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Heather Eckert

My daughter went there in December, worst experience ever. First the "doctor" listened to her ling sounds through her winter coat, then they treated her like she was a narcotic seeking junkie because she's 22 and having ear pain. Look through the records, the last time she was there was over 5 years ago. I'm disgusted with the service she received, which was none. You told her to get the same over the counter medication she had already been using for a week with no relief. That is why she came to you. I gave her the rest of my antibiotic since you failed to and she was better in 4 days. I get that your busy and there are many repeat guests, but really you should take the time to look people over. Oh and by the way, if your customer concern lines didn't hang up with ever call, this would have been handled over the phone instead of on a google post.

Michelle Haynes

God bless the RN Gina working on my stepdad since 2010! for helping him save his legs/life!

Arion Mucolli

They are so expensive !!!

Maria Fry

Took my 10yr old daughter in to get her blood drawn for the first time. After a reasonable wait (10min), they got us back and couldn't have been nicer. There were questions about the blood test ordered. They called the doctors office and took the time to make sure they got the right test so she wouldn't have to return for another blood test later. Rated 4 stars because the layout of their space is terrible. Have to walk to different sections to deal with paperwork, use computers. Need some Lean process redesign. Not the staff's fault.

Amy Bronden

Thank you for caring for our family

Heather Wiechman

its okay but my husbant was in there two time in two day after he went to his family doc the first time they just sent him home said there is nothing they could do about it the next day we had to come back thing where NOT looking good and then they had to admit him..... so he went from go home to now your getting admit an lest then 8 hours ?????? My brother had to set stitches in his face and when he had to get them out they missed 6 of the stitches and they got VERY infected yea not so fun

Karl Fisher

I had the unfortunate need of emergency room services on 9-23. I was seen for a leg injury following a fall. I was seen promptly by staff and then by Dr. Campbell. Everyone was very attentive, friendly and caring. X-ray technicians were very gentle with obtaining x-rays and respectful of my extreme pain. Dr. Campbell was soothing to me. He would stroke my arm whenever he talked to me. He knew that would be calming. He was willing to talk to our surgeon in PA. He was very accommodating. Thank you all so much. Eileen Fisher, Lititz, PA

Keith Black

Worst er you could go to in Ohio, they don't know what they're doing half the time the other half they don't care

Stephanie Mercer

Sara Hinkle

Kelley Grubb

I've been here a lot with myself and children. They've always done a phenomenal job. The e.r. doctors are wonderful.

Theresa White

Very horrible experience! My daughter has kidney stones and the dr. Last night told her she shouldnt be in that much pain. Shes already had 2 surgeries for them. Then the dr ordered pain shot but the nurse that gave it shot it on my daughters clothes instead of injecting it in her behind. That dr said well your blood work came back ok and my daughter said funny i didnt have blood work done. He then asked her if she was an addict! Really? Not everyone that comes in there that has pain is an addict! And kiddney stones cause the worst pain imaginable. She was also peeing blood. Firelands needs some real help and real doctors. They need more doctors like doctor Campbell!! He's the only real doctor that works there any more. Something really needs to be done with this hospital!!!

Nina Stout

This one star is for the two "little witches" from the physical therapy dept.that came to my room the days following my surgery. I didn't get their names. They were both heavy set and the one was shorter with red hair and always wore a yellow cloth mask. I am not a baby and know that it takes work to recover. Right after my tkr they came in and was FORCING my knee to bend, and I mean forced! I felt like a rip in the inner part of my knee which I still feel months later.They were very rough and acted like I was crazy. I know some would say that they were just doing their job. No one should be subjected to what I went through. As far as the rest of my care it was fine. There was a night shift nurse that went above and beyond. I think her name was Beth. I would probably stay at this hospital again but if I thought I had to face those "two" again I would leave asp! ,

Uber Cow

Kathy Gebard

Get eye surgery

Gene Smith

This hospital's ER is a joke. They need to find doctor's that actually know how to treat people. The quality of service and the knowledge of the doctor's are questionable.

Alicia Clark

I created a google account just so I could request people to never go here. I went in for chest pain, dizziness, and nausea. They were very pushy with me even though I had a very difficult time walking and just felt too sick to move. I only saw the doctor once for a few seconds. After that, they just told me that they didn't know what was going on. The "doctor" prescribed me Motrin even after telling him that I have stomach ulcers and gastritis. If you have a medical emergency, it's better to just risk going somewhere 30 minutes away unless you want to be treated like a joke.

aelah soc

Very nice establishment, the staff was friendly and very helpful

Marissa Robertson

If you were dying and your only hope is this hospital you might as well die. Terrible hospital. If you must use this hospital your best bet is to ask to be transferred somewhere that knows what they’re doing like Cleveland clinic.

Diane Darr

Gastroenterology department cattle call appointments are disrespectful to all your patients. It creates stress for everyone involved. Have respect for the people who come to use your services.

taz z

If I could give this place minus 5 stars I would. Wait times for ER are in acceptable, they can't be busy 24 / 7. Yet I always wait. ER doc's and NP's you are lucky if you see them once before they discharge you. With following

Chris Ring

From the receptionist to the discharge nurse, everyone who I spoke with or helped me was awesome. The professionalism of every staff member and the treatment I received was remarkable. Dr Visci and the operating team made me feel very comfortable and had me laughing. It felt like family. I recommend this medical center to everyone. And very cleanly facility also. Definitely a 5 star!!

Ashley Caudill

Sunny Sun

The trip to an ER is always a distress call. But it couldn’t have gone smoother and I couldn’t have felt more cared for. Right from the registration to the nurses Kim and Melissa and Dr Tupa were just wonderful and compassionate. Swift attention to matters at hand and quick, effective treatment and I was on my way back home in no time. I am glad I live just 8 minutes of drive form this quality ER. Hopefully I never have to visit another ER but if I have to this is it. Keep up the good work guys!

Johnathan Doetter

Amanda Wendel

Got to wait hours at the ER wish sucks.

Yvonnjanai Frazier

The care is good and trying to be better each day.

Mary Chavalia

We took our 8 year old son here for treatment of a head wound, due to a fall. The staff were all very professional, from admittance to discharge.Thank you Doctors and staff!!! The Chavalia family.

Daniel Moore

Very clean, very friendly and an overall great atmosphere. I can't believe all of these negative comments I'm seeing here! Keep up the good work FRMC!

Ali Kinney

My stay at Firelands Hospital included ER and 2 days in intensive care. ER doc and staff were fantastic; heart cath team great. However, had same RN both days and she was rude, impatient, and acted like she did not really want to be bothered. Would not give me meds when I requested them until I finally threw up. Bad care in ICU.

Anthony Tworek

They are clearly not busy and wait times are not the greatest. It's Saturday 11-12-2016 and just maybe they are short staffed.

Ginny Sabo

Christian Nussbaum

Most of the staff was very rude. We took our 1 yr old in who was lethargic and had a high fever. The ER was basically empty, and still took us 4 hours of waiting before we could see the doctor. The nurse practitioner did come in after a couple hours to examine our son, and gave him Motrin and a popsicle. When the doctor finally came to our room, he looked in our sons ears and mentioned a "rash" on his face. I told him that his face was stained from the red popsicle they gave to him. He spent maybe 30 seconds in the room with us. The walls are paper thin, we could here the family in the room next to us arguing and beating their child. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone that I cared about.

David Golden

The people there were very friendly and knowledgeable about treating me. They treated me with kindness and respect.

Julie Williams

I have always gotten in for my appointments in less than 10 minutes. Staff are helpful and will walk you to your destination ...

Robert Warren

Tina Downs

I came in barely able to walk with knee injury. Was never offered a wheelchair until in tears about to hit the floor in pain leaving x-ray. If bones aren't broke they can't help, apparently they only do MRI if you have good insurance. Sad this is now my only choice for emergency just move to Sandusky last month.

Marissa Jackson

I went from going to Fisher Titus to going to FRMC because they are closer to my work. Each time I have came to the lab I have pre registered to save time, then when I arrive I still am having to "register/check in." This past time when I called to pre register I specifically asked if my order had already been received and was told yes. I get there in the morning only to be told that the girl can't find it (which surprised me since it seemed as if she didn't even look) and was too busy to look for it. So I then had to wait for someone else to track it down and bring it to lab. The who process should be a lot smoother and if I am checking in before I come to save time, then once I arrive I should just have to provide my name and insurance and begin waiting. Their whole process is so slow, and I am stuck waiting for long periods of time every time I come to this hospital.

Carrye DeCrane


Brian Black

Fantastic! Quality place and people.

Kasey Kramer

John Samko

I know the emergency services are poor. That's why I found an excellent family doctor. If I have an emergency they aways get me in quickly and my problem gets treated. However when I do go to the hospital for testing, blood work, x-rays, scans, MRI,........ I've always found there services very caring and professional.

Michele Burns

My husband just had gall bladder surgery. It was worse then expected so they had to cut him open. His surgeon was great! The after care nurses are horrible!! He was in so much pain and they never gave him his meds on time. They ignored him. He would ask a nurse, she said she would be back and would never come back! This happened repeatedly! He asked them several times to help get him to the bathroom and they made him wait 45min!! I went to the desk and asked them to please help get my husband to the bathroom as the all were standing and chatting around the nurses station. If you cherish your loved ones, please dont bring them to this hospital! It's worth the travel time to go somewhere else!

Chris Facemire

This hospital is fantastic! I just had my Appendix burst the level of help and hospitality has been overwhelming. I came into the hospital in so much pain and the Staff of Nurses, Doctors and orderlies made me feel at home. I am so glad that I decided to come here they knew exactly what I needed and I am on my way to a full recovery.

Denver Holiday

The nurses are unbelieveably and incredibly negligent! The cleanliness of this facility is questionable also. If you are concerned for your well-being in general please avoid Firelands hospital!


Great service.. kind, caring staff.. some of the best surgeons around. We are blessed to have a great hospital like this in our town.

Tamela Cunningham

Really good people work here. I'm very happy with my health care here.

Robin Mygrnt

Thank you to Dr. Kramer and your ER for saving my life. Wait time was a little long, but once I was taken back the staff worked to make me as comfortable as possible and then straight to CT scan which showed a pulmonary embolism. Stayed on tower 3 for 8 days. The nursing staff was top notch and Dr. Lindbloom was awesome! Only place in the area I would trust for care.

Erika Mcdaniel

I went to the ER because I broke my toe... the X-ray techs were great & caring.. but the NP that came in was quick & in a hurry, & she refused to give me pain medication. She told me to take Tylenol and or Ibuprofen... I know it’s ‘just a toe’ but you use your toes a lot & this was my first broken bone... I called a foot doctor while still in the parking lot once I finally made it to my car almost crying because every step was painful & burned/caused a stinging sensation in the broken toe... The foot doctor fit me in & gave me pain medication & a different boot to better support my foot so I would be able to work & take the pain Med after I had worked standing on my feet & walking on it all day...

collin piotrowski

Kevin Bohn

Matthew Veleba

They usually are good with getting me back into the back room. But today, they have taken over three hours and still waiting to even be seen by a doctor. There is literally no one in the waiting room and their times are horrible. They let an employee who only said she had a cough in before us and they weren't even in the waiting room for five minutes. I probably have the flu, have been running a fever, have diarrhea, and multiple other symptoms of concern but they haven't done anything to help alleviate these problems. Honestly the worst ER you could go to if you are sick. I'd advise if you are sick, go to The Little Clinic in the Krogers down the road or even go to a hospital nearby. The wait is ridiculous.

Ethan Wobser

Try New Things

My wife went there and had a terrible experience. Spent hours waiting for help with her Spinal bone spur L5 being fragmented. Her pain escalated to the point of inability to think. The only help was a shot in her butt that caused more pain there.... Come on listen to your patients and give a care for them not rush around and waste time with them in a room! I will never go or take my kids to this hospital!!!!!!!!!

john polansky

The nurses and x-ray techs were great. Dr. Scott Cambpell has to be the best E.R. doctor they have there.

Guyer Reeviewey

I'd love to rate this better than a 0 of 3 but I just can't. I was forced to visit this ER for medical reasons and it was very slow despite only a couple people being in the ER. The front staff was friendly and nice, the doctor was not friendly and did not listen to what I told him. I've had history of this problem and the doctor refused to believe me and his diagnosis was off the wall. I came in with a pain level of 8+ and left with a pain level of 8+. Only thing I got from this visit was a big bill, few tabs of painkillers, and a prescription for more painkillers. Furthermore the next morning I woke up nauseous and vomiting because they gave me the painkillers without knowing if I had food. When I filled the prescription the pharmacist told me to eat food with the meds or I will become nauseous.

Jacob Keubler

Very nice people

Griffin Loucks

Thanks for taking care of my older brother when he very ill.

Jim B

I've always received wonderful care at Firelands. The nursing staff has always been top notch, and the doctors seem very knowledgeable.

Robin Johnson

Top notch care & Pt & OT. Stayed 3 wks after extensive back surgery! 5th floor is spotless! Food is great, nursing is Amazing! I can't say enough about this place!!

Chandra Humphrey

This place is a joke .my doctor ordered a cat scan a week ago and they still haven't called me


lois collins

Sheila Atherton

As I approach the 3rd anniversary of my broken leg and my stay in Firelands, I am once again so thankful for this wonderful hospital and the caring, competent staff.

Edward Debord

Surah Weyer

I worked here until August 3rd, 2017.

Loveetta Johnson

Lisa Ehrnsberger

Been here several times not happy with the experience with the nurses there is only 3-4 doctors who really care about their patients I won't go there unless it's very necessary my son had to have an x-ray we were there for 15 minutes they sent him home still in pain his athletic trainer found the problem that they didn't smh

Emma Carmichael

If youre not bleeding, have an open wound, or are visibly dying when you go into the ER be prepared to wait hours before going back. Doctors are questionable on if they actually know what they're doing. Had an ultrasound tech say they could find something in front of my face. Never said if they found it. When delivering sad news about a loss they don't really care. They tell you the basics. (They died.) then walk out of the room. If you're pregnant and you need to be seen in the ER don't bother wasting you're time. They don't view that as emergent even if you're dehydrated from vomiting they don't care. You're better off going somewhere else.

Carolyn Cline

Samariah Castile

To get service you must be dead. And if your not dead by time they actually see you I’m pretty sure you will be dead. They are horrible !! And I am born and raised here!


Emergency room has very long wait times and a majority of the ER staff are very disrespectful. Only bad part of the hospital in my opinion, but the rest is great!

Jyllian F

Vee Bill

Lily Smith

Worst hospital ever don't even help you.

Lisa Ferry Carter Dutton

Firelands hospital has changed drastically in the last few years. It used to be a well-respected and competent facility but that is no longer the case. My husband has two blood disorders that cause his legs to swell to the point that his skin actually breaks open. Those breaks get infected and causes a lot of pain. Also, his blood disorders cause frequent blood clots which are extremely painful. He has clots quite often and has even lost part of a finger to amputation. Years ago when we would go to ER they would immediately admit him and hook him up to IV's including a morphine pump to help with his pain. His stays in the hospital where usually 5 to 7 days. Now when he gets clots they do absolutely nothing! He went to ER not long ago and his left calf had several clots, was swollen over twice the size of normal and he had open infected wounds on that leg. He was in extreme pain and he has a high pain tolerance as it is. He also thought he might have a clot in his lung which has happened several times so he knows how it feels. They did ultrasounds on his leg and his lung and verified that yes he had massive clots in his left calf and said that there was no clot in his lungs. They gave him a pill for pain and sent him home. I was outraged! Not only did they NOT admit him, they did nothing for the infected wounds, did not give him a prescription for pain medication and told him to continue with his blood thinners!!! The staff was rude and cold and treated him like he was some insignificant Junkie that was just trying to come up with an excuse to get pain medication. I have lost all respect for this Hospital and the ER staff. My husband very likely could have lost his leg. To me, it was beyond belief that they did nothing to treat him and the attitude and judgment they had towards him. So the next time this happens, we have to make an hour drive to Toledo so he can get real Medical Care.

Kristen Howell

mark marklin

Horrible ER. They know nothing about kids. Cleveland is only an hour away and has some of the best hospitals in the world. Do yourself a favor and spend an hour going to Cleveland. It is your or your loved one's life, so get away from Firelands and get to Cleveland.


Best in the region From Wikipedia : Firelands Regional Medical Center (formerly known as Firelands Community Hospital) is a 227-bed not-for-profit medical center in Sandusky, Ohio, United States. The medical center had 9,678 admissions, 3,162 inpatient procedures, 7,704 outpatient surgeries, and its emergency department had 47,208 visits. Firelands Regional Medical Center is the only hospital in Erie County serving more than 10,000 inpatients and over 45,000 ER patients annually and is the largest year-round employer. The medical center is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association's Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program.

Ashley Crum

This isnt the first time I have came here to get treatment and they have done nothing! This time I was here with someone who has had pain in their hand from a fall a month ago we told them we did not want to file it as a work injury and they did anyway they took an xray and said everything was fine didn't check out anything else and they take forever to give you the release papers! This place is horrible go to Fisher titus or cleveland don't come here they won't do nothing but take your money or your insurance companies money.

brittany moore

I’m from out of town I visit the hospital frequently back home and this hospital is a sad excuse it takes 30 minutes just to call someone to get their blood drawn when there is nobody there the receptionists are always talking and never pay any attention to the people waiting I had to take my pills almost an hour late one time because they took almost an hour just to call me back to have my blood drawn

Samantha Dickow

Amazing hospital, friendly, fast and proficient. We have been to hospitals all over the world and this made my #1. I'm still in shock how well they took care of my screaming 2 old. We never get this service with the Cleveland clinic or UH back in Cleveland.

Sydney Bennett

Came here for my mother in laws surgery, everything was okay. Had some complications so she had to go back next day & the staffing was RUDE. Her nurse wasn’t being patient with her & everyone was acting like it was such a problem to help even though it’s their JOB. Not happy.

Angel Baby

Sat in the waiting room for 2 hours while the pain kept increasing up to a 10 and they took people who just came in after us before they took us back Misdiagnosed several times for the same problem I've had with my side this was about the 5 time I was there to be told that I may need surgery but they were not sure. Plus when I had a knee injury they gave me a shot in the buttocks and hit my sciatic nerve and claimed they didn't. I had pain worse than before and it made it harder to sit or walk. I just got my 3 bills from my THREE recent visits 3 days in a row, costing over $8,000 when they did nothing! I'm still having the severe pain and its gotten even worse to the point that it is over the 1-10 scale! All they did was pump me full of fluids and pain medication. Barely came into the room and one nurse asked me over and over again if I was pregnant and I answered no then she said "well how do you know?" Like I was lying to her. When she was taking my IV out she didn't have a gauze or tape ready and just ripped it out of my arm and blew the vein.

Rebecca Warner

Thank you to the ICU team for helping my mom as much as possible also, a huge thank you to Dr Preston for your compassion. This is s very diffult moment anf very appteviztrf

Jamie Wagner

Slow slow slow.. Hurry up and wait an hour

Sandy Cattano

chucks cab co.

this place is the worst ever if you need medical help. they are not able to help you. untrained, rude people is what you should expect if you go here. I will die trying to make it to another hospital before I go here. they are only interested in money, not helping. it makes me sick to think that a place like this is allowed to even operate. more people should tell about how they were treated. maybe then someone will get a clue. but as long as they get paid they don't care.

Jessie Mitchell

Firelands regional has been the greatest place for all my pregnancys and my familys health care. They truly care and take the time to listen to you

Jami Bailey

Absolutely terrible. This used to be my favorite hospital in the area due to my constant medical needs. I live five minutes from Macgruder Hospital and completely refuse to go anywhere near there but maybe I should give it another try considering Firelands was awful to my mother and denied her medical needs. Healthcare is a pretty important part of a hospital and they refused to do anything for her. They profiled her then gave her poor service if any at all. She has been suffering from severe headaches for over a month now and finally decided to seek medical attention. She was worried that maybe she was having head trauma of some sort and wanted a catscan but they said no. She asked if maybe it could be a brain tumor because tumors have been found genetic in our family and they replied with saying they highly doubt it and refused the catscan. They gave her meds that made her drowsy and that is it! Firelands claims to be medical professionals but they are not. They were rude and rejected my mother care. The patient is the one who knows that there is something wrong with their body and it is the doctors responsibility to do what is necessary. If somebody needs a catscan they need a catscan. If Firelands would have denied my request for an ultrasound I would be dead due to a failing kidney that was shut down for five days followed by emergency surgery. Firelands needs to get it together. I am disgusted by your staff.

Nette Simon

Worst service. 1 Doctor in room visit in the 4 1/2 hours we were there. No compassion for patients in pain. Not everyone is a Junky looking for a quick fix.

Matt Guba

The maternity ward is first class. My wife and I had a wonderful experience as our first child was born. The nursing staff, doctors, lactation, maintenance and more did such a great job. We felt so comfortable through the entire 3 days we were there. A hospital staff member even paid for my breakfast one morning which was such a nice gesture. I was really impressed with the overall care we received and I will recommend this hospital to my friends and family. A special THANK YOU to the hard working nurses who did an excellent job. Thanks Firelands!

Nicole Cisternas

Although I had a speedy check in and got into a room in less than five minutes, I felt like the ER doctors didn’t look into my report before entering the room. They didn’t know I had certain symptoms/completely forgot about them before diagnosing me. The whole time I felt like they had no idea what they were doing and that they were trying to rush me out of there. I would rather drive 20-45 extra minutes to go to a better hospital.

Christine-Mike Shields

My husband was transferred to Firelands from an area hospital. We can not say enough good things about care he received. Every staff member-nurses, technicians, aides, etc were professional, caring, and compassionate. We have been extremely impressed with how streamlined their services are and how quickly they get things done. Kudos!

Diane Wantz

The doctors, nurses and staff have been very caring and professional during my family members' treatments and stays. The gift shop is small but mighty and the cafeteria choices are varied and delicious.

David Weber

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