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Cherokee Helton

If I could I would give them zero stars. I only go to the er when something is seriously wrong with my lungs (I have chronic asthma) and the last time I went I got my x-rays and one treatment with a steroid well soon and hour passed. Only 1 person popped their head in asked if I was feeling any better I said only a bit and then the nurse proceeded to turn around and yell across the nursing station "yeah she is feeling ALOT better" no one came in to check my lungs or anything 20 minutes later they came in with discharge. Then while waiting for my ride they left like 3 older people in wheel chairs on the curb and went back inside.

An Onymous

Drs' are the worst I've encountered. Unable to provide meaningful treatment. The financial services people are wholly incompetent. The fourth floor is just as bad as the er. This hospital is comparable to UH Elyria. Immature staff, especially the MDs. My reviews are being deleted. Don't allow them to treat you. Your medical records, and you health will suffer. Do yourself a favor and take this review into consideration BEFORE you are subjected to these quacks.

Jennifer Gentry

I had to take my daughter to the ER yesterday and they were so great with her. They took her in right away and her nurse Jude was amazing with her. He was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't be more happy with the care they gave her from the doctor to her nurse, Jude.

Rick W

Always had a great experience with professional care.

Katie Herschler

I normally have a very nightmarish experience when I enter the Emergency Room.Expcially if I have to get an IV due to my extremely small veins.I normally talk myself out of going before I even get there. No matter how sick I maybe. Well this time I didn't have a choice. Little did I know that this Emergency Room has a RockStar Super Hero RN by the name of Gina!. She didnt need special lights or a smaller needle. She just needed her mad skills.

Angela Yeager

Mercy practices Euthanasia and call it medical care. My relative in her late 60s was admitted for respiratory issues, was otherwise pretty healthy, was sedated and starved and dehydrated and died. This place is truly an abomination and I'd advise you against going. They treated her like a 90 year old woman who's time was up and did nothing to save her when she came in.

Tara Leigh


Gary A. Krause

Good experience.

Jackee Ford

Was there past Sunday an got the WORSE service by Dr. Noha Dardir. She literally just asked me one question an diagnosis me. An didn't ask the correct questions for someone who only has one kidney. She was to egar to give me meds. Without testing... I had to call her back into my room an explain to her she should have asked more questions about me, an should have asked me what all was wrong with me.. Then when I tell her all that she tries to apologize an claim the check me in nurse told her she thought i had satic nerve pain. But she is the doctor an I dont understand why she would even take the nurses advice, when she/ nor her ran test on me...the apologies kept coming but there is no apology worth my yes I did walk out, for the safety of my self. An had to go to another hospital for care.unacceptable!!!!!... Poor poor unsatisfied, unprofessional, inconsiderate, service. I will not come back. An I suggest anyone needing to be seen by a doctor.. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

Mary May

I have nothing negative to say about this place. They have gone above & beyond in our situation!

Alexsandria Sturgeon

Waited 3 hrs for a lab test

Kaydee May


Ronnie Geary

Worst hospital. Dr.Mahjan is a joke as neurologist. My wife developed sezuries a few months back. They started off her spacing out and unresponsive. They later turned into convulsions sezuries. We had taken a video of them. We went to Cleveland clinc bc we wanted a 2nd opinion. She was hooked to an EEG and they seen a slowing before the sezuries in the left side of the brain. Well Dr.Mahjan seen the video and told us she was just depressed. Told my wife she was SAFE TO DRIVE. I am not gonns get into the fact my wife was having problems many of times and called to speak to the DR some times she did not call back. Some times for a week. This is what pushed us to the Cleveland clinc. She act like she cares she is HEARTLESS. Thank god we went to the Cleveland Clinic. They gave her meds and we are on the right path.please dont take ur loved ones to Dr.Mahjan or her father they both are sorry neurologists that work out of the office in lorain. This is just the tip of the iceberg i could write far more misdiagnosed her and treated her for things she didnt have a simple blood test would have cleared up. Thank god for the Cleveland clinic for showing us the falts in mercys system

Yvonne Brown

Spencer Hewes

Saprina Roig

On the 4 floor just had surgery.the morning nurses are very Rude.the nurses names are sandy and sue.

Carl Gorney

Out of the hospitals and staff here I would highly recommend mercy for the care you need they definately have the tlc that others lack they have been good to me and concerned bout my condition a 5 star rating is what they deserve

Mike Vilfer

Susan Holman

Kindest, most professional care I have ever received... in 60 years!!

Joe Navarro

My wife had an appointment at the Women's Health Center. When she was brought back into the exam area things went downhill. The staff members confused her with another patient first of all, then chose to make derogatory remarks about her. The worker performing the test was rough with my wife and caused her discomfort. I will be contacting someone at that hospital concerning this. If necessary I will contact my lawyer.

Stephanie Gonzalez

There's always a wait to Check in at emergency desk. I was with my son he was having an asthma attack and no one was at the desk! Waited a good 3-5 min before I went and asked security is there anyone working the desk. He came out of his zone and gave me a paper to fill out and said someone will be with you shortly. Service is horrible.

Bethany Holmes

Gina Terry

This is the most unprofessional, rude, and inconsiderate staff I've EVER dealt with. They didn't care about hurting me, being gentle, making me comfortable, or hell-even telling me their names. I was screaming in pain and demanded the nurses stop with the IV and they didn't. I ended up taking the IV out myself just so it wouldn't hurt. I won't let them touch me again if I can help it.

Louis Gehm

AWESOME MATERNITY WARD! AND THE EMERGENCY ROOM IS CONTRACTED OUT TO RAINBOW AND IS NOT RAN BY MERCY. My son was delivered here today in their maternity ward and they've done a great job, the staff is very friendly and took good care of him and his mother. They were also very nice and hospitable to me. They seemed very knowledgeable and were quick to respond to questions, concerns, and her needs. Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for a good hospital to give birth. Do not go to EMH in Elyria unless you absolutely have to. Shout out to Doctor Lynn Carter OB, thanks doc! As well as the nursing staff, and housekeeping.

Darlene Grubb

I am doing the home health care for my son's wound vac. I was told if I ran into a problem, I could call one of the nurse's stations if it was after hours. I had to call tonight & spoke to a nurse from ICU. She listened to me & told me what to check or try. I am SO appreciative of her help. Thank you to all the nurses that go outta their way to help.

William Nyhan

Went in for difficulty breathing...spent 30 minutes answering questions while I was having difficulty breathing then told to sit in waiting room as apparently they had no er rooms or Dr available...what I really needed was immediate oxygen....I knew what the issue with breathing was and knew it would eventually I decided instead of spending God knows how much $ decided to complaint is they should have given me oxygen asap instead spent 30 wasted minutes while I was having a major problem....only to be told sit in waiting room....ridiculous ....what would haved happened to me if it had gotten worse? Next time cleveland clinic...ghetto only reason went here and was first time was my Dr's are with mercy...reading all the reviews ....pick another er!

Danyell Wells

I came in with a gallbladder problem. They determined the problem and extracted it very quickly. Everyone from the admission to the nurses STNAS and Drs were all amazing. I owe my life to all of you and just want to say thank you and GOD BLESS YOU for caring.

Robin Beal

Care 0% for patients who are truly in pain! Shattered ankle...left me lay foe for over 24 hours with 0 pain meds. Said i could have motrin.

Lucy Clark

This hospital is ridiculous. I honestly don’t know how they can even accomplish anything. My fiancé is in there and we couldn’t remember the meds he was on before that did not work for him, so you would think they would get that info to make sure they get him something that is actually going to work! It has no been 7 days and they don’t have the records and they haven’t even requested them! The doctors here don’t care about their patients at all they just want the money and if they can keep someone in there as long as possible or misdiagnose them so they can keep having to come back. It’s very obvious they forgot the oath they took! Nothing but greedy workers that don’t have an ounce of care for anyone but themselves.

April Bealer

What do you expect for a hospital in Lorain? GHETTO, unconcerned, and inconsiderate.

Kathy Guess

The doctor was very unprofessional by saying what was wrong with my daughter out in hallway where everyone could hear.

Ainiz Torres

Barbara Dalzell

Victoria Stevens

Poor services and apparently it’s okay for they’re staff to go through someone’s medical records and tell people things breaking HIPPA Compliance but they don’t do a thing .

Holly Mckenzie

Danielle Sparano

The operating service for this hospital is very unprofessional. No one wants to do their job and they constantly pass you off to the next person. I called FOUR times to get in touch with a specific department. The third time I called, "Tammy" hung up on me when I was explaining my frustration of being transferred from person to person. So I called back the fourth time and asked to speak to a supervisor. To my surprise Tammy was the "supervisor"! She was VERY rude and extremely unhelpful. These people are supposed to be the face of the company when you call and they DO NOT leave a very good representation for this hospital. It sounds like the service all together is awful from reading these reviews!

Angela Downs

Donald Whitney

Awesome hospital and staff

Dan Ketcham

Damaris Agosto

Tiffany Urbach

I will start by saying I was told this hospital was awful and to never go here by a lot of people. Today, my former 23 weeker (now 3.5 years old and doing amazing thanks to UH Rainbows in Cleveland) woke up wheezing like he has done so many times since February 2016, he was diagnosed with chronic lung disease in the Nicu, we were told it would be asthma as he got older. Today was different because we moved an hour away from where his doctors are, I was scared but I saw the Rainbows Pediatric Er sign and I went knowing I was told to stay away. I should also add that I did take him to a local urgicare earlier in the day and they refused to see him because of history. I have to say we got amazing care at Mercy hospital, they listened to me and trusted me that I knew what my child needed, he got what he needed and is on his way to feeling better! Thank you Mercy Hospital!

Bethzaida Otero

Joe Buday

Ashley nottelling

Renee Beaton

Went to ER for a very serious injury...was told "you didn't break anything"....the ER doctor was completely smug, with arms folded across her chest like I was wasting her time. Found out every bone in my leg was broken. I was wheeled into a hallway waiting for xrays without a soul in sight for 35 minutes. Absolutely the worst place ever!!!!

Tom Brady

This place is trash. I waited in the er for ten minutes then saw a doctor, only to then wait 2 and a half goddamn hours sitting there. It was pretty annoying

Jamison Graves

I wanna thank nurse eryn and Dr. Romito. I came in on august 3rd for a 7 day flue. I was badly dehydrated and had not ate in days. They not only treated me but made me feel so comfterble. I hate hospitals and doctors. Have horrible anxiety and clusturphobia. Hense why i let the flue go on for 7 days without seeking medical treatment. They not only treated my flue symptoms but discovered my overy was badly enlarged. After leaving i started to realize how much pain and other related problems i have been having to my overy. I had just chalked it up to post labor pain. I am so greatfull they took the time and attention To treat me. They were so thorough. Nurse eryn was especially amazing. Once she gave me the naseua medication. My appetite immediatly returned. Ofcourse i couldnt eat untill all the test were done but the secound they were all done she rushed me food. She even litterally held my hand through one of the test. God bless that women. She was amazing and i wish every nurse was like her. Iv never left a hospital feeling so cared for. Im so gratefull Dr. Romito. Ran the extra test to check my overies. After being home i realize now how much it makes sense. I would of never suspected something was wrong with my overy if it wasnt for him. I use to go through cleveland clinic. I am now a loyal mercy patient after my visit yesterday. I hope they see this review so i can thank them.

Bro. Rocco Rubino

You will not find a finer medical staff anywhere. I was in for a week stay with severe Afib and the nursing staff treated me like I was the only patient they had to care for. The team was up to speed on my condition and did everything they could to properly monitor my situation and take action when it was needed. These professionals are a credit to the community and the medical profession. I will be forever grateful for the way they cared for me. God bless each and every one.

Audrey Adams

Amber Hazelwood

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful 10

Mary Buyer

Samuel luis

The OBJ doctor sucks she came into my room to check on my preg girl friend wearing a tennis outfit and I overheard her going to an airport and being late so she forced my girl to have a C section just to go pick up her mom at an airport?! the staff is great but theres like maybe 3 nurses that have a nasty attitude my girlfriend is suffering from the clumsy efforts of this situation and I'm afraid to even get my daughter checked in there, this hospital is sketchy AF and they even charged us for care we never got!? State needs to investigate this place asap something is not right about mercy hospital

Carmen Smith

The head of nurse for 2west was very unprofessional and racist, I have never been treated so bad and poorly ever in my life, I will not be returning to this hospital for care. It's a shame that racism still exist in this town..

Another Day RDB

This Hospitals Human Resources' purpose and CEO.s is to save the company money by defending the company against claims by employees. H.R. is paid to be on the other side. HR is the other side. They will find a scapegoat when they screw up and blame any person or group that is made to bear blame for POOR hospital policy,s or procedures or bad leadership.Watch your back working for this bunch.

Linda Lamuth

I may be in the "wrong place" to rate my new OB/GYN, Dr. Tarek DBouk, however, I am compelled to inform the Mercy Hospital, Diagnostic, and Physicians' Departments about what a kind, caring, pleasant, and knowledgeable doctor and gentleman he is! As an old lady, I can assure you I wasn't looking forward to my appointment, but his kindness and concern calmed my nerves almost immediately and throughout the exam. His staff contacted me right away about a second appointment needed to verify a possible problem. He goes the extra distance to be thorough and then some. I'm very grateful .

Jason Graves

Enid Cleary

Was there for emergency appendectomy. They waited many hours before operating and I had peritonitis. Ended up with c diff and bed bug bites.

Amanda Powers

I had my daughter at this hospital, and it was a great experience. The nurses were supportive and extremely knowledgeable regarding breastfeeding. I had a lot of trouble, and one nurse noticed something wasn't right and recommended a physical therapist come & work with my daughter. After that it was so much easier! I never would have thought of that. The rooms were nice and clean. Of course the food was not good, but 1) you aren't there for the food, and 2) it's hospital food, why are you expecting more?

kota mincy

people are rude and act like they aren’t working dr. ramuto or whatever how you spell it talked about my baby mom just because she was 17 going on 18 saying acting like it was bad

Erin Till


I just had surgery here this past November. Aside from certain unpleasant experiences with certain staff in the recovery room the whole experience was very good. I wont let a few bad apples ruin the bunch. The whole staff from 3west was amazing and super kind. Incredibly helpful with what I needed. Thank you team! I would recommend this hospital to others. If I have anymore experiences I will definitely give an update.

Sara Schleckman

I don't appreciate the rudeness at this Ready Clinic. And arguing with me about something they don't nothing about. And trying to refuse to see me because I need a doctor's note for work until I can see my doctor. Will never come back again!


Never in my life I would go to this hospital they don't care about you but they own Dr. Don't even come in to tell you anything rude ass hell I wish people will really step up and say something before someone really gets hurt or worse die

Brittany Obergas

Horrible wait times, even when there isn't anyone else there. Registration on the phone is absolutely awful! Any information you give them, be ready for it to be all incorrect! Wish you could give 0 stars. I don't know how this hospital is still in working order.

Terri Adkins

The hospital of my choice

Christina Flores

Worse hospital I been to in my life, this place is the worse the doctors really need help and about the nurses forget it

Steven Phillips

Run away from this sorry excuse for a hospital.

Taylor S

Multiple issues with billing; they don't know how to set up payment plans correctly and will send you to collections when they put all of your payment to one account when you were told it was going to be evenly distributed to your two separate accounts and then make you deal with collections yourself when all you were trying to do was pay your bill. Mind you, I had to call 3-4 times to try to resolve this and again, it was not. Also, they don't give you a heads up that the appointment you have isn't actually necessary and your insurance doesn't cover it and then send you a bill for the full amount. So irritating, definitely considering finding a new health care facility. Giving one star because the multiple customer service reps I spoke with were kind.


I've had several test and procedures done here and have always been treated with respect and kindness. Dr. Cho is great and I love his staff. My first great grandson was born here a few months ago and they had a great experience.

Matthew Wotton

Alex Figueroa

Took my wife in to urgent care since she wasn't feeling well. The doctor literally just googled her symptoms and came to the conclusion is must be the flu. Guess we should have stayed home. $109 for that. That was 4 months ago. Just got a bill in the mail for an extra $123 for just random things on the same date. I'm so done. If I'm dying, leave me on the street.

Renae Bober

The nurse practitioner was great. Other than that, poor service, unprofessional staff, and ridiculous wait times for everything .

Junglejinks Junglejinks

My grandmother has needed her insulin for quite some time so she could eat her dinner and there isn't a nurse in sight. This is by far the worst hospital in Ohio! One nurse for an entire hospital and no doctor in sight.

D Full

mahmoud elkamel

Took my wife to this place , at the beginning she received a fair treatment til she was taken at night from her room to intensive care , where the nightmare started. the whole team at the intensive care was so careless , so rude and so negligible.a series of lies and cover ups for lies.even when i complained i received a letter informing me that an investigation would be conducted and we will hear i 30 days, now 60 days not even one little result of that investigation. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS PLACE EVEN TO MY MY ENEMIES. took my wife to Cleveland clinics in Avon .what a great difference.

Ann Banann

I had a very pleasant experience with the ER today. Came in with a lot of pain. Everyone was very gentle and kind with me. I felt like my issues were listened to and treated professionally. Dr. Romito was very nice and educational. RN Joe was very reassuring and friendly. Very happy with my experience and am confident that I will be feeling better soon!

Deborah Stiles

My mother in law Neva Stiles just had hip replacement on July 26, 2018 ... She has had the best care from her nurses Brandi, Anya, Kelly, and Petra... also her Nurse practitioner and I did not catch her name. They have been wonderful .. This facility has gone above and beyond taking care of her during this time! The family is so thankful for the good care she has received!

Crystal Sumner

Please do NOT use this emergency room. They not only treat you in a very disrespectful, unprofessional, and extremely rude manner, but they will refuse to treat you and will only tell you to see your primary physician as soon as possible regardless of your condition.

Robert Bernhardt


Savannah Fields

This hospital deserves no stars at all. My fiancé was seen for mental health issues and was brought in by officers and was forced to stay after being promised to leave after everything was set up to go . The ER doctor wanted to believe a lie said from the officer instead of others that were present and witnessed everything. They’re extremely rude, refuses to let me call periodically to check on him or to have any kind of info on what’s going with him and have been hung up on and had an officer tell me to stop calling. I called a total of 4 times in a 4 hour period for a simple question. This hospital is absolute trash and needs to be shut down.

Mary Delaney

Was cared for when I couldn't take care of myself

Matt Martin

The nurses and staff are awesome. The ER doctors are morons. I was admitted for a "heart issue" and after 2 days in the hospital it was determined to be my medication. My wife was admitted because she couldn't breath. After 4 days it was determined to be bronchitis. Some simple questions and listening to the patients would save us thousands of dollars.

Kendall Binkley

We could not have asked for a better experience delivering our son!! The nurses and doctors, were very caring and there for us every step of the way. All of the staff was attentive and friendly, down to keeping us fed and cleaning our room. We are truly grateful to have had such a positive birthing experience and owe it all to the many people who cared for us during our stay. All of our nurses were amazing. I cannot stress that enough.

Stacey Crutcher

I recently checked myself into the emergency room yesterday morning at 9:22 a.m. regarding joint pains and locking of my leg in the back of my right knee near the joint. The quality services that me and my family received was somewhat professional. Until I was checked in to see the triage nurse on duty. She checked my blood pressure and proceeded asking standard questions. After she completed my assessment I was checked into a private room near the nurses station. It wasn't until 20 min in after speaking to the insurance rep and doctor; the triage nurse comes back in claiming she didn't get enough information on me. I didn't think much of it at first or at the time as I honestly answered all her questions regarding my medical history. Later to be pushed into another room for ultra sound on my leg to my surprise had a camera in the upper right corner which made my youngest daughter feel uncomfortable. Suspiciously curious I was wondering why this was seemingly since the other holding room(s) didn't have one except for the one I was in which I have every right to believe based on my medical history in the way I was treated this was a form of PATIENT PROFILING. I wish to speak to someone in human services regarding this matter and possibly violation of my privacy as a patient!!

Laura Frame

I've been told not to come to this hospital several times. But I have to say myself that Mercy Hospital is way better than EMH in Elyria. I had back surgery at EMH on December 10th. I am sitting at Mercy right now as I type this. I've been here since December 31st. I had to have another surgery yesterday on my back. Everyone that has been apart of my care team since I've been here have been amazing. Today PCA - SanTanna on 2 West is absolutely amazing. Thank you everyone for the amazing care I've received while here.

Kylee Lowder

Harold Casselman

This hospital does all types of surgeries. They do open heart surgery here. They are the only hospital left in lorain. There were two.

Johnathan crafton Crafton

Klayton Pugh

Linda Scott

My daughter was brought in at 7 am by ambulance....its 416 pm we are just talking to a nurse....rediculous

Jane C

Cathy M.

You lost a baby? What?


The worst ER on the far west side of Cleveland. Problem could have been addressed after the first ER visit had a doctor listened to the patient. Instead doctors misdiagnosed patient, puts patient on a antibiotic, patient goes back for a 2nd ER visit due to tremors; not one doctor would confirm it was due to the medication; but on the 2nd visit to the ER the doctors removed the medication; said the condition that the antibiotic was prescribed for was not present. Finally after third visit patient went to Mercy Clinic at the same campus who then referred patient back to ER again but this time they addressed the concern. The problem could have been resolved at the 1st ER visit if the doctors would have LISTENED to the patient's concern. Makes me think all they can do is rack up bills for a hospital "OBSERVATION" stay with tests after tests and the end result is what the patient told the doctors at all three visits.

Angelica Steele

The best hospital in the area. They reflect good moral and ethical standards. I've never experienced any malpractice whatsoever. I went to a hospital a couple of towns over where they performed an IV twice, despite my refusal for service. Both times the IV blew out and was not completed. That never would happen at Mercy. I love this hospital, the professionalism and personalization of the staff, and the environment feels like a safe, comforting environment. You will be taken CARE of at Mercy, not just bandaged up and sent on your way.

Shianne Walls

CrossineEntertainment Crossine

I wish I could give zero stars. My roommate/one of my best friends was in their ER three times. The third time was via ambulance where he was finally admitted. He had been running a fever, throwing up, bloody bowel movements, etc. After a week of admission, they discharged him with a prescription for practically tylonal and said that it was mental at this point. This was after he had a colonoscopy and before they even received the results. Last night he was rushed back to the E.R. where his parents finally took him to the Cleveland Clinic. Turns out he has a Porforated Bowel and is having emergency surgery. The Clinic found this LIFE THREATENING condition right away, whereas the rude nurses and idiots at Mercy almost killed him by saying the fever, vomiting, and the like was “mental.” Thank you for almost killing my friend, Mercy. Can’t wait to see when he’s better and you send him that bill to see how this all plays out

Elisa Boles

Almost killed my father in law. Put a pacemaker in that he never needed. Went to a Cleveland Hospital and found out this place misdiagnosed him. He had severe low levels of iron and sodium. He was going into renal failure because of severe dehydration. Thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills. I wish I could give 0 stars.

Steven Dodson

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