending doing some research and finding a hospital that has a better review rate than this one. That, and my friends who are nurses do NOT recommend this place. They have story after story. I should have listened to them and not wasted my time here.

Kathleen Reynolds

This review is directed to their billing department. My partner paid and then we get notices about non-payment. But we had already paid! My partner drove a copy of the front and back of the disputed cancelled check to the billing office located on Memorial Road. They are claiming that this wasn't done. Then I personally have called and the 'supervisor' says she will follow up and call me back. Instead, they turned my partner to collections and the credit reporting companies. This billing office lies and does not do what should be done. We will never use the Lakeside Women's Hospital again.

Eugene Chase

My wife has received excellent care.

Amanda Fietz

Miranda Clifford

I moved to Oklahoma in 2017, and was stressed about finding a doctor I liked that I could see for my yearly visits, as I have anxiety about going in for these visits. I tried a few before finding Lakeside. I have seen Janet Ritchie (NP) a few times and could not speak highly enough on her, the team, and the office overall. I never wait long in the lobby, and once I am brought back everyone makes me feel very comfortable. They are always encouraging and supportive of what treatment works best for your own personal needs. I have PCOS and every doctor I have seen leading up has really pushed birth control on me as the standard of treatment for this condition, which I do not do well with, as it makes me feel sick, hormonal, and bloated/uncomfortable. This team is supportive of my decision to not use hormonal medications, and the natural treatment of PCOS through my weight loss journey. Every time I come in they congratulate and encourage me as I have weighed less and less each time, and my cycles/symptoms have continuously improved. The only medication I have been encouraged to use is vitamins with folic acid, and Provera only if I have gone three months without a cycle (which was very common for me when I began seeing her). I am so glad I was able to find somebody here in Oklahoma that I like more than any provider I have seen even prior to my move, and that makes me feel as comfortable as I can during those awkward yearly visits.

Derek B

Maranda Cody

Dr. Chambers and the staff at Lakeside are amazing and compassionate. I can’t recomend this facility enough. They provided excellent care for me prior to, during and after my surgery. Thank you!

melanie peacock

Lakeside is a flipping joke. The hospital doesn't take responsibility for their drs. And their drs suck. When i was a patient there. I had trouble with feeling my son moveing like normal. For 3 months I told dr huff about this and she brushed me off. My son passed away at 40 weeks 2 days then i had to deliver him. Dr huff REFUSED to give me a c section and now my career is gone as well due to a back injury from the delivery. Donna pluis (sp?) Is also no good. She was all on my side willing to help until she just stopped. Dr huff suddenly resigned after the hospitals investigation. But I cant and didnt receive any information on said investigation. I couldnt get in touch with anyone until it was time to pay up then i got a million and two calls. I would not recommend going to lakeside unless you want to experience loss of any kind. The only thing there that was amazing was my nurse. She was a god send.

Jennifer Wilmot

Anita Dixon

melissa muniz

I always ask for Amber Grimes, she sincerely cares and listens to your needs. She's willing to work with you, she even squeezed me in as a walk in once because I needed to see her. Shes great if she were to leave I'd follow her to her new job

Kat Nickels

Art Hyde

Justin Wolf

Dr. Chambers and the staff at Lakeside have been wonderful to my wife and I. We delivered both of our sons there. The staff was very attentive to our needs. They consistently asked us how we wanted to proceed and gave us all the information we needed to make informed decisions every step of the way. The pain management was great and they were able to accommodate our gluten-free needs! The nursery staff was very comforting and their security checks were perfect! If we have another baby, it will be delivered at Lakeside.

Melissa Short

The doctors at lakeside are fantastic and there's hardly any wait time for your appointment. My stay with the birth of my son was smooth and comfortable.

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