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Cane Add Venom

Do not go here The Stories about People getting Mersa is true you will get sick you end up having to go to a different hospital just to get rid of the mersa

Brutus Bear

Absolutely incompetent. Had me scheduled for the wrong test and had to reschedule. This place has not change over the years. Still a horrible hospital.

kim zagar

I went to hospital to have a kidney ultrasound that had been ordered by doctor and referred there. The test lasted no more than 8 minutes. They sent me an approximate bill for 600 for test and 150 dollar bill to be read. The total bill said it was approx 1200 dollars. I found that the average cost to be less then 400.00 including reading in the area. I took 10 days for the doctor to receive test. When I got bill it was listed as other testing. Not until I asked for an itemized statement that it a really showed what I had done. This was after the insurance had bill. If you have to have test before you go please call your insurance to see if there is a more reasonable and honest place to have it done. Shop around on your area first.

Josh Brannan

Had a car crash. Immobilized, I asked one of the Ambulance staff to take my picture so that I could have evidence of my injuries for legalities. He replied back with "that's not my job" and when taking a sharp turn in the ambulance, let my belongings fall on the floor (including my new phone) When being transported to my room in the hospital, the staff was very careless with my IV. They let the IV tube hang off the gurney and it was pulling on my IV that was inside of my arm (very painful). When they began transporting me from the gurney to the bed, they threw the IV bag between my legs instead of having someone hold it. That IV bag then fell off me in the middle of them moving me and went between the gurney and the hospital bed, pushing all the fluid from the IV into my vein and causing my vein to feel like it was going to explode (again, very painful.) I was having neck and back pain, so I was in a neck and body brace. So what do they do to get the IV bag out? They lift me up by my feet and put all the pressure at my neck (which was incredibly painful) so I am at an acute angle above the bed with a hospital staff struggling to get an IV bag out from under me. The nurses were pretty rude, I had one nice one and that was it. My Doctor was pretty nice. Other than that, horrible place to go. It seems like the standards of this place are gone and the management needs to enforce a better standard of healthcare.

Susan Lewis

Rude poor customer service from the time you walk in the door till the time you leave you go there hoping to find out what is wrong with you and all they want to do is give you pain pills and tell you to see a real doctor. If what you want is a band-aid hospital then go there

Samantha Hendren

There is a PA by the name of Ryan who will make you feel as if your fine and nothing's wrong...says there is nothing they can do and she kind of grins and laughs the whole time. Just because I don't have a physical wound doesn't mean that nothing's wrong. I

Summer Jackson

Dr Patel at Clermont Mercy is the worst doctor I've ever met!

Jami Brown

Terrible In all ways.

Elisabeth Hall

Kat Wethington

Mikayla Sears

Rude treated my sister horribly She was coughing horribly and he was more worried about him self then her He asked if she smoked she said no and he rolled his eyes I mean what the hell If she says no she means no she not a liar The RN was nice he was kind and concerned we her more then himself If you have to go to hospital and this the only one I had you get better because they don’t about you just themselves Well most of them so are kind it’s seems they are wasting our time not the other way around just keep you wait long for hours upon hours to tell yo nothing is wrong when obviously something is or you wouldn’t be there

Chad Brooks

I was in the er in the mental health side. They were great there. The regular er is very slow though.

Jessica Roark

Clermont Mercy hospital in Batavia is awful they way the doctor treats ppl like trash. It was so bad the lady who did my cat scan told me to leave!!!! The doctor was talking so bad about me to everyone. It was so bad she gave me a number to call I have never been treated by a medical doctor the way she treated me. It was so bad the lady told me to just leave that's how bad this doctor was talking about me. I'm no legal expert what happened to doctor patient Confidentiality. I wouldn't go back there if I was DIEING. She was a young doctor and her professional manner was uncalled for.

jim fox

My brother went here last night 2 people was there , He waited three hrs. was in extreme bad shape could not breath , they kept telling him they be with him but no one help him at all , finally he got up left , really bad emergency room , if you really bad do not go there.

Chris Foster

Not very friendly

Carol Ward

Terrible treatment in ER twice now. Dr D Holt very unprofessional. Has no knowledge of chronic migraines. Kept calling mine a headache. 6 hours in ER. Went in with 10 migraine, left with 8-9 in pain. Usual drugs, steroids, anti inflammatory, benadryl, phenergan & triptan didn't work at home or in ER. He could care less. He didn't have a clue what to try. I don't recommend Dr Holt or Dr Ray. The nurses were only thing good in my care both visits.

Chris Mullins

Hey, "staf,,,,,, depends" 9 out of 10" Sitters 8.5 out of 10" been at worsted hsptls, Rns, npc 9.7,,,,dependez on who you get? 1of5ish ---4 Why not a ten welll nothing is pufect! DIC- come one yha lll could do better in one acount!" yes the docs argude with an RN right infront of me! Pain ,,,,,,tyl,,or aspren,,, Besides the docs geting speachaltys Ok, but dont go their if a lagite pain! Tylonine,,,or asprin or foreset joke! Caffein and tylanal! Ph,,,cy doc100% educated, didnt or onow anyone from x All around they are growning, remodaloing So staff+ med people 100% Docs not cool ,,,,,in and our within 3 mins 5 / 20 To talk and understand whats what! Its growing who knows! 4.2

Jessica Wallace

I can not even believe that this ER is still functioning. I went there on a Sunday with horrible pain in my right side and vertigo. I was in the room 2 hours with nothing for pain and the only thing they did was take a urine sample. I was so frustrated I left against doctors orders, but they sent me home with an ultrasound appt. Two days later my husband insisted I go back to the ER because of the pain and vertigo. After another urine sample they figured out I had a kidney infection. Or as the doctor said aa "small kidney infection." They gave me basically IB profen and an antibiotic and sent me on my way. Still did not treat the vertigo or give me any clue as to why I had the vertigo. I still feel absolutely awful and the nurse and doctor I had were awful!!! There was one nurse who wasn't even my nurse who was so sweet and amazing and kept bringing me warm blankets because I was freezing... I think this ER is so horrible and I hope I never have to go there again.

TheWeirdThings Castle

Jason Duncan

Absolutely the worst hospital in the area. I rather drive to Cincinnati to their hospitals. The nurses are very unprofessional and uncaring.

Sarah L

Heartless people. My cousin nearly cut his hand off with a tool. All they did to help him was put 25 stitches on him. They didn't even numb him or give him pain pills. That fricking pathetic! Terrible hospital! I do not recommend going here.

Russell Strunk

On May 23, 2015 I asked my wife Barbara to go and get me some tums. I called and asked her to come back. As she came home I asked her to take me to the hospital. When we arrived I could hardly talk or walk, the hospital staff took me into a small room and in what seemed like a minute they realized I was in bad condition. I was blacking out, because I do not recall the 3, I-V's they put into me only that they were there. I thought I was in that room for 15-20 minutes. My wife a week later told me 3-4 hours which was correct. I had never been so close to death in my life. I seriously thought that I was not going to make it. I was fading fast. I only remember the E-R Dr. coming in and informing me I had Pancreatitus. My pancreas had swelled up to 10 times it's normal size.possibly from a medicine I was taking. I CREDIT THE E-R STAFF WITH SAVING MY LIFE !!! SERIOUSLY!!! another 1/2 hour or less I would have been gone. I can't Thank them enough for what they did for me the evening of the 23rd of May 2015. I also want to thank the nurses who took care of me the next 2 days.They drained about 2 gallons of foul crud from my pancreas.I want to especially thank 2 nurses who were very convincing for me to keep that drain in me I had never experienced a tube up my nose and down into my pancreas before. I know I can be a real jerk when I am not feeling well. I owe them all an apology and want to say how grateful I am for what they did for me. Words can't express the thanks I want to say to them. Only when I was close to dying can I be so grateful for my life that they gave back to me that evening. Thank you all for what you did for me. Thank you, Russell L. Strunk

Donald Hughes

I am 70 years old and moved here recently. I also just visited Mercy Health Clermont ER for possible Pneumonia. I have nothing but praise for all the staff and care I received. I have been plagued all my life with this kind of trouble. So often when I visit a new hospital or Doctor they under rate the seriousness of this problem for me. Mercy Health Clermont got it right the first time. What great care! I am home now and getting better.

Merriwether LaSelle

6 hours and 40 minutes in the waiting room with kidney stones and the rude front desk kept saying I was "next"..but that never happened. Will never be back. Absolutely the worst hospital ever.

Time is short Love ya

I went to have my heart checked and some blood work done, it was clean and fast considering everything I had done. The nurse was great, as was the X-ray and C-scan techs, etc.. I gave it two stars, because whoever is in charge of taking care of the records/referrals over there probably needs to find something different, obviously regarding their occupation. To sum it up best, they suck.

Xiang Qiu

Tori Vause

HORRIBLE! Absolutely avoid. Unprofessional, rude and VIOLENT staff. Extremely hostile environment for an ER, nurses rolled their eyes at me, didn't wear gloves, called security on my husband for asking the nurse to get a puke bag out of my face and was removed when I needed him most. This place and it's staff are a disgrace to healthcare and lacks the simple compassion needed for any level of comfort.

Vee Technologies

kyle blust

Rudest nurses I have ever met in my life.

Maggs Reuscher

Harley L QuinzKnight

About eight years ago I had to have a hysterectomy I stayed 5 days 4 nights the doctor I had was great the staff at the hospital sucked there was only two nurses there they're older nurses that were awesome the rest of them need to go back to school to learn how to have compassion empathy and learn what nursing really is the doctors on the other hand were told douchebags my fiance went out there 5 hours after my surgery about tore their counters off the nurses station and told them to get their asses in there and help me by the next morning we have the chief of staff two head nurses and somebody else down there asking what was wrong my fiance told them the care I was receiving was done right like a vet's office next time he would take me to one out of most likely get better care. that's the time when you go to the hospital it's all about your insurance whatever you have that's okay you're going to get stand up for your rights and make them give you the care that you damn well deserve.

Kelly Tillman

I really hope if you or your family member or loved ones needs any kind of psychological help do not take them to this facility. They do not take the patients serious. They send people home that actually need the help and keep the ones that are just drug seeking. The PA Keri is an absolute joke half the time the staff don't even talk to her about the patients. I hope the staff working there know the walls are not that thick and when your in those rooks you can hear them talking bad about the patients and family there. Having loved ones that have been at this facility for this type of treatment has been nothing but a nightmare.

Adam Pownall

Only getting one star sine I can't give zero stars. I took my fiancee to the ER for kidney pain. She told them it felt like a stone. They said no it's not your not in enough pain. They did a CT scan and said there are no signs of any Stones it's just a UTI. The whole time acting like we are bothering them for being there. We only seen the actual doctor once and she thought she was talking to a different patient. We ended up going to a urologist a week later since the pain was still there and she couldn't pee. He said she passed a stone that tore the urinary tract and caused inflammation blocking the kidney off. He put in a stent to release the pressure. All could have been avoided if the ER would have used contrast in the CT and given her fluids to flush the kidney. Clermont is quickly ruining Mercy's good name.

Rosa Reyes

I had the best treatment ever at the ER. I felt I was in good hands with great professionals, since I got to the door of the Hospital. Most grateful!

DW Cleaning Resolution LLC

This is by far the worst experience being in a hospital I've ever had. The nurse is not friendly at all. When my husband would ask a simple question she would be rude. For example " Has my wife's blood work come back yet? ( 2hours) " she says has the doctor came seen you? Well no that's why I'm asking you correct! All I get is a blank stare. I found myself wanting to tell her how to do her job. It's not hard to communicate with your patient and say give me one second and I will find out for you. It would take no less than 10 seconds to pull up my wife's chart and look. I work in this field and this place is horrible. If you can make it somewhere else go there!!! I swear if you fall in the parking lot and break your leg call 911 and have them take you else where!!!! Horrible service!!!

Sandra Willman

I went to ER for an excruciating back injury. Could barely walk, sit, stand or find a pain free position laying down. I am sensitive to drugs. They gave me two injections that were for pain they said. I felt nothing at all and usually these knock me out. Got x-ray and could not move myself from the gurney to the x-ray table. Tech's helped me and treated me well. Pain was now worse after getting back to ER room. Tech's notified nurse that my pain level was worse. No one came for at least 30 min. Got another injection with no relief. I swear I was given placebo. I had to ask 3 times to go to bathroom and a portapotty was brought in and I was left alone to get myself out of bed and onto to potty and didn't even get toilet paper. Or nurse call button to ask for help. I felt like Ryan treated me like I was some sort of addict. No one but the x-ray Tech's seemed concerned about my pain. My husband came from work to be at my side and was appalled at how short they were with me. Didn't even offer me a wheelchair when I was released and my husband had to support me all the way out and through the parking lot. Worse treatment I have ever received at this hospital. It's four days later and I can barely move without assistance. I am scared out of my mind that I have an undiagnosed fracture or slipped disc. Ryan told me the hospital had no MRI machine. Really? If this person walks into your room ask for a doctor.

rick jarvis

My review is for a thousand negative stars. This county needs to do the best thing they could for us and close mercy yesterday before they kill somebody. The last time we HAD to come here it took 4 hours to be seen. This time we come in with a 15 Mo old baby running 104.7° temp and after 2 hours we left to go elsewhere still not being seen. They claimed they where overwhelmed but most all the rooms are empty, 1 person in er waiting, 1 ambulance under the car port the 2hrs we where there! And one of the guys off the emt was leaning against the desk trying to pick up a nurse like he's in a bar or something. Every nurse there was sitting at there computers just giggling and chatting. PSA!!! If your in need of care you better find a REAL hospital. If you decide to come here I can make you this promise you WILL regret it

Jen Jacobs

It is a good place, depending on what you are there for!!! I prefer this hospital over many others!!!

Scott Forest

Had a huge abscess and simply wanted antibiotics. Had to wait an hour no biggie but then it's cat scans then blood work so I just left before a file could be created on me from the "junkie hospital" !!! Yes I'm paranoid. But what Dr orders blood work for an abscess? I've been for this before in the past and never anything like that. Enter at your own risk but beware they will try to mess around and inflate the bill as well as treat you like a drug addict! Try Anderson Mercy for a less invasive as well as less expensive experience.

Dave Clark

Disgusting bathrooms. So much for a hospital caring about a healthy environment.

Nicolas Lux

In and out fast for quick stapples.

Pamela White

My mother was transported to this hospital from Adams County. She had an infection in her body. Was in ICU for a few days, I was told that she was getting better on Friday and would would have to go for rehab at a nursing facility, I needed to pick where I wanted to go on Monday. She was sent to the step down unit on Friday evening. I went home to get rest and Saturday when I returned mom was very sick. She said no one came into her room the RN would not come in to care for her. She said she cried all night asking for help. The aid said he was trying to get the nurse to come in. I asked to speaksto tue Director of Nursing, with no response. Mom was so sick that she had to be moved back into ICU, where she passed away. The ICU has rotating doctors, the one we saw each n the beginning was wonderful and caring, the second time was very ride. He came in the room and said "well she's dying you need to unplug the machines". I was devistated to say the least. We used to go were all the time. I went to the ER before this week incident and was treated rude by the doctor . I hope they get their act straightened up!!!

Kathy H

I honestly wish I could give a minus 50 to this hospital my brother in law is now in a different hospital fighting for his life because of the gross negligence and carelessness of the doctor and or nurses. I would not trust this hospital with a dying dog.

Debbie Centers King

regina hogan

Had a bright red rash that was quickly covering my whole body. The doctor and nurse quickly attended to me after I got past the intake persons that wasnt busy with work...but socializing. Would have gave 5 stars but there was 3 intake persons chit chatting among each other. A lady and myself was the only ones waiting. Instead working together, each one take one, and be done ... one told the other you do them both and swong her chair back around to continue private conversation. I advised them I had staph infection that was still contagious. I didnt want anyone else to get it. They didnt seem to care... I was sat among people in waiting room. Dr and nurse was extremely nice and knowledgeable. Very professional and knowledgeable. Still rather go here fir an emergency than Anderson.

Lynn Malvino-Capper

I have been to Mercy Clermont many times and have always had the best of treatment and found everyone I have encountered to be very professional and kind. My husband has had many tests there and always comments on how nice everyone is. Not sure what happened to the other person but I would rate Mercy Clermont A+

amy Smith

i went in with anaphylaxis shock, my face was swelled i could barely see, lips swelled way beyond normal. throat closing fast. i ran to the counter crying and panicking and i was told to go wait in the waiting room, i watched not 1 but 2 DOPE ADDICTS get called back before me, they were walking and talking normally, smiling. perfectly fine while i was left unattended during a life threatening situation. MERCY CLERMONT IS A JOKE THEY KILL PEOPLE LITERALLY. I ALMOST LEFT THE BUILDING TO CALL 911 FOR AN AMBULANCE WHILE I WAS AT A HOSPITAL!!!

Wilma Dotson

I was in Clermont Mercy Batavia hospital on January 4th 2019. I had a colonoscopy at Adams County hospital which went fine but later that day began to bleed profusley from the rectum. I went to the Clermont ER because that's where the doctor who did the procedure was from. The ER staff treated me with respect and kindness. I was admitted to 2nd floor that night still bleeding. I was hooked up to an IV and I asked for a bedside commode because of the rectal bleeding and I didn't want to disturb my roommate by trying to make it to the bathroom all night. The nurse brought it but I had to ask for toilet paper. I had nothing to drink that night. The next morning my nurse Gwen was rude and didn't care that I was in pain and when I asked to see my doctor she said that it's difficult to see any doctor on weekends except for the hospitalist. He came in around noon but didn't do anything for me. I told my nurse I wanted to see the doctor that had done my procedure. She told me I was being difficult and unresonable and that she was working on Sunday but she would refuse to be my nurse again. 2nd day and night of nothing to drink. Still bleeding profusely from rectum. On Sunday I demanded

Paul Plavsic

The absolute worst hospital I have ever been too!!! That staff did not care about the patient at all. They were very rude and lazy and, just wanted us to be out of their hair!! Even if I am dying, I will NEVER go back to this hospital... people ought to be ashamed of themselves!!

Jim Perry

I usually don't complain about anything, but this place is a joke Don't go to clermont mercy!!

Karla Williams

I went in the ER for chest pains, breathing problems and nonstop panic and anxiety attacks. The day before I had gone to Mercy Anderson and while the doctor was great, most of the staff wasn't. One nurse was so rude I became more panicked and cried. Nothing got done after 8 hours. Just referrals. So needless to say I had to go again for the same thing the NEXT day. Went to Mercy Clermont instead, I was treated so much nicer and they actually helped me. My panic, depression and anxiety are ruining my life and they did all the tests to see if it was my heart or my anxiety disorder because my heart flutters and beats uncontrollably and I have heart issues. They listened and most seemed to care. Dr. Romano was the doctor that night, and he spoke with me and kept it real and helped me, and gave me the help I needed until I can see my new primary doctor.,because otherwise I would be going to the ER everyday for the same thing. Ashley was the nurse and she was very kind and patient. All in all, I had a good experience at Mercy Clermont, I will never ever go to Mercy Anderson again.

Cassandra Thomas

Was their an hour and half no nurse or doctor came in room. When I approached the nursing staff they told me 12 people ahead of us.Very rude wasn't me being seen my boyfriend was in there spitting up blood, commuting, had swollen jaw. Did not even go talk to him. Explain what was going on. Me as a nurse aide did not like customer service provided. Very unprofessional! No wonder they are rated one of the worst hospitals

Deborah Frederick

Excellent care at the physical therapy department at Clermont mercy hospital. This is my fifth time in physical therapy in my life and this is the best experience I’ve ever had. After 14 visits, I feel that my pain and pelvic , back and shoulder dysfunction are Genuinely and Thoroughlybeing addressed by a very caring staff who are extremely knowledgeable in manual physical therapy. Highly recommend! —-they’re located in the doctors building.

Adam Montunnas

I was just escorted by security for the second time from Mercy Clermont. I am convinced due to the fact Dr. Ray was on duty at the E.R. the first time i was escorted out and today also. Yes, Dr. Ray was on duty again. Seems to me Dr. Ray is to blame... he is un-professional, has an attitude and holds his ego over his oath as a doctor. Very questionable as to him being qualified to work or serve as a medical professional. They claimed that their computer system was down! How can you claim to be a decent E.R. if you have flaws in your computer system that potentially could cause pain or death while trying to fix a "computer error"! I have a serious spine infection and was refused treatment that i have a right to have. I was extremely calm and patient while waiting for the problem to be fixed, simply reminding the nurses that the wheelchair i was in was causing extreme pain and it would be nice to speed up the fixing of the problem. This was portrayed as hostility even though i was in a wheelchair unable to move, simply sitting waiting. Then four male security and one female proceeded to my room, t2 and they said out loud he is in t2 as well as stopping my father in the hall just feet from me that they were to remove me from the premises. My father said i will take him and he did as they followed us out of the E.R. doors. Even though the hospital staff refuses to admit that they were kicking me out and refusing to treat me.The woman security even fallowed us to my fathers car to retrieve the wheel chair! I go to this same hospital every day to get I.V. antibiotics and they know how bad my pain is! I am disgusted by the behavior of the staff, Dr. Ray (er) and security. Im sure your stars will keep dropping as long as you have second rate Dr's on staff. I also know that any Dr. working at a little hospital in the middle of nowhere is usually of the lowest of pay, professionalism, knowledge, experience, ability, and last but not least was the only job Dr. Ray could get! We all know this to be true. Good Dr's work at larger respectable hospital with numerous Dr's on duty, right Dr. Ray? Good day to all the rest of the employees who have to deal with this unprofessional Dr. Ray (er) Mbbercy Clermont.

Mike Snider

Worst hospital ever I wouldn't bring my dog here.

terre lane

Sammi Stoker

Roy Roush

The wife have a procedure did even have the stuff to do it we had to wait and see if they could get from another hospital very unprofessional to think are time is not important

Hannah Lindsay

So as I sit here for three almost four hours, taken by ambulance. The two officers on duty decide to harass me in my room as I'm in agonizing pain. What the hell? I have never felt so embarrassed. They harassed me for five minutes telling me they're watching me on cameras and have footage of me recording stuff? Excuse me but I demand more respect than that. I will be reporting them and I will never visit this hospital again.

Patricia Johnson

Room i was givenno only had 2 metal bed

Cynthia Knuckles

Tired to put no stars but it out 1 on its own. Been sitting in waiting room for almost 2hours and watched at least 7 people who came in after me get called back, they weren't and worse than i am. I understand if there is an emergency but there weren't any. Just a few older people and pill poppers looking for a fix. I would never tell anyone to go to this hospital. I would of went to Anderson mercy but they were standing out the doorway.. if 10 is the best this hospital gets a ( -10 ) I'm being told its up to the nurse in back who they call back first doesn't matter if your sitting out here all damn day. Omg never been to a hospital like this

Jeanne Worthy

I went into emergency by ambulance yesterday early morning ,I was treated like a family member, they were caring and respectful , I couldn't have asked for a more professional and personal team I feel very fortunate to have gone there ,and there aren't words enough to express my gratitude.Thank you all.

Lora Garman

Where do I even begin...the fact that I had an abcess in my liver from a result of a UTI they wouldn't treat so it got so bad that it caused this abcess in my liver. They did admit me for after constant complaining of severe pain i, my liver area. BUT once they found out I have to take chemo meds, they then went into panic mode because there was another patient in the room with me which should have never happened because being on chemo they have to take chemo precautions such as putting me in a room alone without other patients who could get impacted by my chemo output. So all at once they took the other lady out of my room and with dr stating that the abcess was still there and dr said it shrinked (but according to the rest results records it really did not) within 2 hours of them realising they had to use the chemo precautions on me they sent me home...still sick...still in pain...still with a liver abcess!!! This is not the first issue I have had with the hospital and their idiot doctors that they allow to treat their patients...or so call treat!

Josh plummer

Do not go to this place not even a good Band-Aid station. They charged me $6000 to have a boil lanced. Go to Bethesda North or Christ Hospital. I see were back in Roman times again.

Robin Rhoten

Most of the nursing staff was okay in attitude but was left in the room for 3 hours. The nurses were not able to get an IV going so a doctor did it

Brenda Byrd

Went there yesterday, Aug 21,2016 with a head laceration. While checking in at ER desk 2 nurses were squabbling. One checked me in, I sat down, a half hour later, the other called me to the desk and re did what the first one had already done. We spent 4 hours there. It was the WORST treatment I had ever received. We went there because it was closer to home than the veterans hospital downtown. I was in horrible pain. It took them an hour to even get me an icepack for my head. Those nurses had no business squabbling in front of patients.

Katie Dean

No stars from me. Absolutely disappointed and stunned how my father was treated and the lack of communication among oncologists and nursing staff. Also, a lack of respect from the oncologists after my several attempts to get help and answers. I was able to get better answers and help from the hospice nursing staff at the 11th hour.

Penny Cox

I'm hospital and they keep leaving me. Not helping.

Chasity Knabe

Horrible if I could give no stars I would first of all they put my daughter in a dirty room that was never cleaned , blood exposed in the room, mud all over floor and bed sheet, needle carts open not locked up. Said they cant take her temp because the machine in the room was broke, tried but couldn't get an accurate reading the nurse stated shes only good at taking rectal temperatures seriously ? didn't check her oxygen level when she told them she cant breath good. Never got to see a Dr. Only an assistant whom dont even exam her takes one look at her arm and misdiagnoses her . Tells her she has scarlett fever and that it's not contagious and prescribed her cream (no strept, no sore throat) just a fever that they didn't check but I did when I got home and a rash from head to toe. My son also has the same rash as well just not as bad and now my daughter so its obviously contagious. Tells her to call a dermatologist because they dont treat rashes there and unfortunately there is nothing they can do. Her discharge paper just says rash not scarlett fever and where in the heck did they come up with the temperature and oxagen level thats listed on the paper When it wasn't taken accurately. I am very upset, this was after waiting 5 hours. Then her father recorded the dirty room and gets thrown out, I guess they didn't want to be exposed about the rooms and care they have given not sure, or maybe because of the laws against it , but could not provide a paper that states he wasn't allowed to take video of the room. So now we are headed to childrens hospital hoping for some awnsers after the extremely poor care received this evening. I will never step foot in that hospital again. I will be calling my insurance to deny any payment and reporting the place to the health department. The PA needs to be reported for saying they dont treat rashes and billing insurance for payment but didn't treat or look at my daughter properly. well when your covered from head to toe and itching and cant breath , with 102 fever temp. Yes I was concerned for my childs health. I guess because we asked for a second opinion from a Doctor and someone to come in to exam her again they got mad.

Curt Freese

Had a horrible experience at the psych ED with my child. As with any business you will find good and bad employees. And in this case most were good, however the male nurse that took care of her was inappropriate, we did not receive the care expected, and were charged the cost of her seeing a Doctor ( psychiatrist) when actually only a phone consult was done by staff. In the end all we received was goid luck and a bill for $1500.00

v shearman

If I could make this a negative star rating, I would.... Poor communication, poor follow through, poor skills- run, don't walk from here.

Shayla Mineer

They overdosed and starved my grandpa which resulted in death.

Kimberly Waters

one nurse i had was great and my iv was was good i had to go back for another one and the girl kept missing and finally got it in and it didnt feel right my arm hurt so bad the next day and was bruised for more then a month it was bad

Lesia Wright

Laurey Wharton

Well I went in for choking on a bone they are telling me they dont see nothing well I feel a bone stuck in my windpipe no one even looked down my throat

Betty Datar

pulled my back out carrying potted plants upstairs. Went to the ER and was seen by an incompetent nurse practicioner "Julie". She ordered a xray and did a urine test for infection; Which is not unusual, but when she found a infection, insisted that all of my pain was due to that! Sent me home with antibiotics and told me it will get better! Well, I'm home taking my antibiotics and still in excruciating pain! Of course, I sat in my room for 2 hours without a call light or even a nurse to check on me.Even after telling them my pain was an 8 upon arrival. I still sat for hours without care! I had to flag a nurse down! This place is not a hospital. It's no better than a clinic, staffed with incompetent care givers! I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN! I wouldn't take a stray animal there either! TOTALLY CLUELESS!

Raymond Biersbach

Fran Poole

I went to Clermont Mercy in March, 2019, in the morning, after suffering with pain for 4 days which I thought may be gallbladder related. I was seen right away, vitals were taken, and a doctor came in within 30 minutes. They addressed my problem, sent me for an ultrasound and diagnosed the issue. Everyone that I saw was caring and friendly and did their jobs well. I have no complaints about service and can only give a good review.

Margie Taylor

Melanie Ghaffarian

HORRIBLE customer service. Was contacted the night before my procedure for pre-registration. NONE of my information was correct in their system, even though I had previously been seen at the facility. Also, be aware they will require you to pay a large deposit BEFORE any service has actually been performed. When I questioned the pre-registration employee as to the reasoning, she just stated it was hospital policy and gave me no options as far as splitting the cost. When I called later to verify that this was indeed a hospital policy, I was informed that surveys suggested people were more likely to pay before rather than after. When I asked what would happen if someone were unable to make that payment (as it was never even brought up during scheduling), the agent laughed and rather condescendingly told me there's always loopholes and I should have asked about payment options. I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm in excruciating pain during surgery prep and a hospital representative tells me I have to pay the fee in order to have my procedure performed. I have NEVER heard of a hospital having such a policy (and multiple employees from a separate area hospital couldn't even believe Mercy does this to their patients).

sebastien castonguay

I called in to see my roommate's baby, and they told me to come here to visit. Turns out they are sending me right back to Anderson, because that's where she is. Very inconvenient.

Ryan Cofrancesco

Judy Baker

I do not know how they can keep these hospital 's open I have seen and heard nothing but bad things about Mt orib mercy and clear month mercy we need to have a hospital that people are not afraid to go to its a waste of taxes payers money having these hospital 's open

Connie Chandler

If I could give a 0 I would. My sweet 87 year old mother in law fell last night. She was taken to the hospital ER. The doctor said she blew out her eye socket and has several broken bones in her face including 2 in her jaw, her eye is swollen shut and her face is badly bruised with bruising in her chest. She is on a blood thinner medicine which can lead to very serious complications or death. Well the idiotic doctor told her she would need surgery and told her to call an oral surgeon and SENT HER HOME, knowing she is 86 years old and lives by herself. What were they thinking, they should have kept her overnight for observation and released her when a family member could stay with her. Just goes to show after 35 plus years that hospital still has a bad reputation for patient care. They are totally incompetent.

Stephanie Flading

Casey Hall

"mercy health" should be called no mercy health because they sure didn't give any mercy to my ass hole when they stuck the camera up there. overall not bad great service

Amy Taylor

My brother was taken to the ER after flipping his car 3 times. They did xrays and ct scans then told him they came back ok and sent him home. The next day they called to have him come back in because they found a broken bone in his neck. They then sent him to UC. While at UC they found 2 more broken vertebrae in his back. So basically Clermont ER sent him home not only with a broken neck but a broken back also. Unexceptable!

Elena Grover

Ashley Dodson

It's ridiculous how rude an disrespectful some of these nurses. Their mission statement and core values are a joke compared to these nurses. They should not even be allowed to work in this kind of field. I do not recommend this hospital !!

Ben jamen

not a very good hospital by any means

Angela Deniston

Never take me to this ER! The Emergency Room staff was EXTREMELY rude and unprofessional. We had to take my mother in law last night, and while her injury was not life threatening, she was completely immobile and in excruciating pain. The staff did little to comfort her and refused to update her family over the 5 hours she was there before admitting her. She and her daughter signed paperwork to release information to the family yet they still refused to tell us what was going on and snapped at us when asked, "What do you want to know, what are we not telling you? You expect me to come to the lobby when I'm an ER doctor to come talk to you?" They were shoving crutches at her letting her see if she could walk all doped up on percocet, not even knowing what was wrong with her leg. Doctor flatly said "I dunno, you're not going to find out what's wrong here." Without offering next steps or a plan of action until we dragged it out of her. Had we left they probably would have released her. It was 4 AM with NO other patients in the ER. They were all standing around doing nothing but playing on their phones. So disrespectful. We had no idea if she was being admitted, they were supposed to tell us what was going on. Finally they admitted her because she couldn't bear weight (duh! Could have told you that 5 hours ago!). Just nasty attitudes and horrible communication. Whoever was staffed in the ER (including on call doctor) on 12/8 from 11 pm-5am is not anyone I'd want to be in the care of. The 2nd floor staff nurses once admitted were the exact opposite, they were amazing!

Cyndi Loveless

Went with symptoms of a kidney stone and in extreme pain. I was seen right away and made comfortable. Everyone, including the doctor was kind and professional.

Jason Carrington

Very kind and considerate staff. Nice behavioral health center - clean, furnished. The nurses were super nice. My only maybe gripe was that there wasn't much time with the doctors. Also, one-to-one therapy would be a nice addition to all the groups. But this is heading in the right direction.

sweet Pea

I went into Mt. Orab with asthma attack. They intubated me and transferred me to Mercy Clermont ICU. I will say all my nurses I had for the 5 days were great. The problem I had was when I woke up. The respiratory therapists, They could not be more rude. The male, I have had before and he was rude then also. I didn't get his name, but he had a really big mouth and lips. All I wanted was my mouth sponged because It was so dry having a tube down it. Anyway, I was trying to point to my mouth to so I could get it sponged, and all he did was yell at me. Then the next time a lady RT came in. I again tried to point to my mouth to get it sponged. She asked me if I wanted to write it down (I already had a clip board to write on that my nurse brought me earlier) I shook my head yes, then she said, oh, we'll do it later and left my room. What a witch! I thought people got into the medical field to help people. These two sure didn't. Neither one of them have people skills and need to get some. The way they treat people is absolutely ridiculous. If I saw them treat my family the way they treated me, I would be in jail.

Miss Kitty

This is the worst hospital I've been to. I went there for issues after a leep procedure, bleeding heavy with blood cloths. The nurse practically ripped the i v outta my arm was rough with taking the tape off when getting discharged. The doctor told me there's nothing they could do they didn't have a gynecologist. My blood level drooped and the doctor basically said within in time it would drop to a 7 to where i would have to have a blood transfusion. I had spent 5 hours laying on that hopital bed gushing out blood while they couldn't figure out the source. I don't recommand anyone being seen at this hospital.

Tim Barnes

This place is a joke my wife was bleeding in her mouth and nobody would help her they took atleast 6 other patience that walked 8n after us they don't care they was rude and unprofesinal a joke pure joke

Demonologist Jerry Williams

I wouldn't even take my dog there… they are the worst hospital…. If you want to live stay away from CMH.

Susan Stoner

I went there in pain and asked the nurse Emily to not hurt me with the IV. She has no idea what she's doing. She stuck the wrong vein and it hurt like hell. Everyone else was amazing, but Emily needs a lesson in compassion. Very disgusted by her. Watch out for Emily.

Angel Johnson

this hospital is the worst business i've ever been to! i've been waiting here for 6 hours waiting to get stitches!!!! 6 hours! along with everyone else, kids are going right in with a cut arm and a headache but here i am, finger half way off, not yet been helped. i've told them repeatedly how long i've been here but they're still "waiting on a room to open up"

Tyler Parsons

stephanie powell

The nurses are sweet but the Drs are horrible!

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