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Zach Thomas

I have never been involved with a hospital that operates as unethically as this hospital does. This is supposed to be a religious hospital, but they're more interested in being a big business and taking all of your money. I'm not naive. I fully anticipate on receiving a bill promptly after going to the ER, but not multiple bills from random places all over Ohio. There is absolutely no clarity through the entire process. They will send you a number of erroneous bills months down the road with no treatment provided to warrant them. Once you pay it and move on, it's not over. They will keep sending you bills. If you choose not to pay the bill, it will be reported to collections to hinder your credit. This hospital and the employees affiliated with it appear to have created a poor reputation for themselves, and it's clear to me why. You can only make so many errors until the right person decides to seek extreme litigation. Please take my advice and be sure to seek care elsewhere, no matter the distance you may need to travel.

chris shafer

They have some amazing nurses in the emergency department

Sonny Rife

The worst place to seek medical care. Staff is rude and unprofessional and need training bad. I left there having chest pain and abdominal pain and wouldn't go back there even if I was dying.... The place needs closed down ...


The experience my family had for my daughter was terrible. We were treated hatefully about my daughter's mental health. The doctor's and nurse used threats. And even gang up on the mother not once but twice because the mother was voicing her opion. And through the mother out of the ER and called the springfield police because she was demanded to have her daughter moved to where the family wanted her to get the best help. I would not remmend this hospital to anyone. My family will never ever go to that hospital for treatment again.

Mariah B

ATTENTION EVERYONE: If you have had surgery and need pain meds during your stay, make sure you know what you are prescribed by your doctor or surgeon. My mother had to stay for two weeks here after knee surgery, there were many instances nurses tried to only give her one Percocet, she was prescribed two. When the nurses were confronted they always lied and showed where they put two in the computer. It's bs. I think a lot of the nurses there either pocket poor patients medicine or take them theirselves!! My mom was in pain for hours !!! It's not right. Then other nurses were trying to give her generic pain relief pills and put they gave her percocets in the computer. They lie!! Just please watch out.

Edgar Escobar

This hospital is out of control. They have no doctors, or out of personnel. I was at the waiting area for about 3 hours with my baby in high fever more than 103.7 of fever and they never see my baby. My recommendation, go to children's hospital. Don't waist your time in this hospital.

Matthew C

I had a fainting episode that I can deal with it by myself and little bit of rest. But nooo, someone took advantage of me when I'm out of conscious and took me to ER. When I regained conscious, I refused medical advice and wanted to leave. But nope, the staff were rude and forced me to give them my info and insurance to pay up the "medical" services that they provided. They did measure my blood sugar, gave me a bed, and I talked to the doctor for 2-3mins that I didn't want any of this.. And then they charged me more than $1000 for all of it.... I hated Springfield regional medical center.

Scott Mcdaniel

I have unfortunately had to make more than several trips to the er for a couple of reoccurring medical problems and the shortest wait I've had to receive treatment has been 2 hours with the 1 exception of the time I had a seizure in the waiting room after being there for about 15minutes and came to in one of the er rooms. The care I've received from the nursing staff and doctors once I was finally taken back is the only reason why this place has gotten more then 1 star from me. I only have 1 complaint about 1 doctor who sent me home after I had asked to be admitted, and guess what, I was back up there waiting in the er several hours again the next day for the very same thing at which time I was admitted and ended up having a 5 day stay. The wait to be seen in the er is a joke no matter how many or how few people are there waiting. Once you get to be seen, it's not that bad.

Myra spence

Dec 2015: Have been to ER's around the country and internationally- was so impressed, still can't really believe it. I had no idea that hospitals could be this organized and function so smoothly. From this point forward I will compare all others to this experience thus making me hate ER visits even more. Well done SRMC!

Randy Watkins

This is a terrible emergency room!

Janine Frank

Want to change from a p.a. who does nothing. Have been waiting a week and a half for "approval". It is not allowed to make my own choice! When did I move to communist china? Quality of med care is horrible.

Thomas Mulkey

After Being there for six hours and ignored, we were finally sent to Dayton Children's being told my 6 year old son needed emergency surgery. We drove him to childrens ourselves. When we got to Children;s in Dayton, it was a whole different world. In Dayton, we were in to see a doctor in a few minutes. Withing 15 minutes we had seen the Sr. ER doc and a specialist. We were told that the Springfield ER doc was wrong, he can't have the condition that they said he had because he is circumcised, and that he was fine. It was just and allergic reaction to a bug bite. He needed a Ice Pack, Ibuprofen, and Benedryl. Everyone at Dayton Childrens from the receptionist to the surgeons are amazing caring people. The swelling went down and pain went away within 15 minutes.

Sierra Figley

Went to the ER over 9 months ago. The hospital is still sending me Bill's that are also being reported to my credit score saying I still owe a huge amount of money even though I was insured and my insurance company has confirmed that and talked with the hospital billing staff about it too! How stupid are these people?! Do not go here!!! They will screw you over and take your money. Worst hospital ever! Never had this much trouble over an ER visit. Pathetic.


Everybody here have been prompt, attentive. The only concern is they wouldn't let me take my own medication. When they went over the meds they were going to give me they had a few way off on dosage. She looks @ the computer screen & says this/that. I told her I know what I take & when & what mg for each med. I have CHF & was NOT giving my diuretic which is what I take for CHF. Also Housekeeping didn't come to do my room today. I asked a nurse to give me a few Trashbags. I was told they didn't have any. A Hospital should have plenty of what they need. A friend of mine was in here a few months ago & was told there were no towels. Weather it was just his floor who was out of towels or someone was behind on laundry is irrelevant. Give the man a Towel.

Robb Butterfield

I give it 1 star because i can't give it 0. Nurses were ok, but the doctor's are apparently the rejects of the profession. Worst excuse for a hospital i have ever seen.

Kevin Hadsall

We had a fantastic experience with the birthing center and postpartum staff. They seemed to genuinely appreciate their very special job, and we never felt shy or ashamed to ask a question.

Hazel Watkins

This hospital is by far the WORST hospital I've ever been to in my entire life. My laboratory results came back incorrectly and everyone was very rude. They refused to answer my questions and instead just instructed me to inquire the physician. Very callous and uncaring staff. I'm disgusted.

Carly Merriman

I would leave no stars if I could. My husband went in for a kidney stone, passed it without pain medication before I could even get to the hospital. He may have been there for 30 minutes at the most. He was hooked up to an iv for a few minutes before he passed the stone, recieved no medication or other services other than a cup to pee in. After passing the stone the doctor asked if he wanted to do x-rays(only interaction with the actual doctor) which he declined because he clearly passed the stone into the cup. We found out this visit would cost us 2400, but we could get a discount if paid in full. We paid the full amount and TWO MONTHS later we recieve a bill for another 400 some dollars for level 4 emergency admissions which we were NEVER notified of until receiving the bill. I cant help but feel like this place hid a bill from us, and that we were completely over charged for the initial amount. I WOULD NOT recommend this hospital to ANYONE. It also didn't seem very clean.

Abdul Vanadze

Very unprofessional, doctor came back with a book after 4 hours..

Nick At Nite

Went in with my wife at 8:30. She was stitched up and we were out in 45 minutes. Excellent experience.

Fauzan Akhter

Friendly staff, liked the volunteers I worked with, very clean and well maintained. Overall an excellent community hospital!

Amber Castle

I dunno if it's the doctor or just the staff I don't like. My cousin has been in this hospital over a week due to an infection in her blood stream. Just yesterday, she was told she has blood clots in her lungs. She's on dialysis 3 times a week, and every tube they have put in has gotten infected, or the stitches connecting the tube to her vain have come detached. She has had surgery twice on her stomach due to tubes being infected. One surgery putting a tube from her neck to heart, then did a surgery cutting her from shoulder to elbow to put a tube in. Took the neck to shoulder tube out, and started her dialysis with the tub in her arm... something when wrong and they now can't use her arm that was cut from shoulder to elbow, and must again put a tube back in from her neck to very close to her heart. Very Un-expierenced doctors in my openion. I would never recommend this hospital. It's like there just useing my cousin as a test dummy. After finding out she had a blood clot, it took them two days before they ran test to figure out where the clot was.... rediculas! !

Nick H

Unlike some want to admit, this is a good hospital for most things. I've been there for multiple reasons and was always treated well, was well informed in everything that was going on with me, and felt relaxed during my visit. A lot of people who rate this 1 are drug addicts who can't get their fix while they are there. Only issue I had was long wait times when awaiting results, but for how busy they are at times, that is expected.

Shawn Nacona

This was by far the worst Hospital Experience I have ever had and my bestie back in Florida is a Nurse so I know good hospital treatment. First off Gretzel King who is known for loving rectal exams has a shady past connected to not let this lady treat you! I was in there with a hurt hand, they gave me one xray and then my hand started getting worse and I could move it less and less so I asked for another xray at which point I was (By Carolyn, the second worst provider Ive ever had) basically called me a liar, druggie, and made her poor medical training out to be my fault. I find it funny when I asked for her business card she refused which says in itself she was in the wrong. All of this because I just wanted my hand re-ex rayed, I did not even want drugs, just an ex ray that my insurance covers BTW. This was by far the single most horrible medical experience I have ever had, the entire staff sucked. If you need medical help do yourself a favor and go to Dayton or Columbus where they actually know how to provide decent medical care!

Kris Cass


Rhonda Harris

Do not do pre admissions over the phone. I was told I had a $45.00 co-pays which I do not for testing. I was told it had to be paid by credit or debit. They charged my credit card. After talking to my insurance I called them back and they told me they could not take it off my credit card. They charged my card on Nov 3 but my test was not till the 6th. They got paid before services were rendered. What if I was not able to make it there on the 6th? They don't know what they are doing....Never again will I go there for anything!!

Tony Ripley

By far the worst hospital i have ever had the displeasure of staying at.I had just had kidney removal just hours before, i was in extreme pain so i pushed the call light, 48minutes later a nurse finally shows up. THREE DAYS of pushing the call button for someone to help me to the restroom and a nurse shows up ten minutes after im back in bed bymyself and asks whys your bed alarm on. After telling several worthless nurses as to why it was, they simply said you should have pushed the call button you are not to do that alone.. what a joke this place is.. i personally would go to the vet before returning to such a hospital filled with lazy and unprofessional staff

daniel hannon

I don't know if we hit the right time but we were in the room, looked at by the doctor, had xrays, informed of xray results, knee wrapped and out the door in under 1.5 hours. No complaints here

tkek slrmk

Anesthesiologist fired after raising safety concerns. She was encouraged to sign anesthesia charts even though she did not see the patient. CRNA's did anesthesia without her knowing.

mike thomas

Had 2 insurances billed the 1st and wouldn't couldn't bill the second insurance and turned me into collections. Called the collections twice and they can't seem to get a bill out either!

Lonnie Moon

The mental health facility is truly only concerned about getting paid. 2 cancelled appointments with absolutely zero notice and no phone calls. If you have another option, you should take it. Don’t go to this facility.

Daniel mathers

Set in the ER with chest pain for 3 hrs. With nothing.

Jose Alvarez

My experience was the worst!! i went in with a head injury after a car accident, and they did not do anything about it!! THIS IS THE WORTS HOSPITAL IN THE PLANET!! seriously! and they still charge $600 for a couple x-rays on my spinal cord, they still want to get paid $20 an hour. well that is why! they can't do their job right!


Stay away from Springfield Regional. Ever since they built this hospital there has been nothing but lawsuits and malpractice suites. My son was born here in 2016. They refused to contact her OBGYN when we arrived. The nurses was rude and what really blows my mind was we was moved from our room in the middle of the night to a different wing in the hospital so the hospital could save money. This place is a disgrace to the medical field.

Sabrina Hoberty

The birthing center is always amazing

Roy Butler

Most of our town is welfare so naturally we get lower ratings from them. This hospital is excellent in most every aspect. The nurses work their cans off and the food is not five star but I would give it four stars. I want to thank all whom helped me. You are great people regardless of others hateful remarks.


Worst hospital ON THE PLANET. If you like waiting for hours to get treatment for a serious injury while welfare recipients get immediately checked for colds then this is the place for you.

Jessica Pullen

I have been having a lot of pain from a mass I have in my abdominal wall. I went and sat out there from 4:30p to 11:30p. I saw my nurse twice and my doctor Twice in that time. Then they sent me home with no pain meds or anything. They spend so much time, effort, and money trying to combat the heroin epidemic that the real patients fall by the wayside. My opinion, go to Miami valley. You'll get some real help.

Rana MusadaQ

Frist feild to frowd view city cationl

Francine Durgans

My mother was admitted on 12/14/18 and upon discharge on 12/16/18 was TOLD by Dr. Easley she WAS going to a nursing home even after my mom told her she had a brother that she was going to stay with. This doctor not only ignored her she vehemently told my mom she was the one that could make that decision and she WAS going to a nursing home!! Thank God my mom although elderly stood her ground and told her no she wasn’t. This doctor had the audacity to send up two social workers asking my mom to pick two that she wanted to go to at which time my mom told them she wasn’t going to either one. Evidently this doctor has the reputation of using intimidation. My moms brother came out to the hospital at which time this Dr. Easley had changed her tune once she found out he was coming and wasn’t happy. Just because people are elderly doesn’t mean they can’t make decisions for themselves and if they can’t thats what family is for. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed by the hospitals administration better yet I will be reporting her to the board for them to review this behavior...signed her daughter a nurse!

johnny huntington

04-28-2014 i had to visit here because i thought i still had a kidney infection in just one of my kidneys...well the doctors i had were very polite and direct..the wait wasnt so bad like the past either...they are improving..this newer staff actually seemed to care or showed that they cared...i dread hospitals..but i have to give these doctors this visit a thumbs up.....getting better slowly...but quit offering that vicodine all the time.....gees

Mary Alspaugh

Great hospital, my son and daughter had surgery and my granddaughter had a baby there she also had a heart procedure. Everyone was great to them. Very nice and did a great job. Thank you for doing a great job and for being so caring.

maria thiede

I love this hospital. People are very friendly and compassionate. All hospitals can be understaffed at times unfortunately. They really take pride in patient care and giving the best to the patients.

Amanda Fowler

This hospital is a joke. Every hood rat within a 30 mile radius walks in off the ambulance, goes to the snack station and sits and parties watching their phone . The security twteis a bunch of rejects that couldn't make the lame city police so they got a job at the hospital. Especially Jose and the old man who really needs to retire. They are not security, they have no authority and are scared of the public. Over half of the rooms are filled with psych patients.

Greg Adams

One star is 5 to many! ER is a medical travesty. They literally killed two cousins and helped the quickening of my mom dying. It is horrible, horrible, horrible. Go to SOIN or Kettering or Columbus if you want to live.

Erin Rae

DO NOT TAKE YOUR CHILD HERE! The nurse Jaynie Bousquette in the ER dragged my 12yr old around by the top of her pants, slammed the bathroom door n my face to get my child to sit on the toilet then LIED & said she walked! It was If she hated her life and was taking it out on my child! She didn't even try to help us! THEY DID NOT CARE AT ALL! I wanted to know the root of my daughters condition after having to call 911 for loss of feeling in her legs & arms, however they were very quick to give her Tylenol and send us packing! I asked to be transfered to Dayton Children's but the nurse refused! I then demanded that the doctor contact Dayton Chidlrens & regardless of Jaynie telling us she doesn't see the need Dyt Children's escorted us there w/in 20mins! While at the ER in Children's we discovered my Daughter is suffering from a post concussion, conversion disorder & PTSD from a recent auto accident where we had been struck twice by the same car! We were seen at this same Springfield regional ER the day of the auto accident and once again you guessed it they gave her Motrin and sent us home! 3days later her pain was so great I had to take her to an orthopedic specialist & later a chiropractor to get her spine realigned! She is in physical therapy for a knee they said would heal in two days! I am disgusted by the way Jaynie treated my child & disappointed that not one nurse nor doctor cared enough to actually help us both times we needed treatment they severely failed us. And While we were there last night I heard the lady in the room next to us violently throwing up & calling for help & all the nurses just sat around the nurse station talking about who is ordering the pizza! It's truly sad the lack of concern the staff has for life!!

Darin DeLong

Was in there tonight for stitches I was in-and-out there in a Hour and a 1/2 I was seen by Josh he was easy to talk to we had a nice conversation he was very professional it's actually the best experience I've had there yet If I have to go back again I want Josh to treat me And I've had my fair share of bad experiences there but not tonight

amy ambs

My mother has been in and out of this hospital several times the past couple of years due to a terminal illness. She was recently hospitalized for treatment. During her stay the communication was terrible. I'm her only living child and her POA. She is 83 years young and don't always understand. I was told by nurses and doctors during her stay when she would be discharged to go home. Nothing more was discussed. I had a caseworker come to me and ask me some questions about my mother. She said and I quote "she will go to rehab when she is discharged?" I said and I quote " no she will go home" ( remind you that's all I was told) she said ok and changed it on her paper. After getting my mother home within 24 hours I realized she was not capable of taking care of herself. I reached out a contacted the caseworker at the hospital, a rehab center, mom's home health care for help. That's when I learned it was recommended she go to a rehab facility. Now we are home awaiting approval and she is having difficulty doing every day tasks. It would have been so much easier to get approval while she was in the hospital had this been discussed with my mother and I. SPRINGFIELD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER YOU FAILED!!!!! Nurses, Doctors and caseworkers. YOU FAILED my mother and I.

Brooke Suarez

This place is a joke. Earlier this year I was told by one of the ER nurses that I should shoot myself in the head. Came in this morning for chest pain after passing out at home and being found by my husband. Almost 5 hours later, I’ve been laughed at and told “it’s our policy to not give narcotics” - wonderful, never asked for them. Perhaps you might want to take a look an the BP that’s been in the 170s/130s the entire time. These people have neglected to administer the magnesium that my cardiologist told them to give. Soon I will be stroking out. They are claiming that they don’t know how to use EPIC to access my medications through Kettering. If you want medical treatment or value your life, DO NOT COME HERE.

david bryant

I had a very good experience at SRMH. The 4 days I was on the 4th floor were very pleasant for a hospital stay. Talented and helpful nurses. I was sent to the ER for a procedure that an urgent care could not do. Within minutes at the triage nurse. They diagnosed something totally different and were quick to do a cat scan and confirm the diagnosis. Admitted shortly after and spoke with the surgeon in short order. A good experience...for a hospital visit.

Amanda Walden

Went in for chest pains and could not breathe. I sat in the the waiting room for 6 hours crying and begging them to help me. Started to pass out. When my mom asked the woman at the front desk what was going on she said " we are not gonna give her pain pills so sit down and wait your turn" absolutely rediculous!!! In the course of that 6 hours they brought in and took back 4 OD's 1 of which they worked on in the waiting room infront of everyone and acouple left before i even got called back bragging about getting prescriptions for Vicodin. But i saw a man sitting in the waiting room with his arm cut open and they only gave him a pain shot. How are you going to give the addicts narcotics but refuse to help people who actually need relief from the pain. Horrible. They really need to make some changes!!!

Kim Meadows

If I could give less than 1 star, I would. That's how much this hospital is worth. I live in Springfield and go to Kettering if I can for much better care. My Dad, who is a heart patient and has very poor health, is currently in the hospital and had to have 2 surgeries to repair the damage the hospital did when putting a catheter in him. A positive attitude and concern for their patient care are completely non-existent. It's what they can do to dope the patient up on pain meds then get them out of their hair. I've never seen a hospital push as much pain medication as Springfield does. Then if you decline and say you can handle the pain, they try to talk you into getting it anyway. It's no wonder there are so many addicts there at night trying to get their fix, it's way too easy to get there!

John Crow

Worst hospital in region. You come in with a broken arm it takes 2 hours before you get treated. Just don't come here if there's a chance of you bleeding out. Will tell you to tape it up and wait while they all stand around nurses station drinking coffee and talking.

Jonathan Young Movies Talk

This Place is a Waist of Time There Are Rude Don't care for there staff or patents some of the staff left To WENT TO OTHER HOSPITAL . ONCE IN A BLUE MOON THERE STAFF IS FROM MIMI VALLY You Wait 5 to 10 hours in the Er and Waiting Room The waiting room might be empty and they still dont take you back there staff is just a wait of time all the positive comments ARE FROM THE STAFF THEM SELF


Heart care is EXCELLENT. VERY caring & knowledgeable staff. I wouldn't advise to go anywhere else for heart surgery.

Dustin Magoteaux

This is absolutely the worst hospital in Ohio. You might as well stay at home and suffer. Been lied to twice in 5 hours.

Tammy Travis

U gotta wait a long time and they have bed bugs

Thomas Zink

My mother was brought Christmas morning. Everybody we contacted made the nice list. Thanks for such good care at a time that it is a sacrifice to be there.

John Doll

Went to the emergency room tonight fell down some steps I got a big halo on my right leg .sit down there for hours finally got back to see the doctor they did nothing to help me with .this hospital is a joke anymore I'll go out of tow. Better hospital.

Nicole Stephson

Staff was friendly during my stay. Surgeon SUCKED! Went in for gallbladder surgery and the surgeon messed it up. I complained of pain, was sent home. After 2 trips to the emergency room withing 2 days of getting out, was finally told I had a blockage and needed another surgery. Nurses were friendly, but didn't know much about after care

christopher masters

Staff was ok as far as being nice, but super under staffed and I can’t ever get anything done here always wanna ship you off! What is this hospital for? Terrible place to be I wouldn’t recommend!!

Brianna Jackson

I had my daughter here and it was AMAZING, All the staff were nice and informative, my csection went by smoothly, I didn't feel a thing. I wasn't really in pain either. I loved my whole experience they made it so much better. ♥️

George Hanke

Personally I have never had any issues with this hospital, I have always received excellent care. Sadly, I have read through several reviews of this hospital which obviously was written by people who didn't need to be there. If you are capable of writing a review while waiting to be seen then you need to go home. If you don't know why you continue to wait, when you was told you was next, it's because someone with a REAL emergency has come in by the squad, pardon them for not pushing over that patient who needed critical care for your abdominal pain that has been ongoing for a week as you sit drinking your pop and eating chips. There is not a perfect hospital, and an Emergency Department is for an emergency, its not a substitute for your primary doctor.

Stephen Levitt

Had our 1st son at Springfield Regional. Didn’t know what to expect but the whole experience was amazing from start to finish. The nurses were so attentive to my wife and I could tell they really cared about her well being. Had a possible c-section scare and It seemed like the entire floor jumped in to help and was ready to make it happen in two minutes. It was impressive to see and really happy they got everything under control and my wife was able to deliver naturally. Our nurses Kathy, Debbie, and Danielle were phenomenal getting us ready and delivering our son with Dr. Osterholt. Kim and Susan in the postpartum recovery room where amazing. Couldn’t have asked for a better team.

p Watkins

I honestly cannot conceive how a hospital run this poorly stays in business or is allowed to exist. I wouldn't even bring my dog here to be put to sleep.

Nocole Plus5

They are a bunch of unprofesionals they were force feeding newborn with a tube give him 85ml when now his caregiver from rocking horse says his tummy can only handle 60 ml and he would of got sick by eating so much and reason his eating his off is due to being toung tie and doctors at srmc said that had nothing to do with it there are to many different doctors with to many different options about patients everyday was something new im glad i got my baby outa there and the nurses are way to ruff with infents and there are no camras directly inside the nursey to detect any wrong doing i will never go back there in my life i want to sue there ass fr they are thee most worst hospital Springfield has ever seen nobody in that building knows there ass for a hole in the ground please take my advise an never ever no matter what take a child their or yourself for that matter

Timothy Kelsey

I came to MERCY Health today to visit my friend currently in Springfield Regional. I was greeted at front entrance and went information desk.Was waited on promptly and received the information I needed. Went to friends room nurses and staff were excellent and friendly. I ordered lunch for my friend and dining staff was extremely helpful and friendly.His lunch came in a reasonable amount of time and was quite good. Room was clean and I'd have to say that all staff that I encountered were professional and extremely warm and friendly.I stayed longer than I intended because my visit was quite enjoyable.

Kristen Harris

Went there and nurses were on their cell phones at the check in desk, laughing and talking about patients right in front of me. Very unprofessional

Gunwalk Jones

Lazy staff... My lady has been in pain for months an we still don't know why. They just give her random meds an then it's like✌✌✌

Steve Ackley

I was admitted through the emergency room last week during a holiday weekend with a heart attack. I couldn't have asked for better care. The doctors and nursing team were fantastic.

Logan Kohler

The employees there are rude. Called to check on a friend and i kept getting hung up on. And when i finally did get threw they acted like it was my fault. Learn how to use the phone. And maybe they should have a class for the employees about being more polite.

Kayla Evans

Terrible service! I went in with abdominal pains that go to my back last night took about a half hour to triage me, 4 hours later they called people back to the rooms that was before I was. Asked when I was getting a room and they told me mine wasn’t important enough. Severally understaffed and absolutely rude.

Lauren Rose

What a terrible excuse for a hospital . I came in there a few months ago with my boyfriend complaining his hand was broken hand. Said he was fine gave him ibuprofen and hand brace. Sent us on our way out. called a few days ago to tell us its broken they messed up. How do you suck at your job so bad.? How do you even have a job. You have a horrible rating aswell.

Mariah Parks

My last ER experience here last December was not so great. HOWEVER yesterday afternoon I had an absolute 5 star experience. Marybeth at registration. AWESOME. MY NURSE Sally. AWESOME. X-ray and catscan techs. AWESOME. AND Dr. Leonard AWESOME!!! Every single staff member I dealt with yesterday had sincere and caring bed side manner. Dr. Leonard was even able to get me an appointment with an ENT specialist first thing Monday. Thank You to everyone!!!!!

Desiree Messer

I had surgery on January 24th. From the time I entered the hospital until I was released 2 days later I received excellent care. The doctors and nursing staff were knowledgeable and caring. They answered every question I had no matter how simple it was and they made sure I fully understood the why behind and procedures I had done or the reason behind the medications I was prescribed. I think this hospital gets a bad reputation but I think that's because of Emergency Room. If people would actually go to the ER for emergency reasons only instead of something as stupid as stubbing their big toe and asking for strong pain killers like Oxy's then the wait time in the ER wouldn't be so bad. I am very pleased with the level and quality of care I received and I would highly recommend this hospital to others.

Morgan Robinson

My grandma was in a few times for surgeries and she couldnt stop talking how nice the nurses were to her and how helpful.


Over $25K for a simple ER visit to rule out a heart attack. Even if this place doesn't kill you, which has been known to happen, they are robbing people with unbelievably expensive and mostly unnecessary tests and treatment.

Kevin Cox

I hold Springfield Regional Medical Center responsible for the death of my wife. Please stop telling the residents that you are "stroke care experts" put the truth on your billboards! You say seconds count. I took her to your hospital two times before her stroke on the third time. You don't even have a Neurologist on the hospital staff! If you are experts...why did you send her to OSU? I am sorry I ever brought her to your facility.

Austin Banks

Me and my fiancé have sat here for 3 and a half hours just for abdominal pain. They said we were next 2 hours ago. How come it takes so long to get one person in if your only gonna have them in a room for about 20 mins ? Horrible waiting and under staffed.

Rhiannon Buker

If I could rate it less than one star, I would. In my opinion this is the worst hospital there is. You will wait for hours on end in the emergency department. Not to mention half of the people working there don't know what they are doing. Save yourself the time and go to Kettering Hospital or Miami Valley, they will get you in and out much faster than SRMC and they actually know what they are doing.

Erick Hobbs

Only reason I gave 1 star is cause I can't give 0........ 7 answers

anna pensworth

Months later after being a patient in the SRMC ER I have physical issues r/t their refusal to treat me and am still fighting the bill beings my husband had to go to another hospital to receive treatment. I even had insurance but was still denied care.

Deborah Berry

In 2011 I went to the E.R. for abdl. pains; which turned out to be getting my Gall Bladder taken out that night; stayed one night and the pain returned, they did a x-ray and the tech nailed it. but, for some ungodly reason, the Dr. I had wanted a second opinion, which I came back with an Abcess at least that is what they said it was. In 2012 my stay in the hospital I had to stay there for 5 days with an infection; the doctor was going to send me back to work with a tube hanging from my stomach? Really? That sunday which my Appendix Ruptured I honestly don't usually say this but, I am glad I was fat during that time but, quite frankly I should be dead. But, Praise God that he saw that my work was not finished I ended up getting my ruptured Appendix removed which was like mush and I still have the infection in the stomach area I am still leaking from a surgery from abdominal area.I had to wait 5wks to get the appendix removed; if they cannot even dx a simple Appendixcis then yeah; the State needs to shut them down. the nurses were just angels; but, the doctor don't ever go to "Spier" he would like to thnk that he saved my life but, the truth of the matter is; that God had his hand and protected me and healed me when this low life of a doctor didn't. Found out weeks after my surgery; that for someone with a simple procedure;didn't come out; instead going to the morgue; I would like to know how these doctors can actually believe that we are complete idiots or do we have dumb written on our forheads we the patients have rights which you all violated the 'Hippa" violation your licanse should be revolked and Shut Down; for only 4 floors in one hospital for over 3,000 ppl in clark county to treat; unbelieveable , also there is the fact that the staff has a problem with Infection Control to Sterilizing implements for simple procedures. where patients are coming down with "MRSA" if this was your family member you would want to best care, I would say get your head out of your A** and get the job done right.if you cannot then get somebody who Can!

Dana Sneed

This place is a shameful joke. I have never been lied to by hospital staff, and told "I don't know" so much in my life. Out right LIES, if they don't know, they make it up.

The Grand Supreme

This goes out to the medical laboratory technicians that work here. James M. Dillehay, you and your co-worker Keri have hurt me and my family more than you could ever imagine. Keri, you flat out lied to my instructor about me wanting to do venipuncture procedures "my own way", because that's just not true nor did you instruct me on how to do it correctly. I simply carried over the techniques I learned at clark state. All I wanted to do was utilize my natural scientific talents to support me and my family and you and your staff have stolen that away from me. It's so disgusting that you're able to get away with the way you treat other people. You shouldn't be allowed to treat others the way you do or get away with it. Please, have some compassion and empathy for those around you. Instead of treating people like toilet paper, please start treating them with more concern. You're very selfish James. Please consider treating others around you better, because you're affecting the lives of those around you in an extremely negative way. I pray that your heart will be softened and that you'll start treating your staff and patients better. I have a little seven year old girl. I wanted to graduate from college and take care of her, but because of you James and your co-worker Kerri, as well as probably some more of the other staff members, I'm unable to do that. How do you sleep at night knowing that you're devastating the lives of those around you? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? Please, don't do what you did to me to anyone else... Kerri wrote a letter to her supervisor James, telling him that she thought I was mentally ill because I showed a picture of snow white and said that she was my girlfriend. She obviously just didn't like me and wanted to ruin my life! I don't think that snow white is my girlfriend, it's called humor ever heard of it? If you're thinking about getting a job at this place, think again. If you're a student, BEG your professor for them to send you somewhere else. This place doesn't train their students the way they're supposed to, nor do they have the efficient equipment to meet the criteria of study. The truth is, Kerri and maybe some of the other staff DIDN'T LIKE ME and looked for any EXCUSE they could to kick me out because of their own personal feelings. I've held several jobs and I have never been fired, let go, asked to leave, or anything! I've even successfully worked for the walt disney world company before and believe me they don't just hire anyone. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. It's a bad hospital filled with bad staff who will treat you like dirt. Keri, all I was trying to do was work in a scientific field and make enough money to support my kid and I. It's people like you that make our world a bad place. You're not going to stop me either. I will get a job in this field and I will take care of my kid even if it means the death of me. I'm not going to let an evil person like you stop me! You're a spineless coward too for doing all of it behind my back. Update: Don't think that I've forgotten about what you've done to me just because a year has passed. This is not something that is just going to go away. You cannot sweep this one under the rug. If you have the courage, get together with me and we can settle this man to man. You really do make my stomach hurt you know that? I don't know what happened to you to make you such a cold and heartless person, but whatever it was it must have been bad. Go ahead and keep deleting this post. It's not going to make it go away, I'm just going to keep posting it. People have a right to know who you are and what you've done. Additionally, it is illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities as well. Discrimination of any person for a mental and/or physiological disorder is against the law. "And in the last days the love of many will grow cold" -Jesus.

Wanki Oh

Staff was very good. Springfield needs this hospital.

Mark Gaul

This hospital is the worst I've ever been in. Back in dec I was in for a seizure and the things they did I could of done at home not to mention that the people that are around the patients on an every day basis that should listen more to the people than trying to figure the diagnosis out for them selves.

Julie B

Nothing but a big urgent pediatric iv's in Er? wow! Not to mention I was just told they don't have to bill your insurance if they don't feel like it. I don't know why they tore down 2 decent hospitals to make a giant urgent care that has to send by ambulance or care flight to other hospitals.....whats the point?


the nurses are really mean... my grandma has been in there for 5 weeks and nobody told us anything about what was wrong she is now dying because the nurses never came and checked on her

Dean Jacks

Been here since 730 am now 10am ct scan totally unacceptable unproffessional

Sherrie Culbertson

Beautiful facility- Understaffed, disorganized, mismanaged, with unacceptable care as a result. Their billing department, computer systems, and processes for obtaining insurance approvals are broken. They run out of supplies, have broken equipment and scramble to find a machine that works. Having witnessed the chaos multiple times with my parents and other close relatives over the past several years I can promise you I’ll never go there. I feel sorry for the portion of the staff who are trying their best, but even more sorry for any patient with no other choice but to go there.

Rick Blair

I sat in emergency room for over 4 hours. And was only Seen one time. Never did get to see doctor . This hospital and I use that term loosely. Is a stain on the city of Springfield. If this is Mercy Health answer to health care then may be time to move to another city that cares about there residents.

Steve Gilbert

Address is wrong when you search for "Springfield Regional Medical Center". They need to change it because Google Maps directs you to the old location when you do a search for "Springfield Regional Medical Center". The correct address is 100 Medical Center Dr, 45504. Actually it's at about 300 W. North St not 100 North St.

Kett Coup

Post op CABG AND Bowel resection patient being discharged with home care need. Patient and family were not asked their provider of choice -- nor given a list to choose from. The hospital took it upon themselves to send the referral to a company the patient did not want. When questioned on this -- stated "this is who the hospital uses." Also refused to send the referral to the chosen provider. This is an absolute violation of patient rights. Patient and family can choose whoever they want --- period. Additionally this is a violation of the Medicare/Medicaid COPs and is being reported in the form of a complaint to ODH.

Joshua Adkins-Smith

My fiancée came here with cuts and holes in her feet and her feet were bleeding, and we sat in the waiting room for about an hour and a half. The hospital was VERY understaffed and people were seen before we were, and some of these people had nothing visually wrong with them. I expected better out of this hospital.


I'm amazed how many times Gladys went into this hospital by 911 only to be sent home just as bad if not worse. In early 2014 the doctors had Gladys scheduled for tests, but some weekend doctor released her against Gladys, the nurses and the other doctors wishes. In August of 2014 she was brought in by 911 and sent back home in a few hours still sick. She had very bad COPD and was 68. On one trip by 911 in October of 2014 they found she had to go to ICU and she was very sick, which she had been the other times in. After a week they sent her home and she looked like death. The area on aging helper thought she was dying. I could not believe they sent her home that way. Luckily I got Gem City Home Care to come out. That was just CRIMINAL that hospital brought her home like die any second at home. Gladys was in more in December and January of 2015. They continued to send her home too early in bad shape. Community Health Care replaced Gem City. Gladys turned 69 and was a very sick woman in her wheelchair and always on oxygen. Community Health Care nurse called 911 in October of 2015 because she was almost dead, AND AGAIN hospital released her in a few days sending her home just as bad as when she went in. ...So Gladys Smith died at home Dec 5th. 2015.....It will never show as dying in hospital, but they killed her just the same. ...This hospital and staff refuses to talk, acts so perfect, and yet they send patients home just as sick or worse than the way they came in on a constant basis....I guess this is a good place to go if you are not sick, but if you are sick, they will send you home to die just as sick or worse than you came in. ....So Gladys was sent here by 911 about 11 times in 2014 and 2015. Often she was sent home worse than she went in. She died Dec 5th, 2015.....The love of my life until death we did part, Kevin Kelly....and it was time I said something about this butcher shop. they call a hospital.....I do Know that Gem City Home Care had Gladys go to this hospital in Jan of 2015 and told hospital she was past coming home and needed to go to nursing home or hospice. This hospital completely ignored what Gem City Home Care said and was ready to send her home as soon as she came in. ...They killed her, it's a butcher shop and they either don't listen or don't give a damn.

J Pears

Great Hospital .. Great Care Always.

Emily Coppola

Hospitalists would not return calls about my father. (I was trying very hard to manage things from out of state for my elderly father). Nurse did not carry out a couple of requests I had concerning my father, not demanding ones either. Case manager lacked compassion, much too "all about business".

Robbie Mader

It sucked my fiance was waiting and calling nurses for 4 hours before someone came in to check and when told she was in pain the just stood out side in the hall gossiping about patients and not doing anything to help especially nurse raven who just ignored calls and acted like she didnt care about her job worst hospital i have ever delt with..

Linda Stotler

I've had both good and bad experiences here. Alot of it just depends on what nurses and doctors u get. Sometimes they seem 2 b very slow n end up sitting 4 a cpl hrs waiting for them 2 run tests or just get u what u need. Alot of them need 2 look more @ your chart n history b4 they mk a decision on what to do 4 u.

Cory Bialke

Excellent hospital... Great compassion and care. Don't believe the negative ratings.

Jim Cunningham

Staff was very good but facility was extremely under staffed. 4 hours for an emergency room visit is not acceptable. Other people were there even longer

Elizabeth Penwell

They do not know how to treat children in the ER. I recommend taking your child to a children's hospital or Soin if it's not a 911 emergency. My daughter was taken by squad for a seizure and no seizure medication was givin in the squad or at the hospital. They performed a spinal tap and gave her too much anesthesia ( ketamine) and instead of being asleep for 15 minutes she was asleep for 2+ hours. Dayton Children's transport came and picked her up and the emt said we are lucky she is even alive.

John S

The positive comments you see on here are obviously biased and are from the staff. This hospital desperately needs to be shut down. They treat their employees very badly and their patients badly as well. One of the doctors here was committing insurance fraud! This hospital is very unprofessional! Please, do not go here if you're sick and need help. If you're in need of medical care, go to the Dayton area where better treatment will be waiting for you. Heed these reviews! Stay far away from this "hospital".

Rlor E

Unfortunately, both my wife and I have had our share of hospital visits over the years. And the overall treatment at this hospital was okay but we've seen better; especially in the area of coordination, and organization. But the two "hospitalists" that my wife had during her 4 day stay over last weekend were very good, and we would love to have either one as a family physician. Both were very friendly, seemed knowledgeable, and took the time to explain my wife's condition, and their planned actions (Dr. Groves and Dr. Jan). On average the nurses and assistants were fine, but there was one bad apple that appeared to be all talk and no action if you what i mean. There were however, two stellar nurses that were outstanding (Preston and Amber). Preston was kind, empathetic, and very helpful to my wife when I couldn't be there to help her. And Amber was just super efficient; always busy but never made you feel rushed, but always back to provide meds or assistance right on time whenever she said she would. If everyone were as good at their job as these two, and the hospital could fix the process issues, we would have ranked SRMC much higher

Amanda Nunnery

Place sucks unless you're a dope feen looking for a fix son sat on waiting area for 3 hour's to get stitches and still sitting here they should shut it down or turn into a dope drive

Matt Cotter

They left my mother’s IV in her arm when they discharged her. I’ve never had a good experience when I’ve had to deal with them over the years.


Awful and negligent staff. I would rather die on the street right outside than be treated in that hospital.

Bonnie Brunet


Shannon Coleman

Worst hospital I have ever visited! I wouldn’t even recommend taking an animal to this place.

Nicole Gill

Labor and delivery nurses were amazing! Nothing but the best. Would defiantly recommend if your having a baby anytime soon!!

Angela JonesJackson

Misdiagnosed. Told I had a sprain when, in fact, there was a fracture. Thanks to reputable doctors in Columbus at a university based hospital I received appropriate care. This hospital is a joke.

terry smith

took my 15 yr old daughter in with severe stomach pain , we figured it was possibly her appendix which it turned out it was then they came down to notify us my wife and i they do not operate on children under 16 so they would have to send her in ambulance to children hospital in which i said since you dont do surgery on kids we will take her... they gave me a song and dance about we would have to start all over again at children's if not taken in ambulance... so we listened reluctantly... low and behold we received to bills one from mercy in Springfield and one at children's in which i will pay their bill... they should of told us at front desk when we arrived that if it was appendicitis that they do not do surgery on 16 and under instead i feel like they told us at the end so they could collect a bill from our insurance company and myself... i would like some answers concerning this... if we were told up front they dont operate on children under 16 we would have left and when straight to children's no ambulance ride..... i feel screwed

Kris Crawford

This place is nothing but a morgue. We waited 3 freaking hours on severe abdominal pain. There was a lady in front of us having chest pains and she was still waiting to be seen, 4 hours.... The staff was ruder than rude and will treat you like it's your fault for your pain and their suffering for being there. This place can rot in hell

Rebecca Hufford

I came home from college this weekend because my mom was taken to the hospital after fainting and being in extreme pain when she came to. It's a good thing she was taken to the hospital by ambulance because the waiting room at the ER was packed. Also, the security guard in the ER looked like he was high. He sat on a stool staring off in to space paying no attention to me as I walked through the metal detector. Way to do your job, sir. My mom was put in a room around 1 pm; I got there at around 5 pm and they were just giving her her first dose of pain meds. They had decided to keep her over night a few hours after arriving, but didn't get her a room until nearly 6 pm. She was asked multiple times what the issue was and told them that she felt dizzy, blacked out, and woke up with extreme pain in the whole left side of her body. While in the emergency room they had done an MRI scan and found nothing suspicious in her brain, but continued to ask her the same questions. No matter how many times she mentioned blacking out the doctors and nurses asked her what happened when she fell, even though she obviously wouldn't remember, since she was unconscious. They also asked her multiple times if she was in pain and where. She said her head and knee hurt the most. They never checked to see if she had a concussion and didn't even suggest an x-ray for her knee until the next morning. My mom waited for five hours before asking about the x-ray again and was told that they forgot about her. They finally took one and then told that she should go home without a doctor even seeing her again or getting the results of her x-rays. They said the results would be sent to her family doctor in about a week. How the heck is that helpful? Now for the part that has me very angry. They let my mom go at around 8 pm the second day. My dad went to pick her up and waited for a nurse to bring my mom, who can't walk because of her unconfirmed, but obviously, injured knee, a wheelchair. No one ever comes to help her, so my dad goes to find a nurse... no one anywhere to be found. He looks for a wheelchair himself since he can't find anyone, but can't find a wheelchair either. Now he is forced to help my mom limp her way out of the hospital from the fourth floor. They also passed another nurse on the way out with another patient in a wheelchair who blatantly ignored the fact that my mother was struggling to walk. Finally, when my parents make it outside my mom has to sit in the cold of a mid-October night while my dad got the car. So, in short, this so-called hospital did nothing for my mom except pump her full of strong pain killers and neglected to help her any more after the phantom doctor gave the OK to release her. I am very angry and encouraging my parents to sue or at least get medical expenses written off. The "care" offered here was not worth the time or money. Not to mention my mother is still in extreme pain and can't walk. It seems another hospital visit, to a much better hospital, is in the near future.

Kathy Young

I wouldn't even take my DOG there to be put to sleep !! Knowing full well there is NO WAY to follow up with ANY doctor on CHRISTMAS EVE the Doctor discharged anyway because the night before we were unable to find an OPEN pharmacy. Not until I informed the DR I was a retired nurse and knew full well they DO and SHOULD have given IV antibiotics and PAIN management she bold faced LIED and said they don't do that any longer and ORAL antibiotics is just as effective as IV and on CHRISTMAS eve provided NO Pain management for cellulitis !!!! patient is vomiting red and swollen foot, diabetic and the nurse stood there and if I could read her mind it would be " Gee I don't feel a thing" !! Take my advice GO TO DATON if you want REAL care !! Urbana hospital is a sister hospital to Springfield and much worse. I begged them the first run into Urbana to run labs d/c in boot as was refused. The second time I pushed it and go figure he has Cellulitis and they discharged in a boot, given ORAL antibiotics and 8 pain pills. Today after a night of cold chills vomiting and extreme pain made a run to Springfield and because we could not find a pharmacy the night before the doctor refused treatment saying he was not compliant with URBANA. Give me a friggin break. If your Doctor really thinks a white count of 10 is NORMAL as she stated she needs to go back and re do her MD !! Maybe that's how they treat people in THEIR country I don't know !!

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