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Linda Price


boogie boogie bagel

Angie McClure

jess lovejoy

Worse exp i ever had i was admitted to 6 th floor after being in e.r all day when i finally got to my room in the floor i asked for something to eat said didnt really have anything so brought me a t.v dinner that was frost bitten and contained eggs which i am allergic to nurse didnt even care to read my chart to see what foods i could eat..and the worse is you share a bathroom with another room so thats 4 sick ppl using the same bathroom i was there for 3 days and only seen them clean it twice while i was there and i know that is not sanitary in any way after the horrible care i recieved there i finally signed myself out and ran for my life...

Chinwendu Duru

Christine McNeal

Gen Mabe

You guys were busy as hell and I give kudos to your nurses putting up with my family, they all did amazing, but Alex the 11-7 nurse I believe was amazing.. he mad us laugh he took the time to really explain somethings he was just wonderful, he never complained or made us wait. With your vet nurses it seemed like they didn’t care they made us wait for hours on end even for a glass of water not Alex he even offered to make her some soup and he did!!!!! Don’t change Alex don’t become one of those other ones who don’t care! There was even a nurse who came in after Alex and my other sis in law was a little snippy and he said ppl like that is y some patients are put at the bottom of the list and not takin care of fast cause we don’t need to be treated like that! What really wow! So these 5 stars are for Alex!!!! Thank you Alex sooo much!

Grace Turner

Last time I was there it was for my daughter, I was in and out in less then 30 minutes, she feel and hit her head so they checked her for a concussion, the Dr was so nice even got her a Popsicle and everything

Keanna Jordan

This is by far the worst emergency room I been in the doctors and nurses here don’t give no care in the world. I mean ate all I have had the worst experience here EVERY time I visit I just hate that it’s the closet to my home!!!


Popped a disc in back lady that helped me in X-ray room was beautiful, friendly and funny first time at Metro and had an awesome experience under the circumstances.

Rainbow Wyvern

My best friend went here for multiple concerning symptoms. A ridiculous doctor told her that the unhealthy smell she was experiencing was due to her being smelly and never showering (Which she does indeed do, very regularly.), and overweight. All this while barely looking at her actual symptoms or even attempting another diagnosis. And this isn't the first time they've ignored her symptoms and blown it off as anxiety or something before actually even remotely going over very real possibilities. This place is a joke and these are people who should never be in the "Health" profession.

Marge Romano

Went to new primary care doctor today, at metro the old Kiser building doctor Fleming was rude and condensing and pushy ,how the after ten minutes of meeting me he things he knows me I walked out if anyone knows how to report this ass let me know please.thank you

Danielle King

TERRIBLE LOCATION. The parking is so stupid and confusing. Waited two months for a dermatology appointment and couldn’t even go because I didn’t know where to park. And they don’t have another appointment until JANUARY. So annoying.

Rukmeena Baraili

Linda Bailey

denise buchko

II suggest you do not go to the one inside of drug mart in Parma heights. AWEFUL EXPERIENCE!!!!!!! My daughter went to be seen for a sinus infection she has been sick with for over two weeks. She was seen byRAJA SHAHEEN.... She told her she might not have an infection yet and did not give her antibiotics.. Also, that she didn't even look up her nose. I went to drug mart and expressed my concern of the lack of examination. She said it was an oversight. My daughter was back at work 45 min away and the doctor said that whenever my daughter could get back in that she would examine her correctly. Well. SHE HASNT BEEN IN AND NOBODY KNOWS WHEN SHE WILL BE! It is a scam to take peoples money. I called Metro but they wouldnt let me speak to any one who was in charge of these express clinics. What a joke. so, my daughter is still sick and now we have to go somewhere else and pay again. iT IS REALLY SAD WHAT METRO IS LIKE....AWEFUL

Marissa Dell'anno


Lizzy Anza

Roberta Bennett

Horrible place dental is a joke.

Tabatha Dean

Staff is nice and caring. The wait is super long. Been admitted but have been in emergency room for 26 hours and still waiting.

LaQuilla Hammondbb

I got excellent care and attention here after being diagnosed wrong by two other hospitals Metro was very concerned and showed care from the time I came in thru my admittance process and even when I was placed on the 11th and 3rd floor I got excellent care

Tammy Coots

They saved my life ,even though I had no insurance or $$ to pay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

P Can.

Ashley Arango

they are not helpful some are rude

Donald Swearingen

They lie and if you hate yourself and want third world medical care go there. I would not take my dog there for care.!

XxCuban GoddessxX

Gary Szymczuk

It was ok. There was a very little wait and the physicians were knowledgeable and very professional. The facility was very clean as you would expect from a emergency room. They even helped us make a follow up appointment.

Victoria Addams

This is seriously the worst hospital I've ever had to deal with. Can't get appointments for months at a time and they do nothing to help you. It's pulling teeth to get any help there at all. I cannot express how much i hate this hospital.


Went in with severe stomach pain and was unsure wether my appendix burst or not, well if it did I wouldn't be able to write this review. After being admitted relatively quickly they ran vitals and blood work and left me to writhe in pain for 4 hours have me a ctscan and left me to writhe in pain for a few more hours, came back and literally said "we don't know what's wrong" discharged me and didn't give me a work excuse (had to leave midshift and was "prescribed" bed rest) called in this morning to have a work excuse sent to my boss and was told I had to come back in and be re-admitted because they forgot. I've had a lot of health problems in the past and metro has always been iffy on treating those problems to the point of me having to walk out and goto another hospital for an emergency surgery that I had to have. Last night/this morning was my final straw with metro health

Diqueina Whitney

I went to the emergency room in Cleveland heights ran by Metrohealth, and they didn't even take too much concern about why I was there....I ended up leaving in pain still with no results also the number to reach the emergency room takes forever to pick up


What a worst hospital. Spent 2 hours without any medical attention

An Onymous

This review is specifically targeted for Main Campus MetroHealth Hospital on W 25th. I have been to many hospitals in my life (at least 20) and this one outshines ALL of them-- FOR THE WRONG REASONS! #1) It is 2018, why in the hell do you have to share a room with another patient and share a bathroom w 3 different patients? How does this not violate HIPPA? If you want privacy DO NOT EXPECT it here. #2) Definitely not a clean environment. #3) On the 6th floor, Nurse Madia and Tech Craig are the absolute WORST "professionals" I have ever experienced in my life. It is obvious they hate their jobs by the snarky remarks they make and their lack of motivation to help patients. In fact Nurse Madia brought another patient's medications to give me and I let her know they were not intended for me (to which she acknowledged in front of the EKG tech). She said she would be back w my medications. 1 hour and 15 mins passed and still no meds. I hit the call button and Im told they are about to go thru shift change. I informed them I would be walking out bcus I was the patient and after 2 1/2 hours w no meds that I desparetly needed was ridiculous. Nurse Madia who had been missing in action came out from where she was hiding and said "i gave you your meds." Obviosuly she did not and I told her she was mistaking. She unprofessionally began arguing w me. The EKG tech stood up for me and reminded her she did not give me any medications and the MD on the floor had to step in and tell her to be professional and stop arguining. These are the type of people you will be dealing with if you get admitted here. Since you are footing the bill for your stay, I'd say go ANYWHERE BUT HERE.... where the staff treats you w the dignity and respect you deserve. I included a picture of Nurse Madia and tech Craig They deserve to be recognized for their service....or lack of!

James T. Kirk

Rotten bast ards!

Chelsea Faulder

If there was something lower then a one star this hospital definitely deserves it! PLEASE NEVER WASTE YOUR TIME OR RISK HEALTH!

Mustafa Khalil

Unbelievable place ever doctor are no good it all plus they give me a bad in the hallway n they not busy it all I can hear them talking n joking with one another someone should do something about this

Antonio May


Kathy Kirby

Aneesh Dhorepatil

Matthew Hansen

Waiting times are a little excessive easy to get disoriented doctors are excellent treat you kindly with lots of respect

Rhonda Rusnak

Been sitting here a damn hour in horrible pain! All I am hearing is flirting and swearing from staff. If I was an addict I wpuld have gotten help already! This place is just as bad as Lutheran. What ever happened to patient care!

Jennifer Ritsert

1st, mom went in w/in past decade to emergency room n diagnosed with an ear infection, prescribed antibiotics. 2 weeks later followed up cuz symptoms got worse, basically called a hypochondriac n it twas a virus. Feeling shamed for making up symptoms n drug seeking, went to fairview hospital, diagnosed with bacterial meningitis, admitted for 2 weeks or so stay as she was really bad off at that point. Massive double hospital bills. Years later due to crappy insurance she had to go back. She'd tripped on the stairs, gashed n fractured her ankle. Went to ER, they'd stitched up the wound, no flushing, just straight up stitching. Went every week afterwards as she kept having problems. Kept bleeding n swelling. .. sent her to a dermatologist n prescribed a topical. After a month you could sit across the room from her n smell the rot of her foot. Finally went to parma hospital, I believe, out of network, but metro told her to be patient, she's over-reacting, basically. Other hospital did xray, discovered blood clot that would've either caused her death or her foot amputated. Flushed n cut out more of her ankle. Months later, ankle n foot swells from prolonged standing, or heat or? . Discovered the muscle tissue underneath was severed? N there's a gross squishy hole so she's embarrassed n has to wear socks to cover that hole. Ridiculous medical bills because metro failed n she had no choice but to go elsewhere, insurance doesn't care n metro didn't either. Lawyers all said no case cuz sorry, you've gotta be dead or had your foot cut off before it's worth our time. So, now she's no choice but to file bankruptcy, metro won't help, insurance won't help, too bad, so sad, not their problem.



Robyn Svoboda

Absolutely, the worst patient care. Dont go here they are awful

QueenSheMoni Monica Hendricks

Irrea the volunteer at Metro Health was exceptional! His customer service was beyond exceptional. He assisted me and my family above what we've experienced. All staff including the Doctors and nurses could learn alot from you Irrea. I appreciate you, your humbleness, and customer service. You are truly a healthcare advocate ❤❤❤❤

Raynetta W

My girlfriend had chest pain and her sciatica was flaring up and we went to the emergency room and was there for three hours for them to say oh you have a head cold

Kate Kush

great experience, no wait time whatsoever, and the entire er staff was so nice. I ended up having to stay due to an infection that was spreading but the doctors and nurses that helped me gain my health back were the best! Thanks so much!

Ronnie Feliciano

This Emergency Services is one of the worse and longest waits.One will seriously reconsider and go to another Emergency Room.

Nick Sari


Annamarie Alaina

This place is just sad and pathetic. The family has been trying to find out what is going on with my grandma. Even though my mother is her medical power of attorney they are still so rude and disrespectful and wont even let her speak to the doctors. The fact that they made my mother leave and keep hanging up on he and other family members is just wrong and sad. This is all in the ICU ward as well. I will NEVER be a patient here.. EVER. The fact that my grandmother seemed worse and we asked what her chances of survival were since we were told there is a risk and the nurse tells us ''what do you expect from me? people can die at any moment I dont have a magic 8ball to tell you whats going to happen'' .. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. This place is a joke and is constantly crawling with bedbugs.

David Engle

This place is the most ghetto hospital I've ever seen. Metal detectors and cops posted at the entrance is a huge red flag. My father in-law had to go here for surgery. It was so bad he checked himself out early. The nurses sucked, the whole floor smelt of urine, and the sink outside of his room had a broken blood veil in it. What if that person had aids or something and they left it there?! This place should be shut down.

Quinn Punxy

I had two nurses that cared for me the best, one by the name of Brian, I believe, and another older man. (that was in the psych department.) There was a young man that came in for suicidal behavior and violence the only reason why I knew this is because the staff was violating HIPAA... Although this patient was violent, he didn't deserve everyone, including other patients to know about his condition, where he lived, what his birthday was, his full name, and things about his very much personal life. This patient also didn't deserve being harassed by a lady cop outside of the door. I understand that Metro Health deals with ALL walks of life, but I didn't feel like I, and from what I understood from other patients that Metro Health staff was very helpful. When I finally spoke with the psychiatrist, I'm not sure if she was actually a psychiatrist or not. I was being accused of being a drug addict and kept being asked multiple times if I needed drug counseling, if I was withdrawing from any medication and or drugs that I was taking in the past, because I was taking benzos. My urine test came back positive for benzos. Which I had mentioned to the doctors before that I had taken benzos (Valium) to self medicate my anxiety. I actually was completely sober during my visit and weeks prior.(so I know I had a very low dose of Valium in my system) they actually wouldn't answer when I asked them what my levels were. I don't feel the psych department looked at me like a sober woman looking for help. I came in there on my own looking for help. And I received nothing but accusations of being a drug addict and constantly being asked if I felt like I wanted to hurt someone or hearing voices. I thought to myself "how can you keep asking me these things if you're not actually listening and taking into consideration my actual symptoms." It was completely unfair. This has been a long time coming, including from the women and children's department at Metro Health Medical center, but this broke me. I will not be coming to metro health ever again. I'm extremely disappointed in all the staff and who Metro Health Medical Center actually is. Metro Health Medical Center does not take people into consideration. Maybe a few select doctors and nurses do, and patience seeing those staff members are very fortunate, but other staff, I'm extremely disappointed. Metro Health Medical Center needs to stand beside their word and not hide behind it. These nurses and doctors went to school to be specifically nurses and doctors... Not a medical television show, and to mock human beings with serious illnesses and or be in violation of the HIPAA act. Metro Health Medical Center, you should be ashamed.

Steven Hite

Israel Cruz

This place is horroble! Was in for a scan and they could care less about my trauma. Sorry I’m Not a surgery crazy but oh my god I get no room or food. This is messed up. Thought they were suppose to be number one trauma unit guess I was wrong. They do more killings than anything.

the low down info

Slow been here a whole dance in and out seizures and still no reason why I had the or anything I would say this place needs a staff and room cleaning


TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I had a family member get life flighted here for something serious & the place was like a zoo. First sign was the metal detector we had to walk through to enter. AT A HOSPITAL?? Police every where monitoring & people running around. VERY UNSANITARY. I work in the health care field & this place was disgusting. Nurses were sitting, and eating on their phones and had no hospitality or care for anyone passing by. Police officers were rude. A physical Fight with a big group of people broke out directly in front of the emergency room (police ran out to assist) which scared us all & this is when we decided we HAVE to get her out of here. They dont want your phones out because they dont want you to record or take pictures of how horrible this place is. I understand recording not being allowed IN the emergency room (HIPPA) but the waiting room & the outside made no sense. The one star they get is the very nice knowledgable doctor that took care of her. He was wonderful, helpful, and should NOT be working at a place like this. GHETTO. And you will feel unsafe. Go somewhere else for emergency care.

Wilfredo Santana

Is a nice hospital but they make you wait to long for anything. Too looong!!!!!

chuck sullivan

I wanted to say thank you to all of the great people at metro health. There a A+ from delivering my children to helping me when I've been sick. Thank you again metro

Marie K

Our brother was in ICU after suffering a brain aneurysm, would like to thank his nurse, Lauren, for the repect, and compassion she treated him, and the rest of our family with before he passed. It was a very difficult time for us all, and the staff was truly wonderful

Dave C

Really long wait time (waited two hours for doctor to see me for scheduled physical and told by manager that it's a typical wait time), dreary McCafferty clinic, phone staff blind transfer you without warning, hard to renew prescription (MyChart requests are ignored), poor communications on every level. My taxes support this incompetence. Planning to take my very good, private health insurance elsewhere.

Leslie Swindell

Ky Hugs

Jake Claudio

Worst hospital ever. Straight trash can’t believe this place even exist. Never coming back. Been waiting for over 3 hours.

Hatan Zoghbi

The room is dirty and i was waiting too long more than 4 hours

Naresh Mullaguri

Very high acuity county hospital. Very good trauma team and ICU.

Lexi Burnette

From my husband experience...HORRIBLE! I was there and witnessed it all too and yelled at attending! Came into E.R. today after eye doctors referred me to go to E.R. ASAP to be seen by opthomolgist. I was having red itchy hurting and blurred eyes, blurred vision, and my skin was puffy. Headaches. Told attending. And he had someone else come in. Then he took me back at looked at my eyes with a machine. Ended with I had allergic conjunctivitis, after saying that I wasnt describing conjunctivitis. After my girlfriend told him we were sent down to see an opthomolgist he said we need to see one ASAP but he wasnt getting one (EVEN THOU YOU HAVE ONE) because he said AND I QUOTE "IT WAS NOT AN EMERGENCY" my vision is blurred and going...he tested my vision. I had 20/20 and now its going. And in your notes to "come back if this happens" was vision why exactly do you have specialist on call, when I'm being told to see one ASAP and I came to be treated. Now I'm going to be paying a bill that I could have waited to to the opthomolgist. I will not be going back to your hospital.if this gets worse because I was denied being seen by appropriate specialist I will be contacting appropriate people too. It's sad that people have to fight for their health and doctors dont care. I came to metro because I was told I would get help. I could have went and got over counter that was prescribed. But not told why this is happening to me. And nothing done or said about my skin in my discharge papers. You have jobs to treat then do it! Not try and get rid of people that actually need help, and being accused of taking drugs majority of the questions at first. If you think that's what it was then piss test me. But I kept telling them and they wouldn't stop asking me. I answered you MULTIPLE TIMES. If you arent going to listen and just push me aside and not get me the help I need why do you even have an E.R. or hospital for that matter?

Karlene Morgan

Chris Hall

Newer facility, Level 1 Trauma unit. The wait to be seen can be a bit much.

Mike M

Convenient locations, but mediocre care and outrageous costs. There was no discussion of costs before test/procedures were ordered, no explanation of items on the bill. Nearly impossible to reach anyone to discuss test results or billing. I'm still getting bills for tests that were performed over 6 moths ago!!! Overall, just a terrible experience.

Kaitlin Sims

Rayan Rondu


Satisfied with my treatment at metro ER.

Luis Garcias


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