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REVIEWS OF Nationwide Children's Hospital IN Ohio

Kevin Shaner

There is no better place to take a child. Caring staff, thorough, kind doctors and nurses. Beautiful building and child friendly atmosphere. As a medic, and having children and grandchildren treated here, I highly recommend it

George Moore

Their security and privacy for patients is superior . I don't think anyone should have to pay to park when coming to visit a patient at the hospital or any hospital of that mater.

Deb Cook

I work here. Excellent employment opportunities. With excellent benefits

Kyleigh Miller

My daughter was taken there for a type one diabetes scare. She had an elevated blood sugar that morning and they kept her overnight. Her sugars leveled out and maintained normal but they still checked in and made sure I knew what was happening. They didn't know why she went back to normal but were so happy to tell me that she isn't diabetic. My only complaint is that the hospital is very large and confusing. Parking is also really confusing. I was told her bed was ready at three and she didn't get her room until four which is not terrible but trying to keep a two year old occupied for an hour is difficult especially for a worried mom.

Taylor Docie

You won't find a better place for your kid. Great nighttime security!

Dustan Horst

Amazing hospital and staff!

Holly H

Worst hospital in Ohio. They know other hospitals won't take children for specialist appointments, so we are held hostage. They would have killed my daughter last year, if I didn't demand answers. A nurse even said my daughter only complained when I walked in the room. My daughter had a collapsed lung from their negligence. She told them she couldn't breathe. Switched to OSU, found out they did the surgery wrong. Now my other child screamed in pain for a year. They blew it off. I demanded a new dr. He was diagnosed in 2 days with a serious health condition. This hospital will kill your child. I'm moving out of state this summer, to get my son good healthcare.

Natalie Ahnouch

if you go here you will wait for HOURS. horrible

CC Sangster

My daughter had to have her umbilical hernia repaired and everyone the was so nice! I appreciate each person that did all they could to make sure my daughter was comfortable.

Chris McDaniel

Very unprofessional emergency room staff,and Doctors. Was very unhelpful finding anything wrong with my 5 year old child with vomiting due to not having insurance that could be billed. I thought a hospital was supposed to help a child even though there wasn't insurance. This is why there is a billing department do what needs done then if there isnt insurance then bill the parents of the patient. I will be getting a second opinion from another doctor. Big companies don't care about people they only care about what they can bill out.


THIS HOSPITAL SHOULD LOSE ITS FUNDING AND BE SHUT DOWN, WORST HOSPITAL IN THE MIDWEST . They may do a lot of good but their mental health side is a joke! My daughter has needed help for a long time, took 5 visits last year before she went impatient. She needed help again this year, She told them she needed to stay so she didnt hurt herself or others today and they still didn't take her. They are severely in need of a change. Thumbs down!! They need to be reported.

Rocco Greco

A hospital that is dedicated to providing the best medical care to children of all ages. Whatever the medical condition may be, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has the means and the staff to assess and provide the treatment. In patient and out patient care is one of the best in the United States. The staff is friendly, courteous, respectful and helpful. The hospital is committed to providing care period. There are accommodations available for adults to stay at if their child requires long term care (Ronald McDonald House). There are also several on site places to eat at as well. Continuing education is provided for the children along with a play space for siblings to play in. The hospital is clean and appointed in very creative and decorative art and sculptures. The leaders of this hospital are very committed to the growth of their staff and it’s arguably one of the best places to be employed at.


My life was saved here thank you doctors

Lurinda Forester

My 18 year old daughter was having extreme panic attacks this weekend so we went to children's urgent care. Long story short, we was sent to the ER and sent home with melatonin to help her sleep. Came back the next day because she was literally going numb in the hands, feet, face and also couldn't breath. Same treatment. Sent to ER and giving her something for her stomach and for depression. The meds take weeks to work. Basically, we have referrals, stomach meds and a teenager that's still freaking out. I really thought this would be the place to get her help but now I wish I'd took her somewhere, anywhere but here .

M Sanders

Love the people here. A patient care is beyond expectations. Great doctors. Modern facility very friendly. Come here frequently visiting people parking is always accessible even though you're right downtown. Can't speak enough of the integrity of the care and the staff employed here.

Racheal Harris

My daughter got hit by a car and they left her sit for 4hrs before even attempting tp place her in a room. Didnt Even check for internal bleeding or anything. Left her hungry and in pain sitting in a wheel chair the whole time.

Michelle Midlick

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for the staff here and this hospital itself is extraordinary. We're so lucky to have this place in our hometown. Thank you NCH!

Frank Leone

Its a hospital so I think like is too strong a word. Daughter was sick when she arrived and better when she left. Nursing staff was awesome.

clarissa Torres

They took good care of my child!

Sonya Yerrell

This is the worst hospital. They have your minor child waiting 6 hours to be seen. The staff is not friendly at all. The lack of communication between the staff is unacceptable. They come in and ask the same questions the prior staff asked. Just horrible

Prashant Sharma

Very slow, not fast and convenience services! My child ended up adding 2 more other problem she went with one ended adding up other two problems reason not quick respond by doctors! Be fast and hire more doctor if needed, can’t stay unknown for hours! Dam!

Jessica Ward

I'm not sure exactly how to rate Children's because of the simple fact that I was here with my daughter for 3 days and our experience was absolutely wonderful. The nurses and all the staff was very kind and thoughtful. However, 4 nights later I was back at Children's with my other daughter for the exact same thing and our experience was absolutely horrendous. we waited in the ER for 7 hours before we got our room upstairs. The nurses/doctors were just awful all the way around.

Iqbal Mahar

My ever worst experience with any hospital.Beware before visiting the the GI clinic.They will admit your child so that they can have someone available for their student study.I visited GI clinic for my daughter.Dr simply threatened me if I am not going to admit my child he is going to call lawyers and child protection department that I am not allowing him to treat my child.My child is not gaining the weight.I simply asked him how long you want to admit and for what kind of treatment you want to admit her.There was no answer for this question.He replied he will assign a doctor's pannal who will decide all that (just to increase the hospital bills).Daily doctor was changing who visit to see my daughter that was surprising to me.Even next day doctors don't know why previous day dr orders some test. After staying five day in hospital they just want to feed my baby from bottle instead of direct from breast.No treatment plan or any medication except instead of vitamin D to use multivitamins. I can not give zero as rating otherwise it deserve less than that rating.

Josh Lawrence

On February 4, 2018, my son Nicholas was taken to PICU on the 2nd floor. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation to the Medical staff who helped my son and treated him with respect. He passed away later that day and how the medical staff treated him ment more to me and my wife then I would ever be able to put into words. I will keep you always in my prayers and again thank you for your Kindness and Respect in our time of need.

Chris Knopp

Glad my sons problem was not life threatening because would of died waiting. I don't get how people go for any emergency and then have to sit bleeding for 4+ hours. Something isnt right.

Chelsie Porter

I spent 2 weeks here after my car accident and had 2 surgeries. The staff were so amazing with me and made me feel so comfortable. So many awesome people work here

Kelly Bailey

We had to reschedule my son's appt in Jan for his diabetes . They couldn't reschedule him until August then they were rude when we try to get refills for his insulin and test strips because he hasn't been seen since October. Like it's our fault they couldn't get him in until 7 months later. Now we're having trouble getting him signed up for camp hamwii. Waiting for them to fill out the medical papers I hope they don't keep him from going to camp it's not his fault. I hope you don't have to reschedule your appointments here this has happened to us several times. And then when you try to switch doctors they act like you're crazy and they won't do it.

Nick Joyce-Houghton

This is not the kind of place you want to rate or have to write a review. Being here is not a fun time, but if you have to take your kid to a hospital it's the best choice you can make. We experienced nothing but helpful, caring, smiling faces the entirety of our stay. The doctors and nurses and PCAs and EVERYONE was so reassuring and polite and understanding about everything. They go out of their way to make you aware of what's going on at all times and explain everything to you in terms you understand. I hope we never have to come back here, but if we do, I know we're going to be in great hands.

Anthony Ellis

Here for a CT Scan on my son's hearing...all is well..

Trisha Biggs

This hospital is terrible. We got transferred from osu and have nothing but problems. My son was born 3 months premature and required oxygen. We usually don't have issues with the doctors, but the nurses are terrible. I feel like everytime we go here there is a complaint to be made. If I could I would never come back here...

antonia asbridge

My granddaughter was taken by squad because she had a seizure and stopped breathing. By the time the squad arrived to there jouse she was breathing again awake and drowsy. The staff sitting in the front were cold and short and when asked how much longer .My daughter and sIL were told we are not worried. They had been sitting in the waiting room for 5 plus hours. This is a 2 yo who had never had a seizure let alone stopped breathing...... terrible service..... you can build and build but if your staff gives poor service. People will go elsewhere

Dwayne White

Best child care anywhere

Scott Hann

Unacceptable wait time in ER. Finally left after 4 1/2 hours without being called to see a doctor. Staff was professional and friendly, but obviously coached not to discuss how long a wait may be. At about the two hour mark, my daughter was called in to provide a urine sample and then sent back to the waiting room. Just before leaving, I asked for an estimate of remaining time. I was told there was still 15 people ahead of us. I asked for the results of the urinalysis to take somewhere else in the morning and was told we had to see the doctor to get those. Not a great night for Nationwide Children’s. Obviously understaffed and forgetting those they are serving.

Nada No

Very long wait times especially for sick kids. Not very organized. The rooms should be made to be a little more comfortable since the wait times are so long. I wished that there were more Children's hospitals, not pointless Children's Close to Home urgent care facilities in the Columbus area.

Michael Murphy

I am impressed with their staff everytime we visit. Great with the big difficult issues, and equally good with the little troubles that come up with children. They always take the time to fully answer both my questions and my child's questions.

Stephanie Mcelfresh

They took wonderful care of my daughter

Austin Kohler

If zero stars was only a possibility, this place is disgusting! The patient rooms are a messy disaster and the nurses are not qualified. The nurse performing our shots, stuck the needle in her arm and started fishing around for her vein. It caused so much pain that even weeks after our visit, her arm is still black and blue with bruises from these shots. Very bad service and super unprofessional staff! We will never be back!

Minjoon Kim

This was the beat place. I was having testicular pain early in the morning, and I am feeling so much better right now. The surgery went well, it was my first surgery in my life, and I felt great.

Peggy Leinard

My granddaughter suffered a seizure yesterday morning, the 3rd since November. After the trip to Childrens in November and given a number to call if it happens again, she was sent home. Four calls have now been placed to the Neourologist at Children's (number given to my son and daughter-in-law in November if this happened again)and still no response. What is a parent to do? This is by far the most unprofessional, uncaring, and disrespectful dept. ever. How long does it take to place a return call stating they want to see her or that it's not that serious. In the mean time, we wait and pray she does not have another seizure. Ridiculous!

Mike Terry

Good, knowledgeable staff and care but can be slow.

Eric Fife

My son was sent to Children's in Columbus with influenza A. I followed the ambulance all the way up to Columbus. I wasn't allowed to accompany him in the door and was forced to go around the side to the security where the security guard got mouthy with me and I got mouthy back. an argument ensued and I was ejected off the property with my autistic son scared to death in the hospital without his father, his support group. They refused to transfer him and they refused to release him. At this point they're holding him hostage as far as I'm concerned. And there's nothing I can do about it at this time. So I'm sitting here in a motel room waiting for tomorrow and more news. In the meantime I would like to say to Children's that this is America not Russia. You are a hospital not a prison. What gives that security guard the right to be a jerk and not expect me to get mouthy back? Of course I was upset my son is severely sick and I am severely sick with the same damn thing. But that's okay as long as they get their money right? I strongly advise all parents who love their kids to drive them the hell out of state before going to Children's Hospital as this is not the first problem that I've had with this Hospital. Basically they hide behind their policies and can do whatever the hell they want without any repercussions and as far as I'm concerned this changes today even if I have to start fighting legally.

Ashly Reynolds

I love this hospital my son was cared for very well and in a timely manner. My questions were answered to an understanding for me as well as making sure me and my family had a comfortable stay while my son was admitted. Throughout our stay we were treated beautifully and respectfully the doctor even made an effort to come in and talk with me after hours when he was home with family to insure that my concerns were met.

bobby shmurda

my girlfriends been there for 6 hours and still hasnt had her problem dealt with, they are very unprofessional

Pat Bruce

Its so big its a little confusing. But the nurses are nice.

Ashley Jarrell

My son is in need of surgery, but apparently the surgeon we went to see only does surgery one day a week. They call to advise you of the surgery time only 2 days before the surgery. As if people don't have other children to make plans for or work to schedule around. Not to mention my son is 3 yrs old and they want him to not eat all day and have surgery at 3pm! Very hard for a little kid to do and understand why you won't feed them. Doctor was not very personable considering they work for a children's hospital. Financial department was supposed to contact me back to advise the cost of the surgery. I have called 3x and not a response back! Very unorganized hospital. When I called I was transferred 3x and hung up on, and people have no idea where to transfer a simple call too. Seems like a ton of people work there that have no idea what is going on, waste time and money!

Taylorbuckeyes Marion

They did whatever they could to make sure my son was better, they went above and beyond, Im very pleased with them.My son is doing much better now.

Clif Richey Jr

1.0 star rating 12/7/2018- I had to pick a star in order to write a review which sucks!! I have been dealing with this hospital for 6+ years now because it is the only place you can take a child in the Columbus area. Their GI Clinic & other clinics are HORRIBLE!!! Do not take your child here to get a G-tube or mickey button. Doctors, service and communication was all horrible. Got mixed info from different doctors when asking questions, no one really had any clear answers or knowledge. And their supply company has not reach out to us as promised. My daughter got the G-tube in August and ever since then we've been having issues. We ended up getting the mickey button but are still having issues with leakage/bleeding and swelling of it. Called them yesterday to set up an URGENT appointment and they said they'd call back to schedule something. 48 hrs later still no response...DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD HERE...

Kane Gonzo

A very busy place but the staff is great.

Clayton Koenig

If I could give this place a negative star I would. The staff was nice and courteous but the doctors failed to treat my son even though my pediatrician called ahead and asked them to test him for a specific problem which nearly cost my son his eye sight. Took him to Cincinnati children’s and he was diagnosed and treated within the hour! I wouldn’t bring my dog to this hospital for help!

Casey Murphy

Was here for 4 hours would give no stars if i could. My son had problems and yet no one would help and could not tell us anything about the wait time but yet staff just stood around ordering food

cindyzhouc cindyzhouc

The hematology department never returns phone calls and messages. My son was promised to receive a lab results the following day of his appointment, but haven't heard back from them for a week. I left at least 5 messages each day to try to get hold of nurse and doctor. No one pick up the phone or return messages. Are they expecting every patient to go back in order to find out the lab results????!!!!!

Wander R. Reyes

If I could give a cero star I’d have done it. I’ve been here 5+ hours and nothing they’ll check your kid’s vitals and give them Tylenol and throw you back to the waiting room, if you want your baby to die bring him/her here


Nationwide Children's is a great asset in our community. The main hospital was remodeled and it's bright and easy to navigate. There are so many specialists here for your child and everyone we encountered from the security to the nurses were professional and very nice.

Trinity horn

I love this place I go to the doctor for my seizures here

lindsey donohoo

My daughter had surgery recently and I couldn't of ask for a better nursing staff. They were very attentive to very nervous parents and took care of our daughter like she was their own. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

You So Crazy Sisters

Easily one of the best hospitals we have had to visit. My daughter was immediately treated for her asthma as soon as we arrived. They have innovated ALL of their technology to a whole other level from the staff walkies to the patients rooming. Thanks Butterflies❤ Follow me on Instagram @laughalotent


I am 19 years old (yes I am not a child lol) and I was apart the hematology unit which I had to be apart of until I am 21. So I was admitted and was there for 7 days and during that time I was having pseudo seizures where I would become unresponsive but I was able to hear everyone. The second day of my stay I was transferred to the PICU for no apparent reason for the seizure and was told I had a code violet (patient is violent) called on me. Fast foreward to my last night and I had a seizure that lasted for almost 2 hours. I wake up and have 6-8 nurses holding me down and they are talking about ordering restraints for my wrist and ankles. They ordered the restraints without calling my mother who has power of attorney over me when I become unresponsive. The nurses decided to now call my mom and tried to call a code violet on me while I’m having a seizure. The lady who calls the codes wants to call a code blue because I am having a seizure not conciously trying to fight them and when someone is having a seizure you do not hold them down you have to let them shake until they come down from it which is what the nurses did not do they decided to hold my limbs down and could’ve possibly hurt me. When it was all said and done they called the police on me and I had 10 police officers push,grab, and shove me (mind you, I am a patient) out the hospital and put me on the concrete and told me that I am banned from children’s hospital. Idk about you but I wouldn’t want my child to be treated like that

Beth Rock

I cannot believe this place has so many stars. I'm guessing it's mainly due to staff leaving reviews. We've had two doctors there that we truly believed cared, the rest cared more about lining their pocket. This hospital has a monopoly so they can charge whatever they want and the consumer has absolutely no say.

Rick Miller

Helpful and they make both child and family rest easy regardless of it's a trip to the e.r. or another appointment.

Gabrielle Smith

I recently gained custody of child. When I called to schedule her appointment I was talked down to being I couldn't fax proof that I gained the custody. I finally got her an appointment scheduled and told them iI would bring proof of custody to her doctors appointment and I was still treated horribly. I called back to confirm her appointment and was treated worse than before because the previous secretary didn't notate that a change in custody had been done and I would be bringing proof. She rudely talked down to me and made it out like it was my fault for her treating me the way she was, then was hung up on when I asked why I was being treated this way. We are traveling over 100 miles to get to this place, and being treated this way before we even get there doesn't give me confidence that we will be treated any better in person.

paul Rickerl

Rude and lazy doctors, ignorant medical students that think there doctors. The don’t run any tests our pediatrician has asked for and the ones that they have run we’ve had to a fight for. Pathetic unprofessional perfect for a city like Columbus. Maybe I’m just used to Pittsburgh are doctors actually want to get to the bottom of what’s going on with your child rather profit off your repeated stays there.

Theresa Hershner

I have yet to have a good experience with the close to home urgent care centers and now the emergency department (that the close to home sent us to) and we’ve been waiting for hours for one test that we have been told we don’t need. We’ve literally wasted almost five hours of our time to be sent home.

December Brown

I HAVE BEEN IN URGENT CARE FOR FOUR HOURS AND NO ONE HAS CAME TO SEE ME Or ANYTHING. This is not okay. This is unacceptable. & if children’s will continue to be like this they need to be shut down immediately.

Tashana Mitchell

F for right now with my 18 year old daughter who has Rett syndrome. We have been here for 3 hours spoke to 5 different people who all asked the same questions and said they would be back w a med to make her calm...i had her calm , almost sleep and what do you know someone else knocks on the door (i thought it was the med coming) and said the same exact she is back up and more upset ...

Suzanna McMahon

Top notch professionalism and service. I travel over an hour to get to this location when my son is is super I'll or becauother I'lldoctors closer to home can't give me answers. I know they will get the answers needed to make him better.

David Bell

Their behavioral health for children is a joke. They don't help anyone. They go out with more problems than they came in with. What kind of screwed up place is this? Oh and I love the same canned response for every negative view. Please contact our socialrelations team. Like what are they going to do to help? Seriously, mental health should be taken more seriously, even with your own employees.

Joy Poling

So far I'm not impressed with this hospital. I was referred to the mental health department for my son. I sent in all the paperwork did the phone conference and was told they would get ahold of me in 4 to 5 months to set up an appointment. Its been almost 6 months and still have not heard anything

April Floyd

Drove 2.5 hours from home to get help for my 6 year old daughter. Went to Childrens in Columbus with all the hope they would help her. We get there, explained our issues, begged and pleaded for help. They put her in a behavioral unit of the hospital, she has no desire or has never tried to harm herself or others. I understand the concern, but she shows no aggressiveness. I just wanted blood work for my daughter, not a diagnosis of abnormal behavior (which she doesn't have) or the referral to a mental clinic. But, that is just what we left with. There were 2 nurses on the unit that were even concerned or friendly with us or her. Everyone else acted like they didn't even want to be there. I will never go back to Columbus Childrens and will never recommend it to anyone I know.

Aishwarya Chhetri

I love Nationwide hospital but not 630 ER room because yesterday We was there with our 11 months daughter @ 11:30 pm on 07/15/2019 due to ear infection, high fever & seems like she had sore on her mouth & tongue as well. Me & my wife notified everything to the nurse, she recorded on the patient chart. After that nurse told us to wait in lobby until someone call our daughter name & we did wait 30mins, an hour, 2 hours, 3hours, 4hours, 5 hours never call my daughter name. Our daughter cried cried cried end of her breath, seems like she does have pain like scale 10 to 10. But this couple skinny nurses who doing monopoly, if someone linked with them she just call in and an hour that pt out with the discharge paper. She did alot yesterday 07/15/2019 night shift, I want to tell this stupid ladies who discriminate people like this just go hell otherwise be kind, be polite, be honest, be professional working as a nurse in hospital. 1 egg for yesterday ER team because they are really sleeping like a cat napping, they don’t care baby’s who has been crying all day long for 5 hrs. Jesus...... help out to my family.

Elias Cruz

Really good

Sarah Juszkiewicz

I am new to this area and I just called to find out what services the ER can do for a child with a new onset heart condition. I was told they can’t give me info over the phone. I live an hour from this hospital and needed to know what can be done before traveling that far. I finally asked if my child could receive an echo or an ultra sound at that hospital and was told “possibly yes” then a dial tone as I heard her deliberate HANG UP the phone on me. If this is my only portion for a children’s hospital here in this area I’d rather drive back to Memphis and take my kid to Lebohner children’s hospital or St. Jude’s. This place here is insanely rude and no where a child should be cared for. I’m in the medical field and I’m disgusted.

Ashton Mann

Always kind to us. Staff is amazing. Can be slow at times.

Nova Smith

This place is a mess...for the last 6 months my son has been sick..I been to urgent care 5 times and the er 3 son even got sick because of the meds they gave him! Only thing the doctors do is listen to him and boom that’s it. No other testing or anything!

richard machnik

Are you kidding me 5-6 hours to see a doctor at 11 o'clock at sick baby has to suffer because unfortunately I can't miss work and have to walk out

roy _

I've been trying to schedule surgery for my son now for 29 days and still not able to get a confirmed date with ENT. this is a horrible experience, we've done this surgery multiple times. this hasn't been that difficult before. My son is joking on food almost daily and is begging to be put on tube feeds instead of eating by mouth. this is a joke of a scheduling team, I've called many times and always the same answer "I'm waiting to hear back from the other department"


I have not been to this place.

Addison Crace

this place will always bring joy to me! these people have taken great care of me and my family. The cleft lip and palate center is amazing! and the NICU is outstanding!! i love Nationwide Children’s Hospital with everything in me!!


My son originally came here from Riverside do to over crowding in the Riverside NICU and ever since he got to nationwide I've had my suspicions. At first the nurses were doing pretty well because he was in B side where they are not quite stable and not quite high risk. I had one nurse in B side who was handling him a bit rough then id like her too and cussing around him(he was constantly screaming at her) put the nurse on the "no care list". When I asked about making sure she doesn't care for my son the only thing I got told is that "It's something that gets passed down but will make sure she doesn't get your son again". Very reassuring(not). But as soon as he got moved to C side it seems like none of the nurses checked on him frequently. I stayed with my son for about an hour and he looked blue for some reason. Was breathing and all but not only that his CPAP was full of water and NO ONE came to check on me or my son while I was there for that hour. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Nurses should be checking every 20-30 minutes on the babies here in the nicu despite if their monitor goes off or not. I don't blame this on the hospital I blame it on the nurses working there. But I was expecting more out of this hospital and thats the only reason why I had him transferred to here so he could get even more better care.


It is absolutely ridiculous that they would make someone stay on hold for OVER AN HOUR just to find out when their already scheduled appointment is. Hire more schedulers for heavens sake.

Robert Rodgers

All of our Nurses and Pediatricians were awesome! Take each employee with a grain of salt. They are in an busy environment, working as hard as possible, so work stress is there. Be understanding amd patient and you will get the best care they can. My son tested positive for RSV, and instantly we were given every exurtable options to treat him. You can put your full faith in this campus

Danny Claypool

This place is amazing

Chris Ireland

Unacceptable customer service in response time trying to book a follow up for the Hand Clinic after my daughter was seen at Urgent Care on E Broad. They said we needed to be seen within two days. I called 5 separate times waited on hold for 20-30 minutes and no one ever picked up. I can't wait longer due to my job. I called the operator to send a message to department with my number and requested an appointment thru the on-line portal. No response AT ALL!!! Onto Ortopedic One who answered the phone and scheduled an appointment within 5 minutes

Khalid Saleh

Worst experience ever. Loooooooooong wait time. Staff aren't friendly from the time you walk in ( security) until you leave ( indoor pay machine is broken). If I wasnt in need to take my child there, I would of not even thought about going there, thus I waited 2 hours ( took to triage the first time) then took to ANOTHER triage ( why that wasn't done the first time??!!!!!), then waited 2 hours and I had other people a head of me ( i need most likely at least 2 hours) i asked the lady at the information desk ( how long estimated wait time for me ) she look at me , then looked at her computer and said I DON'T KNOW, yes, why would she know, she is the information desk!!!. Im sure at least 2 hours to even get in a room to be seen by a doctor who is most likely a trainee doctor. Which I believe will cost over all thousands of dollars after insurance. The time was close to actually morning so I decided to take my family rest at home then call my daughter doctor office for her to be seen.

Tiffany Eaton

Good environment and staff is really super nice

Aaron Fisher

The staff our family dealt with, set a whole new standard in hospitality. The courtesy, the sense of urgency shown, the thoughtfulness at every turn... very special, passionate group of people working there! Thank you Childrens Hospital!


Staff was nice.. Some didn't want to follow mothers instructions but over all very nice everything in the hospital is very convenient guards are super nice and helpful..

Charlene Koewers

We had a wonderful experience, the concierge hooked us up with cheaper lodging, and gave us easy directions to follow. The staff was so friendly and kind and treated us and most important our son so nicely! All of the doctors we saw came to us, we didn't have to go all over the place. They were also knowledgeable and informative. They performed testing the other hospital we'd visited hadn't, which gave us information that eased our minds. I highly recommend them!

mackenzie turner

Is a really good hospital

daryan shoemaker

Childrens treats me great every time I'm seen there!

mike ooster

A couple days ago my son's ex-wife check one of the girls into the Behavioral Unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital. He went to sign her out and they would not let him. He has weekend custody, it's shared parenting, but they still would not let her go. Is this illegal if it's not I need to know why. It seems like it is interfering with custody or kidnapping or something. There was a man named Andy who sat at the front desk, an old man, it was one of the most rude people I run into at this Hospital. However on the positive side it was clean. Also the nurse on duty the head nurse came down and spoke with me and said they were allowed to keep her cuz Mom has to sign her out. Can you imagine if a hospital didn't give Mom the custody of a girl when it was her turn to have her?

lacey rae

I had eye surgery here and they did great! This is my favorite hospital.

Blake Seward

Awesome staff, always very friendly and helpful.

Danny Mixon

My daughter received mega doses of vitamin D from a doctor there. Within a week she started getting nose bleeds, which she had never had in her life. I called the doctor, who was rude and condescending. He stated that there's no way vitamin D could have caused that and that I was being hysterical. I never even raised my voice during this call, but I was concerned. he then laughed my concerns off and told me to see a new doctor. She was 14 at the time. We have now found that large doses of Vitamin D cause levels of K2 to almost immediately decrease, lowering clotting factors. She later had an upper respiratory infection that they attributed to allergies. They are nearly criminal in their misdiagnosis. They decide how likely you are to sue based on your skin color and income, then they treat your child accordingly. I would never go back there again.

Antonio Simmons

Very nice hospital with excellent staff and doctors who behave well and treat patients very nicely and calmly. 24*7 the doctors are available for the help and the medical facilities available are excellent. My son was suffering from fever and he was treated so well that he could get well in just 2 days.

T. Monet

Urgent care was packed with sick kids but they have friendly& caring staff

Chris Hudnell

I really want to give Nationwide 5 stars but I can't. The neurological department was amazing, thorough, and on time. On the other side of it, the opthomelegy department is horrible. My sons appointment was at 11am today. We arrived at 1030am and checked in. We didn't get called to a room until 1215. Then went through the initial exam with a tech. After that we waited 45 min for the eye doctor, who performed the same initial exam. Then waited again for 30 min for someone to dialate his eyes. Then was given a pager, told in 25 min it would go off and to come back for the final exam. We waited 45 min, the pagr never went off, then I tool it to the front desk, and they said they would let them know we were back. Then waited another 45 min to be called into a room. The nurse took us back to room 8. Then another 30 min goes by, the same nurse opened the door and was shocked we were still sitting there, she was trying to put another patient in the same room and didn't know the room was still occupied. Then after that, 20 min goes by and the doc comes in, didn't apologize, and now had to wake up my son for the exam. Once she was finished, we got up to leave, headed down the hallway and got stopped by the same doc and another doc, who wanted to do the inner eye exam all in all we were at an eye appointment for about 5 hours. Also, the entire time we were there not one person apologized except that 1 nurse. In conclusion, stay away from the 4th floor at nationwide children's, it was absolutely terrible.

Cassandra Stewart

The Emergency Room Nurse Shift change left families stranded in the waiting area waiting for 3 hours!!!. I brought my infant in at 4:30am with a temp of 104.8, we were triaged at 5:30am but then forgotten. When I advocated for my son at 7:30am the 7am shift change nurses had to retake his vitals and basically start over. I was walked to Urgent Care in the same building at 8:am by an ER health aid who explained to me that there were too many trauma patients in front of my son for care. Mind you there were only 6 families in the ER lobby at this time who had come in after my son, so that explanation was not accurate. Urgent care was wonderful as always, got my son in, checked him, got our meds, and sent us home within in 2 hours! The emergency room visit felt like a waste of time. I would not recommend going here between 4am and 7am because there evening shift change to morning shift change process is a mess!

Cierra Harris

I wish I could give this place no stars my child was diagnosed with diabetes type 1. We spent 3 days here the nurses were snotty and do not follow the same rules the guards there were very disrespectful and unreasonable. I will NEVER bring my child to this place again. My educators were great loved them. The rest of the staff needs to go over hospital policy so that everyone is on the same page and so that parents have full understanding of what goes on here. My experience was horrible and I will never come back.

Brandon Fugate

Staff was really nice but every 2 hours, we'd get a new nurse and have to tell them the same thing we told the previous. Also saw about 5 different doctors within a 7 hour span so had to tell them the same thing we told the previous one, also. Told us we had to feed out baby the food they provide and couldn't use the one her pediatricians suggested. Kept waking my baby up to check her vitals in the middle of the night.

reema biswa

I was at the emergency with my baby and husband. Though I could speak English my husband couldn't and the nurse said there must be a Nepali Interpreter for my husband. They made us wait for an hour until the interpreter came. He was wearing Access 2 Interpreter badge and I couldn't believe how he couldn't even interpret as simple as the medication instructions given. Those kind of interpreters jeopardize the health of people who speaks limited or no English. Luckily, I was there and we didn't become the victim of misinterpretations. Just imagine someone with language barrier getting those kind of services and the implications of it to their health. With all due respect that dude himself needs an Interpreter. Not just the medication instructions were interpreted terribly, the whole conversations with the provider was ridiculously awkward. We would say one thing and he would say something which clearly implied different meaning. At times he would go off the limit to just make it feel like he was interpreting probably assuming that we wouldn't know what he was conveying it to the doctor. I hope children hospital take this seriously and take necessary actions on their part to ensure quality services provided. I honestly say doctors and nurses were terrific.

Major Hayden

We made the trek from Texas so that my son could get surgery here. The hospital is fantastic and they put lots of thought into how kids feel physically and mentally. The cafeteria is nice and the on-site parking is close and affordable.


I would give no stars if possible. They advertise their new behavioral health for children and don’t do anything once a child comes in threatening to commit suicide. Apparently the on-call psychiatrist doesn’t think admitting should be done for a 10 year old because during the assessment my son tells them he is no longer considering it. And this is exactly what is wrong with mental health today.

Hermas Natali

My son had surgery they were awesome until shift change when this lady came in she seems to have an attitude. Caught her talking about me to a nurse who wasn't even listening to her shame shame

Anna Snyder

Childrens is the best.. They are the reason why im still here. Everything is in one place not all over...

Salty Mofongo

Excellent care for my grandkids! Nurses and doctors are professional and showed compassion!

Vanessa Rivers

What other hospitals you stay at have housekeeping come in during your sick stay or sugury stay and basically kick yall out to mop?! Make yall hurry clean your childs toys cuz shes very impatient? Absolutely odd and rude with the way it was handled. Nurses and desk staff are all very nice and helpful

I be weather kid that was me use mic and earpiece

Good morning nationalwide kids

None Of Your Business

My son has had 2 surgeries in his 7 years on this earth. Both were done at this hospital. Amazing staff and they really took care of my son.

Philip Miller

Very caring hospital. Great with kids. Advanced healthcare and out patient services.

Jordan Young

Very good doctors and nurses they put your children needs first

Beckya Daniels

Doctors and nurses great. Only one person ar registration. Place is packeted with a long line

David Treadway

New to this hospital network and not impressed at all. We had an important MRI set up 6 weeks in advance. Only 36 hours prior to the half day testing, they questioned the basis of the test and ultimately it was cancelled (why not question it in the 5 and 1/2 weeks prior while it was on the books and not in the imminent 48 hour window- VERY DISAPPOINTING to us in search of answers with our child). Also, the letter they sent to us for an appointment reminder had an invalid number on it so I had trouble reaching them. The letter directed me to prepare to pay the copay so I made about 12 calls before I realized we would hit our MOOP and therefore I was prepared to pay the $1500. During these calls, I let them know that the number on their form letter in 2 different places is an INVALID NUMBER. Nobody cared but the most callous and insulting person I informed of this carelessness on their communication was the MRI radiologist I spoke to about it (while they had me hunting down the CPT code). She said "I'm just a lowly radiologist" and cannot do anything about the errors on our letters. I have not found much to write home about at Nationwide but we are new to their system so like everywhere else I guess we will have to overlook pervasively low standards to even get care. Hopefully your experience with your child(ren) is far better than ours. On another note, getting prescriptions through Nationwide is a lot of fun too. In between our first and second appointments, our initial 30 day supply of medication was about to run out 2 days prior to our follow up appointment. I called for a refill and the practitioner sent a refill to our pharmacy for 2 pills. Very helpful. RESPONSE BELOW: Dear Nationwide, thank you for your response; however, everything you need to know is right here in the review. If you'd like to correct the majority of the issues, look at your MRI employees and their careless communications (primarily an appointment sheet with an invalid phone number). We do not need anything else from you at this time. Although it may not seem like it, there are other options available for us consumers/patients, especially when the bar is set so low.

ahmad aburayan

Hello I want your help I am looking for a cure for muscular dystrophy and this is not available in my country I want treatment at the National Children's Hospital please

Kourtney Kelner

Nationwide has been fabulous to both our daughter with complex medical needs and our family.

Derek Copley

I hate this place my daughter has been here for 4 days and me and my other daughter arnt aloud in the room after 9:30 only the mother and they say there’s nothing wrong with her but won’t let us leave until the 24hr care is fulfilled like wth do we need to do that we haven’t done before and the main reason we came here was over her breathing and some how turned into her not gaining weight I do not recommend this hospital at all the staff are straight up just horrible the dr are ok to a extent but the nurses could care less don’t go here

veronica poppell

This place is a joke I took my kid there tonight to get help for some mental issues and they took it as a joke it's not a joke when your six year old hits a 6 month old baby and then while he's at the hospital acts like he shooting people and talking about hurting the baby again right in front of them and they still don't do anything because he's not suicidal are you kidding me the staff told me I didn't have enough structure in my home and that I just wanted to get my son addmitted in the hospiatl because I needed a break like are you kidding me if I want a break I will get a babysitter obviously I needed help from so called professionals and didn't get it so yeah this place is a joke they sent us home

Michael Lee

It's a seriously fantastic hospital where the staff know how to treat your kids well. You never love taking your kids to the hospital, but if you have to, this is the place to go.

Eric The Gamer

They don't hurry up they to long that's what putting on star I'm here right in the nation children hospital

Brittany Snider

My son has surgery this morning, and I have to admit, every person we dealt with was phenomenal. The nurses were great with him. The surgery nurse sang a Trolls song to him while they wheeled him in, and afterwards, anesthesiologist was rocking him playing Trolls on his phone. The staff is great. Good job. I really appreciate the ease of today.

Luis Deras

Terrible, Terrible place to take youe sick child!! They dont even deserve a F. Got there around 1:30 am and took 3 to just take us tona room and waited 3.5 more hours to be seeing by a Doctor. They are really prompt to take your insurance information but no Service at all! It’s ridiculous!!! Almost 7 hours waiting and no Doctor!!!

Beesan Babieh

Woest experience ever!!!! I had to bring my daughter to the ER thought they are the best. Registration: long line & only one desk is open while there are 4. They get your information while standing & no chairs for at least the sick kid!!! Nurse assistance: got called to take initial vitals, no forehead thermometer whole it's really necessary for fast & accurate readings plus easier to work on sick kids. The NA wasn't that pleasant to have the little girl get some comfort to work with. This process took around 45 minuets. Then we were advised to sit in the waiting area. Waiting area: wide yes but not well furnished to suit sick kids. Uncomfortable chairs & no toys to get kids attention away from any pain. After almost an hour we've been called for the registration again to give insurance information!!! Again, the desk in an open place without any chairs!!! Then we've been asked to go to waiting again!!! 30 minutes later called to get in for another information by the RN & told to go back to waiting area till we can see a doctor!!! After 6 hrs sitting in the waiting room we've been finally called to be seen by the doctor. But you can imagine 2yrs sick little girls didn't have her right sleeping time in her bed how would be!!! I can't imagine a children hospital that is understaffed & doesn't qualify to be a hospital for those who are the weakest of all humans!!! This hospital should be restructured, remodeled, staffed & managed in a better way otherwise it should be shut down!!!! This is not everything but I believe this is a clue about the place !!!!

Naomi Hughes

HORRIBLE! This team had received blood work for my daughter from my Pediatrician. They had my insurance information, my address and my telephone number, and never contacted me or filed with my insurance. They claim that they sent 4 statements that I never received, and they sent me to collections. I had to call and prompt them to file with my insurance company. The kicker is that they HAD all of the information, I didn't even have to get out my insurance ID card. They just didn't bother to attach it from the lab paperwork onto the file. I have specified that this team is NEVER used again.

tabitha boggess

If i could rate no stars i would!!! I took my 6yr old son there on tuesday due to a high temp only to be told he has a viral infection then went back monday (11/22)because my son was still complaining of head pain.. here he had a serious ear infection thw whole time when they gave him the antibiotic he had an allergic reaction so i had to go back just to hear i give him benadryl.. so today we had to return due to the hives he had were so bad he was scratching an crying in his sleep.. tthe he student dr tried to tell me that desonide cream dont exist.. an the other dr said it does but doesnt work... and gave me another med to give my son then said give this to him he will still be itchy but atleast he will be awake... the point of bringing my child to them was to stop the itching.. Childrens hospital aint what it used to be and thw staf is beyond disrespectful!!

Diana Trejo

Grateful for their experienced care of our little one. This is a beautiful hospital and I love the colored lines on the floor to guide you where you need to go. All hospitals should have this... you cannot get lost this way it's great!!!

Brittani Doster

Dr Honegger, Dr Brun the rest of children's hospital nurses and staff have done an amazing job treating and taking care of my 2month old baby girl. We've been here for 11 days and counting and my family couldn't have asked for a better team thank you all so much.

Sterling Baumgardner

This hospital is the best hospital for children in Ohio, Maybe even on the east coast!! All staff was going out of their way to help and make sure everyone was comfortable. The hospital was very clean and beautiful! All doctors were very great at their profession, and were very knowledgeable. We are going back for the outpatient services. Thank you guys so much!!!

Kimberly Blanton

Take great care of my grandkids

Gloria Hagenbarth

We had a great experience at Nationwide. We had appointments over 3 days and everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. The staff is great and awesome with the kiddos!

Michelle Vilasineekul

If your child is ever a patient at Children's and has dietary restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, allergy, religious), be very aware of the mistakes that may be made. Stay vigilant. My child is Vegan (charted & staff is very much aware), for moral reasons. It's incredibly important to him. He was served chicken nuggets from the gluten free menu, we were lied to about it & then provided with a completely different ingredient list for an obviously different product to cover up the error. We have found the exact product he was served & it is in no way Vegan. It is chicken. No, it won't cause him anaphylactic shock, but he did vomit the remainder of the evening & is very distraught. It is more than religious for him, it is his entire life. It has halted his recovery. The nursing staff on T5 were very apologetic & one very much admitted it was chicken, yet they were quieted by their superiors who apparently decided it best to lie. We were also mistreated by the 2nd shift supervisor who believed she had the right to speak down to a mother. I am horrified over how we were treated as well as lied to. Horribly disorganized unit with some great nurses with supervisors who do not care for "the kiddos" but only about covering their bottom. The only thing I have good to say about Children's is the wonderful play place that they offer. The volunteers are amazing & we are truly grateful.

Darlene Robison

I love the staff and care received here. Have been coming here for 12 years for Epilepsy for my daughter. The week long EEG staff is amazing. All test performed and Dr's seen have been phenomenal!!

Katlin Mathias

Surgery center: Friendly staff and very compassionate. They understood my son's needs and my concerns. These people truly care about helping children, we will never go anywhere else.

Thisbee Whistleweed

The staff including the janitors, patient care associates, etc. Have always been very courteous and respectful. I wish we and other families didn't have to be here, but since we do, all of the staff make it as easy going as possible.

Kevin Scheil

Amazing hospital with amazing staff who care and do an excellent job. I originally had written a bad review because they would not let me see my brother when he was transferred here as I am his guardian and his parents would not answer the phone or show up to verify. I should’ve been angry with the parents and not the hospital as it’s just policy, but my special situation with the condition of my brother made for a ton of stress in a critical time. I’ve been here for a week and my brother is doing much better, I am so grateful for all of the staff here.

Katie DeLamatre

Sat in the emergency room from 8:30pm-2:30am. We received one lady who didn't know what she was talking about at all and just kept repeating herself saying "I don't know" We received 3-5 different doctors, (none of which seemed to have had any experience) because they said "I don't know what to do" I can't count how many times they said I don't know and nobodies kids will learn from their mistakes if you go to this hospital. They take 6 hours to accomplish nothing. Not worth going here for your kids. There has got to be better children's hospitals out there.

Brent Ferro

The staff was very professional and courteous to all our needs. They truly set the bar for healthcare standard.

Boss Lady

My 4 year old daughter was part of the Colorectal boot camp in May. Dr. Levitt and his team of specialist were wonderful. They changed our lives for the best and for ever. I would like to thank Katrina and Charea from Child life and the nurses on H5. (5th floor) They made my daughter feel at peace and took care of all our needs. If I could add more stars I would. That's how great they were. The hospital was extremely clean, designed for kids. The food was awesome and very affordable. Parking is also very affordable. $2.00. Everyone goes above and beyond to help. The 8 hour drive from New York was worth it. Thank you A thankful Mommy.

Matthew Robinette

The wait in the ER is 4+ hours


The Ophthalmology Department is awful. I had an appointment for my daughter there at 1pm. We got there half an hour early to do all the sign-in paperwork, but we still ended up being in that office for a total of 5 hours. Four and a half hours was the total waiting time there. Ugh!

Margaret Theibert

Words can't express how grateful we are to have this excellent hospital serving our community. Our granddaughter fractured her C5 vertebrae and had a 12 hour surgery to repair it. She has lots of rehab ahead but we have full faith that Nationwide Childrens, a beautiful facility with a caring and highly professional staff, are giving her the best care possible.

Devonne Harris

The worst place to take your sick child. Even the small doctors offices inside are horrible. Nurses are sooo rude, doctors never have an answer. They use I don’t know for everything!


Amazing place, the staff is always so nice and welcoming and they do their best to make you comfortable and try to get you in and out as fast as possible. I've always had good experiences with Children's and same with the rest of my family. Definitely recommend them to everyone.

Justina Ransom- Head

I absolutely LOVE this place!!!!....They really do love kids and are great with them...sometimes there can be a long wait for urgent care and emergency room but the care you receive makes it worth the wait...

Lindsey Zink

Horrible. The worst experience of my life. Rushed by squad for a seizing toddler only to sit with my son in the lobby for 2 hours and them tell us to contact our pediatrician. NO testing. I’m a nurse, horrible horrible hospital.


THIS IS JUST CUSTOMER SERVICE; I've never seen worse customer service in my life just from 2 phone calls (2 separate staff) were so rude, made it seem like I was a burden for just calling to schedule an appointment, first time was just calling the childrens number, and the 2nd time he transferred me to the department I was needing for my 9 month old to have a renal ultrasound, very rude attitude.

Darline Bowling

Great childrens hospital


I wonder how many kids have hurt/killed themselves or others after being turned away from psychiatric treatment. Time after time my daughter has been turned away from help. Pathetic excuse for childrens psychiatric care.

Brandon Bates

Great staff and a family atmosphere! Our 1st nurse Brittany was really great! Everyone here has been amazing!

Caitie Foley

UPDATE 5/22/19: While the care has been amazing at Nationwide Children's Hospital, the billing has been horrible. We received multiple bills for each visit and the billing department has refused to provide me with detailed explanations of any charge. You would think that a place that treats children would be empathetic towards families, but that has not been my family's experience with this hospital. We loved the nurses and doctors, but will be finding care elsewhere for our son. We took our son to the Urgent Care here. While the wait was so long, the care was inpecable. The CNP was so kind and amazing. The registration team was incredibly helpful. The nursing staff was warm and knowledgeable. They even allowed me to nurse my son in one of the rooms, so I didn't have to do it in public. I highly recommend this hospital.

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