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REVIEWS OF The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center IN Ohio

Bernie o

OSU is just Awsome period they treat people with respect and dignity I would leave them a 10 star if it was possible.

Tara withers

Great if u have a minor problem, dont ever go if you're truly sick especially if it's a rare condition, you will be a experimental puppet, they dont care at all , they killed my mother and about did my sister in law!!!

Arionne Roby

This is the worse hospital I have ever been to in my life !!! 6 hour wait in the lobby ? I keep throwing up and still have not been seen. This is ridiculous!!! I’m from Cleveland and there are wayyyyy more emergencies and people get seen within an hour. ALWAYS....they need to hurry up before somebody die on they ass

Beth O'Riley

I went in for a procedure yesterday & I have to say that every single person that I came into contact with the entire day were absolutely great! Not a single rude person! All the nurses, the doctors & all the surgery staff, were so great & made me feel so comfortable the whole time. I do have to go back & I'm just so happy that I decided to go with my new Urologist & a great hospital! If you have a choice between this one & any other hospital in Columbus, you should definitely choose OSU Wexner for sure!

Darrell Ankrom

I just took a 2000 mile flight to come here because Dr von visgar and the osu medical centre are the very best you can get I have been in hospitals across this country and I none can compare.

Zaid Abood

Currently sitting in my room with 6 broken bones and 5 surgeries I called for my nurse an hour ago and no one has showed up they did not give me my pain meds, no one comes by to ask if i need anything very disappointed

Alicia Mae

Overall good experience, considering. Nursing staff and dietary ridiculously slow at times, but positive experience overall with staff.

Anna O

It's bizarre how little interaction patients in the ER have with doctors and nurses. Not only did I have to wait 45 minutes for my nurse to come (after pressing the call nurse button twice and sending my mother out to find someone else) but the doctor made two appearances for about 5 minutes total. Nobody checked my sore throat, and they said it was nothing to be concerned about. I went to another clinic, and surprise, I have strep. A strep test would've been a smart thing for my doctor to do, but I'm not convinced he even looked at my chart. Every nurse or doctor I came into contact with was so dismissive. I said I was nauseous and had a migraine from the Zofran they gave me; what did they do? Prescribe me Zofran. I said I normally take steroids to calm down my Crohn's flares (why I came in), and what did they do? NOT prescribe me steroids, but instead medication used for upset stomachs and acid reflux. They claimed they "didn't know" why my stomach was hurting (Crohn's, obviously). My sister recently went there as well, and they told her they didn't know why her throat was sore and it was either allergies or an infection. Honestly every single one of them needs a complaint filed against them. Maybe the other parts of the hospital are amazing, but the emergency department is disgusting and I'm making sure everyone knows it.

Beardo HickritiqueTM

Updated 12.12.17 I shredded the ECG results in a HIPAA approved container at the doctor's office. Unlawfully transmitted to me in July 2017 and destroyed November 2017. I have ECG results locked in my desk from OSU. They are not mine, and I have reported them to both OSU and the appropriate federal authorities. No response in over ninety days. Sadly, that is acceptable and expected from government and anything with the Wexner surname in Ohio.

Ben Smith

This place is the worst been here 2 days no songs of going home they don’t make me comfortable I hit my nurse button and wait over 30-35 minutes don’t seee neuroses or drs rarely horrible never coming back


Valet Parking; everything runs very efficiently.

Ray-hsin Chang

I believe this is One of the best medical centers in the world.

Nancy Dingess

Just spent three days in heart section. Everyone very attentive and kind. Will be back next week for surgery. Feel very confident that doctors and nurses are well trained

Aaron Phalen

Was factually told something incorrect by a nurse and then hung up on. Later, office manager claimed nurse would never do such a thing (she did). They referred me out quickly to another practice after this mistake but would have otherwise given me a 7 month wait time for a procedure. Would give one star if it wasn’t for one great endocrinologist I saw out of OSU. Not surprising to see OSU reach out to 1-star reviewers. But really, there shouldn’t be 1-star reviewers to begin with and it’s just an attempt to save face. OSU is a big machine and it’s all about the $$. It always seems funny when I hear people say OSU is a great school. I regrettable graduated from there and it’s really not an elite university at all or even close..

Stephen Olsen

ER staff is very prefessional, curteous, & accommodating to patients. Unfortunately the process of actually receiving medical care is not so pleasant as a patient. My wife and I have been in the waiting room for the ER for 8.5 hours and she only had her vitals and an EKG taken shortly after we arrived so by the time she actually sees a doctor they will need to recheck those results only making this process even longer. An employee who i will not name for being honest informed us that the ER has 86 rooms for patients but when the other areas and buildings of the hospital are over crowded they take priority, and comondear the ER rooms until their is availible space in the appropriate department for them. Which means patients who come in seeking emergency services are put on the back burner as a low priority, and keep getting pushed down on the list unless their symptoms/condition is life threatening. There has to be a sollution to this extremely inconvenient issue. Instead of constantly constructing new buildings for student housing maybe OSU should allocate some funds with the intent to expand their Emergency Services Department!!!

Todd Butcher

My mother’s doctor is great, but the hospital as a whole sucks. My mother was stuck in the PACU for 8 hours waiting for a room. Then to top it off they was not managing her pain or trying to help her comfort any. Bad back and legs and was forced to stay flat ( almost ) in a hospital bed. She is in so much pain and discomfort that it makes me sick. We came here for help, yes the problem is gone but the mistreatment is ungodly to say the least

Dr. Pete Durbin III

Support staff nurses all good atttamdnwell trained.

Haelee Pettit

I had to wait 9 and a half hours to be seen. I was sitting next to a man who had a stroke early this morning and he's been waiting longer than I have!

Carolyn Casper

Sent from Upper Arlington to After Hours at Morehouse. Got to Morehouse. Went there, answered their questions and was seen by NP. OOPS! they don't have an ultra sound machine. No place to get an ultra sound except the emergency room. That will cost me $100.00 and I already spent $25 for a visit where they didn't help me. As I left, give a packet that was outdated and not relevant to me. When I questioned, was told it was general information. I want specific information pertaining to my visit.I also don't want to spend hours running from facility to facility for nothing. I still hurt to the point of screaming, am terribly nauseated and am frightened. What is wrong with me? Is it potentially serious, what can I do while I am waiting for someone to see me? I am home in agony after a wild goose chase because the medical staff and equipment are lacking. The US has the most expensive health care among developed nations with the worst outcomes. Perhaps the customer and our health needs to be considered.

John Kronenberger

Excellent care, excellent attitude for patients.

James Horowitz

Came from out of town to visit a friend and this place was very unprofessional and very organized. They treat people as though they were experiments. The staff had major attitudes. If I lived here I would not send my dog there.

Qismat Zaahir

If I didn't suffer from anxiety and depression I did now based off of the Buckeye B emergency room set up. And then the observation unit further back was smelly and dirty. Pca and nurses doing their own thing instead of observing the patients. I'm disgusted knowing that this is suppose to be a top rated hospital combined with Harding and the quality of care given to the incoming as well as the overworked staff that are actually not sitting around gossiping.

Michael L

THIS IS A THIRD WORLD HOSPITAL! Avoid this place for any health related issues whatsoever.

lorin williams

Great place people are so happy and proud

dede hassan

outstanding care. the professional and yet very kind, sensitive, care and help from reception through surgery, through after care. kindness, help and patience with billing, can never say enough. a bit of a drive that is well worth it for the exceptional care and expertise!

Deb Beach

Nurses and staff are wonderful. Very helpful and polite. No one wants to be in the hospital but if you have to be this turned out to be a good experience

Celina Theophilus

Every single part of our experience in this hospital was awful. My husband who had a previous heart condition went into the ER with chest pain, after waiting 6 1/2 hours to be seen, I asked when we would get to see a doctor because we had been waiting a very long time, and MULTIPLE people who came hours after us, had come and gone. We were told that they see people based on priority of their symptoms... I’m sorry, chest pain with a previous condition isn’t a priority to this hospital!? Then once we were checked into a room and actually seen by a doctor, they realized something was seriously going on with him, and admitted him. We met with a team of doctors that morning, the attending was rude from the start, and seemed like he had better things to do than care for my husband. My husband has myocarditis and pericarditis, which are both very serious and myocarditis can be life threatening. They ran a number of tests on him and gave us very few answers on what was going on with him, and as we are looking through my husband my chart the number of test they ran compared to the information that was shared with us should be an embarrassment to the hospital. We weren’t even advised of 1/3 of the tests they ran on him, and the ones we did know, we had to ask several times for the results, and everyone acted like us wanting to be informed about what the heck was going on was an inconvenience. We asked several times for them to share more about his condition and got different answers from the doctors and the student doctors. We had one student doctor tell us that he couldn’t take ibuprofen, aspirin, or Tylenol, which scared us since they had just given him Tylenol for his headache, then later had another student doctor tell us it was fine.We arrived on Tuesday night and were discharged on Friday morning, however every time we asked how long they thought we would be staying, because we both work and needed some kind of update for our jobs, they said he’ll be discharged either tonight or tomorrow morning. We didn’t know we were leaving until about two hours before they discharged him. They gave him 4 different medicines to take for the next 3-6 months, and told him he could return back to work. 3, let me say that again THREE of the 4 medicines state very clearly that you can’t drive while taking this, he’s a roofing salesman who DRIVES from house to house and sells roofs... we explained this to them clearly and they said, he’s fine to go back to work and take these. The pharmacist when we picked these up made it very clear he couldn’t drive while on all of these meds. When we would meet with the doctors in the morning, every question we had they acted like we were ignorant for asking, then one of the student doctors printed off an article that we had already read on google from the Mayo Clinic and said here, hopefully this will answer your questions. On top of all of this, all but one nurse we had was rude and acted inconvenienced by pretty much everything. One of the nurses, we hardly saw all night, her student nurse did pretty much everything but hand out his medicines. After leaving the hospital we contacted the myocarditis foundation founder from the Mayo Clinic and they were shocked at the fact that they told him to go back to work (and let us know he can’t take his medicines and drive). She suggested that we go to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion, because this condition is serious and can be life threatening. My husband had someone stop by his room and ask him about how his experience at the hospital was so far, and he felt like he couldn’t share because his doctor already showed such little care that if he said something, he was nervous that he was going to get even worse care... I thought taking my husband here was a good decision, but I was so very wrong.

Steve Lambert

Superb care and incredible people!

Jessica Grimm

The staff at OSU Wexner is wonderful. While our family is going through a difficult time, they are answering our continued questions with no sign of impatience. They are truly making a difficult time better.

Paul D.

I'm a Buckeye fan but sorry to see this low quality hospital have the OSU name. In my opinion they are awful.

Michael Richardson

All the staff doctors everybody at Ohio State University Medical Center are great people caring loving and really care about others will beans glad I'm coming to this place I would not want to go anywhere else thank you

Becke Miller

Waiting over 2 hours so far after being sent here by my Dr during a post OP appointment. I have a possible brain fluid leak. My Dr wants a head ct, spinal tap and bloodwork done asap. I could have meningitis but these people could care less!!!! Horrible ER!!!

Hussein Elfaour

Phenomenal Baby #2 Experience. We had our 1st here and everything only got better! From the staff to the food, you name it! We didn't leave until we were all set and comfortable , Very spacious rooms to accommodate visitors . Very informative staff. Cant wait for #3! O H

Tee Bakk

All staff is Great and Helpful

Tony Econ

I called to make an appointment and they told me I needed a referral. So I went to a doctor, got the referral, called back and they told me that they could see me in 12-18 months. Nice, good to know there are people out there so interested in helping others. I'll just tell my Tourette's to hold off for 12-18 months.

Beatrice Cummins

Wexner employees are friendly and do their best to ease a persons fears about tests to be done by letting people know how long the test may take. I was nervous about the MRI that they were to do on my back, and was glad to find it would be only 20 minutes.

Lisa West

BEST HEART CARE in the mid-west! A close relative was turned away by Cleveland Clinic with heart issues that were too complicated. OSU Med Center reviewed situation, immediately created a team of specialists and then provided multiple critical, complicated and life-saving surgical/other procedures. This hospital is outstanding !

Jami B

Awesome. Relaxed atmosphere with a smiley face always ready to help guide you. Great doctors. Glad I went here for services even though it is a ways to drive.

Aaron Moore

I mean it's never fun having to go to the emergency room, but the doctors and whole team provide amazing care. Stay patient as we are 1 of ____ but they approach their care indivualistically. The observationnbays aren't bad either with a bed you can control, a TV, and if you stay overnight, a mask and ear plugs.

Jennifer Rhodes

The only thing I am having problem with is they're having problem getting me a good ID after I had to emergency surgeries and I'm not getting pain medicine it's adequately taking my pain away but we're working on that

Adrian Braswell

my mans john glenn died here bruh , he was the first american to orbit earth , but since yall tried yall hardest , you get 5 stars

Emily Dawson

Matthew D. Stone did a real good job draining my abscess. Good service, friendly people, and big needles.

Tara Benson

This is the worst hopital in the state of ohio. I do not recommend nobody send your loved ones there. My grandma passed away there tonight. Nothing but young doctors. And very rude laughed in our face. We watched them beat on my grandmas chest for 5 mins and then watched them do it to another patient they are the worst my grandma was fine and up and talking before she went there not even two hours of her being there they was pushing tubes in her neck. They pretty much let her dyed and killed her. She was there maybe 4 hours tops and she passed away. Please dont send anyone u love to this hospital. Worst choice ever. Rip mama i love u with all my heart. U are my life. You are in heaven now and you are one of gods greatest angles.

Joseph Richard

My new primary care physician doesn't seen to care about my well being and no answer via my OSU chart for several days knowing he is in the office.

Carl Master

Very nice staff, but bogged down overall.

Crystal Trice

They gave me the best care for stage 4 lung cancer. They made me very comfortable and the Dr. explained the situation to me. What they were going to do and how. Well everything came out fine.

Monte' Lige

E.R. This has been one of the worse experiences I've had here. They relocate you from the lobby to essentially a second lobby where they violate HIppa laws. Then, I had to go and find someone after an hour mad half. When I questioned the nurse as to anyone seeing me and the other people in my pod, she said "nobody's holding y'all against your will". The patient care Is at a all time low tonight.

andrew adams

So I'm a crohns patient be careful if you have caresource ohio state not the place for you they just pass you from doctor to doctor trying to cover for a surgery that never should of never happened in first place. They only reason they are rated so high is because they have no way to actually file complaint with out attorney being I'm on caresource mo money for attorney so I guess Thanks for nothing Ohio State

Robert Lackey

The Best Cancer Hospital in Ohio. We been going since 2014. My wife has a very rare cancer. She's the 27th lady document in the World, all 26 ladies died within 12 months. They have saved my wife's life! Always extremely polite, kind, and give you hope. All the doctors, nurses and staff puts the patient 's needs first. They answer and educate the patent family on all treatments, side effects and always listen to your concerns. They are the BEST of the BEST!

John Todd

Great doctors & staff. Knee replacement coming along four months out, other to be done in sept. Dr Glassman my surgeon. Food was pretty good too.


Had a major accident in Feb of 2015, paid everything off about a year ago. STILL receiving bills and my taxes taken, AFTER they have been paid.

Tim McNutt

Wonderful Staff,Nurse and Doctor. They are very friendly

Robert Bame

At least they try to find out what is going on with you . instead of saying We Don't know what is wrong .

Jancie Lanning

Great care and the staff are friendly

Tamica Doughty

I love osu the best hospital in the world that where I had all my surgery at and they took very good care of me if I have tell any of my friends what hospital to go I is say osu love osu

Matthew Miller

Absolutely the worst hospital I have ever been to. ZERO patient care, very unprofessional and RUDE. I have never been treated so poorly in any medical setting. The nurses, doctors and administration all act like they are better than the patient they are caring for.

Ellis Watkins

Thay put me out on the street. I was haveing seizures. Thay kicked me out. I came out of it and i was sitting on side walk. I hate that hospital. Will never go back. I will never say a good word about it.

Chris Ayers

Drs. And Nurses are awesome and every aide and assistance are fabulous #

Deborah Lamert

I have an MRI done every 6 months and see two doctors in The James. I have never had bad treatment. I have been going there since 2010 and will never change. I have had a change in doctor due to retirement, but the new doctor is very good. I came to the James seeking help that I was not able to get elsewhere. My heath and outlook has changed dramatically.


I had a simple surgery done on a salivary gland today. All of the nurses and doctors that I encountered at OSU were outstanding. It was like I was with family. Such a great place. Each person was individually, truly kind and genuine. The staff I am talking about will know who they are. You made my day go so great.. Thank you so much.

William Feuss

I've been here for radiology and for emergency care. Some facilities are state of the art, but there are older, not so shiny portions you may encounter. My radiologist was very professional for a very uncomfortable procedure. In the ER, I was seen by a nurse right away and my vitals and history were taken. I waited awhile for an EKG (about 40 minutes) and then some time (about 2 hours) to be admitted to the ER. The facility seemed overcapacity, and before being admitted I waited in hallway chairs while uncomfortably close to a sick woman and a couple who loudly complained about being there the better part of the day. The Patient Representative did try to make people comfortable, however. I didn't get any update on my EKG reading or any other treatment while waiting to be admitted. Some sicker patients were understandably seen much sooner. Once admitted, my care was excellent, including the ER doctors, nurses, and psychiatric team, but it did take time to be seen by a psychiatrist before I could be released.

Ruben Melendez

Doesn't matter if you have been a patient of the OSU MC for 20 years. Terrible.

Scott Fredrickson

This place was an absolute nightmare. They have fantastic outpatient doctors but the inpatient experience is atrocious. I would give it no stars if I could. My wife spent 4 days in Doan hall. We chose this hospital because it was the site that her specialist doctor practices at. The hospital doctors are not on the same page with the specialists or even each other. About half of the nurses we dealt with were knowledgeable, caring and seemed to genuinely want to do their job. The rest are apathetic, ornery or just there to collect a paycheck. On multiple occasions they weren't able to give me wife the medication she was hospitalized specifically to receive because they couldn't COORDINATE WITH THE IN HOUSE PHARMACY??? Seriously? What year is it? The nurses would refuse to give her a medication claiming the hospital doctor needed to prescribe it. Mind you, this was medication that we brought with us that was prescribed to her by her specialist. Then when we questioned the hospital doctor, he told us that no prescription was necessary from him and the nurse should administer her the meds. She'd see, on average, 3 doctors and 3 interns per day who never seemed to have a clue what was going on and were constantly asking redundant questions. We picked this hospital because it contains her current doctors and records but apparently logging in and reading the reports is just too much. The rooms are not private unless you have a highly contagious disease. Two different nights she got a roommate at 3 am. And by roommate I mean a screaming heroin addict that was being admitted for some drug related issues and started going through withdrawal. In her 4 night stay she got about 3 total hours of sleep due to this nonsense. The food is not fit for human consumption. I realize this is a hospital and she isn't going to be receiving 5-star Zagat rated meals but it's not even bad... it's AWFUL. If you'd like to see how to make a breaded chicken tender inedible, check out their Cafe. How is that even possible?? They have a Wendy's on site which is your only saving grace. If you're in an ambulance and they're taking you to OSU Hospital, ask them if you'll live long enough to drive 5 minutes down the road to Riverside. You'll be glad you did.

Cris May

4 hours of waiting and still waiting in er waiting room just to find out what's wrong with my husband. Should have took the risk of him having a heart attack in my car to take him to riverside.

Noe Wanne

The entire medical Industry is in shambles. The pharmaceutical industry owns the whole thing so doctors are trained to scam you out of as much money as possible even if it means ruining your whole life. Lab coats are just white collar druggists, the surgeons are white collar butchers, and some patient procedures are so sketchy the whole thing might as well be gang run.

Jose R Acosta Ocasio

Great hospital

Cinthia Skura

Horrible. Nurse Rachet after saying how I had deep lacerations at the top of my thighs in the pelvic region where the lymphs system is shut down in my legs told me she didn't want to hear anything about the 4 car pile up I had been in or what happened. Another nurse came in checking the nervous system, not the lymphs, by sliding her hand down the side and inner legs. There was no radiological definitive

Ian Houston

First class care! The people are both welcoming and kind!

Ken Weber

Have been here at least 50 times with wife in 2018. She spent 7 weeks in patient Can't say enough about the doctor's, nurse's and staff. Wife had back operation and is undergoing treatment with very positive results. She has improved well enough that she returned to work.

Rebecca Keeney

Great place to work.

Nicole Neher

My visit to this facility was terrible, and despite being a student, I will not be returning. I went in to have an x-ray taken of my left hand, believing I may have jammed one of my fingers. Upon my arrival, I informed the staff that I had a fairly severe anxiety disorder and that hospitals made me nervous. They did absolutely nothing to accommodate this though and they made me wait for over four hours to be told I was fine and could leave. My discharge papers were printed out multiple times (after I had to ask for them), but no one ever gave me the papers. I could not leave until I was given these papers. Despite me asking over and over again to be allowed to go home, no one would give me the damn paperwork. I eventually had an anxiety attack and hyperventilated. This is when I was finally given my papers instructing me to take ibuprofen, which was literally ZERO HELP. Basically I had to cause a huge scene in order for someone in that hospital to pay me any attention.

Cheri Seymour

We waited in the ER for over 10 hours to be seen by a doctor!! The waiting room is cold and overcrowded. A couple of vending machines would be a nice addition, as you're afraid to go to the cafeteria and lose your place in line... Maybe you should recruit a few more ER doctors from your medical school!!

Johnna Cc

I was transferred from an outside facility with acute appendicitis over the weekend. I did have quite a stent in the er, about 7 to 8 hours until I got a room on 7 brain and spine. I was in line for surgery as soon as they could fit me in so I cannot complain about the wait. Every single person who I had contact with from transport to medical students/physicians/ surgeons/residents/nurses were fantastic. Attentive and accommodating to my husband and best friend who accompanied me. They got stickers to reduce parking fees and wanted me to mention how professional the security personnel were at the er entrance while they were waiting for me to get settled in a room. After the surgery I was well cared for and had all of my questions answered to the fullest. Thank you!!!

Tori Lowry

I lost my Insurace just 2 weeks b4 a much needed surgery. I was going to call and cancel this AM. A lady whose name is Jane worked very closely with me to ensure I am able to have it . I cant thank her enough for all of her help and patience to ensure this happens. A very kind lady. I'll post my experience after surgery

Sabrina Hines

I was pregnant at 21w & 4d. I had a bulging amniotic sac baby was still in womb. one doctor was telling me that she will have to break my water I told her no don't do that because at that time I'm trying to weigh my options as in can they put my sac back in they told me no. but having way to many nurses in one room distracted me from the doctor that purposely broke my water anyway and sat there in my face and lied telling me it broke on its own. Forcing me to go into labor the next day. Causing me to lose my baby girl. When they knew how to fix the situation rather than that they caused more heartac then to help you. Has anyone had a bulging amniotic sac and the doctor had a way to put it back in and closed your cervix? To keep your baby inside. Please let me know.

John Jacob Upton

Extraordinary care and the personal follow-up are the two stand outs for the one stay I had there.

Anna Inez

I will not be returning to OSU for any medical needs. I was not impressed with any of the Doctors entrusted with my care . I was blown off repeatedly, not listened too or helped in any way. I transferred all my care to VA so I would not die from lack of medical expertise. I had a run in with at least 1 Doctor who YELLED at me for not understanding what she was talking about and She had a very heavy Indian Accent. Not a very caring hospital and will not be returning and begging every family member to go SOMEWHERE ELSE.!!

Mike Conley

My mother is there. (Kathy) I was impressed from the security guard to the nursing staff. I was actually shown to my mothers room by a staff member. (I forgot his name and I'm ashamed of that.. There around 2? ) I'M very impressed with everyone I came in contact with....

john milton

Long wait for treatment, and couterdicked themselves. Right now I was to be admitted for the night but still in the emergency room 4 plus hours later and even after buzzing the nurse saying I was bleeding again and didn't get my evening heart, cholesterol and prostate medication. I was just recently in another hospital for afib and with no monitoring and no medication I don't think it's good care

Jess B

After having severe lower back pain and receiving improper care /treatment/diagnosis at Employee Health at OSU on a Tuesday morning, I woke up in even more excruciating pain early Thursday morning at 1:00am. I was in such agony I woke my husband to take me to the ER. Because I am an employee for OSU I HAVE to go to their ER. We arrived at around 1:20am, I was quickly registered and my $150 copay was taken even faster. I was shown a bed in the waiting area I could lay on until I would be seen by a doctor. 3 (THREE) hours later, I was taken by patient transport to ANOTHER waiting area where a nurse was sent to asses me. I explained my symptoms: severe lower back pain, tingling in my right hip and right leg all the way down to my foot, muscle spasms in my right thigh, trouble sitting/standing/walking etc. His response was for me to pee in a cup to rule out a kidney infection. Mind you, I have no fever, no loss of appetite and no pain/tenderness to touch where my kidney was located! After another 40 minutes in the second waiting room and a second nurse asking for my pee.....and still no doctor has spoken to me, I decided it was clear I was not going to receive proper care or given a proper diagnosis if I stayed. On top of the fact it was now 5am and the doctor;s office would be opening shortly. I, along with my husband chose to leave. I confronted the front desk about my issue, demanded my copay back since I received zero treatment and left. I truly understand that I was not the only patient in the ER that night, however, more than one doctor working and competent nurses would had made the experience a little better and maybe, just maybe I would not have had to leave still in the same excruciating pain I arrived in and I could had been properly diagnosed with what I now know to be a herniated disk, no thanks to the doctors at OSU.

bob wayne

saying there is only a 3 visitor limit in rooms, when we’ve had more than 3 before and no nurse or doctor said a single word about it, completely makes no sense

Briana Mercer

You cannot expect to come into this clinic and have a quick appointment. I literally am in here 3 hours every time. They are so slow at everything.

Seth Landon

The actually gave me naproxen for the pain from my car accident??? No can have a damn vicodin because its an opiate.

Connie Caldwell

Dr. Tarawhneh is giving me excellent patient care.

Mindy Sykes

I had an EGD back in March and was quite scared when I found out I would have to be conscious during the procedure. The nursing staff, along with Dr. Noria, were very kind and patient with me, and made me feel at ease. The procedure was completed in a few short minutes and I had no discomfort afterward. I also had to have a second mammogram a couple of weeks ago. The staff made sure I was comfortable and treated me with respect when I was understandably nervous. Everything was fine and I am glad they were diligent in giving me a second scan. All of the staff I have interacted with at the Medical Center have been wonderful.

Rhiannon Amweg

I delivered my baby there an had all my obgyn appointments there during my pregnancy. 100% would go back if I have another baby down the road. They are so great an make sure you understand everything that they are doing with you and your baby. They answer all your questions and concerns. My nurses were amazing an always right there whenever I needed them!!

jian gu

I will visit Wexner Medical Center this month for 3 months, would anyone kindliy forward me some housing informations, thank you sincerely!

Kaitlyn Lloyd

I have had nothing but problems with Dr. Albisher. After my first appointment, I got the feeling that they thought I was crazy and making up how sleepy I was. Their solutions to my problems were either things that I had already tried or things that would not work for me. I did a sleep study and got a call that they had my results and I had to go in 2 days later. I get there and get the diagnosis that I am sleepy. I know...that's why I came to you in the first place. They tell me I slept great during my study but when I looked closer, I saw I had 150 arousal's that night. That is not sleeping well. I was obviously not getting into the deeper levels of sleep. They didn't even address this. They prescribe a stimulant which after my own research, I find out that it makes my birth control ineffective. Their response, "yeah, sorry we didn't tell you that". I am done with them. Going for a second opinion elsewhere. Don't go to them. They are the worst.

Crystal Fisher

I had my daughter at osu sept 2016. I live in Lancaster but the hospital here did not do vbac and with my BP and all c section was to risky for Lancaster and they sent me to osu for a vbac osu was also my pregnancy doctors I loved them my only complaint well there are 2. 1st in the car on the way to osu I started pouring blood which was terrifying and when I got to osu they still had me register and then put in a small room because my room was being cleaned. I had a few people come in and say that the bleeding could be life threatening to me and my daughter which freaked me out yet they left me in this room for at least 3 hrs. I kept asking where is my room I kept getting told it was being cleaned. How long could that possibly take. Finally I get into a room. Someone peeks their head in and asks me do u want to a epidural yesssaaa please 20 mins or more pass I finally got my medicine when I was finally comfortable It was time to push. There were so many nurses all wonderful in the room I had her all was good. But the room I got put In after delivery was extremely small cramped and horrible compaired to other labor and delivery rooms. Nothing like the osu delivery rooms I saw on the website no no, other than that the nurses were very nice and helpful. I trust osu with my life compaired to Lancaster hospital I wouldn't go there for anything. Go to osu.


Thanks for all the reviews no way am I coming there!

kay lorrainne

I had come into the ER with extreme abdominal pains and I sat in pain in the waiting room for HOURS!! By time they learned what was wrong with me (kidney stones), it was already passed. The doctors were nice but the trip was a waste of time and now I owe them a ton of money. Go elsewhere.

Laura Holzhauer

I brought my very sick daughter here today at 7PM. I rushed here right after getting off of work, drove over an hour. It’s now 1:18AM and we are still waiting. There’s an elderly man here who arrived at 11:30AM and he is the one they are currently tending to. Absolutely the WORST ER experience of my life! I am in my 40’s & have 5 children. I have had my share of Emergency Room visits. I know I will get back home and go back to work with these same clothes on. Horrid!

Scott Garverick

Patient care to the doctors for my wife have been excellent care. To include finding a long lost brother that I served with in the military about 26 years ago

Sade Carroll

Excellent place for medical care

Nick Droughton

Our experience with the labor and delivery staff was awesome!

Shane Mccluskey

Great staff, very educated, friendly, caring. I had a great experience (although I had broken jaw surgery)..plates,screws and wires, they made me feel very comfortable and made me feel like they realy cared...great hospital

Robert Sias

I do not believe there are better Heart Dr,s any where else on earth


They let a cnp take my wifes meds away Elliot A Rodriguez is the cnp that toke her meds away he needs to be fired

Stephanie Bell

I wouldn't go anywhere else for my cancer treatment and my well care. OSU has the best doctors, nurses & all other staff.

Jewell Lewis

I was treated so bad i walked out. My nurse was a snob that didnt care and the social worker was the worst i've ever seen

penny strohm

Best place ever. TRUSTED

Christopher Allen

The Medical services that I have received at OSUWMC are beyond compare. That I will never try to diminish. That being said, I do not trust OSU in other Matters. My Mother died in OSUWMC Ross Heart on May 22, 2016. I went to get her personal possessions. When I got there, her bible and her cross/necklace were not with her possessions. We were finally able to track them down. They were in the body bag with her. I was informed that I would have to get them from the funeral home after her body was picked up. When the funeral home went to get my mom, her cross was missing from her neck. I reported it immediately. Reports were filed, I did everything by the book. It is now going on September, I am still getting no response from OSU. I keep being told it was sent to a "committee". Basically, here is the deal, OSU Stole my mothers cross from her dead body and no one seems to care. Local Police do nothing, it is not in their jurisdiction. States Attorney Does nothing, it has to go to some agency or another. OSU will not even tell me anything other than "It is being investigated." The news Stations will not report on it as it is not a "Full Community Issue" (in other words OSU owns them so they will not get involved). So I am left to posting my story on Social Media. My feeling is this, since the hospital would not relinquish my moms items to me, her designated person, they should be legally responsible for the safety of said items. When items come up missing, they need to be accountable for them. Sadly, Since OSU is such a mega-force in the Central Ohio Area, no one will help me and they think they are above reproach. I see this is the case as no one will render any form assistance. So if you have a loved one in this facility, make sure you get all their personal items out of there, or OSU will keep them and think nothing of it. They do not care. I am leaving my original post intact so that others may see all that had transpired. I have upped the review that I had posted before. I was finally contacted by appropriate people at OSU. They did their investigation. Unfortunately, they were unable to find my mothers cross, but they are sending me the funds to get a new cross. I would have liked to have my moms cross back, but, will accept being able to at least replace it and get it to her granddaughter that it was supposed to go to in memory of her. As I have said, the medical treatment side of things has always been exceptional and I was not trying to take away from that. It was in other ways that I had been disappointed, and that issue has been rectified. Thank you "Mike" for all your help in getting this issue resolved, my family greatly appreciates what you have done for us.

Robert Barton

Great and on point. Felt relaxed and very well taken care of during my stay. I think this is the best hospital in Columbus Ohio

pamela morrison

Great place nice nurses we were in the ross hospital .this place is huge with many hospitals all connected ..ross 5th floor nurses are great especially one named Kristy ..

Barbara Dietrich

Helps my child with managing her MS symptoms .

Lisa Mcglone

Labor and delivery was so awesome! All the staff was awesome and so helpful all weekend! The nurses on women and infants floor were just as awesome!

merci tumusifu

I love the reputation of this hospital

James McNamee

I have been a patient here for 16 years. My primary care physician left the Stoneridge ln, Dublin office and I was completely ousted as a patient. After that many years, they did not accept me back as a patient in that office. They said that no other doctors were accepting patients and I would have to go to the other side of town (Gahanna). It is very sad that they treat dedicated patients like this. Now I know that Dr. Michael Burgin was the one that provided the great service and NOT the facility he worked. Hate to see you leave Dr. Burgin.

Teresa Schumacher

Terrible experience in ER for a work-related injury. Left AMA after the doctor pretended to examine me and then left me unattended in a room by myself when I should have been on ECG monitoring. The financial department is incompetent as well, sent me to collections despite all communication with my work regarding bills. The entire experience left me feeling small and helpless. As a veterinarian, I think it’s sad that dogs and cats get better healthcare than people. Next time I’ll just treat myself.

Murali venkataraman

Terrible experience with the hospital as a whole and I do not believe I will be going back to them anymore. Here are the reasons a) I have been having tingling sensation in both legs (went for physical therapy in Jan 2018, went thru numerous tests - everything came back normal). Finally the neurologist told me that they will have to get an MRI done. b) MRI paper work was submitted and it was rejected by the insurance. the insurance company told me that they didn't receive the necessary paperwork or detailed explanation. When I messaged the doctor, I was told that it's handled by different department and they can't help. Background: I moved from Cleveland to Columbus in 2017 and decided to go with OSU for primary care. I had my first visit in November 2017 and I had signed the papers to have the medical record transferred from Cleveland Clinic. I followed up with them in Jan or Feb of 2018 and I was told that they have not received the paper work from Cleveland Clinic. I called Cleveland Clinic and they told me that they had faxed in the details the same day they had received the request. I even offered OSU hospitals to setup a conf call (no response). I followed up with them again in May and they told me that they received the paper work. It boils down to them not receiving the paper work in time.

Anna Hummel

SOULLESS MONEY HUNGRY MONSTERS! You all knew very well my grandmother was in no condition to be moved. She had bloodclots that gave away and went to her heart, caused a massive heart attack and killed her when you moved her to an unequipped facility miles away! All because she didn't have money. You're murderers! You murdered the woman who raised me! BURN IN HELL, SCUMBAGS!!!

Leslie Dellovade

Hospital operators cannot get their act together. I recently had a surgery there I have been calling for over 3 hours trying to have the on call surgeon call me back. I have yet to hear from anyone I have been hung up on, put on hold, transfer to every department but the one I asked for. Even talk to a supervisor who also transfer me to the wrong Department. Not acceptable for such a large hospital to have such diminished staff. If I could take away the one store I would. I ended up going by ambulance to the ER I got in a hospital-acquired infection and had a very large roach as my roommate. I was transferred to another room with roaches. The nurses were rude the charge nurse was rude I complain to customer experience which basically did nothing. I waited almost 24 hours for anyone to do anything. And not to say that I wasn't there for anything I was admitted for 4 days. The ER was a terrible experience and it was very dirty with roaches readily visible. How can a hospital they have such good doctors for other disciplines have such a poorly-run emergency room.


Some of the staff members don't respect their patients and provide an intentionally poor level of service that can be considered abusive. For example, after being questioned by her nurse, I was unnecessarily kept waiting in a doctor's exam room for 40 minutes. As I got up to leave, the doctor entered the room to stop me. She offered no apology and had a bad attitude. I felt resentment coming from her that I couldn't explain. Then I felt equipment touch my cornea that I shouldn't have felt. I realized that something was very wrong, so I told her stop the examine so that I could leave. Shockingly, the doctor began yelling at me and stormed out of the exam room. Her temper tantrum was heard throughout offices and in the waiting room. Clearly the nurse instigated the doctor's abusive behavior; both "professionals" failed to meet a minimum level of service. Needless to say, I will not be returning to the doctor's office. For these reasons I can't recommend this facility to others.

Sam Ehret

Spent five hours there to see medical staff for a combined 15 minutes and have only a few tests run, to then be released with them saying we aren't sure what caused your problem. They weren't even that busy having plenty of rooms available, but the waiting room was full as can be. Furthermore, as I waited for an hour and a half for my last test that they assured me would be coming soon, I watched the nurses and doctors just chatting and not even dealing with patients. Real great healthcare.. Best part they billed me before I had even left the hospital. Horrible Service. If you can go to Riverside. They at least care about making sure you are healthy, unlike the OSU Med Center which just like the rest of OSU only cares about its money.

Khem Dahal

Great hospital for chronic Patient. They took good care of my dad. I am glad with the service provided. Nurse and doctor are great and know what patient needed.

Josh Blevins

I was in a horrific car accident and was life flighted to OSU. The doctors did a great job piecing me back together, and one stayed on as my regular doctor for a little over a year. He then discharged me because I missed a couple appointments after using all the rides through my insurance and having to rely on unreliable people, and did so after I informed him that I no longer had transportation issues because I finally got my own car. Due to my traumatic brain injury I have constant, horrific headaches, I have pain in my leg and hip as well as my back. The soonest I could get into pain management was March 3rd and I was discharged on January 11th. My doctor promised me he would never just cut me off of all my medications during my month long stay, and that's precisely what he did. So on top of all the pain I'm always in I also had to deal with withdrawal symptoms since I was on a great deal of pain medication for more than a year. Just seems unnecessarily cruel.

K Kantner

I made an neurology appointment 6 months ago. Traffic was horrible and was 7 minutes late to my appointment. 8:07 stood in line because the desk was ill equipped to handle patient volume. Desk lady was probably stuck in traffic too. Got to desk at 8:18 and was told they could not see me today because i was over 15 minutes late and the appointment cancellation policy was to cancel after 15 minutes. Maybe i will call U of M Neurology.

imeatingursnack plz

You will die in the E.R before being seen.. 4 hours 15 minutes I have waited while nurses, doctors, and PCA's laugh joke and live the good life.... stay as far as you can from this place....

Mike Sparks

Phenomenal staff and care, this is a model facility and everyone I encountered during my stay was exceedingly professional and kind to me.

Angela Piro

I am a senior student at Ohio State getting my degree this year, and might as well have been a drug addict off the street. I walked out of this facility crying because of how much pain I was still in and how helpless I felt because I could not get treatment. I was treated so poorly and the CNP that helped me was terribly judgmental. Her name is Bernadette Weisenberger and she was rude and judgmental to begin with, continually giving me and my friend that drove me there strange looks, I assume because he was African American and I was not wearing makeup or dressed up enough. I began to explain my situation and what I thought was wrong with me, mentioning my back pain, nerve shocks that sent down my legs, and my lordosis, and she cuts me off and says "oh honey, you don't need to go that much in detail." Isn't someone in the medical profession supposed to want every little detail in order to help you to the best of their ability? She ended the meeting with, "I am not going to give you narcotics" as if that was what I was after. I could not believe my ears. She gave me medicine that was an equivalent to Aleve and not even an ice pack but a ziplock bag with ice in it and told me it would just get better (when the past 5 days it has only been getting worse.) She told me I would see a doctor and I never even saw a doctor (but of course she asked me to pee in a cup which has nothing to do with muscle pain!) Absolutely unbelievable.

ziyao su

Last year my eye was injured seriously and got 3 pieces of glass in it at midnight. I got in to the emergency room and waiting for more than 3 hours to see a doctor, with my eye continuously bleeding. In the meanwhile I was asked to move to other rooms because some other people will use the emergency room. In total I only stayed in emergency room for less than twenty minutes and the bill asked me to pay for more than 1000 dollars because of usage of emergency room. The worse thing is that before doctor came, a nurse asked me if I want a CT on my eye, I said yes. But after the doctor came and picked out the glass, I still did not receive the result of CT, and my bill included this section about more than 1000 thousand dollars. Bad experience.

Rachael Willett

The patient care from all staff

Letitia Topp

It will never reject care based on insurance but you will wait to be served.


Wonderful hospital. The hospital is very large but it is easy to find your way around with the maps available. The doctors, nurses, and staff are very courteous and treat you with the upmost compassion and respect. The interior has a very open design and is amazing.

Corneil Harton

Best medical attention in mid Ohio

gabby wang

Had an eye surgery at OSU Wexner. The price quote I got was $51,000 with 60% price discount I expect to pay around 20,000. I went with them and then they tried to screw me as much as you can, now charging me a total of $68,000 and wanting me to pay $23,338 in total, despite the fact that my insurance also ended up paying them a significant amount (about $12,000 in total). I can understand a 5 to 10% margin of error of the total price difference, but not a (68,000 - 51,000) difference. Billing is totally unwilling to reason with me on this. And the beauty is, part of the $68,000 is a $22 per minute charge for the recovery room. I stayed in the recovery room (not hooked up to a machine, simply laying down) about 180 minutes, which they charged me $4,105 for that.

None Of Your Business

I had my son here in January 2011. Nice hospital.

T Rea Okerberg

Were that I could give them negative stars! I went to the ER at OSU for pelvic pain. Their "doctor" that was on duty did a cursory exam and then told me, "OH, it's just cervical cancer! No big deal! I'll go have the nurse fill out your discharge paperwork and send you home with a script for some Ibuprophen." Um... What? No. WRONG. See, a REAL doctor wouldn't have done that! A REAL doctor would've wanted to do a little thing called a BIOPSY to check what questionable tissue was going on. No biopsy was done. No real anything was done, just a quick glance and then a declaration of "diagnosis." It's a shame I can't remember this person's name, because I'd have had his job on the chopping block for malpractice. I won't ever, EVER let OSU touch me again, nor will I ever let someone who went to that "school" ever touch me, either. I rather like breathing and being alive.

Alexis Williams

Okay so I would like to just say they are wonderful to me they are taken great care of me here I had a c section and I feel so great because of them ❤️ But as far as my care go it wasn’t the best I was sent home with a blood pressure that was 176/107 bpm was 133 and an hour later they sent me home and when I got home my blood pressure kept shooting up no medicine no nothing! So I went to saint Anns and they treated it in the matter for a few hours ❤️ This hospital needs to be better with not only the child but the mother care as well if I had to rate my stay on a scale 1-10 10 Being the best I would say 6/10

Geo Roach

Their very helpful and the nurses are really cute

Arlene Perry

The Doctors, nurses and receptionists are excellent. Friendly and helpful. I feel I am being cared for completely.

Rebecca Shepherd

Currently an inpatient here. The Drs have no idea what they're doing. I've had enough of this place. They've let me suffer in pain for 3 days. Tell me there getting my meds and never hear anything about them again. Say they're going to run this test or another then don't. I can't wait to get out of here. I'll never stay as an inpatient again. I'm very troubled about how I'm being neglected here. I will not refer anyone here again.

Brent Harrison

Do Not Go See DR Peetree she is not a real doctor . If you want some aspirin and a joke of an appointment then go see her otherwise your wasting your time . Over a month and 2 visits later for me to figure this out . What a Joke !!! See another doctor anybody but her .

John Montgomery

I recently had heart bypass surgery at the hospital and I could not be more pleased with the level of care I received and the professional manner in which it was delivered. First rate.

Liz McIntosh Russell

Son sent to ER with extremely high blood pressure by an affiliated clinic. Here we sit, over 3 hours later, STILL in the waiting room. You would think that a major University research facility would have their act together in an efficient way to service patients. Maybe sharing information about wait times would be prudent, as folks who are sick are already stressed. Horrible experience, but now we're over 3 hours in and would be stupid to AMA with such a high pressure. Update: Make that 5 hours. A total of 8 (and counting) hours and STILL have not seen a physician. If this is the standard of care that this facility is happy with, then I don't know what to say. Forget excuses. This is TOO long. Unacceptable.

A Robison

First off let me start out by saying there's wonderful nurses here at the hospital there is also nurses that does not do their job for instance they gave me a tablet and I switched to another room and they took the tablet and never logged me off of being with that tablet so when I got to the new room I could not get a tablet because it says that I still had a tablet under my name the charge nurse Stephanie on the 9th floor called me a liar and told me that she would stand behind her nurses before she would ever believe what a patient said or told her so I had to audio record one of the nurses yelling at me then they put a bed alarm on me and I sat there for 10 minutes and 28 seconds with the alarm going off and no response from the medical team

Ashley Venturi

Worst experience I have ever had. Will never return. Hard to believe they are one of the “Top” hospitals in Central Ohio.

Aurora Nunya

They need to teach most of their nurses bed side manner and customer service skills especially Betsy on floor 8 if you have Medicaid or no insurance you're going to be treated like you're nothing here! And whatever you do DO NOT HAVE YOUR BABY HERE OR GO TO THEIR HIGH RISK OB DOCS WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!

Michael Stan

Concerned staff all over the place!

Morgan Harpel

The fact that they are a pro breastfeeding clinic and then tell me to breastfeed my 8 week old son in the bathroom is absolutely crazy.... aside for the horrible wait and service I will not be coming back purely because they will try and force me in to the bathroom to feed my son.

Christopher Hatem

My wife had both of our biological children here and both were high risk. Outstanding care. I had my knee scoped here, outstanding care. Had H1N1 and was hospitalized in the burn unit because the place was filled to over capacity. I spent 4 days there and they were simply amazing. They sent me a card after, thanking me for being a good patient! I use OSU Primary Care as my family doctor and I’ve never been so happy. I’ll be blunt. If I get hit by a bus in front of any other hospital; call an ambulance and get me to OSU.


Can I give them a zero? What a joke. Understaffed, overpriced, terrible service. Waited 24 hours and had 20 min of actual interaction with a doc! TWENTY FOUR HOURS! They don't value your time at all. I'm dropping their insurance asap! Not to mention the bill that I'm fighting with insurance to pay. And yes I have osu insurance and went to osu hospital! Unbelievable! Going to drop this insurance and this hospital asap! Update!: What exactly is the patient experience team going to do? Listen to my horrific story of the ER and the hospital and the insurance? There is nothing they can actually do. The docs I saw said they would do certain tasks to help me. It's been almost 6 months and they have excuted none of them. Empty promises from fake doctors that simply do not care enough that represent a hospital that is more concerned about raising parking prices and selling the parking lot to make money then actually help real people in real pain. I have two more horrible experiences since the first one I had! It's truly unbelievable how bad a hospital (and it's affiliates) can be. Truly heartless! Still waiting to drop this overpriced poor insurance...only 5 more months! P.s. I can't wait to hear the generic response from the "owner" saying how I should call more workers at the hospital so they can pretend to care. Update: the billing department and OSU insurance drove me so crazy over a $1500 that I went temporally insane. I had to be hospitalized for this and guess what?!? The hospital stay was over $6k. In fact, the insurance company has paid out $6k plus in coverage for this stay. Somehow I find this sweet sweet KARMA on both the hospital and the insurance. If the insurance company and the hospital would work together and hire quality staff then I would be debt free and the insurance company would have more money. I have officially ended my coverage with OSU and am now free of the trap that is Ohio State University! Let's see what they write back???

Lashira Wilson

Excellent staff

Brent Bates

Excellent,the Dr is straight forward, and offers you a treatment plan. He seems to really care about his patients. Highly recommended for treatment.

Austin Tracy

I am very happy with this hospital. My grandfather was taken to OSU after he had a stroke and they were very quick to treat him and get him into surgery. The hospital staff has been very helpful keeping our family informed on what is going on. There is a reason they are the ranked as one of the best hospitals in the country

Thomas Scharold

I went there with food poising. After figuring out I was not “dying” I had to wait a considerable time for help. I was charged $100.- copay. After my insurance informed my there was no copay for me I had to fight to get my $100.- back. Now weird statements trickle in with attempts to get more $$$ out of me. That is not professional! Get your money you need to treat all those drug abusers in Columbus for free somewhere else.


9 years of experience as a central service technician I am more than capable of working at every part of the department.all managers I have worked with have taken pride of working with me.hope you will too.

Jane Sponsler

Dr. Claire Towning and Christy Lottinger are excellent doctors. They checked in often and very informative. Would definitely recommend them.

Angela Owens

Good customer service

Tabitha Kelley

I am not a fan of Ohio Health, and I decided to go with OSU for my pregnancy and delivery. I felt that they did a fantastic job and I wouldn't have wanted to deliver my daughter anywhere else.

Ryan Boddie

Although OSU is ranked one of the best hospitals, I disagree because I’ve had my last 2 children there and had bad experiences both times, just things I didn’t like, like how when you don’t have top notch insurance they put you in the smallest cramped up rooms, the nurses act really nasty about your spouse getting a meal, which was very upsetting because my husband is awesome! He’s there through every one of my pregnancy’s step by step, when I go into labor he’s up all night running water, rubbing icey hot on my back, getting me Tylenol etc so I feel they should offer spouses to eat too because they have been in labor and have been up anticipating a baby as well, Grant didn’t give us that problem with our first so I guess it’s just disappointing to see a hospital that generates sooooo much money behave this way about something as small as a meal

Sherry Griffeth

Transplant floor and staff are great as always.

rag oth

My child born there. Physicians، nurses، staff and service were outstanding. However the vital statistics office in the hospital made two mistakes. One related to birth cirtificate and the other related to social security card of the baby. That caused me alot of problems

Mel Jay

I went osu east er for treatment. I was advised I was being transferred to osu main hospital only to be dumped in the er for another 1.5 wait after being transferred from a room from osu east where treatment had begun. Noone offered assistance or an explanation for why they are transferring patients from rooms at osu eat to the er lobby at the main hospital.

Caroline Lesko

Excellent care which is not being given at local hospitals in Ohio. If you have anything complicated or unusual, come to OSU or to Cleveland Clinic.

Christian Chalkias

Do they treat dysentery here?

Shirley Hughes

I have dealt with The Ohio State University Medical Center since 1972, and my primary care physician is still from OSU. I have recommended this Center several times to friends and relatives for cancer treatment, and they have all survived. I cannot recommend OSU medical care highly enough . . . I wouldn't go anywhere else and I will also continue to recommend it. I visited a friend yesterday . . and the only complaint is the difficulty of getting where one wants to go because of the size and continuous improvement. Go OSU Wexner Medical Center and physicians!

Craig Richter

The 24/7 assistance was very helpful! Arriving their after 8pm to visit two parishioners, the front desk staff was courteous and hospitable. Their directions sent me in the right direction the first time. Arriving at the patient’s the nursing staff was equally as kind and attentive to their responsibilities. As a clergy in the community, the staff made my visit to two parishioners that much better!

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