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REVIEWS OF Griffin Memorial Hospital-Oklahoma Mental Health Center IN Oklahoma

The Big Five

I had to be at this facility twice. The first time I was sent there from their close neighbor, Red Rock, like a punishment; however, others (staff) told me that Griffin was more caring than Red Rock -they said they had more activities, too. For that reason, many patients that weren't released within 5-7 days looked forward to being sent to Griffin, like I was. Your experience at Griffin is likely to be very much affected by the unit they put you in. When I was in a non-100 unit, I was not met with as much caring staff. In the 100 unit, the staff were amazingly caring; for a mental hospital it was great . . . a stark contrast from their poor neighbor, Red Rock, which is a far cry from helpful, in any form. While in the 100 unit, though, a patient was moved from her "home" unit to this introductory unit, and she was LOUD, shouting all the time . .. I think she pooped her pants once, in the common area . . . complained about EVERYTHING ("NOOO!!!!") . . . she'd been there for many years . . . very counter-productive to mental stabilization! There was another patient who'd been in there for 16 years -scary!! Some of the staff though were SO caring, and I'm sure they had no say with how long some of the patients had been there. All mental hospitals are very difficult, I think, but compared to the rest, this has definitely been one of the better places.

Brenda Ruiz

You have to give a star to this place There was one crazy "lady" treating a person as an animal They dont even give names shes a REPUBLICAN Stupid black wanting karina

Jonathan Boylan

My sister needs help

Bob Song

Luis C Rodriguez C

okayangeľľ ļ


Bree Celine

My advice to anyone considering employement here, do not do it. The management SUCKS, they are disorganized, dysfunctional, the director picks and chooses who he wants to pick on, the turn over rate isn't high because people leave, it's because they fire people left and right like it's no big deal. They don't care about their employees whatsoever, and if you are wanting stability and consistency, this is not the place for it. This is not the place to work if you are a single parent or if you will have to often take off for kids being sick, school activities, etc. These people want you to be flexible for them but they aren't willing to be flexible with you. The system sucks. Things are always hectic, no one knows how to communicate, you will get blamed for things you didn't do and then eventually fired for them before your probationary period is up. Oh, and if you get pregnant while working for this place, don't tell them, especially if it's within your probationary period. They will fire you and then claim it was for other reasons because they don't want to be sued for discrimination. I know this may sound like I am bitter but I'm far from it. Ive just had it with this place. I was looking for a new job when this exact thing happened to me and now I'm finally deciding to tell people the truth about this place. As far as treatment goes, I can't say because I've never been a patient but from what the patients I did become close to had disclosed to me, it doesn't seem to be real effective.

Aaron Groff

Joe Thomas

Manipulative, no compassion, illegal practices is just some of the things that come to mind, when dicussing GMH. I'm aware of many, who have left worse than when the entered. If you truly care for someone who is having problems, avoid here at all costs.

Michael and Sonja Gordon


Very friendly staff, accepts most insurance companies. Nice area

Ashlea Jackson

I was talked into giving my consent to treatment while under the influence of alcohol. On top of this fact, when asking for my records from them, I was told I could only get my records once my therapist had received them. I had filled a release and they still rejected my request. I have a right under HIPAA to have my records, regardless of whether I'm with a therapist or not. Ridiculous place that treats women like we're still in the 1920s suffering from hysteria.

William Wagner

After years of seeking help arriving here changed my life for the best.

Paula Rhodes

Great staff and food.

luicina gaiser

Does not disappoint in appearance! It certainly lives up to it's history in looks.

Phyllis Gray

Well this is pretty brazen of me I guess, since with regards to health, mental health, or ANYTHING that might be protected by HIPAA...any and all posts SHOULD be able to be posted anonymously, but I can tell you that several years ago (before I got the Holy Spirit/does that sound crazy...whatever...think what you will), I was going through a very depressed time in my life (and then, you know, God saves and stuff), but I knew I was sad beyond words and needed help and checked myself in for help. Well, I kind of felt that it was all in vain, but as it turns out, this facility helped me a great deal before faith took over and healed what was broken w/out meds. Even though God heals in a different way, at the time, I didn't really know that in my heart....but Griffin was a God-send at the time. About 99% of the staff was AMAZING! They were helpful, kind, nurturing, attentive, and honestly...there have been several times that I missed being sick...just because I missed how awesome this facility and its staff were. Sounds weird right? Well, some people just don't have a great support group, or even though they have people who would like to help....those ppl simply may not know HOW to help. When a crisis arises, it can affect an entire family. And sometimes, the depressed person & their families need a vacation if you will....a time with doctors & nurses who can and are willing to help. While, the doctors (which are much fewer than the staff nurses and techs) you might have to be cautious of (well lets just say not everyone gets A's in their college courses), a person can seek out (if able), doctors on site who are amazing. Yet, some are iffy. But the staff seemed to compensate for bad docs while one seeks out the good ones. I'd say the ratio is about 50/50 though of bad to good docs. However, docs don't do nearly as much work as Griffins staff does...and they are awesome. The programs are informative and restful for a depressed person, and they really give a person time to heal. Bottom line...if you don't like the doc at first, ask to switch until you find a good one, and acknowledge that this is a good place to seek help. And I think if you look for the best from this facility, you can find it. And even more, if you find that help, do what you can immediately to help others. Give them good advice, and try to teach them all you know in order to help them. Again, it may sound strange that a sick person can help other sick ppl, but then, who else can understand the sick but a person who has needed help and found it. However, if you run into an obstacle, please fill out those complaint forms, bcuz Griffin will listen and be attentive to those issues....if they see that it is not just a frivolous or ridiculous issue. I had an issue with a staff member or two, and filled out the complaint forms, and Griffin called me while on site, and inquired about said issues....and believe it or not, they handled it in MY best interest...not just theirs. And though I haven't had a need to go back in years (since I got the Holy Spirit), I really only have fond memories of staff members who were so good to me that I could cry happy tears. God Bless Griffin Mem'l Hospital and all the wonderful work they do to help people who need it. However, there are many ppl who will just complain about anything. You could give them a million dollars and they'd complain they didn't get 2 million. Ridiculous! Ergo, you can see your glass as half full or half empty, but no matter what you see, based on what I saw, it won't be because Griffin didn't do their best to help. Thank you Griffin, for all your hard work and attention.

Andy Meehan

Lindsey Wratten

2in2 3for3

Walked past this place. 2/7 would not walk past again.

Haley Hernandez

very creepy but looks lit to explore also amos @haley_dawn1

Lauren Bradley

Best place to work!

Joanna La Ferry

I'm the oldest child of a fort patient. I can petsperson say this they've refused to even give me the records that I'm requesting. It's been since 1995. I've still wanted the records since. How can I get them?

John Early

My wife went here and got real help for her depression and anxiety. Better than Midwest.

Chris Evans

The staff is very professional and understanding of everyones personnal situation. Good classes, counseling, & personal attention. I've never had any problem with visitation and the supervisors are very patient when visiting hours are over. They need to fix the heating and air conditioning.

skittles mcfruity

If the care is in any way related to the employment process, i truly feel bad for Griffin clientele. The state of Oklahoma should look to its processes as the direct cause of the facility being understaffed. I have worked in mental health care for over 10 years all across the U.S. and have never been met with such reluctance and disinformation. Never again.

Amanda Anonymous

Visited the abandoned part of Griffin Memorial. Took a short informational tour where they discussed some of the history as well as the misconceptions and harmful stigmas regarding mental illnesses and how we treat the people suffering from mental illness.

Lee Lewis

Called to ask about admission and the staff was very rude.

Jaimie Byrd

OK this place sucks I work here temporarily as I’m leaving shortly to Mason is horrible the employees well we’re paid so the punch clock we go home we don’t really care the crazies in here have to Stephanie’s been here doing bunch of medication make him feel that the dog crazy and go home I hate this place should never been opened so I have to work at night as a stripper to make ends me substance abuse half with Party all the time I do Coke with two nurses on staff

Dalton Krueger

Joe Steen

This is the looney bin, the nut house, the coo-coos nest. It's not a place you want to be near for any reason. Unless, of course, you should be here yourself. If that is the case it may provide some asylum in a world you may be having trouble coping with or living in.

Nicole Mccaslin

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