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REVIEWS OF Bethany Behavioral Health IN Oklahoma

Heather Caldwell

As s patient I was treated as though i was a criminal. I was suicidal because of new medication for my bipolor having bad reaction. I was refused treatment for nausea and vomiting and was yelled at when i was sick on my way back to my room. I was told i would not be able to leave until i was eating and going to group butdue to stomach flue was not able to eat and keep food down No one would answer questions i had and i was npt allowed to call family.

Ana Robledo

Sandra Harding

Can't give it a zero rating so a 1 is all I can do.

Lucy Udo

They really care for the sick

Nysa Rivera

Stay away from this place. It is extremely overpriced for the amount of care received and for a center that does not understand anything about Mental Health other than medication ( if even that). The staff was more often that not rude, dehumanizing, and unempathetic which often made patients worse or unable to heal due to the cold, distant environment. We were all treated like angsty teens with a victim complex, “filthy addicts,” or psychos rather than adults with legitimate trauma or mental disorders. This place might help for others, but all I saw was unnecessary, mindless, too optimistic preaching from the nurses telling us to quit “playing the victim” and to pretend the world is a great place (including religion being crammed down our throats), and bogus “psychiatric” exams. The psychiatrist there is horrible, and will not give you the time required for an accurate diagnosis for anything. He does not talk in depth or test patients one on one, instead simply asks how we are feeling that day (we are only allowed a minute before being cut off)and checks off a box before dismissing us. They will not accommodate injuries from pre-arrival (for example not giving a wheelchair if you are unable to walk due to a recent injury but still requiring you to walk during activities, which in result makes the injury worse) nor will they accommodate physical disabilities. The food is basically prison food (what can you expect, but still.) There are much better facilities out there and for the price this place is, it’s not worth it at all. It’s a place that’s better than nothing if you are in case of emergency, but for prolonged treatment I would not recommend it.

Nathan Corbett


Tyler P

DO NOT TAKE LOVED ONES HERE My wife skipped a day of meds and had a breakdown. Her dr advised us to take her here due to it being late in the day on a Friday. It took about three hours for her to be admitted, and I was told I could call her and talk anytime prior to 930pm and would be her up in 72 hours. Plus, that they would contact me within 24. After 60 hours of her being in there the staff still won’t talk to me. Even though I’m authorized. And I found out through billing they are now keeping her for 120 hours and the weekend she spent there didn’t even count. To top it off she’s only allowed One five min phone call a day. And the nurses miscommunicated and double dosed her. They refuse to talk to her or myself about when they plan to release her or what if any changes they’re making to her treatment. This place is a prison. DO NOT take a loved one here

Brian White

I get that working in a mental health facility is not glamorous, but when treating someone with a mental health issue, it is important to get the family involved. I have a loved one who is currently there and I cannot get a response from anyone. I have called and left countless voicemails and the only call I get from this place is to talk about billing and payment. Typical. There is a signed Release of Information paper autorizing me to obtain info on file in my loved one's file. There is no reason why someone shouldn't contact me to give me info. If nothing else, so that I can plan the temporary changes in my life. They just don't seem to be lacking the one quality mental health workers should have, and that's compassion.

Anahit Balasanyan

Very cold reception

Kellie Christina Dick


Amazing staff from the techs to the psychiatrists. Wonderful people. They take the time to understand your problems, and if you show them respect they will return the favor. 5 Stars. would commit myself again.

Lois Sweat

Most of the employees are very rude and uninformative, stay on their personal data devices and call patients names. They have no compassion for the mentally ill or their family. Trying to call my family member in there is a bad experience. It's been almost 2 weeks and still they've done VERY little other than run up large bills. Since March 1.... Still the same.

Sharon Strickland

I agree, this place may need to be shut down. But to my understanding, it is the only geriatric psychological facility around. My roommate was admitted to Bethany Behavioral Health for geriatric treatment for 2 weeks. I understand that place is managing the worst of the worst but I feel they need to supervise the patients more. My roommate was far worse when he left there than when he entered. I do not feel his received any type of treatment, except for several new prescriptions. The place never contacted my roommate's primary physician, psychiatrist, therapist, or myself in regards to what medicines he was taking prior to admittance. I would seriously like to see the past audit results on this facility.

Marcia Browne

Worst place in world techs r lazy and abusive place needs to b shut down do not take ur loved ones there wanted to give no star

Nicole Webster

LoriliHime .

The only reason I will give them a single star is because the head nurse was caring and did everything within her power to help. One or two of the staff was decent and seemed to care but other then that, its worse then a prison. Upon arrival, was threatened to be arrested if I did not comply and sign their paperwork to be admitted. I was also told that if I did not comply, that staff member would make sure I was there for 2 weeks or more. If you can, avoid this place. A good doctor is better then here. I lost 15 pounds in a week (which I didn't need to loose) because of their meal plan and am still fighting to get the weight back. I was there several months ago. They also refuse to give anything to my primary care physician even though I have signed three different medical release forms to get the information. I would also like to point out that the reviews on indeed are even 2 1/2 stars. That comes from people who have worked there.

Marie Peterson

Try to pick up my mother-in-law on her day of release and they wouldn’t release her to us. They sent her home in a cab at 10:30 at night in the winter with no shoes or coat. The cab driver couldn’t speak English. She was so disoriented she didn’t even know where she lived. She end up going to the neighbors house not knowing it was her neighbors and they let her in the house and called for help. They should’ve been sued over this.

Richard Keklinski

Eh I liked it lol

TreynReah Morgan

Nice staff,proffesional!!!!!!Been here twice

Upset Daughter

My Mother was treated here 3 weeks ago for mental health issues. Not only were her mental health issues not treated but she was treated like an addict . My mother has legitimate , documented chronic pain do to a severe auto accident 2 years ago. They promised me they would treat her pain as well as severe anxiety and depression . They did not , what they did do was yank her off all her meds cold turkey and Gave her Tylenol for her chronic pain!!! I gave this place 4 Days thinking that they knew more gbsn me but on the 5th day of seeing my mom sobbing in pain and begging for help, literally far worse than she was when I brought her in I found a different place and asked her to be released and they refused . I fought and finally 2 days later I was able to get her checked into a compassionate and legitimate place. This place should be shut down. Allowing people who are willingly there to get help for mental health (NOT ADDICTION) to suffer and cry for days isn’t therapy it’s torture . I have all my documents and proof and will be filing a complaint with every damn higher up I can find .

claire Viol

I am giving this facility one star for the following reasons: irresponsible, uncaring nurses (with the exception of a couple, like Mike, who were amazing, kind, and supportive during a difficult time.) one nurse imparted her own religious views during a group therapy session, which I felt was hugely inappropriate during group. a couple of other nurses were also rude, negligent and cold, so I have no idea why they decided to work in a mental health facility. the techs (especially Aaron and Thaddeus) were AMAZING, and funny and super understanding and supportive and helpful. they could make a gloomy day a little brighter, and never made me feel bad for asking for anything like some nurses did. they were also willing to talk with patients about their mental health issues, and I could tell they really made a difference to some of the other patients. Earnest and Trey were also amazing techs. if anything, the techs did more for the patients than the majority of the nursing staff. if you have a choice in selecting a facility during a time of need, don't pick this place. unfortunately I didn't have a choice. the rooms were frigid, and patients whose clothing didn't fit the "standards" were forced to wear papery scrubs, and not allowed to use a blanket outside of the room to keep warm, which I felt was grossly inhumane. I have been treated in other facilities where you were at least allowed to use a blanket to keep warm. I avoided using the showers, as every time you walked by them they smelled strongly of sewage. the food was disgusting. also, I have never been in a mental health facility where a menstruating woman couldn't use tampons, and wasn't allowed to have anyone bring them to the facility for personal use. I felt that this was sexist and wrong. all in all, if you are having mental health issues, please, please don't go here. I would say it's a step above jail, at any rate, but with the exception of a handful of staff, it is not a great place if you are having problems. the therapist, Adrian (sp?) was awesome, and as far as the group therapy sessions went, the one session I had with her was amazing and I genuinely learned useful things to help with communication. Mike conducted nursing groups that were entertaining, informative and genuinely engaged patients. I hate to give this place a low rating because of some awful nurses and the overall standards of the facility, but it is what it is. I was especially disgusted by one nurse, who was negligent to a fault. I was sitting in the lounge area, reading for a good twenty minutes or so. I went to go to the restroom for a few minutes, to come back to her "looking" for me and saying she couldn't find me. another time I slightly cracked my door to use the restroom, as the only thing separating you from the door and the public in the hallway is a curtain. she came up and flung my door wide open and left. it was a gross invasion of what little privacy you are afforded. the rules were also not consistent. a Nurse Dickman, told me I had to remove all of my facial piercings and earrings. I did, even though I told her that it would close up relatively quickly if I did so as it is a lip piercing, and the inside heals fast. however another girl there was able to wear her nose stud, and said all she had to do was refuse. another patient was allowed several hoops in her ears. I think if you're going to make rules like this, you should be consistent. thankfully I was able to get my piercing back in, though it was painful. I feel bad giving such a bad review of a place where there are some genuinely good, caring people working there. I understand many are working long hours and caring for several patients going through a variety of mental issues at one time. but this place isn't beneficial, and if you have a choice, don't pick this place for yourself or your loved ones. but many thanks to those individuals who made a very depressing and dismal experience a little bit brighter for their genuine caring attitudes and attentiveness. you are in the right line of work.

Janet Murphy


Charged for things not done. Never saw a psychiatrist. Attended group only. Tried to keep through the weekend to make more money. Charged $1500 per day!! This place is shameful!!

Xavier Chastain

When I called and asked if I could get the status of a family member, the lady answering the phone replied with, “I don’t know who your family member is.” Could you all have a little compassion? We’re already stressed enough without someone being snarky and condescending to us. How about reply with, “Could I get the name of your family member?” I hope you don’t treat your patients, the same as the people who answer your phones.

DPB Land

They most reprehensible, miserable, worthless place on earth - should be shut completely down!! Dr’s are rude - unresponsive and scared of their own shadows making it impossible to speak to or treat patients. The staff won’t return calls. The only professional person in the building was the receptionist. I would never send a family member to this place! They will not receive the care or medication they need for their mental health. You would be better off taking your loved one to the local dog pound . I wish I could give them NO STARS!

Alma Atondo

Devoted ToCC

I wish I didn't have to even click one star for this sham of a place. My husband and I took our son to this place hoping he would be admitted for treatment of his psychosis instead some stupid african man assessed him and said he wasn't acute enough to be admitted. In less than an hour from leaving this place my son ended up in jail because he became increasingly violent. The staff is rude and unhelpful and act as if you have all day to be attended to. The receptionist knows nothing. They wanted good insurance and my son has none. They claimed after the assesment a doctor would be called but I could hear the techs talking in another room when I went to the restroom. No doctor was called before that tech had decided to send us home with a referral to somewhere else. As off and hostil as my son was behaving they were just fools to let him walk out of there. One last piont is my son had been admitted there eight years ago when it was under different management and associated with Deaconess hospital. Please don't waste your time this place is aweful !!!

mama bear

The process of admitting your loved one to a a behavioral health unit is a difficult and vulnerable experience I do not wish on anyone. After an incredibly traumatic experience at a large local hospital, we had our love one transferred to Bethany, and it was the bright spot in such a hard time for us. Everyone we encountered at Bethany was warm and welcoming and set our weary hearts at ease. Knowing that our patient would be treated with dignity rather than aggressively restrained was enough to help us know we had found the right place. Within 48 hrs of quality treatment, our loved one was back to himself- and we were able to bring him home earlier than we ever thought possible. This is not our first rodeo with inpatient treatment- but it was by far the best. If you are like I was just a 8 days ago- scouring reviews online to try and decide where your loved one will be taken care of-please consider Bethany. You won't regret it. We will never go anywhere else.

Joe W


Abbi ladon

Jeff Scroggins


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