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REVIEWS OF James Cancer Hospital Solove Research Institute IN Ohio

Morgan Gallagher

Every single staff member I have encountered goes above and beyond expectation. The care and concern for the patients is extraordinary. Very thankful for the doctors and nursing staff. Wonderful hospital.

Jennifer Weeks

Well I had surgery to take care of a ovarian cancer mass and got sent home the next day. But before I got sent home my leg was swollen up and painful. I have a history of blood clots and felt that I had one before I left the hospital. But I was told by the nurse and then a Dr that I was fine. Before I got sent home another Dr came to check on me, and said " we should probably check this, But you will be fine" a day later had to to go the ER at Riverside because I had a couldnt breathe and they found a blood clot in my lung. Which nearly killed me. If the DVT would of been checked out with a scan they would of found it, before it went to my lungs. I will never go again there.

Cheryl Rust

This place is a joke. My son has been fighting cancer for YEARS. Still more appears. He had back surgery earlier this year. That back has since broken 4 times. They are doing only what they need to do to stay out of trouble. I do not know why he keeps going back. They are not going to fix him !!

Brian Bowman

Jody Kiniry

Matt Doolin

Much improved care

Jenn H.

My mother was admitted to the James after she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer over the summer. The cancer had broken her back so she had many complicating factors. She resided at the James for a month before she passed away in the ICU. The acute care she received was horrible. My family and I were there by her bedside every single day from the time she awoke to the time she went to sleep, and we still felt out of the loop with her treatment. The communication regarding her care was laughable. No one ever knew what her next step was going to be, it was if the place was so big that the left hand did not know what the right had was doing. However, the one good thing I will say is that the nurses were extremely caring towards my mother and took great care of her. Since she has passed we have received numerous bills (that have already been paid for) and the billing department has been less than helpful at reconciling, which has made a difficult time all that much harder. Overall I would say that I am extremely dissatisfied with the James as a whole.

Kevin Lambert

I am completely amazed by how everyone treats you with love and care. I feel like I am part of a family member here.

Charlotte Muir

My mother in law went here who is Palestinian and the nurses are very racist. We are filing a report against them and will be getting an attorney. They didn’t want to do anything because she’s visiting and not a US citizen. All her nurses were young white females who were very racist. To the nurses look we are all people no matter what, and it’s your frickin job to help save people’s lives no matter what there race,religion,nationality, citizen or visa status is. If your not a white American do not come here you will be treated poorly. Also they had the nerve to bill us $500 and we are not paying it.

Andrea S

Zak Malimar

One of the best hospitals in Ohio

mary sells


Christina Penton-Weaver

I was diagnosed w/ Leukemia and am a single mom. They went out of their way to not only treat my cancer but help my kids through it too. Especially when my 6 year old was so afraid of me losing my hair, They got a child life specialist from Children's to come w/ a book about What happens when mom looses her hair and a doll that looses her hair. It really helped my daughter! They also provided music therapy for me. They even have a summer Camp for kids who have or had a parent w/ cancer or died from it. It's totally free and it helps the kids not feel different from other kids and give them back What cancer robs them of.... their childhood!

Timothy McFeely

Excellent care, compassionate staff, great facility

Karen Stemen

The James is saving lives

Cody Wilburn

They are so welcoming to new patience...

Lori Myers

Great employees. Caring. Everyone you encounter is helpful

Pastor Helen Gemmell-Miller

Everyone is helpful and friendly.


In such a catastrophic time, this hospital gave us realistic understanding and hope. Initially my mother had fallen at church and was taken to the E.R. Upon examination the Doctor noticed large lumps in the Lymph Nodes. He said he wanted to take a couple more test to rule out tumors or cancer. We laughed so hard, saying "All I did was fall! How do I get back up with Cancer?" So, she then was admitted with a sprained ankle. During her stay the results came back. Stage 4 Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma was the diagnosis. No more joking, our lives were changed from that moment. She began treatment over at The James immediately. And I can say with all sincerity, if it wasn't for ALL of the people here I don't know if we could have made it through. The entire staff. From the Doctors down to the Dietary Department. Everyone was so empathetic, encouraging, and helpful. In a day and age where it seems impossible to be kind and human; they have set the standard. This is one of the most difficult times we've ever had and they never made us feel less than, or like they were annoyed. You could put your armor down and just be. It didn't have to be a battle for decency and respect.The rooms were always immaculate and bright. The staff followed protocol and procedures with razor sharp accuracy, no slackers, here. I will never forget it. Thank you to everyone here, there isn't a pay scale high enough to compensate for your service. But we thank you anyway from the bottom of our hearts. You are the example of true Excellence! You are sincerely and deeply appreciated, and may you all be blessed beyond measure. Thank you.

Jennifer Martin

Hi my name is jennifer martin. I weote the complaint about the james u der anonymous person, i do want to apologize as i have been reached out to and the james will be correcting this issue. I would delete my comment but i no longer have access to that account.. this is why im posting from my personel email

Debra Ramey

They test and cure cancer my husband goes there once a week for test an treatment their very friendly an helpful

Elsa Ivette Sifuentes-Rivera

Quick attention and nice personnel.

Valerie Richard

Great people who are knowledgeable

Kelly McKay

By far the worst patient care imaginable especially considering they're dealing with a cancer patient! The first week of February my brother-in-law woke up and couldn't feel his legs. He was admitted to the James and was there for 3 weeks. They did numerous tests- MRI, CT, Bone Marrow, Blood and they even operated and took part of the mass and the top of the vertebrae for typing. STILL, it's May 2nd and they have yet to type the cancer or begin treatment. The worst part is they sent him home by March and are not communicating anything with him. He had another MRI two weeks ago and they've yet to call with results. When they try to call the James, they're never able to talk to anyone. If someone at the hospital reads this, his name is Chuck Gregg. He's wasting away at home and you've done nothing to help him. Not even try to lend him emotional support. He did 4 tours for his country and deserves better.

Melissa Messersmith

The best care in Ohio; they have been wonderful to my mother. Excellent doctors and service.

Pat Smith

They truly care about you and your health

Pat Bell

Great place

Luigi Portella

Great Hospital, one of the best in the country for cancer treatment. Best nurse, doctors and researchers in the state.

Almain Sherman

Love it here everyone is so nice and lovely

Ike Ejekwu

Simply the best!

Rebecca Brown

I was ill few days ago. I go there and they treated me very well. Caring and Professional Staff. Best hospital. Highly Recomended

Nellie Breech

We have been here a couple of weeks with our father who is very ill. He was transferred from another hospital where he looked like he was going to pass within days and literally within 24 hours he was alert, color had came back, he was talking and joking. I have no idea how they did it but the care he has received and the kindness from the entire staff continues to be amazing every single day and night. There has been so much patience and consideration exhibited that I truly am blown away. I wish we had moved him here from the start!

Matthew LeFebvre

Very nice facility. Our experience with the staff has been positive. Would prefer spending time just about anywhere else though.

Randy Cutlip

It's sad to see sick people exspecially the children

Travis Rehl

My brother had a brain tumor removed. The facility was world class. The staff was experienced and friendly. The amenities were very accommodating. The view from the top floor is breathtaking.

Craig Ramsey

I love the James and the great staff and doctors. Best hospital in Columbus and one of the best cancer treatment centers in the world.

Jessica Welsh

Love the staff, doctors, nurses, everybody in this Hospital they are THE BEST!!! My mom was here in "99" and now I'm here with my dad this Hospital was great then even better now they've only improved 100%!!!! Unfortunately my mom didn't make it but they did everything they could just like now!! The nurses are like family! The Doctor's are awesome!!!


Dr Agrawal is a caring and fantastic doctor. Everyone here is so wonderful made me feel comfortable and feel like I was important and they cared about me. They made sure all my questions were answered. I feel comfortable that they are doing both surgeries. I believe they are doing every steps to make sure that I'm alright. I am thankful for everyone here at St James and I God bless everyone who works there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Aaron Kohn

Dr. Kang is the nicest surgeon I’ve met and he seems super caring. My wife’s ent was spectacular she did her job perfectly. Thank you James for being such an amazing hospital and taking care of my family

Trena England

Pro: Great medical staff, great nursing staff, beautiful hospital! Con: (Older visitors beware) This is a HUGE hospital and directional signs are small and obscure. WE GOT LOST AND HAD TO WALK AND WALK AND WALK! (staff was extreemly kind and helpful when I asked for directions)

Dora Fann

Osu James does excellent care for cancer patients. They have been treating my father for throat and lung cancer for about 5 yrs. awesome care! But there is an issue with the waiting. Today we have been here since 9am (its 6:05 pm right now) and we have been waiting to get a room since 11:30 am once they decided to admit him due to pneumonia again. First we sat in the James ed waiting room for at least an hr because the er was full finally they took us back and put my dad in the hallway for two hrs before they decided to put him in icc. That Dept was awesome. Took very good care of my dad!! But here it is after 6 pm and we are still not in a room. The Rn came in at 4:30 pm and said he was assigned a room but it needed cleaned. Totally understand that but when you have been here since 9 am with your father that it not feeling good with pneumonia and it takes them all day to come up with a room then another 2 hrs to clean it. Not acceptable!! This isn’t the first time this has happened here with us. The last time he didn’t get into a room after being admitted at 11am until 2am the next morning. There’s gotta be another way. Update: it is now 7pm and I was just told they will take him up at 7:20pm because they have to wait for shift change. Why wasn’t he taken up prior to shift change because I overheard the room was ready but it was too close for shift change. I am tired my father is tired and not feeling well. 10+hrs waiting on a room is beyond unacceptable!!!!

Jason Newman

Very caring staff and doctors are great

David Hendryx


Edward R. Chapman

They took care of my brother and cancer is in remission.

Crystal Trice

The doctors are veryjjfk

Katrina Gohmann

My husband has been getting treatment for testicular cancer. The staff is caring and competent. The medical complex has everything you might need. #stoopidcancer #TeamGmann


Barb Funk

This is absolutely the best place to identify and treat cancer. We are blessed to have The James with all their world class research and quality care right in our backyard. Dedicated professionals at every level. I want to specifically mention Dr. Alinari. Our entire family operates and makes decisions based on facts and information no matter how tough it might be to hear. Dr. Lapo Alinari has a superior level of knowledge and expertise in this ver important field of cancer but he is also unmatched in being able to share, inform and educate so that family members can follow and comprehend complicated diagnosis. Making tough decisions fully informed greatly reduces family memers' and patient's stress in both the short term and long term. The family of Oma will be forever grateful to Dr. Alinari, to Sarah Weekly, of the 15th floor nursing staff and to every single other professional and volunteer at The James. You are all our heroes!

Cody Shambre

This was the best experienced hospital I have ever seen. But my mom died from BMT problems (She had leukemia). But if you have cancer, come here.

Julie H

They saved my Father's life. ❤

Robert Lackey

The Best of the Best! Been going since 2014, drive 1 1/2 hours. The only hospital I would go to.

Otis Coldren

Great in every way!

scott warbritton

Great care

Donayale Shaw

The staff is nice and compassionate. They took excellent care of my friend.

Craig Detwiler

What a great and life saving hospital.

Giovanni Gonzalez

Dr . sharp Dr . Schmitt.

Scott Maddox

They treat cancer patients 24/7/365. God's hands at work!!!

Samantha2 Lupien

I had a friend that had a big tumor removed from her stomach she's doing better now they were so good at what they do saved her life she and all of are so greatful and thankful for them .thank you for all u do

Blues Workman

My daughter died in the ICU on October 1, 2018 .

Richard W Maiden

Recent visit to the cancer center. Great 5 day stay. I couldn’t have imagined any hospital as thorough as the James cancer center. Staff of nurses and Doctors extremely nice and knowledgeable

David Wollenberg

Well I was returned back in again on the 21of Sept to the 20th floor this time,, 12hrs later and once again I must add that this time was the best experience you could get. The staff at The James is the best.. I'm am currently on 17th floor,, on the 20th of Sept. I was discharged,,, the nursing staff and all the pca's are all the nicest and most generous people. From the bottom all the way to the top, will do & be here for the patient, is there goal.... The best,,..... The Best Hospital in the USA.. From the bottom of my heart,, thank you all staff that had to deal with me... Go Bucks

Shell Roberts

Was with my cousin.Took awhile to be seen.Good people

Andrew Adams

the gastro ladies are awesome here thank you c.s

thomas Mills

It is great place

laxmi sangraula

Very professional and provide a good care

Jessica Whittington

I don't know how they get a 4.7. It's ridiculous. They did very slow work and low efficiency. How can u make a patient in emergency wait for three hours? That is torture! Take more care of patients' need plz. This is what you should improve very first.

Michael Sullivan

Staff are excellent. The wait times can be long at times though. Spent 2 weeks in the hospital , and beside the food was treated extremely well.


Definitely the best hospital I've ever been in.

Connie Tice

The quality of care...well just unbeatable!!! I would HIGHLY recommend this hospital, Drs & staff to anybody & everybody!!! Thank you for all you do, Connie J Tice

Matt Warren

My father has always had the very best care at the James. Sulin, his nurse, Mackenzie, his social worker, and Danielle, his case manager have been so helpful in managing his rehabilitation.

Julie Mellini

They are going to take great care of my sister. And Took Great Care Of A Great Friend

Lucas Collins

Because I work here... XD

Luke A

Nicest hospital I've ever been to, opened fall 2014. I think the naming of "Abercrombie and Fitch Emergency Room" is the funniest thing

Roslyn Devaux

Terrible experience. Dr ordered MRI arteriogram. Got call from Andrew the tech that Radiologist Dr Wagner thought this was wrong test for my condition. I tried to get holrd of ordering physician who never called back the radiology Dept. Dr Awan should have called me about the severe differences between these test and instead ignored, his patient. Dr Walla, the resident never understood my concerns and told me to do the test ordered with no explanation and if becomes a Dr he would never treat me. Absolutely worst quality Dr and cares nothing about patient concerns. Came to hospital at 7 am still no answers, my concerns not addressed and is now two hours later. Will not come back.

Bobby W

The staff are almost all friendly which is amazing considering the size of the hospital -- I interacted with quite a lot of people over my many appointments. The facilities are clean, spacious, and modern, and I don't really have any complaints aside from some transphobia back in 2014ish. They even have cheap parking. Oh, and they saved my life.

Anonymous Person

Terrible service on the 5th floor of the James. The patient assistant Mickael was rude and hollered my aun’ts name in hallway to another person andwas rude about something on the counter like water or something. I don’t know if that’s like a Hipa thing, but i felt it was rude. We have always loved Dr. Agrewal and will always come back, but the james need to fix the way the assistant talks to other people. We’ve never had a problem with any other nurses or assistants. I would like to remain anonymous as i dont want to get my aunt hated by anyone.

Kirby Auto

They care for their patients.

Loretta Cox

It's not only beautiful the staff treat's you with respect . The care it excellent!

Ronald Mitchell

All the doctors, nurses and staff that we have encountered have been kind, patient and very dedicated to meeting the needs of both the patient and family.

jack khoury

By far one of the greatest facilities that there is Ohio State University Cancer Center has been known to save many many lives, the foundation of the University are the people that are alumni that care so much to be able to make this Hospital what it is today thank them for the all their contributions. Ohio state Hospital also has an E.R. and inpatient outpatient welcome center at 460 w10th ave

Kim Schrupp

My. Sister was in critical state.our family took turns staying with her.The staff and D.Rs are so courteous. Kept us informed just a great. Experience. I Highly recommend the knowledgeable. Efficient. James Hospital

Phillip Kukucka

They have bought in to the propaganda being presented by anti-opioid zealots who stand to make money from investing in pop up rehabs and a certain addiction treatment medication. Because they drank the Kool Aid instead of basing decisions off of legitimate research, I’ve heard of many cancer patients living and dying in pain and being given Tylenol for terminal cancer pain. That’s disgraceful. And it isn’t just 1 or 2 I’ve heard of.

Adam Ward

Great staff! Great care!

Alma Finks

Amazing folks. Helpful and supportive in all areas of my care.

Rhonda Joseph

The staff here are amazing

Alys Behn Row

Dr. Old truly cares about his patients. All the nurses, pcas, housekeepers, volunteers & other staff at the James are extremely helpful & kind. Always answer all of our questions. I am so thankful the James is here to help take care of my family. I never worry about how they will be treated or taken care of when they are here; I know it will be the best. This place IS the leading force against cancer. Thank you, OSU!

Paul Schwartzenberger

They have really great staff they are usually quick to take care of you. They are very friendly.

Teresa Parsley

Staff is professional and freindly

Naresh Kumar

Superspecislities. Hospital with high level research.

Deb Manhardt

I have been a patient at James for 6 years. After my doctor left after 5 years I have had 2 different doctors. The second one treated me like an experiment for their new drug and told me I would likely die of an infection and walked out of room . The current doctor seems knowledgeable but I do not think he believes my symptoms so he told me to go to my regular Family physician. improvements needed: Treat patients like people and not experiments Be responsive and follow through when called; I had to wait over week to get help with treatment issue; while in treatment nurse told me to call emergency line to get doctor help and I was in hospital Treat people wholistically - not just specific disease; sometimes symptoms are cancer or treatment related and your doctors are not interested Provide someone for patient to work with to help navigate; there is more to cancer than tests and treatments Provide wholistic guidance including nutrition, emotional, Care for other issues you think are not the cancer or treatment; our bodies cannot be separated. Provide nurses that listen, take action and follow through. I am thankful that I am still here with treatment I have had but if there was another option for my cancer in Columbus I would change;. I have gone out of town for other options with much better support but too far for treatment. You make so much money on treatments. My treatments were $31000 each treatment of which there were 8. Tylenol and benedryl 4 pills charged $258. insane . Please view us as people and not just one specific disease.

Angie Scammahorn

M and D Shawver

We've had nothing but good in the last 6 years with the James

Michael Swain

Richard Murray

Patient care is the best in the worse of times

joshua warner

Always a fast visit

peter fuhlbrigge

Curing Cancer.

Nancy Hensley

Dr Matthew Old and his staff have been caring for my husband for the past 6 years. The care and compassion while being upfront about my husband's responsibility in his future is unparalleled. If you have to battle the big "C", this is the place to wage the war.

Stephanie Bell

The doctors, nurses & staff are wonderful. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my cancer treatments.

Barbara Skinner

I was diagnosed with matastic breast cancer and was given a year to live at best . It's now been 3 yrs and 7 months . James cancer is a amazing place . The doctors and staff go way beyond to help you. Keep up the good work because I'm still alive because of the James cancer !!!

Janethia Moore

Best place to go for medical care especially if you have cancer.

Terri Nally

Mom has been getting treatment here they are very caring and knowledgeable. Always concerned about how she is feeling. They ask her alot of questions about how she is feeling.

tarek Ragheb

very bad pepol they not working for my sister and she died for slow responding they give me very hard time no halp at all they don't care about pepol feeling case works and doctor very roud I don't know they treat pepol different I never forget they are responsiblity about my sister and they never halp and she died case worker give me very hard time every thing I ask never respond very bad pepol working in this hospital

Ashley McCoy

Not only is this hospital taking care of my Mothers Bone Marrow Transplant this week, and they have been doing a wonderful job getting her prepared! The morning I am dropping her off, I hit a curb on the way in, that ended with a flat tire! Im currently 4 months pregnant and 40 minutes from home / any help! The James Cancer Center's " Patient Experience Team" quickly came to my rescue! Their entire team, along with a kind gentleman who was parked behind me, helped locate the spare and get it changed while another team member entertained my 2 year old

J Barns

Couldn't ask for better care and servic for yoursel or love ones

Jim Arens

Cut above the rest in quality of staff interactions.

Carl Blevins

The l best in Ohio.

Claude Miller

A top notch cancer hospital in everyway from doctors to staff

William Dees

Beautiful Facility, great staff

Susan Gilman

I like care I receive!

Celeste Thompson

They are excellent in patient care and making sure that the family is taken care of and understands the treatment being given.

Corey Hardin

I am a Financial Counselor for the James

Matthew Morris

Good staff and good waiting area. OTOH it is a hospital, no one wants to be visiting.

Yuri Choi

Excellent employees and surgeons but the only problem is the waiting period to see the doctors.

Tracy Ninia

People very nice. Everyone I met are well informed They are very sensitive to the needs of their patients. Parking very convenient. I don't think we could have asked for a better staff or Dr. Already knew history on the patient. I would recommend The James to anyone

Michael Wilson

Took mother in law for what turned out to be her final cancer check up. There was no one we ran into that was not helpful and friendly. It has to be the friendliest and helpful staff that can be put together.

Caleb White

Annette Davidson

This place is great! The people here are the best,they treat you like they have all day. No such thing as in a hurry. If your lost there is always someone to help you no matter what they were doing. I have never been around such a large group of concerned people. When I beat cancer I will miss being around all the loving people here! I am so glad I decided to pick The James! Thanks!

Vanessa Rivers

As of right now just drove an hr in crazy traffic and insane construction at the hospital...just for THEM to screw up and not put my sister into their system for her appointment. So now...we are in the waiting room waiting for an email back to say oh i can see you maybe in like 4/5 hours! Who knows but we got 4 kids at home cant be screwing with our time like this!! She NEEDS seen but at what expense

M Bennett

My first time there. My sister and I attended his appointment for the first time since he was accepted in to this research study. I am truly grateful to the staff of this hospital. Everyone we came in contact with through out the day was not only professional, but sincere and understanding as well. I could tell my parents fell comfortable there and my mom was treated graciously and by being included in his health care it helps her to understand all the ins and outs of his treatment. All this I'm sure not easy to do. She is included in the process completely and was never spoken down to by the staff. I'm forever grateful he was accepted into this research study. I can't thank you enough James Cancer Hospital. Wish the photos were better, but nerves got the best of me. Its an interesting facility as far as an architecture experience. The buildings are mixed new and old smack dab in the middle of Ohio State. Will be back soon, hopefully a little more calm. I will get some more interesting pics. I wish I never had to return, but I so so the story continues. Prayers please.

Brannon Hatfield

I will write more on this review in a couple of days. Dealing with problems but I’m not liking them and my family is starting to hate them as well...

Joyce Haid

Because you have a team looking after you. From registration desk to being taken to you room for post op care, the whole team is looking after you.

tammara wilson

Right on cue

Shawn Sartin

Great Doctors

Rich Moore

Expert care and compassion


Extremely helpful staff and top notch care. Whole hospital is spotless. They saved my life because they will do whatever it takes to help you

Tammy Michel

I don't have a review. I just need answers . I may have tongue cancer and I can't get into a specialist for three more weeks.. my body is telling me I can't wait that long. what should I do ? someone please help me.

Lori Martin

The James saved my life. I had excellent care from my doctors and most of the nursing staff.

Jacob Campbell

I had brain surgery back in Nov. 2018. Dr. Prevedello was amazing! Staff was the best and took excellent care of me the entire time I was there. I can't say enough about this institute!

David Inlow

Professional and courteous....

Larry Brassfield

Wonderful Staff and Very Understanding helping Us deal with Situation.

Mikaila Carter

Cannot say enough!! Such a clean hospital! Staff was so friendly and thorough!! The surgeon was incredible! PCAs always made sure my mom was comfortable!

John Gatsch

This hospital is fantastic, When I was originally diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in July 2013 I thought it was a death sentence, I underwent 3 separate surgeries that year, one @ Dayton VA and the other 2 here at the James, Everybody from the doctors, nurses, technicians, and even the receptionists did everything humanly possible not only to assuage my fears and emotions, but treat my condition as well. Then I had a local recurrence at the resection site, lower right leg and ankle area and had to undergo 2 more surgeries in Sept. 2014. I knew I was I in good hands and once again again received unparalleled treatment and service with respect to patient privacy, billing, records and a plethora of personal a nd clinical type questions. My Oncologist, Dr. Thomas J. Scarschmidt is absolutely 100 percent first rate and professional and I am thoroughly convinced I could not have received better treatment and care in such a respectful and dignified manner anywhere at any price. If you or anyone you know or love is ever diagnosed with cancer, I would strongly and highly recommend that you consider seeking treatment here @ The James. I don t think you can receive any better care with respect, dignity, and integrity elsewhere !!! Thanks and God Bless all the staff that cared for me so unselfish and considerate, you are the BEST

Kristina Evans

This place is amazing! The staff is friendly and caring and the doctors are knowledgeable with bed side manners. I am so glad I choose The James for my cancer hospital.

Susan Conley

My father is currently in The James and I have never had a more difficult time getting information about him. Every piece of info my family gets has to be begged for. The surgeons don't even come out to talk to the family after procedures. Please do not put your loved one in here. Go to Riverside they are a much better hospital. I only gave it one star because my father is still alive.

Ron Yeazell

This Hospital and Staff is totally awesome. Best of care. Great communications. Nursing staff is wonderful,thank you all for the concerns and my care. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO DR. SHARP and His TEAM. THE BEST. Ron Yeazell Sept. 2017

David Schutte


Gayle Hickling

Best hospital in Ohio

Amy Sprouse

Exceptional place! New employee and just starting orientation. So proud to be a member of The James Team!

Matt Dixon

Awful slowest possible service


Great Hospital and Medical Staff, so up to date and advance in new and top of the line care, medical treatments, medications, and procedures to help prolong life or help the cancer to go into remission, My MOM has been here 5 different Xs, and Has Had and Battled with Cancer 5 Different Times, a Real Rare Type of Cancer, and Each Time, When it Came Back its been stage 4 Cancer. Sadly, She lost her left breast, her left lung, 2 parts of her leg, two different times. So Heartbreaking to Have to Say, but Recently, and Once again the cancer is back in the other lung, a Tumor Stage 4 and, that is So close to the Heart!! Tho, l Know with GOD'S HELP, and The James Cancer Center, l have Faith she can beat it again!!! God Bless the James, All the Medical Team and All Whose Battling This Wicked Cancer!!!

Martha Knotts

They treat you like family. You always see a smile even when you're not feeling it. I love everything about The James❣️

Francesco Sammartino

Phil Jacob

People obviously don't know how a hospital works if they are rating it 1 star based on wait time.. The James is clean. Has a state of the art facility with an experienced staff. They are terrific if you have cancer Its also massive and centrally located. Expect to spend some time waiting.

Glenda Findley

In every way this hospital and all who work here outshine any hospital I have ever been associated with. Simply the best.

Lyssa Bookman

Great hospital

Jill Forshey

Great caring staff

Michael Mcgrath

Wife has been coming for treatment very good hospital with people that actually care and have great bedside manners

Katy Reuter


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