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Matthew Sicurella

Nurses treat you like they can’t wait until they don’t have to see you anymore, or they hate their job. Doctors seem as if they don’t care either. My baby is due in a month and I decided to change just because of the manners every staff carries.

Samantha P

We would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Sydney (RN) on the A1 Floor. My mom and I were extremely impressed with the way she cared for my father. Sydney is compassionate, attentive, thoughtful and proactive. My father has been in and out of several hospitals, rehab centers and nursing facilities over the past 7 years. Sydney was on top of everything and by far the BEST nurse we have come across. Thank you for reminding us that there are people out there who still care! :)

Ronnie Royse

My wife and I had the greatest Nurses in the Family Birthing Center. We couldn’t have been more comfortable thanks to Annie and Lyndsay especially. Seeing what these nurses do every night amazed me and it’s Super Human. Thank you Ladies ❤️

Josh Bluhm

Seems like a good enough hospital, but good luck finding any place to park. I circled the parking lot for a good 15 minutes before I finally had to give up and park across the street.

Naley Lane

Went to the ER almost a year ago for heart problems. I was working part time and didn’t have health insurance at the time. Bill was around $3,000 which honestly wasn’t bad but I’m a college student who works and pays for their own tuition and was previously making about $300 a month. So I applied to get the bill waived and didn’t hear back for literally 8 months and assumed it went through. Didn’t get any mail or anything from them. Called and nobody had any record of my bill. Then just the other week I found out it went to collections and I didn’t get to graduate because I couldn’t afford the rest of my tuition on time because I had to pay for this instead.

Robert Durkee

I can't understand how all of the people on here gave this hospital and it's ER an excellent rating. I would imagine that most of the positive reviews are from people who work there or were paid to leave a review. None of the Mercy Hospitals are any good. Trust me, I've had other family members come to this one and Clermont, and the service and care at both of them is horrible. The only good thing about this hospital is that the triage nurse and ER techs are nice people. That's all. I was brought to the ER by a family member about a month ago with a horrible migraine, high fever, and bad stomach pains. I had to wait over an hour just to be called back and have my vitals checked and then had to wait some more (45 minutes). Then, the nurse comes in and says they are ordering tests including blood work, a ct scan, etc. Meanwhile I asked if they could give me something for nausea and pain and it took another 30 minutes before I was given anything. This is the slowest hospital I've ever been in. I had a view of the ER desk where the staff work on their computers and there were a lot of nurses, doctors and techs just standing there laughing and screwing around when they should've been helping patients. I had been there over two hours before a doctor came in and explained what he thinks is going on and leaves within 5 minutes. He never asks if I had any questions and didn't seem interested in explaining anything. He seemed pretty incompetent and uncaring to me. So, finally after my scan and blood work and six hours had passed, I was released with some prescriptions. Here is what is interesting- I found out that all of the Mercy Hospitals get their ER doctors through Qualified (Unqualified) Emergency Specialists Inc. out of Canton and Dayton, Ohio. Check out their reviews. They are a group of subpar ER doctors who can't handle anything major or want to spend any time with patients. Mercy doesn't even have their own ER doctors! I will never come back to this hospital for care.

Sierra Nichols

GO TO BETHESDA NORTH. DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL. Ive been sitting for almost 2 hours with chest pain. When I got here only 1 person was in the waiting room. It's now almost full and haven't seen anyone get put in a room. They're being sent to the waiting room to sit just like me. If I went to Bethesda North I'd already be on my way home. Stay away from here if you can. There's a bunch of bad reviews for a reason. I don't see a wait time board anywhere.

Cole Dargavell

They're very rude at the check in desk. My girlfriend went there to see the obgyn, she's anemic and they didn't tell her, she started bleeding and I called them to ask if we should come there and they told me no bc she wasn't far enough along, even told us not to go to the emergency room there. I called mercy in Mt orab and they told me to go to the Anderson location. Long story short you'd be better off going to a horse doctor. Called the day after visiting the er in Adams county and they wouldn't schedule us an appointment or transfer us to the doctor and we're rude once again. Called the Mt orab location and they said they would call us back and they did finally and told us not to come in unless she was bleeding more and gave us no more info on what to do about it. I'd rather eat paint chips than go there again

Chris Kestel

I would give a 0 rating if possible.

Joseph Bedinghaus

If you want great health care service and personal respect, DO NOT! go here. Bible pushers and disrespectful ER staff that won't take the effort to perform their jobs at a professional level and after repeated visits to try and pursue care they have shown laziness in their work ethic.

Sarah Caudill

Michael Montique

Eddie Turner

This was bullcrap i went in with unbelievable tooth pain the doctor who went to give me something like novacane as he starts injecting me with this bull crap that didnt even work the syringe needle exploded in my mouth and that crap went down my throat since then ive been sick as a dog and the best part all the doctor could say is oops i didnt tighten the needle enough then chuckled then he said but you can go spit the blood and stuff in the sink. Sorry these people need to be retrained ive been told to talk to a lawyer this was unprofessional i felt like a lab rat i didnt even feel human

Kena Ross

I was seen in the Er and the doctor didnt even listen to my chest or back. He just checked my ears, said he seen fluid. But he didnt even address the main serious reason I had came in the first place. Every time I've been there, the doctor barely check me, and send me away quickly. Worset hospital ever. Rather be at Christ or UC atleast they actually check you out....

Bridget Kirk

Dave C

K Spaulding

Tim Lee


If you want to judged, disrespected and talked about by the nurses to other nurses & in front of other patients then definitely go to this hospital. The staff is awful. Most of the nurses don't have any idea what they are doing. The nurse Jessica was by far the worst. I know most about her personal life more than my own friends bc most of the other nurses couldn't stand her either & i always heard them talking about her. If she cared as much for her job as she did about casting judgements on others she would finally do something right. I had the worst experience ever at this hospital. If I could give 0 stars or LESS I would.


I drove 45 min to get med help, very week and short of breath .I made it in the first set of doors ,I had to stop and try and catch my breath, I was able to wave down a hospital employee . She got me a wheelchair and wheeled me in ,She ask if she should take me back ,she was told NO, by the lady with the bull ring in her snoot..this person ? ask me what my problem was. I stated to her as I did to the lady pushing the wheelchair, its very hard to breathe .AS she proceeded to interrogate me further ,I'm getting more concerned ,for my life, my throat is so dry. Compounded by the fear and anxiety of whether or not I can make it to another hospital.So I leave ,trying to walk to my truck I collapse just short of the helipad . I call my wife asking her to please hurry ,my arms are getting numb ,I'm laying on the ground ,trying to breathe I can see 2 ambulance's surely the people driving one of these will see me laying o the ground and come to my aid , they did and after a series of questions that went unanswered ,all I can say is cant breath I'm sick ,Finally they get me back In the HOSPITIFUL, However they didnt stop at the first point of interrogation,so my wife makes back into the er room she answers the gauntlet of registration questions ,,, it at this point I was diagnosed with bronchial infection ,and apparently I suffered my very first anxiety attack which I know for a fact was due solely to the incompetence ,unprofessional ,inhuman treatment ,received from the person with the bull ring in her snoot, then about 2 hrs in this nightmare of trying to get help ,another HOSPITIFUL employee comes in to ask the same registration questions that has already been done,2 hrs earlier, So before you comment with your superior knowledge ,have someone knock the wind from your lungs,while your sick,so weak you cant even talk, and have someone with a bull ring in their snoot ask you questions. That obviously can be answered at another time because they where .One more thing when the Doctor ask me about being found outside ,then I told him I was trying to leave,All he could do was look down and shake his head in the wondering of disbelief,and to those of you In the decision making ,policy posting, remember its a very small world ,It can very well happen to you and you may not be so lucky.and the one star I had to ck in order to post is B.S, you deserve nothing, see If I said I hope this happens to you or something even worse ,I would be considered EVIL,INHUMAN,ETC,ETC, Yet I,m sure you that you can weasel some sad excuse for your actions and or policy,

Amy Ahrman

Update: Thank you for calling me about my review. I respect people that admit they aren't perfect & do their best to make it right. Hospitals, too! Though reviews may seem harsh, I'm glad someone actually reads them. Thanks again.

Bryan Scott

POS hospital. Anything affiliated with "Mercy" should not be trusted. Lawyers are going to have a field day with this one. My dad spent 3 weeks here just to be transferred to Jewish Mercy where they told us Mercy Anderson did not have anything under control and now he has to be transferred to Drake who knows how many more weeks he will be in the hospital. If it is not life threatening go somewhere else.

Steve Bayer

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Hank Willis

Great hospital for caring for patients. Beware of the cafeteria check out they double charge you for things that are not posted on their pricing menu. Also their chicken is called Roasted Turkey. And Roasted turkey was not on their menu. Also cashier has additued if questioned about charges.

Chelsea Colyer

Do not go here. My son was misdiagnosed and I called to let them know. I'll I wanted was an apology but they seem to think they did nothing wrong.

Laurel Locke

ayman andrawes

The sevice was poor specially cleaning and no body knows about any fees

Thea Carroll

very unhelpful, after being prepped for surgery i was told by other doctors that i did not need it and then they proceeded to tell me i was only there for minimal reasons which was not the case.

ann lafferty

Stay away from this hospital.

DJ SixZum

Don't listen to the bad reviews. You get what you give. As long as you respect these people, and their intelligence, you will always have a good experience

Rachel Blunk

Sitting in Emergency Triage Room Right Now! My Husband was transported by Union Township paramedics! My husband is A-Fib history of heart issues including stent in the heart! His vitals are all over the map with A-Fib! He's in a lot of pain it seems like no one cares here! Don't know if they're shorthanded or not a kind they have other emergency patients while he lays there and pain and chest hurting and vomiting! They just took a Chest X-Ray! Had to remind Nurse several times about blankets for him because he was cold!!! He was in here just last month they refuse to do a Heart Cath to verify if there was any blockage in his heart this time! I do not recommend coming to this hospital! It seems like there are overworked are understaffed or something!!

William Craft

Very professional staff. They were accommodating as possible.

logan moberly

Worse hospital ever my Grandma has been laying in this place for over a week with nothing being done at all ....ever surgery that they schedule her for gets cancelled cause the Doctor has a boil on his face and has to go home sick ..I call BS ....your a doctor whom i might add works in a hospital and cant get a boil taken care of .....And now that we are wanting to transfer her out they cant even do that right... Anderson Mercy is a joke Dont ever take your loved ones there EVER .....No one in that place knows what they are doing......This place sucks

jodye poff

Anderson Mercy should be shut down. The nurses and doctor's at this hospital are careless, inexperienced, and non compassionate. My Dad was admitted on October 8th for a minor surgery for a hernia and he was neglected by the entire staff and he died. My Dad died because the staff at this hospital were careless and did not take care of my him, they over dosed him and did not continuously check on him nor take his vitals. Neither Surgeon nor Doctor were contacted throughout the day. We received his medical records, finally, after a week and the nurses only charted his condition twice throughout his entire time there and lied about what they charted! This hospital should be shut down! Please do not take your loved ones to this hospital please. Now my Mom and my sisters and I are suffeeing, heart broken and devasted and we lost our Dad

Krista Hutson

Took my 15 month old to Anderson Mercy last night at 9. Called on our way to inform them that he ingested what we believed was a large potentially poisonous plant stem and thought it was still lodged in his throat. They said they would have someone waiting. They did not. The front desk women looked at us as if we were nuts. Blank stares and just a general lack of compassion. Went back to a room, 4 nurses came in. One out of the four had gloves on. One of them tried to look inside my sons mouth without gloves. I had to mention the gloves to her!! She never did put them on. I was way too frantic to worry about her. I was more concerned with my baby. There was ZERO sense of urgency for this situation. I kept asking why they were not doing more/why they were so nonchalant and got the same blank stares as we got at the reception desk. While waiting, looking around the room.. it was gross. Blood on the floor. Popcorn all over the floor. Just a messy atmosphere for a HOSPITAL. Doctor finally came in with the same nonchalant attitude. Called for X-rays. They came back confirming our suspicions l. It was lodged in a bad spot where it could potentially go into his airway. Still no rush to action. Dr told me he couldn’t do anything about it any way that he had to call children’s ENT. Then told me he was calling for transport that it would be too dangerous for us to drive him. Specifically told me children’s hospitals ambulance would be there to get him with people trained in airway management on board. He said it wasn’t a typical ambulance that it was a more specialized ambulance. Agreed to the transport, only to have a woman come in and tell me it was going to take A HOUR for them to get there!!!! I told them I was just going to take him myself, the lady who deals with the transport got an attitude and stormed out. Sent in the nurse, I told her we were going to take him, she sent in the doctor. He comes in with a google map printed and tells me that it was a bad choice that something could happen in transit that he really recommended I wait for the CHILDRENS HOSPITAL AMBULANCE. He proceeeds to tell me he has spoken to the ENT at children’s and they are waiting for him. He said they sent his xrays, the ent has seen them and is ready to react. Mind you I’m in hysterics this whole time as is my son. And we saw zero compassion for our situation. We decided to wait. Hour and ten minutes later, they show up. The ambulance was not from children’s. It was a van ambulance with two men. Did not look like paramedics nor EMTs. They were very nice but there was no way they were from children’s hospital nor specialized in airway care. They told my mother in law they were from WEST VIRGINIA!!!! No wonder it took so long to get there! We get inside the ambulance and it looks as if it is from the 1980s and they are playing rap music. I truly felt I was in the twilight zone. The man driving didn’t even know where he was going. The man in the back had to tell him where to go. I hate to talk bad about these men because they were very nice and compassionate. I just do not feel they were in any way able to help my son if things went south. Once we got to children’s. They acted as though they had no idea we were even coming. Doctor comes in and says they do not have the x rays and that they are unsure why he told us that!!!!! Thankfully I had a picture of the X-ray on my phone. From then on it was much better. I will Never return to Mercy Anderson’s ER. My mind is still blown at what all we went through. Hopefully they can get it together. Changes need to be made ASAP. In the meantime, I will be contacting every possible person to complain about the experience we had.

tapen sinha

Worst place for a human being to get treated. I had a heart attack on March 1st and went to emergency at Mercy because I had no choice, because I stay in Anderson. My treatment as it happen in their cardiac unit was a nightmare for me, with my right arm severely bruised due to a damage blood vessel due to gross negligence from a untrained nurse. I was discharged with a bruised arm, and a 90% block remove with LCX stent only and they found 2 major blocks, one on LAD (widow maker with 75%) and left it without a stent. I also had another block 55% on ne of te major arteries. I was not given any medical reason of why it was not stented and even after my followup visit I could not get any information on that. It was hard to get in touch even with the doctor who performed my surgery. My brother in law who is a cardiologist was very concerned with my prognosis after he saw my report. I went with a second opinion with a very well known cardiologist who eventually performed angioplasty and stent at another well know hospital in Cincinnati. I had to wait for this 2nd surgery as my arm was bruised badly and had sleepless nights for 3 weeks after my heart attack with tremendous pain. When I called mercy they only suggested Tylenol. If I did not go to the 2nd doctor at a different hospital I probably wont be alive by now. Mercy sent a lofty bill to my insurance company and now I have to pay $5900 even after insurance paid $21000. I would advise people to stay away from this hospital. I had to select 1 star, as google will not allow me to post without a rating! I wish they had negative rating

Ben Tenhover

My wife was taken to the emergency room here at Mercy Anderson today for severe stomach pain, which we believe to be caused by ulcers (still not sure). She was given a CT scan in which they administered an intravenous contrast dye to help the doctors get a better view. She ended up having a severe allergic reaction and ended up in anaphylactic shock. Her throat instantly swelled to the point of her not being able to breathe and had to fight with a horribly negligent and extremely rude nurse (I wish she could remember her name) to take action and prevent a potentially deadly situation. My wife ended up with sudden diarrhea and ended up on the bathroom floor in a nearly unconscious state, hardly able to even move, only to be reprimanded by this same nurse to get off of the bathroom floor. This is just one example of unprofessional and downright rude behavior exhibited by this nurse at Mercy Anderson while my wife was experiencing a terrifying and dangerous medical emergency. And to make things even more ridiculous, we have since done research and have discovered that people with a history of asthma and eczema, as well as other issues such as thyroid problems, have a much higher risk for these type of reactions to the contrast dye used. My wife has suffered from asthma and eczema for her whole life and has been suffering from pretty severe thyroid issues since being pregnant 3 years ago. Not one time did anyone ask about any of this or show any concern for the possibility of this reaction to occur. It really is such a shame that people come to hospitals such as this one in hopes of finding relief, while putting trust in supposed professionals and then get treated so poorly while being unnecessarily exposed to potential risks, like the one we encountered today.

Bryan Banks

I am currently at this hospital now with back pain. They asked me what my pain level is an hour ago. I told them 9 out of 10. My blood pressure is extremely high indicating I am in pain. The wait continues... I will be posting a 1 star every hour I sit in this emergency room without being seen........ So they won't let me post another review but for the people who read reviews this is approaching 2 hours without seeing anyone.


After reading the awful story of this woman's post about her father passing at this hospital, I truly feel lucky that I made it out alive the day I visited. It was July 31st 2018. I will never forget that day because I came so close to death it has left a scar I will never forget. What was supposed to be a routine cat scan with intravenous dye turned into me going into anaphylactic shock. Had I not had my inhaler with me and not had babies that I knew needed me I would probably be dead. NO ONE came running into the room. NO ONE game me adrenaline. It was like drowning in front of a lifeguard. Gasping and grabbing I finally got very little attention. I thought, this is it. This is how I'm going to die. I ended up on a bathroom floor in my own feces after I was administered benedryl, which barely helped. I fought for a nebulizer treatment. Which ended up taking a half hour to recieve. I kept pleading, "when is this going to stop?". To which the nasty woman in my room replied, "what, when is what going to stop?" I'm going to contact a lawyer. This is not going to happen again.

Matthew Deininger

The nurse or whatever she is at the front desk of emergency at 8:20pm 8/7/18 should be working at a Dentist Office or McDonald’s not at the ER. Apparently only gunshot victims require any level of concern or compassion with her. The doctor wasn’t bad, but I was there for 5 hours for no apparent reason. If I’m billed for two days like others have said, I’ll be hiring a lawyer. Mercy Health if you can’t run an ER stop doing it!

Tonia Borgemenke

All the nurses and doctors where very sweet. And where there to help when ever I needed it. Did have to wait a few hours to get my room.


The emergency room staff was very friendly and helpful. I appreciate everyone that helped me. It was very busy as most emergency rooms are but staff kept me informed and addressed my pain promptly and kept me updated on test results and wait times. Thank you!

Tessa Wagner

Uncle has epilepsy. Came to ER for what seemed like a seizure. Waited in the waiting room for 20 mins while he couldn't remember his name or where he was. Finally went to front desk to get attention finally took us to a room. Nurse came in to do her regular things. Threw out the whole NINE hours that we were here, the doctor only came in TWICE to check up on him. Never found out what was wrong either. I used think this was a great hospital but after this experience I will NEVER be back.

Logan Kennedy

Walk-in to the emergency room on my own two feet now I can't get anywhere without a cane or crutches they said it was a simple surgery I lost my job my house and now homeless and when I went back to have them look at it again they said there's nothing they could do for me

Stacy Longhauser

Watch your bills closely. One of our ER visits I am being charged for 2 co-payments because we arrived at 11:19pm and wasn't discharged until early morning the next day. So we are being billed for 2 days. Horrible service at the ER and billing department. I overpaid on several bills in which they refuse to refund. They said they will apply it to any upcoming bills. They offer 20% discount to pay upfront and give you a higher dollar amount than what your insurance says you owe. Good luck getting that back and they don't want to take the 20% off of what you should have owed according to you insurance.

Gina Gardner

I had a total knee replacement surgery in October 2013, the level of care with staff, doctors and nurses was excellent, so much so that I am having my other knee replacement surgery on July 1st done there as well. I would recommend Mercy Hospital Anderson to my friends and family.

Marta Ray

Radiology department has poorly trained personnel. Because I asked for thyroid shield, I received unnecessary radiation exposure of extra chest x-rays because teen girls that work over there don't know what they are doing.

Sarah Finehout

A wonderful place to welcome a new baby. The care we received at Mercy Anderson was so far above par that it doesn't even compare with our previous birth experience at another hospital. The nurses and staff were wonderful. Most seemed like working in ob is what they're made for. They were helpful when needed and sparse when we wanted privacy. Our son was never removed from our room for any procedures or tests, and the hospital pediatrician was incredible. We will definitely consider going back for future babies.

Cole Lane

Luke Bowen

I had a friend enter this hospital to get a minor surgery and he was poorly taken care of and he died in this hospital he wasn't watched properly he wasn't hooked up to any machines to watch is blood pressure and they gave him too much pain meds and he went into a comma and passed away

Ray Barnes

Everything is great here. People are so polite and helpful. The only issue I have here. Is that I've noticed that the nurses are parking where visitors and patients are supposed to be parking. I am pretty sure that they have designated areas to park. And leave the visitor and patients parking available for the visitors and patient parking

Jessica Hensley

If I could give them half a star I would. They were incredibly rude each time me or my husband were patients there. From being threatened by a nurse, to blaming a possible miscarriage on me... If you have the option, choose a different hospital!

Leeann Bevens

Amanda Copeland

Amanda Stahley

The rudest nurses Barb is the worst they stand around laughing and joking about patients. I fell down a flight of stairs no x ray. One nurse offered a ice pack but never brought it back i cant even get of the couch im hurting so bad. Maybe they are angry because they couldn't make it be a dctot

Xiang Qiu

Kiri Pasch

Waited for 3 hours. Sent me off still crying in pain, by a doctor with a very flippant attitude treating me like I was just looking for a high, who watched me sob while being mostly carried by my husband, and had to help me in the car bc I couldn't move my left side. Awesome.

MaryJane Abner

Love this Hospital. Always respectable and have been there several times. Treat someone with respect and you shall receive the same.

Chad Ashley

I've been sitting in the parking lot for a little over an hour now watching the gentleman that runs the shuttle. He couldn't be better at his job. I have yet to see him miss anyone even though the lot is busy. Of they would rather walk, he greets them and moves along to the next person. Great job on this one Mercy!!

H.R. Pufnstuf

i hurt my knee so i went to the er, a nurse said i need a catheter i thought that was odd, while the nurse was putting the catheter in she pushed me off the bed and said i hit her, i later found out it was a work mans comp false clam , the nurse was a bald fat old woman , while i was on the floor a doctor came in and spit in my face, then the cops beat my up and took me off to jail , i went to court and won the case , no joke i have it on my police record as proof, as well as i was hit by a car walking down the road and they took me to this place and i was in the er for about 2 or 3 days i had a broken leg but they said i did not and gave me nothing for pain, i went to jail then as well because they said since i was walking down the street when i was hit by a car i started to cuss the women out who ran me over and they charged me with cussing at her, so i was in jail with a broken leg and the er told them i was fine , once i got out of jail i went to another er and they had to do surgery on my leg and put in 2 metal plates and 9 screws in my leg, i later went back to the er just to show them pictures of my metal plates and the doctor looked shocked he was like i dont remember doing this. 100% true story and i have proof since its on my police record.

Narcissa Casteel

I was seen in October no problems , my husband was seen In December and now my son was seen 12/31/18. Wait time was ridiculous and he was in so much pain ask the so called nurse for something and he practically jumped down my throat. Poor taste on your part I wish I would have gotten your name jerk.

Lydia White

Visited the ER and received excellent and quick service from the doctors. However, it has been 5 months later and I'm pulling my hair out with trying to get the CPT codes for my insurance. I have literally called Mercy on three separate occasions, and they push it to the side. They mailed me a letter the first time which was "supposedly" a billing statement that would have everything I needed - had nothing I needed. My insurance rep even called them, and Mercy said they would send the codes... it's been a month and nothing was received. Calling AGAIN in attempts to get this resolved. It's a shame that this experience is so rotten that I have to give a 1 star because of the billing department.

Rikki Vaydor Vedder

Very fast ER time! The billboard with estimated wait times was accurate and helpful. The whole property is absolutely electrifying, as if Jesus and Moses themselves built it by hand. The services were friendly and compassionate, unbelievable how one person and care so genuinely yet everyone here wants to be here for you and it shows. Incredible options for a multitude of needs! The coffee machines were amazing and at $1 I had 19 coffees in 12 hours. Definitely worth a visit and although I hope to not come back I’ll be happy if I do.

Stefen Elvira

Jeanine Shouse

I've never had issues with this hospital. My preferred hospital for sure

Justin Snith

The reason i have given this a one star is because i just found out they refuse to help my uncle which i just searched is illegal and will post in my comment Public and private hospitals alike are prohibited by law from denying a patient care in an emergency. The Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act (EMTLA) passed by Congress in 1986 explicitly forbids the denial of care to indigent or uninsured patients based on a lack of ability to pay.

Kathy Lu

Patient and reviewer, Gabrielle Johnson, It takes so much courage to reach out for help! I applaud you!! Then to be treated as you are less than any other living breathing being is horrible. I sure hope you're doing better today and on the continuous road of recovery! YOU DO MATTER!!!

Jason Bishop

Can't wait to get that servay in the mail ,

Kenny Brown

Great Experience. Both nursing and doctors were fantastic. I would highly recommend Mercy Hospital Emergency Department.

John Clark

Brought my father here to get stitches in his elbow. 5 hrs later still not done! Absolutely Ridiculous!

Melissa Brock

The emerency room is slow to see people but service is worth the wait. They pay attention to whats going on and unlike other hospitals (UC, Jewish Kenwood, etc) they aren't looking for a quick diagnosis to push you out the door. The kabor and delivery ward is amazing though. I love that everything happens in the one room (labor, delivery, and post partum recovery). The rooms are very nice and the service is awesome. I had my daughter at 27 weeks and they did such a great job with us both. I'll be having my son there as well, the doctors are great communicators and nurses are quite helpful.

Pam Love

The new remodeling looks great compared to the last time I was here. The rooms were very nice! I was visiting my uncle yesterday and was disappointed when one of his monitors went off and no one came to check on it for quite awhile, I didn't time it, but it was 5 min+. He's an elderly man and it shook him up a bit. As a sat there listening to the beeps, I could here the staff outside of his room conversing among themselves. I work at a pizzeria and when our phone rings we're supposed to answer it before the third ring. Pizzas not a life or death thing, monitors going off could be. I wish staff could be more focused on patients than their personal lives.

Yolanda Morales


My healthcare help was good but I had a serious issue. Everything was good until the end. I got in the car and wasn’t even away from the hospital for 5 mins before I realized I didn’t have my wallet so I went back they said the room was cleaned out and it wasn’t turned it so they said it probably was mixed in with the linens which they couldn’t access again I hadn’t even been gone 5 mins. I had to call the linen place the next day to be told they didn’t have it. When I asked mercy to send my insurance to my primary so I didn’t have to pay since my wallet had my Insurance card in it they refused. I had to get new ID new credit cards everything all just a couple of days before leaving for a trip it was a nightmare and makes no sense how my wallet I left sitting on the bed could disappear completely in less than 5 mins I think it was stolen at this point but I froze all my cards instantly so there is no way they got a chance to use it thank god

Quentin Davis

Someone close to me had been in mercy for a few days and they are doing their best to take care of him. I know sometimes the nurses are over worked and there aren’t enough people on the floors. It’s important for us to treat others as way went want to be treated. If we all remember this life would be more enjoyable.

Marie North

Bob Briggs

Me and my family have always received good service there.

Cindy Keller

The radiologist with Mercy Hospital Anderson who evaluated my MRI on my knee found a bone contusion, but more importantly missed seeing my fractured tibia bone! Not acceptable. Two weeks later, I went to see a wonderful doctor at Beacon Orthopedic for a second opinion and he found my fractured tibia on the MRI within a few seconds. I'm so frustrated having delayed my recovery because of the incompetence of the doctors at Mercy Hospital.

Mark Baker

$608.80 FACILITY fee for 15 minute visit for a burn. The doctor also charged a fee. This place claims to be faith based but their business practice is nothing short of criminal in my opinion. This place is what's wrong with healthcare.


I had my child at Anderson Hospital and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Everyone, from the nurses to the doctors to the greeters, was pleasant, smart and kind. Can't say enough great things about them!

Rebecca Marple

Ellen Harris

Thurs 7/28 while volunteering at the Diagnostic Ctr I had severe Vertigo. Pat in the Lab took my blood, Kolena in CT got a wheel chair, Sherry in PPU did stroke protocol. Pat took me to the ER and stayed with me till they admitted me. Judy from the Lab came to keep me company. The ER personnel were fantastic espc Brandon. I was admitted and again every one was wonderful - Amy Landrum, Dr Chanda, Kate, the therapy girls. I have no complaints and would like to give the ER staff and Hospital staff cudos. Hospital are not fun but these people made it as pleasant as possible

Jamie Jewell

Fast and helpful

Sarah Karch

I've just spent the last 5 days as a patient in this hospital. I came in for severe pain if the abdomen and was admitted several hours later even though my labs showed nothing wrong other than a UTI. I sat for the majority of a week hoping to have more tests or a discernable diagnosis. Instead I sat in pain and was seen by a doctor only after being alone for the first three days. On Day 5 after deciding that blood work was enough to show I was healthy Dr. McKEEN discharged me. Still in copious amounts of pain with no answers and after wasting a week of my life with no medical advise or explanation. The majority of the nurses had no idea what to do with me and had very little compassion. That being said there was a very kind and helpful nurse named Terra and I hope she at least gets some recognition for being a wonderful person. I will never be back here as I am leaving with the same intense vomit inducing pain I arrived with and nothing more than a week lost. Next time I will go to Christ or Good Sam. Most likely in the near future so I can get real treatment and answers.


I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in my opinion of the front desk registrar (hope she's not a nurse!) at Mercy Anderson. I had to go there on a Saturday afternoon (per directions of Urgent Care physician) after sustaining a concussion. He was concerned I had a brain bleed and sent me there for a CT. He faxed an order for it and also gave me a written order. When I got there there was one other couple at the desk, I was struck by how rude she was to them. When it was my turn, I told her I was there for a CT - first thing out of her mouth was "we don't do CT's on the weekend, you'll need to come back on a weekday". I once again explained that I had been sent there per MD's orders. Next she wanted my insurance card, scanned it and then told me to "sit down you'll probably have to wait a couple of hours". There was no one, outside the couple that was ahead of me in the ER. I ended up waiting less than 10 minutes. Fortunately, the nursing staff/CT Tech/physician I saw were more compassionate and that's the only reason I'm giving my review one star. I wouldn't have commented on Mercy's ER if this was an isolated incident, but this was the second time I've been there and I experienced rude behavior from the front desk staff (last visit was a couple of years ago for kidney stones, and again I was referred by a physician). Having spent 15 yrs working in health care, I understand how stressful it can be to work with people that don't feel well.. Taking your stress out on your patients by being rude is no excuse. Despite the fact that I only live about five minutes away I'll go to one of the other hospitals in Clifton. I won't be going back.

Kimberly Porter

I want to say thank you to mercy anderson every time I have been admitted to the hospital or to see my doctors Risa speildoch, or Michelle Federer or nurse practitioner Nancy badawI and Catherine I hae been treated with the best care I could receive. I am very pleased and know that everyone here including all staff that has been over my care deserves a award for best care givers. Thank you so very. To all and I will make sure I fill out the survey. Your the best mercy and thank you for all you do. Kimberly porter Patient

Patricia Edwards

I was just released from a 2 day stay. Did many tests on my heart. Dr at hospital said there were no blockages or problems. Go to my family Dr and the report the hospital sent to my Dr said I had+ blockages. To what degree who knows.q Can't they read their own test results. THEY sure know how to whip out the charges.

Michael Reid

Very nice nurses & staff, morning prayer is nice and helps the day start peaceful. As long as you have no food restrictions ordering off the menu is awesome and the food is great! I got a new hip and I’m happy & thankful for that and my whole experience with Mercy Health Anderson!

Sean Beckett

Literally just walked out of the emergency room after taking an ambulance 2 the hospital in incredible amounts of pain right now and I left because they did nothing to treat me

Savannah Utley

I will NEVER take my children here again!!! I brought my 10yr old son in for severe abdominal pain and severe throat pain. They swabbed him for strep and told me he was clear. A few days later they send everything to my sons family doctor and I got a call saying he did in fact have strep. I sent my son to school under the impression he was clear. There's no telling how many children my son infected. Which could have been prevented. Had the staff been able to read their OWN test results. Not to mention his own baby brother who has febrile seizures and can't get sick due to spike in temperatures being extremely dangerous for him. Had something happened to my younger son due to this hospital's negligent actions they would have been facing a major law suit. Hugely disappointed. Will never go back to this place.

Gabrielle Johnson

I'll admit I'm a screw up.. but I didn't ask for drugs I asked for help..begged this is the worst pain I've ever felt and Anderson mercy treated me like a junkie who they didn't care what could happen... I own a home I made a mistake I'm human.. but while I turned to help I have 3 beautiful children that care if their mommy is ok. My momma needs me..I'm 27 years old the nurse was nice but they acted like I was a parasite .OB wise your great anything else they'll send you walking when u can barely walk severe blood clots swelling pain not even checking it out..said pee in a cup then jammed needles into my arms didn't properly check it, I'm a nurse aide my iv was leaking then blood pushing out then to top that off started pushing into my arm they said it was ok... I was frozen didn't off me a blanket or anything.. handed me a cup and left me hours to just sit and cry in pain...I've never felt more ashamed to ask for help..never felt this helpless and voiceless...the nurse said to me I have to get to this patient that just came in... I MATTER TOO!!! While I'm still in agonizing pain at home I'd like to thank you all for treating me like I was less a person..that my health and treatment didn't matter enough to really look at me... I hope it sits on your consious

Chad Boone

I've been sitting out in the van with the kids for over an hour waiting for my wife. The gentleman running the shuttle van for the hospital couldn't be better at his job. He is up and down these rows not missing a person and if they don't want a ride he pleasantly greets them and goes on to the next person. Great job on this one Mercy!!

ken kavensky

Just a horrible place.

Tanya Jeffries

Anderson Mercy hospital, is the worst I have seen in some time! Most of the staff and some of the doctors are rude and disrespectful, as another google review stated, they stand around chatting, laughing etc.. and do not seem to be concerned with the patients. The poor care of my brother started in the ER, the paramedics that brought our brother/son to Anderson Mercy hospital, gave him oxygen, ask him questions, they gave him better medical treatment than the staff and doctors in the ER, who seemed to care less about our brother/son's medical condition and our families concerns. The staff did not seem to know what they were doing, they made mistakes with the IV's, and did not take time to listen to our brother, who was in extreme pain, or listen to our family about our brother/son's medical condition, also note he was given no oxygen in the ER, when clearly he was having trouble breathing. When our family member was sent to the ICU, for better care so one would assume, he was given oxygen thankfully, but sadly the poor care continued by the medical team caring for our family member in the ICU. We have read and heard bad reviews for this hospital, and sadly our brother/son experienced it. Anderson Mercy hospital, and the medical team that was caring for our brother/son,uncle,cousin and friend, treated him like a second class citizen, they gave him as well as our family no Mercy, choices or options! This type of treatment is despicable, and unacceptable to say the least! Patients, and families have a right in helping to make medical decisions for themselves and or there loved ones. Anderson Mercy should also respect the patients will to live, as well as discuss any and all options with the patient and or the family for there loved one. Anderson Mercy failed to do so in our case. We are writing this review in hopes that Anderson Mercy will look at the way they treat patients and families, also review there policies. Hopefully, this review can help save another patient and family from being treated so poorly, like second class citizens by this hospital! ALL LIVES MATTER !!!!!!!!!

Hannah Lindsay

Jonathan Sizemore

I never write reviews but I felt compelled to speak out about my experience with this hospital. I suffered a hernia at work and went into the ER. The sign in sheets ask if it was work related injury I checked "yes" when the doctor and nurse asked about the injury I explained it happened at work. Being as someone who has never filled workman comp I figured I did what was needed but after meeting with the surgeon the next day I discovered they never filled the claim. Pure laziness. My experience doesn't end there after they admitted me I was left in the room for hours., I was told a surgeon was going to come see me after already being there for a few hours I waited another 4 hours for this surgeon. After waiting hours and no one coming to check on me and this surgeon being a no show I requested to be discharged. They yanked the I.V. From my arm slinging blood everywhere and over heard the nurse and doctor complaining about my request like I was a burden. They discharged me the doctor never came back to tell me my condition or anything just a piece of paper the nurse gave me with a referral to a surgeon that I am now currently in the waiting room to reschedule because the ER didn't do the workman comp paperwork mean while I'll be in pain for week without answers waiting for my next appointment Do not visit this hospital. I repeat do go to Anderson mercy Kenwood mercy is a much better facility and obviously care enough to do their job unlike this place..

Sandra H

Update: After my son was discharged come to find out the “nurse” came into his room to sat “ your mommy called, here’s medicine have a nice night” in a mocking way treating him as if he’s an embesol. I am blown away at the way this woman treated my son and sent him away without even checking him out. If I could give this joke of a hospital zero stars I would because 1 star is to many. My son went to the ER last night covered in a rash/hives. His entire torso, back and legs. They gave him a steroid and Benedryl and said they have no idea what it is but if it comes back to come directly back to the ER. So this evening the rash/hives came back with a vengeance. Literally his skin was burning and itching and back we went. 2hours later after a nasty phone call and my son sitting in a room and not 1 person addressing any problem,( not one person even asked to see the rash) someone finally comes in gives him a benedryl and says “I’m sorry we don’t do that. We can’t diagnose whatever it is you have. You need to see a allergen specialist” And sent him packing. How can a HOSPITAL send someone away whose skin is now covered in huge welts, huge red splotches of God knows what, and whose skin is literally burning? This is an absolute joke of a hospital. I am astounded at the unprofessional way my son was treated. I would NOT recommend this disgrace of a hospital to my worst enemy. Anderson Mercy will be hearing from my family first thing tomorrow morning. I want answers.

Ollie Darnell

I have to agree with others here concerning the receptionist in the ER. She was worried more about when the pizza was arriving than the patients whom needed medical help. I was there back in the summer with a nasty infected tick bite. Only seen by a person whom I assume was in training for a phycian degree. I had to ask to see a doctor, ask for a Lyme disease test and got very lil attention. I am highly allergic to ticks and I told them this. The nurses and Dr all acted as if I was just a whinny baby. To make a long story short my Phycians Office never received test results. I returned to Er recently with symptoms of Lyme Disease and internal parasites. Boy oh boy I was the laughing stock of the ER. Laughed at by the phycian, nurses, x-ray tech even said to me “I heard you have bugs” with a giggle. I WAS NEVER SO HUMILIATED IN MY LIFE!! Now still today as I write this NO TEST RESULTS!! Thanks Anderson Mercy for nothing but a LARGE Bill in the mail.

Brian H

Daryl Schweitzer

4 stars because it was slow as most ERs are. PA Andrew deserves 5 stars. He was extremely helpful, respectfull and nice. He solved my discomfort and thanks to him I am much better now.

Debra White

I took my sister to the ER for shortness of breath on Monday night; there was no wait time at all. She never even took a seat in the waiting room, and was taken back and triaged immediately. The doctor saw her after about an hour, being constantly looked after by nurses and techs. The staff could not have been more caring, knowledgeable and helpful. When we left the ER so my sister could be admitted, I literally wanted to hug the ER nurse who had taken care of her; she felt like a family member who had lovingly taken care, and it's very comforting when you leave your loved one in a hospital, to think that you are leaving him or her in the hands of someone who cares.

Mike Simes

The billing department is a joke. Keep sending extra bills 4 months afterwards.

Joe Schoenberger

I've had mixed experiences with Mercy Anderson Hospital. Some have been excellent and some have been poor. The attending physician makes all the difference with regard to their bedside manner and their ability to maintain empathy for the patients they encounter. I understand the world we live in today, and many physicians can become like the police, jaded and feel like all patients are just drug seekers or over-reacting or whatever the case may be where a person is classified and objectified as a 'thing' instead of working TOGETHER as a TEAM to decide the best course of treatment for each patient. This is essential as we are chemical beings and each person isn't the same as another. We are all chemically different and require different types of care. God bless you for caring for us. Take care of us best you can. Don't be afraid to let your HEART and your HEAD be involved in our care and in your practices. Don't forget addicts not only need doctors but they tend to need them MORE than others because of the tendency for them to develop other issues. Thanks for doing the best you can every day. We need you.

Orion Trist

The maternity ward and all the doctors and nurses here are amazing. Its a wonderful place to give birth.

Brian Annis

What a joke of a birthing ward. No seriously, they are terrible. Even right next to the nurses station they can't get out of their 8 person huddle to stop gossiping like girls and do their job. Will absolutely never be coming back even if I'm dying.

Nocturnal Nights

My wife came in with severe stomach pains, they couldn't figure out what it was so they just sent her home. Her pain was 10 out of 10. Went directly to Bethesda. There is a reason this hospital has dozens of 1 star reviews, because they are the worst.

Vern Fields

Raymond Biersbach

Carolyn Larson


I have been to different emergency rooms in different parts of the country, this is the worst. The nurse was impatient almost rude at times. There was only one doctor, and the emergency room did not have any specialist doctor for my symptoms. Medicine was prescribed with very little explanation to cover up the symptoms and get me out of the emergency room. It did not seem matter to them that I still had the symptoms when I was asked to leave in the middle of night.

Eugene Tavares

Billing department repeatedly has sent bills with personal info (so much for HIPAA) to the wrong address. Also has “lost” recent payment, good thing I have their receipt showing I paid and my credit card receipt.

Nikki Marie

No cleaning crew, place is filthy!!! Floors and all waiting areas need cleaned!! Fish tank is dirty and moldy upstairs 3rd floor! No bed liners in the restrooms for little ones!!

Patty Harrison

I really need to cut and paste my review from Facebook but in the meantime, others may have had bad service here, but all my family & I know is the ICU and their staff of amazing doctors and nurses have been literally saving my brother's life for the past 9 days and counting. He would've died within 24 hours from a bacterial infection, pneumonia, sepsis and ARDS had they not continued to diagnose and re-diagnose the very severe and complicated issues he has been having. Drs Mustafa, Parker, & Patel and all the nurses- especially Adam, Erica, Sean, Lauren, & Janella have gone to every extreme, every length including bringing in from other states the highest technology possible to save his life. They have treated our brother and our family as they would their own loved ones. Thank you &God Bless the staff at the Mercy Hospital Anderson in the ICU unit! From the Swanson family -Sept. 2015

Charish M

Lawyer, lawyer, lawyer. Horrible care,not even keeping patient informed about medications, conditions and stay. Rude staff that ignored family that have questions over care for patient. 14hr er visit and they literally didn't do anything but transfer patient to another hospital in said time. I really wish they had better coordinating so someone would answer the phone to discuss this malpractice.

Thomas Stansbury

I think it time to start treat people with alot respect in this hospital because this supposed to be a Christian Hospital with a lot of supporters and support staff and love there and if the staff there don’t feel like helping Patients there then they shouldn’t be working there because when I was there I have no see a staff for over sometime 4 or 5 hours that sometimes Ridiculous and when I used my hospital remote from my bed they don’t answer a lot like are supposed to and also when I look outside the hall way where they are sitting at the desk I see some of them playing on there phone and talking to other staff and Goofing off this hospital dose need a change from the Holy spirit

Kate Jones

I will go to any other emergency room before this one! Was taken to the E. R. by Ambulance from my primary care doctor after an irregular ekg. Not once was I actually examined. Test were run and my vitals monitored. The PA or the Dr. (that I only saw at the end of the visit) didn't lay one finger on me! Somewhere between my doctor and the hospital someone got it in their head that I was there for abdominal pain and not heart issues... They seemed to only want to focus on that,giving me all kind of meds for stomach pain when that wasn't even my chief complaint! They gave me meds for nausea, even though I had said nothing about being nauseous! (I was after they made me drink the gi cocktail that did nothing but make me want to vomit!) They even ran a pregnancy test on me! I'VE HAD A COMPLETE HYSTERECTOMY! No one bothered to explain my tests to me or give me any information about the results, except to say they were normal. I don't know that I've ever been in a hospital where a staff seemed so inept an uncaring in my life! Again, I will do EVERYTHING to avoid Mercy Anderson in the future.

Jarred Miller

It's nothing but a bunch of jugemental idiots. I was told I needed to leave after taking my girl there for attempted suicide nurses. Place is a joke never going back again

derek gross

I would like to thank the nurse's and doctor's on helping my Mom out! They have a great selection of doctor's and when I had A question about A procedure the nurse's we're there to assist me with any question's I asked!

John Westendorf

One of the best places I've ever been

Gayle Mattix

I would risk dying before I would ever let anyone take me there. They basically held me hostage without help. To top it all off they literally stuffed my legs and feet into a taxicab and wrote the report to say “patient left in good condition.” I needed emergency back surgery! Nice job you bunch of morons! I would not take a sick dying dog there. It is surprising that they are still open. I think the medical review board needs to look into this horrible establishment! I have filed a complaint with your patient relations department!

Alexus Beard

Amazing labor and delivery

Phil Mccracken

I have no idea how Mercy Anderson Hospital got any good reviews at all. Their Emergency Department is useless and the service there is horrible. They call themselves an "acute care" hospital and have won top hospital awards when they can't handle anything major or complex in the ER! My dad was brought in by ambulance from a car wreck and had to wait 35 minutes before a nurse or doctor even came in to take his vitals or check on him. The paramedics literally brought him into a room where he had to wait and he was in severe pain. He was in bad shape from the car wreck. Once he was checked out by a triage nurse, we waited and waited for a CT scan and x-rays to be ordered. Meanwhile, it took them over an hour and a half before they gave him anything for his severe pain. They are very understaffed there and are extremely slow. Plus, they don't have enough equipment (CT scanners, MRI, x-rays, etc.) to handle the amount of patients that are there or that are in bad shape. I had to walk out to the desk to actually get someone to come in and turn the blood pressure monitor off because it was constantly beeping and the cuff was hurting my dad's arm. From what I saw, there were many staff members standing around and just talking. This kind of service is unacceptable when you have an ER full of patients who need to be seen and taken care of. Once the doctor came in after the scans and x-ray, he was there for all of 3 minutes, didn't act like he cared and left without answering any questions. I even asked the nurse if she could get him again, but he never came back. He was in a hurry. By this time, I was very upset because the doctor did not seem knowledgeable in explaining what was going on internally or with his broken bones. They are supposedly certified in emergency medicine. So, I recommend avoiding this hospital and its Emergency room. I have heard from others as well that they can't handle anything major or any traumas. I will likely file a complaint with the Ohio Board of Health.

Shaun Bland

My girlfriend was just there on the 14th (June 2017)...recieved 5 staples & 5 stitches in her head. BESIDES the perverted tech named Julio (...seriously...that was/is his name), everything was excellent! The issue WE had with him was that when he instructed her 2 remove her clothes from the waist up & handed her her gown, he left the room for about 10 seconds, returned back in, unannounced AND without a knock while she was still getting dressed. THEN, as if that wasn't already enough, further disrespected US by attempting to peak at her while she layed on the table having the EKG machine hooked up! the point that when the nurse came in to hook up another machine noticed how low the sticky pad was on the one side & out loud (after her visibly asking herself) "Why is this pad so low?!" Smh, are our women safe from perverts ANYWHERE?! ...I CAN ONLY IMAGINE HOW BAD IT WOULD HAVE BEEN IF I WASN'T THERE!

John Day

My wife gave birth to my daughter in Mercy Anderson last year. We enjoyed our stay and both my wife and my daughter were nicely treated.

Andrew Feagins

Kevin Ball

Services are slow. Was unhappy to walk out and see staff on computers some on Facebook. I think they should have a restriction on that! What does facebook have to do with helping a patient that is being seen for a broken rest, Nothing right. Someone should do something about this.

Laura Sink

Unfortunately there is not an option to rate this hospital 0 stars. I have delivered four children here, 3 of them were great experiences, 1 of them not so much, but that is not what brings me here today. My dad, my hero, the best man I’ve ever known, came into the emergency room on 10/7/18 with what was diagnosed as an inguinal hernia. He had surgery on the morning of 10/8 to repair the hernia and preform a partial bowel resection. His surgeon informed us that the surgery went well and he was taken into recovery. As the day progressed , my dad began to experience severe pain. He was given dilaudid which seemed to help for short spurts, but he became very agitated and had trouble breathing a few times. His blood pressure dropped significantly twice and at one point almost fell to the ground. The nurses seemed completely unfazed and almost dismissive. At 6:40 pm he was given his 3rd dose of dilaudid and unmediated fell into what we thought was a deep sleep. At 7:45pm a PCA came into to check his vitals. She was unable to get a blood pressure and stated that she was going to get the nurse and they’d be back in. At 8:00 I looked at my dad and realized he was not breathing. No alarms went off, no one came rushing into the room, the staff was oblivious. I ran out into the hall and yelled at the first nurse I saw that she needed to check my dad, he wasn’t breathing. My dad coded at 8:05 and while they did resuscitate him, it took 14 mins so I knew his chances were not good. He was taken for scans and then to the icu where he coded again. My dad passed away at 1:30 am on 10/9. We have since learned that my dad was bleeding internally throughout the day and they did not notice the signs. I believe 100% that the staff dropped the ball. My family and I feel completely robbed. Robbed of time. Robbed of the chance to make more memories. Robbed of the chance to say goodbye. My dad was a happy, healthy , 72 year old man with an amazing wuality of life and now he’s gone. I will never allow anyone I love to visit this hospital!

Heidi Thoroughman

I had fell and hit my elbow was told it wasn't broken come to find out it was broke in 8 places this place is a joke

sandra foley

Dustin Brown

The facility looks great but service is so slow it could cripple you. Just today we arrived at 5:40pm and I'm writing this review at 10:11pm and we just got blood taken. Haven't seen a doctor yet. When the staff is busy they can't handle the stress and have horrible attitudes. If I was in an emergency situation or just don't wanna be in a hospital all day then I'd make my visit to a different hospital.

Toni Plazarin

Stephanie Flading

Danielle Wessel


this place is an embarrassment. 93 y/o mother stayed 3 days. 2 meals that i knew about were skipped NO explanation. PCA threw a pillow at my mother instead of walking 2 more feet to the bed. The lack of information, no communicatio was outstanding. Follow up appts. that should be scheduled were not discussed. i have been in hospitals, emergency rooms, i have the utmost respect for nurses and staff usually. if an ambulance dropped me off i would walk to the next hospital.

Jeremy Tackett

Left a cell phone in a emergency room and never had it returned

Nichole Lane

David Stratton

Very good wife had excellent care.

Darryl Walker

How long does it normally take to get seen in the ER. I've been setting here for 4hrs this is unbelievable .

Luke Haruki

Leann Mckeon

Was admitted through the E.D., when i mistakenly took a high dose of the wrong insulin. I expected a shot of Glucagone and to be sent home. I was instead admitted to the "critical care floor." Not sure why. 2 1/2 days later I am discharged. I can understand the reasoning, i guess, for the lengthy stay but it seems like it's one end of the scale to another with this place. Either too much care or not nearly enough, almost borderline neglect. I waiting well over 3 hours for my discharge papers. Calling 3 seperate times to the nurses station, without action. I finially removed mt heart monitor MYSELF , with no reaction fron the nurses. I dressed myself and after waiting and waiting and still waiting i finally walked up to the nurses station and asked for some gauze and tape to take my.i.v. out MYSELF! It had been disconnected for almost 10 hours. I waited another 30 minutes, when i called the station and asked that i have my duscgarge forms emailed to me. Ive waited long enough. I was told that my nurse would be right in. 10 minutes later, I gave them ONE LAST CHANCE, and walked up to the nurses station, only to be told "one sec. Im printing them now", 3 minutes later, he was still fiddling. I left. Admission is very patient oriented. A nurse, from your floor, cones down to personallytake you up to their new rooms. Discharge has always bern an issue. If i could find a friggin phone number, to voice my concerns, from their website i would tell them this. Have a nurse, pn each floor, assigned to ONLY HANDLE DISCHARGES!!!!" It would make everyone alot happier.

Karen Stiens

Very upset and disappointed in this hospital! I was taken to the hospital by ambulance because of severe chest pains which also caused me to pass out. They were very nice and receptive at first. Drew my blood, ran all kinds of tests and also said that they needed a urine sample to rule out an infection which I had no problem giving them. They also gave me pain medication in the ER. I was in alot of pain and it was also radiating into my back. Feel very weak and off balance. I have done physical health problems which I was prescribed pain medication for and they were aware of this. I was admitted into the cardiology unit. I was treated with respect and was also given my pain medication. Then the next at 7am they gave me my medication also. Then between 8-10am a lady came in to talk to me. I had a severe migraine caused from passing out and because they gave me nitroglycerin. I'm not sure if she was a nurse or Dr. But she began asking me questions as soon as she walked in the room. Asked why I my right hand and arm was shaking shook badly? In told her that it started about 6 months before and my Dr wanted me to go see a neurologist to find out what was wrong and to rule out Parkinson's because my Grandpa had it breville he died. She then started saying that I was having withdrawl symptoms. Said that she could give me klonopin to help. In had more tests ran then by the time 12pm rolled around I was still in severe pain. The chest pain stopped but I had started having sharp shooting pains in ther middle of my back. My nurse came in and saw how bad I wad hurting and stated that she didn't have anything for pain but could give me tylenol. I asked why I wasn't being given my pain medication (5mg methadone and 10mg oxycodone)? She didn't respond to my question at all. She acted as if she didn't hear me. It was very upsetting because I know differ heard me and could tell that I was in an extreme smoking of pain. I asked her again and this time her reply was that the Dr does not give/write narcotic prescriptions when a person is being discharged from hospital. My reply was that I didn't ask for anything for when I went home,I was simply asking why all of ther sudden my pain was not being addressed and didn't seem to matter? That is supposed to be a Drs job to take care of the patient in any and every aspect of their care! So I asked for Tylenol, which is the only thing that the nurse said that she could give to me for pain! I told the nurse(Ashley) that I was still having sharp piercing pains in ther middle of my back which seemed to be radiating into the middle of my chest and around the right side and I was concerned because I didn't know what was wrong. This was a new pain which I had never experienced before this day! But once again my concerns went unanswered and unnoticed! She then came in with my discharge papers, which was very upsetting because I didn't feel like I should be discharged until they had addressed my concerns! But I was not being taken care of so why should I stay? Another girl came into my room,who I thought was a nurse also, ( my pain was causing me to not think clearly and feel very confused the whole time I was in hospital) and said that she was going to get a wheelchair to take me downstairs because I was being discharged. By this time my son was there to visit only to be told I was being discharged. He wad very concerned and upset about how I was(but really wasn't) being treated. The girl never came back with the wheelchair school my son went out into the hallway and when he did he saw the girl who was supposed to be getting the wheelchair sitting at the desk on her cell phone and he said "Real Professional" The wheelchair was sitting right outside of my room so he proceeded to push it into my room to do what she was supposed to be doing! She said I will take her out. But by this time my son was so upset that he said "no I got it"! I asked her 2 times how I go about making a complaint or filing a grievance,I got no answer. 3rd time she said I'm not your nurse,I dont know.

moon running

I do not have a problem with the service provided but the costs for service is so very out of line and crazily unaffordable. One needs a higher education degree to navigate through the system in order to understand costs. My most recent example was the cost of a gall bladder/liver ultrasound being $1200 compared to the same service out of ProScan for $144.

Marilyn Wegener

Only positive things to say. Emergency personnel positive, personal, knowledgeable, made me at peace.

Nancy Parker

Top treatment outside the city core. Usually short wait, but worth it. Healthcare isn't a good order.

Erika Lozoya

They are horrible! They make poor decisions. Do not choose this hospital. This is one of there patients. Sad sad sad

Lacey Palazzolo

Delivered two babies here and the nurses were exceptional. The labor and delivery rooms were comfortable and my experience here was pleasant.

Ashton Rose

do not recommend to my LGBTQ+ friends. Especially my Trans ones. Have never felt so humiliated in my life. If I didn't feel so weak from voluntarily discharging myself I'd get a hold of human rights. Learn how to treat everyone as human, you're doctors.


Terrible service, Rude nurses, Long waits, nothing but "dope heads" in there now. Everything it used to be is not anymore. I had a terrible nurse named Brittany. (I think her name was) Avoid this place.

Connie Misch

I appreciate Anderson Mercy! All Doctors, nurses, staff! I've always been treated with the utmost respect and attention. I appreciate the way they pay attention to details and hurry to help you if your in exstreem pain. I highly recommend. If you don't want something they are good! Your in good hands! I love the way they pray everyday too!!!!

Lori O'Connell

Absolutely barbaric. Keep yourself and your loved ones out of this dangerous institution.

Ashley Jenkins

I think it’s important that when people enter the building, their stress and worries are put slightly at ease by how they’re greeted and treated. That first “hello” and interaction can make all the difference! I just have to point out that the woman at the front desk (Paige) made our experience poorer than it could have been.

Angela Marsh

Demeaning, inattentive staff. Left me sitting in a room by myself after stating the doctor would "be right in" for an hour and a half. No one stopped to see if I was ok or even breathing. I tried to flag people down, begged for an ibuprofen (never got that) and was not given any follow up instruction except see my primary. I get it, I was in the ER. There are other things going on, but are you so understaffed that you can't even make sure your patients are OK, comfortable... alive? The nurse practitioner I saw clearly had no idea what she was doing and every person I spoke with behaved like I was bothering them. Absolutely absurd. I even left without my discharge paperwork because I couldn't take spending another hour being treated like I was a nuisance to them. You go to the ER when you NEED to go, not because it's so much fun. The staff should be trained in bedside manner, you chose to be there by accepting the job... I was there out of medical necessity. I'm sorry, Mercy Anderson ER, for being such a bother today. I'm sure I will be much less bothersome when I pay the giant bill your going to send me. (Which, incidentally, I'm perfectly capable of paying despite the repeated reminder from the staff that "most people" come in when they can't pay for a doctor.) I had a head injury and needed a CT scan... TWO doctors referred me to the ER before I came. I've never felt more collectively demeaned and ignored as I did today. Absolutely disgusted by the lack of concern for patients and lack of care provided. And to think I will have to actually pay money for that abuse! Quite a racket going on there, Mercy Health! Get a clue and tell your staff to not immediately assume everyone is a low life who can't pay a bill. Unfortunately my doctor's office (like most) do not have CT capabilities so I got stuck with you today and definitely came out on the losing end of that arrangement. Since I can't post zero stars I'll give the one star I have to post to Wendy, the volunteer. She was kind and sweet, upbeat and friendly. She doesn't even get paid to do this and managed to make me feel more human than the staff. They should take a lesson from her because the rest of you were absent from the "caring" part of caring for a patient. I wasn't there looking for drugs or an excuse from work as it seemed was the assumption, I was there for medical care... which I barely received. All I gained was a little humiliation and a referral back to the doctor who referred me to you. Thanks guys! I'm sure anyone would take my thousand dollars to give me the same advice. What a joke.

Erin Owens

Hannah Phillips

A few years back my son who was 8 at the time had been experiencing severe abdominal pain with vomiting and no control of his bowels. He was so sick that he could not walk and my husband had to carry him in. They did blood tests and an x-ray . Said his white blood cell count was up high but not to worry it was a stomach virus and sent him home. That night my son had progressively gotten sicker. He looked like he was at deaths door, so before the sun came up my husband and I took him to Children’s hospital in Cincinnati. They took one look at him, and sent him in for an MRI. Found out very quickly that my sons appendix had ruptured and it wasn’t recent. They performed emergency surgery on him. He was so ate up in infection that he was in the hospital for almost two weeks. His admitting doctor told us if we didn’t come when we did, my son may have not made it. Anderson prides themselves on speedy ER times. They even have a huge bill board informing you of your wait time. I’ve been shocked and appalled that it was at the one minute marker at one time. Not sure if they really care about their patients. Not too keen on their fast food drive through speed goals. It’s kind of awful.

Sarah Jenkins

Terrible. Husband went into emergency department had to get staples went to Bethesda north two nights before they we're to get taken out and Bethesda north said they murdered his arm and they wasn't so nice to him by the look of his staples. Wouldn't go here if you paid me too.

Judd Bostic

the worst Hospital visit I have ever had. After giving them my insurance card and info, they put me down as workers comp. then the so called Doc. had no clue what was going on with me but he said I was fine, but he never asked what was going on. why they put it down as workers comp. I don't know. IS THAT WHY HE DIDN'T HELP ME....

Channon Dunlap

The communication in this hospital is just the worst. My mother was sent from Urgent Care to an ER. They acted like we were in the wrong place when we walked into a empty ER waiting area. I handed her the paperwork stating that they told us to go straight to an ER from the Urgent Care and that had fax everything to them before our arrival. So I was confused by how they acted. That should’ve been my first inkling about the place. We go in and they do a blood test first (around 10-11am) then they follow up with more test. I understand that it does take awhile for test. Finally at 4pm they had a doctor come in and was very rushed and not patient with my mother. My mother had 4 strokes because of an aneurism and is paralyzed on her right side. She talks very slow and doesn’t fully know her numbers or words. Basically that Doctor told us it was her gallbladder and that they might have to do surgery. Ok that’s simple enough even though they keep talking about her liver and she was jaundice. Then they got her a room by 5pm (don’t know the exact time but I do remember the hour). I waited around to ask the doctor some questions. Didn’t really have anyone to ask they kept running out of the room and didn’t show up for hours. Finally I got to ask questions like: how long will it take, when will she be released, I live an hour away, and to call me directly if she needs anything. I left around 7pm and went to work. The next day my brother calls me to tell me that she has Hepatitis A. I’m freaking out because not one staff member in there told me that she had that from 10am-7pm. Her sister-in-law visited her the next day and the staff told her. I didn’t get a phone call or nothing. Then my mother is calling me nonstop on Thursday saying the doctor released her and I need to come get her. I show up and there’s no paperwork for her to be released. So I wasted a whole day driving. So before I left I stressed that they the “STAFF” call me so I can get her. I told 2 different nurses. Also the doctor never showed up and we asked if we could talk to him but the nurse told us that we won’t come even if you ask. Also my brother shows up later that evening and tells the nurses to call me for her to get pick up. On Friday my mother again blowed up my phone. I had to tell her I won’t come until I get a nurse to say it. After a couple of calls my husband finally suggest that I call the hospital. I’m transferred to her caseworker and no one picks up. Finally we call my mom to page a nurse for her to tell us on her phone. The nurse acts agitated at me. She says ‘yeah we told her to call you to pick her up’. I stressed to her that I asked and my brother asked that they DIRECTLY call me several times. So finally she’s released and hopefully we don’t even go there again. Also using a number system for identification is stupid! For normal individuals yes fine use that system but when a patient is struggling and looking at someone else for an obvious answer like their birthdate then switch to something else.

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