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REVIEWS OF Mercy Health — St. Joseph Warren Hospital IN Ohio

Tim B.

I get my regular health care at the Cleveland Clinic, so I am used to world-class care. Then I had a drastic event that almost killed me and I had to be taken to a local hospital. I had heard nothing but horror stories about St. Joe's, but that is where I ended up. I was just barely hanging onto life, and my grasp was slipping. I wanted to be taken to the Clinic, but I was very sick and needed immediate treatment, so I stayed. The result? I'm still here. I received very good, attentive care from everyone. I had disgusting physical effects from my poor health, which would have taxed the patience of a saint, but the staff cleaned me and my messes time after time with patience and charity.

Charlene Ulrich

I have a required blood test ever two weeks for the last 24 years. Worst lab I’ve ever been to. I have a standing order, but every 2 weeks I’m required to sign in like I’ve never been there before. What the **** are those computers for? Then I go to the lab. Today there are 10 people waiting for 1 person to draw blood. I’ve waited nearly a hour and a half. I am trapped.

Sami Workman

I gave birth to my son and daughter here. And everyone was really nice and sweet to me and my family. There always checked on me to see if I was feeling okay or if I needed anything.

Jerry Green

this is such a horrible hospital emergency room...the staff are extremely rude brother came into er about 615pm with shortness of breath and chest pains and sat in waiting room well past 10 pm while other people with far less medical issues were treated before he brother has several severe medical issues and yet he was FORCED to wait while someone with a broken toe was treated AND released before he even got taken back to er...this place needs to get priorities situated and needs to have a sense of urgency for people with health issues like his...4 hrs and counting in the waiting room and the only response I can get is that the nurses control who and when people get compassion for really sick folks at all here...rhis place is sooo horrible

Ed Ellks

Save yourself a lot of hassle (and maybe your life) and just go to a Cleveland hospital like the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals or even Cleveland Metro. It'll be less time to drive there than it takes you to see an actual doctor here, anyway. The staff here is mostly rude and/or incompetent. You'll talk with their billing people long before you actually see a doctor most of the time (which they'll want your copay right then and there for.) A family member had an infection after surgery, which Mercy Health's lab saw in blood work, but didn't tell us, his surgeon or anyone. The surgeon only found out the following week by calling this hospital. He could have died from their neglect and incompetence.

Blck Widow

Couldn’t find a nurse and by the time I did my mom had stopped breathing. This was up on the floor of a supposed “intensive” medical floor. Wouldn’t suggest going here unless you have a death wish.

stephanie click

I took my husband there a few weeks ago. He was in severe pain. We were seen by a doctor within a half an hour. They ran tests and found out he had kidney stones. Everyone from checking in to checking out was extremely nice and professional. This is the only hospital I will go to.


Iwas hospitalized at St Joseph's Hospital for 2days for pnumonia. I would just like to shout out to everybody who took care of me on the 4th floor an emergency, for their outstanding care they went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable they were very polite and courteous. Everywhere I was,in the hospital is very clean and orderly and the food was actually surprisingly good for a hospital. some people say that when you don't have insurance that the hospital will treat you different and will try to rush you out. that was totally not true, because I have a good job but I currently do not have insurance the hospital was more than accommodating for me and they went above and beyond to help me out with financial aid. so anyone who is been neglecting their health and too scared to go to the hospital because they're afraid they can't afford it I can assure you that they will do everything in their power to help you out. Because that's the mindset that I had was I can't afford to go to the hospital but if I would not have went I would definitely be in way worse shape.I would recommend St Joseph's Hospital Eastland to anyone.I would like to give them a very heartfelt thank you. The only thing that I could complain about is that they could definitely upgrade the mattresses on the beds because they are definitely on the thin side but other than that grade A care! So keep up the good work ladies and gentlemen and thank you again.sincerly Brandon Khlem

Shelli Lynn

I came in through the ED via ambulance, due to an asthma attack. The medical team working that night in October, acted quickly. I was able to breath on my own again, was admitted for monitoring. My Dr released me the next day so I wouldn't miss my daughter's first birthday!!! Thank you so much St.Joe's for not letting me miss her first birthday!

Mildred Eagle

I was brought into emergency room was treated with the utmost care and they were truly concerned. I was really impressed by the quality of service I got. The nurses doctors and rest of staff were all attentive and kind thank you so much. Do not become discouraged by extremely needy and rude people who believe they are the only ones there with an issue.

Michele giering

Let's just say, after further evaluation and my mom's stay at St. Joseph's it really upsets me that our medical care is so discombobulated. Doctor's need to get their act together and all need to be on the same page. It's pretty bad when you have doctors coming in to my mom's room asking "What did the other doctor say?". I actually asked two doctor's that were standing at my mom's bedside, "What ever happened to reviewing the chart before consulting the patient?". My mom is 81 years old. She's not going to remember everything and it's confusing enough when five different doctors come into her room daily. Her surgeon told us she will need to stay on antibiotics and yet, when she was discharged, the internal doctor, Dr. Dunlap (who was an arrogant ass in my book) had her go home with no antibiotics nor any wound care instructions from her laparoscopic incision. He was nasty and treated us like we were a burden to even ask a question. Seriously!!!!! She ended up back in the hospital a day later and put back on her antibiotics and nausea meds. All, of which she should have had when she left. Her first stay of 4 days, the trash was overflowing in the rooms, floor filthy with poop stains from her walking back and forth from the bathroom to her bed, not once did they come in and change her sheets the whole time she was there. She never even had a sponge bath. The only positive thing I can say is the nursing staff, phlebotomists, and aides (except for the sponge bath), and x-ray bed pushers were very nice to her during her stay and most of them made sure she was taken care of especially on the 4th floor and ER.

Kolleen Billock

I'm aware that this is a new facility! They opened in April – the system should be up and running within 90 days! As I'm sure the physician that I am seeing is more than qualified the facility is not! From unacceptable scheduling errors to not having the injections this morning and having to reschedule and bump it out a week! I guess I'm old-school I'd prefer to go to the doctors office and be taken care of by their staff!if there was a way to give a negative star it would be five below


Michael Smith

ER is terrible. You wait hours and hours to be seen.

Robert Sincich

After having spent much of the last week at St. Joe's I can honestly say this is the best area hospital I have been in in my 68 yrs. Employees were all helpful and friendly. Surgery personnel including surgeons and anestesiologist explained the surgery to be performed quite well with follow up. The hospital is very clean and well organised. And the cafeteria food was great as well as reasonably priced. I know not why some of the reviews here are not so good but would suggest they perhaps should visit Trumbull or Sharon Regional. Good luck with that.

Andy Smith

I had a cat scan done in March and was pleased. But the billing on the other hand.......... submitted financial aid paperwork upon receiving the first bill. I called billing right away to tell them the aid paperwork was submitted and to please put my account on hold. I have since received 3 more late notice statements and have called every time and was told financial aid decision was not made yet. I just called for the FOURTH time and was told there is no record of me calling or submitting paperwork at all!

Babette Yannacey

Long wait in emergency triage nurse just kept leaving. Er nurse I had was extremely rude! I asked for any idea how to self treat my issue until I found a doctor as I'm from a polite state in South Carolina. Was told to leave or I would be escorted out by security. I will die before ever going back there! Finding out Ohio hasn't learned southern manners and compassion. Bottom line the place sucks was even told to take my own medicine in Er. Shameful dirty nasty. God may forgive but I never will!!!!!!

Queen Faith

Honestly I will never be coming back here. Service is so slow and they refuse to listen to you as the patient. Overall ridiculous

John Norris

Beth, the nurse in the Emergency Room today, on "Easter Sunday" is the rudest non-empathetic person I have ever seen. Rude to my entire family here due to a family emergency. She deserves to be terminated, and not allowed to work in a hospital ever again.

Dalton Propst

ER doctors are awful. Very uncaring.

kathy stapleton

Dr Spaulding and the ER staff went Beyond their duties in aiding me in a true crisis...They were competent, caring, and respectful..I was born at St Joe's and this hospital and staff have Never failed issue couldn't be fully handled as it should have been because my primary care physician chose his ego over my needs as a patient of 20yrs, but working within the limits THIS Staff had at their disposal, They seriously saved my life..I truly couldn't have survived much more pain and the shut down of my limbs had it not been for their care...My needs were seen and treated with Genuine Concern and Respect...I've respected and found this encompassing care with Dr Pai at Urgent Care, knowing that and seeing that this level of care extends to others is a Remarkable feat and insight into the True Professionals Humility Of Mary has put together in an Remarkable Staff

Trasa Hoskin

Sorry I had to even give them 1 star. Took my daughter in because she passed out and hit her head. They did nothing. And the nasty &!+(# they call a nurse was even more worthless then the doctors.

Anthony Moran

It's a nightmare and takes to long to get in and out.


Chelsea Glaspell

Was experiencing major breathing problems and chest pain, I waited four hours in the emergency room although it was not busy, at all.

Joe Baldwin

Robert Maffitt

I cannot understand that they treat someone in pain by placing them back out in the waiting room

Melissa SG

ER staff was very good, as for Dr. Dunlap (leftover doctor from Warren General days) is a total ASS and as far as I'm concerned incompetent and down right lazy. Could not answer a single question regarding my husband's condition 12 hours after being admitted. Couldn't control my husband's pain 12 hours after being admitted. Matter of a fact, my husband's pain was over a 10 which when we arrived at the ER his pain was a 9/10. I'm no dummy, have medical knowledge and I blow up at Dunlap (refuse to call him a doctor) for his lack of doing his job. I was warned by several people to get rid of him. Dunlap is a very poor excuse for a doctor. As for the general surgeons, Dr. Biteman and Dr. Woodruff, the gastro doctor and Dr. Shuh the infectious doctor and the residences studing under them, were AWESOME! All nurses from the ER to ICU to both floors 3 & 6 with the exception of one rude, ignorant nurse and the male charge nurse on that floor need to be removed. I will next time go to St. Elizabeth or Cleveland Clinic.

Novel Hendrix

Kristi Johnson

Nic Cacella

Absolutely terrible. From the lobby desk staff all the way up to leadership, rudeness is what you'll get here. Unfortunately there aren't many options for quality and competent care in this area, but avoid this place at all costs. They seem like a caring organization - the reality is they're anything but! Even their billing department is a joke. Suck it up and make the drive to Cleveland or Pittsburgh if you need a hospital, otherwise try an urgent care!

Shawn Gorley


More concerned with money than patients. Poor scheduling.... based in Cincinnati. Wasted time as they called me to come in and I fasted, then they asked why I was there. It took 3 attempts to get my tests scheduled correctly. I let it go until I had a severe reaction to my new medication. they told me to go home and take benedryl. I was on benedryl and some oral steroids and my reaction reoccurred and escalated. Head to toe swollen, eyes, everything. They would not give me a shot of steroids or anything. And Insisted on co-payment prior to treatment while I was in a room/bed in the ER. I asked if it could wait... “no” they wanted my credit card on the spot. Service was slow and lacking, poor management of scheduling services, and patient care is not the priority.... co pays and billing are the priorities.

Kiara Crawford

Literal trash. My mom was in immense pain and they were asking her a bunch of questions as if she was in the state to answer them. They also weren't giving us any information as to what was going on. Absolutely awful. Don't go here.

Cathy Layman

Very professional and kind people who work here. I don't really care how people act as long as they get the job done. This is deff the hospital to go to in the trumbull area!

Rachel Nelder

I absolutely love this hospital. The ICU has been amazing with my dad so far and i give so much credit to all of those nurses in the ICU! Specifically Steve, Yvonne and Sue-Anne. They have been spectacular. I also love the house physician, Dr. Black. They have all been very patient, thorough, compassionate and informative during this very hard time. I rate the ICU with 5 stars!

Kyle Knell

Tim M

Wonderful experience! They took great care of me. The doctors and nurses were very attentive and efficient.

Sara Lightner

Rude staff! I wouldn't take my cat there after we waited for 5 hours in the waiting room for a potentially life threatening issue with my son, the nurse tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to find a vein in my son's arms until I made her stop. Then we sat another 2 hours in the waiting room until they found him a bed. Then another rude nurse came to the room, and was uninterested in anything we said.

Judy Burks

Got right in, treated great. At the end, the doctor still did not know what was ailing me. Gave me a shot of something for the migraine, a Benadryl and a high dose of antihistamine and sent me on my way. I must say after a nap I did feel much better.

Tammith Weed

Rudest nurses I have ever encountered! Rather shocking! Go elsewhere if you are able because this place is a crapper.

Teresa Davis

Female nurses are extremely rude and obtuse with information. Not forthcoming with things you need while you wait such as icepacks, diapers, feminine products, etc. No one expects to be waiting more than 6 hours to be seen in an ER ANYWHERE. Very sad that no one here cares if you receive quality care.

Connie Bain

Only giving 1 star because can't go any lower. Grandson recently seen in their Er for bad concussion, they're only concerned about sinus cold. Guess they got a cold once and know what it is. Suggestion: Akron Children's Hospital.

c kale

I used to recommend this place to everybody. "Friendly staff " blah blah blah. Now, hahahahahahahaha. I wouldnt tell my worst enemy to come to this hospital. I've never met a worse staff in my life. Ever had someone make fun of you cause the doctor doesnt know how to take blood? 10 times being stuck by a needle. TEN. And when I finally had enough the googly eyed "nurse" told me to stop acting like a child after he slammed a needle in my arm. Reception is terrible. I get it you deal with people all day but I didnt tell anyone to become a nurse. I'm telling you, if you're expecting to leave in a half way decent mood and get half way decent care this isnt the place.

mary banana

Love this hospital very compassionate, understanding and willing to keep you comfortable from the doctors to house keeping y'all need a raise!! Thank you very much keep up the great job!

Duane Schaeffer

William Yon

Would rate a zero if it was possible to comment without clicking a star. Very uncooperative and just plain rude at points; insulting my pregnant sister while she was giving birth. Also lied to our faces by telling us to leave so the room would be sterile for an epideral. Yet a nurse cleaned out all the trash in the room while they were administering it.

KCA Paving

Possibly the worst hospital in Ohio

Tyler Barnett

The billing department is run by a bunch of clueless idiots. Went in near the beginning of the year, NEVER saw a bill in the mail, NEVER received a phone call, 10 months later is when I find out when checking my credit score. Thanks a lot morons.

Paula Pecorelli

I thought they did a great job. Chris & Brandon in icu were wonderful and very informative and caring. Thank you


Duanne Royse

I was born at St. Joe's in 1952, as were my children and grandchildren. It have always been my hospital. The staff is kind, caring and professional. Wouldn't go any where else!

Stephanie Mamrich

Asked the nurse why they had not checked my type 1 diabetic husbands blood sugar for 5 hrs and the rude nurse proceeded to call me little girl and told me to watch my attitude. When I asked for the head nurse she proceeded to say go ahead tell my manager you do not scare me. She got on the phone with head nurse and said his little girl friend has a problem. First of all I am his wife and second of all it is not like we were asking for anything crazy. She proceeded to argue with me and tell me to be quiet. Once head nurse came in she just insincerely apologized and gave us a new nurse. An hr. Later his blood sugar was still not tested. Terrible treatment by third floor night staff 5/7. Morning staff was amazing though.

Piess Products

The St. Joseph hospital has numerous outlets across multiple counties that can assist with almost any medical issue while specializing in many hard to find areas. With accolades for their cardio vascular, bariatric, oncology, and so much more. They have an emphasis on making the patient comfortable before and after treatment, and even include wig and hair services for individuals in the chemo process. I've included pictures of their Warren healing garden which help show the love that's been tended within their facilities.

Tamera69 paulhess69

Anntownice Staggers

Kristi Rondini

Intake is confusing, and they need to teach their nurses how to read pregnancy tests. (Was on her phone) That could be a dangerous mistake. The MD was great though.

Gregor Dittman

Renee Eakins

I want to say that the doctors, nurses and the staff in the er that was looking after my husband a great big thank you!

Lynda N

I had surgery there and I was making monthly payments that I set up with billing, due to other medical bills,but apparently the amt. I was paying was not good enough! What really upsets me is the fact that they sent me to collections even though I was making payments. My score went from excellent to good. Why did they not make an attempt to contact to ask for a higher pmt.?

sheraill fresher

Usually kind staff with good skill and ability

Karma A' Lwyzwens

Frankly, I can't even believe how unsanitary this place was. I had the unfortunate mispleasure of having to visit a family member here recently..and I'm shocked. Soiled latex gloves laying on the ground next to trash can's in the waiting room across from the nurses station, in the public restroom, and in the patients rooms. Garbage and litter wrappers on the ground in the elevators. One of the staff left a metal clipboard with patient information laying on the counter of the hand washing station located in the hallway. And it was there for quite some time. Then suddenly the clipboard disappeared, and some sort of box shaped portable grey piece of medical equipment was laying there instead. ( I'm not sure if it was some type of mobile thermometer or blood pressure equipment or what ) It too, sat on that hallway hand washing station for quite some time...then disappeared. There's more too! But my family wants me to just let it go. And I'll respect their wishes. However, I think that's extremely dangerous and careless behavior. Not only that but it's blatantly disrespectful to the health of the patients and visitors. What I witnessed was not only morally irresponsible. But socially irresponsible on so many different levels that it makes my stomach turn. I'm willing to bet the infirmary at the local county correctional facility is cleaner.

Elizabeth Warren

Francis Vince Vince

Kristine Morrison

I was 17 weeks pregnant when I went in for some really bad stomach pains... (I had some previous miscarriages and I wasn't taking any chances) They got me right into a room and my nurse, Cassondra was an absolute life saver. She made me feel calm and she was joking around with my husband and I. She gave me so much info for my discharge and went through it all with us, answered every question we had... and I seriously pray that she's one of my nurses when I go to deliver this baby. Cassondra, if you're reading this, thank you so much. You're awesome.

Bernadette Queener

I've always preferred St Joes to all of the hospitals in the area. But this male nurse that i have could not be less concerned. A good nurse doesn't have to wait on you hand and foot. That's not necessary. But it's essential to keep patients apprised of what's happening, what's gonna happen and what to expect. I can't make you understand how MR snarky RN made me feel but it is such that i feel condescended to, disrespected, invisible and because I'm black, yeah I'm gonna take it there. I won't be back unless it's against my will.

Brenda Henderson

My husband came in for a stress echocardiogram on 18 January 2019 and could not have been more pleased with the staff and the procedure as spoken in his words. From the moment I walked into the hospital for my appointment, I felt like a valued customer. The volunteer from the front desk ( I did not catch her name) walked me back to area "B" where I registered and with-in 5 minutes, was seen by Rebecca. She completed my registration, gave me a wrist band, and sent me back to the cardio waiting area where I spoke with yet another Rebecca who I shared a laugh with concerning the identical names. With-in 10 minutes, I was called back to the stress echo room by nurse Barb where I was introduced to nurse Lynn who in-turn explained how the procedure was going to work and answered every question that I had. Nurse Lynn was a true professional and made me feel at ease with the whole experience. As we waited on Dr. Yarlagadda to come into the room, I was also introduced to John who was the attendant who would be actually performing the echo before and after the treadmill. Before during and after the test I was treated with respect and compassion by all members of the Mercy staff that I came in contact with. I left thinking what a wonderful experience that just was. Kudos to all involved and thank you. Gary

Katherine Kaleta

Brought a friend in this morning with severe pain in his ears, temporary deafness and other symptoms. After the usual hour long wait, the doctor took a cursory look at his ears and nose and said that there was absolutely nothing he could see and my friend should go see a specialist. He seemed very annoyed that we had wasted his time. The complete lack of concern is what we have come to expect from Mercy Health, but was nonetheless disgusting. Maybe the current health crisis in our area is partially the fault of those whom are supposed to be caring for our health? If we can't have faith that our doctors and nurses can do anything for us, and even treat us with disdain when we do, why seek care in the first place?

Heather Longville

Worst ER in the area! Although I was taken back quickly the doctor I seen has no bedside manner whatsoever. Was extremely rude attempted to give me medication I'm ALLERGIC too. When I told him I couldn't take that he then gave me an attitude and gave me the silent treatment... I asked to see a different doctor. Finally the other doctor came in confirmed my issue but sent me home with no treatment or answer to what's wrong. Wouldn't recommend to anyone other the recommendation to stay away!!!

Bethany Woofter

Waited for hours for test and staff is really slow. Wont recommend this place to anyone to come. Wait for almost 4 hours for answers.

Cathy Williams

The emergency room staff -on Sunday afternoon- was terrible! A male nurse in an office behind the check-in desk acted annoyed that we walked in. He never did leave his seat -and another employee did not show up at the desk for at least 10 minutes. As we were checking in, an older man, who was OBVIOUSLY sick and weak, was being sick in a trash can in the lobby. A lady at the check- in counter actually slammed her had on the counter to get the nurse to respond, and when he did, he muttered under his breath as he walked to the lobby. He was loud enough that we all heard him say "He couldn't do that outside?" He gave the man a plastic tub and ordered him to sign in, then walked back to his office and never bothered about him. Another patient, a woman with a sick toddler in tow, got the poor man a wheelchair and asked him his name so that she could sign him in. It was quite pitiful. We also never saw anyone go to the lobby to see if the trash needed emptied in the 15 minutes that went by as we waited. There was a general feeling of indifference and apathy with the whole place.

Ellen Parker

Dominic Payne

Bill Bundy

This is a wonderful place to have a baby. The staff and services leading up to a child birth, during delivery, and afterwards are exceptional. I would recommend to any having a baby in the Warren area to choose this hospital. The nurses in the maternity area are caring and supportive to everyone there. May God continue to bless this hospital and all its staff.

Sara Baptiste

Terrible emergency i waited 14 mins and no one came to check me in do not go there if u have an emergency waste of time There system is terrible

Kaitlyn Goodhart

On Saturday January 7th 2017 around 3 pm, my roommate and myself took our other roommate to the ER. Younger female, 100 pounds soak and wet. Just a naturally thin girl who just couldn't gain weight to save her life. She had been screaming about her head hurting and then we found her on the bathroom floor, not responding to us except moans so we immediately loaded her in the car and rushed to the ER. We live less than 4 blocks from St Joes so we knew this would be quicker than calling an ambulance. I stayed with my semi-unresponsive roommate while the other one went in to get help. We told them she would not respond to us with words, she screamed about her head hurting earlier, and was vomiting an hour or so prior to us bringing her in. The nurse lacked compassion and asked us a million times if our roommate was on heroine and we knew with 100% certainty she was not. Never touched a hard drug in her life. As my roommate lay in the back of my car, the rude nurse continued to yell at my roommate to "get out of the car" and "stand up." Again, my other roommate and I continued to tell her she couldn't move on her own, that we had carried her to the car, that she screamed about her head earlier. Again... We got an attitude and asked about heroine AGAIN. They finally put our roommate on a wheelchair where she continued to moan and shake, needing help from falling out of the chair. They wheel her in and again, we are asked about heroine. At this point we were upset because we told them a million times that this was NOT an OD. They ignored us. They finally told my other roommate and I to leave cause we could not go back with her. Which we understood since we were not family. In the mean time, we had contacted her parents who were on their way. We found out from her mom and dad that the staff had written our roommate off as an OD, left her in the hallway on a bed FOR AN HOUR, with NO supervision. Fast forward to her parents getting there, her mother caused a scene and they finally took her for a scan... Just to reveal that it WAS NOT an OD but a brain aneurysm. I am completely appalled with the way we were treated just because of our age, my roommates thin physical appearance and then automatically assuming she was ODing when we told them NUMEROUS times that this was NOT the case. I would never recommend this hospital to anyone. You are a hospital, you are to help people, not pass judgement. Our roommate was in your facility over an hour before you even tried helping her because you were certain she OD. The staff that was there that day should be ashamed and disgusted with themselves for how they acted and treated us. I plan on making this go public because NO ONE deserves this

Shannon Wallace

Gotta love getting collections called a year after they REFUSE TO SEND MY INSURRANCE COMPANY A W9 FORM!!! WORST BILLING DEPARTMENT EVER!!!!!!!!! We have called and called and called including my insurance company and they have yet to do anything about it. I will be contacting my attorney if this is not settled. My insurrance company and I have documented all of the Blatant incompetence of their billikg departmenr and there will be a reckoning. Don't come here. They don't know what they are doing and will destroy your credit because of it.

Tiffaney Simon

Was admitted 10/29/18 .Due to needing 2 procedures done. On Wednesday before my first procedure I made sure I got myself showered and stripped my bed that had not been changed in 3 days. I feel so bad for your RNs . They are very overworked because of the fact that your nurses assistance are some of the laziest I've ever seen. Or not seen, because I would have to stand at my door to get ice and water for myself and my roommate. My roommates daughter changed her bed after I told her it had not been done. And as far as your cleanliness, Tamie is the only one who mopped a floor .our garbage cans we're always full .the bathroom was horrible . After my amputation I laid with my Iv in my lap for 2 hours. And after 3 hours I had to become ignorant just to get help with bathroom use.

Scott Praxl

Six hours in the ER. The right hand never seems to know that the left hand is doing. Doctors say one thing, nurses another. Three hours to get Tylenol? Not a place I want to visit again


Had my first biopsy and everyone was so nice and helpful and made sure I had everything I needed

Hanna Tillery

Jennifer Morales

Better than Trumbull I can tell you that... I loved my nurse and doctor I was there an hour tops. They treated me great. They were very attentive to my needs and cared. Even the guy that checked me in was awesome. He was trying to make me laugh. I just appreciate the way they handle me. I feel much better and they took care of my problem. I will never step foot in Trumbull again... St. Joes will be my first choice from now on.

Anthony Gambino

Michael Jerryson

This morning, I came into the ER with kidney stone pain. I brought CDs - one an x-ray, another a CAT SCAN, and notes from when it first became painful five days ago while I was in Wisconsin. While this is my third kidney stone, this is the largest at 6 mm. While I was barely able to breathe, the nurse tried to get me to give her all my bio background information (as I was a new patient). I Dr. Shiley came in and asked how I was doing, looked over the paperwork and CD, and then said he was going to prescribe some medicine for my pain. My wife said that in our past ER visits, I responded best to Dilaudid. Dr. Shiley said Ok, then left. A nurse came in and began to draw blood and told me she would need a urine sample. While I was in intense pain, she said she was going to give me Toradol. I asked why Dr. Shiley did not inform us about this, but instead simply took our input and left, then prescribed something different. I asked to speak to him. He came back and said he was giving me Toradol as this is good for kidney stones. I said I understand this is the case, but it has not worked well for me without pain killers. He said he "does not take requests, he is an ER doctor," and that he will not give us any other drugs, as he was not going to support drug abuse behavior. I have never been so insulted in my life. This physician saw that I had kidney stone, that it was 6 mm (which means it is a 50/50 chance of passing), and told me that my request to relieve pain for my kidney stone was "drug abuse behavior." This is absolutely ridiculous. I suspect behind it all, Dr. Shiley just did not like having his orders questioned. He neglected, in the process of lecturing me, that his job is to listen to his patients, communicate with them, respect them, and assist them. His ego got the better of him -- leading him to violate his physician's oath and insult a patient in extreme pain. Shame on him -- and the ER at St. Joe's for supporting such behavior. Patients have a right to know what they are being prescribed; they have a right to question it; most importantly, kidney stones provide some of the most intense pain there is. To label a person with kidney stones a drug-abuser is reprehensible. My first and last visit to St. Joe's.

Kelley Richards

HORRIBLE! NOBODY acted as though they had any concern about anything in the ER! You could sit there and rot before they even attempt to help you! I think it is an absolute disgusting display of people who are supposed to be committed to helping people. It is a shame that almost every medical professional I encounter these days seems to only care about their paychecks rather than patients' well-being!

Jakeia Hickson

Ava And sydni vlogs

Denny Trenary

The staff at this hospital is the most uncaring and rudest staff I have ever experienced in my life. My wife was an inpatient and had experienced them sending a Mersa patient to her room and not to isolation. After using the room bathroom and in Room facilities the patient was finally wheeled off to isolation. The staff is very careless on the details of the patient. I suggest if you have a choice to go somewhere else.

Shalla Rockwell

Some of the worst ER docs I've ever seen.


Worst ER visit ever!! Waited 5 hours and left.

Gregory Schuster

I am here with my wife. We arrived at 4pm guessing that she has the flu. After blood and urine tests, it is confirmed. She does have the flu. How long should this take? ... Well we are still here because the doctor hasn't discharged us yet and it is going on 7 hours. I think ill post a new review every hour that we are still here. Ridiculous.

Amanda Dawson

I was in and out within roughly 30-45 mins. The staff was really nice. Definitely deserve better than a 2.8 rating.

Mohamed ElSamahy

Easily the best care I have ever seen. The entire staff is top notch. My wife was pregnant and she was scheduled for induced labor on Monday the 19th of February. We started at around 9 AM and our baby arrived at 10:35 PM the same day. During that time the nurses were absolutely amazing, they provide information willingly without us even asking and explaining everything. They kept telling us we can ask questions when we wanted and when we did, they answered it very well. When our baby arrived they took great care of both, they kept asking us if we need anything and helped us in every way possible. Managers kept asking us for feedback and we couldn't really say anything negative. If you are going to deliver your baby, I can't recommend this hospital enough. Amazing staff, amazing care, everyone is nice and understanding. Absolutely great. Thank you everyone at Mercy Health - St. Joseph Warren Hospital. I would have stated names, but I am too scared to miss anyone (bad memory) and really everyone needs to be thanked and possibly given a raise :D

Vesta Peterson

My experince there was very good. The nurses and aides were very good and friendly. I will definately come here again if meeded.

Jaelynn Allen

Take for ever are very slow

Marc Adkins

The staff I had was extremely friendly when I went to the ER, was only waiting 10-15 before taken back.

C Kelly

Preregistered appointment and took 30 minutes just to check in. An hour and a half past appointment time plus no one told me to go for blood work first which apparently I needed and it has delayed everything. No communication and people sitting around.

Gos Pammgo

I have been patiently waiting for the medical care and hospital administration to improve over the years, unfortunately it is getting worse by the hour. Mercy Health desperately needs to hire a quality manager as current quality is non-existent. Raking in the money from Medicaid and Medicare but absolutely no efficient processes in place. This place is the epitome of AMATUER hour. From registration to billing to patient care to nutrition, nothing is run properly or with any care. Unfortunately, they are not able to attract decent talent since the area is so depressed. As someone who takes care of healthcare items for an elder family member from a distant area, it’s important to be able to communicate with healthcare professionals to understand the problems at hand. There have been no less than 4 attempts to get an Healthcare POA added to their system so that I can be notified if that family member comes into the ED. I’ve experienced no notification to date. Most recently, it took 1.5 days to get a return call to understand what issues are occurring. This is an absolutely unacceptable and horrendous care. My guess is that the malpractice insurance has to be absorbent as I’ve seen too many mistakes made left and right. Really unfortunate. I hope leadership fixes their issues but I’m not holding my breath. Will be recommending that we drive 1 hour to get some world class care moving forward.

Linda Holbrook

child care nursy was amazing with my son and I after 30hours in labor and pushing for 4 hours then finally a emergency c section..

Leroy Harsch

It is a very good hospital. I have been going to St. Joseph's hospital over the years.

Kevin Grassel

My mother in law is there right now, July 9, 2017. Let me just tell you some of the failures of this poor excuse of a hospital: same pitcher of drinking water since she was admitted on July 5; refuse to give her ice; allowed her saline drip to leak all over her for hours even though she called for them multiple times; no new sheets/clothes after they finally fixed the leak...she was totally soaked; no Kleenex; no family doctor visits; horrible excuse for soup-water colored with ketchup; nurses crowded around the nurses station talking but not helping to fix a loud beeping IV machine for over20 minutes; no pillows to prop up her arm with IV; refused to give her hot water for a cup of tea; NO BP MEDS FOR DAYS REGARDLESS OF HER STANDING PRESCRIPTION!! My list could go on and on. This is insurance fraud pure and simple! We will be calling the Ohio attorney general over all this!

kevin copenhaver

I would give 0 if I could. Caused my girlfriend excruciating pain because of his ignorance as a "doctor"

Brandon Turjanica

Bunch of incompetence at this hospital horrible bedside manner the receptionist seemed to have more brains than anyone there I thought Trumbull memorial hospital was bad well compared to this it's God send

Angela Bye

I was very happy with my experience everyone was so nice and caring.. I was only in the emergengy room for an hour.. From the receptionist, nurses, xray technicans and doctors i would reccomend it to everyone.

Michael Theodore

Excellent hospital the Staff here from ER to ICU to the 3 floor were awesome. This intire hospital went high and far to make my 92 year old mother comfortable as she was dying. And at same time my 94 year old dad was in ICU. The staff brought my dad into my mother's room so he can be with her for last hours. Staff took care of him while in mom's room. And staff went high and far taking care of entire family which we were in mom's room. I can not say enough good about how our entire family was treated. Thank you Thank you St Joseph Mercy Health hospital.

Gypsy Dawn Longville

Rudest nurses and doctors; uncaring staff and suggest NEVER coming here!!!

Rachael Bayley

My mom was in hospital and the nurses on floor three are rude and ignorant. Didn't take good care of my mom. Didn't even wanna give one star. It's rediculous

Kimberly Harris

I had excellent nurses and care in L&D! Would gladly recommend this hospital!

Sterling Baumgardner

Okay, I would give 4 stars to them if i didn't have to wait almost 3 hours to get seen. My appendix was swollen. I needed a surgery, but i was hesitant to do so. I'm glad i got it here honestly. I am currently in the hospital right now, and I'm doing wonderful. I can eat foods, and i can drink liquids with no pain. The doctor who did surgery on me was polite and was nice. I was told to expect some pain; as in like soreness from the surgery which is fine. My pain is being treated with medicine, and the nurses are very polite. I am a bit sore doing some tasks like: sitting up, sitting down and getting up, rolling over in bed, and eating. Eating wasn't caused by the surgery but I have a IV in my left arm and that is my dominant arm. Other than that I don't have really anymore cons to the hospital except the waiting time in the ED. I get there is priorities but, there was a person with pretty much a cough and cold like symptoms and they were treated before I was. Thanks St. Joes for the great treatment!

Kim Danko

Horrible place to be if you're sick. The best use of this hospital is for Airsoft games. Maybe paintball wars. They need to completely evacuate the hospital and condemn it. The staff is absolutely terrible. A very depressing place with very depressing staff. It's obvious they don't want to be there and they don't like their job.

Shawn Jett

Eric Cozza

I was just there with my wife that had surgery 2 days ago and I 3 days ago on my hand she was there for her heart she has a pacemaker and defibrillator.. they told her there was nothing wrong and wouldn't even give her a motrin for pain .. here is the bad part I ask for a wheel chair the police standing there said go get one in the waiting room so me with one hand had to go get the wheel chair help my wife into it and push her out with one hand on Christmas.... never again.i have video.

Lola Smith

Was very satisfied with the doctor's, nurses everyone was very professional and nice !

River Song

Caring and professional staff

Heidi Lloyd

It has been about 20 years since I’ve been to this hospital and I still hate them. My daughter went to the emergency room, the nurses were rude, the respiratory therapist didn’t bother introducing himself or telling us what he was going to do, doctors went in when I was filling out insurance paperwork and treated and asked my daughter questions without me knowing anything about it and she was only eight at the time. Tried to call an ombudsman to voice my concerns and could never get anyone to talk to me. Not enough words for how much I still hate this place.

William Nevison

inwish i could give more than 5 stars. Everytine ive been here the staff has been so nice and attentitive. The doctors are so knowledgeable and kind. A+++

lindsay Yon

Worst experience of my life. I went there to deliver my baby. They were rude. Wouldn't knock when entering my room. Wouldn't even let my mom stay in my room for an epidural because it needed to be "sterile" yet changed the trash as I was getting it done. Made me stay another night even thought nothing was wrong. Just because I wasn't breast feeding properly even thought I told them I wasn't going to breast feed because it wasn't working for him. I would give them a 0 star rating.

Amy Barnett

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