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Michelle Lakes

Horrible hospital. After calling on call facility concerning my father in laws extreme mental status change they informed us to put his legs up so the swelling in his feet would go down. After he ended up falling due to his confusion and unsteady gait we took him to Reid hospital where we found out his potassium level was up and has pneumonia. Thanks for all your rotten advice. I recommend this hospital to no one. My advice is to stay clear of it.

Tom Sharkey

Care excellent, But they released CONFIDENTIAL HIPAA regulated information to third parties without prior approval. (Home Care Companies and non family related members) The staff care and concern for the patient was outstanding.

Rob D

I suppose not all the staff is as incompetent as the emergency staff and ICU nurse we had, because they provided nothing but malpractice. If you need to stitch a cut, okay. But I wouldn't take a hated enemy there for anything serious.

Fred Williams

This place is terrible. If you can help it, don't ever go here. The "emergency room" has a dozen or more people in it, most of whom have little visibly wrong, and do not belong in an emergency room. The "triage" process is basically a waiting list. One lady passed out walking to the seats and they still didn't prioritize her. We had been to another doctor who told us to come to an emergency room immediately because it could be life threatening... They sat us down for almost 4 hours in this same waiting room. There were people who got in fights in the wait room and the police officer on duty did nothing other than yell at them and tell them to go outside... Really?!? I understand being overwhelmed but thus place seriously needs to learn better triage procedures. Among other problems of not even controlling their own emergency room waiting area. NOTHING here is an emergency. Go somewhere else.

robert mulcahy-the rooster

A. A.

Probably one of the best Hospital experiences I have ever had considering my father had just successfully completed quadruple bypass surgery. Nursing staff - On Point, super friendly and extremely knowlegable Doctors - WOW!!! very personable and cared about each patient as though they were their own family member being cared for at that moment. Security and Building staff - most hospitals let people slip and smoke by the main entrance or off to the side somewhere, not here, you will smoke in the back parking lot where you belong, far away from the building. Clean, clean, clean, clean.... not a spot of dust anywhere!!!! you could see and smell the place was exquisitely clean!!!

Karen Kirkland

The nurses were just watching YouTube at the nurses station every time I walked by and my sister was in labor for 13hrs! Also we walked by the nurses station and one of the nurses was holding a newborn baby while taking phone calls! If that was my baby I would be so upset! Very unprofessional!


Went in for an outpatient procedure. The only person who was friendly to me was the registration person. The people where the procedure was done were like "zombies". They did not smile, made me feel like I was bothering them, and seemed to hate their jobs. AVOID this hospital like the plague!

Cassie Laake

Absolutely terrible! My husband and I got there around 6 o’clock. There was 2 people in front of us. At 8:30 we are STILL sitting in the lobby!

S Neal

I took my husband to the ER because of fluid retention. The ER doctor came out and informed us very bluntly, and with no compassion, that he had congestive heart failure and they would be admitting my husband. Two days after being admitted, my husband was told that he didn't have congestive heart failure. While there, my husband contracted the shingles virus which is very contagious and I am certain it was unsanitary conditions from this hospital that he contracted this virus from. I will never take anyone to get care at this hospital again. My husband was there for days without a diagnosis. Very upset with the whole experience.

Andrea W

mercedes gamboa

Lynn Marshall

I returned home on New Year's Eve around 10 pm to find my wife was throwing up, running a fever and pain in her arm. I drove her over to the ER. By the time I walked into the ER they had taken her insurance info and they took her in shortly afterward. They ran an EKG first, then they drew blood for tests and then did an ultrasound test. I took a while for the results but the diagnosis was an intestinal virus. We got Rx's and took them to Walgreen's drive thru. We were home around 2 am. Pretty exhausting but quick turn around, I'd say. Good job, Mercy ER. Thanks.

K Vanderburg

If I could give negative stars I would. The nurse were very nice. The doctors on the other hand. The doctor I saw in the ER gave me 2 CAT scans close to back to back. When I said that I had had a CAT scan less than an hour before he told me that if I didn't have this 2nd one I would be dead by morning. Nice, huh? I had a Russian doctor who was even worse. He told me I was mentally ill because I wanted to go home before I transferred to Christ. I was moved to a different room everyday - no idea why. I wouldn't take a sewer rat there.

Lori Sutterfield

Had excellent care for my Mom , they listened and answered all of our questions

Autumn Jay

Very clean and the staff is awesome! They are very quick and efficient.

Janice Burkot

I have recently had 4 test on 3 separate visits done at Mercy Health West and each time I have encountered a very nice and professional staff including the front desk and registration.

Karen Hillman

This place is not yet in GPS Did not recognize the address or street....FIX THAT AND ILL GIVE YOU 5 STARS.

John Lindsey

I had to go to the ER twice over the weekend for abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting etc. There wasn't a long wait in the waiting room and all the staff there was very kind and attentive. They gave me a CT scan, took blood work both times and, most importantly, did not make me feel bad for coming back or dismiss me instantly acting like it was all in my head. I've had experiences like that at hospitals and it's honestly the worst feeling in the world. The nurses and doctors were all just so friendly. If I need to go back, this is where I'll be headed.

Dawman Rai

Need ph n of gastroenterology dr

Micaela Llanos

Jamie Carmen

Dr and nurses saved my life after my arteries dissected. Everyone helped so much. Went above and beyond to make me comfortable.

Brandon C

I have only ever given positive reviews, however I believe I am obligated to warn prospective patients of the horrible and health detrimental experience I have endured at Mercy Endocrinology. I have been a patient for multiple years and enjoyed a great doctor but the staff has always been difficult. Recently, my Doctor left the Mercy group to join a new practice. Mercy Health has engaged in predatory corporate policies, particularly withholding my patient files when I chose to leave. I assume this is to force me to stay. I provided Mercy with over a decade of records and now they are refusing to provide me my complete file, causing severe health consequences. Without my medical records, I have not been able to receive my daily medication for over 30 days. When I called and tried to explain that receiving my records was an emergency, staff member Heather Smothers sarcastically advised me to "go to the ER" and hung up. When I went to the office to request my records in person, Heather Smothers called the POLICE on me. Words cannot describe how sad and frustrated I am due to not being able to take my medication because of the viciousness of Heather Smothers and Mercy Health's corporate policies. They are called Mercy Health because they will show you know 'Mercy' when it comes to their bottomline. If you are a patient and are able to go to a different office, I encourage you to do so, don't risk your health like I did.

Monique Yett

I Had Same Day Surgery That Department Was Great they did everything to make sure I was greatly informed about my procedure and that I was comfortable and relaxed the whole time I would definitely recommend Good Care ALL the way around and my procedure was a success

elena bishop

Life saving and comforting... Very few on the staff lack bedside manners


I'm using my fiancés phone as mine is dead. I delivered my daughter here June 22nd 2016. She was late and I was induced. BEST experience EVER. The nurses were super amazing , I loved my doctor (Dr.Raeh) and the nurse who helped deliver Ella (Abby) all the nurses were super nice and helpful, my birth was very easy and had no complications! I am pregnant again and due with my son November 11th and I can honestly say I am so excited to deliver here again! Even the cafeteria staff was lovely when bringing my food! I love all the security they have in tact in order to make sure the babies stay safe! The delivery and recovery rooms were huge and very clean ! My fiancé had a couch that turned into a bed in both the delivery and recovery rooms. Very happy with my experience

Arthur Wallace

You guys put only the good ones up there how do you sleep at night

Kristi Vaughn

Pat Purdin

I had major surgery 6 weeks ago.Was in hospital three long ruff days.I had one nurse that was really good to me.The other’s ignored me.One nurse came in when her shift started.Shut my for until next morning.knowing I had ruff night before.They would ignore when I needed pain meds.One time I waited over two hrs.My Dr. was great but not keeping was in once in three days,had one nurse tell my daughter to get my irin and put in cup for time they would answer I made way out to front desk.three nurse s doing nothing.I was so upset I was crying.i could go n and on.zwas terrible.

Jane Rohs

I didn't hate it.

Angie Suesz

The whole staff, doctors/nurses and administrative staff, need retrained on effective and courteous communications with patients and families. They do not communicate with one another and that puts unnecessary hardship on the patients/families. Will be researching other hospitals for my sick family and hopefully never have to go through this again... she's been here several times and every time it's the same.

Adam Brown

Nice place, great care.

Kimbery Mcbride

I went to the ER today and I have to say it was the best experience ! Everyone was so nice. Dr. Allen, Regina, Nichole.....the young lady at the front desk and the nurse, who took me back and drew my blood, even the radiology department. They cared, they made sure I was comfortable, all while finding out what was going on with my health.The best team, ever! Way to go Mercy West! 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!

Alex Wolfe

Horrible front desk staff/reception. I went in to get some tests done, was told by the doctor themselves that they would call me within 3 days with my rest results. Almost a week later I never received a call, never got results on my MyChart and when I called the hospital to ask what was up and the woman I spoke to on the phone didn't even let me finish what I was saying before she interrupted me and said, "The doctor wouldn't have said that because we are not allowed to call with test results." So instead of helping me, she just told me I was lying.

amanda oaks

I’ve had ups and downs with Mercy, mostly downs, but went in last week with severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Waited an hour in the waiting room (which is fine, I know the ER is a busy place) but then after being taken back to a room it was 4 hours before I even saw a doctor and that was for him to come in, talk to me for 5 minutes & discharge me. Once I got back to the room I waited an hour before a nurse even came in and she only came in to ask some questions and tell me she was just getting off work and someone else would be my nurse. A half hour after that a nurse came in and tried to get an IV once and then they gave up, but had someone else come in and poke me three more times to get blood. I had been there 3 and 1/2 hours before they even offered me anything for my pain and then offered a shot of nausea meds in my arm and a pain pill even tho I hadnt kept anything down in two days. Five minutes after that I was throwing up, called the nurse, she got me a towel then walked out. She finally came back in with two shots of pain meds, (I find it weird being given meds and having seen zero doctors at this point) yay more needles, thankfully they helped ease my pain a bit, cuz I was getting ready to walk out. Doc finally comes in says some of my labs look good some don’t but he’s gonna give me some steroids and send me home. Meanwhile I go home, still nothing is better, it’s gotten worse but I’m afraid to go back even tho they said to come back if it got worse. I’m used to being treated poorly at the ER cuz I’ve had many visits due to my Crohn’s disease, but I never go unless one of my doctors has advised me to go & now I don’t even want to go then.

Randy Weisenberger

The blond lady doctor that works ER is very rude and none caring she needs to find a job that she likes

1 Pretty Mess

overall the Dr on staff and the nurses were awesome. Something bothered me a bit though. When I went in I was in pain and not really "with it". I had to pay my copayment while I laid in the bed in the first 20 minutes I was there. I was in so much pain I could barely think - not the best time to "pay bills" if you ask me. I hate to complain because the staff and Dr was great. But seriously? Can you bill someone or wait till they are leaving and feel better? My copay isn't that much - they were getting the biggest portion from insurance...

Sara Walters

Second time here, second time my family member has had an awful nurse. No one can asks questions without them getting upset, I guess they are too busy. Such a beautiful facility that's being wasted on rude staff and an inefficient system.

Michael Smith

Good service

Richard Hayes


June Anderson

I am well pleased with the level of care I currently receive from this facility. The level of cleanliness in EVERY department I’ve been in is outstanding. The entire staff from check-in to exit (including physicians) are professional, friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work, it is appreciated!!

Phil Cipriani

Horrible place, my wife broke a bone in her foot. Does not seem to be a busy night, sitting here 3 hours and still waiting. Wife went to the bathroom in a wheel chair, nurse left, wife rang for help and waited 10 minutes to get out of the restroom. It appears they are under staffed, looked down the halls you can’t find a nurse, doctor or a custodian with a search warrant. Go to another hospital.

Corey Cannatelli

The building is so clean & they get you in to be seen surprisingly quickly in the ER at least.

Madelin Miranda

Greatest labor experience I've ever had. Even family members were impressed with everything, from staff to cleanliness to the size of the room we were placed in. It was fantastic.

Karen Foster

Keep in mind that I am a retired nurse and am looking each time I'm there for any flaws. It just happens that way since I have knowledge about how a patient SHOULD be cared for. I've been very satisfied with the treatment and care given to me each time I was there. My scary time with a suspicious mammogram was very personal and thorough. I felt that they knew what they were doing and what to look for while giving me a feeling of caring. They had no idea that I was ever a nurse. My husband has always been treated with kindness and respect and given the best care possible. I think that this hospital is one of the best. Therefore, 5 stars.

Alex Jarvis

Great hospital, all around great staff, greeted us at the door and took very good care of us.

Tim Loveless

had a very bad experience with a financial aid lady there she made me feel as i was bothering her by pulling her away from her desk this was at about 9am on tuesday

russell schnelle

Used to be good food with good portions. Now it is small portions and it sucks. I have to bring food to my girlfriend so she doesn't starve. This needs to be fixed. I will call somebody about this.

Troy Spees

Great Staff, team approach. Facility is new and modern.

Steven Meyer

Horrible. Came in at 930pm because my wife could not move her back and legs were tingly and could barely walk. They took her back around 945pm. Then 2 mins later she was back out with the nurse saying she needs to see if she needs x-rays. It is now 1230am with no word. A lot people are leaving yet the lady with the piss poor attitude at the front desk claims there are no rooms. With all the people leaving I find that impossible. So my wife sits here in pain with no help. Worst customer/hospital service ever! So my wife and I ended up leaving with her still in pain. Pathetic excuse for an "Award Winning" hospital!

Anna C

Great experience there, but their billing dept is HORRIBLE!!! I had one missed payment that I paid immediately after I realized it. Then they stopped sending statements in the mail so I had to login to my account and pay, and now I am with collections! Plus, the total they gave collections is more than I owe so I had to get all of my payments in order to prove I owe $600.00 less than what collections is saying I owe!! I am a very responsible person when it comes to my bills. I made one little mistake and fixed it with no issues. Never again will I recommend ANYONE to a Mercy Hospital again!

E. Lynn

Been sitting in the ER waiting room for about two hours now with a sick wife. They say they don't have any beds. Really? The ER are looked empty when they took us back there to take her vitals before shuffling us back to the waiting area. The nurse seemed totally un empathetic.

Anthony Watkins

They really care about there patients and staff here I highly recommend this hospital for everyone

Constantine Poulos

Agnabel Jimenez

I deliver my baby boy at Mercy West Hospital on October 7th. From the moment I got there I felt welcomed. The front desk girl was pleasant and warm. Another one came to the lobby to get me and showed me to my room, she was very nice and professional and had a big smile. The room was spacious, super clean. I have no words to describe the care I received by the Nurses Team. Best ones that I have experienced. All with great knowledge, experienced and professionalism, all made me feel at home, kept me distracted and informed by talking to me and explaining what were they doing at all times. I just love them and have to mentioned Nicole, Carrie, Robin the Lactation educator. Jennifer the team manager. Kent the Nurse practitioner anesthesiologist was super cool and great expertise and compassion. Then there was Dr. Rahe my OBGYN from Seven Hills women center. That team of Doctors is awesome. Everything from the Doctors, the nurses, the facility, the kitchen staff and cleaning staff were superb.

Kev ocia

Donna Brott

It's all about the people!

Buddha Rizal

Nneka Seifullah

The staff was always polite everytime I went and I get whatever I came in for resolved which is great seeing that I live about 20 miles out and would rather drive to mercy west instead of only driving 2 miles to another

Beyly Wane

Jason Burns

Nice and clean, great employees

Theria Williams

Thomas Zompero

Saturday morning I had symtoms that my doctors felt warranted an ER evaluation. I went to Mercy West arriving around 1:15 pm. My waiting room wait was maybe 30 minutes or so (No complaint there). I was taken back for vital checks and questioning. The nurse had to find a clean cubicle to put me in. She looked at a couple and said "This one looks cleaner than that one". I was glad she at least cared to look. I sat for there probably an hour or more. I was told they were waiting for a room. Once moved to the ER. The care seemed to be acceptable. They recommeded, and I underwent a CT scan. The scan took place around 3pm. At 4:30 PM they came and told me I was going to get a chest x-Ray. I asked why, because I just had an abdominal CT scan? She had no idea. She said they told me you were getting one. Umm, okay then. At 4:50 PM I was informed of an initial diagnoses (which I later found out was partially incorrect) and recommend that I be admitted overnight, so they could start IV antibiotics. Not happy to hear that, but let's get it taken care of. They continued to inform me they were waiting on a room for me to be admitted and will move me when it's ready. 3.5 hours later (8:30 PM) a RN arrives to give me more information (I'm still in the ER). I was given another diagnosis, but it coincided with my initial diagnosis. The secondary diagnosis was something not good at all. I was then started on antibiotics while waiting in the ER. She (the nurse) stated she did not know why I hadn't been moved yet and would see what she can do to make that happen. I overheard her phone conversation in the other room. It went something like this, "Well, I come clean it myself if that's all it is. He's been waiting a long time. I can clean!" Minutes later the ER nurse informed me that I will be moving to my room shortly. She said there were a lot of late discharges and a lot of employees called off. They were trying to get rooms cleaned to move new patients in. Around 9:15 PM I arrived in my room (8 hours later). The floor still wet from where the RN had to mop it beforehand. My compliments to her for going above and beyond to take care of this. My night shift nurse (Correy) was exceptional. Kind, caring, informative, personable, thourough just to name a few. I could go on, really. The overall care at night was above average. My care during the day was below average. The nurse was good on my first day, everything else was lacking. Room cleaning, emptying trash in the bathroom never happened the whole time I was there. The AM phlebotomist arrived after 1 PM. He was apologetic and explained that they were running behind due to staff shortages. He was an exceptional employee. He answered many questions about general inquiries. He even checked back the next day to see if I received the answers I was looking for. The Food was good, but delivery service promised in 45 minutes arrived in approximately 90 minutes on the first day. The hot portions were luke warm at best. My second day, they messed up my lunch order in multiple ways. My third and final day, I could not wait to go home, but I had to unfortunately. The HOSPITALISTS was very long in arriving. He arrived mid afternoon around 3 PM, hours after my GI doctor left instructions for the HOSPITALIST to release me. When the HOSPITALISTS spoke to me, he was uninformed of the directives from my GI doctor. He tried to log in to the hospital computer, but was unable to. His login badge was not working. He said he was going to find the nurse to get the info and she would give me my discharge papers. One hour and half later, my nurse stopped in with my release papers and started going over instructions. I noticed immediately that the medicines listed were incorrect and others were missing. I informed her of this. I asked her if the Dr. had talked to her earlier, her reply was, "No". I told her he did not know my prescription dose or anything because he couldn't log in. She tried to find him, but he left to go home! 1.5 hours later I was finally released. Needs improvement.

Mike Taylor

Horrible place, family member developed a stage 3 pressure ulcer while a patient here for an extended period of time due to a complete lack of care planning and protocol and their “leadership” team could care less. I even spoke to their Chief Medical Officer, Creighton Wright, on multiple occasions. His main focus was discharge of the patient due to available Medicare inpatient days running out for the benefit period. Even when confronted with the fact his “accute care hospital” completely failed in following basic medical guidelines, absolutely nothing. Zero empathy for the suffering and outright incompetence that was foisted upon the patient. I should have sued. Their social work staff also seems to believe it’s acceptable to recommend discharge to nursing homes that are rated by Medicare as 1 star facilities with multiple violations from the state, then get an attitude when it’s refused. I can’t say enough bad things about this hospital. From top to bottom it reeks of incompetence and it’s “leadership” wouldn’t know leadership if it slapped them in the face.

Ramone Belcher

If you are in pain do not come here. The waits are horrible and the people really do not care. The chaos is crazy. No structure!

Susan Kramer

I have had injections, MRIs, and a shoulder surgery there. All the staff was very nice and accompanying so I give it four stars. The lack of a fifth star is because a torn rotator cuff was missed on my MRI so I walked around with a torn rotator cuff for seven months

Bob Taylor

Rachel Burkart

Came in with server pain in abdomen an in back. 5 ppl who can Iv after me was seen before me. Seen a nurse look at 4 different ppl paper work till she picked one. Was there an hour before I left to go to different hospital. Its not right to pick an choose who you want to care for 1st

Linda Hill

they are great treat you very well

Debbie Schwemberger

I've been in this hospital on 2 different occasions, once in 2015 and again 2016. The hospital if going to be in one, is a great hospital. The doctors, nurses, and the people helping get things arrange and approved for your home care were all awesome. I really can't praise the nurses and doctors enough. Very clean hosptial!

Renee Swain

Been here since 230 boyfriend is in serious pain still waiting at 530. They have been taking people back that got here after us. Never will I suggest this er.

Leah Davidson

Discharged a patient with dementia without contacting the family. Not a good practice.

charles Mcafee

This place sucks! !!!


I visited mercy west on 4/12/2019. When you get to the ER they check you in pretty fast. Then they call you back to check your vitals, just to send you back out into the ER waiting room. I will never come to this ER again, I waited 4 hours before I even got called back the second time. I wish a urgent care would’ve been open that would’ve saved me so much time and money. NEVER AGAIN

RR Cross

I honestly would not give this hospital a 1 star, they would get no stars. My husband and I went to the ER at Mercy West for some pain that I was having and we brought our toddler twins. When we got there at about 8 pm, we did not go to the back until 10 or 11pm. We waited for 8 hours to be seen over an ovarian cyst that I had that ruptured. Then at the end of our visit they did nothing about it and the doctor advised that the cyst was on the wrong side. Here you have a PHD and do not know the body. The nurse put in n IV and then, stuck the blood pressure cuff on the same arm on top of the IV and when I stated that it needed to be removed and placed on the other arm, stated it was almost over! This hospital need to be sued many times over!I went back 2 days later for the same pain and the PA found out that the cyst was on the other side and advised they would correct the records for my OBGYN follow up. Never corrected the records! I had to do all the test over because of their mistakes, then I receive a bill for $12,000 and they did nothing. They were unprofessional and most of the staff were inadequate. I would not recommend that anyone go to Mercy West if you want to live or be treated with respect or in a decent time frame.

Emmy Eash

I was lucky that I wasn’t waiting, very professional and nice personnel. Lab results were fast. More important, they didn’t do unnecessary tests!, my discharge was very smooth, also without waiting.

Heather Hensley

I had my 3rd baby boy here and absolutely hands down loved it! The maternity floor is amazing! Every nurse I had was nice and very helpful. The rooms are private and very clean. They don't have a nursery but the nurses would give you a break if you needed it. The hospital food was even good. If I was to have another baby I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Tracey Herron

Started with very rude registration idiots who can't spell, then taken back by a very lazy nurse. All around bad experience, all staff rude and lazy!! We were going to Good Sam originally and I'm not sure how we ended up here. The nurses are super lazy!! Good thing my daughter wasn't in extreme danger. Most people when they go to the E.R are anxious and sometimes nervous, this staff does absolutely nothing to help you. I obviously was very angry when. I posted this but the incompetency and laziness from start to finish is unacceptable!!

Eric Fledderman

I'm not a fan of hospital's at all but if I have to go to one then I always go to the closest Mercy. I recently had to visit the ER at this new location and the care taken by the staff was amazing.


Recently had surgery and can not say enough about the care i received during my visit. All the nurses and staff were very kind and caring. I really appreciate all of them and their hard work.

Simon Harrison

Came in for an emergency-only one other patient there this morn at 7am. Had whiplash from accident night before. Someone ran into back of my truck while I was stopped. Woke at 5am to excruciating pain. Thank God I was given pain meds and relaxer which helped my shoulders and ribs somewhat. Only good thing that was done for me. But meds did nothing for my neck pain. Very cold staff, no personalities. The attending physician Thomas was nice-only reason for giving one star. I was given xrays-thank God no broken bones. But, they had no soft neck brace in stock???? And, no other tests were run. My neck was still in unbearable pain-20 on scale 1-10. Sent home with just pain med and junky muscle relaxer. I will not be coming back. Was all drugged up (I’m not one to take medicine usually)—they could not even wheel me out, nor ask if I was ok to walk without help. Rude! rude! rude! And took two hours just for that service and only one other patient was there in immediate area. Girls at front desk smiled and was nice, but really no one seemed to care. Awful!

K.C. Anderson

Went in for upper abd pain and nausea. I was seen right away, the nursing staff was very attentive, and the ER doctor very polite and thorough. I ended up needing surgery. No post op problems and the floor nurses were on top of everything. Overall great experience.


I don't normal post reviews, but man this place deserves all the bad publicity it gets. If you actually have a medical emergency please do not come here. My husband is having numbness in his left arm and chest pain, but because he's younger we've been sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours at this point. Although the receptionist/nurse at the desk made a comment about him possibly having a stroke. We spoke with another man, who was waiting for his wife to get an ultrasound, and he told us he saw several nurses in the back just chatting/texting. He also said they had several rooms open. I've never heard anything good about Mercy, but my husband and I thought we'd come here because it was the closest hospital to our home.

Emerald Skirvin

I have never posted on a place like this before or given anything any stars before but I thought I needed to give my two cents since I've been here so often. have had several surgeries done here and it has been the best hospital experience I have ever had. I am very sick and living in a nursing home currently but before then I was living on my own and dealing with chronic illnesses and needing surgeries every few months. When I found doctors that worked out of Mercy West I was a little apprehensive because I've had such bad experiences with hospitals before. but once I got there I felt so much peace from the staff and the nurses and of course the doctors. They were so kind with their words and how they care for me before, during, and after every single surgery. I even had some of the same staff members for some of the surgeries and they remembered me and some of the stories I told and I thought that was so nice that someone would pay that much attention to something I was just making small talk about before I went into surgery. I would highly recommend this hospital if you need to go into surgery or have a test or procedure done.

Tee Edwards

Great hospital best hospital I ever went to my first time admitted there February 13th until February 17 2017 for heart failure I'm glad I was taken to this hospital because I usually go to uc or good Samaritan but since I only lived in college hill the paramedics told me since I couldn't breathe they was taking me somewhere close I'm glad they did because uc or good Samaritan didn't never find out what was wrong with me it was always a in and out thing now Mercy health took there time I was a first time patient and they found the problem with me wow awesome team of doctors and nurses I have nothing but love for this hospital I have to have heart surgery on my heart valve soon im pretty sure even tho I'm scared I think I will be in good hands and they will take care of me!!! Update coming soon

Amanda Bucker

A man was in the waiting room sitting in a wheelchair in the ER waiting room. He fell to the floor and began screaming for help. No one came. I went to the front desk and asked if a nurse could help and he said that he called them twice. The man behind the desk could of told the man that help was coming but no this poor man on the floor thought he was alone. Doctors and other nurses wakes by with no help. Finally security came to help. Never ever go to mercy west. Worst hospital in the USA!

Lilith Garner

The nurses and docs were so nice and understanding and took awesome care of me, reassuring me constantly to ease my anxiety. So so so grateful for everyone there :)

Jess drake

I decided to give this hospital a try for delivering my second baby as my OB delivers here & Good Sam. I delivered my first at Good Sam & didn’t love it. My experience with delivery at Mercy West was a million times better than Good Sam! I had the same 2 nurses my entire stay rather than about 12 different cranky nurses. Every staff member was incredibly kind & had great bedside manner. Overall just a happier experience. If you have the option to deliver here it’s honestly a no brainer. Amazing L&D staff!

D. Step

I did not receive good care at this hospital. I went to the ER to determine if I pneumonia. The doctor examining me did not even listen to my lungs from the back. He barely laid a hand on me. I left with no diagnosis and had to question the Psychian Assistant over and over to get any info. They did not even test me for the flu. I had to ask them to be tested after being there for over 3+ hours. They were not even busy. VERY disappointed in their ER staff. (12-25-17) I would never return by choice!!

Tasha Howard

Ainura Abdyzhalilova

very rude staff, namely stephoni to the front of the desk.

Stu Shear

My friend went in for carpal tunnel surgery. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The nurses were great. Dr. Moran was a fantastic surgeon. I was very impressed. That's why we drove 100 miles to come to this fantastic hospital!

kristen brady

I went in to labor in delivery because I'm pregnant and was having some leaking fluid I did call my doctor before going in so when I got there they were ready for me I got seen right away I was there for probably a total of an hour and a half bc they had to monitor baby heart and do some test. The nurse and my doctor were amazing

Porsha-Marie Ward

Worst ER experience in my entire life!!!

Shania Teschner

Rude Drs. Don't come here basically make you feel like your crazy.

Shell Bell

Deanna Banana

Worst emergency room ever, they treat paitents horrible and leave you in rooms for hours with no explanations. Horrible.

raven wilson

I wouldn't recommend anybody go there for their prenatal care! ...

Robert Sebastian

Never will I ever be able to Thank the Doctors and Nurses enough for saving my life when I suffered a heart attack on October 22, 2017. Then professionalism displayed will never be forgotten. The compassion to my family and friends will be remembered forever!!!

Hhndnj Swaubb

I called the front desk today 06/30/18 at 8:30 am and a woman by the name Keisha answered the phone she was nasty and rude.This woman does not belong in a hospital with sick patients. She was nasty and I will never go to this hospital again. I pay too much money to get care at this hospital to deal with nasty workers like her . Unprofessional and nasty

Lisa Wenneman

Horrible experience with taking my mom to get done tests done. No clear check in system, and the registration people are rude and the most un organized system.

Linda Wilkerson

Frank Hoerst

I love the hospital and the the great care and I thank you enough for the way the staff treat me, And other patient they become my extended family. I keep them informed of the rehab. I would like to see my new family!

Jim Cable

Felt like Idiocracy. (Suspect they use that movie for training) management must be someone's idiot son. If sick or injured avoid this place. No clue of customer service. Bad to the point of unbelievable. Better customer service at United airlines.

Nocturnal Nights


Tisha j


Went there to be seen in the ER on 6/10/18 about 4pm and ended up having a minor procedure. From check-in to discharge took about 3 hours total and the service was very good. I had a nurse practitioner named Michael in the ER do my procedure and he kept it light but was still professional while being humorous to better the situation. From beginning to end it was top notch care. I’m mid 30’s and that was my first ER trip and hopefully the last but that’s definitely where I’d go if I had to seek treatment again.

Daidalos Falvius

I do not believe in telling someone they should or should not go here or there. It's up to them to make that decision for themselves. All we can do is share the information/warning with them. So instead of saying "don't go here, or don't go there." I will simply say this. Veterans, who serve their nation should be treated with more respect, dignity, and consideration, than this place ever afforded this Gulf War Veteran. Lets just say that based upon my experience. After having been a patient for several years. If this Veteran could he'd give them less than one star. And leave it at that.

BrodyCoyote TM

Great staff. Beautiful building!

Serrita Henley

This hospital is the best!!! Our nurse on 42 North was Alicia and she took excellent care of my mother!! Every staff member that we encountered was loving, caring and professional! On behalf of my entire family, we recommend this location for your medical needs and we thank the staff for your hard work!!!

Raymond Biersbach

Mike Scott

Today I went in to have an Esophageal Manometry procedure, which is not the most comfortable thing you are going to do today. The RN who took care of my procedure was one of the calmest and nicest people you would want to meet. She took her time explaining everything that was going to happen. As it was happening she talk very calmly during procedure which in return helped to relax me. i just want thank Jean Schilie for trying to make my test as comfortable as possible. Mike Scott

yougatra dihya


Aaron Bronson

My girlfriend visited the ER tonight. She was seen abruptly so that was good. She was having stomach pains so they drew blood and ran urine tests. I waited in the lobby for about an hour and a half then went back to her room. I walk in and the first thing i notice is a trail of dryed blood down her arm coming from the IV. There was also blood from the IV on floor in a dryed pool. She called the nurse and it took 15mins for someone to come check on her. Unacceptable. What if she was dying? They didnt even have her hooked up to a heart monitor machine. This ER should be low on your list.

Pattie Elkins

It's the only hospital I would go to

Cynthia Olsen

My mother spent 3 nights in this hospital. The most horrible care ever! Nurses were not kind or compassionate. The PCA's were lazy and rude and at one point my mother could here them talking about her and the comments were not nice! The nurses did not check on her regularly. The phone was knocked off the hook for several hours. I called the nurses station to check on my mom, the nurse was going to go check the phone and give her my message. She did neither! Infact she didn't check on my mother fot the rest of the night. My mother got no sleep there at all. Beds very uncomfortable! Most horrible experience for my mother and she will not be using the hospital ever again!

Kayla Fletcher

I’m appalled that I am even giving this place a one star. I used to love this place, recommend this place and even wanted to work here at one point in time but not anymore. I will NEVER go to this hospital again! So when I get to the front desk there was a police officer and receptionist at the front. The officer spoke to me before the receptionist did. Which was a little annoying to me but whatever. So then the receptionist tells me to fill out a form. I fill it out and she tells me to have a seat. Once she finishes up with the person before me she calls my name up to ask for clarification. I advised her of the clarification and she tells me that they will call me up. So I go and have a seat and within 5 minutes my name is called again. The lady checks my weight and takes me into a triage room. She asked me what’s going on as she takes my vitals. I tell her what’s going on and before I can finish she leaves the room to go get the nurse practitioner. The nurse practitioner ask the same questions and suggest that i should see my primary healthcare physician and that emergency rooms are for emergencies but yet but blood pressure was 144/101. So I am not pleased with this emergency room at all and I will not go back! I pray they find better people to work in hospitals. Being sympathetic goes a lot further then what you think.

Jillian Drexler

I've been here a handful of times for various tests/procedures, admission, ER visit, etc. Majority of the time, the staff has been courteous & friendly & the Dr's I've interacted with had an excellent bedside manner.

derek king

Angela Lay

I don't even have words.

Jason Kreider

I wonder what the media would think of Mercy West hospital leaving a Crohn's patient, in extreme pain, in the waiting area for an extended amount of time? He came in around 520pm. It's now after 9pm. Get Guylando Moreno a room...or I go to Channel 5, whom I do have ties with.

Josephine Prince

Dr Cranley and staff where excellent discovered my cancer and resolved the problem very fast thank you

Ellen Lackey

I have been waiting for my brother in ER for over 4 hours and have no idea what they're doing

Derrick Ruebusch

To get right to the point, I work in healthcare and a key to great service is empathy. To be treated like an inconvenience, when you are scared, struggle with breathing is unacceptable. A two hour wait to be treated like that...just baffles me. The was dec 9th 1230-3a ish.

J Blazer

HORRIBLE!!! Was sent there by urgent care for bleeding ulcers and was in alot off pain. First off place was nasty. Facemasks and garbage all over. Signed in and asked if a wait time was known and very rudely she just said have a seat well call when ready. There wasn't a seat to be found in the place people were in there arguing and cussing with the staff and security. So I sat on the floor for 3 hours before they took and back and then they only took my blood pressure and heart rate and sent me back out I then sat there finally finding a bench down the hallway to sit at for four hours! Then after a chat with one of the nurses they finally took me back only to find out they wanted to just retake my vitals again. So after some not so nice words they decided to draw blood and do a urine test and told me results would be in in an hour. So again 3 hours later after that nothing! Ended up leaving and going to a different place. After going there for bleeding ulcers I ended up leaving with that an a horrible case of the flu. Have been in bed for 2 weeks now. Thanks alot Mercy I will never be back and I will tell everyone about my experience there

Sian Bitner-Kearney

I wish zero stars was an option. Worst hospital ever. Mom has been waiting 8 hours so far for test results & nothing. Docs went home without even checking back. Zero hustle from the doctors.

Jacqueline Sapp

Slow service.... Dis change took 45 mins after being told that ny friend was being discharged. Other nurse sitting at desk on facebook....

Kimberly Sexton

I've recently been made aware of how Mery West discriminates against employees that develop handicaps. Its appalling how they just try to discard them. Mercy, you should be ashamed of yourself! I hold the President responsible for such unethical behavior. An employee, who was treated with the utmost respect and felt like she was part of a family developed a form of ALS.....And instead of being supportive, you slowly try to eliminate her? How dare you. You told her there were NO positions available for her?? Really? We know better as she found one at the home office herself, but to make life even harder, it's a 3rd shift job. Funny, when she was physically 100% and an OR nurse, things were fine. I can't begin to tell you how disgusted I am. You're hypocritical! You profess to care about patients and you can't even treat one of your own with respect? Patients, clients, be very careful....these are wolves in sheep clothing who have shown there true colors. I think you need a change in your L1 team.

Austin Daniel

The nurses in the baby department were rude asf

Geneva Brown

Best labor and delivery ever! Best nurses ever! Best experience ever!

Janet King

Shame you have to be sick to go there everyone is very pleasant kind n caring

Kwahyia Jones

The lack of a sense of urgency in this emergency room is absolutely appalling. I will not spend time commenting on how attitudinal the staff and nurses are. I just think it’s necessary to share how Mercy West AND Mercy Fairfield are absolutely thee most slowest emergency rooms in Cincinnati.

David Walker

HTOnline HT

Went in with food poisoning and they weren't very much help. Gave me some apple juice, a cup of water, and 2 nausea pills which didn't help. Ended up with a $900 bill. This is the reason that I don't go to hospitals. Could have saved a lot of money going to urgent care and probably would have had the same outcome except maybe a $90 bill

Aj k


Bethany Campbell

I gave birth to my daughter here, she was still born, and my heart was/is shattered, the care that was given to myself, my husband and my baby girl was beyond incredible. The staff went above and beyond and I will definitely be coming back if I am lucky to get pregnant again in the future.

Ralph Kemphaus

Very clean hospital, Staff is excellent and very caring.

rae patton

I was in the emergency room for over 4 hrs before being seen. That is very poor service.

Mell y

I've gone 2 times over the last 2 months. The last time I had to stay the night. Everyone was very friendly and courteous. If I called the nurse she was there right away. When I had to have a scary test done I was given understanding, support and love. I only with hold the last star because hospital beds are not comfy. The sofa was more comfortable.

Li Lo

I visit Mercy hospital today feeling as though I was going to die of pain. As I walked in I felt the warmth and kindness of the registers. I was seen soon as I was checked in. The nurse who placed me in my room, touched me with a prayer pen given to me. Tears and hope came to me as I read it. Dr. Blankenship was the most realist, kind, and gentle doctor I have encountered in a ER. He real cares and knows his stuff. I would recommend him any day and I'm a hard one to please. I feel better all ready! Thank you Dr. Blankenship and your wonderful staff. God Bless you all! Good Luck! Back to sleep I go. I had to share my experience while it's fresh! Before

Rick Wilke

If I could put negative stars I would have. Sunday morning at the ER, place is empty and it takes over 2 hours just to get a doctor to look at an xray. 8 to 10 er nurse's sitting at nurse's station playing on computer / phone. Not one time did anyone check on a pain level or anything.

Kenneth Eads

Where to begin? My wife delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. After 48 hours Dr. Recommends baby stay till morning but mom can be discharged. Mom's seventh baby birth. She is having severe cramping, from postpardom abdominal pains. She was given a discharge pamphlet of medication she would be receiving, looked it over was content her pain would be taken care of. She signed discharge papers. She of course staying in hospital with our daughter she asks me to get medication for her pain . I ask about the prescription, and was told she was not getting a prescription that she didn't need it. So now she is in pain, discharged and told to take ibuprofen, which she was clearly told not to take because she is on a blood thinner and she is not supposed to take. I have tried calling a supervisor, clearly ignored and getting run around. The fact is she was misinformed and she signed discharge papers thinking her pain would be under control, now she is uncomfortable, stressed, few days before Christmas and a nurse let's us know she personally seen the prescription in her name. There is a different doctor on call everyday. No one knows what last one did. One Dr prescribed meds, one took away, another represcribed, then nurse brings in only to be called back out. Very confusing. The 2 stars are for nurses

Mary Kishman

The nurses are very attentive and wonderful. The billing department however is incompetent and incorrectly entered my insurance information. So now because of their mistake I have to jump through hoops. Not even an apology. No thank you.

terry bunner

This place is the AWFUL place i would ever call a HOSPITAL ITS A TOTAL JOKE I DO MEAN JOKE

Terea Redmon

I love this hospital because they really take good damn care of me

Miles Oscar

No place anyone wants to be but I've been treated fairly here during visits and do believe they care about the people here.

Shalanda Rivers

Had a pleasnt experience their. My problem is a gave birth to my son on May 15th walked to front desk of birthing center everyday until being discharged to have the lady come sign birth certificat paperwork. She never came. I've been jumping through hoops ever since then because of her negligence. It is 1/12/16 and I'm still trying to fix her mess up!!!

Elizabeth Johnson

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