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REVIEWS OF Southern Ohio Medical Center IN Ohio

Matthew Coleman

Not bad...

Stephanie Carmon

My mother in law stayed there for 2 days and they didnt give her medication to her every 4 hours unless she asked for it. And didnt bring her food to her unless she asked for it. They told her she could call down and order it. WTH ?! Its not a hotel. But they were super nice to her.

Ryan Hoops

Tayna Todd

Sandra Edwards

home care provider

one of my home care patients received care at somc today for a procedure. they were returned to their home with fecal matter contaminating their sterile dressing. the patient is paralyzed. not only were they sent home with dirty dressings, but they had fecal matter on and around their anal sphincter. i then continued to do my clients laundry from the hospital linen bag and found two disposable chuck pads and a adult diaper covered in feces that was wrapped up in the patient's bed sheets. shame on you somc.

Natasha Sperry


First response team is very effective in any given situation, great job saving so many lives!

Kathy Bush

Took my daughter there last night we checked in at 10:30pm. She was having a very serious allergy reaction to something and was in severe stress. I can understand having people come in with more serious problems but we had to sit in waiting room until 6:30am this morning and I know that after we went there I seen 15 or 20 more people come in after we did and they took them all right on in the back and left us sitting in the waiting room and we was the next to the last people there this morning what a joke for a hospital.I would not tell anyone to go to this place.

Megan Hillis

Emily Humphries is amazing and always treats me with such great care. I will be back to visit soon because of her awesome care

Becky Darby

They held me 8 days before figuring out I was being given excessive doses of Lasix and told my family I was insane. The ER staff told my dtr that her 1 year old toddler with a temp of 104.3 was normal for a teething baby. Thank God I was a nurse or I'd be dead. Oh, and while I left my room for a 10 min walk with PT my dentures were lost and they said they were not at fault.

chad haynes 2


Tammy Trenary

Joey Carver

Very friendly staff and excellent services.

randy odell

I was in a car wreck and they sent me home. Three hours later they called said they thought they seen something and they were sending a squad after me. Well after being transferred to Somc again they took me to Grant Trauma Center and had surgery had a ruptured intestine that was leaking out in me. So I would not say they are that great.

Jennifer Scott

Amy Smith

I love the way I can see where I've been

Derek Lockhart

It's a very nice hospital it also has one of the best Detox facilities around this place

Corey Carver

Cheryl Hance

Tom Jones

Ryan Bloomfield

It take 5 hrs just to see a doctor this hospital need to figure out what they are doing never aginn finding another hospital from here on out bs


Friendly staff.

Work Phone

Samantha Morris

They are one of the worst hospitals I have ever had the chance of going to. My family and I go anywhere exceot there for our medical needs.

Valey W

Diane Mclain

My mother who just passed was in somc for weeks first they wouldn't give her anything for pain that she had been taken took away her sleeping pills she had been prescribed and we had to stay around the clock so she could go to the bathroom and we had to changed the bed linen this is the worse hospital I have ever seen God help anyone from scooting county that gets hurt and has to go there please go somewhere else not there my mother was worse after she left than before she went in I rate this hospital extra poor

Jade Swayne

Never a good experience. Uneducated staff.

Jennifer Rogers

Unnamed Dude

My grandma almost got robbed during a stay there, and they told me I needed abdominal surgery with hardly any details about it and mostly just focused on rushing me out of there. They weren't even busy.

Hailey Fox

LaCosta Bradford-Craig

nice people.

allan wilson

The staff is great friendly caring Dr's and clean. This is what a hospital should be like

Christel Stiff

Amazing caring nurses, they treated me very well and did an amazing job they need much more appreciation then they get. Definitely recommend going here they will take great care of you.

Heather Meurer

If i could give this Hospital half a star I would or none at all. The hospitality alone is shoddy.. The nurses were rude, controlling and manipulative. They do not care about what the patient desires out of their stay and treatment plans. Giving medication then setting rules after is lack of respect and unethical. Im appauled and sick at the thought of the lengths taken to manipulate processes in order to fit the schedules better for the staff here.. Poor management or lack of training that has this place operating like an institution ran by money hungry animals. I just moved to the area and will not ever request to be taken to this Hospital even if it was life or death.

Jeremiah Baker


Good place that takes great care of me. Literally saved my life more than once.

Amanda Workman

misti His

They dont really help with pain...and they love to send you for the same tests expecting different results...the drs dont listen to their patients...

Tylor Patton

Fast and friendly service

Dawn B

Not Satisfied

Most of the nurses, and definitely all of the managers I talked to in this hospital acted like they hated taking care of me. They were not empathetic at all to my complaints or concerns about my extensive health/medical needs. It just felt like they could not rush me along and out the door fast enough all because they did not want to deal with my extensive medical needs. They make you feel very insignificant and worthless. They definitely wanted me gone as soon as possible because of all my health issues. It’s A very sad reality knowing you have to pay so much of your hard earned money to a hospital that really does not care about you at all. It’s just makes me feel sick to my stomach that this is acceptable nowadays. Well, ITS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME.

Jeannie Sullivan

Usually fast being treated

Xxxx Besimer

Excellent outpatient service.

danni roush

wouldn't wanna go anywhere else

Joseph Hansen

Eye Gotta Dithis


Kathleen Stroud

Excellent care and service provided by everyone

Rubi Lachira Juares

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