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This hospital needs some renovations, and more detail in cleaning. There is always; a long wait in the ER department; I guess it's the nature of the beast. What they lack in looks, and sanitation; they make up for it, with a caring professional staff! The staff truly cares about the patient, and their needs.

Kathy Rex

I have mixed feelings about the ER. The nurse and Doctor, that were in the area where I was seen, were wonderful. The nurse was obviously under a great deal of pressure, but he was attentive and kind. The Dr sat and talked to me concerning my back issues that were causing such pain that I was there. He was able to see my chart from my Pain Specialist, on the computer. So he knew that I wasn't there as a "drug seeker". After receiving a pain relieving injection I was discharged in a timely manner. The only issues that I had in this area centered around the recliner that I was sitting in. I wasn't told how to use it. But after trying several things, I found directions on the chair. While looking for a solution to the problems with the chair, I unfortunately, stuck my hand between the seat and side i pulled out dirt, used items... The Admissions Staff, on the other hand, were extremely rude, unprofessional and insensitive. The 1st person that you see, asks questions that should be done in privacy. I told her that, because of back, I was not able to sit or stand or even lay down. Plus the waiting room was packed and overflowing. She told me to have a seat and they would call me in. After more than an hour, I asked if there was any way I could be seen then. I explained that my pain was increasing. The triage nurse, heard what I had said. She yelled at me since, as she told me, that all these people, pointing, at charts, were waiting to see a doctor. When she saw me, after another hour or so, she continued to be rude and harsh. I will NEVER return to this ER, unless it was a matter of life or death. Even then, I would balk at going there!!

Ali Aden

Bad place never go again rude employees.

William Horrell

I will sue this hospital on several different things

Turbofrk K

Was going to write a bad review on the ER. Horrible experience. I see that all the bad experiences I had, a lot of others did too. If this is the only hospital in the area what can you do, why should they change... Physical Therapy was midevil like. Multiple fractures in spine and pelvis from accident 4 days earlier. Literally forced and pushed to their feet. Was so painful now has panic attacks when told Physical therapy is coming. Horrific.

Dale Taylor

Wife had a heart attack, and they were right on her & fixed the problem FAST & saved her life. Thank God, Mercy Health was fairly close.

Doug Woods

Arrived in ambulance and everyone was very thoughtful and most of all carrying about me and many more showed and talked about my condition and was very helpful in all aspects.

Rob Pitzer

My Uncle Bob has been here 5 days and is getting great care.

Brenda Steines

After being hit by a car it took 2 days to receive the MRI my son was transported here to get and only got it then because I complained. Would not bring my dog here to be neutered!!!! Complete incompetency!!

Liz Peterson

This hospital is locked up like Fort Knox! We had a family member who had to be life flighted here for health reasons. I believe the staff who took care of him was very nice. But as for the other people who work in other area's have no clue where departments are or they act like they don't want to be bothered. I've never seen a place where the employee's are not friendly or helpful if your lucky enough to find some one at all. Also I thought in 2010 all rooms were to be private rooms due to hippa violations. This place is like your on a deserted island hoping to see some one for help. NO COMMUNICATION!! ! I hope to God I never have to use this hospital in the future. I wouldn't let any one in my family go here if I had my way.

C Mason

There are some good employees there, but the majority of them treat you with no compassion. You never see your doctor and hardly ever see a nurse unless you call them, in which they can show up 30 mins after the fact. And i swear NONE of the department's communicate or write on the charts. You get the same questions and tests run over and over unless you question it. The only reason I would choose to come to this hospital is to visit the food court, where at least the food is delicious and the employees friendly.

Andy Smith

The care we received was fine. The billing department is a complete joke. After finally jumping through all the hoops our financial aid was approved and the letter stated "you will receive a new bill in the next few days showing your new balance". The bill never came and we were turned over to collection. I called the billing department and had it pulled from collection and was promised a new bill in the mail. It never came again and we were turned over to collections a second time.

Ivy Sheeler

Very inefficient. Gave wrong prescription. Did not check patient for possible bacterial infection and randomly prescribed medicine without test being done. Avoid this Family Health Center unless you are in an extremely financial jam. It's not worth your life. Interns are the worst! They don't call in your prescription until 6 hours later. Very bad.

Patricia Ann Morris

My personal experience, as well as the experience of my loved ones, has always been top notch. Yes, at times there may have been a nurse, or other staff, that was not friendly, but these individuals were far and few between. Otherwise we experienced nothing short of quality care and the sincere interest of the staff in our outcome.

Lynn R

I had to go to the ER at the request of one of the doctors in the adjoining doctor's offices. Turned out to be nothing but they made sure I had tests done to the tune of thousands after insurance. BTW, they never DID fix my original problem. The WORST part about this hospital is the FILTHY ER!!! I went in and saw a metal tray ON THE FLOOR covered in an inch or more of dust. Thought, hmmm....hope they don't use that. At least clean it and put it away! WRONG! Multiple people tried and failed to do my blood work. The one who succeeded took the DIRTY TRAY, wiped it off with a wipe the size of a WETNAP only on the corner and sat up shop there with all my blood taking supplies! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Then he messed up and got blood all over the floor, proceeded to clean it up with said tiny wipe and then went on to take my blood. Guess what happened next? The site of the blood draw swelled up like a balloon, he said eh, that happens a lot (never happened to me or anyone I know in my whole life). Ever since I have pain in the draw site that sometimes keeps me awake at night. This hospital has went WAY downhill since "Mercy" took over. Mercy? You're gonna need it! STAY AWAY!!!!

Erik Krauss

It's truly astounding that a "hospital” like this is allowed to operate given the current condition of the place. The only thing is; the shocking state of disrepair to the physical structures is not nearly the most unsettling part. The staff is categorically rude and inattentive, dismissive, and undertrained. Even leaving the goddamn parking garage turned into an issue. Do yourself a favor and seek help elsewhere. This place should be considered only as a last resort. Two stars because I'm still alive.

shawna acthten

Took my son there late Sunday night , wish I wouldn't have , he started having tremors and passed out and all the desk lady and the cop lady said when I was begging for help was we are not medical we called for a nurse . I stood there and called 911 for an ambulance to come take us elsewhere after another 5 minutes which seemed like 25 this rude nurse came out and told me to go sit I wasn't aloud back cause he was 18 .. my son told me she bashed me the whole time they were assessing him ...

Tiffany Anna

Came in by ambulance and seated me in waiting room,I was passing out ,vomiting and so weak,terrible doctors ,terrible nurses,very rude,I will never use main campus again ,was in so much pain ,still sick,should have admitted me ,nurse was rude other nurse talking to police officer sitting and laughing wow what a nightmare!

Erin Smith

The ER is completely deplorable. We have waited for 6 hours for a Tylenol. The bathroom is absolutely filthy, dirty and discussing. There is no checking in on patients unless you flag down a staff member. This facility is comparable to third world hospital.

My Name

absolutely horrible, wish I could leave no star. I have bladder cancer and got no help, no diagnosis, no treatment from these clowns for over 3 years and to top it off, they wrote in my medical records that I am crazy. They kill people.

Valerie Barzak

Negative 100. The only reason I put a 1 is to post this. They are slow as can be. And even if I were on my death bed and they were the last hospital around I wouldn't go back.

Blurryface But I don't give a f*** what you think

I was in the psychiatric unit and the nurse's were CRAP!!! You get more help from the other patient's on the unit than the damn nurses!!! Not recommended!!!

Taylor Stewart

Terrible. 6 hours no answer

Bernardo Rivera

I have never been treated so terribly in my life. They left me in a room in agony for hours. Hit the pain button and nothing. Because I'm a veteran and I use the va hospital for everything they did not want to treat me. I asked for an ambulance to wade park va hospital they plainly refused. All they wanted to do was dope me up enough to kick me out. It's ok to give up my time for this country but it's to much to ask for compassion in this hospital. They treated me as I was some junkie looking for pain meds. I wanted answers why I was in this much. If your a veteran stay away from this hospital!

Karl Larson

They told me my 2000 deductible had been met and that all I owed before my surgery was a $200 co pay. I get a bill in the mail yesterday for 8,352 dollars. Incompetent

Linda J

1 star and that's generous!


Big liability risks going on here! Unfriendly, unsanitary... just too many things to mention. VERY sad. Most of us would be here all day and night sharing the awful experiences. Save your lives and just head to Cleveland and get proper care! IYour health and life is worth the drive.

Milo Rodgers

Best Hospital on the Northside of Youngstown.

Callie Mallory

My nurses we absolutely amazing. They were always checking on me to see if I was in pain or needed anything. I felt absolutely horrible and the entire staff did a great job. The doctor explained everything that was going on, what tests he wanted and why. It was a wonderful experience with excellent doctors and nurses.

Journey with Uncle Ray Ray

Outpatient surgery area staff were very pleasant and caring, would recommend to anyone....

Dee Elliott

My daughter was in the ER brought in by ambulance after a motor vehicle accident and I couldn’t believe how dirty it was for a hospital. The bottom of her bed looked like it had been outside for weeks. And the restroom was gross been in cleaner Porta Johns. Care was decent but would not go back there by choice at all! Unsanitary for a hospital facility!

Nicole Panfil

I appreciate st. E's and all that they do! I spent 3 months in their care, I was in neuro icu, the step down unit, select, acute rehabilitation. If we're for their knowledge of Guillain-Barré syndrome I wouldn't be here to write a review on how wonderful the staff is.

Mark Bowman

Wow for a hospital thats always busy they respond to patients pretty quickly and are extremely nice best hospital I have ever been to! Thanks staff of st.elizebeths for your quality care

Wyatt Vance

Nurse staff was rude and not very helpful. Overall cleanliness of the hospital was horrible. Doctors were good but all other staff not so much. Don’t recommend.

Santos Matos

They seem to want to help ,but it took them 3 hrs to see me, I was frustrated fr the experience I've been there before with better experiences other experiences I would rate a four star

Ms Howell

The staff was extremely polite and attentive to my needs during my illness. Everyone from housekeeping to the transporters were always willing to help and asked you how you were feeling all with a smile. No ever treated you like you were a burden to them. A transporter Dwayne will always be a reminder of showing compassion and care. He sing a song one of my favorites that help calm me due to being told I had to have surgery. I was just visiting from out of town an became ill. St. ELIZABETH is lucky to have such pleasant staff.

Theresa Martelli

Some staff members are truly caring. Others seemed burned out. Staff to patient ratio at the Belmont Ave. location do not appear to meet hospital accreditation standards. In fact we were informed that the hospital was short staffed. A family member was with our Father 24 hours a day because we were concerned of substandard care. When staff is asked for something, blank stares are usually provided, with pasted smiles. Yes, they respond but it may take hours. We do not recommend this hospital but if you live in Youngstown, your options are limited.

Christina Simmons

Staff was kind. The ER was not clean (the er room, bathroom) and the hospital in general did not seem as clean as a hospital is expected to be. Surgeon never calls back and calls always go through as if they know the number and do not pick up. You'd think its important to call someone you just did surgery on back... but eh you know... Never going or taking anyone to this hospital again

Stephen Mystery

If you are going in there like some of the other reviewers, and you say "I waited for 2 hours" or something dumb like that, then your life wasn't actually in danger. when it comes to REAL emergencies, such as aneurysm ruptures, and heart attacks, this hospital will SAVE YOU.

Ricquita Townsend

We visited this place for multiple injuries my husband needed treatment for on two separate occasions. The first visit was fine. We went for his back and they recommended that he just rest, etc. The second visit (which was relatively close to the first visit) was for his ankle. He has likely torn his Achilles' tendon. When he gets there he's greeted by a lady who says "look this ain't the kind of place you come back to every week you need to see your doctor... assuming that he was there for the same injury. He explained to her his current situation and she then says "well we don't prescribe any pain meds" He doesn't even like pain meds, can barely tolerate them. I know some people are out to just try and get pain meds but it's wrong to assume that for everyone. Overall he did receive the treatment and recommendations that he needed however I feel that this staff member was rude, assumptive, and unprofessional. I only hope that next visit will be better!

Dave Custer

I was in for 27 days and for the most part I was treated very well my wife was with me most of the days. And they acomidated her, the food was very well prepared. Would recommend a friend, surgions were wonderful expecially Dr. Pascolini he is really. Good at what he does. I could go on and on I guess if I had to some it up if I had to go back I would not be disappointed

That4Chan HackerGuy

I went to the hospital due to a head injury there was only three people in the waiting room and it took an hour for them to call my name then an hour later no lie I saw the doctor for literally 30 seconds and sent me to get a x-ray and CT and I was here for well over 6 hours and sat in the room for four hours until even someone checked in on me I have never had worst treatment at any hospital in my life I highly recommend any other ER in the state

Ramesh Sethi

Staff is very nice & co operative.

Jasmine Jordan

These r the dumbest people I know thank God my grandma not dying because they transferred me about 20 times smh I just needed to find her before she went in for surgery

Rebecca James

Is this a real hospital? Short staffed and unpleasant staff. Was never given discharge information and given life shattering diagnosis by the ambulance attendant instead of the doctor. Prescription Was never called in Was not told who and how to follow up. Cleveland bound

Mackenzie Willliams

This hospital is great. You will be very lucky if you get nurses Chris, Kendra, LeKair, Vanessa they are wonderful nurses. The nurses are always on top of there game.

Richard DiLullo

After attempting suicide and having my stomach pumped i was pink slipped. I've been sitting in a room for 5 days and still haven't seen anyone. I've been waiting for a bed in psych for 5 days now. They broke my cell phone two days ago and i had to call the police. They are required to replace it now. But if you need any mental help dont come here. I've been in the same underwear for 5 days. They have nothing to offer except forcing me to stay here in a waiting room. Unreal. They saod it may be another day or two before i receive the help i need very badly.

April apryl

Well i did give this place 5 stars but i take back the stars and give this place no stars because i have a back problem which this hospital is the one who tested me and seen i have a back problem but i went there tonight never even got to go in the back to see a doctor i seen Amy L Jefferies who is a nurse practitioner who was ignorant trust me if you ever meet her you will no because she got a big wart on her chin, i was treated like a drug addict even though i never failed a drug test in my life when i asked am i not gonna see a doctor they said no this Amy Warted chin is like a doctor well i didnt no patients dont see doctors anymore and nurses are basically doctors now if thats the case then why do we need doctors let ole warted chin handle them all this woman was rude and very very ignorant and i will be turning her in to the hospital about how rude she was because my son recorded the whole thing and if i have to ill turn her into the joint commison i love how hospitals treat everyone as if they are a drug addict just because they get drug addicts in there well here is something ole warted chin not everyone is a drug addict i hope and pray you get the same kinda care you gave me oh and here is a pic for you ole warted chin i really hope the photo uploads because its a photo from the movie uncle buck where he says heres a quarter go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face that is to @Amy L .Jeffries

Rose McClune

Absolutely horrible hospital. No continuity in care,communication, and drs never returned my calls. My mother entered St Elizabeth's a few days ago for a uti and another infection. they keep talking about her dnrcc. I didn't say we didn't want care...bc of the dnrcc, they practically are ignoring her care and let to g her die. Dnrcc means just that...we brought her to hospital to fight infection. I deplore this place. One nurse literally said my mother would die at any moment or in a few days die to something she wasn't allowed to tell us...only a dr could tell us that.This place is a gd circus. I pray my mother gets well and gets out. Never go there if you have a life threatening illness...go to Pittsburgh! Absolutely horrible.

RaGe Nightcore

Literally no service. We hit the call bottom when my gf was in so much pain and a nurse comes in say nothing and leaves. The second time we hit the call bottom, an hour later, no one showed up. Worst hospital ever. Don’t come here!

Juliet McCowin

I went to emergency care at 11pm and sat for well over an hour in the waiting room. I didn't leave till 5am the next morning; very slow service.

frank spellman

my mother was there in 2014 .And she was have a pacemaker put in her.But the day she was going to have it done she had a stroke.But the Dr went ahead and did it anyways. And when she come out of recovery and she couldn't move or couldn't talk nothing and I felt that the doctor kill my mother.Am sorry I feel this way but it is so true.

Denesha McQueen

I sat in the waiting room for over 5 hours before I decided to just leave with blood sugar of 586. No one checked on me or anything. When I asked questions I got someone will be with you soon. I refuse to ever come here again.

Tyler Marshall

Awful patient care! If no stars were possible that would be the review. The receptionist was an African American lady who couldn't even give you the benefit of looking at you when you asked a question. Not to mention she was super rude. Then to the cops, when the ones I saw were not flirting around with the female nurses they were power tripping making you jump through hoops to get back to my loved on in ER. Then we sat in the waiting room of the ER for not joking 4 hours waiting for a room. Then to top it all off they wouldn't let us back into the room of the loved one for almost 45 minutes for some teams lock down crap not giving us or any of the angry waiting people an explanation.

Peter Grey

I am a new employee here and I love it! Finally a professional setting where the employer values and respects its employees. And yes, that includes the 'great' Cleveland Clinic:)

Jennette Croteau

I have been in the ICU in a induced coma from pneumonia, had my son and was treated with 12 of my family members 10 of them children for carbon monoxide poisoning here, did everything go smoothly every time? No, but Doctors and nurses are human and mistakes and bad days are normal. The good outweighs the bad.

Teresa Millich

Charged my insurance for IV never got anything in veins insurance fraud. Check your bills

Melissa Colaluca

Awesome ER staff awesome Same Day Surgery staff an awesome Dr Gentile and staff

romaine whippo

was transported to Youngstown St E's from Boardman St E's following cardiac arrest in E.R. (Boardman was wonderful and I have reviewed them on their site) Upon arrival to St E's Youngstown by ambulance, I was taken directly to the cath lab, they were waiting for me and began the procedure immediately and Dr Sweeney placed a stent. I was admitted to CCU and next day transferred to PCCU. My entire stay was the best. Every doctor, nurse, resp therapist, EKG tech, housekeeping, and any others that were involved in my care were absolutely wonderful. Any staff member that I encountered treated me with respect and compassion. ANYONE who came in my room always asked me if there was anything I needed or that they could do for me before they left. I truly owe my life to the coordination of care and communication between both hospitals, and the great staff at both hospitals.

Larry Roth

I have a complaint about the Emergency Facility in Austintown. When you enter you must take a number for all things. Emergency visits should be seperate from blood draws, MRI's,X Rays, etc. When they assigned an appointment time for my wife she waited a half hour past this time for number to be called. Yesterday we called for image results and had a long wait again as emergency patients were mixed in with others. I had to wait a long while for blood to be taken (routine). I think a system that should be put in for non emergency check ins to keep people waiting long periods for fast simple procedures that are non emergency. They should have a seperate number system for non emergency visits as they offer more than that.

James Ashby

ErR.really sucks.lost respect for them.

naylah Nay vangundy


layo rosado

Handicap parking is indicate for patients and visitor. It doesn't say that it's for the employees . They have reserve handicap Parking in the garage first floor, that they don't use.

Len S

Not a good hospital at all.

Aphynna James

The staff was very rude and fleas were everywhere in the sitting area for ready care.

Lori Jones

No courtesy shown to patients. Very unprofessional

Linda OBrien

Went to Boardman HM a few years ago for a fractured rib. Triage nurse was very rude and condescending. Told me there was nothing wrong with me and didn't triage me even though I was over 65. Had to report her and she was put in another section. After I asked to see someone else, the treatment went well and I was diagnosed with a fractured rib.

Brittany Keep

Worst ER I have ever been too. The staff was beyond rude, especially the lady in the front desk who couldn’t put her food down to speak. After a 2.25 hour wait on a Thursday afternoon we left.

Janet G.

So sorry there are not--negative---stars to rate this experience; one is much too generous. Went to Austintown campus after abrupt onset of anterior rib pain on a Sunday. Told the "doctor" that I had had injured my back and the pain was radiating to my ribs. He wouldn't even LOOK at my back. No exam. No palpation. No x-rays. Went home in agony. Can't imagine the circumstances I'd ever return.

Nahed Seder

My dentist is out of town. My crown start getting loose so I called ER last night i was told the dental clinic down town open at 8 am. I went today i got there at 8.11 am. The lady on the window was very very very rude. She said you are late for registering your name their are people sincec7.30 am waiting. So i left. I mean this is not the way you approach a patient besides it is ER thing. Bad experience. W

Gloria Pollice

I work there.It really is a great place to work.And I must say after your there for be so long, like me co-workers become family.

Maria Vassilaros

Seriously?? Hospitals buy outpatient facilities and then they can raise the charges . My husband had an outpatient test during his lunch break one day and he was charged 6,313 $. We found out (apparently although unethical, this is legal) the same test done in an office would have been 565$ ..!! Of course we were never informed of that. PS Anthem BCBS paid 348.78 !!!

Tessa E

Absolutely horrible! I don't even want to give one star. They attempted to give me an IV and blew my vein and acted like it was nothing, then send me clear across town to a different ER. They blow you off like you don't matter. Want to get you in, collect off your I surance, then toss you out. You wait forever to be seen, then wait forever for someone to see you. You're better off treating yourself at home tbh.

Book Wyrm

St. E's is the worst hospital I've ever gone to.

Aaron Podorson

Waited three hours in the ER for an ultrasound only to be told two hours later information I have known for years that doesn't explain my new and painful symptoms. They prescribed me pain meds and told me to see my primary care physician. Complete waste of time. What a joke this place is. Never going to this hospital again.

Rhonda Burgess

Wow! Worst Hospital Ever!! Sent my 70 year old mom home in severe pain without pain medication. She has a leg amputation but is still very mobile but the Mass (Chordoma) , she has on her spine is very painful. Not to mention her amputation was not done correctly and she has severe arthritis of the hip. I am 38 years old and active but she can run circles around me with one leg.Mom can't stand or walk due to the pain she is currently having and was brought to your Hospital by Ambulance and this is the treatment she deserves?

Dante Beck

I took my wife here because she had chest pains and this hospital is the "lesser of two evils" locally (NorthSide medical is a no-no, unless you want to die; I wouldn't trust these morons to put a band-aid on a paper cut). Chest pains is a severe condition, right? Don't tell the emergency room receptionist Joyce that; she's more concerned about my wife's insurance information than getting my wife in to see someone for chest pains. (the waiting room was completely empty at this time). So we sit in the waiting room waiting for 10 mins while the triage nurse socializes with the ER receptionist, and finally they take my wife back to one of the dirtiest emergency rooms I have ever seen! There was a styrofoam cup with water under the elevated mattress on the bed that had left a water ring on the bed itself. The nurse who did my wife's IV was not gentle in any way. When he drew blood, he left it sitting, unlabeled on the sink in the room. This hospital is obviously staffed by incompetent morons and nobody does their job properly.

Courtney Askme

Honestly if I could give this hospital a zero I would, my mom had a hip replacement in Cleveland and she had a fever and was throwing up so we brought her here. They wanted to do a cat scan and it took them over 2 hours to even come to her room, when they finally did come they took about 1/2 hour to 1 hour to even get here in the cat scan machine she sat in the hallway. Almost as if they forgot about her. When she spoke up, the nurse yelled at her. When my dad went to ask the name of the lady his can numbed into a trash can and accidentally knocked it over, and the lady was going to call security on my dad, so my mom told the lady that she didn't want to have the cat scan and to take her back to her room and the lady said gladly. Not friendly staff.

Tracy B

Experienced and knowledgeable staff. Professional service

Steve R

The nurses at the hospital are terribly understaffed would not bring my dog there!

C Davis

From what I see from other reviews, the nursing staff if efficient and quick to responds to patient's needs. However, I do not think the same applies to the administrative staff. I called the hospital’s main nbr at 9:49 am the phone rang 43 times with no answer. I had to hang up and redial the nbr again, this time someone picked up on the 11th ring. I was calling to speak with a family member who is a patient at the hospital. I live in another state, NC and as a medical professional myself, I found this unacceptable.

Roxy Neill

A clean facility, never a food shortage!


Nothing but wonderful thoughtful employees from top to bottom!

marie gibley

If you are looking for End of Life Treatment/Care, it's your last stop!!!!


I've been self-medicating with hormones from India (Transgender). I wanted to go legit, so I called St. E's and was told "we don't endorse or prescribe mind altering substances."

Darlene Mcallister-Lee

Horrible ass place super slow they the police only really search people of color while others buzz the the detector w no problems !!

Princess Milloness

Horrible. Surgery and staff are horrible.

Mike Gallagher

Great staff. Very helpful.

Danielle Walker

Place is a joke. I wouldn't even go back if I was dying.

Chad Houck

Great place

Mark Hall

This hospital is horrible They miss diagnosised me and did surgery when known was needed and it was just a surgeon not a specialist for the type of surgery I needed.

Bridgette Crawford

Family practice

daniel oblinger

Don't get me wrong, there are a few good employees here, but when it takes over 2 hours to get a pitcher of ice water something's wrong. I have to be here on an inpatient basis because of a work accident. My door and privacy curtain are constantly left open and the lights left on at night. I guess when you're a patient here, you deserve no privacy or afforded dignity.

Linda. Jackson

I was in the hospital for almost a week and it was HORRIBLE!!! When you page the nurses it takes forever for them to answer. I paged the nurse and it took 5 mins to answer. When she finally answers I tell her I have to use the bathroom she said okay she will let my nurse know after waiting for about 5 mins I had to unhook myself from my monitors because I almost went on myself and when my nurse finally came in the room not once did she mention the fact that I had to use the bathroom she checked my vitals and left. NEVER AGAIN WILL I ATTRND THIS HISPITAL.

Roger Chamberlain

If I could give this place no stars I would. My Father has received abysmal care here and they transferred him to rehab but communicated absolutely none of his medicine and so he went 2 days without his medication for atrial fibrillation. How this place stays in business is beyond me to be honest.

Sharlyn Buggs

Ive been going to this hospital since the day I was born 49yrs ago. Its the best


It's an ok hospital. It's a 50/50 chance or a roll of the dice that someone takes when they go to this hospital. It's odd because the Boardman hospital is actually great.

Little Drummer

6 hours in Emergency and still waiting

Andrea Hernandez

Clay Herbert

Wife's Pension needed rolled to IRA. The phone Loops and one disconnect took 2.5 hours. Extremely frustrating. Then we reached "Kelly" and she processed my wife through in lightening speed! She was easily understood and her cadence was perfect! A joy to work with. Clone Kelly!!!!

Michael Jerryson

In my opinion, this hospital is the best in the area. That said, since the closing of Northside (and the increase in patients and need), the hospital administration has very little to adjust their labor force to the increase demand in services. Every nurse and doctor I have met has been wonderful, but they are stretched too thin. I am currently at their hospital after an ER visit on Sunday (and stayed until today, Wednesday). After speaking to a half-dozen nursing assistants who draw blood, talking to the nursing staff, the physicians, the workers, waiting 4+ hours to get permission to swish my mouth with hydrogen peroxide, not getting a review of a procedure they had wanted to do (and they had skipped to the consent request) and many other instances, it is clear that the hospital administration is overworking these poor people. I spoke to one woman who had worked here for over 20 years and said she was going to quit and that it was has been too much for her. Ultimately, the patients suffer from this lack of labor support. And no one is holding the hospital administration accountable for this. Even the man who pushed me to the procedure explained how crazy it is now with trying to do his job. Mercy Health asks a lot of their staff, but does not provide a lot to its staff. One last issue. The food provided here is awful. It is near impossible to not find food options w/o high fructose corn syrup, etc. I was told by the nutritionists that this is not in their control. It is a "corporate" issue that is a "money" decision. For a hospital to provide many food choices that are not healthy for the patients in their hospital (and in a financially impoverished area where there is less education and awareness of this problem), I find this also very problematic.

frank tompkins

Billed for a hospital outpatient visit after having blood drawn for routine lab work at my local doctors office. It is now "in Network" but is costing 3 times as much. Pass through to love it. They keep reminding me they are a "Not for Profit" company LOL. They seem to know the loopholes to bill in a manner that is most advantageous to them for sure.

Fancy Pants

I just wanted to come back and thank this hospital and crew for the night of 11/8/2013. The crew this nite and up until 11/25/2013 were real angles and they were on top of everything. My husband was shot in the face and survived thanks to the surgeons fast response and judgement the staff was more than amazing handling him at such a fragile time. This nite was literatlly life or death and the staff at this time chose life.

Laura Ryan

I must say that 5W ext. staff are wonderful!Jasmine, Keisha, night shift nurse ? name sry), cared for my brother in law who is not feeling too good. This staff were sooooo wonderful , patient and kind. Never too busy to speak with me. Compassionate and knowledgeable! The doctors care was appropriate as well

Maggie Bowman

If I could do a minus star I would. This place is atrocious! Cleanliness: none. Nurses leave items strewn around the room (including hypodermics) and don't bother to clean up. Soiled linens (including bloodied items) just tossed on chairs and left, papers from items thrown on the floor and left, etc. Care: (or lack of) The nursing staff could care less about the patients and/or their families. (At least the nurses I came in contact with on the 8th floor did not including the charge nurse) They don't LISTEN. They assume that because they have a degree they know it all and can play God with people's lives. We know our families and how they live and what they do. Your degree does not give you that insight. Doctors: In the middle of a conversation with a doctor, his cell phone rang. Without excusing himself from my conversation, he answered his phone, finished that conversation then said to me "I have to make this short. Some one is waiting" REALLY? I do not understand how this place can operate the way it does. They don't KNOW people and how they live. You cannot assume it's someone's "time" when it isn't. Communication: When some one passes, WHY does it take 2 hours to inform the family what happened? Because they all have to get their stories straight. Why? Because the truth will get them a wrongful death suit, which is exactly what our family should have done! I'm telling you folks, if you've lost anyone in your family at this hospital, look into it thoroughly! Do what you have to do to get answers asap! I do not understand how these people get up and look at themselves every day knowing what they did and do. Nursing degrees are apparently all about the "degree" not about the caring, compassion and understanding that they should have. Are there no acreditaion rules or regulations to follow? Does anyone ever check to see if they are doing what they are supposed to do? If not and apparently not, they need to! Avoid this hospital at all costs!!!

Martha Rice

You go in with a simple problem and come out with more problem ever... A friend went in January with a blatter infection and is now on his death bed cuz the hospital is a killer... I would rather die then to go to St Elizabeth on Belmont in Youngstown Ohio

Fouad Mansour

Literally the worst hospital I have been to... Good luck waiting for help or a glass of water while in the room..they just leave you there and walk in every hour just to sign their attendance check list.

Brianna Lipscomb

A family member of mine was transported to the cardiovascular lab last week. All of the employees in that unit are just great! Nurses Heather, Kim and Jan were absolutely WONDERFUL! Dr. Sweeney is the one who did the procedure. He gave my family and I the best Christmas present anyone could ask for when he had told us that the procedure was a success. Thank you all for your hard work!

Stephanie Bonsuk

Complete joke. Waste of time and money

Ryan Forbes

Please don't take your children here. I took my 4 year old boy to the ER today to get stitches in his lip from an incident at his Daycare. We were taken to our room. A Lady came in, didn't introduce herself, I had no idea who she was and what her job position was till after. She looked at his lip and left. 3 hours later I see another Nurse walking down the hall. I explain to her that someone came in and looked at him and left and that it's been 3 hours and no one has even cleaned out his wound to prevent infection. She went and got the first lady who turned out to be the Nurse Practitioner and her name was Suzanne Ellis. Suzanne flew in the room, started jamming his face real deep and hard with a needle like a piece of meat! Then without waiting for his lip to numb up, she immediately starting stitching him. I mean immediately! Then we he started screaming bloody murder that it hurt she called in other nurses to hold him down and kept continuing. She was so rough with his face and the way she was holding his head down. And she never even talked to him to try and console him at all. I had to stand there and watch this without saying a word because I just wanted it over. I felt like I was dying inside it was that tramatizing. I kept my composure. Walked outside after and told my wife to take him home. Then I broke down and cried like a baby in the parking lot for 30 minutes. I pray no one else has to have their child tramatized again by this lady, someone who obviously hates her job and should not be treating patients. I'm a pretty tough man and I'm holding back tears just writing this. =(

kareena bobo

I only come here if it's my last possible option! I swear I waited 2 hrs for an ultra sound ! I'm supposedly 5 weeks pregnant and I'm bledding very heavily! Still here waiting to see if my baby is alive or not ! Ridiculous!

Mohammad Zaheer

Hospital care and physicians are nicee.

Mike Melia

Told the social worker was going to see me in the ICU waiting room in regards to my son. Waited 3 hrs I never left one time, she never showed.

Alexis Edwards

Trashy, people are constantly sitting around doing nothing while we’re waiting to be seen. Can hear workers in the back laughing goofing off while I still haven’t been spoken too. Then, heard a nurse I’m not sure of her position make a comment to the secretary Austintown better not send over another patient, blah blah blah. Extremely unprofessional and I wouldn’t advise anyone to visit this location unless absolutely necessary.

alfred barela

Great hospital

Vince LoParo

This place is a friggin joke nobody communicates anything to each other take your chances in the street avoid this place at all cost.

Vanessa Oh

Nice place to work

Kevin Trebella

The receptionist couldn’t help but give out my personal information while in the waiting room to anyone wanting to listen. They were all very unprofessional. The supervisor was less than professional couldn’t be bothered to take her iPhone headphones out. She just lied and made excuses no apology from the person in the wrong.

Lynn G

Horrible quality. I wouldn't send my dog there. Do not honor privacy or HIPPA regulations, rude incompetent staff and many safety concerns that even management ignored.

Casey Shay

Nurses put up with so much, but managed to keep smiling and doing an awesome job! Great facility. Better nurses.

Eric DeVault

I hate this place. (I've never used the word hate in a review prior to this, & have done hundreds.) There is no one person or group of people at this facility to place the blame upon. Most of the of the following negligence was committed on the 8th floor - west wing. All of my statements are factual and can be backed up with the corresponding medical records, witness testimony, excetera. These events occurred after being admitted and operated on to treat a perferated bowel. Three stays in a row my mother (an Alzheimer's patient) was not given all of her medications as prescribed with no medical reasoning. My mother pulled out her PICC line with a “sitter”sitting next to her. The resident surgeon booked the operating room, called and said he was going to put a feeding tube in my mother, as she was not eating at all, & he'd then be sending her to a nursing home. As I was her primary caregiver & POA, I called the nurse's desk & made sure that they clearly understood not to do ANY procedure. Twelve hrs after the call... I arrived at the hospital & I fed her jello, shortly after that she was eating meat and potatoes, to add insult to ignorance; one of the staff had witnessed my mother eating sausage at literally the same time that her surgeon had scheduled the administration of a feeding tube to go along with her colostomy bag. The “sitter” never told any nurse, it was never documented! She did however (in person) tell ME, and I gave the staff the correct information. After she'd pulled the PICC line out of her arm the head nurse came in to give her a replacement IV which was jammed into her hand, causing enough pain that I corrected it myself for her! / I will keep updating this review as all of it comes back to me. I was entirely consumed with the care of my mother or I would have taken legal action. This review, does not reflect upon any staff or physicians whom specialize in geriatric care, as they were literally the only ones capable of interpreting her needs as an Alzheimer's patient (now dealing w multiple diagnosis) to the rest of the medical staff.

Anthony Martin

Services VERY slow.... lunch arrives after 2:00 PM and dinner at 7:00 PM..... very tough on elderly patients.

Marsha reile

Very bad hospital. Told them my step daughter was not safe at my house for herself or others. The doctor kasswats lied about diagnosis. They broke HIPPA laws. They harass me and my husband by phone calls. They gave my step daughter medicine that made her more mean. They send her in a Lyft to our house where we had small children. They put our lives in danger. They did patient abandonment. They malpractice. Also had red marks on her face.

EA Glasgow

First, my care at the Joanie Abdu Comprehensive Breast Care Center and the Infusion Services department where I received my chemotherapy was outstanding, and the nurses were very kind and attentive in all departments. The billing department, however, is a complete mess. I called to correct my insurance information no less than seven times because a) each treatment or procedure is treated as a separate account, and b) when you call to see why the updated insurance information has been ignored, the person you speak with may only bother to update one of your accounts. They billed the wrong insurance company for months despite repeated phone calls, all the while telling me to wait for a corrected statement. By the time I had a correct statement they'd sent me to collections. The statements sent rarely reflect payments and almost never have a correct balance. If you call and have an issue that needs to be addressed the representative will either tell you that the matter will be looked into and never look into it or referred to a manager, who never looks into it. I was successful paying online only once because for a about a month their system has been unable to find my account. This is the worst, most worthless operation I've ever seen.

Kathy Hogan

People that work on 4th floor act like you are bothering them, isn't that their job? When my son comes into trama and goes to intermediate care, he should be taken care of!!! Trama and icu did a great job, i am very thankful. Intermediate care, day shift needs to do their jobs, night shift was great. Was not a good stay.

Gypsy Dawn Longville

The worst staff and most uneducated bunch of nurses and doctors I've ever encountered. Upon arrival waited for an hour to go into triage, was told my husband couldn't go back with me when I was having a hard time walking and the nurse didn't seem to care. After she took my information (what she wanted to hear) and not fully listening to my issues. I was then told to sit in this hall where the nurse aggressively grabbed my arm and led me over to chair, I begged and cried for my husband and she refused rather rudely. I waited over an hour to get my blood drawn; mind you still without my husband. Then when I finally got called back into the lab they blew my vein. Afterward I was reunited with my husband in the waiting room. Where we waited for over 5 hours to get a room. Once in a room the doctor had no clue what I was being seen for until I told him. Then he quickly ran off to never be seen again. They performed several test and a cat scan but can't tell me anything about my results or give me a diagnosis and tell me to go to my ENT for follow-up. Sooooo what exactly was the point of me and my husband sitting there for hours on end. Seems kinda of lazy if you ask me....

Jodi Roof

I only have great things to say. I had a relative there for 10 days. The kindness and compassion of the entire staff was top notch. I could not have asked for better care.

sam Ohio

Wow someone should look into this

carol pedicini

Poor ER triage. Never will My family return to this ER!! ER triage RN needs skills to triage correctly!!

Donna Urchak

I blame St. Elizabeth Hospital for the death of my husband. It is a terrible hospital. Additionally when he first had his accident they had him airlifted to Cleveland, that was not a problem BUT they never called me to tell me. When I called in the morning to check on him they told me they had no one named that there. I thought for sure he had died. They called me back about an hour later to say they had sent him to Cleveland and they were sorry they didn't bother to let me know. Sorry does not take back the anxiety they made me feel. Contrary to my wishes in the end the doctor over road my orders of him going to North Side Hospital where he had received wonderful care and sent him to St. Elizabeth. When I arrived at the hospital one nurse actually physically pushed me saying that he should be put in hospice care and I replied that I wanted him at North Side. Had I been in my right mind I would have pressed charges against her for assault, she had no reason to put her hands on me because I wanted him in a good hospital. In the end he did die there. I could go on and on about things at St. E's that they did wrong, but, I know that I will never go there until I'm ready to die, because they kill far too many people. The nurses, overall, are nice, but, they are NEW inexperienced nurses.


Coffee took two hours to get back to the room, even the cleaning lady said they will try and milk you of all the money you have got, pick cup was filled to the top for hours and we asked the nurse why and she replied well an aid hasn't been there, sorry honey that's your job, one nurse did help us and got stuff done so there is a little amount of employees that like there job, ifs just sad honestly how slow and inattentive the staff are.

Stacie Franczak

0-Stars. Nurses and Aids never come to check on you. Call light on as well as others i seen in the halls for over 2 hours without any type of help or assistance Very rude staff Very unprofessional Dirty rooms,dirty floors

Amanda Gless

The nurses and doctors are great. If u ever get to see them. The older lady reseptionist is a joke. I waited over 25 minutes just to register and sign in my daughter because she kept taking people who came in after us. We left and went somewhere else.

Christine Perez

There should be a no star botton. 1 nurse let my son lay there for 8hrs without his pains meds. She said she was having a bad day. My son had no nutrition for 15 days when all he pretty much had was an IV. They rushed food on him the liquid went down ok but not the semi solid. My son told the nurses I'm feeling sick but they didn't listen or tell the doctor. The result of that is he threw up and then they paid attention and the doctor came up quickly and did an xray to make sure it didn't reopen or anything blocking his bowels. Thank God it didn't. They had to start all over again after he was healing and left him in pain for 3 more days. They finally gave him some nutrients and is looking alot better. I seriously was scared for a few days because he was very weak. That God he is now doing better.

Cheyenne Wilkinson

Absolute worst hospital EVER. Do everything you possibly can to NOT go here. Like seriously I don't care if you are bleeding out and dying, they are HORRIBLE. This experience was so impossibly awful (and this isn't even my first awful experience here). The staff is so rude. So unaccommodating. The place is disgustingly dirty. I'm pretty sure a homeless guy was living in the waiting room. I have never felt more upset about an experience at a HOSPITAL. A place that is supposed to make you better!! Extremely disappointed to say the least. Also, the nurse jesslyn (I think) in the emergency Dept was the absolute worst of them all. No one in this hospital seems to communicate and she couldn't keep her story straight.. telling me one thing and my husband a completely different thing.

Danielle Beadnell

No comment at this time


Keisha from the 5th floor is in the wrong profession. I was discharged without proper medication and the doctors weren't on the same page on my condition upon my discharge. So we get Keisha on the phone and she gives my step mom the name of the doctor. He told my step mom I had no acute findings so I won't be getting any medication. Well that's not what a different doctor told me during my 3 day stay. Mind you I was in a bad car accident so I didn't have so much as medication for my muscle spasms! And other findings that I will not disclose. They wanted me to stay but they were doing construction above my room and wouldn't move me. I had really bad headaches from hitting my head. So I hardly got rest, so yeah I wanted to go home and have my fiancé take care of me since the construction was so loud from the banging, drilling, exc. Anyway, I call after my step mom got that answer from the doctor and spoke to Keisha. I'm calm and explain the situation and wanted to know why they thought there were no findings when that's not what we were told. She says I gave your step mom the doctor information and don't give me an attitude. I said I'm not I just want to know why this is. She's yelling at me to come back to the ER if I feel that bad and I asked what her last name was. She wouldn't tell me and I asked who her supervisor was so I can talk to someone who won't yell at me and she says who's your supervisor! I said I'm a patient and I don't work there. She said I'm gonna hang up if you keep giving me attitude...she's yelling the whole time. I said I'm so tired of you people and she yells what do you mean by you people! I said people like you Keisha who are on their high horse with a uniform. So everyone, I hope my report on her will shed light to others that just because you're a nurse doesn't mean you should treat people like they are small minded. If you can't control your temper and yelling while people are sick and in pain then you don't deserve that uniform. I hope she gets fired for her misconduct. I wouldnt go to that hospital because you won't be in good hands.

Sherry E Lewis

Takes real good care of you here. Very kind and compassionate staff.

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