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Holly Noel

Im worried to deliver in this hospital with so many horrible son got stitches on his toe & they where fast &very nice & got the job done so im hoping when i deliver my baby it will be the same!!! I chose mercy because mercy in bellevue treated me like royalty..lets hope this mercy does the same!!!!!

Kellie Smith

My husband is a frequent patient at St Vincent. He is a patient in the cardiovascular institute today. Since the cafeteria has been taken over by AVI...the food has gotten kinda bad. Especially on the weekend. I don't want to leave the hospital to get something to eat but beef and gravy over a dried out looking vegetable rice??? The peas and carrots look questionable??? Now his care. The immediate staff has been great but he had a lab person come in early morning ON SUNDAY and just turned on the bright lights without warning and grabbed his arm and JAMMED the needle in his arm and started just moving it around. Than pulled out and JAMMED it into his hand like she hates her job and hates patients. No cross on the wall of a catholic hospital???

parvinder singh

Great hospital

John Newton

Had some great nurses, but Doctors are too aloof and didn't explain things they were doing to my wife! Need better beside routine!

Barb Hall

I spent 2 days in patient in Car 2 after being transferred from Norwalk. The facility and staff were absolutely amazing! They really care about their patients and their family. I would recommend St. Vincent to anyone who needs tertiary care.

michael mays


I am a military patient that was supposed to do follow up care at this burn center, tricare keeps telling me the have had my referral for a month and a half but I never can get in touch with anyone who can get me in or knows anything. Good thing my infection has gone away and I am healing up finally. I am just glad that I was sent to UNC chapel hill burn center initially instead of this place.

Jessica Poggenmeyer

I for one absolutely loved Haneen. She was undoubtedly one of the best nurses I've ever encountered throughout dads journey. She was consistently available to my family even when I was not present. I felt at ease at home knowing that Hannen was taking care of my father. She prayed with us in moments that we needed it most. I cannot attest the rest for the rest of the hospital but as far as the medical ICU each nurse I interacted with was more than willing to go above and beyond their duty. We made a point to let the unit manager know the difference that Haneen had made in our last moments with dad. The nurses there are of a different caliber. As for anyone who disagrees, remember you have to give respect to get it. I recommend the hospital for anyone dealing with life threatening illnesses or traumatic accidents. The way the nurses treated me and my family is something that I will always take with me. With a special thanks to Haneen.

Latasha Coy

Horrible place, not clean, some staff is very rude, they don't answer call lights. All around terrible experience

Steven Benedict

The nurses are idiots and have no clue what they are doing.

Megan Konoff

Horrible my doctor always wants to send me here but this was the last straw neglected my son for 10 hours got there we went in a little before 11am never served him any lunch I ended up ordering me and him some food then he didn't get dinner till 8 after I had the nurse call dietary multiple times I had to get out of my character to get his dinner then the supervisor for dietary came up with an attitude and brought him 4 chicken strips no drink no dipping sauce nothing ok n the ticket I ordered then they got his ivy ready never gave him fluids and never did his blood work it's a horrible hospital it made me give 1 star to post this but they deserve none

Stephen Mathis

Well every time I come here they are so nice and they take good care of me all the time I rate them #1 in my book

Edward Jackson

Excellent care and service very professional

Annette T

went for a MRI first parking attendant was great, friendly, helpful MRI staff were great, friendly and as fast as the machine would allow the second attendant was called by the MRI dept but my car wasn't there, so she took my ticket, went in booth to stay warm and I am in the cold waiting. the gentleman that parked my car came over a few minutes later with someone else's vehicle. the lady pokes her head out, gives him the keys to my vehicle and goes back in. gee thanks for telling me you couldn't go get my car because you get paid more to just greet people, I could of stood in the bldg instead of the cold. they hired the wrong person to greet

Misty Owens

Alex Sandoval

Dirty hospital with a rude and slow staff. I would go to any other hospital besides this one.

L Jones

Sorry the nurses are on strike but I have seen nothing but the most compassionate, kind, knowledgeable staff since my father arrived via lifeflight with a severe spinal cord injury. I have nothing bad to say about the staff, my only problem is the fact the café and coffee shop close too soon for me. They are wonderful and strikes happen, but it has had no effect on the level of care given to him.

Mark Kuhlman

Courtney Wellman

David Mills

One star is too many for a place that clearly prioritizes lining its exec's pockets over providing quality care to patients

via gio

I tried TO GIVE THIS SERVICE 0 STARS AND IT WOULD NOT LET ME>>> SO I DO NOT BLEIVE THIS SERVICE DESERVES ANY STARS>...It would not let me POST THIS UNLESS I GAVE IT A STAR.. BULL S. I had Diagnostic services at Perrysburg Ohio Mercy ER..aI have Medicare and Medicaid.. Which I was reassured all would be covered for the MRI and ER services that I had.. yesterday I recieved a COLLECTION NOTICE for almost 400.00. How can I be sent to Collections if I had never received a Bill. It is Also My understanding that THIS BILL is a Contracted OUT Service From 3D Lab LCC/ RADADVANTAGE...apc. A GROUP OF RADIOLOGIST that READ My MRI.. NOT TO MENTION READ IT AS ME HAVING CANCER METASTATIC BONE DISEASE.. WHICH WAS AN ERROR DIAGNOSIS.. SUCH INCOMPETENCY. NOW NOT ONE person I have called several numbers to get help with this BILLING ISSUE and NOT ONE PERSON CAN HELP ME. WTH

Dan Lohbauer

I went to the Emergency room on a Saturday evening because I broke a tooth and my dentist suggested I go there. I went to the desk and filled out a form and was told to wait in the waiting room which had approximately 6 to 8 people in front of me. After 2 hours of waiting and everyone in front of me being seen I sat alone in the waiting room for 20 minutes, more people came in and started getting seen. At that point I went back up to the desk only to find out I was not registered the nurse I gave my form to misplaced it. After waiting for over 2 hours in pain I was finally registered! Well after waiting another hour the Emergency room started getting busy with seriously injured people. So after waiting for 3 and half hours in pain and not getting seen I went to the desk and told them I was going elsewhere. Now I am getting billed $369.00 for sitting in that waiting room for 3 and a half hours in pain and not get seen!!!!!! I will no longer be using your services.

Carlene Hardman

Judi Smith

Olivia Dunn

This ER is HORRIBLE. The staff was very kind and attentive, although not knowledgeable at ALL. I even question if some of the "professionals" even attended medical school. I have chronic conditions which none of the doctors even knew what they were. I was there for a kidney infection and I became a circus show and the doctor wanted to see what "cool tricks I could do with my joints" because of my hypermobility. In an ER, this is extremely innapropriate bedside manner. My urine was not even tested (even for pregnancy or kidney function) WHICH WAS WHAT I WAS THERE FOR. The doctor ended up referring me to their PCPs and a nurse came in and told me "you seem like a nice young girl, please don't go to our PCPs they are horrible"...

Rankin Walkup

Waited an hour before appointment. I cannot wait for the day that this is an unacceptable amount of time waiting for an appointment. Not very happy.

Joseph Bain

The care my girlfriend has received during this pregnancy is pathetic lazy and incompetent. I am so angry with the joke of patient care she has received from dirty housekeeping to forgetting to feed her! They forgot a pregnant woman dinner and screwed up her food EVERYDAY! THE incompetence of the nurses here. She would have been better off giving birth at home.

Paul D.

In my opinion this is thee worst hosptial iv ever been too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Watson

Still waiting to hear from Stroke was supposed to be in 1 hr but that 1 hr is now almost 80.

Renato Nero


Kate Lost


Pamela Crayne

The staff is GREAT! However, if you have insurance - LOOK OUT!! THEY WILL TRY TO BLEED YOU DRY!! Nurses and support staff are currently on strike! They kept me for 2 and a half days until I threatened to walk out if they didn't release me. My sodium levels were low. They did NOTHING. Gave me a bed and fed me. Took 2 vials of blood every 4 hours! TOTAL RIP OFF! BEWARE!

John Harris

These guys helped save my life . THANK YOU ALL !

Julie Beckert

The nurses were amazing and so caring to my mom.

Jeannette Baker

Angela Herman

This has been the worse experience I have had at this hospital. Came in friday and ended up having to major surgerys and the on was cancer. Get up to my room itbis fine but here comes monday I seen my nurse once today I'm in pain they are not giving me my pain meds. Heck I got to go ask them to get me water cause they to busy talking.

Sarah Istefan

Muneerah Ivy

This hospital overall is horrible. Most if not all staff are racist and have no empathy for the patients or family. They do not have bed side manners and plz be aware that they do not care and will not try to use any life saving measures for you or your family. ICU staff are incompetent, lack human decency, and will not come to your aid if need be. Sadly to say for this to be a faith based hospital, the devil is working overtime.

Emily Loudenslager

issa fag

Trash. The outpatient surgery center staff is very rude. They lose all your appointments.

Ron Morse

Sandra Torres

The worst hospital in the area,mi mom is here w abdominal pain,they found whats wrong,n they cant star yet w the treatment ,worst desk staff in the enttance plz,dont come here if u are very sick,they dont pay atention to anybody they dont care if the people is in pain


DO NOT come here for psychiatric health. The staff is primitive and abusive, not well trained. I have an assortment of bruises from my experience.

kelly rosner

When my daughter l was 3, she had chicken pox and had been puking for three days, I called the nurse line and they told be to take her to the ER. I called the ER first and explained the situation because I didn't want her to wait in the general waiting room and infect others. They told me that they can bring me to a different room to wait, so I brought her in. When I got there they refused to do that and wanted me to wait with others. While I was at desk explaining that she was contagious, she threw up on the floor. I let them know and asked if they had anything I could use to clean it up or cover it. She handed me a single tissue and told me to sit down. I stood there and said that it needed to be cleaned up before someone slipped on it and she kept telling me to sit down. So I did. 30 minutes later, a small child walked over and sat down in the middle of my contagious daughters puke puddle. I never went back to that hospital again.

Sara Zapata

Summer Konzen

i was just there yesterday, I never previously had any issues with the hospital. since the strike is happening i was very frustrated with how i was treated and things were handled. i was sent to labor and delivery to have test ran for possible preterm labor. for starters i was forced to share a room with another family that had 5 children, and i had to listen to this patients entire medical history which i feel was a privacy violation. Also the room had to big automatic doors that would open up into a hallway, so there was not only another family in the room with mine but people passing by with the two doors open while im on the hospital bed half naked. on top of that the staff didnt know what they were doing i was handed the same forms to sign twice by the same woman! I was examined by two STUDENTS who seemed clueless and couldnt give me any real answer to why i was having severe pains..meanwhile all you can hear is the honking of cars because of the strike going on. safe to say i am now looking for a new doctor to deliver our baby at a different hospital. the staff should seriously be ashamed of how they are treating their patients due to their main concern, the strike.

Jessica Virdi

Went here a few months back to visit a loved one and the one nurse was very disrespectful and rude, her name was Jordan. She is in ICU. She made me feel very uncomfortable during my visit...I think they need to replace her, plus she shouldn't be working in that department if she can not have respect for others and their family/friends.

Julie Miller

Awful hospital. No bedside manners. Nurses were rude and uncaring. My brother was in a serious car accident on a ventilator and we live an hr and a half away. Staff was unable to tell us where he would be after surgery or how much medication he was on. Was kicked out with his twelve yr old daughter. Informed by a nurse in ICU named Hakeen that we must leave. No exceptions to their rules even though I had no vehicle, lived an hr. and a half away and had a twelve yr old child with me. Staff was aware prior to us staying that I planned to stay with his child. There was a family in the main waiting room on the floor that was sleeping there so there was no couch for us to sleep on and I did not feel comfortable sleeping there with my purse and jewelry anyhow. They had removed my brother from the ventilator and he was expected to be placed in a regular room so then we could stay with him but the nurse refused to care and work with us after all we had been through. Ultimately my husband drove to get us and we were picked up and made it safely home. I really find it awful that the nurse, Hakeen, did not care at all for the patients family. As I said, she was aware that I planned to stay with my niece prior to our family leaving. She never said anything to us about the rules then. Well over an hour after my niece and I had been left at the hospital she tells us to leave, fully knowing we live an hour and a half away and have no vehicle. We were sleeping and bothering no one. Any other hospital I've been involved with would have worked with the patient and family. This was the worst hospital experience my family has had. There was several other little things that occurred but this one was the main issue.

Jessica Herrera

Emily in the er, Melissa, Lindsey, Kate & Katie on the 4th floor. And louAnn and Allie Kite& Bre and Patty 2 floor. And the Drs of course did a great job. Thank you all.

Chad Pelt


MuzzlesGirl Greene

This is where you want to go if possible if your having a heart attack. My husband had the best care here when he had a problem with his heart.

Sheryl Bice

Had a major surgery here recently. Felt like an assembly line. I came to after in so much pain I was praying for God to take me. They were having difficulty getting my blood pressure down, I wonder why. Felt like they broke my ribs and collar bone. Got to my room, there were drops of dried blood on the floor. Pointed it out to nurse, never got cleaned up. Couldn't get through to order food, told nurse, nothing. I had a "fall risk" wristband on and they helped me to bathroom once. They knew I was going by myself but didn't say a word. She plunked down my spirometer and told me to use it. It didn't even work. Booted me out after 48 hours. Up all night puking. I had told doctor and nurses I live alone and would have no help at home, didn't matter. Went to local ER and they did cat scan, found big clot under my biggest incision that may delay healing. Probably from a small bleed from puking all night. My "robotic" surgery that was supposed to be all around better, woke up with 6 incisions, 6! How could 6 incisions in any way be better. They are all around a joke and I'm staying far, far away. Waaayy too big for anything there to be good. Oh, never saw surgeon until 2 weeks after surgery! Not once in hospital. Too big for his britches too.

tim snavely

They killed my neighbor. One star is to much.

Melanie Hall

All the doctors and nurses were very informative, caring and listened to concerns, overall did an excellent job! Thank you very much!!

keaira medlock

Peggy A Trevino Myers

Yikes!!! :((... No Mercy!! The last 2months

Valerie Slaughter

Bad people

Luke Barker

Steve Wagener

Rita A.k

If I can give nothing I would! Horrible place

Cindy Ricker

I had a wonderful experience in St V's hospital they literally saved my life and my dad followed with the same experience I wouldn't hesitate to return for trauma care

Modern Warrior

Trista Obee

I love it here. This is where I work and ai work with some amazing people.

Susie Springstead

They killed my dad. Not a big Promedica fan, but I wouldn't recommend this hospital, for anyone going through cancer. Very uncaring, treated him like a homeless person, and was never given any treatment for his cancer. Very disappointed with the Mercy health care system. Please go some where else.

Bob Archer

It used to be my favorite place to go for patient care. Seeing how they can give up on their nurses and hire just who ever will come and take there money (sign on bonus). Way to stay loyal to the people who kept things running smoothly

Marcia Weller

Checked in as out patient to have a heart-cath done on August 23. Physician found blockage 3 main artiers I was very happy they kept me over night and on Aug. 24 performed a triple by-pass on my heart...whole time felt at ease with the doctors,nurses and techs. Had an awesome life saving surgery..All those on floor 1-c thank you sooo much for all the loving care while I stayed in room 1003 recovering for a week. Thnx to you all, I will live to see another 60 yrs. LMAO K. Weller

Jessica Snead

Called for a SIMPLE question and got transfered three times and ended with a voicemail.

Suicide Rell

Maggie Brennan

St. Vincent Medical Center has such amazing caring staff. They saved my life and my daughters life. The NICU staff is incredible and so caring.

Ashley Selby

They do an amazing job when it comes to treating babies. Been here for a few hours and they are making sure she has the proper care she needs.

Kara T

Made me wait 2 hours while experiencing a miscarriage at 14 weeks along. There was not many people at all. I got up and complained twice during the time. Then gave up and left. The nurses were loud obnoxious joking and constantly eating while answering phones. Never seen such unprofessional actions before in a hospital. Terrible sad experience.

Grim Ravenwood

The doctors and nurses are nice but I feel like the nurses enjoy chit chat amongst themselves more than actually doing their jobs

karen W

Left my husband in the ER for over 7 hours with a ruptured appendix. Started to spike a fever and resident said it was due to morphine???? Husband became septic and has had numerous surgeries since!! We were told his belly was a mess inside. Had to take a complete kidney out due to CA instead of just removing tumor due scaring. Thanks SVMMC. NEVER AGAIN!!! I would give them a F-!! Trauma hospital not!!!

Amanda Schaffner

I have given birth to 3 kids at St V's some of the nurses were rude but most were caring and friendly! As far as going to the ER you have to remember they are a #1 trama center and cardiac hospital. Just because the waiting room is empty dosent mean the back is empty! You could end up waiting a few hours in the ER waiting room depending on the severity of your injury or illness.

Douglas Furia

Waited over an hour to get blood drawn.

Educated Moron

Greed is a sin

Nicole 90

Update people are still smoking and nothing is being done. The care is great however staff keep smoking in the parking garage 3 main level. I have reported this reaptly. Its just brushed off like nothing. If you want to kill yourself smoking great. But I like being alive

Caleb Duhaime

This hospital is the best. When I was sent into surgery the nurses were nice nad very friendly. They made me feel at home. I would recomend this hospital to anyone!

Amos Stoddar

"The doctor will be in to see you in a few minutes". An hour later I put my clothes on, left the hospital and had my friend take me somewhere else. Lies and lack of interest in the needs of a patient don't fix people's medical problems. AVOID THIS HOSPITAL.

tony paul

thy can't even help sumone who has a shunt in the head with a headack how low is they

Paco McCreight

The birth of our child went through planned c-section went very smooth through the hole process. Sue, Nicole,Chris and others treated my wife with respect and patience. The nurses taking our child to the nursery were also very easy to work with. Jeff the anesthesiologist was the star though most professional and best bed side manors, hope my children never need one but I would seek him out if they did. Only complaints are room size, couch I had to sleep on and no TV at cafe or coffee shop can I get some weather news or sports something to look at well I eat by my self for 3days!

Grace Kiser / Gullett

Aaron Border

Doctors have horrible attitudes and don't listen to their patients.

A Princess

Worst emergency department in the Toledo, Ohio area. I ruptured my Achilles tendon (by slicing it straight through) and because I was not screaming in pain the doctor said I was fine and sent me home!!!! The back of my ankle was sliced to the bone, but they did nothing for me. I went to UTMC after I left them and was admitted with a diagnosis of ruptured Achilles tendon. I had surgery to repair the rupture the same day and could not walk or bear weight on it for six weeks. I had to go to physical therapy for another six week before I could walk right. I could have permanent damage if I did not seek a second opinion !!

Jonathan Wright

This has been the worse experience I have had at this hospital. Came in friday and ended up having to major surgerys and the on was cancer. Get up to my room itbis fine but here comes monday I seen my nurse once today I'm in pain they are not giving me my pain meds. Heck I got to go ask them to get me water cause they to busy talking.

Lily Connolly

We waited in the ER for going on 4 hours, before being transported to a room. Wouldn't recommend.

Chuck Shelden

Kuya Kano

a NO CARE facility: Checking in to the emergency room with a back injury that left me without the ability to use my legs, Mercy St Vincent Medical center REFUSED to Xray, REFUSED to MRI, and without any attempt at determining the severity of the injury, left me with a prescription for oxycodon and cyclobenzaprine, stating that despite the dangerous effects of the medication, said I could go back to work the following day. I'm sorry... approving work and oxycodon/cyclobenzaprine without even looking at the injury? You call this "medical care"? Don't bother sending a bill, St Vincent... YOU DID NOTHING and should have your doors locked for your epic lack of medical care and professionalism.

Jose Huerta

Recently, my wife had surgery at St. Vincent’s, Mercy, in Toledo. The morning of the surgery, my wife and I pulled-up to the valet parking at St. Vincent’s, walked into emergency, and checked-in. We then went to the surgical waiting area. It was a modern space with hot coffee and water dispensers. There was plenty of seating; tables, chairs and recliners. There were outlets everywhere. A receptionist double-checked our paperwork and gave us instructions for receiving updates. For privacy, patients’ names are not used to identify them. Numbers are used instead. My wife was “40.” If a nurse wanted to update me of her status, she called-out “patient number 40,” or, “family for 40,” in the waiting room. I signal the nurse, she comes over and speaks with me or meets me in the hallway and gives me an update. It was great. Nurses and doctors were constantly in the waiting rooms updating family. I didn’t see anyone needing to approach the desk for information. Everything seemed to run very smoothly. There were even phones in the waiting rooms. Staff could place a call and ask if “family for 18,” was in the room, for instance. My wife was also assigned a 6-digit tracking code. There’s a screen on the wall in the waiting room. It lists each patient’s tracking code in a box. The boxes are color coded according to the patient’s location throughout the hospital. With this, families can track the patient’s progress through the surgical process. All of this information is contained on a card I was given to keep. I know: it sounds like I’m doing a commercial for this place. I assure you, I’m not. I hate hospitals and I hate waiting, so I appreciate little stuff like this! Other things I noticed were that the staff at the cafeteria was friendly. The food was good. The coffee was good. Items in the waiting room vending machines were fairly priced—about a dollar. There was a small, pretty gift shop, decorated for Christmas, on the main floor. To my amazement, the items seemed very affordable. For instance, there were flowers available for $15. I moved to this area recently, from Detroit. I’m used to inadequate shops stuffed with periodicals and cheap souvenirs for airport prices. This was a nice change. Most of the health care professionals we encountered were women—the pre-op attendants, the anesthesiologist, post-op, the nurses. In pre-op, the two surgeons walked into my wife’s staging area. They were all smiles and they were women as well. The reason I mention this is because my wife’s procedure was one that is exclusive to women. Each of her caregivers was encouraging, friendly, professional, reassuring, thoughtful, funny, kind, and more. They comforted her. Watching these caregivers take care of one of their own like that made me feel so intensely grateful. It’s something I can’t put into words, but I was so thankful for such a professional, patient staff. I can’t say enough about them. The surgery went well and so did our experience. Thank you, St. V’s. JHuerta

Buster Rowland


The "nurse" couldn't even put in the I.V. correctly and laughed about it... went in my right arm, didn't work switched to the left arm didn't work so she went back to the right arm still laughing it off that's when I requested someone else different. I really wish they would stop hiring these 8-week-program-become-a-nurse-overnight-folks. Stayed there for at least 6 hours only to be told that "We dont know whats wrong with you" Went to Toledo Hospital for one hour and it was 5 cm ovarian cyst . Thank U.

Connie Easterday

Worst hospital ever !!!!

Abbie Babcock

Redneck Atv

The occupational health clinic sucks had an appt for a random drug screen I registered got to talking to another guy and he said he was there for almost 2 hrs for a random well after I finally got back there after an hour and a half waiting the nurse was pleasant and found out I was there more than an hour and she said the guy before me and I was the only ones there for 2 hrs for a drug screen and she literally received our registration paperwork as she called us in and she said the front desk never sent it back like they was suppose to

Randy Benton

Worst hospital I've ever spoken to on the phone, mom being transported to them, and they told me "We can't guarantee a phone call alerting you when she arrives ""BECAUSE WE'RE TOO BUSY"" NO HOSPITAL SHOULD BE TOO STINKING BUSY TO GIVE A FAMILY MEMBER A CALL WHEN A 75 YR OLD PATIENT ARRIVES.

Michael Melnek

The nurses in the heart unit are really good they treat you like family and it's also nice that they let my wife stay with me i like the heart unit

Gerald Wessel

Nurses are very good but communication with patients stinks, especially the first time you are here and from out of state. They throw away parts of a brace ane nurse puts in for replacement but no luck. I ask about a patient portal but no good answer.

Beth Rogers

Worst hospital to go too. They are under staffed and was here for 10 hrs to in the end get a cast. Been 4 hours to get discharged because staff keeps getting pulled to trauma. Need more staff. Guess the strike didn’t change anything. Sad!!!!

Susan Clark

The doctors and nurses are wonderful so far. My daughter recently gave birth and the baby is in the NICU. However I have a few complaints.... After going from doctor to doctor within the building due to severe medical issues and not eating or drinking anything because there was no free time..started with a 10am appt finally got admitted around 6 pm. It took forever for dietary to bring my ill daughter some food. Had to ask the nurse 3 or 4 times to ask where it was. After 3 hours someone finally brought something up. She said it was cold and soggy and she could only tolerate a couple of bites..found the food in general in the cafeteria pretty awful too. Most of the time they werent serving anything i could actually eat. I totally hate fast food but kept having to drive over to McDonald's to get something hot and fresh.( Hot and fresh for mcds) They really need to offer better choices for in between meal choices for stressed out visitors who need to make healthy choices. Canned gravy. Instant mashed potatoes. Hamburgers? Really? We dont eat that stuff at home. Unhealthy. Salad bar is ok but it was closed nearly everytime i went down there.and the little pre-packed salads were expensive and only had one tiny packet of dressing. Not appealing. One more observation...i havent stepped foot in this hospital for years and will avoid it in the future. Its looking old and shabby. From the lobby to the public bathrooms.. My daughter was in 3 different rooms. Her tray table in every room was sticky with obvious filth and spilage on it in every room. The bathrooms..just nasty. Looked like they might have swirled a mop in the middle of the floor but never bothered to sweep the floors and wipe and clean the corners and behind the toilet and under the sink. Ugh...the shower was dirty...loose dirt and grime...easily removable with a rag...and moldy. Germ city. Never seen a hospital so dirty in my life...i will avoid going back. Its a shame because the staff is very professional.

Bryan Garcia

So my mother is back in this hospital - commonly referred to as the Killer Vs. They discharged her 1 week ago today despite my objections. The nurse gave me a glazed over look as I explained my point of view. She could have rolled her eyes basically. Did my concern reach the doctor as I'd asked her to convey? I don't know but what i do know is they discharged her the next day - so I doubt it. They claimed to not be able to pinpoint an infection but sent her home anyways delaying a surgery for hernia mesh that we know is a problem. They said surgery in 4 weeks. As if she'd make it 4 weeks.... I told them she wouldn't. St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center do something that makes sense for my mother instead of playing the role of revolving door. I will be telling this story everywhere I can to put your integrity in question! Anyone near Toledo do yourself a favor and go to a different hospital. Avoid the Killer Vs!

Derek Verhoff

Jennifer Glassford

Union workers on strike!! Fix this please.. it is not fair nurses are working under these conitions..

anita smith

Barb Morris

St. Vincent is the very best un Toledo by FAR.. You can hace the best hospital good EVER, from pizzas yo steak, AND FRIED, which most hospitales is a no-no. You order at tour convienience,. They hace CLEAN rooms, profesional staff, AND the best overall hospital experience Toledo has yo offer. TRUST ME ON THIS. this hospital is awesome!!!!!!

Jason Hiestand

Very caring team and staff. Everyone has provided the same exemplary level of care from the beginning to its end. The Neuro ICU has been excellent and wonderfully caring for patient and family.

Eli Arbogast

Jackie Radloff

My brother was taken to ER and then admitted to ICU. Top notch care all around, doctors. Nurses, chaplains. They were all there for us when he passed and clearly shared in our pain. If I lived in the Toledo area I would insist on this hospital.

Brooke Klavinger

St. Vincent's ICU Dr. Faag is the most rude, pessimistic doctor my family and I have ever dealt with. Dr. Faag on 2 occasions told my father oh I wouldn't be surprised if my mom codes and has to be resuscitated. Her bedside manner is something to be desired. I wouldn't let that doctor give my dog his vaccinations. They took my mom over to the heart center from the ICU to have a procedure done on her heart was told someone would come and get us when they move her back to the ICU. We sat in the family waiting room in the heart center for 3 hours. I had to go find someone for information and then they told me oh we moved your mom 45 minutes ago. Like really! And if it wasn't bad enough she had to have one more procedure done the same day, they were suppose to tell us when they were taking her and then when she would get back. Well once their staff dropped the ball. We would get 6 different stories and prognosis send my father into a breakdown because they came out several times saying my mom was going to die. I know it is practicing medicine but I feel that they did not do their job. But I will say when my father was in the heart for 5 days he had amazing staff working with him. I want to give a special thanks to Crystal D. the heart center nurse my father had.

Dee Wash

Please be warned, do not go here or send your loved ones here for care because they use TOLEDO CARDIOLOGY CONSULTANTS as doctors for heart issues/emergencies. Heart issues are very important and this group are very selective on who they take care and see about. I was a patient there after I was discharged from St V's. They never followed back up with me after my follow up appointment to give me my test results back. I ended calling them after two weeks and the results were lost according to a nurse. I was told by this same nurse to contact the doctor who discharged me.from St Vincent hospital to get the test results from my heart monitor, she also told me I may have to contact the records department at the hospital; The same heart monitor that belongs to this group that I turned in to their office. After they miraculously found them weeks later and after I called around several places, a nurse practitioner called me back a few days later and said she was going to call in some medication for me to Ryans Pharmacy and she never did...Mind you this was in May, the medication was never phoned in as she said. So today 07/06/2018, they called me for a follow up appointment that I had scheduled when I first went to see them. They wanted to reschedule because the doctor would not be there. First thing I asked was why was I being contacted for an appointment to follow up when I never got the medicine I needed for treatment. I inquired about the medicine that I never got and the excuse that I received for not receiving my medication was that there was a change in the system. The first issue I had. they could not come up with a logical enough excuse except for we are sorry. The two issues I had were very important and both times I was disregarded as nothing. Im now scheduling with Promedica cardiology, From what I hear they truly care about their patients regardless of who they are or the type of insurance they may have at the time. Stay from this group if you are seeking reputable care for your heart.

Sandra Brown

I am so disappointed in the level of care that my family member received at St vs. I am truly thankful he made it out of there alive.the follow up care is no better. For a routine surgery to end this badly is beyond comprehension. He is still battling and his physical life is forever changed. The place is incompetent.

Heidi Larick

You can have state of the art rooms and computer systems that are put in place however, the medical staff are on the internet searching new cell phones and not checking patient charts. dr don't communicate and have a plan. Yesterday 3 differ doctors saw a patient and none reflected the view or same plan as the dr prior note, there was no change in the patient status. Then not a single doctor visited this patient on Sunday and the nurses excuse was the dr was telling another family to put their loved one on hospice. I am send prayers to that family, hopping that the lack of care and communication is not the reason for this. His excuse was none of our business and innoproprate. There are on call Dr. for a reason no patient should go unseen for an entire day in the heart and cardio vascular unit or any unit for that mater. Then x-ray's were received at 5:50 but not sent to the doctor until 705,I find that to be an issue in the quality of healthcare the nurse was covering two rooms and was on personal phone call and internet for extended periods of time. Then orders were givin for an oxygen mask to be placed and that was only relayed upon family question, and not carried out for an additional 30 min. staff openly admit that there short staffed which is a poor quality of healthcare. I hope this message doesn't falling on deaf ears for fear these behaviors and lack of medical attention will result in serious hospital negligence.

Dave Boucher

Mom was in the cardiac care hospital. The case worker was very rude when we were arranging her discharge. She would not listen fully to our enquiry and cancelled her original destination...pretty much told Mom she was going to have to stay another night. We finally got through to her what Mom wanted. No one in a hospital should be so disrespectful or rude to a patient or their family. Or make fun of them within their hearing.

Velius Kain

Royce Badas

My stepfather was in here and they were very good with him. The whole medical staff was extremely professional and competent. They explained what they were doing to help him in plain language, that made it easy to understand both for him and us. They made his stay easy.

Michael Sobran

I would like to publicly thank the hospital staff, the night shift crew, in particular a nurse named Jordan, for their (and her) extreme sensitivity and tender care for my family in our tragic hour.

Danielle Wildman

Frances Tanner

My niece was at work and had a stroke and was taken to bowling Green hospital and they had her life flighted to St Vincent's and the staff immediately took her to get her arteries opened.Her father and I waited for four hours, but they were busy with her.If it wasn't for the vascular team and the staff in ICU she would not be here today.She is doing better and now in a step down unit.They saved her life and I and her family will be forever grateful to the hospital and staff.To me and my family they are angels.God bless you all!!

Brandon Nagley

This place is horrible, mine father went in with kidney stones, they honestly were quick to get him to a room, though the wait was forever over two hours to finish up!!! Over an hour to check for blood in urine, then a prick doctor wouldn't give mine father his pain meds..... After they knee his kidney stone issue and had records of what a joke that was!!!! And some of the nurses not all were very rude!!!

Dustin Kilpatrick

Friendly staff good quality of care

CK 313

Good place for minor surgery especially PEDs

crystalane davidson

Ben Hinsey

Staff is overscheduled and provided with inadequate health coverage. Meanwhile Mercy spends multi-millions on pro-sports sponsorships.

Kay L

The only good thing I have experienced here is the food.

Linda Chapa

Reva Dixon

Robert Horton

I would like to thank nurse Bree, 6th. floor pediatrics intensive care unit, she is an amazing nurse , in my opinion she deserves recognition on her ability to make sure the babies are taken care of,. Again nurse Bree I thank you from the bottom of my soul .Rob Horton , Sa'laija , Sa' myrah, Sa' ryah Horton.

Fermin-nellie Rubio

Helped my daughter mom dad after a accident really don't understand y they need permission to treat grandchild after veacheal accident that's emergency so idk need change emergency for parents

Mays Mark

Debby Swihart

Although, it was my husband's time to go, I cannot emphasize enough the truly outstanding care he received at this hospital on the 5th and 1st floors. I would like to thank every nurse and doctor who cared for my husband during his stay and tell you that I admire all of you. You are so skilled and so caring and I had complete and total faith in everything you did. Especially your kindness and gentleness towards my husband and myself. Thank you for what you do. My husband was John L Swihart. Thank you' Debby Swihart

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