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Yvonne Osborn

The doctor's, nurses and entire staff at Cleveland Clinic are top notch!! I feel so safe while being in the hospital there. They saved my life!!!

Truth Exposed

Every parents worst nightmare M43 ICU and Heart Failure Team And Heart Transplant Team totally disregarded life I wouldn't recommended this team or hospital for heart transplant what starts off as a beautiful gift turns into a nightmare I watched children die that didn't have to if The Doctors wouldn't have been on Vacation I was personally lied to by Dr Gerald Boyles Team and Dr Stewart these doctors have lied to a lot of parents the Cleveland clinic is all about reputation. I never prepared myself to give so much trust to doctors to have them be so dishonest and misleading by the time I caught them my son was dying I pray no other family ever has to feel the distrust and the pain these doctors have put my family through while they go home to there family being supported by killing others. its sick all I can say is don't be fooled by all the distraction stay focused don't become numbers or a researcher project for these doctors do your homework Cleveland clinic is not a number one hospital but more like a cult. Children suffer and fight to live while Cleveland clinic allows them to die so unfair Stop using our children Cleveland clinic stop using the caves logo ( whatever it takes ) stop lying to the Puplic about what really goes on behind those locked doors and your experimental procedures stop editing peoples medical records (people should have access to all records not just my chart which is what you choose for us to see ) stop !!! Tell people the truth. You killed my child shame on all you people you left him suffer playing god shame on you people

KaraLynn Keller

They took wonderful care of my Mom ❣️

Jeannine Demint

Great Doctors . Wonderfully helpful staff. Clean Hospital. Valet parking for a fee. ( I personally think it should be cheaper

Hubert Kidd

Air conditioning and clean

Alex Holder

Might be the best doctors in the world but you'll never get to them. Guarding the castle are scheduling trolls that can barely put together a coherent sentence much less navigate the byzantine appointments system. We spent an hour on the phone today in an infinite loop where each person was more incompetent than the last. Call in just for fun and see what no training looks like.

Heather LaGuardia

Amazing hospital complex Large parking garage across the street from main hospital Check in on 1 for clinics Radiology and labs on first floor Clinics on floors above Workup can all be facilitated quickly in a day The complex is beautiful from the fountain in the front to the art exhibited on the walls Lots of good choices in the building for family and visitors Clean facility Efficient friendly staff who are there to help

Carolann Pickering

Always friendly and helpful. This is the only hospital I will now go to, they have all my records no matter where I go, and I always receive great care.

Dave Koczur

This is an amazing place. The doctors and staff are top notch. But so is every other employee. From housekeeping to those working in the shops on campus. All helpful, understanding, and caring. At least those I've come in contact with. Thank you for making a difficult time bearable.

Megan Thompson

I love the Cleveland Clinic not just because of my mom I love it because it's a great place to go if your not well or to visit.

Sandra Hawkins

My experience so far has been superior

Tamara Vucak

Good luck with parking. The worst most unorganized parking situation I’ve ever seen in my life. Takes forever too. Huge mess. Your better off at one of their express clinics!

Dk Mayes

Great hospital very good staff

Jesse Napier

This place is by far the worst hospital.drs do not care about patienc. i been going to the spine center for almost a year. I have not yet received any treatment of any kind. I have a disc gone in neck. I have multiple screws n rods. Still no help ther. I had to go to another dr to get surgeory..i will never give a good referencs. There are better places then cleveclinic.

Michael Bell

When a woman with BC asks to be flat keep the plastic surgeons away! Shame on Cleveland Clinic for leaving all those skins flaps! It has nothing to do with range of motion. Shame on your tepid response. Accept responsibility for not listening to women!

Milka R

Amazing care for my son after his surgery!! Nurses, Doctors , anesthesiologists and everyone! Amazing people, I loved it, Cleveland clinic is simply outstanding

Charlene Day

My family has had experiences with other hospitals which were not completely pleasant. Our experience with Cleveland Clinic has been very positive. My family member had open heart surgery. She also spent time in the palliative care unit, eventually under hospice care. Over the months we became very impressed with the efficient, kind care that she received. From the doctors and nurses to the housekeeping team everyone was helpful and compassionate.

Cashae Odom

I love Cleveland Clinic but they are so slow moving. Never have a been treated so poorly since I’ve been going here. People don’t want to sit in the ER for hours on top of hours.

Marty Lane

After trusting Cleveland Clinic and its Doctors for many years unfortunately cost our precious son his life :( What's sad is we as parents really thought we made the best decision.. after all Cleveland clinic is supposed to be the best right ? WRONG after years you learn the true intentions of the medical staff that's forsure:( If your ok with dishonest staff broken up medical equipment understaffed nurses and doctors who promote the clinic in other countries while children die suffering in ICU and staff claim doctor is calling the shots from his vacation in Paris:( even though he is sending his nurse pics of festivals ..during this time my child was suffering...They refused to put anything in writing ...only asked because every second a different doc was telling us different care plans all of which not one worked for my son or the other 4children there that died :( M41 m40 Heart Transplant Staff have been watching these doctors play guess for years now and still not one person stood up for those children ... everything hush hush! ... watching this hospital bank off of these innocent poor sick children made me look at life so different... telling us o we are going to get dec a room and hotel vouchers...forget about all that just stop experimenting on these children ...train the staff better so kids are not suffering because they want to finish so they can all sit in the hallways and talk while machines are peeping .. m40 half the time 1 aid on the floor nights while the rest at Starbucks hope nobody codes:( I mean the surgeon Stewart has a record of leaving patients in or cut open to grab a coke or chit chat ! They watch children die and suffer and lie right to these parents face ... also patients sign the rights away just to try and live all while these doctors know exactly what's going on and what's going to happen .Cleveland clinic is impossible to sue for organ transplant in children .They dont care that the doc ruin the heart and other organs ... with immune suppression drugs ... that dont work at all the whole 18years going to Cleveland clinic proved that every child except 2 ) 5 yrs later passed away a horrible death .... Once you figure and catch the staff in lies they then group together spread lies about you and your family falsify your medical records and death certificate and do what ever possible to hide the truth from the puplic ..... please beware please understand that there is other hospitals out there not many but outcomes are way better than the Cleveland and university all about numbers smile in your face but your nothing more than research a lab rat ! This is our experience. cant bring my son back or get the awful images of him suffering while this hospital and staff played around guessing for months:( but I can try and warn another family ... This and These issues start in our government!!!!! Its such a huge scam its bigger than what some people could ever imagine!!!!!

Cathy Turinsky

Wonderful place and great staff! Thank you

Thomas Underhill

The fact that someone who would openly threaten to "give jews the wrong medicine" was ever hired here in the first place says enough about their moral and ethical standards


Very nice Campus setting but way to big for its own good. So much walking to do when you get there and very confusing navigation to get anywhere. The whole campus is sprawling. They should have built up instead of out. Parking is crazy best to use Valet. However, valet is not cheap.if you are young and healthy, great. If your elderly or not in great shape, to navigate the Campus, it's very difficult and challenging.

Bad Drivers Of Northern Ohio.

I love the whole place, but Valet said the car would be there in 5-15 minuets but we waited 40 and I reviewed my Dashcam footage and they kept it there for most of the time.

Cash McCall

It's a good medical campus. Lots of top quality medical services. Parking is a bit expensive even without the valet service.

Ibrahim Osman

Amazing health care hospital. From my personal experience, I could say they perform miracles. The campus is huge & diverse. Very organized, clean & modern. The facilities are amazing. The staff are outstanding. Very professional, helpful & friendly. There should be an exceptional rating of 6 only for the "out of the ordinary" like this place.

Ryan Crockett

Megan Tamburiello is the most kind and caring nurse on your staff.

Michael Herzing

Great epilepsy center. The doctors and nurses are very helpful and will always listen to your questions and are very fast at following up if you call with a concern or question for them. I had open brain surgery for my epilepsy and even though that's a scary thing, I felt very comfortable and safe with the surgeons and doctors taking care of me. I would definitely recommend Cleavland Clinic for anyone that needs help with epilepsy or any other health problem

Lenny Longo

The doctors and nurses are good. Everything else about this my mother 84 yrs. She is dying complications from ill health and age. The staff is bad news most of them are there just to collect a paycheck. You as.a visitor to any icu department any surgery department have to pay for.parking. UNIVERSITY HOSPITALS ALL PARKING IS FREE PERIOD. At Cleveland clinic main campus .10 DOLLARS.A.DAY FOR PARKING . I DON't know who can.afford.that . I bet the.doctors.and nurses don't have to pay.

Mike Kelly

Not impressed at all with c.c.,it's been a week now and can't seem to get the doctor to call me back with results of test.last time I spoke with the nurse she said to just be patient and the doctor will call,I would think it shouldn't take a week to look at blood work and X-ray, will be taking my business back to UPMC!!

Leah Davey

Great neurology center! I had seen doctor after doctor for my vestibular issues and they were finally able to diagnose me and get me the treatment I needed.


Great hospital; and the entire staff are friendly, kind & compassionate! Our son was there for CHF, and the staff was phenomenal; and truly care about the patient, and their well being. Great job to the CCF, and the entire staff! This is a world class hospital!!!!!

Katnis District

The Cleveland Clinic is setting the example for the type of care that hospitals should provide. They are paving the way in patient care, surgery, improving quality of life and relationships with their patients. The cardiac division is absolutely wonderful. I refer as many people as I can to the Cleveland Clinic. My only negative remark about the facility is that the night shift seems to be a little lacking in comparison to day turn. The night shift was a little barren and as the afternoon progresses it seems as though less staff is either available or reliable. No facility is perfect, but Cleveland Clinic definitely comes close.

Eve Thompson

The Cinic is very accommodating for those traveling from out of state. So glad I made the decision for a second opinion at the Cleveland Clinic. They are awesome.

Michael Dorsey

Clive Cleveland is the worst hospital I have experienced in my life. It is all about money with Cleveland. The parking rules should clearly reflect that attitude. My wife was given a refer by a doctor from louisville ky, doctor Rodriguez and his staff had agreed to performcorrective surgery until they learned about her insurance was out of network. However, instead of telling us, the begun avoiding our calls and when speaking to the doctors nurse, Jennette she would lie about wjat was going on. If you don't have a way to pay, they will let you die

Krissy Jones

Little expensive than I though, other wise good place to be treated at.

Paul D.

In my opinion the whole Cleveland clinic system is bad.

Lvly ßttrfly

They don't care about the patients they only care about the money. My grandmother went there to the emergency room and they didn't have her do a urine sample or anything. They tell her it's arthritis and gave her some pain meds, which by the way doesn't even work. Come to find out it's not arthritis, if they'd have done the urine sample like they were supposed to (mandatory), as well as the other necessary routine procedures then they would have known what the real issue was.

mark gruly

Absolutely terrible place to work and if you're a patient visiting come hours before your scheduled visit. Anti Cannabis as well they'd rather feed Opiates. Do yourself a favor and pick a better provider

John Walinske

8 am appointment for my father that did not get called back for more than two hours and that was after asking what was going on was told. To top it off today is my parents anniversary and no one told us until I asked that a doctor did not come in and we were waiting because they took people out of order. Better Communication would go a long way. I work for a Michigan health care system that is held to higher standards than this.


This is an amazing hospital, they saved my husband's life when we went there for second opinion. We prayed and signed him out from the other place (gladly we did, otherwise he wouldn't...). Called Cleveland clinic in the morning and got the same day appointment for the Cardiac vascular department. They admitted him and operated him a day later, his heart has been working fine since. Thanks to Cleveland Clinic saved my husband's life.

Striped Hamburger Stuff and Things

Very great medical campus, the doctors and other staff here were great. The outside was beautiful, and is a joy to walk around. Parking is normally easy to find, but just be prepared to keep a vigilant eye when looking for a parking spot.

David Stejkowski

Mind boggling. I've been to a few hospitals in my time but nothing like this. Cleveland Clinic saves and transforms lives as a matter of routine, with the best physicians in the world collaborating for optimal patient outcomes..

J. S.

Miracles are preformed here! Incredible service and professionalism.

Amy S-R

I have been to visit one of the doctors for Cleveland clinic. The doctor did not follow through or even do a complete exam/visit. My tests were way off , so I called to enter a grievance and the ombudsman office is a joke. This has to be the worst medical clinic I have ever had the misfortune to go to. It is a waste of time trying to talk to these jerks. I would never ever recommend this to anyone. The lack of concern for giving quality care is disturbing.

Brad Petersen

Great hospital but DO NOT USE THEIR CAR VALET SERVICE under any circumstances. Stunningly badly run 3 days in a row took 40, 50 and 45 mins respectively to get the car back. And it wasn't because of a peak hour rush. Supervisor did not care at all, valets were strolling around and in the garage a group of them were all just standing around while sick people stood waiting on the sidewalk for their cars.

Over Sea

Ranked as the 2nd best hospital in 2019,If you want the best medical treatment come here.

William Jameson Reimann

One of the country's--and world's--best institutions. My sister's son has been treated here for a heart issue as a teen, and they were great.

Michelle Yoxthimer

Love the help and service here!

Mary Poppiins

-10 stars I am completing a review on yelp as well. I am asked bi-weekly by the public and others if my child has special needs. My child is constantly lining objects in a line. My child will scream approximately 85% of the day. My child does not do well with transitioning whatsoever, being patient, understanding basic communication, loud sounds, and et cetera. My child will scream at me to put my hair back up if my hair is up and I put it down or vice versa. I strongly advise that you do not take your child to see Dr. Leslie Speer. I took my child to several appointments at this facility. I told Dr. Leslie Speer, who I met with two times that I am well aware that my child has a speech delay and behavioral issues and that I was hoping that they could help my child as well as find any other possible issues that I do not know my child has. After several appointments, the only outcome that Dr. Leslie Speer had was diagnosing my child with a speech delay and behavioral issues. The several appointments were each EXTREMELY short. During each appointment the only thing that happened was having my child play with a tremendous amount of interesting and fun toys. They never tried to transition. When they took a toy away it was always quickly replaced with a much more fun toy than the last toy. It was all fun and games to my child. I told the facility before scheduling my child's first appointment and everyone that my child met with that I was worried that the only thing they are going to tell me after I take my child to so many appointments is what I told them, that my child has a speech delay and behavioral issues. When I asked if I could receive my child's diagnosis by a phone call appointment, I was told NO and that I would have to come in for a separate appointment to receive the diagnosis and that there would be a team meeting with everyone who was involved with testing my child. The day of the appointment to receive my child's diagnosis there was NOT a team meeting that I was told there would be and I met with Dr. Leslie Speer for less than 7 minutes who told me that the only diagnosis they have is what I originally told them that my child has, a speech delay and behavioral issues. When I questioned why I was told there would be a team meeting during this appointment, why this was not able to be discussed over the phone, how long they would keep my child's file stored at the facility, and why so many appointments only led to telling me what I already told them before I scheduled multiple appointments, Dr. Leslie Speer was then extremely nasty by rolling her eyes many of times and acting like my questions were not important. I asked Dr. Leslie Speer what plant she had in her office. Dr. Leslie Speer replied in a very nasty tone and said, "WOW.. .that is asked me that same question during the first appointment and I told you I did not know." She then proceeded to roll her eyes indicating that she was shocked that I did not remember that I asked her the question regarding her plant over 3 months ago. I am a single mother with a very energetic child and I am unfortunately unable to get proper rest. Dr. Leslie Speer then called and sent Child Protective Services for me with aligations that I seemed scattered during the appointment we had together for me to receive my child's diagnosis. Child Protective Services is for abuse or neglect. My child is well taken care of and I am an extremely good mother. Dr. Leslie Speer called Child Protective Services to be malicious. Dr. Leslie Speer is NOT passionate or understanding with the children or the children's parents who she sees during a regular basis. If you make an appointment to see Dr. Leslie Speer you will be treated very poorly if you question her diagnosis and or ask something twice. You will also waste a lot of your car's gas and your time going to several useless appointments. Dr. Leslie Speer is very frigid.

Dan Gagich

I love the Cleveland Clinic and all of the doctors and staff I have met with. However, it is a bit frustrating to pay $1000's for tests/visits and then still have to pay for parking. My suggestion is that anyone who visits for a test or appointment should have the option to have their parking voucher validated before they leave to get it for free.

Cali Boy

This has been the worst experience for me I had surgery on Friday 11/30. I had some issues the following week after that I end up going back to the emergency department and I got there at 420pm and I don't get seen until 9 something this is the worst service in Cleveland

Samantha Martin

Thank God, I received wonderful care while staying at CC. I had major surgery almost four weeks ago. God blessed me with Dr. Raymond- he did my surgery- surgery that another doctor said couldn't be done. This is why everyone should get second opinions. Remember, with God all things are possible.

Dave Esary

The Cleveland Clinic is amazing. From the transportation to and from the airport, to the entire staff, to the doctors and nurses in every department. We came here from Georgia, where there are plenty of quality hospitals because the cardiac center is #1 in the country. And they have proven that every step of the way. Highly recommended for anyone who has heart issues.

Steve McDonald

They saw the MRI & the X-Ray of my fractured nose. Prescribed antibiotics to stop any infection. Sent me to the ENT unit for a hearing test???? Then would not do the operation because I wouldn't go along with their 'Big Pharma' agenda to see an Allergist! Keep in mind, the doctor who wrote the antibiotic prescription was the doctor that would have done the operation, and should have also KEPT me on the antibiotics until the operation was complete and infection was gone. NO Allergist was needed in this situation. I'd rather have a broken nose than have Cleveland Clinic run me all over town to suit the big drug companies! Almost the same thing from CC with my torn Rotor Cuff and ripped Bicept. I never got either operation. I'll never forget this.

Floyd Lewis

My brother went for a dermotology apointment today, but before we went to the apointment, we went to the cafeteria, if your a person that has money and loves to eat, you will have fun, they have at least five different spots to choose from, including a starbucks, when we went over to the apointment, they had a nurse come in, ask some questions, then the head nurse came in, they did everything professionally, they also told us that they had a pharmacy right in the building, that's convenient, there was a small co - pay after using the medical card, but it was a little over a dollar, go to a drug store, and they would have charge us a outrageous price, everything was done professionally, the nurses are very nice in the dermotology department, and the maintenance to the building is well maintained, those guys do a great job cause the building looks beautiful, but when you visit the dermotology department, look out the window, it's quite a site to see


If your not familiar with this area, get yourself a good map of the hospital layout and plan it out ahead of time. Driving downtown and trying to find which building and parking we needed to go to was an absolute nightmare. Other than that though, this hospital is absolutely incredible. This was our second time down here for my daughter. The picu and Ronald McDonald house is phenomenal. The doctors,nurses and staff truly change lives. The other pediatric centers of this hospital are equally amazing. I will always come to cleveland clinic because of the quality care weve recieved. The layout and interior is beautiful. Creates a very tranquil,streamlined environment.

Debbie Williams

It was the worst came to the e r at 3 pm for my boyfriend who has stage 4 lung cancer 10 hours later we are still in the Er nobody knows anything here we not be coming back will go back to Fairview from now on

Gordon Runyon Jr

Family waiting area for surgery needs more tables.

David Beeson

Fantastic staff that really take the time to help you

Eric Keller

Wonderful experience. Our first time being at the Cleveland Clinic. Beautiful establishment, very clean and up to date. EVERY employee we've encountered have smiling faces and very welcoming.

Brad Humphreys

Beware. Research CCFs billing practices and issues. They will bill small facilities (non main campus) as hospital outpatient. For example their Physical Therapy Office in the back of the Lakewood YMCA (at $800/hr) is billed as outpatient. Other facilities, such as their Rockport Family office will bill as a Doctor's visit. You need to ask - they obfuscate their billing. Be very careful in utilizing their facilities.

Candice Allen

Was there on the third. The waiting room (Building P) was so damn hot like a sauna. Perfect incubator for colds and upper respiratory infections. I got sick because of that place. They took wonderful care of my mother and I’m happy about that. But getting sick, I’m upset about. Don’t have it so damn hot. What is wrong with them? I’m still sick. Seriously?

Kim Pynduss

Excellent Hospital Excellent staff you our Number 1

Cherrise Roberts

They took very good care of my family and my loved one there! The hospice team on floor 11 in G building is awesome and I thank them so much for helping us through our tough time! Much love sent their way!


Decent medical care; excessive wait times to schedule appointments; inept, incompetent and unethical accounting/billing practices (especially if you're a Medicare patient).

Amber Matheny

Hospital itself is a pretty fantastic hospital. Except for a few doctors/Proffesionals who create a HORRIBLE name for Cleveland Clinic (i.e. Dr. Lynn Simpson, and Nina Booker) if those names come across your care team list, I encourage you to RUN the other way. The cafeterias are nice, healthy, and you have a pretty large selection. Unfortunately what they have is not friendly at all with those with some specifuc health issues that are not allowed to have the fiber fulled meals etc.. DO NOT EAT AT: THE BOWLS of Flavorful Passion. Not only is it overly priced. On 10/16/19 myself, and the people I was with witnessed two female staff workers there rummaging through boxes, the money in the register, touching walls, and several other things with their BARE HANDS. Then proceeding to mix food around in the trays on their food line, with those dirty ungloved hands they continued by grabbing food, and feeding themselves directly from the food line. Even though they saw they were veing watched, they chose to continue. I have never eaten at The Bowls but I had wanted to try it at some point. NOT ANYMORE!

Patricia Lange-Otsuka

Appreciate that things always go smoothly here

K Hinton

While ultimately I did not have surgery here, the facility is incredible and the doctors I saw were highly skilled and compassionate. Getting scheduled for appointments and insurance approvals/billing were made easy. If you live nearby and/or have the ability to take advantage of Cleveland Clinic, consider yourself blessed.

Juliana Mckinley

I work here and it's an amazing place to be!

Jazmine Smith

Great! Number 2 Hospital in the nation. Number 1 for Heart care!

Bill Laing

Best patient care ever, lung transplant, pre, post, and followup!

She Wolf

I was referred here by 3 separate doctors. Cleveland Clinic would not make an appointment for me with anyone and blatantly refused to help or answer any questions. I ended up going to the Mayo Clinic and stayed for 6 months while undergoing intensive treatment that saved my life. I would choose the Mayo Clinic over the Cleveland clinic any day and I hope others make the same decision as this place does not care about human lives.


It's a big place

Mick O'Seasnain

Overall, great experience with Cleveland Clinic. My family received their care for years. More recently, the quality of care has declined as they've expanded.

Damien Frish

Already stressed out getting a call for a liver transplant, we arrived at the valet after getting cut off by someone. Talking to a red jacket guy about getting valet since we're in a hurry. The people who cut us off proceeded to record us and use racial remarks. The red jacket guy called security on us for some reason after yelling at us. Then we proceeded to be investigated by 5 cops and followed around the hospital. We told the security guy we didn't need an escort of course the guy said well we'll see about that, and we're on a time constraint and stressed out as it is we don't need this. Part 2. My dad got his transplant on December 15th. They had to do another surgery after because it wasn't receiving enough blood so they rerouted arteries from the spleen. Then they made a mistake and one of the arteries wasn't fully attached so he proceeded to bleed internally for several days. We then had issues with one of the nurses. As well as a few other things that went on. Overall they did a great job with the initial transplant. Alot of the nurses were fantastic but the mistakes that always seem to be made are unacceptable. He was discharged a month later in a rush they stitched up a leakage spot 5 times before they finally got it right as we were leaving. So now he's in pain and weak as we're trying to leave we go down for valet where we proceeded to wait 45 minutes despite people coming up 25-30 minutes after us already left. The valet guy apologized and said he didn't get the keys till 5 minutes ago. Which means they sat on our keys for 40 minutes while my dad's in pain. I appreciate the family that provided the liver and the team that put it in.

Shelia Neal

Always have been well treated at this Hosp. They are very helpful and will do what ever is needed. The buildings are nice but neighborhood not so great. Has lots of transport, places to stay an places to eat all in or near Hosp. Place was clean and they have good chemistry with other dept. to cure all parts of you. Is a non smoking building. Well worth my long drive.

Darlene Brown

Every time I've called I've been able to be seen the same day or the next day. They were able to diagnose and treat me when doctors in Toledo couldn't and enabled me to avoid a feeding tube. I'm able to eat normally and without any problems whereas had I not gone to Cleveland Clinic I'd be eating through a tube. I highly recommend them for a second opinion!

Elaine Wilson

I was admitted for pancreatic and gal bladder issues. Was put on psychology review. Even though the Dr said there was no problems. After a week of its no food they sent me home After one meal I was back in the hospital at a different Cleveland clinic site. Who made me jump through all the same hoops for another week only to have my gall bladder removed. If they had just done that in the first place. I wouldn’t have been in the hospital so long.

Stetson Thacker

One of the best hospitals in the world. Cleveland Clinic - Main Campus has an expansive campus of impressive buildings ,where the world's leading physicians, scientists, and healthcare providers work assiduously to improve the lives of patients.

Ronnell Cunningham

My wife had to take my 2yr old son who has sickle cell disease to the main campus on 6/2/19 @ 4am. This is our 2nd experience at main campus with him, and we thought it couldn't get any worse than the first time, but IT DID. After being checked in, 45min went by without any nurses following up to check on my son. My wife wasn't offered any warm blankets, ice water, NOTHING. It took for me to call in and threaten to make a formal complaint. Roughly 3mins after I called, my wife said they brought in blankets and ice water, and seemed to be moving with urgency at that point. We've never had these issues at Hillcrest, but they said main campus is where we have to go for his sickle cell emergencies smh. I'm going to do everything in my power now to see if we can switch him over to UH.

Richard Butler

The place to be when you need healthcare. They have been good to me.


I was here for heart failure and I was treated great and they did an amazing job on me. They are the best

Mr & Mrs Angelozzi

Intelligent, proactive team that cares for you with sterling professionalism, yet with the compassion of a loved one. I'll never seek medical care elsewhere. Tremendously grateful.

Grace Giberson

I love this place I have been here for about a week and all of the nurses and doctors are GREAT

Nicholas Lauer

So slow!!!!!!!!!! Prepare to wait 1+ hour for anything you do here. Have an appointment at 1pm..... Haha you won't get in before 2pm. Need to schedule another appointment for two weeks away... ya your gonna wait again 1+ hour. Finally all done with your day? That's nice, prepare to wait in the super crowded lobby for the valet to go and get your car for over again 1+ hour. Kicker is we could see the car in the lot across the street but they WOULD NOT GIVE US OUR KEY. They basically held us hostage and would not return the keys to our car when asked AFTER we had paid. If you have to come here Uber or Lift DO NOT USE THEIR VALET. If they do this to you, call Cleveland Police Department and report your car stolen, that gets them moving.

S Smith

Absolutely horrible place! The world class service and #2 in Healthcare in the U.S. slogans are a total marketing ploy. Medical assistants are rude, customer service reps are rude and must endure long wait times for everything! Calling for an appointment or explanation of your bill takes at least 30-45 minutes out of your day. These reps are so combative when asked questions. Billing never gives you the correct answers and if your claim is under an internal coding review, be prepared for it to take at least 45 days. Wait times at your appointment are unbelievable! An appointment at the Cole Eye Institute in Avon that should have taken 25 minutes took 2 hours. I waited 50 mins to be seen by my dermatologist . The 'same day appointments' Cleveland Clinic touts is totally false. Most of my providers never have anything available until 2 or 3 months out so it is very difficult to get in to see them. Im thoroughly disappointed with the Cleveland Clinic and have had such bad experiences the past few years. I go to doctors at the Avon Richard E Jacobs location, so im never at Main Campus, but the reps i phone i believe are at main campus. And stop constantly asking me to confirm my address, telephone, email, insurance card info, etc at every phone and inperson interaction! So annoying that its required every single time i contact them!

Johnny Cassity

Beautiful hospital super nice staff, and they saved my grandpas life! A+

Vinny G

Was not impressed at all ,they spend millions of dollars on TV ads telling us their number one,and I bought it,hook,line and sinker.There no better than your own area doctors.By the why, get rid of the the person playing the harp in the lobby,it makes most people think of death.Save your self aggravation and time, think twice before going to this money pit,they care nothing about the patient but their wallet.

Anne MacDonald

Love the Cleveland Clinic. They are quite busy and need a little more staff. Amazing health care hospital. From my personal experience.

Leah Smith

I tell everyone I meet how much I like how this hospital is ran. I have not encountered a person who does not make sure that you are ok. From the Red Coats, the nurses, the nursing assistants and the Doctors, even housekeeping! This hospital should be the model for ALL. I see why they are ranked #2 in the nation.

Yvonne Schimmel

Dr Vogelbaum and staff are amazing! They saved my life! No words to describe how greatful I am for such extraordinary staff

Brandon Fisher

Very friendly and helpful people here. Treat his real wife with care and compassion.

John N. McCall

Highly Disappointed.

glen chambers

The people are great but the campus is A maze

Liza Anastasi Pane

So thankful for The Cleveland Clinic~I have been a patient since 1999 and the knowledge, dedicated and professional service has been impeccable! Honestly to have Dr.'s and nurses that are so dedicated and care about each patient as a human being and treat you with the care that all deserve! Never hesitate to go here!

Glen Chambers

The facility is huge if there's anything negative to say it's easy to get lost but everyone there has been helpful and friendly to help you find your way the doctors and staff that I have used to have been very helpful and very friendly I mean Cleveland Clinic is the number two rated Hospital in the nation behind the Mayo Clinic a lot of cutting edge Medical Technology comes from Cleveland Clinic and they are non-profit Hospital

Angel Taylor

This is the best hospital they honestly make you feel at home. They take care of you and answer any questions you may have. I recommend that anyone with health issues rely on the Cleveland Clinic. They are the best!

Brianna Cantu

I was very disappointed with how my appointment went concerning my psychiatric needs. The nurse practitioner was rude and rushed the appointment. She didn't even ask "how was your day" or "how are you feeling today" which are simple questions that can make a huge impact on someone. On a separate occasion, my mom and I went to visit a loved one who was in the ICU and as we were leaving that area, a man who was waxing the floor was talking on his phone and we were asking which elevator we were allowed to use and he pointed to the left, mumbled a bit, and then said "to the left" louder. As I was walking past him, he put his arm across me, making contact with my upper body, and repeated "to the left!" He was trying to tell us to walk on the very left side of the hallway, when I first thought he was telling us that the elevators were on the left hand side, which I was well aware of. In summary, the last couple of times that I have been to this campus have not been good experiences.


They are so nice!!

scott patterson

My experience at Cleveland Clinic about my experience with a doctor there, EDWARD C BENZEL, MD. I had gone there in referral from Doctor in Carrollton Ohio. This was in reference to problem with my lower back and in constant pain. The doctor I saw at C.C. looked at xrays and MRI of my lower back. He, this supposed back doctor, said there was nothing wrong with my back and that the pain was in my head and suggested I go through drug rehab or pain management because I was becoming addicted to pain meds, whick I was not because I refused to take pain pills. It got so bad that I could not stand or walk far. This was in 2015. Well, on January 26, 2018, after moving to Tennessee, I had surgery on my BROKEN BACK. Doctor Maguire, here in Tennessee, found L5 and C1 was separated because of a break in my lower back and performed surgery to repair my lower back. Today, I'm pain free, I am able to walk and stand and even return to work. I would never recommend someone go to Cleveland Clinic for back problems. I suffered over 2 years because of him. Thank God for Doctor Maguire and he being a good doctor. Pictures of the repair attached. Oh, and the so called doctor said he stood by his diagnosis that nothing was wrong.

Linda Cook

I had excellent care from doctors to nurses. And all othwr staff and volunteers were great. I would recommended them.

John Hull

Love the Cleveland Clinic. They are quite busy and need a little more staff but that’s what happens when you are the best. I had heart surgery two weeks ago today. I’m already feeling much better and what they did for me will give me my life back. Thanks to Dr. Wierup and staff.

Brandon Murray

Overrated af. Appointments are ALWAYS later than scheduled because they are ALWAYS running behind. Making people wait for evening surgeries and then making them even later is bad considering they havent eaten in almost 24 hours at that point. Shame CC. Shame.

anwareka al-a

The best heart ❤️ hospital in world

Michael Robinson

Professional, courteous and friendly staff and physicians

Dani J

I adore my Dr in the gastro department of the main campus but the staff in the office is less than satisfactory. Whenever I call, I am given the run around and/or attitude for asking routine questions. I live about 2hrs away from the office, so its important that I'm able to communicate my needs clearly & effectively with my Dr via the rude staff to avoid unnecessary drives to Cleveland. Today while trying to schedule imagining, I was cut off, hung up on or transferred to the wrong department numerous times. Had it not been for the great experiences I've had with my Dr, I would gladly use another hospital asap. I might have to start looking elsewhere if the staff continues to conduct business the way they do. It's very disappointing.

Joe Janik

If I could give it 0 stars I would had my stimulator off for my MRI at 330 tmdidnt see the physician to turn it back on till 8pm. Call the ombudsman office and all I got was attitude from the secretary worse patient services I have ever had. If it wasn't for my other doctors I would no longer be coming here. Worst experiances of my life.

Jenifer Nemrava

What a terrible sham of a medical facility. A veritable juxtaposition of standard of care.

Lana Harris

We are blessed to have such an amazing institution so close to home. All of the doctors we have dealt with have been amongst the top in the nation. They are not only informed but also very polite and seem to genuinely care about their patients.

Michelle Reneé Sciarini

The patient menu improved tremendously as of October 1, 2018. Be sure to ask if there's something you don't see. They are particularly accommodating.

Jane Phillips

Excellent care

Brian Phillips

World class care from world class people. I would recommend Cleveland Clinic to anyone in need of serious medical care.

Eugene Hicks

Love this place. Top notch

Bernard Kumuhone

The Best hospital thank you to everybody that works here to everybody parking garage people to maintenance to the whole staff.I thank god for all of the people here great job

Terry Baylis

Took care of my dad while he was experiencing a severe medical issue. The staff was caring and compassionate throughout the entire ordeal.

Tammy Newhouse

My appointment wasn't approved by the insurance carrier before coming here & I wasn't made aware of this until we had already driven 4 hours to get here! Therefore I had to go see a financial counselor before even getting to see the doctor! My appointment was scheduled for 10:45 & it was almost 11:15AM before even getting put in the computer, to be able to see the doctor!!!

Naresh Mullaguri

Best medical center for complex cardiac and neurological diseases. Very dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They are really committed to delivering world class care for every patient. They are always trying to be at the forefront of innovation. It seems their main agenda these days is distance health and outreach and expanding the telestroke capabilities. Recently ranked number 1 hospital in Ohio and 2nd rank in the US Health news rankings overall. They are also committed to healthcare access and working on decreasing the number of days to get a clinic appointment. I would say it is very quick to see a specialist here than in any place else.

Pravin George

World class care! Patients first!

bujasim y

Sorry to say that it's no loger about caring Now its all about money and revenu . Stalling 10 days just to get an appointment !! for no good reason . no patiant follow ups , checking withe the doctor through atherd party or the e_mail !!!. The only thig that impresses u. is the building s and the 5 star hotel services which is not what i came for

Jacqueline Ortiz

I'm pregnant and I went to the emergency room because I had a fall. I got in at around 4:45 and I had to wait until 9 to be seen. I'm not really mad at that part, as I know how busy it can be but when I got to my room, I asked the Doctor for a cup of water three times and I never got it. I guess they want pregnant women to be dehydrated. I've had several bad experiences with this emergency room and I will NEVER be back.

Joshua Shifrin

All the doctors and nurses are wonderful

Carmen Bender

If you even remotely value your time do not use their valet. It took them 30 minutes to bring out my car. Was not busy at all and didn’t receive so much as an apology for the delay. What a terrible way to treat your patients and their families. Such a waste.

Lisa Rene' DeBenedictis

The Cleveland Clinic is world renowned for the skill and compassionate care of each and every patient and my experience is that caretakers and family members are given the same benevolent and compassionate kindness that the patient receives. The lobbies and public spaces have live music and calming music piped into Hallways adorned with original art and sculptures of museum quality. Every effort is made to greet visitors from every corner of the globe with respect and kindness. Food and beverage choices are available in most buildings with healthy choices and foods that look and taste appealing. Every member of the medical staff, from administration and reception, to housekeeping to discharge,and parking dole out cheery compassionate care to everyone who enters this preeminent medical facility.

Richard long

I was not happy after my surgery. I had at this facility and the services. Hours after my surgery. I was in my room. I remember waking up crying and so much pain I laid there and cried for about an hour and a half almost 2 hours agonizing pain. Till the nurse finally came in after she was sitting at her desk. Probably playing games. 16 hours after my surgery they sent me home. Two and a half weeks. I had to take an ambulance ride back up to Cleveland. I had MRSA . And a section of my intestines.. came unattached. I stayed in my room for a week. I had to have a PICC line ran into my heart. Pumping pure antibiotics right into my heart. I'm very upset for the medical treatment that I received. I should have stayed after my surgery for at least a week. I was supposed to go back I'll check up after surgery get the results. I never went because how I was treated.

Kate Beckett

I wouldn't go anywhere else for such wonderful health care services. All of the doctors, specialists, nurses, and staff were overall very helpful and pleasant to be around! Your waiting time is always short, and each visit ensures that you've gotten the best care. I will agree that their billing department needs work, but overall a wonderful experience every time.

Craig Williams

Know this with certainty Cleveland Clinic Medical Centers Care is OUTSTANDING beyond comprehension. Rated #2 Best Hospital with higher credentials in 2018. They review and research all possible causes of illness, reasons for and sub possible reasons. They do not quit and have the most Friendly and highest credentialed professionals in all departments. The most experienced medical MD's. The X-ray MRI professional imagining tech had 20+ years experience and took 2 hours to collect the best image for reading. The blood work tests are provided most often within 4 hours. Cleveland Clinic has 53,000 dedicated Associates whom all have shown myself compassion, quality of care, determination and are the most helpful and proud spokespersons of the Institution. They are happy to be apart of the family and truly are lucky to have such a fine job and medical top rated place to work and be involved with. I am grateful to the bottom of my sole Indeed! This is all you need to know. CAW

alyssa farley 40

It's the best thing that's ever happened to me and saved my life


My sister was here her room was dirty, no one came in to clean it.

B Wright

RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! AS A MATTER OF FACT, IF YOU ARE FROM OUT OF STATE, DON'T MOVE TO CLEVELAND. THIS IS HOW MOST OF THEIR SERVICES OPERATE HERE. WE MADE A MISTAKE MOVING HERE AND WILL BE LEAVING!!!!! Cleveland Clinic is medically incompetent. They are not the number 1, number 2 or number 100 best in the nation. The schedulers in the call center seem like they have mental problems, they give out wrong information and are severely unprofessional. Filing a complaint does no good. Billing department is incompetent. They transfer you all over the place, know nothing about your account, don't document notes and also give out wrong information. My relative was scheduled for a procedure. When I called to confirm, the scheduler did not know or understand the procedure times and transferred me to a woman who answered the phone sounding as if she was on a prank call. The day of the procedure, the whole medical staff had wrong information written down and we had to be sent home after spending 24 hours prepping for the procedure. Tried filing a complaint with the ombudsman office and the lady that answers the phone is nasty. She got mad because I asked to speak to a supervisor and kept hanging up on me. We are from out of state(East Coast born and raised thank God) We are used to healthcare excellence. Cleveland has the worst healthcare and customer service I have experienced.

Jamie Conway

Waited 45 minutes on a virtual call with my neurosurgeon, had to directly call their office to see why such a long wait and their response 'oh I'm sorry he got called away'. I understand they are busy, however a little respect goes a long way and a simple phone call to cancel virtual appoinment would of have been appreciated instead of waiting 45 minutes for nothing!

Dennis R. Kreiger

Best medical Care on this side of the of the United States.

Yee - Yee

This place has good care, but has very depressing music!

Fred Widener

Saved my life when no one else could figure out what was wrong.

H Volinsky

I'm from the East Coast and know for a fact that Cleveland Clinic is not the best hospital in the US. I don't know where the people are from that is saying that Cleveland Clinic is the best, maybe they are from Cleveland and don't know any better but the Cleveland Clinic staff lack training, knowledge, common sense and are absolutely incompetent. My reason for saying this is, I was never made aware that I would be under conscious sedation (twilight) for a colonoscopy until I was laying in the bed about to get the procedure done while I was still awake and saw all the instruments they were about to use that looked prehistoric!!!! I immediately told the Doctor to stop because this was foreign to me and it was extremely scary that no one told me I would be awake for this procedure. I guess they assumed I was from Cleveland??? Again, I'm from the East Coast and unfortunately have been in this outdated city of Cleveland for two years (I did not know they were this outdated in Cleveland and people get colonoscopies done while they are awake). I had a colonoscopy performed where I'm from under general anesthesia (deep sedation) with state of the art equipment, and went back to work the same day. Then, Cleveland Clinic sent me a bill for the colonoscopy procedure that was never performed. How do you bill a patient for a colonoscopy that was never performed? Another issue of incompetency with The Cleveland Clinic is that their medical office staff members lack training and knowledge. You have to keep calling them over and over and practically tell them off and request to speak to a Supervisor just to get correct information, meanwhile your blood pressure has went up because of the stress you are feeling with talking to their medical staff that can't comprehend what you are saying. Please don't even waste your time calling their ombudsman office. They don't call you back or they will hang up on you. This is a warning for people out of state because people from Cleveland are absent minded, out of date and don't know any better. For those from out of state, think twice before you come to Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic.

Elisa Moss

My husband is having surgery (new pacemaker). My son, grand dtr and I went down to the cafeteria and we got lost twice! Both times, two different employees saw us faultering and stopped to help us, walked us to our location. (To the cafeteria and then back to a waiting area). I was shocked to see them just stop and go completely out of their way. One was a female doc and the other was a surgical nurse. Awesome employees.

Brenda Good

Cleveland Clinic have the most knowledgeable and professional doctors,nurses and staff. The Cardiology and transplant team are the best in the country. And they are working on giving me many more years with my loved ones.

Danny Cedeño

My Cleveland Clinic visit was a very pleasant one. From the moment I was inside the hospital, I knew right away that the Cleveland Clinic is striving for excellence.

Sierra Henderson

Can’t understand how a place can be SO CONCERNED ABOUT MONEY and having a patient come back MULTIPLE times complaining of CHRONIC PAIN and you just... don’t check for what could be the underlying issue. You don’t care about your patients, you care about money. My grandmothers body is eaten up with cancer and you’re telling me you COULDNT FIND A REASON FOR THE CHRONIC PAIN?!?! What a TERRIBLE place of practice.

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