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Jack Dalton

Just had a vesectomy done here and for the nature of my surgery it was a very pleasant experience. First off with anyone named Jack Dalton go here and everyone adores you. Big MacGyver (trusty side kick Jack Dalton) and Roadhouse (Dalton) fans here lol. But yeah the staff was very thorough with everything and I was put out and woke up and everything was done. Everyone here was very professional and courteous and did their job well. Thanks again for the great experience as this was my first time having any kind of surgery for anything. P.S for anyone looking to get a vesectomy there is nothing to be worried about it's done before you know it.

Abby Russell

I was seen around thanksgiving after been referred from falcon health (please see falcon health center review) after they refused to treat me for a kidney infection. The physician at falcon health could not be convinced that I have chronic kidney infections and was sure I had a kidney stone. I was sent to the er, where I was made to submit to testing I did not want or need. The end result was that I had a kidney infection, just like what was stated in my initial complaint. I have asked repeatedly for an itemized statement so I can dispute charges, and I have yet to receive one. And now I have a new bill with late charges. None of this would have happened if I had been considered an expert of my own body, but I was not believed, embarrassed, made to submit to testing, and now, am financially responsible for multiple unnecessary visits, procedures and personnel cost.

Jeanette Lindquist

My mom was having heart issues and they got her back right away during her care the staff was professional, good, and explained what was going on with her she ended up having to stay for 3 days but want to thank her ER nurse Blake and Doctors and all the others that took care of her.

Jim welty

was in this emergency room in May for a swollen elbow. couldn't even pick up a bottle of water, My boss took me to this ER they looked at it give me a wrist brace sent me home and got a 600 dollar bill, Ended up finally getting into my family Dr and found out is was a torn tendon. NICE. don't waste your time or money. In there again in June for a rash on my leg about the size of a baseball they did a ultra sound said its just a rash called cellulitis give me a script for 2 different meds 4 days later the rash is blistering and twice the size, called the ER said that my symptoms are getting worse and I was just told come back in and we will look at it again, I don't think so Im already gonna get a bill for the ER and ultra sound why go back and get billed for a second guess at it. Aggravation!!!

Richard Babb

Thieves, go anywhere else you can. I've been charged nearly a thousand dollars for an ER visit that consisted of 2 people seeing me for under 5 minutes and a third who gave me 2 bandages an OTC pain killer.

Brenda Ortloff

Two times my loved one was admitted there. Both times they were screw-ups.

Eli Ella

I've never visited this hospital but I received a bill with an amount charge from them. Who sold my personal information to you and fabricated this charge! Are you kidding me??? Liar!

nicholas Schroeder

Nurse practitioner miss diagnosed a bodily issue and doctor didn’t double check her while he was in room!

Autumn River Moon

Terrible experience in the maternity ward.

Wendy Rogers

Monica Jones

Had some issues with my IV and getting it changed and getting my meds but had some wonderful nurses. I had an RN name Jon and CNT Maddie and they were AMAZING!!!! They had the most amazing bedside manner and were there for all my needs. Thank you.

Angie Grilliot

Cody craft01233

Radiology department customer service skills are lacking. Angie was rude when scheduling a MRI appointment. I canceled and will be going somewhere else for treatment. They need to understand communication skills is a must when dealing with the public and being rude is not needed. I’m not from here and recently moved to Bowling Green but her rudeness will keep me away from Wood County hospital.

Nanci Harris

Great staff

Selina Jones

Always had a great experience, even though I didn’t want to be there.

Heather Jackson

I am from the Chicago land area, and had to make an unexpected visit to WCH ER. The experience was amazing! Fast service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and most importantly I felt compassion from everyone! ! I left with a smile on my face and new friends! Keep up the amazing work in the ER!! This is why small town charm and grace is an experience like no other!

Don Echelbarger

Keeping my diet low

George Handel

Nice nurses in the ER and make sure you grab some snacks

Steve West

Tiffany Trimble

Rae Phone

GO IN FOR A SPRAINED WRIST COME OUT IN A BODY BAG. I went there for a routine check up and was told by Dr.Lemon that I "HAD" to be tested for syphilis, even though I exhibited no symptoms and knew I didn't have it. The test cost me around $600 and guess what? I DIDN'T HAVE SYPHILIS. So I called the hospital and got rerouted half a dozen times to speak to someone about my bill. The woman laughed at me and said I should have disobeyed the doctor and thrown my biohazard sample in the trash can on my way out. "After all what was the doctor going to do to you if you didn't have it done?" Apparently all necissary medical tests are in fact optional and up to you as a patient to know what you need. When my kidneys began failing, I was rushed to the Wood County E.R. (before we knew what was wrong) and they first told me I didn't have a fever even though it had been a consistent 106 at home and I had just been dragged in by my mom through a negative 40 degree parking lot. Then I was informed that I had diabetes (I'm 5'7" and 130lbs with no prior history) oh no "I think I'm in the wrong room" waited an hour then got "we don't know what's wrong so here's some vicadin for the pain" I came back a few weeks later and after immediately attempting to prep me for surgery because I had apendesitis (during which three people tried placing an IV, the last of whom appeared willing to tear my arm off if it wouldn't go in, and I lost about an ounce of blood through my arm, seriously it looked like someone had been slaughtered in my bed) oh wait no I didn't need surgery so sit in this bed for a few hours then they told me "we're sending you home, we don't know what's wrong but most times people come in here they leave without us knowing what's wrong. Here's another prescription for more vicadin" and sent me on my way.

Logan Schraufnagel

Stefani Walker

denise carter

When you need medical help they are here...never ever in 26 years have i had a problem with their service.

tim foster

Aaron West

Follow up with your primary care physician.

Chad L Hoover

Jackie U. in billing is unprofessional, arrogant, moody, inpatient, classless and mocks those with Brian Tumors and laughs at those with single sided deafness. The Blade will be contacted as will my Attorney. Can't belive she is in the position that she is in. She should step down now what a shameful display and cowardly. SHE MAKES FUN OF THOSE WITH DISABILITIES!

Tom Knoedler

I don't know why people are giving bad reviews. My wife was admitted through the ER. The ER staff were extremely prompt with their assessment and then the requisite blood draws, CT scan, and review was the most efficient I have ever seen. Once admitted to a room, she received top-notch care. When we mentioned to a Dr that she was only getting 3 hours of sleep due to the staggered treatments/blood draws/medication administration, he ordered everything to be better coordinated; because of that, she started getting 6-8 hours of sleep which GREATLY improved her health. I would drive out of my way to go to Wood Co Hospital. They are great!

Cody Graening

This hospital is by far the worst hospital I have ever been too. The staff in the ER are seemingly unable to move at a faster pace than a snail. Doctors take forever to come by. Never once had a pleasant experience at Wood County. Drive to a Promedica facility for treatment is possible.

Mesa Brummette

I'm SOOO confused right now!! My 2 year old son is/WAS a patient of the child development center. I called them with concerns about his aggression, further speech delay, and sleeping issues. They seemed like they really wanted to help and even moved his appt up by almost a month for us to be seen faster. But when we went to his appt..... they literally just sat there for about 5 minutes and talked about nothing. I mean nothing. I literally asked them if they had any advice or further help for his behavior or his PICA and constantly eating his fingers and non-food items or his frustration with speech and she said, "No we dont really do much advice on that"...... WHAT?! I literally wish I would have stopped and asked, "Wait, can you repeat that?" Why is there a development clinic for autistic kids and even have a preschool for autistic kids if you dont know how to treat their symptoms and actions. This lady acted like she had no clue what she was doing. When I mentioned his sleep concerns, she mentioned a medication and told me to think about it, didnt say whether he should get it, pros or cons of it, didn't tell me if she would prescribe it or where I could get it, just told me to think about it. She stood up and asked my son if he was ready to go "bye bye" before I even realized the appt was over. I've contacted his pediatrician and he is going to be seen somewhere else now. I dont know how that was even in the slightest supposed to be beneficial to my child.

Wendy Ernsthausen

My elderly father-in-law was admitted for three days. The care was excellent and the staff was very friendly! Great hospital!

Anna Ward

The staff here are extremely rude. Do not go here.

Isabel Reyes

Kendyl Wheeler

I had the night staff in the ER and they were absolutely amazing. They were quick and efficient. All were super friendly and made me feel super comfortable.

Matthew Bunker

As I have said in the past...this hospital needs to STOP calling the BGPD every stinking time someone is being "disorderly." You have them locked up and permanently scar their records for life potentially by doing so. I don't care how much hiring a private security staff or investing in restraints costs you. This hospital needs to stop crying to the BGPD everytime some drunk or disorderly person becomes too much for a HOSPITAL to handle. Ever hear of restraints? Get with the 21st century, WCH. Stop calling the police because you are just too busy, too lazy, or too intolerant to learn to restrain and detox disorderly people. Trust me, it is a better and more progressive way forward in the 21st century, and would do you and the community, not to mention the economy (stop having people arrested by calling the police and marking up their record). Can't find the money to do it? Figure something out. I see another person was recently arrested on May 19 at the hospital. Enough is enough. Please don't make my next complaint say something like too STUPID. M.Bunker

Hope for Taylor and Stacey

Worst hospital I've ever been to. Their lab violates Hippa privacy act and the idiots, didn't even draw all the blood lab work my doctor ordered and had to go back 2 weeks later to get it done. And don't tell anyone in the ER of allergies, because they interogate you about those allergies and the reactions, as if you are lieing about your allergies. Sh!tty hospital. As for surgery, DON'T GO! My son had to go there for 3 surgeries in 1 month's time to have 1 kidney stone removed. P!ss poor at it's finest!

Leigh Ann Lee

Upon entering the ER with extreme upper abdominal pain and no insurance they treated me with minimal care. No insurance, little testing.... discharged only to have to return the next day in tears begging for help! They referred me to DR. Park to follow up within 24 hours. 7 months later, DR. PARK STILL DOES/HAS NOT REVIEWED the ER tests NOR ORDERED further tests. STILL IN PAIN and now having mild chest pain I drove to Columbus to get help! Be cautious of this hospital! I can't say more!

Evonna Starkloff

I have a pinch nerve in my neck i went to the Er they told me the problem an give me a doctor akbary number to go see him i did he did nothing had me take an Mri ok fine but I can't get an appt for 2 weeks so I went back to the er they were so rude I'm in so much pain I have no place to turn until i can get in to a doc you no not everyone is just out for drugs some ppl need the help I promise you i want come back to that er if I was dieing I will drive to toledo the female doc I saw today the worst doc ever she was so rude then wouldn't even come back in to the room and I m going to tell anybody an everyone stay away from bowling Green hospital if you want help go to toledo 12 9 2016

Kara Lavey

Came here for my 10 y/o son having severe abdominal pain. Got us right in within minutes. Customer service, bedside manners and medical decisions were absolutely top notch. Never have I ever written a review for anything but I was super impressed. Another reason I love this town!!

Lisa Strickland

Tim Warren

They were slow and sent someone home with a serious infection.

Brianna Mills

It seems every time I go to Wood County ER, ( which recently has been a lot) either the nurses are very rude, they don't know whats wrong with you so they drug you up. Visit 1: Okay so this visit I was having abdominal pain and they put me on FENTANYL, Fentanyl.. I am 16 years old and I was sick as a dog sweating and nauseous and I told them i wasn't even in that much pain in the first place I was just concerned.Visit 2: I've asked for a catheter 3 times and it took the third time for the nurses to understand "hey maybe there is really something wrong with her bladder". But, even then they sent me home even though I cannot pee and I'm having bladder pain and the feeling of fullness, Before i came to the ER, I had to strain myself get some pee out of me. Their excuse why they had to release me was that "there is nothing wrong with me".

Abbigail Pickering

Danielle Cook

I take my daughter who is autistic to speech and Occupational Therapy at Wood County Hospital. We have been going here for 2 1/2 yrs now and am so glad we started and stuck it out in spite of the drive (from Wauseon) and the waiting lists. The therapists that have worked with her have worked hard and been so very PATIENT and kind. They go out of their way to provide tools and information for home. To provide continuity they provide home education and are more than willing to communicate with school and other therapists so everyone can be on the same page. We're thankful for the help we receive at Wood County Therapy.

Luciana Vega

Kris Wilson

I was taken to Wood County Hospital alone by ambulance after I hit my head and lost a moderate amount of blood in an accident. They slapped a bit of glue on my forehead, left me to sleep by myself for about an hour, and sent me off despite the following: a) They were fully aware I had no way of contacting someone who could pick me up, b) The bus they told me to take home had stopped running a half hour ago, and c) I'd been diagnosed with a concussion: One bad enough that I literally couldn't read and didn't know my own phone number. I cried about my broken glasses and the nurse just looked annoyed. So, I attempted to walk home and slowly wandered a mile and a half in the wrong direction in an unfamiliar neighborhood before I was competent enough to pick a random contact from my phone. A long-distance friend picked up and lead me back to my dorm using Google Maps. When I got back, I was covered in so much blood that my roommate thought I'd dyed my (thick, shoulder-length) hair. She cleaned me up, got me water, and everything else the hospital staff was probably supposed to do. So, long story short, get somebody to drive you to Toledo. I probably would have been safer had I been left to bleed on the pavement alone.

Rachel Krist

I was rushed by ambulance to the Wood County hospital after having shortness of breath, intense pain in my side, and extreme dizziness. While the ambulance staff were very nice and attentive to my situation, the hospital staff pretty much neglected me. They gave me an EKG (figured since it was normal that nothing was wrong with me) and then basically had me wait 40 minutes before giving me the pain medication. I needed to get up at one point to throw up (at which time I was writhing in pain) no one bothered to help me unhook myself even though I was the only patient in the ER. I had to undo everything and stumble to the bathroom with no help from anyone there. They then figured since I was throwing up I had indigestion. One of the doctors suggested I might have gallstones but instead of giving me an ultrasound to find out, they just send me home with some aspirin and nexium (which I threw up afterwards). I had a similar situation happen to me a few months ago in which my parents rushed me to Southwest General (in Cleveland) where they ACTUALLY TESTED ME and found out I had gallstones and did surgery later that day. The Wood County hospital didn't even bother doing any of this. Sad excuse for a hospital that shouldn't be in a college town where there is potential for a lot of accidents.

Brian Dorn

Dr. Gomez did a great job on my hip. To bad I didn't have it done two years ago.

Kara Fallon

I've been misdiagnosed and mistreated on three separate occasions. My advice is to drive the extra distance to another facility

Maddison Stewart

This is what my arm looked like after a trip to the Wood County Emergency room. I have never felt more unheard in my life. I have never been to a hospital before- I see it as a last resort, only if you're dying type of deal. Two weeks ago I became so ill my roommate and I decided a trip to the hospital was eminent. I could not stop throwing up, my stomach was severely cramping, I was extremely nauseous, and my head was throbbing. I was immediately brought into a hospital room upon arrival which I did appreciate. However, from the very start I could tell they were not taking me seriously. It was very obvious I was very dehydrated so they tried to hook me up to an IV to get some fluids in me. It took them 3 different nurses, 5 tries, and ultrasound machine for them to find a vein. 5 TIMES I was poked in the arm until they were successful. Ridiculous, I was not in shock, my veins had not collapsed, I was cooperating. Also I want to add during my visit they were switching shifts and it was obvious the people leaving didn't care about my health and the people replacing them weren't so interested either. The doctor only visited me twice and at one point I was so nauseous and ill feeling I used the call button and it took them 10 minutes for a nurse to come in and say "I'll talk to the doctor" and leave me in misery again. I thought hospitals are supposed to make you feel better! I finally asked can I just go home? And the nurse asked the Doctor to discharge me. She did not explain the results of my CAT scan, or multiple blood tests, or even tell me my diagnosis. I had to question and even then she said the info was in my discharge papers. My diagnosis: A migraine. HA. I get migraines and headaches often, never once have I experienced nausea, vomiting, stomach cramping, from a migraine. This was completely off and almost like he didn't know what was wrong with me so he stuck headache as my diagnosis. I have a high pain tolerance, I am a tough girl, I've experienced migraines. This was not it. The diagnosis alone proved my Doctor did not spend enough time with me. My sister who is a nurse thinks what I really had was the Noro virus. I am so unimpressed with this hospital and wish I wouldn't have wasted my time and risked suffering at home instead.

Brandon Senecal

Adam Brian

Barb Chapman

kim Cerilli

Friendly and fast working even at 5:30am!

Icey Shaynee

Emily Dodd

This hospital is a joke. Took my son in and didnt see a dr kne time while being their over two hrs. At one point in time in that two hours all the staff went on break. This hoapital use to make children a priority and he was not. Its an emergency room not come in and check on him on your own time. What if it was more serious then what it was and was on the verge of dying but no nurse or dr gave a s*** about it. Hmmmm seems to me they dont care about anything besides money!!! I will be driving from bg to flower hospital next time so I knkw my son geta the proper care next time i need to take him in. Shame on all the staff at that hospital

Deadly Nightmaxre

They told me I needed emergency surgery, yet I stayed in the hospital for two days for nothing.

Jill R

Had to wait over an hour to get into emergency room. Once I was in a room the nurse missed my vein multiple times (which I understand) but then proceeded to leave all of my blood on me and the blankets.


My daughter was overcharged for an ED visit. Was charge over a $1000 for a simple thing. Way too expensive. Taking advantage of the students.

Ann Ireland

Had a knee replacement in 2016 and a hip replacement in 2018 both by Dr Deering. Could not have asked for better care. The nurses and physical therapy ladies in the hospital we're so caring! I live in Rossford I could have chosen another hospital closer. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a joint replacement! Christian Gambrell is going to make an awesome nurse, he was excellent as my stna! Brenda was such a helpful caring nurse as well!

Dan R Stanley

Excellent! All the staff i encountered were courteous and very helpful. They went beyond the necessary to provide me with medical care and tended to my personal needs. I am very impressed with this institution and its people. Dr Hess was open, honest, professional and caring. I have made it known to my friends and family how I was treated and how grateful I am that these fine people came to the aid of a truck driver who was alone and doesn't live in their area. My particular malady could not be completely resolved in their hospital, the treatment is lengthy and will be completed at my home area. They got me past the initial emergency situation, did initial diagnosis of the cause and made sure I was in good shape to travel home. Thank you so very much, I will always remember you. Dan R Stanley, (bearded, scruffy truck driver)


Joseph D'Alecy

I had been hit by a car, was in the ER, and a Doc asked me to keep from using profane language. I almost got a cab to the toledo hospital, but luckily the nurses are liberal with pain killers.

Matt Bunker

This hospital needs to find a better way to restrain people who are under the influence or being disorderly. I understand the tax payers do not want to be responsible for the stupidity of others, but this hospital continues to call the BG police department over and over and over again. Just this past Friday, they called the police multiple times on disorderly drunk subjects, even though they had given warnings and soft restraints. This is an ongoing problem with this hospital, and has been for years. But calling the police over and over and continously having people arrested is not the answer. The hospital is in a college town and is just that, a hospital. They need to learn and seek better, more effective ways to restrain people until they sober up. They are a HOSPITAL, and drug/alcohol problems in a HOSPITAL should be treated as such, medical, detox issues. Either they need a detox unit, or HARD restraints, both, continously having these people thrown in jail and burdening the local city police is not the answer and is not a very customer-friendly way to treat even intox. patients. You view yourselves as a business or a hospital? It is also the responsibility of the hospital to find the funds to purchase said restraint and detoxification means, or at least transfer patients to a rehab inpateint rather than a jail. It is the 21st century, and being a small town hospital having the convinience of the local police nearby is no longer a valid excuse. LEARN how to restrain your patients until they sober up. Don't sit here and whine and complain to the police over and over and mark up people's criminal records by having them arrested because you still have not figured out or perhaps, worse, don't care to figure out better and more humane ways to treat your custo---patients. It is a college town on top of that, so this hospital should be most familiar by now with intoxicated subjects. There is a better way to restrain and sober-up your patients than simply doing the most convienient thing and having them arrested because you as a HOSPITAL just can't handle them. Can't afford it financially? Figure it out. WCH is a great hospital with much potential for future expansion, and their cancer center is probably wonderful. The times I have been there, with the exception of once in 2011, the staff has been first-rate in service, and extremely kind and courteous to me, understanding my conditions, concerns, even cracking medical stories of my medical history. I know they also do not appreciate the stupidity of drunk and disorderly clientele and patients. I really have a great respect for all the staff, doctors, receptionists, nurses...everyone, and they do not deserve at all what they go through with unruly, uncooperative subjects, especially when they are intoxicated their own poor judgement. I also look forward to seeing how the hospital continue to expand in the future, and it's wonderful support of the community and the university. The people and the care are timely and first-rate, and I greatly appreciate the many times they have taken care of me and brought me back to healh. But this is an issue that needs to be resolved. Such draconian methods and means such as I have highlighted should no longer be applied in the 21st century of care, including, in some cases, banning patients, of course, only in some cases. There are better, more modern means by which to handle such patients, instead of putting them in the criminal justice system, when they could be sobered up and sent on their way probably within 24 hrs. or not very long if beyond that, if not less than that amount of time. More bed space and funding for it would be another solution, perhaps.Thank you, and, like I said, I have enormous respect for the hospital and staff, and gratitude/thanks for the quality of care and service I have recieved in the past from the hospital. But these are issues that need to be resolved. There are better ways to help even unruly, intoxicated patients than calling the police and having them arrested and a criminal charge applied. Thank you.

Will March

Stop having "unruly" patients arrested, ESPECIALLY after they have been medically cleared. If they are medically cleared to leave then just kick them out. No need to call the police and ding up someone's record potentially and potentially for the rest of their lives. And no, they did not "do it to themselves." There are probably many occasions when you could just kick the person out rather than running to the police. WCH needs to adjust it's policy, find some sort of private security funding, or learn to utilize restraints and medication to calm a person down. If anything, it is also straining the resources of the police many times when the hospital calls police, perhaps.


rude hung up on me

Maria Taylor

tammy ketcham

Another terrible experience at the Wood County Hospital. I was having extreme pain in my abdomen area during sex and incontinence issues. They we're much more concerned about my lack of insurance. Did a pelvic exam and a urine sample but apparently they didn't bother to look at either of them because I left with no real diagnosis. After following up with a doctor who actually knew what she was doing, she was able to clearly see i had a full blown UTI. I also had a major bowel obstruction causing me pain as well. SHE gave me actual antibiotics since your hospital didnt actually bother treating me. My recommendation? Unless you're dying, drive to Toledo.

Denise Shreffler

I've had 2 OR experiences that we're great. Staff was very helpful and nice.

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