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REVIEWS OF Just Kids Pediatrics IN Oklahoma

Chrissy Rowell

I would give zero stars if I could. I decided to take my two children 11 and 13 to Just Kids Pediatrics because of the hours of operation. They are open after hours and weekends and I work regular business hours so I saw it as an opportunity for me to not have to take off work. I scheduled my kids well child checks which we do every year before schools starts but never at this particular clinic. During this visit I was informed that they were required to check their genitals. This has never happened at any other well child check at other doctors offices so I was uncomfortable with it from the start. The provider insisted it was required so it was done to my 11 year old daughter and 13 year old son. They were both pretty upset and felt violated by the incident. After that I was asked to step out of the room so the provider could talk to my children alone. After I came back in the room I asked my kids what the provider talked about and they told me that the provider told them not to tell me. At that point I was so mad we left!! I don’t care who you are!!!! You never ever tell a child to lie to their parent or keep something from their parent!! I raise my children to talk to me about anything! They know they can come to me about anything! We will never ever go back to this place again!! I will Gladly take off work for any appointment for my children to see a qualified physician!!

Lexus Gustafson

I absolutely love this clinic and all of the doctors and nurse practitioners. I’ve taken my son to the clinic in Moore ever since he was born. The staff, service, care, and professionalism is what keeps us coming back. A huge plus about this place for me is that they uphold great value of vaccines and care enough about their patients to refuse service/care to individuals who don’t believe in the value of vaccines. Their views are important to me because I know my child will always be safe in their facility. I 100% recommend this clinic.

Deloriane Smith

First appointment came in extremely early at 1015 my daughter's appointment was at 1045. It's now 1120 and still havent seen a doctor or nurse. I DO NOT recommend this place. For a hospital they are unorganized and unprofessional! Save your time and money.

Nesha Robinson

This place is Amazing! They have been our choice for Pediatric care for 7 years as our son is 7! Nicole is amazing and diligent in her work and that is so refreshing after a long day of work ! They are lucky to have her as she makes you want to come back! All of the Physicians are amazing as well as they keep our son in tact and are always willing to assit in anyway possible! I wouldn't recommend any other place for childcare!

Cheyanne Wallace

Bad experience every time we’ve been here. Do not recommend Dr Pope. We had an appointment scheduled today to get our baby’s shots done and she wasn’t there. Did not receive a call, e-mail, or text message, and actually received the opposite. We got an appointment confirmation and reminder a few days prior. There were three other families there to see her as well and none were notified the appointments were cancelled.

Amanda Badon

Dr Palm is the Best doctor in the world! My kids absolutely adore and respect her. I love how they do not push Big Pharma on you unless its truely necessary

Bailey McBride

Nurses and doc are amazing! Zoey loves them and so does momma!

Ronella Collins

The staff has always been so kind and helpful and we have loved every doctor we have seen!

Ashlynne Blair

22 minutes on hold only to be transferred to a call center... the front office support staff were less than competent, rude, and uncaring. If you do not have a compassionate bone in your body, get out of health care... these are my children we're talking about. Awful experience every time I've dealt with this location. Lesson learned.

Ella Beasley

Very fast and efficient, staff very friendly and caring. Will be my chosen place to go in the future


Dr.Essel is amazing! He takes his time during your visit and NEVER feels not even a little bit rushed. Office staff is just as great and can always get an appointment fast. So glad we switched!

Tara Brown

Took care of my sick daughter quickly and thoroughly. I was very impressed and will recommend to others. Update: Still in love! Dr. Pope and all the staff are amazing. I wished they would see adults too!

Laura Boyle

I love this office. They are always plolite on the phone and in person. When we visit the clinic the wait is never very long. The doctors are patient and listen to my concerns and questions.

Tony Thomas

Its very fast and friendly atmosphere for the kids. You can get counseling physical therapy and. Primary care all in one place also they have extended hours for urgent care.

Michelle Hix

The staff was friendly even the staff on the phone and really quick to get us back on a walk in but was just a little confused because my NP that my kids see transferred here but different location and they say in order to see we have to go way north. That part was very disappointing. And I really didn't feel like I was heard like I know my child and how they act. I just know it's not right he doesn't it.

Jana Owens

If I could give location NO stars I would! They don’t follow up on ANYTHING! You are told they are going to refer your child to specialist and it never gets done. My daughter was sent for a head CT, I called 3 weeks later for the results since they never called me and the girl said “oh I need to request those results from the hospital”. I’m sorry, why do you have to request the results when you referred us to have it done to begin with? 3 or 4 months later, we still have yet to see or even hear the results nor have they received them from Children’s where it was done! Took my daughter in for a follow up appointment for something else and they asked if I had seen other specialists they referred us to??? Um nope! Never heard a word! Called those specialists my daughter was suppose to see and they were never sent referrals, GO FIGURE! Now I’m dealing with trying to get a CD for an orthopedic appointment, I was told it would be ready and I could pick it up during the evening hours. Called to see if it was ready and was told no, I could pick it up first thing in the morning. I told the lady that wouldn’t work and why I asked to pick it up today/tonight. She proceeded to tell me she didn’t know what to tell me, she was just the front desk clerk and the nurse wouldn’t be able to do it. I politely argued more and was told I could pick it up between 9-10. The clinic closes at 9!!!! I’m so over this place! Maybe it’s because of my daughters insurance as to why we are being treated this way which is absolutely ridiculous and unfair but it is nothing but problems. I guess I need to start searching for another primary care office that will hopefully follow through with the care they say they will provide. **I take my daughter to the orthopedic with the CD I was given to find out nothing was ever uploaded on it!

Sunny Bell

The drs of Just Kids Pediatrics have always been wonderful with my children. My oldest has PTSD from multiple surgeries and they are always patient with her when she gets scared. I would recommend them to anyone. Awesome drs!

Alicia Marie

After having difficulty with another pediatrician, we found JKP their website was nice and very informative. I liked how the staff has a video clip of themselves that told us about each one. We picked Dr. Pope. She is very professional, super nice, and you can’t tell she cares about our daughter. I would recommend her to anyone!

Allison Dunaway

We LOVE Dr Melson!! He's very personable and so good with my baby boy. He makes sure to explain things in a way I can understand and is very reassuring, which calms my new momma nerves. I also appreciate that they have such extensive hours.

Donna Esquer

Fast and very kind. Great experience and great with special needs children.

kadiy sutterfield

Amazing doctors and nurses, love how much they care about your kid like it's their own. Of course there will be a waiting time at any office but we waiting like 20 mins and we were back there. I'm so glad I switched to this place for my sons care!

Courtney Yates

Mrs. Pope is so great. My daughter has a very... Large personality, and they are always so patient with her.

Sunshine Turner

Quick, polite, professional! They were kind and helped get me in and out quickly; all while making me and my 4month old feel comfortable.

Rashonda Hagar

The staff was friendly and we were seen and diagnosed in a timely manner.

Shane Mirkovich

Takes about 20 minutes per kid to enter your information into a tablet to have them seen. I have three kids that's almost an hour of putting my same information in over and over each time I want them seen. I didn't use Thier services. I went to another urgent Care, filled out actual paper forms and had my kids back getting seen in less than 20 minutes. Also this place requires that you enter your credit card information into the tablets to pay your bill. Those tablets are easy to root, and if the (hopefully encrypted) wifi they are connected to is compromised (not hard to do) the tablets can easily be rooted and your card information taken from the tablets memory or captured as it's entered, and the small IT companies that service these sorts of small offices are often not the best or brightest,.

Lauren Cantu

Took my son here as a walk-in and was seen quickly. The staff and practioners we're friendly and knowledgeable. They have dedicated doctors/PAs/nurses for just the walk-ins which I think is awesome! There is nothing worse than trying to get in to see someone and having to wait hours with a sick kiddo. Overall, great experience. Would definitely return.

Amanda Sullivan

Don't bother going to the city looking for a superb physician when you can find them here! Dr. Pope and the staff are excellent at what they do. So nice! Update: The physicians and nurses are awesome, but I get attitude from the check in staff every time I come in. Maybe once or twice I could understand you're having a rough day, but I've been there more than five times this year - the attitude is a pattern with them.

Stephanie Miller

Very friendly and professional staff. Great experience. Will use them again.

Ashley Rinker

Fantastic place to go to, the staff and doctors are always so nice and helpful!

Vicky Tran

JKP is the best! I've been taking my daughter there since she was born and Dr Sara Elkie and her staff are always so great. They are very caring, the place is super clean, and Dr Sara never judges me for all the first time mom questions I have. I would definitely recommend this place!

Joy Walker

I love my kids pediatrician Dr. Pope, but on Friday when my daughter needed to be seen all the appointments were booked so i just had to do a walk in, because my daughter had a high fever and stomach pain and a headache to be nice i am not going to name the name of the nurse practitioner that saw her, even though i am not happy about my visit at all they tested her for strep which was negative, she just took a quick looked in her mouth and said it was a virus. than we left well the next day she still had a headache so her headache lasted from Friday morning until Saturday evening I took her to the emergency room and she took one look in her mouth and was like you could smell the infection they did not wanna retest her for strep but she just called it a throat infection and gave her an antibiotic, she should have caught that if it was that bad. I will just make sure i just see our pediatrician from now on

Jesus SavedMe

Beware: They discriminate if you’re not vaccinated to their specifications. No parental rights for our children... medical tyranny at its finest.

Jennifer Gogan

I recently changed my child's doctor to just for kids. I am very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. I also liked the fact they involved my child in his care.

Angel Gray

Love this place they do great with my daughter I love her doctor the place is nice and clean only thing the wait is long sometimes

Jordan Doty

Usually everyone and everything is wonderful, today, i scheduled an appointment at about 11am for 4:15pm for my daughter and somehow it was entered for 1:30pm. So when we arrived at 3:50, we had to be entered as a walk in and the wait was HORRENDOUS!! Hopefully more attention is paid to scheduling in the future.

Michelle Schuster

We love Just Kids Pediatrics!! Our doctor is the best and I always feel like she truly cares about my children. The nurses and staff are always friendly and helpful.

Cindy Posey

Staff is nice. We just had our first visit with my 7 yr old son at that moore location. 1 issue I have and was very uncomfortable with was the PA told me at every well child check she has to check genitals. I was hesitant to let her check my son. Well my girls go in next week for their well checks. In the 13 yrs since I've been a parent i have never had this done at well checks. So im going to cancel that appointment and only go In if they are sick. I just do not feel comfortable and as a parent i will still refuse genital checks for any check ups. My son's face when she told him what she was doing broke my heart..hes freaking 7.

t men

If I could give them no stars I would! I work in the medical field so I’m pretty chill and don’t freak out easily. My daughter had blood in her stool. Went to doctor had to do stool samples. I returned these samples at 3pm on a Friday. I call the clinic Sat at 5pm was told these didn’t get picked up until around 6 so it would be Sunday or Monday before we would know anything. That Sunday evening things progressively got worse so we ended up at Children’s and got admitted. All morning I tried getting ahold of someone about the results so did the doctor at Children’s nobody would respond. Finally after I was more aggressive I get “oh those are still in the refrigerator” WHAT are you effing serious! This is a child’s life we are dealing with and she’s only 3!! Never will I ever put any of my children in the hands of such carelessness! I’m baffled. Now we are 2 steps behind spending another night in the hospital with no real answers. If I knew the outcome I would tell you but we are sitting at the hospital. One angry mother!!!

Taylor Barron

We recently moved into the area and I was nervous about finding a pediatrician for my son. At our first appointment the staff definitely made me feel better about my decision. We did not have to wait very long and they made us feel welcome. Kristina Valentino is so friendly and my son is very comfortable with her. She doesn't make the appointment feel rushed and she answers any and all questions we have.

Rachael Lloyd

I had to take my son in last night & all of the staff was wonderful! They got us in and out and they made my normally nervous at the doctor son feel completely comfortable! They even brought both of my kids a bottle of water & some teddy grahams! No one likes going to the doctor but this is a wonderful place to take your kiddos after hours :-)

Mel Stewart

Love Dr. Pope, but front staff is horrible!!! They need some friendly, smiling faces vs rude and unhappy women.

Denika Givens

We don't even come to the doctor except for check ups and EVERY SINGLE TIME WE HAVE TO WAIT!! Today we have been here 2 hours and my daughter still hasn't been seen!! We had an appointment not a walk in!! It's very frustrating to walk out the room you have been closed in for over an hour and see all the staff just laughing and chatting while we just here! We will be changing doctors office.

Ginger Ketcheside

I loved this clinic. The dr we seen was Kristina Valentino and Dr. Pope. They was awesome. They was great with the kids. They was also very helpful. They put things into words i could understand. Instead of using all the medical terms that are hard to understand. I would refer all my friends and family. THEIR AWESOME!

Stacee Trump

The staff at the Moore location is always welcoming and friendly. I really appreciate the staff being open when most doctors are not. I will not take my kids any where else.

El-e Rojvs

Great, fast & efficient staff. Always makes my child feel safe and comfortable

Quinna Hare

The staff is so friendly and amazing with kids. As a first time mom it's great being able to ask the "dumb" questions without feeling like it's a dumb question. Love this office!!! I would recommend to absolutely anyone.

Cortney Marie

The only reason I have this place 4 stars and not 5 is because when they are all booked up it's impossible to get an appointment and the walk-ins only get u so far as treatment or seeing the doctors go but I love this place you don't have to wait very long at all.

Tiffany Mason

Dr Valentino is the best! We also love our nurses there--very organized and efficient.

Amanda Jett

Wonderful staff and amazing Dr.s. Having an urgent care available 365 has been a blessing.

Leah Jones

Great Doctors and Nurse Practitioners. Amazing atmosphere. Wondeful nurses and staff. And they listen.

Renee Davis

We have seen two doctors, Dr. Melson and Dr. Pope, at Just Kids over the past two years. Both were so great with the kids and were so patient. One of my children has special needs and Dr. Pope was very sensitive to his needs and was a great listener. Recently we have seen Dr. Melson and he also is a great listener and great with kids. I appreciated that he took time to discuss any concerns I had. The appointment did not feel rushed although the staff is very prompt and the wait time is minimal. Great clinic with great staff and doctors.

Cameo Porter

Always fast to get in and leave well informed and feeling my children got the best care. Love this place!

Alisha Leyba

My daughter's just love Dr. Pope and Christina. They are very friendly and caring to them.

Kasey Wozniak

Love being able to have the kids seen in the evenings and weekends.

Heather Bly

This place has wonderful staff who are very helpful as well as nurses and the doctor I had treat my child was so good and made me and my son feel comfortable and the doctor was great about explaining everything.

Jennifer Holmes

I have taken my daughter there twice. Took less time in and out than going to my own Dr. Very friendly, polite, knowledgeable with the area. Love this place!!!

Heather Helton

There great with kids and no how to make kids feel relaxed having to go in can sometimes be scary for little ones.

Kim sackett

We love Dr. Pope she is wonderful. She is kind and gentle. Everyone at the front desk is nice and professional. I dislike the cleanliness in the front entry.

Brittney Sanchez

The service here has really went down. They will not return calls and the staff is not through and caring as they used to be.

Kylie Merkerson

Just Kids have always been awesome with my son! I have many family members and friends who their kids go to JKP as well. I have nothing but positive things to say about all of the nurses and doctors as well as the front end staff. If you need a PCP for your babies this is the place to go! Plus they have great hours!

Casie Norton

They are amazing. My daughter was born with lung problems and other issues and had been through so much with other doctors, tests and such that she was scared to death of doctors. These doctors and nurses and staff were super patient and friendly and both of my daughters love going here.

Lauren Henry

We love Just kids! These Drs are the best. We primarily see Dr Pope and we love her but there other docs we’ve seen have been incredible too! Also the urgent care hours are so awesome to have as an option when your kiddo is sick!

Jackie Haugen

Both my kids go there! Its the best doctor office vie been to! They are always nice ! Dr.Pope is awesome! She always takes get time to explain anything I need.

Wendi Flores

Went on a Saturday for urgent care. The nurse was great and Dr. Jordan Pope was fantastic!! She was so great with my 5 month old and so knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I work in the medical field and know a good doc when I see one and she’s it. Definitely will go back if my pcp is unavailable.

John Shannon

This place is amazing and the people are great. Dr oelke is the best.

Janelle Wegener

Everyone here is so kind and we don't wait very long. My son loves it too!! He's almost 2.

Chrysinda Myers

Excellent staff, competent and kind doctors who listen to you and easy to get in, especially for walk in appointments.

Jessie Zavala

I love that you can schedule appointments for the same day or even just do a walk in at any time. Their office hours are incredibly convenient. The only thing I don't like is the wait to be seen. Our last visit we were there for two hours and only saw doctor for 15 minutes.

Robyn Francis

They take such wonderful care of my kids! Every doctor and nurse listens and cares. They listen to my "motherly instinct," and if the solution isn't immediately obvious, they put in the work and figure it out. We love their clinic hours and the convenience of being able to walk-in whenever we have a problem. All the doctors are wonderful, but Kristina Valentino is our favorite!

Cindy Stephens

The doctors and staff were very thorough and caring each and every time that I took my grandchildren to their facility! I would highly recommend this doctor's office to anyone!

Scott Henry

Great staff of extremely caring and knowledgeable - Doctors and Nurses. The go out of their way to make you feel like your kids are the only kids they have to see today.

Brooke McDonald

Went there with two sick kiddos as a walk in because they didn't have any open appointments and they got us in quickly and fixed us right up. Staff are all very friendly and helpful. Definitely would recommend this clinic.

Alisha Thomas

Awesome Staff! Wonderful Doctors! CONVENIENT HOURS and Walk ins! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Rebecca Jordan

They have been so great with my little one and the after hours has been so nice and we have used it a few times. Gives you peace of mind.

Kelsey Griggs

People were friendly but not very clean. The nurse didn't wash her hands and they was not informative. And it took a really long time about 20 mins in the waiting room and about a hour in office.

Nam Do

Incompetent staff and inconsistent message. I had called before to make appointment and told no appointment necessary. Then when I come in, had to wait for hours because other people with appointments were put in front of us. Asked the front desk when we can be seen and was told "you'll be seen TODAY." Well, then should we wait here all day to be seen? Billing was also messed up. We already made coPay last time and they told us we didn't. Then found out we did...

J Kleidosty

They are amazing. The staff is friendly and the doctors take their time with the kids.

Terri Corr

My Grandaughter has taken her baby a few times and they have diagnosed her twice. If they diagnose your baby or child with hand foot and mouth disease go get a second opinion. She had impetigo. The ER told my Grandaughter that this place keeps diagnosing kids with hand foot and mouth when the diagnoses is incorrect! Please don't take your babies here!

taletha warren

The Doctors and the NPs Are great And really listen to your questions and your needs, they are really nice. I just wish the receptionist and the people checking in will match that as well and show smiling faces!

Letasha Holt

This place is Always dirty, sadly! They have nice staff BESIDES the receptionists and the doctor is good. Only problem I really have is the cleaniness with it being a doctors office. Clean the exam rooms before continuing to bring patients in. I am a medical assistant it is part of YOUR job. I will say they are good but need to be aware of Blood born Pathogens its not cool to come in clean and come out dirty so if your just going for a well- child go to health department unless your poorly sick then come here! This place is so close to my house but yet so dirty just the same as Moore Primary Care!!!

Natalie Lindecker

Dr Yaffe goes above and beyond to take care of our little one.

Shelly Wilson

This the best place I have ever taken my son. The staff and doctors are awesome and they truly care about their clients. They treat like a person instead of a chart. I would give more stars if it were possible. Also I can not even tell you how much of a relief there after hours urgent care is.


We have only been here twice but both times were great experiences. Everyone is friendly and treats you good. Our first appt my daughters school held us up so we were going to be late and they were still able to see us! My daughter had been going to another doctor and I would tell him she needed a liquid medicine and it was like he didn't care and our first visit she was given that liquid medicine and we are so great full for that b/c it has helped my daughter tremendously and has helped my husband and I as well. I would highly recommend Just kids Pediatrics to anyone. Just a great place all the way around! Thank you Just Kids Pediatrics for helping my daughter but it also helped my whole family too!!

Lorelei Mason

These Dr's are always great listeners and very helpful. "Moore, OK" Just Kids Pediatrics

Denise Daniel

Dr Pope is amazing! Front end staff is courteous and friendly. Other providers and nurses in the building are super as well. I've never had anything but a positive experience there. Being able to "walk-in" if there are no appts avail and see our regular providers who are familiar with my grandson is such a blessing. He was having breathing difficulty and it made things so much easier than going to an ER. Definitely recommend!

crystal lewis

Doctors are very thorough and take time to explain things to you.They are very gentle and soothing towards my baby. The office allows walk-ins and are opened weekends which is very convenient.

carissa menefee

I absolutely love Dr. Palm. She is very personable and genuinely cares about your children.

Autumn Gould

These people always offer a TERRIBLE experience. They honestly refuse to work with you. They tell you they’ll do something and then when it comes down to it, they take it back and pretend like they don’t know what you’re talking about. I definitely do not reccomend.

madison mooore

They never told me when my insurance was inactive, and just let me go back and have kids get treated, like my insurance was good. They are just now 9/18 sending me bills from months ago, one dating back to November of 2016, that i didn't know I was being charged for, because I thought my insurance was good, because why check to see if nothing is wrong, if they aren't telling you anything is wrong with it. At my sons 6 month check up, they gave him double the shots he needed. So he received his 6 month vaccines twice, and I didn't find out about it until his 1 year check up. I would like to add, my son has Caroline Trommel and she is great! But i am afraid with what has happened, I will be finding a new Peds place for my boys.

Rylee Brooke

I brought my 8 month old daughter into this office on Wednesday July 3rd. She had a sore on her elbow and i was concerned. Mind you this was the only spot on her entire body. Anyways, the nurse took forever to find my daughters vitals, and instead of just not using her machine and counting them “the old fashion way” she made me hold my daughter down so she could get her machine to work. After waiting for 30 min in the room, the PA came in looked all over my baby, then looked at her elbow & said i have no idea what that is. And then disregarded it. She then proceeded to look in her diaper area where yes she had a minor diaper rash, which i tried to tell her had been there for about 36 hours, she tells me the problem with her elbow hand foot & mouth. And to “let it run its course”, and gave me a cream. I left that doctors office and the next day took her for a second opinion because in my gut i didn’t feel it was right, turns out her elbow sore is actually impetigo. And the Doctor told me that multiple people have been misdiagnosed at JKP with HFM. And it was good i got a second opinion because if i just “let it run its course” her arm could’ve gotten worse & it could’ve left a permanent scar. This isn’t the first time they have misdiagnosed my daughter based on laziness and not wanting to do tests & proper examinations but it will be the last time they get the opportunity! To not take your children here if they need anything more than a bandaid. They were lazy and wanted to get my daughter out of there quickly without running tests on her so they threw an easy diagnosis on her and sent me on my way.

charles pfitzenmeyer

Love Dr Pope and Dr Christine Valentino and staff. They are really nice and caring people.

Jaree Orr

Had an appointment at 1, did not get out until 2:30. Did not get called back for 35 minutes. Then waited for a nurse for 40 more minutes. Absolutely absurd. WILL NOT BE BACK TO THIS CLINIC.

Heather Vojacek

Everyone is always extremely nice and efficient. We have seen Dr. Pope and Dr. Essel and they both are amazing doctors. My son is very comfortable around them both. The nurses are always friendly, especially Danna. Way to go guys!

Shannon Robinson

Love Dr. Palm! And the front desk staff are so great! Always kind and helpful.

Sonja Stevenson-Young

Love this dr office. Fast, friendly and accurate service. I highly recommend them.

Denia Ruggeri

Really upset I call this morning because my son he almost pass out yesterday I called and they said I can walk in I went today and dr didn’t see my kid what was the point to walk in if dr not going see my kid and too me is very important my son turn purple color what makes me sad is don’t say walk in

Vallery Reynolds

We see Caroline and love how attentive she is!

Crystal Meza

THEY TOOK GOOD CARE OF MY son thank you very much

Matthew Long

The training, professionalism, and hospitality made this the 1st place I'd take my child for Primary Care and Urgent Care. BTW they are opening a clinic in NW excited! Dr. Pope is the best, so glad she is my child's PCP.

Veronica Scantlin

Love the attention and care down side they're always busy.

Morgan Kottke

So kind and understanding. Nurses and doctors took time to liston to my concerns and explain my options.

LaToria Garcia

Just Kids SW 89th location is the PCP for all four of my children and I love them because they are very informative, and knowledgeable!!! The staff there are extremely caring and seem to love what they do. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Tricia Clark

Everyone that works there is amazing. The doctors and nurses truly care about their patients and answering all questions the parents may have!

Matthew Bradford

I always feel like my son's health is in good hands here. That the staff cares about his well-being. I would suggest this place to anyone that is looking for a good pediatrician.

christina menchaca

Absolutely love this place. My daughter is 15 months been taking her here since she was born. Her doc is Dr Pope. Shes amazing and so sweet!! They are all so nice and if you have questions or concerns they answer them to where you understand. I always ask many questions lol. And they don't rush or anything. They take their time. I would highly recommend this place!!


Used to be great, but seems like they are moving towards more quantity and less quality. Wait time are steadily getting longer and longer, and that is with an appointment. They move you to a room then it's another 30+ minute wait. Last couple visits we've spent over an hour there for 5-10 minutes of face time with the dr. and nurse. People are nice, but if you can't keep your schedule then you are probably scheduling too many appointments.

C wang

Dr Pope is such a great doctor! She's gentle and great with little kids who are scared of the doctors office. She also takes time to listen and explain things thoroughly so that you know the basis of her diagnose. I'm so happy that I found her!

Daniella Miller

Very nice and attentive staff. Dr Pope is the best!!! My kids feel very comfortable with her!!

Trina Sabin

I love this place doctors are really sweet and they really care about children's health i would recommend them to anyone looking for a good pediatric care for their childern

jessica Hendrickson

Absolutely love, I was refer to Just Kids while assisting care for my niece & nephew(twins), The staff & PA was wonderful! I referred my granddaughter & now my son!! The fact of the hours of operation has made my experience even better!! KEEP IT UP!!!

April Ortiz

The physician was very thorough in my sons 5 year check up. She made referrals for him to be seen by specialist and for things I hadn't originally come in for. I recommend them any day.

Crystal Schwartz

Was a great experience although the wait was a hour and a half as a walkin. Be sure to schedule a appointment or you'll be there until they can fit you in.

Chris Glass

Solid pediatrics DR. Pope is super good. I never had any issues with the front desk employees unlike a bunch of reviews I've read about this facility they're people, some days are harder then the rest dont take it personally. :)

Tiffani Sanders

Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Horrible. Receptionist sucks, Nurses sucks, Doctors don't know what they are doing. they gave my baby the wrong vaccine. Hep A instead of Hib. My baby had to get extra vaccines due to their mistake. They Did not apologize for it, they billed me for their mistakes. They were rude about it when I called them out on their mistake.

Budoa Kirina

In my opinion, JKP is convenient because for one reason, it is located closer ro the place where we live. The doctors and the workers there are good to my kids. I know we are all humans and our thoughts may differ for many reasons but with my honest opinion, it is a decent place to take your kid to.

Donna Griffith

Excellent, fast, professional!! I have taken my son there twice for X-rays we have gotten in and out quickly! My daughter takes her kids there any time they are sick. I tell everyone how great my experience has been!

Danielle Roman-Ekhoff

We went in as a walk in was seen very quickly and everyone was super nice. Will definitely use again!

Katheryn Vandiver

Kristina Valentino, APRN is the sweetest provider. The clinic is always clean and we never have to wait very long.

Meaghan Davis

Just Kids has been awesome with my kids. One of my daughters has Down Syndrome and the staff there has been nothing but loving, encouraging and fantastic with her.

Ashley Barber

Yolanda the nurse that took my sons vitals did a fantastic job with my 2 year old. He is a scaredy cat and hates going to the dr but she did an awesome job at making him feel better. The 3 stars instead of 5 is a whole other subject. I love Dr. Pope and I think she does a great job. However my son had about 7 or 8 ear infections in a row when I finally called and told them I needed a referral for my son to get tubes in his ears. We saw someone different each time we went in and I would tell them this is constant and they would give us antibiotics and send us on our way. It shouldnt be my job to recomend getting tubes. My son is behind on his speech because tubes werent reccomended by a single person there.

Karen Campbell

Just Kids has been great for us! They are always helpful and nice. We love seeing Kristina on our visits! You can tell they really do care about the well being of your child!

Kimberley Biache

Absolutely loved this doctor’s office when living in Moore. It’s been hard to find an doctor’s office I am as happy with since we moved.


Great, timely after-hours care. Perfect when your kids don't have the courtesy of becoming symptomatic during the business day, but aren't quite bad enough to justify a $4,000 ER visit. Caring and competent staff and doctors. Kiddo wasn't scared at all here! Thanks!

Samantha Sanchez

Never loved a doctors office as much as this one! All of the pediatricians are very kind and encouraging. I feel very welcomed to ask of ANY concerns I have no matter how small. Also I love the fact that they are walk in welcome and stay opened until 9pm, so very convenient!

Crystal Griffin

I love this Dr office! Great hours, great staff and they take walk-ins!

Darvil Hurlbut

If you're considering bringing your kids here, DON'T! I never leave reviews, but this place is just lousy. Several times when scheduling appointments it ends up on their schedule for a different day or a different time than what they told us. So when we show up, they have to treat us as a walk-in which means we wait for a long time. Once, we checked in and sat around for 45 minutes. We finally asked what was taking so long and we find out they accidentally never checked us in. We then sat around forever while they transferred the vaccine records from our pediatrician from where we previously lived. But this was after we had already been bringing our kids here FOR OVER A YEAR! How had they not taken care of this already?! I don't know if they have more patients than they can handle or what, but after consistent frustrations with this place, we're looking for a new pediatrician.

Dana Craig

My girls and I love Just Kids... All of the Doctors , nurses and staff are super nice and make us feel like we are family. I am so very thankful to have such a wonderful group of people care for my daughters.

Shea Sublett

The staff has been very helpful and nice. The wait also hasn't been very long each time we've gone in. Love that they have late hours and weekend hours as well.

Rena Prentice

My children love coming here. We never wait long . If ever I need to bring them in for an emergency or regular exam we get to be seen within a reasonable time frame . Christina Valentino is the BEST! I recommend her to all my friends and family

Nailah Trujillo

Awesome Place!! Nice doctors and nurses, stuff. Highly recommended my kids love it..

Lindsey Dodoo

This place is AMAZING! The best experience I have ever had with a doctor's office. I was a walk-in appointment and literally got to see a physician within 15 minutes of walking in the door. The front desk staff were super nice and all the paper work was filled out on a tablet. The provider we saw was incredibly kind and communicated with us very well. I cannot recommend this place enough! Five star all the way.

Erica Portell

I went in late in the evening when my daughter broke her arm- Office staff were professional, efficient, and friendly. While we waited to see the doctor they performed the x-ray right there in the office. I also really like the tablet sign in and forms Instead of paper.

Kelsey Zeltwanger

we use dr pope and she is amazing!! the girls at the front desk though always make it seem like it's an inconvenience to them when you have to check in and out. if they fixed their attitudes easily 5/5.

Diane Yeager

I don't think there's much I would change just kids has been pretty good to me. Although urgent care staff doesn't seem to be as concerned as the normal day time staff who are wonderful at the Moore location. Except the dark headed short male that works urgent Care he was great

Marissa Foster

I LOVE this PLACE.. As a nurse myself I am picky where I take my children but the whole staff is just amazing here!!!!

Julie Shannon

After my son was born with complications I was extremely worried about finding the right doctor to care for him. I am so glad that someone referred us to Just Kids! The staff is great, we are always greeted with genuine smiles from the time we enter the office to the time we leave. The doctors spend adequate time with patients and make sure the parents have a clear understanding of the visit before leaving the room. I feel like each doctor we have seen, rather at a check up or the after hours urgent care, truly cares about my son. Although I would feel comfortable seeing any of the doctors here, Sarah Oelke is my absolute favorite! She is the most humble and caring doctor I have ever had the privilege of seeing.

Chelsea K

I’ve had good experiences with this place until yesterday. I called to schedule an appointment for my daughters 4 year vaccinations and to check on the size of her tonsils. Receptionist was nice and the appointment was scheduled for the next day. When we arrived we were told we needed a well child exam before we could get vaccinations, and they couldn’t do the well child that day. I mentioned that the receptionist did not tell me that, and she point blank scheduled the appointment for vaccinations. They wouldn’t budge. My copays are over $150 as we are in the deductible phase. So now, we are paying Over $300 in copays for what should have been one appointment.

Tiffany E

The woman that checks you in always has a attitude. She’s overweight and has curly hair. Scheduling is a challenge for them they always mess up and then they say it was your fault. The doctors are disinterested in what they do. My so has had ear infection four times and they don’t really do much. I’m currently look for a new doctor

Shelby Ross

The doctor was super understanding of my concerns and made sure to answer any questions I may of had.

Claudia Alvarez

Dr. Pope is the best pediatrician we know! She is very patient and gentle with children and cares about our needs. She is also the most compassionate Doctor I have ever met. All their staff is very friendly and caring.

Melissa Duffey

The staff is excellent and very friendly. I can always get an appointment as soon as possible to meet my needs as a working mother with a busy life etc. We have never waited to go back for more than 15 to 20 minutes. The Doctor's, Nurses, Secretary's, PA's, and the rest of the staff always make us feel welcome. The Doctor's and Nurses take excellemt care of my kids and are always open for any questions or concerns we may have. We never feel rushed or like we don't matter because they need to get to the next patient or lunch etc. Thanks for being so great!

Jill Johnson

LOVE Just Kids! Front Staff is always kind! I feel confident Medical team is knowledgeable and gives my children excellent care!

Jeff Davis

Worst doctors office ever. Every time we have taken the kids there they always tell us there is nothing wrong and it’s just a virus or a cold. The first time it was a virus turned out our child had the croup and almost got admitted to the hospital. This time around we went and was told it was just a cold. Turns out it is pneumonia. I suggest no one go here if they want their children to actually get better. They don’t test and they don’t do anything other than check their ears lungs and mouth. Worst doctors I’ve ever seen. Personally they should all be fired.

Alaysha Faubion

They are so friendly and great with my kids!

Lisa Gilliam

Even though we got there less than 10 minutes before closing, they treated us like we were the first ones there. They were very caring, attentive, and patient, even when my son was being difficult (who likes having their throat swabbed?). ;-) I will take my kids here any time.

Kristina Marie

The entire staff here is so friendly, patient, and helpful. We see Dr. Pope and just love her! Since she has been on maternity leave Dr. Melson as well as Dr. Kristina Valentino have seen my son for his well baby visits and both were just as fantastic! We haven't had to use the clinic hours yet, but I am thankful a place I have come to know and trust have that option available.

Amanda Hester

Can not say enough good things about this clinic. The entire staff is amazing. There is never an issue with getting my kids seen same day. The urgent care hours are super convenient. Our primary care doctor is Dr. Pope and she is outstanding. We have seen several other Dr.s and nurse practitioners and would recommend any of them.

Destinee Placker

So far have only been there twice and had wonderful service both times! They get you right in and right out it seems like. Would def recommend this office to others.

Tiffany Dawn

Love this place! Wonderful staff and clean environment!

renee Chase

Dr. Lich was fantastic. She was thorough, patient, and caring. I am very pleased with all their help.

Amanda Page

I highly recommend this doctor office. They are amazing!

Shelby Pittman

I love Dr. Pope. She is good with my daughter. I wouldnt have any other doctor. Staff is very nice

Robin Law

I love this doctor's office for my son, everyone is so nice and they all work great with my newborn, and as he has gotten older. Love love love this doctor's office.

Amanda Gebauer

Love Just Kids. I go there over my regular pediatrician because they are so much better with my kids. Waiting has never been an issue.

Nicole Wolfe

Dr. Pope is a great doctor, wonderful bedside manner, takes her time to ask and answer any questions, doesn't make you feel rushed in any way, and good sense of humor.

Kimberly Goodson

Everyone there is wonderful!! Love my kids' pediatrician, Dr. Pope!! She is just absolutely amazing!!

Naomi H

We bring all three of our kids here. Our oldest is 14 and youngest is 1, and Dr. Pope and the rest of the staff is equally as attentive and amazing to each one of them. I definitely recommend this facility to anyone.

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