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REVIEWS OF Children's Recovery Center IN Oklahoma

Samuel Adams

Very nice place as of 4 or 5 years ago. If you want to be free this is a good place. Not so much the AA but the staff is amazing. True family. There are a couple staff members who I will never forget. They were with me, as family, when I had lost all hope.

Aiden Hyman

Go there if you need it. You may have heard horror stories, but trust me, this one's the best of the best!

Mina Smith

The facility never turned on the AC and when they did it was freezing cold. The staff were amazing, and great people to be around. The treatment plan was a joke I got to leave early because there was nothing they could do for me in their. I was their for drugs n anger not suicide.

landon mayhue


KingJ Jasper

S Lightfeather

Great place if you want your kids meeting up with untrained uneducated staff afterwards to buy weed. Sent my kid there to get off drugs. Huge joke.

Kelly Gonzalez

I have a lot to say about this facility but I'll keep it to a minimum. They held my daughter 4 extra days AFTER I tried to get her released into my care because someone was on a power trip!! Kids were teased by staff and doctor threatened long term for no reason. What little communication we had seemed to be a lie from front office.

xPurplesimx .

The place was good to me, great staff members, made friends there. This place was better than the facility i went to before here, plus one of the staff was hot ;)

Please Kill Me

This is a very good place for teenagers to heal, as long as they are willing to put in the effort to get better.

Savannah yvonne Quinn

Im 21 and i was there in 2011 n i love it it a good place for n after i left i never got back on drugs i was doing now I'm clean and healthy with a great husband and a little boy thanks yall for helping me turn my life around I got the help i needa and stormy was really awesome and the stuff was really good when i was there . once again thanks yall for everything im clean sobor going 7years ! If it wasnt for yall who knows where i would be!!

detective thanos

i still wanna kill myself, but some of the staff was hot

joe bob

I was put in there a few years back for drugs and whatnot. It was a pretty good experience. I was just a kid who kept getting in trouble, not so much a kid with major addiction problems. That changed after I got out. Its like I started having real problems after I left there. Tiss all my fault though. They bad many a good lessons for me, I just didn't learn them.

Elsa Jackson

Alexis Morales

The treatment was a waste of time but the staff were very nice.

Cass Hobbie

This was such a blessing for my daughter! Everyone here was professional and caring. They are dedicated to helping children with coping skills for life. Our therapist was Mary Basquine and she is AMAZING, as was the rest of the staff!! They are parent friendly encouraging visits and phone calls. Visits are twice a week for 3 hours and phone calls are allowed on each shift. Other places have been very similar to prison. C.R.C. is structured and competently supervised yet respectful and caring. I would highly recommend this facility!!!

Jessica Carrillo

I'm more depressed and suicidal then when I was brought in against mine and my mums will. but I did make good friends.

Gabi Orrostieta

I can honestly say this place is a joke! I mean all the staff are very nice the treatment it self is a joke!

Someone Anonymous

The clinical director and executive director are racist AF.

Crystal Walker

David Benham

Would have given 0 stars, but 1 is the minimum... This place needs to be audited top to bottom. The counseling staff didn’t get any of the pertinent information supplied at intake, and are actively trying to commit insurance fraud by trying to charge my insurance on a child that isn’t even there anymore like she is still inpatient there!! Seems like they have problems supplying basic things like heat and a/c, and staff won’t touch/teach mainstream religion, but apparently have no problems sharing Wicca with mentally disturbed, impressionable children. The complete staff including counselors ignore all facts and info supplied by parents, educators, and even other psychiatrists and listen only to disturbed, mentally ill children. Avoid this place if at all possible! The faded out vinyl temporary signage hanging up should give you an idea of how poorly the place is being ran. Additional Note: Counselor called in a report/claim to DHS stating we were purchasing our Daughters’ MENTAL HEALTH MEDICATION “off the street” for her, something our mentally ill child claimed... which caused us to be investigated... didn’t even ask us about it... seriously?!? She’s on soonercare (they paid for the visit there), they fill the bottles at Walgreens for free. Nothing she is on is something a normal person is gonna get anything from but be in a coma for a couple days. Utterly Ridiculous!

Shamra Jameson

Kinoshita Yuuko

Was only 15 going on 16 when I was there. There were like five showers in the bathroom, they watched me bathe, GameCube, ps2 and DVDs from the 80s to keep us entertained. Pros: summer bbqs and a pool table. Cons: not allowing us to sleep in "class" or in other words, a silent room to doodle on our papers in.

Skylar Garrett

Page Craun

They didn’t fix me and they don’t fix anyone. They just like to think they do.

Amelia Fisher

Glad I recovered but i ffelt like I was in prison

Sara Rogers


I love this place helped me out a lot when I was younger but I've been to more than one place but this one helped the most

Alexis Walkup

the treament was horrible its like prison but the food worst , you verly gt to see your parents .

Vivieus Centinivicus

The place is an average mental health institution, treating a wide range of mental disorders, the experience may not be the greatest, but you will get the help you need, and that's all that matters.

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