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REVIEWS OF INTEGRIS Baptist Medical Center IN Oklahoma

Rebecca Compton

I just delivered my baby last Monday and the labor and delivery unit was awesome. All my nurses were SO sweet and helpful. I wish I could remember all their names but I'm sure I'm missing a few. I know I had Lisa all 3 days I was admitted, a Sam and a Michelle at night, and a Virginia who was with me during my c-cection. The lactation consultant Michelle was also super helpful and was there anytime I had a question or needed her. The only thing I would change is they do not have a nursery (which I think most hospitals are getting rid of) just because it was hard caring for a newborn being so tired and groggy from anesthesia. But again, my nurses were there if I needed help and I never felt alone. The pediatrician who saw my baby while we were there was incredibly sweet too and had the best bedside manner ever. I unfortunately cant remember his name either! Overall would definitely deliver here again if we have another baby.

Bob Parker

I was traveling through the area on Fathers day. Was in and out of the ER in less than 3.5 hours. Very well treated, excellent Dr and nurse care. Very professional staff and considering my pain, they were very kind and understanding. I wish everyone has such a good experience as I did.

Cathy Harris

I am a missionary that lives in Thailand. My oldest daughter had a car accident last month and has been slowly working to, literally, get back on her feet and back to work. Early this morning she messages me that she is having numbness down her leg, sharp shooting pain and the MRI that she had last week, they never got back to her. So I looked up a good hospital online and sent her here. For the past 4 hours I have had a weeping, in pain daughter who has been ignored for long periods of time, spoken to rudely, asked if she was an IV drug user and spoken harshly to because in her pain and crying she couldn't remember where she got her MRI last week (she has lived in the city one month). I called and spoke firmly but in tears how they could run an ER that way? Hopefully they can continue to help her today, but think twice about going to the ER.

Heather Thibodeaux

Awesome, awesome, awesome. One of my twin sons just had lip surgery yesterday. From the staff at the front desk to the nurses and doctors every single person we met was awesome, kind and welcoming to my son, my husband and myself. They made my 3 year old feel so welcomed and comfortable. It felt like family and friends there, We laughed and talked, they really made all of us feel so welcomed by their kindness. I would recommend this hospital hands down.

Sharon Castles

We are still blown away by the EXCEPTIONAL care that was provided to our loved one for the past 3 weeks and for her precious baby boy in NICU. They went above and beyond with their loving care for them both. They treated us with kindness and explained things so well. In addition to the extraordinary medial care, they sang to them, talked to them, and showed such compassion, unlike anything I have ever seen. Integris is the best hospital that you will find with amazing, caring nurses, doctors and staff.

Sarah Vitale

Staff and drs are great! valet parking on the other hand stole from me so i will need find other places to park since i have regular appointments.

Victoria Mando

Visit Integris every once in a while for tests. Got to love their cafeteria.

Olivia Bernero

Awful care for my Grandfather. His Dr ordered a test and it took 3 days to receive the test and 4 days to receive a diagnosis. If they had done the test earlier we would have known the diagnosis the night he was admitted!

Sandra Hill

Superb hospital and staff. My stay was wonderful and impressed with the doctors.

Adam Keck

Easily one of the most worst ways I've ever been treated. To be fair though, the nurses were exceptional, the doctors were passing information through their PA, which is fine, but this lady in the GI Ward was one of the rudest individuals I have ever met. We will be avoiding Baptist specifically because of this rude lady PA in Gastro.

MIKE Tompkins

Was there with my wife in the ER, arrived at 7:13PM on Friday 12-9-16, there was no one there they got us right back no waiting. Once back there doctor ordered a blood and urine test as well as an abdominal x-ray. Long story short we were there 8 hours just for them to tell my wife she has gas, is constipated, and dehydrated. There was no communication and we had 6 different nurses coming in and out all asking the same questions and if they had done this or that yet. At one point had a nurse come in and ask if my wife had produced a urine sample cause they were waiting on it, told him she produced it 3 hours ago and another nurse took it to be tested. No one knew what the hell was going on every time we asked a question or for something nurses were incredibly rude, no answers or anything done till after waiting 7 hours we told them we wanted to leave and go to another hospital then all of a sudden we had everything done and taken care of with in an hour, amazing how that worked. Told my family and wife if it ever came down to I was going to die or had to go to Baptist, let me die please, worst experience and place ever!!!!!!

Tanisha Bogar

I am 33 weeks pregnant I fell and am sporting blood came in to be seen and they told me all the beds are full and to wait in the hallway. They never checked me or the baby I literally left yelling and screaming to another hospital disappointed now I might switch my obgyn. One too many issues with her help

T Cole

They took great care of my Dad when he was there for a month. Couldn't get him in to a cardiologist for months and needed it then spoke with one cardiologist there and said to bring him in to him that Friday. I think they are pretty darn good.

Joshua Dolezal

They did not care about how much pain I was in, I waited from 9am until 12:30pm, without being so much as checked on by anyone. Went to the ER, front desk, asked 8 times if they had a room for me, they very rudely told me, "NO, and go sit down." If I wanted to be talked to that way I wouldn't be in a hospital. Then they had the nerve to try to charge me $300, are you kidding me? For what? I made more of an attempt than you guys did, I saw no Dr. no Nurse, NO BODY!! You are going to have to get better customer service skills if you want to compete. And getting people in the door is only half the challenge, keeping them and keeping them happy is a whole differed story. I STRAIGHT WALKED OUT!

Mikayla Watkins

The nurses are extremely nice and very caring although dr. Kinchloe I did not like he was too much into my personal business rather than what was going on with my baby. My baby was also in the nicu there and the nicu doctor was great but some of the nurses we rude and uncaring. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone nor will I ever go back there for a delivery again.

John Arnold

Everyone pretty competent. No complaints.

Howard Thomason

The best. They saved my life. Heart transplant recipient

Lacey Roberson

Ridiculous 6 hour ER wait.

Austin Miller

Great hospital and very knowledgeable and caring staff.

Jenna Akoneto

I want to thank the Drs. nurses for all they did for my brother he was in ICU who is doing better.on his road to recovery. Thanks so much

Mark Schuster

My wife and I brought our 6-month old son to the hospital for symptoms of RSV. He had spent around four days about two weeks prior to this visit at OU Children's, who were extremely thorough, comprehensive, patient, etc. We felt extremely taken care of, and we thought we'd try Baptist this time because it's much closer to our home. Baptist was such a shock after OU! After reading some other reviews, I realize that our experience could have been worse - we were able to get in to see someone without waiting, but found many other parts of the experience bizarre and lacking. No nurse or doctor ever took the boy's shirt off to visually monitor his breathing, his oxygen was rarely in the 97-100 range (which we had learned at OU and from our ped. is ideal), but hovering between 92-95, and nobody at Baptist mentioned it at all. The respiratory guy made sure WE knew how to run the suction hose to clear our son's nose, and we never saw him again. OU had actual hospital staff in to suction him every hour or so. The doctor made us feel judged by the questions he asked about our family situation (nothing to do with medical history). They ran two tests, and both were negative, so we were released. Took probably 2 1/2 hours, so compared to others, not bad. But we found it eye-opening and appalling that all of the things (chest retractions, oxygen levels, respiratory therapy) that we spent days at OU learning about as being very important and cues to the boy's improvements were barely monitored and commented on at Baptist (or not at all). I won't comment on my ideas behind this hospital's crummy service philosophy. It's simple - this is a big city with more than one option for health care. I love my son more than I love myself, and he deserved better than Baptist. So we will never go there again!

April Williamson

My daughter was born at 30 weeks and is here in the NICU. They've been so nice to me here. They go into detail every time I ask a question and seem happy to answer them. I feel very comfortable that my baby is in good hands. The nurses here are knowledgeable and caring. And they encourage my participation every step of the way.

405 ZXZ

Went for a troat issue. And they didnt even check me they just said I has a sore throat. I know my body pretty well and I know it wasn't that. I feel uneasy knowing this is the Closest place to me. Felt sad seeing how they went about treating people. The whole experience was eye opening in a way I wish I could unsee.

Phadrea Scott

Very tacky towards family when a loved one passes away. Our family member was in the hospital for 10 days due to several strokes, and eventually taken to a Skilled Nursing Facility. The last doctor at Baptist said that she could do her Physical Therapy at a Skilled Nursing Facility even when she wasn't participating at the Hospital. It was almost like they were trying to get rid of her. The bill for 10 days was $119,600.00, and the quality of care was questionable at times with rude, and Inattentive staff. Family member was being brought back to Baptist, but passed away en route to hospital. The Dr., and the Chaplain gave us the news, and in the same breath immediately started asking us make funeral arrangements, and have body removed from hospital. Did not even give us a chance to process what happened first. That's disgusting, and I don't feel they were sensitive at all regarding our loss.

Kathryn Koster

I went to the ER back in October and the care was okay. After that point, I had applied for financial assistance for my resulting medical bills and was denied after at least 6 weeks of waiting for my application to be processed. A couple of times they kept saying they didn't receive my application... so there was that. By that point we are into January and since then I had made a couple of, albeit, inconsistent payments. I was doing the best that I could. Yesterday morning I got a call and was told that I was turned over to collections for my remaining balance. Mind you, this is without even receiving bills in the mail and certainly not any final notices, emails, or messages in the patient portal. They told me that they "have record" that I was sent letters, but they weren't even able to efficiently receive my financial aid application via email so I'm taking that for what it is..... I am thankfully in a position where I paid off the balance in full, but was told that they would do nothing to retract the collections. So I am anticipating having to go through a headache with the credit bureau's in a few weeks time, thanks to Integris' inability to communicate. Update: Almost a year and a half later, I check my credit report like I do every year, and Integris has turned me over to collections. Again. For a bill that I paid a year ago. I called the hospital and they redirected me three times before telling me to call the collections agency. The agency was able to look up and clearly see when I paid the bill and are working to get everything corrected. Absolutely. Ridiculous.

Jennifer Smith

Great experience with Labor and Delivery and NICU departments. A majority of the staff were friendly and compassionate. Clean. Had everything we could need. Secure.


This hospital is a joke ! Had a surgery done on my nose to help me breath better ! Dr McConnell did the surgery after it was done it was worst than when I went in to get it done , saw her 6 times after surgery until finally she admitted she had no idea what was wrong. And yes I was charged lots of money for each painful visit , I went to OU medical and Dr said that to much cartilage had been removed and had to reconstruct my nose and take from my ear ! I guess I never learned my lesson cause then I had a knee surgery with another Dr Rogers from Integris and he told me I needed to have my maniscus repaired and I would be good and pain free after it was done I was still in the same pain and after seeing home 5 more times and paying more money each time he would get agrivated at me because he did not and could not fix it when in reality I needed a full knee replacement ! My guess is he had an opening and needed to fill it so rather than telling me that first he did the scope and then said well you really need a knee replacement (un trustworthy) I went to Dr Paul Jacobs and he did the knee replacement and it’s doing really well !! then you have the hospital that sends you all these bills and threats ! So you set up a 200 per month payment schedule where they take it out automatic and then they call and ask why you have not paid ! Every time I turn around it was something ! They told me this is what you owe and then say it is more the next time you talk to them after making payment !! Just a terrible place would not go there if I was dying. Do not put yourself through what others have learned stay away

Brandi Atchison

I had a surgery scheduled for September 11th at baptist. Prior to having surgery my doctor office called my insurance company and received a pre authorization for the surgery. Two days before surgery I went and had pre op. They demanded me to pay the max out of pocket for surgery. They did say it was $6000.00. I paid the $6000.00. First thing I wasn’t offered a discount when paying in full. I had to call and speak with supervisor about discount to be applied. Now I have a credit of 6276.00. Fast forward to today. I received word that my insurance denied the claim because of baptist filing it incorrectly. Also I was told my out of pocket expenses was $4302.000. Please be aware don’t feel pressure when paying for services upfront. Make sure you are aware of all the details. Honestly after having surgery two weeks ago. I shouldn’t have to stress about anything. I have called and spoke to numerous people and no results other then sorry. We are looking into it.

Yolette Ramirez

You always think you know what the doctors are doing to a patient, well here is not the case, they run tests that are NOT necessary to babies without the parents consent or without them even knowing! One day your child is doing great and the next he is in ICU, for running those tests,who is to be hold accountable ?

Rick Gui

Nurses are the best. This place is dirty and the food that they feed patients is something I would not feed my dog. Very little to no lean protein, and the prices they change the family is ridiculous.

Mark Green

Great and easy access

gaming with Tra plays

Worst Hospital in Oklahoma....... I blame y'all for what my family has been through.

Rhonda Simnacher

The staff is phenomenal!! This hospital saved my husbands life in 2004 with a liver transplant and we are forever grateful

Debbie Baker

949-3011 is correct number, this map is wrong. Love this Hospital. The staff is very caring and on top of their job. It's the best care and everything you need is right there. Wound care is excellent also. My dad is getting the best care possible while recovering from pancreatitis. He was in ICU for 2 months and I loved everyone on that floor.

Joshua Schmig

Our daughter is in nicu and the nurses and staff are very friendly on either wing of the 4th floor and inside the nicu we had nurses teaching my wife to pump without us asking it was amazing how helpful everyone has been

Krissanna Noakes

My daughter received very thorough care from ER to her stay on 5 East. The staff was kind and gentle with her. Dr. Kauffman & Dr. Angles(?)-ER were quick to assess her need and admit her. Dr. Mohammad has a wonderful bedside manner! He & Dr. Hudson(wound specialist) were thoughtful in their plan of care for her. The nurses on 5 East are some of the best we have encountered in our experience with hospitals. While hospital stays are never wanted, they made our stay comfortable and easier to deal with as we were almost 4 hrs from home. I highly recommend Integris Baptist Medical Center as a competent, kind, and caring facility for your loved one!

Andy Hart

My 2 year old daughter was getting her tonsils out at this hospital. The afternoon before we took her in the next morning they called and demanded we bring $2100 for prepayment as a condition of us keeping her surgery scheduled (we have private health insurance). We were not given advanced notice and expected to pay our portion after the surgery like most other hospitals. Not sure this is illegal but in my opinion...highly unethical. Honestly it was so unprofessional I thought it was a scam and had to google their number to verify it wasn’t.

Desiree Bonner

ER is slow as hell. I have been to Deaconess during an hour lunch break and have gotten in and out within 90 minutes. Never again will I come here. No sense of urgency whatsoever. I checked in at 7:22pm. It's not 10:24pm and I'm still waiting.

Judah Wayman

A family member of mine is currently in the waiting room here. She is having obvious stroke symptoms and scoring at least a 7 on the NIH scale( I can't do the physical piece of the assessment as I am in another state.) She hasn't even made it out of the waiting room and it has been 3+ hours. They still haven't done any scan or done anything to lower her blood pressure 156/106. She can barely talk. Obvious unilateral facial drooping. The triage nurse rated her at a 3. Don't send loved ones here if they need immediate care.

Sorry HD

These nurses are dumb. The nurses need to know they can’t do things their own way and my mom is not my dads daughter.

Barb Sanchez

Doctors were great but nurses were terrible.. My brother was in this hospital and was not given the care as he has in other hospitals.. The nurse Susan had changed his IV to his other side and made it where he could not reach his urinal.. When he then ask her how would he be able to reach it and she said for him to figure it out for himself.. How rude she was to someone who could not get out of the bed.. That is abuse of elderly..

rheannon gregor

Absolutely no regard for the people who come here for emergency care. Don't come here unless you can waste 8 plus hours sitting while they call one person back.

Chely Corpus

My mother had to undergo a liver transplant due to cirrhosis of the liver. They had found a tumor and immediately scheduled a procedure to remove it. Immediately after that they put her on the transplant list and set her up with doctors and MRIs and blood tests and the whole nine yards to keep a close eye on it. They kept us in the know of everything they were doing and what was going on with her. Within a year and after a few close calls we finally got the transplant. They surgeons and doctors and nurses and coordinators and everyone involved was so great to us. I've never been to a hospital where everyone was just such positive and uplifting people. Its people like this that make the world go round. We can't express our gratitude enough. Thank you for giving my mom a longer, healthier life!!

William Hicks

Brother was admitted on 12/12/17. As of Saturday, 12/16/17, the staff had yet to give him a clean gown, give him a bath, or change the dirty sheets on his bed. People take better care of their dogs than Baptist Hospital takes care of its patients. The state medical board should close them down.

Virginia Mitchell

Love the hospital, love the doctors! Could not of had better care! Best hospital in the state! Will always recommend it! Every time I've had to come here I have had excellent care from all staff! Love this hospital!

Heather Hudgins

The worst experience with a doctor that I've ever had. I should've listened to the previous reviews. I am 6-7 weeks pregnant and wanted to check my babies heart beat or get an ultrasound. Dr. Davis said no and gave me a weak answer why. He said, he didn't want to check anything just in case something is wrong and that he wanted to get my blood work done first before anything and that he wasn't going to treat me any different than any other patient. Way to try to build a relationship with your patient! I've had two miscarriages within the past year so I want to check on my baby's heart! That's not to much to ask. I said, I just wanted to at least hear the heart beat and my schedule is pretty busy so I needed him to at least try to get a heartbeat today. He said okay and walked out. The nurse came in and gave me the stuff to get my blood work done and I never saw the doctor again. He was so rude for just leaving like that. I have had 3 previous pregnancies and the doctors never waited, to at least try, to hear a heartbeat and then they would do my blood work. Horrible experience. Never going back and I hope you read this Sean Davis, Bc you could seriously use some constructive criticism when it comes to your bedside manner.

Camil Jackson

Monday morning I will be contacting every news channel in Oklahoma City about This hospital and Spencer integris. This hospital is the worst place to take your loved one if they are suffering from mental illnesses don't not come to integris for help they will not do what is best for them.

Amber Clark

I am having a horrible experience here. I have legitimately been sitting here for 4 hours & still got nothing. This place sucks & i WILL NOT BE COMING BACK HERE. They need to be more professional & figure out there sh**. I give them ZERO!!! STARS!!!

Lachelle Mason

I delivered my baby girl here the nurses where great even though my baby girl acted lime she didnt want to come..they coached me all the way and made sure i was comfortable . the only thing indidnt like was the epidural ot was painful because they put it in the wrong spot but the second try it didnt hirt at baby girlnwas born healthy and my doctor victoria mills was her to death. i have always used this hospital for my son.. He has beennin ICU every year sense he was 2 and he is 8 now and they have taken great care of him at one point they didnt think he was going to make it but the doctors never stopped treating him and making sure he was ok every second of every minute and my baby pulled through .

Crystal Mccarter

Love the hospital, great people, not to long of a wait.

David Hastings

We just had our first baby here and the staff was excellent, professional, well educated and communicated well. The rooms were comfortable the recliners were nice along with the fold out couch beds. The Cafeteria food was adequate and priced fairly. Overall a great experience would recommend.

ciara moore

INTEGRIS is AMAZING! My son was admitted 3 times to OU children’s and they did absolutely nothing but put him on oxygen.. I begged for an ENT and never got one. as soon as I walked into INTEGRIS pediatrics they roomed him and had already had plans on what to do!! We saw an ENT same day which was (Dr. digoy) who was absolutely amazing and fixed the problem immediately. So happy with how things went plus we went home next day with a brand new baby it felt like!!

Barry Herrmann

Worst place to go to and deal with business dept. They don't care about customer service all they care about is the money. The Doctor misdiagnosed me and the receptionist couldn't enter my insurance information correctly. I contacted them set up payments and paid on time then they sent me a bill for more money. I contacted them 4 or 5 times and was told they would take care of it. They lied to me and said that there was no record of me talking to a supervisor. This was at 1 of their clinics in Enid .


I quit there because I got tired of PULLING people's CREDIT REPORT and then making up some lie to why we can't see them. It's completely immoral.

Vance McCoy

The food in the cafeteria was nasty. .streamed vegetables with red onions, pickled sweet beets, baked fish with shrimp sauce. Tabulie salad, rolled grapewrap whatever that was. All nasty

Alisha Vargo

This hospital is awesome and really helps u when u need help.

Jason Cox


Kim Behrnes

Throwyou in an ER room, then hold you captive. Can’t get moved to room and can’t get released to go to another hospital. To top it off, say that your condition is so serious that you need to be in ICU, but leave you laying in the ER room with minimal care going on 4 hours now. To say that I am completely frustrated is an understatement.

Justin Barker

This hospital not only told me to take medicine that they should have told me NOT to take, they brought a dog, yes a dog, into the room I was having a procedure in. How can the equipment they used during an invasive procedure be sterile with a dog in the room? I have filed a complaint with the medical board and STRONGLY suggest you go elsewhere if you want proper care!

Vice n Virtue

My Grandmother has been preparing for surgery. The Dr she was working with was very kind and respectful, but since the surgery she has been ignored and neglected. She was waking up in terrible pain and it was hours before they checked on her. She was disoriented and unable to push her button. My mother had to stay at the hospital with her to make sure they were giving her pain meds and checking her vitals. The care provided by the post opp staff was atrocious.

Yvette A

They were absolutely fantastic in the ER and medical decision unit yesterday/last night. We went in with my husband for two fainting spells and they are very attentive and right on top off things! All the Drs and nurses were so fantastic! Highly recommend!

eh- draws

This place is one of the best places to work and receive care. Baptist has the most innovative treatment plans and gadgets in the whole state. I'm proud to be a part of what Baptist can offer.

Jeannie Rankin

Don't like the way the emergency room is sit up. Very unprofessional.

Amol Jain

I do not know if it is the medical system or the hospital. I have had three visits and all three have turned into a sour experience when it comes to closing on billing and insurance. The doctors are good, may be the support staff . But i am not sure about the operations staff.

Anna Wiley

I just had open heart surgery here to fix a large hole in my heart. Other than a long wait in the ICU for a room, it was a really good experience. I stayed 4 days. The nurses and doctors were very nice and they did a good job keeping my pain level down.

Adam F

Flown into Oklahoma and had awful pain on my skin on my abdomen and chest. Also had awful nausea and a headache. I’ve been diagnosed with pancreatitis but this was a different kind of pain. I’d rate this hospital a 0 Star but it only allowed me to rate it a 1 Star. After about 3-4 hours and dialing the nurse 5 times because the doctor was not showing up (She even said HE WILL GET THERE WHEN HE GET'S THERE) finally doctor David W Smith walked in the room, I told him the pain I’m feeling and how it’s very severe.. he said he wanted to order a blood test and that was it... I expressed to him I was in a lot of pain and he said I’d have to talk to my pain doctor at home about that.. I said I came here because I’m in pain so you need to help because I can’t leave this place feeling how I did and get back on a plane.. he ordered blood tests and 3 hours later comes back into the room and let’s me know my tests were healthy so he was going to send me away.. I told him I was in vital pain and needed something and he said “I’m here to make sure people are healthy not to treat their pain” I’m now just leaving the hospital and never had such an awful experience in my life. If you want treatment of any kind don’t go here.. I have to go home and find a hospital to visit there with more competent doctors who seek to help the problem

jayne Hedgiehaven

I am pretty devastated that deaconess closed their labor and delivery forcing me to have my baby here. First thing that bothered me was I was moved around 3 times before I was in my final room. Then the room I was in directly after the csection the nurses wouldnt let my sister hold the baby saying I HAVE to hold the baby for the first 2 hours. NOTE : I had a emergency csection after being in labor and awake for over 24 hrs I was passing out. The nurses are slow and the rules they have make it feel like your on lock down. They said my baby can only wear the integris white shirt they provide with the pink and blue beenie and that he can only use the white with pink and blue striped swaddle blankets they provide. That I cant dress him in things I brought or use my own beenies or blankets. My husband was In the room with the baby and baby was asleep so I wanted to go to the cafeteria and they told me they cant let me leave the floor and someone else would have to go for me. They dont have pacifiers I was actually relieved when they said I could use my own that I bought. Then when I was asleep my husband had the baby asleep in his arms and there is a ice machine right outside our room on the same floor literally 10 feet away. And the nurses rushed him back in saying he cant walk around with the baby. HES HIS FATHER! then continues to tell me I cant either. The only good thing about this hospitals labor and delivery is the big comfy lazy boy recliner that's in each room.

Cassie Ellison

Worst hospital in the metro area! My father has been a patient in the ICU for a week now. He's had the most uncompassionate nurses I've EVER experienced. (In fact, I would give this hospital zero stars, but one nurse by the name of Erika was phenomenal. She is the only one who made a point to contact family this entire week, and she is the only one who treated my dad with genuine care.) It takes the nurses forever to get him anything he needs, we usually have to track someone down to help him or help him as much as we can ourselves. I will be calling all of the necessary people and leaving this same review every place I can so everyone can know the truth about this place. It's not right! No patient should be made to feel like a burden on their nurses and doctors. No one I care about will ever set foot in this hospital again if I have anything to say about it.

Douglas Medlin

I have been posted up here since the 13th of August with an abcess on my brain, and they have nearly have the abcess shrunken away, so I'll be able to live without having the brain drain!! Yaaayyyy


I had my Liver transplant in 09' nothing but top-notch doctors my nurse Clay is the best. Dr. Kohli did my transplant just love him. They truly saved my life I couldn't imagine not being at Integris Baptist to this day. I have not one negative thing to say about Integris Baptist.

Thomas Phipps

Always experienced excellent care Nurses always on point. No complaints.

Doug Gordon

Thank you!!! I waited hours but Dr. Lafortune was worth waiting for. I had a bad infection and she took such good care of me even though it was so busy. I was really mad because I was having to wait so long however when finally went back, they are all so busy and there were people in worse shape than me. Thanks again, Monica Gordon

K Boognish

My mother is getting great care here. We met a nurse named Shirley who was very friendly. Thank you for caring!

Lenny Evans

Horrible hospital Everyone has attitudes, I see why healthcare has bad taste

Angelina Murin

9-year-old daughter throwing up with back and kidney pain. They treated her with kit gloves. All of my er visits have been awful with Mercy, so decided to give this place a chance. Maybe it was just a good night, or maybe it was just my turn to have a good er visit finally out of the last many horrific ones...either way this place did a good job.

robert bryan

jesus , who hires these rude , incompetent doctors and nurses ? Nursing supervisors , one woman's name was Sheila and she was like an evil witch, she used to work at the st Anthony's taking patients weight and all of a sudden in integris , have no compassion, incompetent , hope she will end up in a nursing home someday drooling and helpless like she treats her patients. Terry Gibson , one of the most useless cardiologists in the world , if you want to die go to her , if you have a critical condition and wanting to die take her advice. Useless and incompetent. She doesn't care about patients and just think she knows best and screw people over. This woman needs to go to jail for screwing people's lives. Worst doctors and nurses , rude , mean , incompetent , useless. These people have no hearts. Don't take your loved ones her if you want them to live and if you love them These doctors misdiagnose patients condition and treat them to death. I feel sorry for the people who actually rely on evil people like this , I truly wish these people so called useless doctors see how important life is when something like this happen to them due to poor care in a hospital. This hospital stands on faith ground and shame on you for calling and using secret baptist name , you just suck.

First Last

I think Integris is a great hospital. Pros: benefits are great compared with other hospitals. Patient care-wise, I think it's great when the nurses care (you have to consider they are human beings and get tired too! But it's not an excuse, you need to care for your patients safely & properly). Cons: Some favoritism and some rude nurses.

Lindsay Garinger

My 11 year old had surgery to repair a fracture of her elbow with Dr. Frey. We had to go to Baptist because there was an issue with the OR at Bass in Enid. Our experience at Baptist could not have gone better. Everyone was helpful and caring and treated my daughter and her family very well. We were kept informed throughout her procedure and I was allowed to be with her after she was in recovery for a few minutes. I can’t speak highly enough for the preop nurses who cared for her. They took their time prepping her and made her feel safe. Her surgery was late yesterday afternoon and they have already called to check on her. I don’t typically do reviews but I wanted to share how our experience was because I have never been in a healthcare facility were absolutely everyone was fantastic!

ken dickinson

There is no better care you'll ever get anywhere else . Not only were we respected, cared for, prayed with and all the while they kept beautiful smiles. God sent us the blessings of this crew. Every nurse we had went above and beyond ! We have grown close and been made to feel like family! May God Bless you Linh Rn, John Rn, 2 John Rn, Ken Rn, Laura Rn, Maria Rn, Sarah Rn, Casey Rn, Carolyn Rn, Karla Rn, Amanda Rn, Leake Rn, Chelsei Rn, Cynthia Rn, Dee Rn, Janelle Rn, Janiece Rn, Jenny Rn,Julia Rn, Heather Rn, Nicole Rn, Shawna Rn, Ashley S Rn, Shari Rn, Shari Rn, Shaquetta Rn, Amy Rn, Melanie Rn,Stephania Rn, Clayton Rn, Liz Rn, Sarah Rn, Colton Rn, Jessie Na Leslie Na Terry Rn, Xiang Fei Rn, Jeanne Rn, Leslie Rn Jennifer receptionist Tammia receptionist Carol the supervisor Miracle case manager Elizabeth and Lotty plaza hotel They care and we will never be blessed like this again in our lifetime. God Bless our family of Angels in the 901 ICU . Ken and Andrea Dickinson April 2017

Vicki W

Other than emergency, I've experienced nothing contrary about the care. If you have a true emergency of any kind, go somewhere else. There was a woman who was vomiting in the waiting room for 6 hrs; also a man who looked very ill. People such as these should be isolated to another waiting room. Another incident was my daughter's sister-in-law. They waited 4-5 hrs. to be seen. This woman was dying from cancer and they knew it. I DO NOT recommend their emergency care, nor the dr. that was on duty when I went in.

Dray German

Just wanted to say thank y'all for taking very good care of my sister who just had a very intense surgery an is recovering very well. Thanks to everyone there.

Cindy Newby

Not Trustworthy! I fell in pot hole on the East Parking lot of Hospital, May 3,2017. Once I reached Main Entrance of hospital, one of the Security Guards guided me to the ER. He was very kind and professional. The ER took very good care of me after determining no broken bones nor concussion. Contacted Risk Management, spoke with Kathy. Informed her left shoulder was very painful and now had swelling on left side of collar bone. May 12,2017 Talked with Risk Management-Kathy she informed me that she had reviewed the pot hole and the Department determined the incidence was determine to be a Open and Obviouse Rulling, but the hospital would take care of all medical expences. I asked her what would I need to do if I receive a nedical bill for ER visit, she said if I get bill to call her and she would take care of it. After another visit to ER, due to Severe Pain in left Shoulder, it was determine I had a strained chest wall and the Nurse said I probably had torn Tissue in shoulder. Talked to Risk Management Kathy she stated the hospital only agreed to pay for first ER visit only. July 11, 2017 went to see Risk Management Kathy, to give her the first ER bill. She informed me the hospital would only pay what my Insurane didn't pay. OUT OF APPROXIMATELY $18,000.00 BILL AFTER FALLING ON THEIR PROPERTY THEY ONLY AGREED TO PAY $75.00 total. She said it was policy and it was a good thing I had insurance!

d harris

How can you have massive employee layoffs and expect quality of care to not suffer. Putting profits before patients never works.

Leviathan banker

There making my grandad better very quick

Sasuki Lago

Had open heart surgery which isn't the most pleasant or easy of surgeries in the least. The staff was wonderful and made me feel as comfortable and helped me stay as comfortable as much as they possibly could. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else to have heart surgery!

Rusty Warren

Some of the most compassionate people I have met in Okc

Lisa Madden

Our mom was in your hospital, at first I really was impressed UNTIL she went code blue and the doctors and nurses in the room trying to revive her was laughing as her family stood right out side the door watching. Sadly we lost her. I can not understand how anyone could be laughing at a time like that. Never will we use this Hospital again.

Jambi Anonymous

I recently had surgery and, while it was scary, the whole experience was quite pleasant. From check-in to the nurses to recovery, everyone was so nice and caring.

Karin Beezley

Absolute WORST experience in the ER. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. Severly ill husband. Needed immediate care. 3 different rooms...triage...2 needle sticks for blood which they couldnt get so the nurse said "well i am done." I asked if she got what she needed to run tests she said no - you will have to go back to the waiting room for now. Mind you my husband could not comfortably sit. We said we are leaving...admin said you need sit here and wait...Uh no, I am adult and make my own choices...No communication, no help all staff rude and condensing. Whole experience weird, surreal, unacceptable. Will be talking to adminstration Monday - none of what happened is ok. Btw husband's hand where they stuck him bled profusely after we left!

Krystal Hurst

I will NEVER go back to this hospital ever! I have never been treated so horribly and judged in my entire life. I was transported from mercy in Guthrie to baptist because I was in severe pain and sick and come to find out I had a bowel obstruction. Mercy said I needed tpn and they could not do it there. When I arrived at baptist and Dr Morgan came in she told me I did not have a bowel blockage just by looking at me and then proceeded to talk down to me and my mother making me out to be a drug seeker because my mother asked her if they could give me anything to help with my pain. They really do something about this place because nobody should ever be treated as horrible as they treat people.

Donnell Teal

I guess they just delete whatever doesn't look good. Last night my wife and I went into the ER. At 9 o'clock, somewhere around 11 something we finally saw the doctor. The doctor did not put in the order for pain meds as my wife was in serious pain. 40 minutes later when I went sideways the nurse told me the doctor didn't put it in. The doctor also ordered an ultrasound around 11 something . Didn't get there until after 1230 two people in the ER needed an ultrasound and it took over 40 minutes to get one. Then it took 50 for the doctor to discharge us. I'm calling a lawyer today. As far as I'm concerned with the number of people to Doctor and nurse they put people in jeopardy in pain and at risk just to save a couple bucks

Karla squires

If your 15 min late they not only turn you away but charge you $50 dollars. Uncaring health care by huge industry has made our health care system stink. Very sad what integers has turned our doctors into.

Marilyn Bradley

Amazing hospital... staff is off the chart....Thank you for the service my sister was given ...your kindness was appreciate ......Thank you for just being you .

Neal Givens

My son is 17 and has had diabetes since he was 3 years old he's been on soonercare most of his life my wife and I finally was able to get health insurance and hold jobs for the first time at the same time but we were forced to change doctors and ended up with a doctor from Integris baptist medical center we had an emergency and took him to mercy hospital emergency because we weren't happy with his new doctor unfortunately mercy hospital doesn't have a pediatrics department and all the other hospitals were full so we had no choice but to transfer him to Baptist medical center the worst experience we have ever had the nursing staff butchered his arm trying to give him an i.v 6 times in the same area but we tried to stay positive then when we asked the nurse's to address his pain it took several hours and act of Congress to get a homemade heating pad and we had to keep heating it up ourselves and some Tylenol all we here around here is people complaining and when they finally let him eat something he got rubberized french toast and a pile of burnt bacon and after 4 days of not getting to eat he broke down in tears he was soooooo! Hungry ! then they told us to eat his breakfast and go buy him something else and refused to give him a new food voucher I could go and on we really tried to stay positive i was forced to give them 1 star during this review but in reality they owe us 5 stars.WE ARE FURIOUS!!!!!!! If there's one bright spot in this review it's the 1 lone nurse Amy in PICU she really tried to make things better bless her heart but she can't do it alone. P.S his regular doctor never showed up I told my wife to quit her job and get back on soonercare .

Samantha Newman

They make you go back and forth at the medical center they make you go back and forth they take their time doing everything taking their patients back and having them come out of their procedures they are rude they are lazy an also very disorganized and take their time uugghh will never go back to Baptist we will be going to mercy from now on

Jenish Abraham

Sharing our experience, while I bring my dad to emergency. Like Integris posted on their emergency room, patients will be Triaged and treated based on the severity of the illness or injury, not by arrival time. But we didn’t expect this long waiting. We came at 10:45 PM and it’s 4:30 AM and still on waiting room.according to the nurses it’s so busy or rooms are full. But I saw only couple of people waiting after 1 AM. They draw the blood around 1:45 AM and took X-ray while we came. If you don’t see any severity, why can’t you assign some additional doctors or even a nurse practitioner to check out these people, instead of waiting for ages. Probably their severity is, you about to die and you need a medical attention. Please avoid this place, unless your pain level is 8 and up. Still waiting....[5:00 AM] After several talks, they made an upgrade from waiting room to inside room, but still no word from doctor. They report, they only have one doctor. Seriously!! Rooms are fully packed and a busy flu season, and you only have one Doctor. Waiting inside the room [6:05 AM] An aide show up at 6:20 said our room is ready, with an attitude sound. But that room was not ready and we waited for another 5 minutes outside, and they said, another room is ready and the aide hooked up the vitals and told us to wait for the nurse, still no sign of doctor. At the new waiting room [6:40 AM] Doctor came around 6:40. He was really friendly and the nurse as well. And finally all the test been completed and we were about to go home. [8:45 AM] Total hours spend on ER 10 Hours.

Tracy Benedict

Great nurses compassionate take time to answer questions I'm very pleased And that's comforting to family

Lai Duong

I have been here 6 hours just to check and see if my daughter have a flu or not. Please do not come here and waste your time, their system do not work. Sorry but I have to tell the truth. Helpful?

Shayleen Billings

They took a really long time and the nurses where gossiping about each other very loudly complaining about not having enough staff to take care of patients. So they where just trying to get people in and out. Was in pain the whole time and they had me sitting in a uncomfortable gross chair. I felt the whole time they didn’t care what I was there for, they just wanted me gone.


Bad careless at emergency place . They unhappy to see patients. By the the way parking lot was dirty a lot Spet . We went to another hospital to get help.

stephanie Thompson

5 1/2 hours total with tests . They said this is average. They were looking for us for 30 mins. but we were in the same room they put us in? We drove there from Moore because our friends said they know what they are doing. I am sure they do but they don't care if you have to wait hours. I would say if its non life threatening and you are looking for an emergency room, go somewhere else. The doctors are likely good and they are probably good with scheduled appointments but they are desensitized to people. At the least they should tell you a guess on how long you will be there.if they would work on the communication and speed it would be better. I mean it costs thousands for a an er trip...come on...tell us it's a 4 to 6 hour wait. We could have drove to Dallas and got in quicker.

CR Cruzen

It's a good place but almost always overcrowded in the ER

Jimmie Tiger

Had a liver and kidney transplant on October 3rd last year and I thank God for all those that helped make it happen. Especially to one doctor who got me to eat and not thinking any thing of it. Best nurses ever and dialysis team. I thank God for all of you and may God bless you and your service to ALL.

Summer Dixon

Integris Baptist hospital in OKC is the worst hospital we have ever been too!! We drove 2 & 1/2 hours to get there with a 6 & 1 year old & the 6 yr old could not eat or drink anything 12 hours prior to his MRI. So this drive was long & hard. When we got there we got lost & could not find we're to go when we ask the help desk we got sent to the wrong place & then redirected to the Wright place after spending all most 20 minutes going up & down elevators & down halls to get to a lobby then told to get in line & get a number then sit & wait to get checked in after about 10 more minutes we get redirected again to go down another hallway to get to the waiting room for the MRI patients to go. We go in let the receptionist know we are here she has us take a seat after about 10 more minutes she call us up & says we can't be seen because WE WERE LATE! this is total BS!!! was told we have to reschedule after all of that! Then we spend another hour going up, down hallway & elevators again with 2 small kids one of them super hungry just to try & find where we parked our car!! SO MAD!!!

Md C

The women's hospital and NICU are absolutely top notch here. Nurses are very friendly and the doctors take time to answer any questions you have.

Chris Ayers

Operator is rude if I could give 0 starts for that lady I would


Nurses and staff are great. But i had to say that i used to actually enjoy this hospital food and used to tell people that baptist had a great cafeteria. But now im sorry to say its the WORST now! Im a kidney patient so i go to all of these hospitals. Shame cause me or my wife didnt eat one meal in 6 days. It was so bad. Hope you guys do something cause mcdonalds actually has you beat.. .

Robert Bogle

All of the staff that took care of me was the very best. Thank you.

robin clemmons

My daughter had a baby in NICU , they were top notch. Labor and delivery nurses and doctors were great. As far as the hospital goes, it is absolutely horrible. Broken trays, beds broke, cafateria absolutely sucks..and who ever desides on diabetic diets dont know what they are doing. Daughter is type 2 diabetic and they didnt give her meds then tried to feed her juice and cinnamon roll and cereal for breakfast. Were they trying to kill her? ER almost let her husband die a couple of years ago. They left there and went to St. Anthonys and they saved his life. He was in a coma for several days. Baptist argued that he was fine. He would probably had died if they had stayed any longer. They sat in waiting room for 4hours and he was almost on floor when daughter decided to leave and take him elsewhere..thank God. My mother also had bad time in ER..I had bad experience in ER. Never again any of us will go there unless it is last resort..They need new management..

mindy morgan

My daughter had surgery there and I was impressed. However, we are in the waiting room now with a high fever after surgery and have not been seen for 2 hours. No one else is even here. No ambulances have arrived. I guess fever after surgery is no big deal.

tyler baird

This place was cool until I called to get more of my pill I talked to 4 people and they did not help at all I was on the phone for a hour trying to get a phone number to get a doctor for me

Rhonda Simonson

Emergency room that you have to sit for hours before seen, staff doesn’t care! My dad is on oxygen and I had to stay on them because they would bring a tank that had about 30 min left on it. Management seems to be an issue and if you are that busy you should have enough staff on duty to take care of the issue!!!!!

jayia carruthers

Coco l on the 6th floor is a very rude desk person she has a bad attitude and talk about patients like she in high school when we ask for help like we are bothering her and like its not her job she is ver unprofessional and she needs to be in some type of trouble doesn't make since that I had to sit in pain for hours just before she told my nurse because she had an attitude...she really shouldnt work here..

J Rivera

This place doesn't even deserve the one star! I went with my daughter and was not even triaged, waited awhile. There were so many people waiting to be seen, an elderly gentleman stated to the nurse " i have been here since 2:30pm. Please" I looked at the time the man has been waiting over 6 hours to be seen?? Are you kidding the staff says to him sorry we have been busy? Another lady beside me was wheezing so bad she could barely breath. I was beside myself when another older gentleman said his fingers are numb his hands were cold and said "I think the nurse put the bandage around my arm to tight."The nurse who was a male looked at it and made it seem like no big deal, irritated he loosened it. I took my daughter, all this; in a matter of one hour, and left! I went to Mercy Hospital. I should have followed my instinct in the first place. I apologized to one woman who could barely breathe on behalf of the hospital and I don't even work there. It's so sad. I am beside myself.

Mickey Malone

Worst place ever, spent hours here and only got the run around from everyone.

Elizabeth Cooper

Had both my babies here. Amazing staff, always improving. I thought they were great the first time I went there, but for my second baby they had implemented some new programs that aim at patient education and labl toward a more wholistic approach to obstetric medicine. I highly recommend this hospital.


Don’t do it, go to any other hospital besides this location. People yelling in pain in their waiting rooms and hallways treated like cattle.

Lance Williams

I was released from Baptist hospital today, after 23 days in the hospital battling pneumonia, the flu, and Mrca. It has not been an easy fight, and I have at no time been asked to fight alone. My medical team has been by my side, fighting with me, consulting with other great minds, and working miracles for this Country boy. There are so many people I need to thank there's no way to remember them all. Tonight I sit in my recliner I didn't think I would see again, with a drain tube in my left lung, and my team is still in my corner.

Kimberly Griffin

The doctors and staff are so friendly and welcoming love this hospital my husband had major surgery here and they kept me informed all the way thanks to all the nurses and doctors

Brooke Gray

Not a long wait at all.. Best emergency room i have ever been in will differently recommend ppl come here.. Will be coming back if i ever need too love this hospital

Quinn Callaway


Isabella Yates

My brother lost his legs and they were excellent with him the care was right on top. I couldnt ask for a better hospital they even helped me to take care of him.

Jamie Landers

What an awesome experience we had at Baptist today! My 21 month old daughter was scheduled to have surgery. A woman came in and introduced herself as a Certified Child Life Specialist. I had no idea what that was. She explained she was there to help Our daughter feel comfortable going into surgery. She asked us questions about her likes and dislikes, favorite songs, etc. She brought in the anesthesia mask and she and our daughter decorated it with stickers and played putting it on our daughter and putting it on her babydoll. They played together and blew bubbles. When it was time to go back to the OR, she brought a yellow (our daughter’s favorite color) car for her to ride back in and blew bubbles on her the whole way. Our daughter never realized that her father and I weren’t going the same way with her. A few minutes later, she came to waiting room to let Scott and I know that our daughter went to sleep, holding her babydoll and trying to clap to “If you’re happy and you know it” (her fav song)! I am very thankful for Dr. Santos, Dr. Roberts, and the nursing staff for the care of our daughter today, but I am absolutely blessed that we met Laura Linville! Her love for her job showed in her interactions with our daughter today. If anyone finds themselves with a child having surgery at Baptist, please call and request Laura! This momma didn’t even shed one tear knowing this wonderful team was in charge of my babygirl ❤️❤️❤️

Tele Man65

Best hospital I've been in inside the state of Oklahoma to date. Love the staff and Dr.s very professional effectionate carting individuals. America dies still have great people in it and there are a lot of them at Integris Baptist Medical Center

Misty Hahn

This hospital is a horrible hospital! A friend of mine has been in and out of there and taken On a roller coaster ride. Mis diagnosed, sent home when he shouldn't of been. Went Back got admitted, end up having open heart surgery! The communication is zero they don't comfort the family to let them know what's going on. They are rude and ignore you. If you need a hospital go somewhere else!

Debrah Godfrey

So far so so good


I can’t speak for any other type of care but my small child was treated well here. Went to another ER to seek care for something that I know he should have been taken back immediately for and the other hospital was going to place him in the waiting room so I said forget it I’m going some place else. Came here and they immediately saw him and took care of him. You’re not going to find a Perfect Emergency anywhere I get that. But I’m always thankful for my children being well taken care of

2nd 2 none

Spent a couple days with my dad, the most friendly staff, they take good care of patients and guests. Dr's explain everything very well as well as nurses wish I could rate it higher

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