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REVIEWS OF Trumbull Regional Medical Center IN Ohio

Justin Schubert

There's good people here doctors nurses to assistants. However there are some who act like being there isn't a priority. Whish reflects bad as a whole establishment . My last stay was brief but I saw both sides. Hopefully those get weeded out and can rebound becauee this was the premier hospital in the area

Roxanne Ford

I was treated quickly and kindly, was well informed on my prognosis, treatment and diagnosis. The staff was very engaging and helpful.

Lillie Wyant

Foxy Brown

I went here due to a cyst it was 10pm they put me in a room told me I would need surgery (instead of lancing it and putting me out of my pain) I waited 5hours waiting for surgery during this time I was hooked up to machine that kept beeping because air would get into my iv the nurse told me to push a botton when this would happen.because she was to busy to deal with I did this for two hours didn't get any sleep because of the loud beeping. finally a women comes to prep me for surgery yells at me an tell me that my iv was no longer working an now she has to find a new vein an that its all my fault I told her what the nurse told me to do she still yelled at me. so of course no one who is talking to me like that is pricking me or having me to be cut on so I call my fiance to come get me she yells at me an says so now u want to call him to come get u that isn't going to solve anything I go off on her an tell her to stay out of my phone conversation that is rude an that I want to speak to who ever is in charge of her. a man comes I ask him for his name he says he will not tell me his name! He says that he felt she wasn't being rude an will not be punished for yelling an budding into a conversation of a patient! I told him all i wanted was her to tell me sorry and i would go on with surgery he said really and smurked at me she never said sorry he never did anything . Really so I sign papers to leave an I march my happy ass to st Jose and never have I been back to trumbull. st Jose immediately lanced it cleaned it an said I didn't need surgery! And sent me home with antibiotics

Mike Ahmed

Very very bad experience

Tom Welcome

2 years have gone by since I had my heart attack and through Steward Medical Group in Dr Larry Woods I regained my vitality no longer on a lot of medication other than cholesterol and aspirin and metoprolo feeling strong and return to work as I wanted to sitting on the couch was not in my makeup

Wendell Wise

The wait was just stupid. The x-ray machine was down and it took forever to fix it. I was there for four hours I just got up and left.

the lyrics

They killed my mother for a minute in front of me she's 46 they over dosed her with pain killer they brought her back but never should have happened in the first place

Robert Drake

The hospital take two long I been here 3 hour in all they did is a ct

Tressa Thomas

Went there and left. If i want to die then and only then will i go there.

Marilyn Parise

Darlene Clutter

Monica Tyler


Alexis Martin

Went to get an answer and didnt receive proper care and still in pain

Kat H.

Gave birth too both of my baby's here their staff is a blessing such wonderful men and women. Their ER seems a little understaffed but that sadly seems too be the problem with all Hospitals.

Jaimie B

Fast, friendly, efficient. Best treatment we've experienced from an urgent care and/or ER. Recommend

Rob Harris

Been in the waiting room for an hour and a half, this is the last place I should've came , kids have school in am ,this is taking way too long

Lassie Welker

I love this place it is my absolute favorite Hospital

Gregg Richley

Staff was friendly, the waiting very short.


Charged 200 dollars for something called "Triage" which means they took my blood pressure. I asked if the wait was going to be really long due to me having to work in the morning and the fact that I wasn't in immediate danger of dying. She said about 6 hours due to call offs. I asked if I would be charged she told me no. Well low and behold I get a bill. Their payment office is impossible to get in touch with. I was informed that they have a "right" to charge that, you know what it isn't right to charge someone 200 dollars for 5 minutes of nothing. No wonder people want universal healthcare with crap like this. And yes I have insurance. Go to another hospital even if you get overcharged at least it will be clean.

eric mikesell

If i could give a lower rating i would. They are totally incompetent at their job and i would not trust them to treat a pet rock.

Joe Hochrein

All I can say is WOW. I felt like I was in a third world hospital. It was dirty, really dirty, there was garbage on the floor. The first nurse had a smokers cough and I could barely breath when she took a running start to put in my IV. Then she mentioned that the vein blew! They sent another person in after I complained to put an IV in my other arm (which I barely felt, nice job). I came to the hospital for food poisoning, they did all kinds of heart tests (CT scans) because I had pain in my right shoulder and arm. I laid there for a few hours in pain before they gave me something. They wanted to admit me for a stress test and finally we asked to just leave. Turns out the reason I had so much pain is that I injured my shoulder and ribs when I passed out from the food poisoning.


If seeking mental health care don't go here. Iv been there twice both times the Drs really don't listen to you they will just put you on sedatives till you tell them you fell ok. I'm home now after a week in 3south and my problems are worse due to the fact I have to detox off the the tranquilizers they insisted I need. The place makes a good detox for drug and alcohol. If you're having mental issues go somewhere else. Food was ok


I cannot believe how you nurses treat your nursing assistants and try to keep it hush hush so no family members can hear the way you talk to them.This hospital staff should be ashamed of themselves and need a serious reality check. Find your HUMANITY and talk to them like a person should be and not like you have such a high education that you feel the need to treat them like this I sure hope your bedside manner DOES NOT reflect what I heard! Trumbull... Find a whole new team of nurses for your ICU

dad dad

I have been here for hrs, there isn't hardly in people in ER. They keep saying I'm gonna get looked at and I'm bleeding really bad. Wow terrible, horrible hospital. I could die before they wait on me. Disgusting

BreAnna Wargo

If I could leave no stars I would. This facility is a sincere disgrace and should be shut down due to such malpractice. My sister was just admitted there. She claimed that she had attempted suicide, she still had suicidal thought, SHE HAD A PLAN TO COMMIT SUICDE. This makes her high risk for suicide and is classified as seeking help immediately. So we took her to the only place near us that provides psychiatric help. She went there and told them exactly her state of mind, and they told us that there was nothing they could do since she said she wasn't going to kill herself. They also found drugs in her system which means, she is not in a proper state of mind to make any decisions regarding her wellbeing. Yet they still said there was nothing they can do. I have never in my life seen such a disregard for life at a place that is supposed to save lives. I will never ever taken any loved ones here again, and will do whatever I can to see to it that this place is shut down due to such malpractice.

Edward Snyder

I actually was very impressed with both pre op and post op, surgical care. Very informative to my needs and questions. This is my care/My hospital.


Up until tonight, things were going somewhat decent with my husband's care, but we will definitely NOT be returning to this hospital. There is ALWAYS an issue with this place, this was our 2nd issue JUST THIS WEEK my husbands been in there that requires an wonder they only have a 1-2 star rating by MANY people. My husband was admitted on Monday, got a call today that he was being discharged so I get to the hospital to pick him up around 5pm. Based on medications he received while in the hospital, he had to have a MARS report stating ALL the medications given. There were 3 days worth of medications missing from the report, even though they were given. Spoke with adminstration, nursing staff and supervisor to figure out why these things were not in report and documented. Couldn't get no answers. Then after waiting for 3 hours for them to fix the issues, one of the nurses comes in and takes the MARS report given to him at 5pm, out of my husband's belonings. When my husband asked for them back another nurse said it's against the law for patients to have their MARS report, which is COMPLETE bullcrap because patients are allowed to get copies of their records ANY TIME they request them, and have NEVER had issues with ANY hospital prior to today giving a report when leaving the hospital. So even though he was technically discharged, signed paperwork and all, they were keeping him another night and said everything would be fixed in the is something that was not in the system to begin with going to magically appear in the morning ????? FORGING RECORDS NOW ???? Trying to cover their butts ???? Mmmmmm


Kinda graphic but this place is a joke. I went in being unable to urinate and by unable I mean nothing came out. I figured it was kidney stones or something like that but.. It turned into a 5 hour long process that ended with them saying I had an STI and that I needed to be more careful. After a male nurse randomly appeared in my room and accused me of "messing around" on my husband and that even if I had stones I would be able to urinate somewhat. Even with the catheter in I could pass absolutely nothing, not a drop. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and I was REALLY hurting mainly from the pressure of days worth of urine. I was told to take tylenol, they tested me and did an ultrasound and sent me home with nothing, no answers for anything nada, zilch. Couple hours after I got home (not) to my surprise I passed 3 pretty large kidney stones. When they *graciously* called the following day and I explained my ordeal the woman was legitimately in shock and apologized umteenth times and said she would follow up again. Never got a call, never got an apology, mainly from the male nurse who embarrassed me horribly in front of all the nurses and my husband. so I definitely do not recommend this joke of a *hospital*

Betsy Rulong

Bobby McBobberson

One of the worse hospitals in the area. St . Joseph is much better. They neerly killed by grandfather he had heart issues and they kept giving him meds KNOWING he had heart issues that would make his heart issues worse. Got him transferred to St . Joseph and they said they would have killed him if he stayed there much longer.

Lisa Mamula

Maternity nurses are excellent!

Mary DeVengencie

April Brooks

Coffee was cold... disguisting

Cathy Layman

The worst hospital I've ever been to. I went in and told them what my problem was they had me sit in a room for 8 hrs I spoke to maybe 3 people the whole time. They ran blood work and never gave me the results. I went to st Joseph's the next day and had an answer in 15 min I was out and on the meds I needed in 90 min. Side note don't mix Paxil and cold meds.

Sharon Yanek

Went to er with weakness, some chest pain. My pulmonary doctor sent me by ambulance. I had difficult breathing. Unable to walk. Spent 5 hrs in er after first half a lot of test. The PA never examined me, would not listen to me. I ask for something to drink 4x,only when I was walking out the door did they bring water. Then no one would come in. 2x put light on no answer until family went out and got someone. Incompetent NP said all is good. Not one time did she check. 4 x we mentioned headaches and sinus issues. No one would address it. After saying I keep coughing, very hoarse for a few weeks. I wandered if an aerosol would work. They said your ok and left. They never let me see an actual doctor. They discarded me. I requested copies of what was done. They refused walked out with my husband help. Had to stop to catch my breathe. My legs gave out and if others didn't help I would have fall. Horrible care for a hospital er. Maybe if they had actual doctors and not a PA they had no clue of some of my medical issues. My lawyer will handle this.

Jim Noel

Jasmine Jordan

they dont like to do their job they need to be shut down

Sarah Mcwhorter

Paula was amazing.

Rebecca James

This is the worse hospital ever. They had bed bugs and the place is dirty. The room was ice cold and was freezing all night. The nurses are cruel and the security is even worse. This is more like a place of torture than a hospital.

Jodi Martorina

The emergency dept had quick compassionate care and was thorough.

Nick Chilson

If you want adequate medical care go somewhere else


My mother is here and the staff is rude. Makes her wait for pain meds for 45min. And keeps telling her they will do her surgery then not show up til next day. This hospital is the worst. Wish I would've taken her somewhere else

Heaven Waller

No time management ,very rude staff disrespectful racest staff

Melissa Matheson

Just don't bother. If you were taken by ambulance or life flight then you wont have a choice for emergency services. If you do have a choice, drive the extra 5 minutes to St. Joe's. The doctors here are more worried about everything else than doing their jobs- such as what they are going to eat for dinner, ordering dinner, answering text messages that were dinging through on their phones, etc. They also generalize every patient through the doors as pain med seekers- even though some with autoimmune issues are not and know we only need a round of steroids to curb an aggravated autoimmune response. The nurses would be the absolute only reason to EVER go there. They are top notch. If I could give zero stars, I would.

Elizabeth Brown

The nurses gave great care I truly appreciate it thank you so very much

Douglas Wolfert

Got very caring and professional service there!

April apryl

I give them zero stars but i had to give it 1 to make a post but i give it zero and i recorded the whole visit because i was in pain and it was ignored ive never failed a drug test in my life but if you want to be treated like a drug addict even if your not this is the place to go because they are so ignorant and rude i signed myself out and i explained to them what pain medicine works for me because i was in abusive relationship and i had edometrosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome so my body got immuned to most pain meds but if you tell them then automatically your a drug addict but if they had half a brain they would check peoples medical records and see that its the only pain medicine i am always given because i am immuned to most and there suppose to be doctors so they should know your body gets immuned to medicne after awhile i am a epileptic i am on 3 different types of seizures pills i dont know how many times i have been told i have fake seizures from this place then just yesterday was the kicker well i didnt know trumbull hired drug dealers because when i got the paper to sign myself out i had a male nurse and he said this to me and i have face and all recorded he said the only way to get the pain medicine is to pay for it ( WHATTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! ) if that isnt the most unprofessional care i dont know what is and yes this place needs shut down

Sue B.

My son was here for a stay and the staff and doctors were very good. He had several tests and I feel recieved excellent care. If my husband or I were ill and needed treatment we would come here.

Maggie Burroughs

Right on time . Everyone was very nice.


All people do is complain about TMH , it's the only Center for heart attacks with a cath lab and also a stroke center and they are well versed in trauma. St Joe's is a joke and a dump they DONT have a catch lab or stroke center 24/7 you just lay there at st Joe's until they send you to St E's.

justin meade

Lisa Clay

Worst, most unprofessional place/people we have ever dealt with, & we were there for our Grandson passing away. I'm actually considering a lawsuit. It should be ZERO stars.

Sharon Bradley

Took my daughter and before we could sit in a chair after checking in they were calling her name, Dr. was in a few minutes later. We are still here after a few hours, but that is because they have done several tests. Most of the staff was friendly, a few of the Rn's seemed burned out and are not so nice~not mean, but not nice.

Maris Nutt

Sara Ponn

joe jo

Great hospital for adults. But the worst for children. Went there with my 6 week old grandson and they did x rays and everything sending him home saying it was allergies. His fever got high 3 hrs later and we took him to St. Josephs with him getting diagnosed as having pneumonia and them admitting him. How did Trumbull miss that? It sure didn't develop in 3 hrs.

Cheyenne S

Staff is nice. Having to wait in the ER over five hours for a specialist, and a further six hours for a room, is not.

Nidra Palmer

William Cherry

Unprofessional and inconsiderate to say the least. Had a procedure performed and had a balance under $1k. Made monthly payments for three consecutive months and received a call stating my three month to pay in full was up. I asked why I couldn't take another month or two and was told I would be turned over to collection because they only carry balances for ninety days. Gee, a payment made every month at the same time for three months and the bill was over half paid and was given no opportunity because I was responsible and diligent? Sorry for impeding on your unfair and questionable policy. Unfair and unprofessional in every aspect.

Dodi Priddy

This hospital is the worse, waited in the e.r. for 8 hrs to be admitted into the hospital..they don't check on you or give you updates on your status...terrible customer service...didnt even offer some water while we waited...

Barbara Busko

Always friendly, caring and professional. Make you feel very welcome. To the staff it is more than just a job. They Go above and beyond.

Rebecca Norman

Damy SyXan

Besides being a terrible hospital... it's "ok" for their staff to violate HIPPA!

Cori PK

Have been here twice in the past month due pregnancy complications. Every single ER staff member that I interacted with were incredibly helpful, caring, supportive, respectful, and knowledgeable. I do know that I will most likely be going back due for any future complications due to my high risk pregnancy. Side note: Regardless of how awful you think you feel, or whatever the situation is - "Please", "Thank you, You're welcome", and having PATIENCE goes a long way. The staff are trying their best to make sure you are ok, and that the world doesn't revolve around you. Remember - there is possibly someone taking their LAST BREATH who they're trying to SAVE, while you complain about the wait. Update: I delivered my now 2 month old son at this hospital. EXCELLENT maternity ward. I had my own room, for the delivery, and my own room for the recovery. The nurses constantly made sure that we were comfortable, and well. All were extremely kind, and patient with our questions.

chad blood

I got multiple 4 inch tree thorns into my foot through a shoe. My foot was swollen, black and blue, and I could barely move my big the (one went through my joint). the doctor came in and made it a point to tell me "you're fine, you just don't handle pain well". I thought places like this were supposed to help you not put you down. most unprofessional thing I've ever heard said to someone by a supposed professional.

Char Brandt

Horrible care and my room was across from the nurse's station!

william pickering

The ladies@ the front are terrible people anytime i need an e.r. service i just go to St Joe's

Kay Paw

I went to Er sat for one hour went back to see a nurse for my vitals and she tell me go back in to the waiting room because they have no rooms in the Er ..They could of told me the up front like Wtf I'm in pain with four ppl in front of me in the waiting room also So unprofessional. they need change in that hospital. .

Michelle Zebroski

My aunt had to wait 2 hrs to go to bathroom so she ended up getting up herself, having emphysema and pneumonia, and went on towel on the floor! Shame on those nurses! I'm coming from PA to visit and also to find out she hasn't been bathed in 3 days! Thank god my moms a cna. She took care of her and put new linens on bed.

Gypsee Skye

The nurses are beyond rude if i could give negative stars i would this place should be shut down

Claire Hawkins

We went today April 30,2019 to get my boys tonsil removed this is best hospital ever..I felt like I was back home in Alabama..Nurse Catherine Spanos treated my kids like her grand kids!! Thanks so much for the kindness!

June Donato

Johnny Cassity

Had bad experience myself, and multiple family members have been here and I don’t like the service or entire “vibe” this place has. Very gloomy dark, and cold staff.

Debbie Cooper

Jake Chilson

This is the worst hospital I have ever encountered in my life.

Lisa Prinkey

Scott Becker

I just completed 31 treatments in the Wound Care Center. My wife and I were treated by the nurses (Linda, Betty, Susie, Cathy and Colleen) with absolute professionalism, kindness and alot of great character. We truly appreciate all they did.


Trumbull Memorial Hospital should be investigated.

Kim Jaafil

The worse treatment of a nurse this evening that I have had since being here.


Went here at least 7 times, they violated hippa, couldn't have my fiance with me for triage when I wanted him present. Then I had a doctor tell me that my stomach pain & severe medication side effects were just anxiety. They didn't believe me when I told them I was allergic to Zofran and prescribed it anyways. I had the same doctor who told me that I had anxiety also asked me if I just considered staying home. The nurses were decent but the doctors were rude. The same doctor also told me I had anxiety when my potassium was low & I had tremors. He didn't even read me my blood work before he left, he had someone else come in and read it to me. Went to ST. JOE'S and got fast results.

Keke & Puddin

I had to sit in the ER for 4 + hours just for blood work and an ultrasound....then they had to draw my blood 3x because they kept forgetting to draw for certain test ....smh I will drive 45min just so I can go to Cleveland Clinic where I know everything will be done right and I will not be in the ER FOR OVER 4 HOURS!!!! ....MERCY HEALTH IS ALSO OUT THE QUESTION !!!

Susan Ensign

Jim Mccune

Horrible, unorganized, unprofessional, understaffed. Waited 8 hours for my wifes procedure. Was not the doctors fault. I am surprised the staff can even tie there shoes for work. Plus they released her without checking her blood sugar wich was extremely. low

Robert Jones

Came from Cleveland for surgery would never come back nothing like our hospital

Lance Felger


Excellent care, and in good time to. Very satisfied with my visit.

Marguerite Kusic

Joe Nay

I can only assume the potholes in the parking lot at the receptionist entrance and the pools of urine in front of the restoom urinals are indicators of the level of care patients receive.

Allie C

Not that good, The staff were rude to me last time when I was there and my mother when I was born there.

Pamela Stephens

Carolyn McGinnis

Organized, professional and efficient. Employees were super nice. I would recommend the facility to all.

Iontwanna Williams

Golly gee, well let's talk about the care I received at this dirty, smelly, "Tales of the Crypt" feeling hospital. Let me start by saying I'm grateful that my health is ok, after a scare with my BP and breathing. Technically, the hospital ran all of the appropriate tests, it's the way things were done, starting with the snippy, attitudinal registration to the recommendation of medical supplies, but refusing to give me a prescription for it. My nurse, Carlos, was the only highlight to my visit (other than not leaving in a body bag, of course). He was kind, helpful and had an excellent sense of humor. The woman who performed my chest exray was nice as well, but I didn't really take to her recommendation to throw my favorite pair or socks away instead of looking for a pair of hospital socks/slippers as asked. The door to my room wouldn't close, the water didn't work, no trash can in the room ( you don't want to know about where I ended up leaving my sanitary pad....promise), no chairs, access to the tv remote...*sigh*. To top of my adventure in ward hell, the PA came in to discuss my diagnosis. A seemingly nice gentleman with a hearing challenge. Not that I have anything against individuals with impairments, eeeeeexcept when they're discussing my very private health condition with me and everyone within a 200ft radius, including the convicts being guarded in the room next to me. I will stop here for fear I'll get a finger spasm and have to return the Trumbull Memorial hell.

Kathleen Gregory

Wonderful experience. The staff were extremely professional and kind. Thank you to all.

mike u

Overall nice staff with the exception of about two nurses.Very rude.I was told by others about this.This will be my last visit to this hospital.The only reason i came here was due to a change in insurance. What would have been rated at excellent now gets a fair in quality.

Zaida McGarry

Krysta Forrest

Karen Walters

I was registered and scene immediately upon arrival. The technician was confident and professional.

Josh Davis

I had a very good experience with Trumbull with bed side Manor hospitality.sperd and accuracy.

Shawn S

Stay far away! The staff are fine, no issue with the medical personnel who took care of my emergency visit; the issue is with the festering wound on American healthcare that is Steward Medical Group. Nothing but a bunch of scam artists. I've already paid twice for my one visit to this hospital and now they are trying to bill be a third time after removing the "payer adjustment" for the second bill. This is rotten company and anyone working there should be absolutely ashamed with themselves; this is exactly why people are suffering through or dying from "minor" issues everyday in this country.

Viola Miller

I am very happy with my connection to you. Surgery went well. Dr.Paul Bizjak told me the day before surgery "Expect the worst and be surprised by the best".and it has been just that. I was driving seven days after surgery, I'm comfortable going steps,both up and down, with one crutch and a hand rail. I sleep well. I'm not quite ready to go back to work or have my other knee fixed but it's coming. I also believe therapy is going well. I meet other folk at therapy that I know were at the hospital when I was and can see that I am at least doing as good as they.

Dawn Field

The check in was quick and there was very little wait to see the Mamo technician. She was friendly and professional. Went quickly and I was on my way in no time.

Beauty and the Bookshelf

Went in for hip pain that had been diagnosed as IT Band Tendonitis by an urgent care a week and a half before. The medication didn't work and I couldn't walk, so I ended up in the ER. I got a shot that didn't help and the same medication from the Urgent care and a referral to see a specialist. Ended up back in the ER 4 days later via EMS with my left leg completely numb and the pain in my hip worse. Doctor was very nice and patient but my nurse was not. I had to ask the x-ray and CT nurses for blankets. I saw my nurse 4 times. Once when I first got there, twice for medication purposes and then when I was released. She was very straight forward and a bit impatient. It came across as rude and she was not very empathetic to my pain or the fact my entire leg was numb. I was discharged and told "you're free to go" and she left the room. So I hobbled out. By myself. On a numb leg/foot that I couldn't bear any weight on still and hadn't been able to walk on to use the bathroom a couple hours before.. But was fine to leave without help. I left and made it a little way down the hall using the railings before another nurse asked me if I needed a wheelchair. When I explained I hadn't been offered one and had been released, she was appalled and went to get me one right away. Needless to say, I'm home and leg is still numb (and was told "the er can't fix the numbness problem" by the nurse I was assigned). But I got shots with tons of painkillers and anti inflammatory meds so at least my hip isn't hurting.

Joelma McCann

I had a wonder experience, the staff is very professional and caring. I got impressed. Definitely would recommend this place for anyone.

Michael Jerryson

I went to the ER last week because I aspirated stomach acid into my lungs. The ER doctor ignored my requests to treat my lungs. They performed heart tests for 6 hours and never communicated the results. They placed me a room with a malfunctioning TV that would turn on for a second and then turn off, incessantly (and the remote would not work). The phone was jacked into the wrong port, so no one could call me hospital room to reach me. I repeatedly asked to speak to a doctor and no one ever came. The nurses were great, but they could not change the policy. The food was horrible. I came into the hospital with stomach problems (acidity) and they brought me lemonade with high fructose corn syrup and dairy-infused mashed potatoes. A recipe for more problems, should I eat it. After 10 hours of "testing" for my heart (and all negative), and the failure to examine or discuss my lungs, I asked to leave. They gave me the riot act about leaving without doing more tests for my heart. However, if though I pleaded, they refused to do anything for my lungs. Although I refused to sign the AMA form, they signed it themselves and released me. In the process, they failed to recommend that I have antibiotics for my lungs (and watch out for pneumonia). In short: I had multiple tests that "make money" for this FOR PROFIT hospital, but no communication even over the reason I came. They neglected to treat my physical problems, nor gave me the primary precautionary information and antibiotics before releasing me.

Shannon Mc Combs

When my Mom ( a cancer patient) woke up and couldn't feel anything from the waist down, and was suffering extreme back pain(she was literally screaming from the pain), we brought her to the ER. She was in too much pain to have a PET scan, so they did a chest x-ray and tried to send her home...she hadn't been physically able to void her bladder for more than 24 hours. I demanded she be sent to University. My mother had masses pressing against 4 vertebrae and threatening her spinal cord. She had surgery the next day at University to save her life.

Jim Smith

98% of the staff were incredible!

Ashley Bowman

Horrible they were rude and didn't even send a doctor in this is the second time that has happen ed to me

Janice Stevens

Cheryl Pachner

Dont take someone you love there unless you want them to die!!! WILL NEVER GO BACK!!

Rachel Boley

I was involved in a MVA and went to TMH.The service was horrible, it took HOURS to get help and then their billing with the case was even worse. I would never recommend them; worst service possible.

Cody Leek

Went into the ER for a broken collar bone, had X-rays taken. They come back and tell me negative for a break just ice it and I'm fine to work. The next day I go to an orthopedic surgeon, no new X-rays just looks at the ones Trumbull took looks at them with me and sure enough he spots the break in less than 3 seconds. The hospital is a joke

Jennifer Laird

Got into my appointment very quickly and the staff there was very kind and knowledgeable; they made me feel very comfortable and answered all my concerns.

larry connelly

bad times hundred never come here i f at all possible rude. slow uncaring

Kayla Rennea

Done with trumbull hospital Just waited 3 and a 1/2 hours for them to write a script that Karmen my daughter can't even use because she's allergic to it then nurse refused to get the doctor to write a new one and then tells me oh I don't know what to tell you give it to her if it doesn't work bring her back like no my kids allergic to amoxicillin the doctors before hand said her reaction caused it to get worse not one but three 4th time we have went to someone for a ear infection I'm done looking for ear specialist tomarrow

Linda Holbrook

in an out

David Posey

Lori Binion

Kyle Larlham

Worst doctors ever!! Do not come here!!

Harmonies Headspace

Two of your security employees Alex and Sabrina are nothing but rude and ignorant to us every time we come in. I'm pretty sure they are racist too especially Alex. And any time they take us anywhere they complain about having to walk us through!! I think they need replaced or put on a job somewhere else where they can sit on their asses all day!!! Very disappointed. The other security guards are helpful but these two just overtake that. Boo!!

George Leonhardt

My wife received good care at the Center for Joint Replacement. Dr. Patrick T. Hergenroeder was the best and came highly recommended. Drove 75 miles to Trumbull Memorial and it is as worth it.

barbara bowser

The staff was curteous and helpful

Ilove Nails34

The lady at the front desk needs to lose her job. It’s every time I come in, she has a sour attitude. I just had recently came in for chest pain, I sit down and she just stares at me! There was no hi or anything! Then she proceeds to throw my insurance card! I thought she was having a bad day the first time I came across her, but this is the second time. You are the first person a patient sees, you should not have a front or act like you’re mad at the world! If you don’t like your job QUIT!!!!!!!!

Carla Davies

Very good system for patient flow; from preregistration, to signing in the day of procedure, to having the procedure. Staff had great customer service skills.

Sterling Baumgardner

would give 0 stars. unprofessional, mean. nasty hospital, and is a eyesore. all hospitals around there are bad.

April Matthews

Had good treatment

Heather Johnson

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. The nursing staff was wonderful ; all very kind and mostly professional. The NP that saw me was a nightmare though. And I never saw the doctor (which I believe is protocol when being treated by a PA or NP) Went in because I have Crohn’s disease and thought I had an ingesting blockage. Was stuck 13 times for an IV. Not necessarily their fault because my veins are terrible and my port was removed last year. But was then told by the NP that she could do the CT with no contrast since they couldn’t get a line, but since they couldn’t get blood I just just sign out AMA because I wouldn’t let them do a Fem stick. I told her they could do a straight stick for blood or even an EJ, but I would not agree to a femeral artery stick. Someone finally came in to straight stick me instead of trying to get an IV and low and behold got my blood on the first try. Had the CT done without contrast. The NP came back and informed me all my tests looked normal and that I probably had an ovarian cyst and they can look for it with ultrasound and to follow up with my doctor for that. Sounds good right? Except I had ovarian cancer and don’t have an ovary or Fallopian tube on that side. She must have seen that on the abdominal CT if she would have looked closely. I asked if they could just do the ultrasound here and now since I can’t see my doctor until after the weekend. Because if my cancer came back I would kinda like to know that. Was told it didn’t qualify as an “emergency situation” and was discharged. The whole time there I was given the exact medicine I take at home plus one Percocet that I practically had to beg for. Left feeling worse than I did when I went in. DO NOT GO TO THIS JOKE OF A HOSPITAL.

Angela Piazza

I gave them one star because I can't give them zero. People in Er are so rude. Screaming your name in the waiting room when no one was there but me wasn't necessary. Dr's and nurses were rude and had no communication. Will never go back.

mrs c

I only gave them one star because it wouldn't let me give them a "zero". This is the worst hospital I have ever been too. I went by EMS with chest pains and abdominal pains. I left there feeling the same way I went in. The doctor basically told me that because I had prescriptions from other doctors he could not give me anything for pain. When I questioned him he told me be was not gonna arguet with me and walked out. The bead nurse was no help either and my nurse acted like she was afraid to tell the doc that my meds weren't working. Horrible experience.

Shannon McCombs

I'd give 0 stars if I could...I went to the ER, at a facility that accepts our insurance, but the ER doctor doesn't? How is that possible? I got billed $880 for a doctor to speak to me for all of 5 minutes! NEVER stepping foot in that place again!!!

Sally Warner

Horrible experience, made payment arrangements and day after 1st payment was cashed, turned over to collections taken to court, judgement, garnishment and awful lawyer Brent Bakers office is incompetent to process payments and release in a timely manner. If you want to be treated like a common criminal this is the place for you...

Presley Dr

staff is nice my mom goes home within 2 hours nice hopsital want to work there

Kristina Ritch

Dr. Corey I believe is his name...very unprofessional and rude on the phone. I do not recommend seeing him at all. Was of no help to my mother who had surgery 4 days prior and just had simple questions.

Ryan H.

Unprofessional under staff and it seem like they don't know what their doing I'm trying to get my grandfather transferred.

Kim Gagnon

This was the worst visit we ever had here... My husband went to the ER tonight because he has a very nasty bite from it what looks like a brown recluse... As the evening has gone on the place looks worse, swollen, yellow, bruised, hot and at bite entrance it's opening alot, looks like dead skin... The Dr on duty was in such a hurry, she looked at it real quick and left the room and never came back to tell us anything at all.. Then the nurse comes in to discharge my husband, I said, wait where is the dr and what is going on? He said it could be some kind of insect bite and to keep an eye on it, I said what if its a brown recluse and he said keep eye on it, they gave him meds to get filled, which we can't do until tomorrow.. We have used Trumbull before and love the hospital and staff, but tonight was a really bad visit... Here are the names on discharge papers.. Physician, Swift, Mark DO... Mid level Saalinger, Natalie M, NP and RN Miller, James M.. It was the doctor that I have complaints about.... If my husband gets sick or has any problems because DR did not take anytime with him to focus on the nasty bite and do her job then I will be making some phone calls to an attorney...

Crystal Smith

My dad is in ICU. they were amazing !!!

Ak Sk

I can't even write everything that just happened here... come here if u wanna get treated like a pos criminal... security guards act like king tut.. need I remind u it's a hospital here... not a prison... I think???? Brought a long time friend in for kidney stones and blood in his vomit ... Security guards wanted to search my purse, so I allowed them . Opened it for them and removed my wallet and set it on the counter (it's broken , did that so it wouldn't spill ) got yelled at so I recited my rights and they told me to leave... I put my purse in the car and returned with no issues entering... Maybe because there was a nice woman working instead of the two unprofessional men.. came into the ER waiting room to find my friend vomiting in a trash can, because they neglected to give him a puke pan (told them appon entering he was vomiting) also, vomiting while passing kidney stone could possibly mean your urethral tube could be blocked.. not good. Got a room, still no puke pan... do these people want to clean up vomit or WHAT!? NOT TO MENTION THERE'S BLOOD IN IT.... sheesh.... how horrible... So blood work needed done... had a tech come in while the nurse was here, and the guy who checked us in, was in the room as well. but for some reason, he is the one who drew the blood? The tech did not draw the blood... the man who did, was also the same man who did not know what a urethral tube/track is.... pretty self-explanatory... and scary to think the man drawing blood from my friend doesn't know what "pee tube" is ... Come here if u want to be neglected, and treated like a junkie/criminal... sad

Nicole Farris

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