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REVIEWS OF Grant Medical Center IN Ohio

norma mansour

I had trouble breathing . The nurses and doctor took me in quick and ran tests. Next they told me my heart needed surgery. 2 of my series were blocked. Plus I had phnemonia. They did one heart surgery. At the new heart and surgery center. The nurses were great. They helped me with every thing. In May had to go back for 2nd surgery. Still they were great..

Steven Cooper

When I moved to Columbus I got shot. I went Pickerington hospital. They hooked me up with some stuff and sent me to Grant. Just a flesh wound. So I went back to car and we went to Grant. By time I got there they was already waiting. I went straight to surgery and they fixed me right on up. Next 5 days they put with my crazy self and made sure I was took care of. Thank you guys I tell everyone I had a great experience with y'all. Awesome staff nailed it. Those nurses did a great job. As well as surgeon but who's awake for that. Thank you! Grant Medical

Bryan Reese

To expensive

Tyler Combs

In my opinion Grant Hospital is one of the worst hospitals in all of columbus. My wife is 9 months pregnant and every time we go there with issues with stomach pain it's like they don't even care, all they care about is to get you out the door, and a freaking pay check. We have to deliver our first baby at this hospital and I could not be more angry.

Jean Wilks Williams

I have all ways gotten the best care at Grant the nurses were all ways great. Meals were always great. Now house keeping could usr a few pointers on friendliness, cleaning skills *i

R Evans

Not even a whole star if I could fo it. How dare your security staff assault a man for standing and smoking. Those cowards need to be fired before we as a community boycott you sorry excuse of a hospital......


I had bleeding went to er the doctor there was great was put in to hospital right away and i got Doctor Kim to do my upper and lower scopes he was and is a great doctor , The room was nice and the nurses were all friendly and helped me The people who worked in the surgery departments were great and cared and help and everyone was wonderful , I love Grant Hospital its the best

Grant Walker

I was born here. Things seem to be working out

zoey Hicks

I delivered a baby boy at Grant hospital November 30, 2017 and I can honestly say that my experience was beyond great. I had an amazing team of nurses who knew exactly what they were doing. My doctor was wonderful she told me I was dilating when I didn't have a clue because I didnt feel anything. Just from looking at my stomach she noticed a contraction. I don't understand the bad rep that Grant gets maybe the patients are the ones who are difficult to deal with. I hear some people talk about the location , but when was downtown considered a bad area ? Anywho when it comes to grant they know exactly what they are doing. The staff was friendly, encouraging and showed great concerned I will recommend delivering there to anyone. Kudos to Grant

Frank P

If you have to go to the hospital, this is the place to go. Staff is friendly and knowledgible. Made my mothers stay pleasant as possible

SMW Gaming

Excellent labour and delivery staff. We were well looked after and only had to ask for help and it was happily given. Would definitely go to Grant for the births of any future children

Peggy Williamson

It was horrible,,we were sent there because a certain doctor told us to go there and we were there 3 hours. As everyone does we walked around ,,i had been through a door several times that was unlocked and did not say DO NOT ENTER! I walked through this door and a security guard asked were i was going and I told him the restroom and he went off scolding me about going through the doors at which time i told him i had been through before and there was no sign,,he continued to s cold me so i argued back,,then we nt through the electronic thing again and he told me if I didn't like it to leave,,i proceded to bathroom and came out and asked him to write down his badge and number so i could call his boss because he was very rude . he would not until the last time i said it firmly ,,please write down your name and number. This security guard badge 319 was very rude to me and made my brother feel worse after sitting here 3 or more hours. I apologize for going through the doors but i woulda never went through if it had said no entrance or have been locked. I feel when the security guard told me to leave ,,he should be suspended or something,,guys like him gives cops a bad name! we were there December 27 2014

Kat Puua

It so said that when the ambulance took my mother here I thought she was in good hands I was wrong . She was on here what you say was pneumonia and you were so wrong .she is still sick. it was her heart . Then send someone a bill over 16 thousand dollars for being in that dusty room for less than 24 hour is a shame . She 72 Year's old and now she won't even go back to hospital for care she afraid of the bills and the mistreatment. I will also look into legal action as well

J Walsh

They really care about you here

Brittany Angels

I was popped out here in 1999. All I really got to say.

Rochelle Hegedus

Very helpful people..

Audrey Pickens

Having my second baby here was the best experience ever! Every single nurse and doctor was amazing! They helped with breastfeeding so much! They even have a FREE breastfeeding support group! 100% recommend delivering here!

Jackie Lynne Franks

THIER rude and if they keep it up THIER going to be a lawsuit and I have the paperwork that they need but they r not getting them they r going to Mr lawyer and I am going to call the big boss man that is higher then they r and u going to get fried and etc They r rude THIER and I have the paperwork but I am going to give it to Mr lawyer and I am going to to talk to the man that's higher then u people r and u going to be looking for a new hop. You people on the third floor and the rest of u how does LAWSUIT SOUND?

James Wilson

Nurses are knowledgeable... Considerate...and care about ones dignity and sense of self ...while giving great care

Natalie Grishin

It is a terrible place where you are deceived. Went there for emergency and receive only diagnostic, they were not able to cure the condition, only offered to give a pain killers. And, guess what? They charged $2,750 for diagnostic only (blood test and ultrasound). 10 minutes of regular ultrasound costs $1,217. Keep away from this place. They only care about money.

Tom Ronan

Trauma center team was first rate. They wasted no time in diagnosing my injuries. I cannot imagine a more competent group of care givers gathered together and available to help any of us in our hour of need. The people of Columbus are blessed.

Henrietta Hardin

We recently took my Mother there after she had suffered a TIA (Mini Stroke). The staff was very prompt and professional. Mother had to undergo a series of test during the 24 hours she stayed there for observation. These test were done thoroughly and promptly. The staff was exceptionally cordial to my Mother and our family. We were traveling from out of town when this episode happened. I am thankful to say, Mother is back in our hometown and completed a follow-up with her Dr. Mother's Dr was also impressed of the thoroughness and care Mother received at Grant Medical Center as well as the promptness in receiving Mother's medical records. We would highly recommend Grant Medical Center for your medical needs. God Bless this staff!

Strictly Infiniti Sedans S.I.S

Great care

Jessica Fuentes

The most amazing hospital. I live in Los Angeles,CA and the week of Thanksgiving my uncle was admitted to the hospital due to a critical health condition. During our stay we've visited several departments and I have been shocked to find incredibly nice people everywhere I go. All the staff from doctors to nurses to janitors were exceptionally nice and were always willing to go the extra mile in order to help. I hope I don't ever have to, but if I ever had to get help from a medical faculty I'd like someone to fly me back to Grant Medical Center. Also, parking is free for patients and visitors you just have to get it validated at a front desk.

Smooth Jazz On Ice

Very thankful for the Doctors and other staff that helped save our daughters life, I hate to image what the outcome would have been if they were not there for her. However speaking as a former law enforcement drug agent, Grant's security officers are very impersonal and almost cold when it comes to dealing with the public. Their demeanor seems to be one of no understanding or compassion considering the tragic events so many victims and their families have gone through as in our case. The seem to have that "street level" mentality that has been bred into so many police officers that says "you're a scumbag lowlife until proven otherwise". The fact is, this is a hospital and people are hurting in SO many ways, and the last thing they need to deal with is a type of robotic security officer with that "holier than thou" stereotype cop attitude. If their security officers feel the need to bang heads and talk down to people then maybe they need to go through sensitivity training; or better yet work the street as a police officer where they may have more of an opportunity to do just that. Finally, if it wasn't for observing and personally experiencing what I just described above I would give Grant Hospital 5 stars, so hopefully the hospital administration will see this concern and address it ASAP.

Bart Taylor

I’ve had multiple spine surgeries, shoulder surgery, and foot surgery just recently June 25. And then I was back in this past Friday the 19th and just got out Tuesday the 23rd. The emergency room staff, the hospital stay, the staff on the fifth floor trauma unit all was excellent! I have no complaints about my stay, the doctors, nurses etc! But the cafeteria, is the most horrible thing that I have ever experienced throughout all of my spine surgeries right medical center and my other surgeries. The food is god awful! It arrived to you within an hour and a half to five hours after you order your tray. As of July 10 they have just have someone else take over the cafeteria! And now it’s worse than I have ever seen it before! Every trade that I order was wrong, I heard that other patients on the floor was upset because their trays were wrong. One of the trays are ordered at 2:30 in the afternoon didn’t arrive until 6 o’clock that night. Like I said I’ve had 15 spine surgeries, shoulder surgery, and foot surgery on June 25, 2019. And it was just recently in for an infection in my leg dry the 19th until the 23rd. I never complained about anything. But that cafeteria food was the most awful thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

DC* games 2

My grandpa died here and I'm glad they tried and still did until the early morning hours and I felt comfortable there with the staff letting me know what happened when I needed to know

Xjdjdj Fjdjdjfj

They take forever

Maryann Green

I gave birth at Grant. Doctors as well as nurses take your needs into consideration and explain everything in a way that you can understand. My baby ended up having to go to the NICU for a week and the nurses there are so experienced and work extremely well with the babies, and addressing their specific needs. I had an almost pain free delivery and all of my needs as well as my child's were dealt with 100%. I would recommend anyone to go here!

Meagan Goe

I can't begin to say enough great things about our experience with Grant Hospital's Delivery Team! I was quite nervous about going there at first because of what some people have said about the hospital area, this was the closest hospital to us that our insurance accepted at the time. And I have to say I am happy that we went there because the staff was phenomenal! The staff went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and explained each step in the process so we understood what was happening. By the time we left we felt as though they were family! If we are going to have another we will go back to Grant, even though our insurance is changed :)

justin rogers

I just wanted to go to the e.r. for some antibiotics.. I went early so I could be in and out.. Instead they sent me across the street from the e.r. and it took almost 3 hours tho the e.r. was empty..if they try to send you to the the doctors office across the street say good bye to your day because it will take so much longer

hawi Hordofa

I delivered my baby here and the hospital is amazingly clean and the staff are so friendly, nice and kind.

T Money

I wanted to say how appreciative I am of the labor and delivery nurses!! I’m not sure if they actually will see this but anyway. I had my daughter 9/24/18 at 12:32 am and had the best experiences from everyone in the labor and delivery department. I had a very easy going experience with delivering my daughter. I can’t remember any names personally, but there was two nurses who stood out more than the rest. There was a nurse (young white female) who found me a meal at 1 in the morning because I was literally starving after delivery. I appreciated that leancuisine meal with the roasted turkey and cinnamon apples

Dave G.

I found the medical teams at Grant to be very professional and compassionate. Trauma Surgeon Dr. Jeff Wu provided an outstanding service to my father and I have no reservations highly recommending his team to anyone. The staff in the ICU should be recognized for their professionalism taking care of my family during this crisis. I thank you all for everything you did to help us.

Melissa heddleson

The staff treated me with the best care. I won't go anywhere else

Ann Di

Amazing staff!!! If I had another emergency I would go back to this hospital without thinking

Michael Richardson

I was not supposed to be moved to grant from the ER that I was in til they had a room for me to be in, when I arrived the hospital was disgusting, the staff was rude and incompetent. They gave me a pain pill and a CT scan and sat back in the lobby, after 5 hours of sitting there I was in so much pain I couldn’t even walk. When I asked for another dose I was told the doctor has to see me first. Them knowing that I had already been seen and had a CT done. After that I went to Dublin Methodist and I tell you what total different atmosphere, they security guard got me a wheelchair, helped me out of the car, the whole nine yards. Once inside the registration nurse was polite and was totally understanding and was extremely sorry about my experience with Ohio health. I was there for about 45 minutes, that was with everything, scripts, doctor coming and seeing me, nurses in and out. It was awesome. I will NEVER step foot back into grant ever again. I’ll drive the extra 30 minutes to Dublin for the customer service.

Tracy Darliza Lee

Beautiful staff the nurses, caregivers I've experienced since being here are great people so caring and concerned about my daughter. They've made her feel so safe, and comfortable.

jj S

Physically dirty. Same sticky floor in husbands room for 4 days. Urine bottles sitting everywhere--including on his tray next to his food. Food, which since he couldn't move and I wasn't there never got fed to him. ALL STAFF rude. One actually rolled into his room asked his birthdate, spoke with her trainees and rolled right out. Never spoke a word to us. Later found out it was one of his doctors-- after i looked her up on the hospital website. Was told by other staff that "it's a teaching hospital" as some lame excuse. Guess they're teaching the next generation to ignore the patient completely.

Nick Grant

Had surgery scheduled for 11:55am with requirement to be their at 9:55am. At 9:25am I get a call saying the surgery was postponed and hour which means 12:55pm. I finally had my surgery at 2:15am. The surgery schedule stinks and is unacceptable. If I had to do it over again I would have cancelled. You don't do this to a patient as his blood pressure would obviously rise. Fortunately for me the staff was very good which helped keep me calm. I also had to pay some money upfront which tends to make me believe the hospital is money hungry as I have never experienced this before. The people running the show need to get their act together as I will never go to that hospital again even if it makes me switch doctors.

James Carnes

This is the most unprofessional, slowest emergency room I've ever attended.... Came in with bruised ribs. Took them an hour to find that out. Then it took the test of the day to get discharged... If you come here you better plan on it being an all day event

Sherry Brokaw

My dad's in the CCU. He just had surgery yesterday. These doctors and nurses have to be extremely careful when they move him. He has no mobility of his hands and arms just yet. These doctors and nurses TONIGHT , were moving him and being so rough they ya ked out his feeding tube. Then tried to cover it up saying it's his fault and then tried to force us into putting him in HOSPICE!!!! MIND YOU MY DAD HAS MORE SURGERIES TO GO THROUGH BUT HIS STRENGTH IS RETURNING. THEY NOW HAVE TO DO AN EMERGENCY SURGERY TO GET WHAT THEY DID FIXED for their negligence. THIS IS A MALORACTICE LAWSUIT IN THE WORKS! DO NOT take your loved ones here.

Russell Nicklas

Do not visit this hospital! It's Dirty as it gets ! I also waited for over 9 hours so far for service. I've seen about 50-70 people walk out since I've been here because there tell people there's a 7 hour wait I've also asked to speak to a manager or supervisor several times with no response and the pencil pusher named Ed at the non-help desk at the er is rude and needs fired

Beautifully Broken

Sat in ER for 8 hours before they finally got to me. The patient registration lady was extremely rude. Saw the Dr one time and was not asked how I was feeling before they discharged me.

ellen fox

My time at Grant in the Observation area was a blessing. Shaun, Megan, Megan, Stephanie and Maria were the best medical professionals and kind, friendly care givers. I trusted what they said and they were right. The phlebotomists were amazing, finding blood in hard places with no pain. Drs Jones and Ackah took care of my heart and sent me home safe.

Amoony N

The only reason i am giving this hospital 5 stars is for the outstanding care and kindness nurse Katie Brown had provided for my mom in observation. The hospital its self was not very clean and the starbucks barista refused to warm up the splash of milk i ordered with my coffee. Everyone that had provided care and services within the unit was very polite professional and caring.

Frank Glover

Great Doctors In The Hospital and Wounderfull Clergy I have even worked there sent over from Riverside Hospital to help with a upcoming inspection. Most Employees Are Respectable and Courtous setting A good example for outhers to follow.


My experience with the family medicine facility has been pretty terrific. The organization has been efficient timewise, with lovely staff. My Dr,, Ean Bett, has been accommodating to my limitations, addressing my concerns in a mindful, compassionate fashion always in a timely manner. He is a great doctor. Only on occasion do I run into personalities that would be more appropriate at the BMV than in the medical profession.

Susan Florian

If you can avoid this place do it. My son spent 5 days here after an accident. I am grateful to the surgery crew for saving his live. The unit he was on for recovery sucked. They allow new nurses to give narcotics without supervision and other nursing duties. I’m an RN which I did not disclose to them. That would have been grounds for dismissal where I come from. Found out from another trauma center in a different state that my son should have never gotten the type of pain meds he was given. They had difficulty weaning my son who was 22 at the time of a urinary catheter due to this pain med. If you enter by the ER you’ll see patients lined up with IV poles outside smoking cigarettes. It seemed like we were in some 3rd world country. What decent hospital allows this. Once your are stable go home. Save yourself a different injury.

Andy Jean Justice

Receiving CT Scan here in the Radiology Department and just have to say everyone has been wonderful! Great dispositions, helpful, APPROACHABLE (which is huge for me) and last but not least professional and knowledgeable. Compared to many other hospitals I've been in this has been one of the best experiences I've had.

whitney turner

Their clinic on town street is nasty as hell worst service ever nobody greets you trash on the floors ppl sleep in the lobby .

Jeffrey Cook

It's where you want to go in a true emergency. They have the best Trauma Care in the state and the location is central to all Interstates in Columbus.


My husband was here after an ATV accident, the Dr's are good at what they do and that's all the good I can say, the rest of the service he got was absolutely horrible.

Matthew Miller

2 and a half hours sitting in the emergency room on B side. Have not seen one doctor, nurse, PSA or otherwise. Patient urinated in a jug a little after 4pm. As of 930pm it had not been emptied. Pathetic

Bri Castello

The staff is so rude and unprofessional. I was sent here because my counselor thought I was going to kill myself. Anyways, the room I stayed overnight at had filthy sheets on the bed. Staff were mean. The patient to me was shouting racial slurs. The staff made fun of the patients that are "special" or "retarded"(so they said). Why work in the mental healthy field if you are lack compassion and understanding. They also don't respect the patients privacy.

sean burke

They are professional, curteous,& have valet parking available!!!

jane pusecker

I wouldn't send my dog there they are the worst hospital in the Columbus Ohio area.

Jeromy Stone

I was losing blood rapidly and they just left me to bleed for 8 to 9 hours before I had to sign myself out to go to a more professional hospital. This place is horribly atrocious. The room they had me in had garbage all over the floor and the staff isn't very nice either. I will NEVER return to this "hospital" for ANYTHING!!! This place and it's staff were and are completely unprofessional and the gist of them were incredibly rude.

Habiba Diallo

The wait time is unbelievably HORRIBLE!!!! I came at 6pm and they let me out at 12am just for a visit! No medication nothing...they just let me stay there for all these freaking hours in pain for no damn reason! I wish this could get to their president or higher up management.

Karen Macknight

My son who lives in NY was running the half marathon and fainted on a training run. He broke his jaw in 3 places and lacerated his chin. My husband and I travelled from CT to be with him for surgery, he was a patient in the trauma center. I say this with all my heart, I never met a more compassionate, caring bunch of people. One was nicer then the next. We returned for surgery 6 weeks later and witnessed the same caring ,compassionate people in the heart and surgery center, a well oiled machine!! Truly grateful for a pleasant experience for my son. And truly grateful for Dr. A, he is one of kind and left quite an impression on my son, my husband and me, Thank you so very much.

Gigglenastics Vicky Pike

As a mother of three and already have had a miscarriage, my experience with Grant hospital during another very severe and life threatening miscarriage was so traumatic that to this day, twelve years later the memory still haunts me. I was treated as such an inconvenience to the staff, I was tossed into a curtain exam room with my lower torso facing the curtain. As I lay there unclothed, weak, emotionally and physically traumatized, and bleeding, various staff would thrown open the curtain without any regard to me as a human being. My dignity was of no concern as I was losing my daughter. I still hear at night when it is quiet " how many living children do you have". This fifteen years later. The experience from then on continued to decline. I then would hear mocking whispers about me and ridiculed from OR techs, nurses and so on. I hope if any one is having a miscarriage, that they go to Riverside or Saint Ann's. I have been told since how caring and sympathetic they are in such a emotionally sad and difficult time.

Danny BeatzMusic

Last night went to Grant hospital with a head injury and bleeding out one ear, I waited about 6 hours before the doctors would see me. Lucky I wasn't dying because If I were I would had died waiting. You'd think with a head injury and blood spewing out your ear that they would act immediately? Nope! The nurses in pre-registration were rude and told me to wait, even though I told them that the pain increased. I'll never go back here again even though the doctors were nice. The only helpful person before seeing the doctors was this woman who was also waiting in the ER who had gotten me paper towels for the blood pouring out of my head.

Emily Dreher

I spent my afternoon in their emergency room today, the care was decent, but after my tests were taken the doctor said there was nothing else they could do for me and that I could go home. I asked if I could wait in the room I was in until my ride got to the hospital. They told me I was not allowed to stay in my room any longer and kicked me out into the waiting room that was empty might I add. I could understand if they were swamped and desperately needed the room for someone in worse condition that me, but no. After such an awful experience I tried to get my paperwork transferred to a different doctor, from a different hospital. I then waited on hold for two hours to get my files transferred and the line disconnected. I never even got to speak to someone, my day has been wasted. You would think that they would care more. Guess not.

Gin M

Terrible. If you have a high risk pregnancy, DO NOT GO HERE. Find a new doctor. This place is the worst.

bobby green

I’ll never come here again. It’s nasty and full of homeless vagrants just hangin around takin up much needed space.

Lisa Baker

My Father was here for 5wks where he passed.The staff looked over and took very good care of his and our families need's.The staff is professional friendly and truly appreciated.Final hrs can be hard, hospice explained the care throughout the care kept the room clean comfortable.I thank the staff that over looked his care and needs.Thank You!!

D. D.

I would like to state that I was not in there for an intensive trauma. I was transported to this hospital from another medical center due to the fact that the original med. Center couldn't "cut me open and get my appendix the hell out!" -Me. Once at Grant, I talked to well over a dozen people (yeah, I lost count) asking for either food/water/whether I'm going into surgery that day or the next. It turned out to be the next day. (I didnt find that out until i spent a good 6 hours there). The only reason it didnt recieve a 1 star review is because of the surgeons/the associated staff. They were awesome! They "shot straight " and didnt give me any run around.

Simply Sunshine

Nurse Andrea Fisher is incredible!!!!! I'm 47 years old. Never in life has anyone got my Mothers vein on the first stick! She did it! Usually med professionals cause her a lot of pain. I'm so grateful for her expertise!

Clarissa Miller

Very rude Administrative Nurse. I was told my brother had been taken here for emergency. I called Ohio Health and was transferred to the Emergency Department who then transferred me to the Head Nurse and that line message said she was unavailable but gave her cell number. I called her cell number and she said she was on maternity leave at the present time but she was kind enough to give me the Administrative Nurses direct line. When I called there the Admin Nurse seemed more concerned with HOW I GOT HER DIRECT LINE than telling me how my brother was. I was so offended that I had to actually go through this entire spiel to explain HOW I got her number before she would even tell me how my brother was. Then later when I called back and was directed to the Nurse Station I was informed that they could not tell me any information as I was not "on the list". On what list? I am HIS ONLY SIBLING what in the world.

Matt Hildenbrand

Observation nurse Erin is the best nurse to have looking after you. She's caring and a pleasure to be around and extremely attentive

Whitney Harris

I just had a baby here 6 days ago, I’m waiting for a survey in the mail... but I just wanted to write a review publicly, so everyone could see. By far the best experience I could have had considering the circumstances, and my first c section. I was so afraid, and nervous... the nurses were the most amazing people I have ever met. I wish I could remember the nurse who was in the surgery room with me, she was an angel... held my hand the whole time, wiped my tears and talked me through the whole thing. The nurses post op, same thing. Made me feel comfortable and safe. This hospital really is great. They even brought food for my husband, every meal I ate! I did grab some names in case anyone is planning on delivering here, these nurses were awesome so ask for them! Jackie, Savannah, Carol, Brittany and Molly. Hopefully their labor and delivery team get some donuts for this, or something. LOL

Brett Gissel

Our children were born here. Staff treated us well throughout our stay.

Paul Canter

This hospital has the most cluest staff in the world when ask any question all u get is no. Not let find an answer for you. I was call by their p.a.t. department cause my glucos was over 500 and a1c was above 14. Told i had to go their er department tonight and they be waiting for me. Showed up at 5pm by 8pm i was so done only answer i can get was no. No i cant find any information no i can help.

Tara Kirk

I went in to the emergency room tonight because of a broken ankle. I have to say how amazing and friendly EVERYONE was! From the security guard who helped me get through to the nurse, and the nurses and doctor. This is why i love Grant. This is why i drive an hour from my house to come here. (Avoid fmc at all costs) This is EXCELLENT healthcare. Thank you.

Brandy Rolon

My husband was in a HORRIBLE motorcycle accident in may. Not many expected him to live.... thanks to all the Dr's at Grant Medical Center, he's alive and home now. Thanks to the nursing staff in the ICU, ICS, and 7th floor recovery for keeping him in good shape during his recovery! The staff worked hard to keep this man alive and happy, from the bottom of the marshall house hold heart, THANK YOU

Shyla Conner

I delivered my daughter here and it was an awful experience. They did not listen to me or follow my birth plan. The nurses were rude and made what should have been a wonderful experience horrible. Wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone.

Kenneth Shoemaker

This hospital is awful very unproffesional extremely rude staff these doctors and nurses need to find another carrier no empathy what so ever we will never be back they profile people so bad just nasty and very rude staff

Tiffany Williams

I brought my daughter to Grant Hospital because the Pilice asked me to. She was the victim of a sexual assault. I would have never brought her there if I had known we would be there for almost 9 hours to get treated. Grant hospital dropped the ball. I know this is not how this works. I worked with these types of victims for 5 years. The advocate was called and then told not to come until they called her later. Then there was a mix up where someone said she refused the exam which was never the case. She had been telling them she wanted the exam since we got there. There was never a mix up it’s the reason why we we’re there. When we first got there there was SANE nurse on duty. This experience was very disheartening. I hope other victims never get treated like this. It was almost like they wanted us to get upset and leave. They ignored us for about 6 hours while we sat. She talked to at least 7 different people while we were there and her story never changed. Even the detective came in the beginning, completed the interview and left. She didn’t even have an advocate at that point because someone called her and said oh we will call you have to come in after the police are gone. She was supposed to be there during that time also. SAD. I will never step foot in Grant Hospital again.


They get 1 star because I can't give zero. They forgot about me for 4 hours. Thought I'd been discharged earlier. No medication. Nothing to drink. Then the bill for one night of observation. 36k. When I called customer service. No answer. Never returned my call.

Millie Raps

I was born there...

Mommy & Me

Been here 6 hours only seen the doctor once the staff is mad because I keep requesting my nurse who came after the 3rd time I called here. When I asked about the nirse a forth time I was told I have a new nurse but I will let her know 3o minutes later still no nurse. I was here by the urgent care and when I told the RN why the urgent sent me she laughed. The nurse that assisted me let me know if was here first tome performing the procedure she was about to proform on me. This place is unprofessional and the staff is rude.

Adult Games

Doctor and stuff are so good here.

Justin adkins

Was great but after step down 5 times I didn't receive my food. Had to beg for my pain meds like a junkie. Push nurse call button the ppl who respond if they even bother to respond don't do what you need them to do the hospital is so a joke

mark biddle

i went to the er twice for pain in my hip and thigh . the first time they took x ray but didnt see anything. sent me home. the pain got worse so i went back, took more xrays, still didnt see anything. i asked cant you run some other kind of test? like an mri, or ct scan? the nurse told me all we do here in the er is make sure you wont die, and thats it! it used to be they would try to find out whats wrong with you. not any more. they dont care!

ccno noble

On Tuesday afternoon August 4th I came to the emergency room @ Grant. a few days earlier I had been in a car accident and was having head and neck pain, some pain in my chest and left arm before they even knew of my complaints they treated me with such compassion from the guard at the entrance to the attendants, nurses, doctors, the twins everyone I came in contact with they where very courteous and very professional. I had to be admitted to the hospital for observation on the first floor room 112 and the staff was so wonderful. I cannot remember everyone's name but every one who attended that room until I was discharged much love and appreciation for your kindness. and special appreciation to the night nurse and the day nurse who made sure I made it out of hospital safely..... With all sincerity

mary dillon

Never go to this hospital if you are in need to see someone soon I legit waited in the waiting room from 8 till 5 am and just ended up saying screw it and left ..It's ridiculous why let patients come in knowing it's going to be a 8 plus hour wait . Place was filled with junkies and loud people who have no manners.. some of the staff was nice at least

Ashley Sutphin

My husband has been here going on 27 days... The staff on the trauma side of the 5th floor suck, some of the 7th floor sucks.... The Drs are the worst and highly unprofessional..... I'm reporting this hospital to the BBB.... My husband came in as a Level 1 trauma after being hit by a semi..... Ugh..... At least he's alive, but he could have gotten much better care

Bemnet Atsbeha Kebede

This hospital or medical center is probably the best I have ever been. The nurses are very friendly and the doctors explain everything for you. They are very helpful and understanding. Overall the beat place to come if any trauma accident has happened to you or someone you know

Mike Ryba

My mother was taken into the ICU and was cared for by some really great nurses and doctors. These people were very knowledgeable of what they were doing and were very informative. I got 3 calls a day like clockwork and when I was there during visiting hours they were all very helpful and caring. Dr. Emanuel was the one I met along with nurses Tanner, Shelly, Kim, Cara and a couple others. I'm sorry if I forgot anyone but everyone was top notch and very helpful and took great care of my mother and I thank you all.

Debra Harrington

do not go here at all they are so mean here and not clean

a7 vv

This is by far one of the worst experiences I have ever had at this facility. I just recently had hernia surgery at ohio health in dublin, approx 4-5 months ago, last night I started feeling severe pain worst i've ever encountered. I was pale in the face, numb from head to toe, also twitching like I was having a bad seizure, could not breath due to the high amount of pain, thus trying my hardest to stay conscious. I felt my hernia was ripping through my incision and going through to my genital area, I was holding the area I felt was releasing, and administration was not taking me serious as I request for help many many times, the guy just gets rude with me and tells me he will not help me if I do not remove my hands from my pants supporting my hernia. Finally get to the back were nurses are just grabbing me and feeling around my private area, not knowing what they were doing, or even if they had a clue what a hernia was?. As I sat around in loads of pain and dosed with pain medication, me and my accompany hear nurses being rude to other patients, as well as being very unprofessional or taking requests serious. Also hearing the nurses were cursing / trash talking about some of the patients currently in the area, making fun of others and such. I was really fed up with the place at this time. As the night continues, it's around 4am, the doctor finally decides to come in and explain to me what was happening (mind you I am half asleep, in pain, and pain medication in my system), I then proceed to ask a question "Is that why the pain is so severe", he then gets a attitude with me and says "You need to look up here when I am talking to you" I felt very offended by this, my girlfriend was witnessing this. I will report this and take this matter elsewhere. This was by far one of the most worst experiences I have ever had, and will not recommend this unprofessional hospital to anyone.

Pam Bennett

No one ever "wants" to go to the hospital and that was exactly our case this past Thanksgiving holiday. I have to take a moment to express my gratitude to the incredible staff. They were compassionate, polite, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. From the emergency room, to ICU, to the Cardiac Care Unit and even the cafeteria and guest services - every staff member we came in contact with was absolutely top notch! The hospital was clean and the entire experience, although not something we'd ever want to experience again, just could not have been better thanks to the staff at Grant Medical Center. Would definitely recommend this hospital and would give them 10 stars.

Stormi Mcintyre

They killed my husband on May 27, 2018 my husband went in having a panic attack they beat him up and gave him three different meds that overdosed him, stopped his heart and there they let him lay without oxygen for 6-10 minutes they never gave him CPR or nothing.. he was in a come for 7 days and he only got worse. His kidneys started failing and his lungs collapse, he got MRSA and he lost his life on June 3.. he was a healthy 38 year old with 4 children.. I want Justice for my husband and my family. William McIntyre I love u baby and we will own this place..

Ronald Smith

I recently spent 12 days at Grant on the 5th floor the Nurses and tech's were fantastic. The Nurse manager was very nice and kind I forget her name the one Nurse that really stood out was Devon here kindness and caring was unmatched even though all but 2 were the best most attentive kind and helpful people you would ever want to take care of your loved ones. The tech's were always available, helpful, kind, and generous. Thank you Misty and Megan for making my days a little brighter. Devon thank you for helping and encouraging me to get up and walk and taking the time to assist me despite how busy you were. The best hospital staff anywhere.

Dime Piece

The worst hospital I ever been to the emergency room waiting area was busy standing, the was taking people sending them back to the lobby with ivs in them and a blanket making them wait 5 hours to be seen. I will never go back to this hospital. If you are in Columbus Ohio and sick go to Dublin Hospital. The best hospital out in Columbus. Just terrible just terrible. They should be ashamed of they self's real talk.

Shell zie

I actually drive 35 minutes to go to Grant. Every time I've been there I've had an overwhelmingly positive experience. Both of my children were delivered there, and I wouldn't choose to deliver at any other hospital. The staff is always friendly and helpful; the nurses go out of their way to make sure your needs and even wants are met. The doctors always spend an appropriate amount of time explaining tests and conditions. The time I went to their ER there was absolutely no wait time. I would recommend going there.

Ashley C

Terrible experience very unprofessional staff. Do not recommend going here at all. I kept asking for a nurse to come in and I literally waited over 9 hours in a room and NO ONE came in. Awful how stuff goes on like this. Be professional!!!!

Jasmine Craner

We were going to have a home, birth, but I opted to head to the hospital bc I was feeling dehydrated. The staff there was great, respected my wishes to let the cord stay attached until the pulsing ceased, have my placenta preserved, and handed my boy over for skin on skin right after he was out :) Great experience despite my hospital fears.


i just want to let grant hospital know that my aunt is thinking about suing because she came out of the hospital sicker than when she went in.

skin atra

They took great care of me

Rex Rumley

I am a patient of several Drs. and Clinics at Grant. They are all professional and very helpful. I do want to take the time to say Thank You for employing Dr. Sherman Katz and the Wound Clinic staff at Grant. He is a wonderful Dr. to deal with and has helped immensely. I would also like to commend the nurses and staff at the Wound Center. These nurses have been wonderful to me. I would not have imagined people like them. If I could give the staff there 10 Stars, I would do it. Thank you to every one of them and to Dr. Katz for leading the team. Thank you to Grant for employing them. Rex Rumley

Enigma Dethsmyles

Great trauma hospital,,if in trauma, you typically get seen right away. Other lesser injured may have to wait awhile...this is a full service A+ hospital! Very friendly and helpful staff,,.never rude that I noticed. #enigmadethsmyles #dethsmyles Artist, Writer & Seeker of True Beauty!-) Please mark as helpful if you found this review to be so! See my other Photos and Reviews for more honest reviews!!

terrance harper

Wife was in a car accident. They let her lay moaning in pain for over 5 hours without giving pain meds, and she has chronic pain and 2 prescriptions from home for pain meds, which hey would not order. I requested a cot to lay in the room with her, and never received one. Staff is innatentive and rude.

Kelsey Holt

I delivered both my kids there. The delivery ward was clean, nice nurses that cared. The baby ward after labor was different. The nurses were sort of rude and made me feel like a burden. But there were a few that made up for the rest. They took good care of my babies and that's all that matters!!

Rebecca Laterza

Excellent care, knowledgeable, compassionate staff. Keep you updated, communicate and allow family to participate in the patients care. Great teamwork !!

Brenda Caldwell

Good very professional and caring.

Seven Matthews

If it had not had not been for ONE specific, terribly, very awful, awful nurse that I had the VERY unfortunate luck of getting stuck with one of the three days I was in the hospital after I had my son, I would have given the experience at grant 5 stars. This "nurse" was that bad. I can't even begin to tell you the horror story I had with her that day, but suffice to say, it about ruined my entire great experience otherwise. Sorry to all the other wonderful nurses who helped me "/ You all were top notch!

Aleah Cooper

Everyone was in the ER department was rude besides the doctors and xray techs. Usually its the other way around. They lost my ID and my debit card when transferring me from the ambulance to the hospital. My room was directly in front of the nurses station. I could visually see them sitting there. Five people not doing anything but talking and it consistently took them ten minutes to answer my call light. No one had answers to any of my questions and all of my questions were a burden. I woke up with a blood pressure cuff directly above where my IV had been placed. Anyone with any type of common sense knows you are not supposed to do that. My IV could have been blown out very easliy which is very painful. My friend asked for a mask because her immune system is terrible due to another illness and the lady at the desk rolled her eyes and said "really a mask?" I just called to ask details of where to go to get my stitches out and the lady acted as if I had asked her to tell me to tell me her life story. It was a huge burden for her and apparently I am calling the "wrong place" because the emergency department "does not deal with patients after discharge" I understand Grant is directly downtown and they probably see and deal with alot on a daily basis. That doesnt give them the right to treat patients in that matter. Especially when it wasnt just one employee. It was literally everyone I came in contact with.

Kris Homman

In early September, my husband had a motorcycle accident where he was significantly injured. As a nurse, I was glad to hear that he had been taken to Grant. However, although he received good treatment in the ER trauma room, it all changed once he left there. I was sent to an abandoned waiting room, no where near the OR, to wait for the surgeon. A surgeon that when he finally appeared, told me very little, other than to go home. When I insisted on seeing my husband, he called post op and told them to come get me. It took close to an hour to be retrieved by the post op nurse and she made it very clear that I was a big inconvenience in her night. I was told to not bother my husband and that I needed to leave. When I made it clear that I was not leaving, I was then sent to the inpatient trauma unit waiting room, with a promise that they would get me when he was up there. I sat for almost 2 hours before I found my way to the nurses' station and was told that they were told no one was there with him. I was finally allowed in his room. Understanding that my husband had just had emergency surgery, I expected for him to be checked on frequently. However, that was not the case. From 2 AM until 530 AM, no one entered the room. (Understand that I am an orthopedic surgical inpatient nurse. All fresh post ops should be assessed hourly). At 530, the night shift nurse came into the room. I told her that I was concerned about the drainage from my husband's incision. She looked at it and told me that it was dry. Amazingly, I was able to wipe fresh blood from it, and you could see blood throughout the entire dressing. At 700 AM the nurses came to give bedside report. Night shift stated that the dressing was clean and dry. When I again brought up the blood, I was told that it was dried. At this point you could visibly see the blood running down his arm. This was the last visit we had until several hours later when day shift came in to medicate him. PT then came in, and we discovered a puddle of blood under his arm, and it was not dry. He then asked for a bed change, which was eventually done by me. My husband's pain was not controlled and he became very dizzy when he stood up. The PT stated that if he was able to walk in the hall, and his pain was controlled he could go home. After this, the nurse came in and stated that since he was going home, he could no longer have the IV pain meds. He had yet to walk in the hall and my husband, who never complains of pain, was rating his pain a 9. I had to complain to everyone to get his medications increased to a higher dose. Eventually, he did walk in the hall, and we were told we were going home. At 2 pm we were given our discharge instructions. It was 430 pm before we left the hospital. For 2 1/2 hours we waited for a wheelchair. At no point did we ever see the surgeon before he left the hospital. After his discharge, he had an appointment scheduled with the surgeon. It was cancelled the Friday before it, it was supposed to be on Monday. There was no reason given. We stopped in the office on that Monday to see if we could get him a bigger sling. As they had given him a small sling (he is 6' 6"). The staff in the surgeon's office was less than friendly, in fact they were down right rude. Luckily, I work with some excellent surgeons and was able to get him in with a good one. We never did get to see the surgeon that did his surgery. Never again will I trust Grant with the life of a loved one.

P Woodward

Nephew was in serious car accident. Neck broken in three places and a metal rod put in one leg from knee to hip and they were pushing to discharge him after two days with no job, food, bed etc. They discharged him on a Sunday so we couldn't reach his attorney. No effort made to secure home health care of any kind. No wheelchair, nothing. The only thing they did was stabilize his injuries. Disgusting. He needed to be admitted to a rehabilitation center for recovery. Nope. On the streets. You should be ashamed.

Gene Quigg

I came straight into Grant's heart catheter lab via ambulance due to having a heart attack this past June. The Dr's and the entire staff involved with my care were AWESOME! They were kind, caring, knowledgeable, professional and took great care of me. Thank you!

Cheryl Reeder

The staff at Grant Medical Center are kind, caring and treat you like family. My father has received wonderful medical care from Grant Medical Center. By far the best hospital and care that my father has gotten in years.

Shirley Whitt

Er staff was great. Got me in and out quickly and efficiently. Very friendly and kept me informed.

ChelsyProudMommyOFBabyGirl Shepherd

They never gave aspen birth information to birth certificate place in Ohio

Bob Roehm

Grant Medical Center has been providing high-quality medical service in downtown Columbus since approximately 1900. My first contact with Grant Medical Center had been during the 1980s when Grant had been one of the very few hospitals in central Ohio [or perhaps the only hospital in Central Ohio] that would accept patients with AIDS. Grant had certainly been in the forefront in terms of providing medical care to patients that other hospitals had been refusing to treat. That limitation is now no longer true but definitely had been true during the 1980s. More recently, I learned that Grant is a Level I Trauma Center. Studies have shown that patients have a better chance of surviving life-threatening injuries if they are treated at a Level I Trauma Center than if they are treated at a Level II trauma center. I need to point out here that Grant is not the only Level I trauma center in central Ohio. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is a Level I Trauma Center; Nationwide Children's Hospital is a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center. I can't talk about Grant Medical Center without telling my favorite "Grant Medical Center" story. I had been walking past Grant Medical Center several years ago and had noticed, on the sidewalk in front of me, a woman who had been wearing a hospital gown, had been using oxygen, and had been smoking. I am certain that her smoking had not been with the permission of her physician. I quickly diverted my path so that I would always be at least 100 feet away from her all of the time so that, if that patient were to explode, I would not be injured. But had she exploded, her life might have been saved because she had been within a few hundred feet of a Level I trauma center.

Som Moktan

I have been a lot of hospitals to visit family members when they were sick, but I never seen this type of uncomfortable hospital in my life. Mostly distracted rooms,you have to share a room with other patient which will make a room noisy, crowded and unconditional of patient's info.

Jack Gibson

I have visited numerous hospitals all over the united States! And grant hospital is the filthiest, rudest, most disrespecting hospital I have ever been to in my life!!there patient diagnosis is also incorrect! The nurse staff feels that they can make a diagnosis, without the opinion of a proper physician! I would never recommend this hospital to anyone!! Visiting this hospital also added a lot of unnecessary stress and heartache to my life!!

Helena Appling

Good Service, everything went great .

William Crandell

I am not comfortable in hospitals for some 4 stars not 5

Justin Adkins

Grant is a good hospital had could a bad review because of a couple of the nursing staff the rest of the nursing staff is grade A

Rose Fraker

My fiance chad stevenson came to grant in june 2013 to have back back surgery ive got to say grant is much better then the other hospitals weve been to i love this hospital they did such a wonderful job when it came to chads surgery and recovery at the bone and joint center .

Krys Payne

Went to Grant Medicals emergency department confirming a spouses pregnancy assumption, and ended up being here for 9 hours and still counting. I Have asked multiple desk ladies; in all 3 since we’ve been here; about the situation but was always shrugged off and was told we would be back soon. I would have drove told another hospital if I hadn’t been told that I would be called very soon. I’m honestly not surprised at the service due to there being extended waits in past visits, but to be sitting in the waiting room of an emergency room for 9 hours is ridiculous. Won’t ever be taking a trip back to this lousy hospital, and can agree with the remarks from fellow peers that “If I was to die, take me anywhere but Grant” or the “I don’t care if I get shot in Grant, take me to another hospital!”

Christ Shaw

Filthy. Nurses were rude and uncaring.My mother was very ill and very frightened of the staff. Imediate family was kept from seeing her for 2 days, so she was all alone and scared. Our family has been hurt by this experience. I Would be very causious of visiting this hospital.

Johnathan Howard

DO NOT GIVE BIRTH HERE!!! Doctor Vieta performed an illegal episiotomy on my wife after informed consent was implicitly removed for the procedure. I in fact PHYSICALLY GRABBED HER HAND AND TOLD HER TO STOP WHEN SHE APPROACHED WITH SCISSORS, BUT SHE PROCEEDED ANYWAY. Then she spitefully and maliciously clamped my baby's cord as soon as she was out even though she was told very loudly multiple times to stop. We are pursuing criminal and legal damages against this doctor. For anyone thinking of Grant for their birth, THINK AGAIN!!!

S McGuire

Absolutely Phenomenal!

A Google User

Absolutely the only place I would want to be cared for in OH. From the Surgical waiting room receptionist to the BEST Nursing staff in the World. Grant Medical Center is by far and away. Amazing!!!!!. Life flighted in, had a nine day stay. And I will return when all healed to say Hello, and hopefully get a hug from all who had a hand in my care while I was there.. The Best place!

Bruce Hopkins

My relative had recently been placed on 3rd floor in ccu. My 1st experience there was undoubtedly one that me and my family wont forget. The receptionist knew exactly where we needed to go and the nurse / doctor at station went above and beyond to keep us informed and updated. After we had to leave the nurse called me in the am's and kept us up to date on condition of relative. I doctor at cleveland clinic and have no issues on switching to this location if need be. Excellant, informative, educational, compassionate and cares for all that enter, no matter if you walk in or lifelighted.

Kate Pistachio

I was taken seriously and given proper tests and care even though my insurance at the time was free Medicaid. All the people helping me were professional and nice. I was really grateful.

Stephanie Miller

Nice staff, always treated polite by the nurses and Dr.'s. They will investigate what the actual problem is and and give you the best course of treatment. Some hospitals do not take the time to even figure out what is really wrong with a patient or just dismiss the patient altogether without even listening to the patient. I prefer OhioHealth facilities over all the other hospitals in Columbus for their patient care and nice nurses and Dr.'s.

Sameer Patel

To address the previous comments. All hospitals care about money so you're correct to a degree. However, the really good hospitals staffed with GREAT providers have their "customer service" mask their monetary gains. If they didn't care about money, they wouldn't be open and less healthcare would become available which is a lose-lose for the community. 2 hours to be seen in an ED is actually not bad. Consider how highly populated the area is, there are people waiting much longer. In general, the ED looks for those people who are critical and may need emergent intervention. Though this may be viewed as "bad practice", hospitals are meant to save lives and if there's a critical person with a heart attack ahead of a person with belly pain, which would you think needs to be addressed 1st. All in all, 2 hours is actually on the shorter end of the stick, so I would consider you were lucky that day

Leona Beach

I would not go anywhere else for my care! This is the best inner city hospital I know of.

Jesse Henry

Grant is one of my favorite hospitals. The staff are always so nice and smiling.

Dee Marshall

Took my husband to the ER around 9:45PM, sat in the waiting room for about 1 hour then they did tests. We sat in the waiting room for another 6.5 hours. It wasn't until my husband voiced his opinion about the care and lack of patient service did the doctor finally come to let him know what the test results said. He then wrote him a script and sent him on his way. REALLY Grant. My husband stated, "I wouldn't send my DOG to Grant for treatment." I AGREE!

Uncle Ruhge

Wheel chairs shapeed luke a shopping

Jessica Lawrence


Mark Ballard Tom Finney

Horrible! Stay awau! Needed emergency care. Got unskilled, unsympathetic, uncaring "care." Horrible!

Robert Smith

Don't go here at night. All the doors are locked. You can park in the garage but you will have to walk around outside to get to the ER

Deon Coco

Worse service of my whole life! A man was waiting in the emergency with his arm CUT OPEN for 8 hours and and lady was crying of how much pain so I asked if I could do anything to help she asked if I could speak to someone. I went to the front where there were no nurses and ask the security guard to help and he said and I quote "Do you know how many people cry here, she has to wait her turn." Laughing in my face. Seriously DO NOT GO THERE!

Stephan Johnson

Been here all day. 20 people went to see the doctor ahead of me and I was here before them. I have severe back pain, pain in my left foot, and painful migraines. This hospital isn't very professional. All these nurses and people can't be seen at a decent time. Not much of a emergency room. SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!

tom hinkle

Staff is wonderful. The care my wife received was top notch. Every step of our visit was great. From the time we arrived to the moment we left the facility. These people care and it shows.

Chelsea Huffman

Not as clean as I would hope for a hospital, bathrooms and such.. but the free WiFi is nice..

Ester Klark

I work here but before I got hired. Couple months back I caught a parasite and went to ER and it was quick and they took good csre of me. Even between communicating with me about the plan etc they let me sleep and rest and got excatly what was wrong. I was happy one of my old coworkers was my nurse. The NP I had was amazing& listened and got to the point how I like. Happy it was curable but I really had to becarful where I eat lol but hey I guess it happens. Thank You Grant Medical Center.

Brandie Martin

After this last experience I will not be coming back here for treatment. Some of the nurses were very rude no one checked to see if I was OK after waiting I'm Er waiting room for 6+hours very disappointed

alan carter

IV been in the lobby since 955am and here it is 2pm have not been seen and everyone is being seen way before me been a hour since they called someone to the back

Domonique Rice

Valet Service is awful. I checked my car into the valet and it was no issues, when I went to get my car the valet was not at the booth I stood and waited for 20 minutes. A supervisor had walked up and stated that the valet staff went to park a car and they will be back. I explained that I had been waiting since 7:10am and had to be at work at 7:30am. The valet staff came back at 7:22am and brought my car to me at 7:25am. If you have to be anywhere after dropping a loved one off do not park in valet!

Greta Stake

My son went to the emergency room for a head injury and was left in waiting room for more than 8 hours. Only after I called the supervisor in emergency did they tell him to go home and have his Mother take care of him. Rude and very unprofessional. Would never recommend this place, won't even call it a hospital, to my worst enemy.

Martin Simbosi

My nephew had a pretty serious break falling on his arm during a basketball game. I guess he had a compound fracture. I called an ambulance because my sister was a crying mess. I followed the ambulance which took him to the ER at Grant. They rushed him into surgery. I sat in the waiting room. The nurses were very kind when I inquired how things were proceeding. The doctor came out and explained to me and my sister how the surgery went. She was very kind as well, patiently answering my sisters question. I'd would wish a million times over that my nephew would not have gotten hurt. But I'm glad he went to Grant, they seemed to really care about their patients.

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