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REVIEWS OF Dayton VA Medical Center IN Ohio

Martin Cabela

Great resource for Military Veterans. The staff are so pleasant and skilled. There is just about every medical service here that is available. Emergency Room, Orthopedics, dermatology, laboratory, oncology, etc. They have valet parking which is better than driving around looking for a spot. They won't even let you tip them.

Anthony Insani

Hi, I've been healthy my whole life well because I eat healthy and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, fiber & live a healthy lifestyle. With that being said... Just a week ago I had my first ever surgery for a hernia in my groin area from sports & maybe because i'm over 40 now Ha Ha. From the appointment setters to the many nurses to the Dr. that was my surgeon for my hernia surgery The Dayton VA has treated me with the up much respect and fixed the problem with a caring attitude!! I am very happy how I was treated before, during and after my hernia surgery!! Please keep doing what you do Dayton VA and helping veterans the best you can and treat EVERYONE with respect and just a smile every now and again can brighten someones day!!

Stefanie Simmons

As the wife of a vet I can attest to the fact that this VA facility gave my husband excellent care.

Jbm Moy

Andrew Kilgore

Randy Habib

J.C. Hull

People are helpful

Ronald Nidetch

Have used the VA since 1980 and have always been treated excellantly. My son is a resident of the nursing home for over 2 years and has had better care there than at 3 other nursing homes he had been at.

Poccosa Mckinney

Very helpful

Rldrwudt Drwudr


Rickey Baxter

Good for veterans

Clifford Stamper

Dayton VA is the best the VA has to offer. I've been coming here since 1983. I've never had a bad experience.

James Minney

They. Have taken great care of me and my wife .

Eric Kesterson

My experience at the Dayton veterans hospital has always been expedient, the staff is mostly very kind and helpful. I have mostly been helped well. Parking is easily accessible with plenty of handicap parking and accessibility.

Willie Case

Lisa Leach

Ok my husband has chronic pain in his back ..the VA doctor sent him through a pain management class which the doctor there put him on percocets for 2 weeks that helped him some ..then the 2nd visit with the pain doctor took him off Percocets and put him on Vicodin for 2 weeks ..well this is all he is getting because he recieved a call from the pain doctor and said that he is going to wean him off and he will get NOTHING ELSE after that he has xrays and MRIs to show that he is not playing with the and he was on the pain patches before and they did nothing to help after 2 days of wearing it...anybody have any suggestions hubby needs help

Karl Henkels

Always had good to great medical service. The administration and some of the non medic staff need a swift kick every now and again. I appreciate all the help and care I've received here.

William Corkum

I was at a renal appointment they're friendly and do their work with pride. They treat vets like people not a complication.

S I4d

Great Social Worker, Wonderful Physical Therapist, Helpful people throughout the hospital.

Christopher Wright

Still helping me after all these years. A lot of the same faces still greet me. It's probably a good place to work. I have many more praises than complaints.

Jerry Sturgill

Best care I've ever had

shawn richter

Had major ENT surgery here. Couldn't have asked for a better experience

Dawn Weatherly

We have had good experiences in the past, but, our last experience showed me how much of a joke these nurses and doctors are. They sent him home to bleed and never called to follow up. We had to go back to ER, and they kept pushing back testing even those his blood count was going down steadily. One nurse slept two nights in a row and had all info wrong in charting. They never offered to change really dirty linens with blood on them, I had to do it myself. Everytime a new nurse would come in they acted suprised he was bleed when that is what he was there for. Do they not do rounds? Most of the aids are rude and lazy. The housekeeping staff would come in at 6 a.m and bang trash cans as loud as they could and be on loud personal phone calls while on speaker (someone isn't getting their child support appearantly). I have never seen people so shameful and unprofessional. I am ashamed these are the people you allow to take care of your veterans. 4North

Wayne Jones

Great care

Carol Morton

sammi R

I never in my life have felt so helpless. I go to the womans clinic because unfortunately that is were they send all woman vets. If i could rate this with 0 i would but there is no option for that. I have four bulging discs in my neck and it is causing nerve pain all the way down my right arm she gave me ibprofen and was like ill see you in 3 months and we will have you do PT, here is the kicker she didnt even review my CAT scans and then expected me to go get the disc for her. She literally made me feel as if she did not care about the pain I am in. Dr. Miranda is the doctors name she has no people skills and would rather look at her cell then help a Vet. I will no longer go to the Dayton VA I would rather drive an hour away.

Scott Mayer

I had a cyst removed from the back of my neck on Wednesday January 30th and for some reason the left a hole in the back of my neck the idiot surgeon put a layer of dermabond on it which came off and i had to make a second trip to Dayton from Troy Oh about 25 miles to have the ER fix it again. I still have the hole and am worried about infection and will it close but i guess i'll just wait and see here is a photo

Trisha Luke

Overworked and understaffed

willie case

Christian Dunham

Terrible staff. Never answers phone or really care for the veterans. My father called them 7 times in 4 hours to refill a prescription they hadn't sent out, and has gone 5 days without it and they still never manage to respond

Amy Walther

Great place for veterans and historic

Eric Bantner

Everyone there seems to really want to help you. The staff are nice and it's nice to see a place that takes care of vets.

Lawrence Stripling

Sammy Williams

Alton Lasane

Impossible to get appointments within a couple weeks but good staff!

Jessi A Nickle

Best V.A. medical center in Ohio. They are great with my father and all his med. Needs.

Jeena Jade


Daniel L

The VA has come so very far since the days of negative communication skills between staff and patients and or guest. Not only had a lot of training taken place where sensitive topics were dealt with such as race, gender, etc. Also, in the general area of skilled doctors, counselors, medicine, medical equipment and facilities. The security are diligent as Federal Police Officers should be abroad. Also, because of the times these officers are armed and trained to handle a variety of situations. Of note: The grounds are kept looking manicured to the best of their abilities considering the current on board construction

Sarah West

I absolutely love this place. The staff here are always absurdly kind and genial. I primarily use the Women's Clinic but have ventured into Primary Care a time or two, and every experience and appointment I've had here at the Dayton VA has exceeded my expectations!

nba 2k head

Is anyone e allowed to call and ask to Leave a message for a veteran I haven't heard from my froe d all week idk what's going on and I'm concerned

ace 53


These people show you respect for serving in the military. From the time you walk in the door until you leave..

Dan Edwards

Love the Dayton VA! I am alive because of their quick action when I arrived with a heart attack the middle of December 2014! Dr. Agarwal and his crew rushed to the ER to check me out and immediately raced me to the OR for a stent in a 99% blocked artery near my heart. Love my Primary Care physician who really cares about my health as well as others under her care. I will say that if you have to stay over for a bit, their food is absolutely horrible. The canteen cafeteria is enh, ok at best and some of the cafeteria employees act as though you are putting them out by being there, especially the black employees if you're white which I am. No, I'm not racist. I'm honest.

Jim Cone

I learned today that my medications would be cut because I use legal Medical Marijuana. Do not get a Medical Marijuana card in Ohio because they report each purchase to your VA Doctors.

Mike Douglas

They treat you like a non human.

lonnie burton

Janet Cadigan

We have never have anything less than excellent care at this VA facility. The people there are so friendly and so helpful. They go out of their way to walk you to the place that you're going, not just give you directions to get there. Even when it's not their job they go over and above board to help.

Heather Edmondson

I completed the dual diagnosis program in 2011. I hope they have improved since then. The social worker that was assigned to me shouldn't even be allowed to be around veterans. I wanted help but all I received were criticisms. When I tried to tell her about my experience during the Invasion of Iraq 2003 she told me that she wasn't going to do anything to help me get disability. I had overdosed and been suicidal in the months before I entered the program. Getting on disability wasnt a thought in my mind, I was trying to save my life. I got diagnosed with PTSD in 2013 and later completed a 6 month program in Massachusetts. I've been clean now for over 3 years. I hope her and her "crew" are no longer in charge. Programs like that cause setbacks not progress.

Keith Farthing

I barely felt the needle for the blood draw.

Faye Alspaugh

We feel that my husband is always taken care of for his thankful since he fought for his country.

Mary Johns

david wachtman


This place is ALWAYS OPEN Very nice staff

John Baine

Over the past few years it has gotten more efficient.

Wilbur Nickle

Nice for the most part some rude receptionist in a few departments

Robert Carver

I get really good care at the VA in Dayton my only complain is the travel pay this new system needs a lot of improvement. I had to miss group 7/28 because of gas money what use to take 2or3 days now takes 2or3 weeks that makes it hard on me when I depend on that to help me.

Renee Yaeger

People very caring here when I stayed. Food for patients could be better if they had a choice or two what to order. Also, food is heated and placed to long on hold. No phones in room. Doctors, Nurses, NA's on top of their game. Excellent teamwork! ER was a little long on waiting, unless you come by ambulance. Buildings and grounds are secure and I felt very safe. A basic map would be nice to have to get around. All in all I would recommend it.

L Ash

I always receive good medical attention.

Ilya Lagounov

Almost useless

aaron demand

The people giving 4-5 stars must have never been to another VA. I have been to quite a few around the country and the Dayton VA has been by far the worst. It gets one star because the outpatient buildings and staff are average, and the campus is beautiful. That’s where it ends. Located in the absolute ghetto of Dayton, it seems as if the staff is pulled straight off the street. They are rude, inefficient, condescending and seem to only follow their own agenda and could care less about vets. I have never had a VA where it is so, so hard just to get ANYTHING accomplished. Their admin sections, such as billing, benefits etc is the most inefficient group of people in or out of the VA I’ve ever dealt with. Do yourself a favor and drive the extra distance to Cincinnati or Columbus. You’ll thank me.

Glenn Napier

Service and consideration towards people

Roger Reiff

Steve Alex

John Tomlin

Gail Lachey

in a time of crisis years ago. This emergency facility refused treatment for my son. A combat veteran. I understand that due to administration retirretirements that treatment will NO longer be refused.

Lisa Jacobs

I really appreciate this VA. I’ve been coming here since 2011. I prefer the VA over private care.

Chris McKee

Caring politely staffed, clean and well kept, Historical places one of the first in the Nation going back to civil war.

Sav Wade

If you have cancer, I implore you get a second opinion on treatment. They fried my biggest hero.

Bill Hoffman

One of, if not the best V.A. in the system. People are great. Much more professional than civilian hospitals. Clean and orderly.

Tom Holloway

Professional staff, clean Hospital.

Darlene Smith

Not everything goes prefect was a little worried aboutgiving 5star however this was one of the better days

Nancy Blair

Helping the Veteran's

Belinda Cobb

They do some good things but there is a lot of vets that get sicker while they are there it is not a clean place and the staff are not caring or very nice

Angel Curtis

Emory Hinton

Michael Abel

Behind the VA Hospital is Lakeside Park (sometimes called the VA Grotto) and it is worth a visit. The roots of this park go all the way back to the 1860s and 70s just after the civil war. It fell into disrepair during the 1930s but is now being restored. It is quite pretty with a few very historic structures.

Loyd Stigers

The healthcare is excellent. Veterans and visitors alike are treated with skill and respect. Appointments are quick and they will work to try and get multiple appointments scheduled for the same day. I would bet my life on the Dayton VA Medical Center - as a matter of fact, they are busy successfully saving my life from cancer right now.

Andy Wilson

Steadily improving the way they treat and deal with veterans and our health care needs. Plus this is an enormous and historic campus... definitely a nostalgia point

Tom t

I have been dealing with Dayton VA since 2011. The problem I run into the most, when dealing with NON VETERAN admin. staff is incompetence!! If you don't like the admin's answer, simply talk to a different admin. person and you will get a different "INTERPRETATION" of the "rules" and guidelines to the same problem!! To include admin supervisors and the mental health department as a whole. The admin. staff is more worried about the Dayton VA hospital and individual performance rating than their "MISSION STATEMENT" (they know more about what they can't do than what they can do to help the veteran). I have been told by the admin. staff, "we don't take mental health walk-ins", "you choice the community care I am just trying to help you out", and the racial divide is VERY apparent!!! IF you want profishency from the Dayton VA, you have to learn their jobs!!!

Mysti Dawn

The Dayton V.A. along with their Richmond, Indiana CBOC has been an excellent source of preventative care, treatment, and heeling for my husband. I greatly appreciate his CBOC primary care physician, Dr. Olson and his team. Dr. Olson has literally saved his life. The Dayton V.A. has pulled him through many life threatening illnesses, comas, etc...,. Their Tele health team are a an intelligent, excellent, and caring staff that have worked with him re. Diabetes, heart rate, and to assist him in stop smoking. We regularly recommend this V.A. to anyone in the V.A. system. Douglas and Michelle.

Kevin Carter

Always good service

scott Burton

This place saved my life and restored my family. It has the best PTSD team on the planet, I read some of the complaints, all hospitals have minor issues, but this hospital, changed my life for the better. They are the most understanding and caring PTSD team there is. Scott B. US Veteran

Dar Bassett

Sandra Osborne


Anna from Little Rhody

Negligent care to my Veteran father. Disgusted with this place.

Jessica Stefan

It depends on the day and drs you see. Sometimes you receive amazing care but most times its mediocre

Johnny Brown

Ok for veterans but there really under staffed

Ken Reckard

Angela Jordan

Clean and efficient

My Songs mommy

Vicki Daugherty

keli ragland

Dereck Middleton

Best VA hospital in the country.

Theodore Miller

For me it has been very good

Dan Maynard

OhioOldTime Banjo

The doctors and staff at. The VÀ hospital are better. Then any other hospital I`ve been in..on time and very professional.

Rachel Neff

This VA is a joke. All they do is talk politically correct to save their jobs; not the Soldiers lives. Went there with a mental health issue and waited six hours and finally gave up. This is the kind of care that there are 22 Vet suicides a day. Begged for a Social Worker or patient advocate and the ER would not comply. Was called so many times the next day by people pretending to care. But who really cares when you call someone after you failed them terribly. The nurse aides were also at their station laughing and joking and not helping anyone. They would just say everyone is waiting for the doctor. They were to lazy to even wheel older guys back to the office. Bystanders were doing more work than they were.

Curtis Reynolds

Great experience.

John Holcombe

Everyone here is really nice

William Waller

This place is so slow

David Cochran

Caroline Reichard

Jacey Campbell

I've never had the nightmare problems that I've heard about at other VA facilities.

Robert Reed

Always willing to help you.

Ron K

I am in dire need of assistance. I'm given extentions that are never returned bad. I reach out, but no hand takes mine. Iam reminded of the soldier storming the beach of Normandy on D-Day, he doesn't even make it out of the water. Dr. R. from the late 80's you've retired and were the most helpful in my life. I even went to college.

Aaron Schneider


My experience with this VA has always been a blessing.

Tim Vest

Kinda odd giving a Google ratting to my hospital but why not? I think it's outstanding!

Lovie Korn

They take very good care of me


rude staff.

Billy Burkhart


Susan J

After Two days trying to get a dental issue taken care of for my son , and being treated like we were a bother , I would say absolutely never go to the Dayton VA dental clinic ! The reception staff inexcusable! My heart breaks for veterans in this area !

Robert Hunter

Catherine Beers-Conrad

I receive excellent care. All of my providers are talk with each other. My care is truly a team effort. Building Bridges/PSR is a program that I participate in as a patient. It helped me get back on track and I've sored and my life is FANTASTIC thanks to the Staff. I also volunteer on Campus. I highly recommend checking out what's available through Volunteer Services.

Dan W

Very helpful and friendly. Vicki was very nice, courteous and took her time explaining things. Also Thank You to Michael who originally got me signed up through an outreach!

Brandon Fleming

Great care never had any issues

Robin Timm

Excellent care and compassion for my dad. He has been a patient for many years, and have received top of the line care.

Gloria Walker- Bornman

Jason Kreider

Apparently we can't get my wife a new VA card. We got married last Oct 18th. We've submitted all necessary documents to get her new card 3 TIMES. 3 times they've dropped the ball and lost our paperwork. My wife went over 2 days ago to get her card and the VA told her the card machine was down. I have just contacted our congressman about this matter. The morons at the Dayton branch had better pull their heads out of their ass soon.

John Mayer

Great support and kind service received on 1st visit from the primary care clinic.

Garry Hinesmon

Best healthcare in the world

Jodell Templeton

Nice place nice people my old man gets great service they care about their vets

Michael White

They are doing a better job every day on helping Veterans it seems like to me . Maybe a few bumps in the road but better I think .

Nina Pyro

As a women veteran i have to wait till all men are finished in the ER. This has happened to me twice. Once for blacking out once for my heart. Males get better services than women.


I have had nothing but good service here. Yes, sometimes it takes a while to get an appoitment but nothing I have ever needed couldn't wait. Myonly reason for deducting 1 star was because of the lack of volunteer oppurtunites. I tried to volunteer but they stated they only had 1 volunteer position available and it was something that I wasnt interested in. I was disappointed. I have talked to others that have shared the same view. You read online all the time about how they need help but when people come forward they say there is nothing for us to do. Overall the staff is very friendly and supportive.

Ronald Pugh

I have had 4 major surgerys one time intensive care unit for 8 days. Nothing but the best care.

kilo sierra

Go here for my epilepsy and diabetes. Always helpful and friendly. Very respectful toward veterans.

jeremy hunter

So far no complaints.

Mary Zellmer

In 2012 the Dayton Veterans Medical Center was designated by the National Park Service a National Historic Landmark. The Cemetery is historic and has a quiet dignity. The park/garden is restful and a pleasure. This is on top of the fact that this VA was the first integrated with a wide range of services. Today the VA deals with Veteran Post Tramatic Stress Injuries, suicide prevention, and recovery from addictions, as well as aging issues. It is open to all to visit. And continues to support Veterans.

Joshua Deatley

Mz. White

Great for veteran care.

Ray Wilburn

lisa fernald

They take great care of our vets!!

jon stover

Great place to come for cancer

Bill Snider

The VA is open 24 hrs at ER, but weekends are closed and weekdays from 8 am - 5 pm except federal holidays.

Ethan Vose

I stopped in with a medical problem and a high level of anxiety. I hate hospitals with a passion but I sucked it up to go get checked out. The staff there was just so nice and really calmed me down. I had never took advantage of the VA healthcare before but now I'll be less worried thanks to the amazing staff.

Dave Hobbs

Nice facility, feel the employees are very"disconnected" from the Veterans.

Davon Wilson

The staff at the Dayton VA ate extremely rude and unprofessional. The hospital itself is dirty. It is a shame that our Vets are treated this way. Did the doctors have to go to a real school for their license? It is absurd!

jonathan smith

This is a great hospital. Great people who want to help you.

Reginal Jackson

This facility has given me the best care and services imaginable! As an in patient or out the staff, Dr's and nurses have been outstanding....I am proud to be a veteran and served by these dedicated professionals.

mike begley

Difficult to impossible getting what you need there! Just sadly disappointed.

Sandra Miller

Jimmy Colombotti

Jimmy C Veterans are treated good and quickly without long waiting for appts.I've been to many VA facilities and Dayton does it best.

Chris M

Love it. Nurses are hot too

Jann D


Shaina Walter

Robert Weston

Don Faulkner

There is quite a bit of administrative incompetence going on but once you are able to overcome that leave Medical Care here is beyond reproach. The staff that work the medical profession here are caring compassionate and genuinely loving people who really care about veterans for sure. But it's really sad let every time I I drive the 9.7 miles from my home to the hospital I pass at least 5 homeless veterans holding signs on the street corners begging for food and shelter. And it really makes me mad when I get to the entrance to the VA and there are sometimes three or for veterans with signs right outside the gate begging for change that are homeless and hungry. And then you can look right inside from where they're standing and see multi-story housing buildings boarded up with no one staying in them. It will be interesting to see if the bill that President Trump just signed addressing the suicide rates of veterans actually puts any of these veterans into this boarded-up eyesore on campus at the Veterans Administration Hospital.

Brittany Smith

Christopher Gray

Staff is helpful, polite, friendly and caring.

jeffrey rollins

Get all my medical care here love this place

Lamont Arrone

They do what they can to get us taken care of

Leonard Goodboe

The Dayton VA is one of the best facilities I have been a patient in. They are committed to the Veterans under their. I cannot imagine a finer organization in their field.

Naomi Pulley

This clinic has a great pain mgmt department (as of Feb 2018). It's refreshing to have such a caring department.

John Sloan

Easy access most buildings marked well . Website easy to use

Whitney Scott


It’s so nice to be cared for by people who care. Blessed.

Robert Wilson

Always been great to me

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