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REVIEWS OF Trinity West IN Ohio

Jim Whitlatch

I have found their outpatient care to be top knotch

M Kob

I only have one complaint seems all new people in registration they get confused when u register. Then paid a bill from April (two after that at hospital). One I mailed in April week after I got and check cashed got a call end of Sept from Trinity financial I owe money. I had to get a little stern that's it paid. Put on hold meantime found check number and on cell called bank. The girl came back said oh they put on another acct you owe nothing. Now I'm Leary of sending payments. Bill and check in their envelope. Better start better training on new hires. My stay was good but food REALLY needs a lot of improvement.

melody vanatti

Omg.. finally a e.r. willing to listen to me, good service, caring staff, nicest Dr I ever met.

Kylee Wilson

I went in at 4am with horrible stomach pains, fever, vomiting, diarrhea (not pleasant sorry, just telling you it all haha) chills, body sores etc. The main guy at the front was kind, and so was the receptionist at the time. When I got back I was put in room number one- my bed had a blanket I could lay on, no other covers. I didn’t expect it but no tv in the rooms, it was super dirty all over the floor. My bed had some blood on it. I saw some blood on the floor. My 3 nurses at the time were not too friendly. In fact one (even though I was in pain) just kept insulting my purse? I was not in the mood to hear about her not liking my purse, I felt horrible. The other said she’d bring me a blanket and didn’t for an hour, so I asked the doctor who came in to see me- he never did either. The nurse did apologize for forgetting, and I know people make mistakes so that’s fine. The other nurse actually started talking to me about her husband (which was fine) and i started to join the conversation to tell her about my fiancé who was also sick and she just interrupted me and kept talking about her husband. So I was her therapist for a bit even with the pain..The doctor who came back in kept saying (over 5 times) are you sure you had diarrhea? As if I don’t know what diarrhea is? No one ever told me my blood results, I had to ask. Even though I had an infection?! Which seems like something you tell someone. Never told me what medicine was going into my system- I had to ask. (4 different kinds mind you) Never was told my urine sample results. One doctor told me I had a GI infection while the other guy said it was viral- (even though one nurse gave me an antibiotic) They did not give me a full check up or listen to my heart, look in my ears, eyes, mouth- nothing. The one felt my lower stomach and that was it. He said he’d be back and literally never was. The entire nurse staff just kept complaining about how they didn’t want to be here, and how hungry and thirsty they were while I hadn’t eaten in 3 days and couldn’t keep liquids in me. I know that sounds petty of me, but at least just say this stuff not outside of my dirty room. The doctor never saw me out, a nurse just essentially came in and said I was being discharged even though I had no idea what was going on with me. As I was leaving the new receptionist seemed annoyed that I even asked her if I should pay my copay. (Like should I have just left?) I don’t know what they expected me to ask. Overall- with the filth in this entire place, the lack of interest from both nurses and doctors, and the attitude I received from the receptionist, it’s worth me driving the extra hour and ten minutes to Pittsburgh.

Chris Riley

John Gagliardo

Ron Kresd

Some exceptional drs, some amazingly terrible admin supervisors. Some facilities resemble old Russian hospitals. Some floors totally filthy. It’s sad when Walmart is cleaner than this place. They even stated if a wall has a hole in it why fix it , it still works. I would be embarrassed to be a dr and associate my name with this 3rd world dump

David Partee

Was sent here after an attempted suicide and was made to wait in waiting area for almost 2 hours awaiting treatment and psych eval. Told them I needed to see someone immediately and was told to just wait even after telling them I was going to leave . I just left and now home alone and even more depressed and not sure I'll make it through the night. Maybe my family will be able to collect for gross negligence at least and hopefully that'll soften the blow of losing a child/brother/umcle.

Emily Jackosn

I once thought East Liverpool City Hospital had the worst ER , but then I went to Trinity! If anyone has noticed lately they have changed a little but about how they check you into the ER, that's because of me.I went to the hospital and when I got taken back to my room to wait to be treated , I was also taken back with another patient that ended up being in the next room. A nurse came in and took all my information name, address, SSN, etc. I was having a friendly conversation with the nurse about my kids and what ever else and the man next to me shouted something about him having a daughter , about 20 minutes later I get a text message from a number I don't know and come to find out it was from the guy next door to me!! Trinity has gotten a little better trying to conceal patient information but people could still hear things because I've been there since and heard so with my own ears...I have had other incidents happen when I've had to go so let's just say I will be going to weriton or east liverpool from now on !

Shay Zullo

Nothing. The physicians at trinity actually lost a wrongful death case because they performed unwanted surgery on my great grandma that cost her life. I also know of 3 others that died or ARE dying bc of their incompetence. I'm currently waiting while the employees stand around eating and talking. They don't seem to read charts, just walk in and the ER patients have to fill them in! !

Noah Smith

Slow, unorganized, 11 open beds in ER but not allowing people back. 3 hours waiting and people are leaving with out being seen. The staff can not answer simple questions. Unexceptible

Michele Mclaughlin

Do not know what they are doing. Unorganized, they pick and choose who gets seen and when. I should not be surprised last time they tried to have him sign the wrong paperwork and give him the medicine from someone else's paperwork. It took an hour and a half to get registered yet six people who came in after us were registered first. Two of those people went back yet the guy from the ambulance was still waiting to be seen and a young woman with chest pains. This hospital does not understand how serious a yellow jacket sting can be especially when it can cause a seizure. I actually had to leave and take my husband to another hospital, because the triage just must have thought i was joking. Well they were WRONG.

BlueJays Cosplays

Horrible,I've been in the hospital for almost four hours now. Was in the E.R for two hours I'm in the back waiting for a Cat scan which has almost been an hour. I'm not feeling good,I'm in pain and want to go home. Never again that I'm coming to this hospital,I prefer Weirton hospital or Wheeling

Sara Kushner

If you have a choice, do NOT go here! I rate it as a 2 ONLY because the doctors were friendly and answered all of my questions. The nurses, forget them! 3 standing in ICU and I ask for a damn pillow case for a family member because his was covered with nastiness, hadn't been changed in hours. I was told, I'd have to wait BC his nurse was one break. BS! 3 nurses sitting behind a desk doing absolutely NOTHING. After 20 min and asking 3 times, they all get attitudes and threatened to kick me out. Are you joking! Have had other bad experiences before this one.

Erin Carter

Apparently, it's proper to not disclose how many tests are being run and not actually evaluate a baby brought in for a head injury. Extremely slow with billing and also returning phone calls.

Sandra Yeske

We always get terrific care there. Professional, compassionate, thorough care from everyone.

Raheim Flores

Was in the emergency room at 10pm for my gf and never got called back finally we called it off at 2pm also we were the first ones in waiting

Lisa Flanagan

I was just there. My expierence was awful. First room was very hot so they moved me to a private room. It was better. The air worked. So after the night they decided to move me to another floor. I was again having to share the room. The a/c was by the window where I could not feel any air again. The room was like 90 degrees on my side. They said they had no more rooms open yet when they wheeled me through the hall I saw about 5 empty rooms availible. The room they put me in in also reeked of urine and body odor. It stunk so bad I was getting sick from that plus the heat. They said in a rude way theres nothing they can do about it she I knew rooms were open and they could do something I went there to get better no sicker. What ashame I had to sign myself out and cone home I could not stay in those horrifying conditions. . I would not reccomend anyone to trinity west hospital. It was the worst hospital I have ever in my life ever come across.

Kane Weast

This place deserves no stars at all. I am a former employee and let me tell you, it's as bad as it can get here. The incompetence is insane, and the employees just don't care about the patients. They would rather stand around talking about 50 shades of grey than help patients out. They complain when they have to help patients. It is very wrongly mismanaged also. I was fired for no reason and even won a case against them for firing me without just cause. If you or a loved one have an emergency, just go to weirton or literally anywhere else. You are not in good hands here people. They will mishandle and misdiagnose you. Also being a former employee, I can tell you this place is not cleaned well enough. Cross contamination between patients happen more often than you might care to know, and that's because majority of the nurses, housekeepers, and even a few doctors DON'T CHANGE GLOVES INTBETWEEN ROOMS! If you go here you will most likely leave way worse than you entered. There's better hospitals in the Ohio Valley.

Tim Crago

My wife had a severe migraine for 6 days. Went to Trinity ER. Wasn't the fastest treatment in the world but very effective. Got there at 4:30 pm and left at about 2:00 am. Could have been faster but they were really busy. Nice, caring, and competent caregivers.....Thank you all....

Mia Jackson

Their Out Patient Care is wonderful. It is like anything else. The earlier you are the faster you’ll be seen. So I’d recommend being there before 9am if possible. They open at 6am if you need bloodwork done before work. They are very professional and kind. There is some upgrading regarding construction going on as of May 2, 2019 but they seem to be handling the stress well in regards to that. They are located behind the hospital in the back and use the door just to the left of the E.R.

M Pezzulo

I've had two surgeries here. It's very basic, you have to wait a long time compared to a big city hospital, but the nurses are kind, not like that garbage dump hospital in Weirton. And it's nice that there's a chapel.

Angel Rice

Craig Mcfarland

Who and the hell rated this place a 4

Kimberly Rice

My experience was awesome! It wasn't busy at all when I went, and was treated very respectively

Mike McKeegan

Seth Black

Friendly fast and helpful ER visit.

Donna Stanley

I'm fed up with this hospital.


Catie Currie

Aj Dornbush

Slowest hospital I have ever been to. Took a cat scan told my appendix was about to rupture and they wanted to do surgery ASAP but three hours to get it all ready. The surgeon was also 40 minutes late. Unless it’s absolutely necessary I would tell you to go to some other hospital.

Laura Wortman

If I could give 10 stars I would..My son was in critical condition to the point they couldn't even tell me if he was going to makes day 19 and all of his doctors and nurses NEVER GAVE UP ON MY SON❤ I do have to,say if he was somewhere else then I believe my son wouldn't be here today.. Thank you to all of his nurse's and doctors in ICU ❤❤❤ I would highly recommend this hospital

Howard Reynolds

Spent more than 2 hours at the sports medicine clinic, 1:15 appointment, left at 3:20 without seeing the doctor or getting any explanation

Cheri Phillips


Absolutely horrible. My wife was scheduled for surgery. 5 hours later she's still in pre surgery holding with out a single word from any staff. Most of the surgical team is standing in the window watching a ground breaking ceremony saying how dumb it was bit definitely not doing their job.

C Dee

I'm from Pittsburgh where upmc runs everything. Upmc is horrible, I now know that. I have been treated so wonderfully here. My pain has been taken care of. The staff is sweet and very, very efficient!!! Upmc didn't even bother putting me on an antibiotic after surgery which amazed these doctors. Its an older building, yes. But I'll deff come here if needed in the future. Thank you to everyone tonight!!!

Elizabeth Toth

I've been here multiple times and they treat you like your stupid...that is if you get any attention at all. I had kidney stones and went to the ER, they told me there was nothing wrong with me. I went when I was prego and they told me they would put me in the hospital on bed rest for 4 months if I got preeclampsia. My husband went here with gallstones and they gave him a Tylenol and sent him on his way.

Cheryl Haese

jeff caniff

craig mcelroy

This place is as slow as it gets, then people came in after my brother was seen first and taking back while he set for 2 hours with a 103 degree temp, i know i will never come here.

Erin Mulrooney

Com 243ab

The Cardiology doctors and staff (nurses, attendants, etc.) are second to none. They seem to be up on their field and are always very professional and caring. It's a real blessing that we have this facility here in Steubenville. Many thanks to them all (especially the cath lab and 2nd floor crews!)

kirstie Kovach

not even 1 star deserved for this hospital. they will instantly accuse you of being a drug addict, no matter how severe your conditions are. they will misdiagnose you every time! i know multiple people who have almost died by their misdiagnoses!

Jane Kaschak

Casey McCall

Awful awful awful! Went into the ER with PCOS pain and immense bleeding and clotting. Been on my cycle for 3 months. And the doctor says he doesnt know much about PCOS or why ive been bleeding for so long. Then he rudely sent me home, didnt find out lab results, nothing given for my discomfort and pain, didnt do any tests like he said, didnt physically check me, no f**ks were given. I was treated poorly and just thrown aside like trash. Never knew a doctor that didnt know what he was doing, or cared very little.

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