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Parking, no matter what time if day, is a huge problem at this facility. Pretty sad that I can't see a Doctor there because of parking. Shame on them for charging $6.00 dollars for valet Senior parking. $3.00 dollars maximum would be appropriate. I have had to leave the hospital in frustration because I couldn't even find a space to park. The hospital knows about it, talks about it, but nothing seems to be done about it. This cannot be ignored and seriously needs to be addressed rather than talked about.

Michael Torres

Lutheran Hospital continues to provide Compassion and Well- Being throughout the Ohio City area!

Ms Audrey Renee

Cathy Smith

Audra Gross

Went here twice back to back because of suicidal thoughts.. Was on a floor called mood disorder. Second time, Dr. Bowers and I clicked. And I do have to rate this 3 stars because of her. My first experience wasn't the best.. But Dr Bowers and I really got to talk and work on a plan for me. She's awesome. My favorite nurse: the lady who called me Ms. Contraband . Hope this google review made things better.

Christopher Auman

Joyce Beilis

I have alway went to MetroHealth and have never had a complaint about them. They treated me well. But Lutheran was the best hospital I have ever been in. The staff was amazing. Nurses were all so very pleasant. If they were having a bad day they never showed it to their patients. The doctors were all considerate and explained things to me in terms I could understand. I came in through the ER and was seen , treated and admitted within an hours time. No waiting . Never left alone. It will be my hospital of choice from now on.

Katrin Blayney

castile 1997

I went Lutheran Hospital thinking that the care was going to be outstanding, it turned out completely different. Nursing staff was unresponsive, you had to call 3, 4 times before anyone even showed. They even acted as if they were doing a big favor helping you. How ridiculous ! I would not recommend this hospital to anyone. Plus the hospital building looked dirty decrepit, bit run down not what I expected from the Cleveland Clinic.




Veronica Pace

Worse experience ever

Kristine Lane

Best experience it could be in my state of mind. The nurses were amazing-even when I was far from amazing they cheered me on! Dr. Dale was always patient and kind. I would not be happy and at HOME if it wasn't for every single person that works on 3B. I must mention Security, Recreational therapists, Dietian, Social Workers, and the Nurse's Aides. Food was Outstanding.

David Pack

I am speaking for my brother, a patient there for one month, January, 2015. The nurses and social worker were helpful people, but some of the doctors were insisting on shock treatments; pressuring my brother [in a bad state] and without consulting with family. We used the court to stop the pressure.

Jeff Klaas

I write this as we're on hour 3 sitting in the waiting room and still waiting on the doctor.

Bruce Porath

george petriga

This is quite possibly the worst experience I've ever had in my life. I can't even get a cup of water. I've hit the emergency call button 3 times in 3 hour and have gotten no response . I've gotten 2 different stories stories since I got here . I was taken to surgery yesterday still I dont know what they did no one has come to talk to me . except this morn g when a doctor came and said I heard you didn't want to do the outpatient procedure . I am currently trying to fond a ride to another hospital. I feel my well being is in danger here. What if it was an emergency hitting the button I would be dead.

Casandra Linder

I work here been here 15yrs

Erica Marrero

Emergency room SUCKS, I went with my 11 year old child, and I had to wait 4 hours for a room, so he can be seen, UNBELIEVABLE, I had to leave because there never was a room available, they need to take more care of the people than the appearance of the building, never will go back again. Is a shame!!

Wayne Nix

Brandon Hufford

The cafeteria is way over priced not a good selection of food and the food don't look fresh at all the staff is rude this catering company needs fired I also ran in to a few other rude medical staff and this is supposed to be a great hospital ha it's no better than the rest you are a pay check for them and that's it.

Ed P

The pharmacy there is awesome! Especially the pharmacy manager. The pharmacy is clean and neat like you would expect in a hospital. The staff is courteous and fast at getting your prescriptions filled. And yes you can get your prescriptions filled there even if you are not visiting the hospital as a patient. I get all my prescriptions there.

Jane Mason

Wonderful experience from start to finish at this hospital. Joint replacement surgery went well. Outstanding nursing care. Even food services came to my room to make sure everything was going ok. Attentive, compassionate care.

Ted Zimmerman

Great care of my wife

Sandra Baracz

This facility is an embarrassment to the Cleveland Clinic. It’s 122 yr old structure and looks and feels every bit of that! It should be torn down. The 4th fl out patient area is a joke. Felt more like a haunted hospital rather then somewhere I wanted to have knee surgery. No complaints about staff or procedure but not a facility I’d want to return to anytime in the future.

Stephen Perry

I was a severe asthmatic who came in for an asthma attack and was admitted. They put me in a room with a man that had pneumonia which made my condition worse and resulted in me coming in again later with another asthma attack from pneumonia. After paying thousands just for a room I wasn’t expecting 5 star service but the service that I got was sub par. I often didn’t get the medicine or food that i asked for, and I was often forgotten or ignored completely. The nurse wouldn’t let me shower unless my doctor approved it. That made me pretty upset because I hadn’t showered in two days. Also, all three roomates I got were bum heroin addicts. Not sure if it’s a theme there or what but seriously, three in a row? What’s going on around here? Only good part was meeting my asthma specialist who gave me the meds and approvals I needed. I’ve never been happier to leave a place before and started going to Fairview hospital for everything after that. Don’t go to Lutheran! And forget about complaining; the lady that I talked to for submitting my complaint was terrible at her job (couldn’t even get the dates of my visit right during her “investigation”) and I never heard from her again!

Danielle Withrow

Got into the ER quickly and our social worker Emma was awesome. Definitely a good place to bring your loved ones who are suffering from psych. issues!

RealLoveUnknown .

The phone receptionists in ER and Mental Health departments are rude over the phone. When I inquired about a patient that was a loved one, I could hear laughing in the background followed by "jeez" from the ER right before she transferred me. The other (Mental Health Department) sound like she was confused herself and had a condescending tone, gave me my answers and slammed the phone down in my ear!

peggy warfield

Justin Winemiller

Horrible hospital. Worse than metro.

Sarah Loveland

Sherm Moore

Very poor quality of help I been here for 2hr just waiting on my release paper I ask about it 3 times still never got it or got help for my problem never come back here again I and if you are smart you won't came here

Vee Technologies

Rose Marie Bailey

odibi ifeanyi

Cory Davis

Cane in unfortunately during some renovations but had no issue with care. Released after 24 and can walk again.

Dane Gerous Brigadier

Laura Wallencheck

U s As a result

James T. Kirk

What a h e ll hole. I was treated lower than an animal. I can't believe how disrespectful and nasty the staff was here. I was brought by ambulance. I was refused respectful treatment with dignity. I left, the EMTs told them where my car was, I overheard them. They REFUSED to tell me where it was when I wanted to leave. I could not even figure out how to get out of the ER. Finally, when I did. I collapsed outside, I wept. I sobbed. I was so overwhelmed with anxiety and pain with my migraine that they exacerbated while I was there. To be clear: they MADE MY MIGRAINE AND ANXIETY WORSE! Then, they refused to even let me know where I was, how to get outside, or where my car was located in a foreign city after a medical emergency. I had to figure it out in the midst of all of this. Great job clowns! Avoid! Reported to ombudsmen, who of course did not follow up. How shocking! Update: Weeks later, still no follow up from ombudsmen. But did get shi tty follow up to let me know I called the WRONG ombudsmen earlier and go call someone else, which I did. Waiting... I know will be until h ell freezes over at the very least.

Jeffrey Tasse

My wife had her knee replaced here in 2015. The care was outstanding; we did not know heath care providers could be so good. As great as the Cleveland Clinic is, and it is great, they are not known for their TLC, but Lutheran is. They specialize in orthopedics. If you can go there for an orthopedic procedure, I recommend you do so. The doctor was great, and the nurses and the physical and occupational therapy was thorough and complete.

Natividad Gutierrez

Rudolph Gray

Alyssa Stacy

Rude on the phone and wouldn't even let me finish my sentence.

David Stone

The nursing staff are GREAT but I personally think the Drs. could be more compassionate! Otherwise I received very quality care, Thanks to all the staff!


Great experience!!! the whole Staff was AWESOME!!! They took great care of my Mother after Hip Surgery. Even the food was way Above and beyond other Hospital food.

Rachel Pavey

Annette Schoeneman

Chad Hambly

Big Jon Snyder

By far, the best service and help I've ever gotten from any hospital in ClCleveland


I was born here. It is a awesome hospital!

Mary Schiller

My husband had full hip replacement recently at Lutheran. The surgical team, nursing team, and PT/OT, were all wonderful. The level of care and attention was outstanding. Even the dining service manager stopped by to see what we thought of the food. The entire process from admission to discharge is smooth and very well thought out, making it much less intimidating for both patient and family. We traveled about two hours for this surgery and will do so again when he's ready to have his other hip replaced.

Corey Miller

aoibheal M

Incompetent staff. Poor treatment of patients and their family. Wouldn't send a cockroach there for treatment.

julia roth

Their drug and alcohol recovery center is a joke. Cleveland clinic has one yes (1) detox/recovery center and in order to get in you have to be alcoholic.With the amount of opiate addicts here in Cleveland and shortage of recovery centers you would think that the clinic and all their funding would have a place that helps more than just alcoholics. People desperately want, deserve and need help and get turned away.Not to mention the E.R doctor there are rude as hell.I have Cleveland clinic insurance so that limits me for the places i can go. Never ever will i again go to this place for help.

Gloria Stoker

My care was excellent in all areas

Willy wmt

Nadine Sadler

✍️Dr. Kim Stearns /Dr. Ross Gallucci Orthopedics. Great Doctors excellent excellent staff, very professional and caring a valuable asset to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. I came all the way from Florida to see Dr. Stearns I've been with Dr. Stearns for years. Cleveland Clinic has a Florida location,but they don't have my Doctor and Staff.

Renee Lee

I went to Lutheran Hospital for pre testing and joint replacement class today. First impression was terrible. Walked in the front doors hoping to be directed to where I needed to go. Staff were too busy talking to notice anyone walking in the main entrance. Floors were disgustingly dirty. You couldn't tell who was staff or not do to their sloppy clothes. Cafeteria couldn't even have coffee available with ONE cafeteria employee shrugging her shoulders when asked if it was possible to get coffee. Even the staff of the hospital were complaining that there was no food!? I had lab work to be done, staff couldn't even speak broken English at best to make sure I was who I claimed to be. I had to ask to make sure my lab work would be placed where it needed to go because I don't believe she knew what she was doing. I'm seriously considering cancelling my surgery. The thought of what I didn't even get to see scares the hell out of me! I'm shocked my surgeon uses this hospital. I'm heartbroken because all I wanted to do is get fixed and be well. A true shame.

Gabrael Morris

Tracy Woidtke

Not happy. Got here for a 10 Am ct scan, and their lame excuse that we are still sitting here is that the main campus computer cant talk to the computer here. They have to scan the paperwork in. Well 45 minutes later, still waiting. How does Cleveland clinic allow this to happen?

francis dapaah

Had a good experience when I visited the emergence center

Osvaldo Nazario

D'Andre Ray-Thompson

Terrible phone service. Called to reschedule an appointment they bounced me around then the nurse hung up on me. The second time I called back once again I got bounced around then put on hold for about 20 mins before I just hung up. Never scheduling an appointment here again I suggest Fairview.

Raul Ramirez

I Went to the emergency room at 4am With shortness of breath,there was no patients in waiting room...the ER receptionist told me I have to wait 2 to 3 hours to be seen. I Went to saint vincent charity hospital got Care right away! This is an awesome hospital Nice ER Staff.

natalia s

Disgusting facility

Jayne Reed

Unable to manage a 30 year old case of Autoimmune type I Ketoacidosis prone Diabetes, refusal to acknowledge and follow prescribed insulin istructions from an OUT of network PRIVATE INTERNAL MEDICINE SPECIALIST Specifically handling my case amd all the supply prescriptions that come with picking up a 25 year Type I diabetes KDA case but had NO PROBLEM following het Claritin prescription. ALSO, all my prescriptions SHOW ON THEIR OWN MY CHART SYSTEM. If another Hospital Sysyem can follow Mychart...why is that CC Lutheran could not. OR CHOSE NOT TO? Doing the above during a life threatening infection and continually exhibiting an unwillingness to listen or allow the patient take part in their own care has caused me to seek legal counsel and transfer to a qualified facility. There is nothing they can say or DO to undo the gross neglect, poorly trained individuals and malice exhibited by this so called facility. A shut down will be my goal so get your loved ones to a SAFE PLACE and watch what happens. Do NOT use this facility. EVER. And it's not clean or sterile by any stretch of the imagination . I came here becausr I also have SLE (LUPUS) and RA and my Rheimatologist managing both has jurisdiction to consult as she has only been treating me for LUPUS FOR about a month. Again. DO NOT use this facility. EVER.

Brandon Beckwith

Can't believe that this a Cleveland Clinic

Vee Bill

Carlos Mercado

(Translated by Google) Good attention and absolute cleanliness (Original) Buena atención y limpieza absoluta

Stephen Stralka

Okay the food. For a hospital you can just walk into and recieve extensive life saving treatment, the food ain't bad Staff is very open minded and actually care about your safety.

annelys garcia

The staff is really helpful, however they always treat you in the waiting room, no kind of privacy . They took us out of one room to put other people in it .

Héctor Barrientos

Ritchie Rubio

Mark Brown

Tracie Starks

carl goled

Jason Johnson

Staff is very good. I have a family member who frequents for care and the staff always acknowledges/ encourages her.

Erica Burke

My mother went into the hospital Thursday afternoon November 3rd the emergency room admitted her she has been moved upstairs to the 4th floor room 419 d, the nurses the doctor and the whole staff are rude. I showed up to the hospital today at quarter to 5 I did not see a nurse or a doctor in till 9 o'clock at night and they tell my mother they can not give her daily medication or she is not able to leave I am not happy I am actually very upset with the way things were handled and I will be contacting somebody ASAP

James Spinelli

Marilyn R.

I've had only great service and care at Lutheran. Doctors,and nurses, staff are excellent in making me feel well cared for.

Jacob Oberle

The Lolley Family

The Doctor I see at this clinic is very nice and understanding. Staff is wonderful!!

Patricia Gomez

Its the worst place. Im waiting 45 min and never call my daugther. She vomiting and have amor pain. We are the only peoples in the waiting room. So I change the hospital. Its desesperate see your daughter really bad and nobody doing nothing.

Rob Day

Has good activities for behavior health went to 3 other places they did not do to well the nurses are good the Dr's are good dr.streem is great

Dan Others

They have basically no ability to SOLVE mental problems. They just push drugs and hope the underlying problems somehow go away. Six months of the Gupta Programme would probably be way better and cheaper than anything they offer here. Now we just need a society that will support people in need long enough to go through such a program without having any stress, such as from needing to work during that time.

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