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Tabitha Bingham

Arrive AT LEAST one hour before your appointment. It will take 30-45 minutes to find a parking spot and up to 10-20 minutes to walk from it to your appointment. You might get lucky and find a closer spot right away but do not count on it. Edit: I should add that if you have an early morning appointment, parking & walking in, isn't quite the problem. 15 minutes +/-.

Crista Bletsch

My daughter had surgery there today . The care she received was compassionate and professional beyond words. The whole staff was very friendly, helpful, and caring with every patient from what I observed. Highly recommend this hospital.

Michael Zafiroff

First I need to start by saying this review is specifically for their ER exclusively, and in particularly under Dr. Vincent, as we have had previous, very positive (although not exceptional) experiences. We just spent 7 1/2 hours in the hospital for my girlfriend's severe abdominal pain and were sent home without a diagnosis, guess at a cause, or treatment plan. The nurse who placed her IV was inexperienced and collapsed a vein in one arm and made a bloody mess with the other. Upon coming back from a CT scan, my girlfriend noticed her vein further up in the arm had become inflamed, we questioned it and the doctor blamed it on her recent pregnancy despite the inflammation not being present until after the IV was placed. It seemed that rather than doing a Urine test, blood test, CT, ultrasound and physical exam in quick succession and seeing what the results were as they came in, they had us wait for each result before giving her the next test, which we would have to wait extended periods of time to be administered. Finally as we are waiting for her Urine test to come back (yeah, the urine test was the last test they did... how is this even a thing to do a CT and ultrasound before a urine test!?) at which point I'm exhausted, my girlfriend has no relief and no answers, and our two young children are uncomfortably sleeping on various chairs in the room so I step out in the hall and ask if we are almost done I get the response "We are getting to you when we can" and I say that we have 2 kids that have been there for the better part of 8 hours and Dr. Vincent responds "Well maybe you should of taken the kids home." I didn't say anything because I try to be respectful in public places but I should have told him that if I would have know that I would be there for 7 1/2 hours, I would have taken them home and that if I would of been aware of his inability to make a diagnosis or provide treatment , we wouldn't have come at all.

Brian Wondrak

It was my first time to this hospital. It's very clean, and every nurse or doctor I passed said hello to me. It put me in a chipper mood! Did not have service done, although I'm told it was great.

Robert Smosny

Excellent top shelf healthcare! Thank you so much Dr Ricci and staff!!

Aretha Pearson

Nctrnl Mjsty

Great staff, one of the best in the country,

Brian F

Friendly staff

Jen Dunn

Leonette Lee

Kevin Soler

Stacie Laneve

I wish I would have read the reviews before coming to Hillcrest ER. My husband was in severe pain from kidney stones, n we waited for over 5 hrs. They called him back for blood work n urinalysis then told to sit back out in the waiting room. Never have we experienced this type of ER, we have always been triaged then roomed, not sent back out to the waiting room. After several more hrs, he couldn't take it n we left. Please re consider going here for treatment. Go to the Cleveland Main campus, much much better!

Meech _

Very horrible experience when my son was recently born there. Would not recommend this hospital.

John Loo

Christina Winstead

First off, not one hospital on this earth is the best! Each facility will have its dislikes and likes, when dealing with opinions. We have metal detectors to help deter people who may want to harm others such as little miss lady at the bottom. If we didn't have metal detectors and care about everyone's safety, then people would really be upset. And to be correct, we have this placed inside of the ER due to the numerous amount of stories you have heard, read, or seen replayed on TV shows where visitors/ patients/ staff has shot their spouse and self (Hillcrest 2010), Attacked unknown patients inside of ICU ( Hillcrest) shot outside of the medical center(Metro hospital), shooting outside of the ER (CCF Main Campus), and etc. You should be glad someone cares enough to ensure you and your families can come somewhere to be seen and treated a little bit safer than before. We are SECURITY which means we do all that is needed to secure our location and the people!

c b

This is absolutely ridiculous over 1 hour to make an ultrasound appointment. At the same time listening how they are available for a second opinion. You will never even get a first opinion

dave miller

I brought my 3 year old daughter in yesterday with a stomach bug. We were seen by the nurses and put in a room within 2 minutes. After being diagnosed we were moved to a room overnight. The staff were so amazing through the process. They provided movies and toys to help my daughter through the experience. Upon being discharged they presented my daughter with a ginger bread house to build at home. What a fantastic facility and staff!!!

Kim Austin

Matt Gueulette

abdulaziz mohammad

Very professional and helpful Doctors/Staff!

Liyah Stanford

They took really good care of me

Sean Keen

Reviewer Dude

Staff were amazing and caring. One of the nurses, Mark was a great guy

Sharon Roberson

They help my son alot and i think them for it

Joe B

Great respiratory care

Vineshia Miller

Hoop Da'Kid

If you want "ONLY THE BEST" care wether an adult but "especially pediatrics" for your babies wether 15mo. or 15 yrs!?! From Parking, to Security, Reception, Registration, to the Angels simply known as the Nurses and Doctor's! As long as I'm in NE Ohio, it's the only place I'll take my babies! Thank you is not enough to all those that spend half their lives there to take care of me and my family!


WORST ER EVER! Husband was taken by friends to Hillcrest ER because he was not able to feel his legs and was having difficulty walking. Symptoms came on fast. He was seen by a PA and was pretty much blown off and given pain meds and muscle relaxants. Fast but not thorough. I arrived within an hour and he was being discharged, unable to stand and walk on his own. No assistance to get to the car. I don't know how they thought he would walk out of there. We had to ask for a wheelchair to get him to car. Hours later we returned to a different CC ER where he was given a thorough evaluation and was admitted for 6 days to the hospital. DO NOT use HILLCREST ER for anything serious.

Lauren Welter

Andy J

I got into the ER right away and everything was going good. I got an ultrasound and that was the last I saw of anyone for 3 hours. Terrible hospital.

Quyn Johnson

The worse hospital I ever visited I couldn't wait to give a review very rude staff they give you complete run around I came for allergic reaction and the nurse was only worried about how cool my tattoos were. complete joke of a hospital it's like they make your life hard on purpose definitely wouldn't recommend honest to God truth there very miserable and there people skills suck. 1star isn't even enough for what they put me thru, the only people giving good reviews are the employees

Gwen Virag

You would think that being a Cleveland Clinic Hospial, they would have a high-tech check-in system for the Laboratory. No, they have an old wooden table, a small plastic box and a pen. You fill out a card with your info, place it in the box. About 10-15 minutes later, they grab the cards, 15 minutes after that they start calling names in reverse order. The three people who signed in after me, got called in first. I mean, come on!! Even Lake Hospital Systems, 4 years ago, had a computer kiosk that you registered yourself in for lab work.

Victor F

These people are out of their mind with pricing. I took my daughter to the emergency room because something got stock really deep in her ear. Took us total 30 min in there. Doctor pumped a bit of water in her ear and used a hook to get it out. Our bill is $1658.27!!!!!!! Insurance will only cover $350 because they don't think this should be THAT huge of a bill. Who makes up these prices? How am I stock with this bill! $1309 is what I am stock with. Thank you Cleveland Clinic! #$@& You!

Lauren Alessandro

Joshua Frye

My wife gave birth here they over use of meds left her unresponsive for 4 hours and the doctors were very rude told me they have to wait 7 hours later still didnt get a room and then they told her you and your child cant have a room until more test are done waited another two hours and they cant do the test but they can sit there and gossip

Second Times a Farm Chardon

Went to visit a new baby, the halls were over run with trash in bags as two employees lounged in chairs for over an hour talking. There were at least 20 bags of trash piled onto cardboard boxes, so gross

Weldon Hastings

Nick V

Best hospital!! If you ever need to go to a hospital this is the place to be. All of the staff members were very polite and friendly and couldn't be better. My family has always come to this hospital for any procedures and we couldn't be happier. I highly recommend this hospital, you will always be in the best hands here!!

Cheri C

Best Job career building wise and growth but it depends on the department but ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES IS THEE COMPLETE WORST WAY TO GO IF HIRED SHAVON (supervisor has sent nudes to employees ) Rob ( IS RACIST ) fired a woman because she called off due to the passing of her own mother she had 4 kids smh best worker Jim ( Racist and a Liar ) Justin ( Awesome management skills ) Power Is Definitely ABUSED here ( especially if they don’t like you ) They will play with your pay so pay attention to your paystubs Connie

Lori O

I had an excellent experience at Hillcrest. I developed septic shock due to a kidney stone. Urologist on call, Dr. Goldman performed ER surgery, the entire team was professional and kind. They worked as a team to give me best possible care and outcome. I was in ICU for a few days and then a surgical floor before discharge. Everyone responsible for my care was efficient and very attentive. Per Dr. Goldman’s recommendation, I saw Dr. Sivalingham for the kidney stone. He explained the process of removal in detail. The most comforting of all is he had clearly reviewed my chart prior to meeting with me. During the appointment, he looked at me, not the computer.

Sarah Anderson

They will keep you alive. So you can pay off that huge bill that come after Your health care pays their half.

Pamela Hecey

Great team at the ER @hillcrest, dr p. Griggs explained everything thoroughly and she was easy to talk to. Kirk, my ER nurse was awesome, he gave me comic relief while providing excellent and professional care! Kudos to both of them, and the guys in radiology were great with my ct scan

Rudolph Wright

Very good in all areas

Dia Johnson

Currently sitting in ER. Been waiting for 4 1/2 hours. Have 2 blood drawings, and chest X-rays. Still no word from anyone. Supposedly waiting for a “room”. I don’t understand

Shirelle Parker

Mitchell Lubline

Took my mom in for severe coughing fits and chest pain. 2hrs after blood work, EKG and x-ray her my chart shows the blood results before a doctor has come out to see us. How much more backwards can it get for a late night at 10pm on a Thursday? They didn't even listen to her lungs for fluid build up if any.

Benjamin Miller

Marcus Stewart

Radiology department is poorly run. Patients are given a number when they arrive but have to stand in line to get it. Then they are called back to verify information. We waited 30 mins and heard many complaints. I was told the MRI would be 45 mins, but ended up being 1:15. I complained to the gentleman in a tie who appeared to the supervisor but he did not seem to care at all. Twinsburg and Akron General are run so much better!! Get it together!!!

Marvin Montgomery

Always wonderful visit

Jael Bacca

This facility exemplifies the Cleveland Clinic's systemic disregard of patient access and convenience. The doctor we saw was wonderful, but the experience getting to him was beyond sub par. Unlike virtually all other medical facilities for all other hospitals, this facility has no one to assist disabled patients nor do they have wheelchairs available in the Atrium. So if you are transporting a disabled family member, beware. It is a long walk to the elevator and there are no wheelchairs and no other assistance for you. To make matters worse, the parking here is atrocious. You have no alternative but to valet. We could not and I circled the lot for 1/2 hour without finding a spot. In the meantime, my disabled mother was unattended in the facility and could not get anyone to assist her until she hobbled several hundred feet to a main desk. When I finally found her, I asked whether wheelchairs were available since she already walked much further than expected. I was told "There's wheelchairs all over. If you want one, go to emergency and get one". Nice. Marc's is more courteous and accessible..... If there was any way to avoid ever going here again, we definitely would.

Cindy Converse

ER Nurse Mike and ER Dr. Buss were absolutely amazing, helpful, compassionate. And so was Luke. I had to explain a lot and answer a lot of questions and sometimes felt interrogated but they pinpointed issues I never could have imagined. Every step of the way, they were extremely compassionate. ❤️

Nofrillsmcgee Youtube

Emergency room was so clean and perfect, and the staff were so well composed that I forgot that I was in an ER. World class.

Eli Wren

Was waiting there for 3 hours and they still didnt do what they said fake World Class Care

Barbara Isom

We arrived at 11:15 pm to the ER and it is now 3:28 am and my mother STILL has not seen a physician, no pain meds given, call light has been on for 1 hour. I can't believe this....

Phillip Lehmann

my fit

Tabi Miller

I love this hospital, brought my husband in and they seen him right away, waited 5 hours at Lakewest and seen no one. I had my 3 babies on me and wanted to take them to the car to sleep because it was late and the nice lady at the desk gave my kids a blanket so they could sleep and be comfortable. I will definatly be a lifetime patient here it’s so much better then the other hospitals I have nothing but headaches at lakewest

Ionel Boeriu


I come to Hilcrest anytime I have an emergency but this time when I came in with terrible chest pains and shortness of breath I sat in the waiting area for over 3 hours. There were only 3 people win the waiting area at the time of my arrival. I do understand that you are not seen in the order that you come in it depends on the severity of your injuries but to wait 3 hours with chest pains and shortness of breath is a little absurd.

Becky Lampton Elsherif

Angela Weber

My husband and I had our baby at Hillcrest Hospital just last month. The birthing team was exceptional. They were friendly, knowledgeable, and patient, despite multiple unexpected twists and turns during labor and delivery. We greatly appreciated how they explained recommended procedures and gave us time to consider our options. During our stay in the postpartum wing, the nursing staff, lactation consultants, doctors, and other medical professionals took excellent care of us. They answered our numerous questions and did everything they could to make sure that our baby and I were happy and healthy. We were very impressed with the care that we received and would recommend this hospital to friends and family.

Netta Bush

lk bolen

worst er visit i ever had it's been two weeks and i am still upset. i never been talked to or treated so bad in my life. if i could give no stars i would.

Don Kuchta

Great staff. Great new addition.

Jenn Demoss

Christine Weber

Very disappointed in their billing practices. My son went to their emergency room after being sent their by his doctor at a cleveland clinic satellite office. He was told at the time he qualified for financial assistance. Now he is being billed at full price and its being sent to collection. He works part time and has no medical insurance. Funny how some people get help and the rest are on their own, guess it depends on where you come from.

Baby Leah

Latreisha Combs

Andrzej Truszkowski

Great place, staff is awesome!


This is easily the best Cleveland Clinic satellite I've been to. I have two doctors there and they take VERY good care of me. When I get xrays, scans...etc I don't wait long. When I get blood work sometimes its a bit of wait, but they are good and theres no pain. The ER is hit or miss sometimes. It can get crowded. But they still take good care of you. Having also stayed there in a room for days to weeks I had no real complaints. Best card I've gotten! I think the only issue I could even think of is they need some more parking for the disabled.

N Miller

Great ER Pediatric Center! Nurses were AMAZING! Dr's were professional and friendly. Every staff member we encountered in the hospital was friendly and helpful. Great place!

Chelsea Mitchell

I do not want to give a star! Hill crest hospital is the worst place ever!! They are having people here wait in the waiting room for about 3 hours when someone head is bleeding for the 3 hours and someone else sit here that can’t breath!

Siraj Mohammad

willie wagner

The staff did a great job taking of me and that make me feel good when they help me when i need them. Great team

Katie Fitzgerald

Eric Bednar

Was sent here for emergency surgery. Waited in the ED for over

Michele Titus

Worst excuse for an ER I have ever experienced. Have been experiencing CHRONIC back pain. Had seen Dr. Rush 9 days previously she saw my old MRI, and said my spine was separated and unstable where my spine meets my pelvic bones. She wanted to see a new MRI. I tried to do the new MRI on Sept 4, but since all of my pain is centered in my tailbone, and it hurts to lay on my back I was worried that I wouldnt be able to do the test, but they assured me that it was only 35-40 minutes, so I figured I could tough it out. Laid me down on what felt like a metal table with a towel on it....2 HOURS later I couldnt take the pain anymore and stopped the test. Spent the entire next day in tears, trying to play phone tag with my doc. Got the usual runaround., Decided to go to the Hillcrest ER, assuming they would see what my neurologist saw on my new MRI....A PHYSICIANS ASSISTANT named Mike told me he didnt see anything wrong with my back, gave me that look like I was a lying drug seeking person...(I've already had 2 surgeries on my spine 2 years ago). Told them I didnt want any percoset, I just needed the pain to ease up for one night so if I slept decent, maybe I would feel better in the morning. I got a shot of toradol. woo hoo...ben gay would've done more with less bs. Since WHEN is a physicians assistant supposed to counteract what my heavily trained neurologist who has been practicing for years? When I requested a real doctor, I got the "you're being unreasonable" attitude.

Phace 151

I had to go the emergency room, and the staff is absolutely world class. Dr. Stegenga and the nurses are impeccably professional. If I ever get a life threatening injury I will hold out until I can get there. 10 stars

Richard Butler

Always the best

Carolyn McFann

They've taken great care of my family and I throughout the years.

j b

I wouldn't even know where to begin... Please take your loved one elsewhere. My mom always said if you have nothing nice to say, then please be quiet.. So please don't go here.

Frank Fiorta

They took very good care of my Grandma!

Derrick Coleman

Evelise Gomez

My E.R experience there was the best

Brianna Johnson

My husband & I just had our son at Hilcrest on the 8th, for our first baby it was an excellent experience! All the nurses & staff in the L&D wing were excellent and so helpful. They explained & answered any questions that we had. We loved all our nurses during our stay in Postpartum, especially one named Wanda! She was truly a wonderful woman and answered any questions & concerns we had and was so friendly and nice. It was a pleasure to have her as our nurse for the couple days we were there. All in all I would most definitely recommend this hospital to anyone!

Kay W.

I give 3 stars because my c-section was great! My mid wives were great! There was a nurse that called me fat while on the table of the c-section. Or I'm sorry. "you're a big girl." I said "I JUST had a baby." She said "no look at your legs theybeen big, I know a big girl when I see one cause I'm a big girl." (her words not mine) Mind you I was retaining water through many months of the pregnancy this woman ruined my whole post birth experience. My daughter is 5 actually every time I look at my child and remember giving birth I think of this rude woman. I had better things to worry about then to complain at the time. 5 years later. It popped up so here's my review.

Rose Hills

imagine being from out of town and having to go to the hospital because you're in a car accident... well that's what happened to me in the ER was horrible... I was in so much pain from being thrown around the car accident and when I told the doctor this he just basically blew me off... he told me I was going to have pain he gave me a shot of toradol Which is like motrin for car accident come on... he didn't Do xrays and said everything looks fine ... I ask the doctor how can you tell if there's nothing going on in my back without an xray... he said it was a waste time and other patients we're waiting for him.. so I was discharged with nothing for the pain and worst pain imaginable.. so I laid in pain all day taking motrin my husband said that's enough let's go to another hospital.. he did take me to another hospital where they did xrays and a C T scan. I was giving something for the pain and finally I was able to relax and sleep for a while. when the results came back from the C T scan I had a herniated disc in my back and that was source for my pain.... so save your time don't go to this hospital they are very rude very unprofessional and just completely stuck up...

Cindy Gray

As near as I can tell, the Cleveland Clinic's standard operating procedure regarding "pain management" consists in (1) Reassuring the patient that his/her pain is "normal;" (2) Making the patient feel like &%$* for even asking for pain meds; (3) Lecturing the patient on "the opioid crisis," whilst not-too-artfully insinuating that the patient is somehow responsible for same; and then, finally, (4) Refusing the medications that would actually HELP the patient and, instead, doling out the latest, ineffective, "designer drug" (that the hospital probably gets a kick-back from), along with Tylenol by the barrel and a bunch of "feel good" bullsh*t platitudes. If I didn't have osteo-myelitis (which, if left untreated, could kill me), I would crawl out of this $%^#&*@ hospital on my hands and knees, STRAIGHT to my attorney's office. The CCF's "pain management" team would've done very well at Auschwitz.

Gus Gerard

6+ hours for a tetanus shot. Staff was friendly but slow, disorganized and not very helpful.

Justin Quinn

They took great care of my father in law when he needed his leg amputated! Thank you!

rebecca sanders

Tiffany Starks

Roger DeLancey

Had neck surgery. Dr. Benzil. Awesome surgeon, awesome lady. I give her 6 stars out of 5. The nurses and nurses assistants were a joy to be around. Actually made my stay at the hospital enjoyable and that is hard to do. ( remember I was in a hospital not a vacation) The meals I ordered were excellent. Again I was at a hospital ordering and eating restaurant quality food. Thanks to all for making a thing I was not looking forward too, actually for what it was an enjoyable experience. And again Dr Benzil excellent person and surgeon, Slipped disc and two bad vertebrae, and only about five pain pills. (That is awesome I don’t care who you are) Thanks again to-all involved.

Google User

Tara Marthe is unprofessional. Her name calling and complete lack of clinical knowledge is disgusting.

Eugene sharpe

Hilcrest is awesome!

David Carr

Very nice infusion staff there the best

Alex Byers

Abdullah Osme

Ob/Gyn doctors are varies. Some of them awesome some of them careless. You never know which one you will encounter. Do your research before see any doctor. This applies to the nurses as well. Be careful

jennifer cooper

I can't understand how, when a person calls the ER because their family member has been brought in by ambulance, that whoever answers the phone is rude. This is potentially a life and death situation and the person on the other end of the phone has an attitude??? This place is the worst. The absolute worst.

Sruthi Sasi Prakash

Won't go again ever

Matthew Mazur

My wife and I took the infant CPR class at this hospital and highly recommend it!

Robert Pecl

Nikolas Berg

This hospital is an insult. There are no directories, information desk attendants didn't know where stairs where. I was trying to visit my grandmother and I had to ask 3 different people after entering the MAIN entrance. Which doesn't even take you to a info desk but rather a jewelry vendor! I understand that this Cleveland hospital is designed for quantity, but it's too much. They have tiny rooms with two patients each. I had to walk through a sad family and open a curtain to get to my grandmother. I didn't have an issue with the medical staff, but they didn't really have any major test of competency with my grandmother.

Rich G

lori diamond

We went to the Hillcrest ER because my husband was in a great deal of pain d/t kidney stones. He was not given any indication when he might be seen. There was a party atmosphere in the waiting room. We left after waiting 3 hours and went to another hospital where he was seen within 10 minutes of arriving. We will not be returning to Hillcrest ER again

Vee Bill

Scott Trimmer

Carlos Hope

This is the worst emergency room I ever visit the doctors was very unprofessional. I went to the emergency room for in my appendix and kidney area they did they x rays and said I have 2 small kidney stones so I went back a week later still in a lot of pain and they told me you have nothing we did not say that come back when you almost half dead then we can find out your symptoms please do not visit this hospital if you can avoid it

Patrick Henry

Florence Bacha

I was in the hospital from Saturday to yesterday and all the nurses were very nice I had no problem with any of your staff thank you for taking care of me and getting me Well


Disappointed with security here. Stopped to tie my untied shoe and evidently stopped too long. Was accosted by three police officers and held by my car for 10 or 15 minutes because I looked suspicious tying my shoe in the parking garage.

Tia B

Tiara Jefferies


Gregory Reynolds

Terrible experiences in the ER several times. Not willing to listen to symptoms and not taken seriously. This is the worst Cleveland Clinic hospital I have been to. Does not represent the normal care I get at the Cleveland Clinic

Patricia Calaway

Wonderful Staff!!! These people really care!!!

Bob Chambers

The staff are above and beyond. Very upbeat, professional, courteous and fun to be with, even in the hospital for cancer surgery.

yaser alali

Tyrone Colbert

The staff was great

Jeff Corbett


Gifted Teach

Took excellent care of my friend during Labor and Delivery!

Joe Strait

Jen Schwarz

LaVisa Bell

We have been here since 1pm. It is now 6:41pm. No one has come out to express sorrow for the delay or even check on the patient. This is unacceptable, and I plan to voice my concerns to administrators.

Brenda Stolecki

My daughter went into Hillcrest to deliver her first child on Thurs December 13, 2018. While she was sleeping someone stole a brand new Browns Jacket ftom her closet. Security or the Cleveland Clinic Police were not brought in, nor did they offer to review security tapes. Now she has to file a police report with the Cleveland Police Department. No one cares, was not concerned, not apologetic. The nurses are another story. Insinuated that the father was stealing a blanket when they moved my daughter to her room after the delivery....unbelievable....

sandria Loves Art

Both of my daughters were born here one 2 months premature. (9wks) and NICU cared for her very well, all the staff were excellent down to housekeeping they were all great they made my stay there a lot more comfortable

Reeta Monèt

Was directed by my dr to go to hillcrest immediately due to my symptoms. I waited in the Er for 5 hrs and told them that I was in pain asked how much longer was they wait that said that they could not give me that information. There were people coming in after me with less severe issues and were taken to the back into a room to be seen. After waiting so long I walked out. I will never come back to that hospital again. 2 weeks before that my son was very sick and broke out into a rash. I told them that I believe it’s scarlet fever and the nurse stated that it was not. They diagnosed him with a virus. He hadn’t gotten any better so I called his primary at UH and they immediately said how could they not tell that he has scarlet fever he looks just that bad and has all of the symptoms. His strep test even came back positive at uh.

Nancy Kiss

lamar saad

Kristin Wolfe

stay away from DR.BEN TRITLE. DO NOT HAVE HIM PERFORM ANY SURGERY!!! Unless of course you enjoy being cut open without any sedative. Not only did I never recieve a sedative because my vein had blown and they refused to acknowledge it but i felt everything. I begged and screamed and cryed. The doctor refused to rescheduale and then refused to stop. ONE OF THE WORST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE!!! I have had port surgery many of times. Dr.Newman did my last and he was wonderful! This guy should not be left alone with a scalple. What else was aweful was the one nurse in the surgery room with me looked as scared in her eyes as I was. This is insane!!!!!! what else was insane is they allowed my germy phone to sit right next to me during the surgery. When they told me I could bring my phone I thought for sure it wouldnt stay with me... HUGE INFECTION RISK!! My wristband was also wrong. The doctor listed on my wristband wasnt even my doctor.


I've been to their emergency room twice. On both occasions I was there for 8 hours with no treatment, was refused water, the nurses were rude and didn't seem at all like they wanted to help me, the doctors were not helpful, and multiple people accused me of having a drug problem when I asked for pain killers even though my records show no history of pain killer use and I had no substance in my system. I was in pain! I hate this hospital and do not recommend it to anyone! It's the closest hospital by my house but I still go out of my way to go to a different one when needed. Edit: I'm seeing a lot of reviews mention negative experiences with Dr. Vincent. Just want to add that I've been under his "care" before and it was not a pleasant experience. He was rude, smug, condescending, and made me feel like I had no reason to be in the ER. It disgusts me that this is a Cleveland Clinic because I had a fantastic experience at the main location on Euclid.

Aleksandr Lapidus

This is the first review I write about medical facility, so dont judge too harshly... Well here it goes: Long time ago (20+ years) i had a lower back injury as a teenager lifting heavy weights, but it was not bothering me too much. Pain was tolerable and did not interfere with daily functions until i woke up one morning in 2015 and discovered I cant walk. When i was laying down still, it was not too bad, but walking caused pain to be completely intolerable. Shocking part is - there were absolutely no prior symptoms and i was perfectly fine the night before. I promptly called off work and then called my wife and my sister, since i was unable to walk without somebody's assistance, to help me get to Emergency Room in Hillcrest Hospital, which seemed like a logical choice at a time when i didn't know any better. I will not even try to complain about the 6 hour long wait at the lobby, as this seems to be common experience and i had anticipated something like that. All this time i was holding out hope for a medical professional restoring my ability to move without assistance of others. The moment of truth came - we got called upstairs, doctor came out, took a 5 minute look at my back, and came back with a list of prescription drugs in his hand. He gave me multiple causes of my back pain and a list of pills. The obvious questions in my mind were: 1) How are you giving me pills if you dont even know EXACTLY what is wrong with me 2) Why no X-Ray was taken if there is difficulty identifying the problem 3) HOW MANY PILLS DO I HAVE TO TAKE FOR MY SPINE TO STRAIGHTEN ITSELF OUT??? I refused to take any pills until the root cause has been established and left. Next day i took a trip to a chiropractor and here is what happened: 1) He Immediately took X-Ray of my back 2) He identified root cause (spine was out of alignment, which rendered me unable to walk unsupported) 3) He informed me that this will require a series of treatments ( came out to 9 sessions in total of gradually realigning my spine back to its natural shape) 4) After the initial adjustment my back cracked so loudly, i thought that his table broke, BUT... i was able to get off his table and IMMEDIATELY walk on my own without a cane or a person supporting me!!! For the sake of objectivity i will not name this chiropractor, no matter how much i want to advertise him, but lets compare my experiences in these 2 instances: Hillcrest Hospital: Walked in supported by relative, unable to walk on my own, enduring intense pain. Waited 6 hours, walked out supported by relative, enduring intense pain, coupled with horrible disappointment after the abysmal service and total uselessness of care that i have "received" there. Chiropractor: Walked in supported by relative, unable to walk on my own, enduring intense pain. Entire visit, including wait time, X-Ray, back adjustment and therapy recommendations took just a bit over 2 hours, walked out ON MY OWN. Next day in was back to work, next week i was taken off light duty and back to full operational capacity. Within few months that injury faded to nothing more than a painful memory... UNTIL BILLS CAME IN! For 9 sessions i owed chiropractor a little upwards of $350 out of pocket, which i had no problem paying in full, and would never even consider going delinquent on a bill from a person that brought me back to normal life. For 6 wasted hours of my life and after doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help me, Hillcrest Hospital sent me a bill for $700. I will let you know right now - I WILL NOT PAY! I will take it to court if necessary, or default on this debt, but i REFUSE to pay this outrageous amount of money to somebody that done absolutely nothing! If that is not adding insult to injury (literally), then i dont know what is. I wish i could issue a 0.001 star rating for the terrible service i got, unfortunately i have to settle for 1 star. PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THE SAME TRAP! STAY AWAY!!!

Helen S

My family has been coming to this hospital even before it became Cleveland Clinic. There is a huge difference between departments, doctors, nurses. ER has been bad pretty much all this years, some nurses are pretty sadistic. Some doctors are good and some are aweful. Overall, the hospital is a symbol for the entire Clinic and what matters most to them: making money. But I have to say, the nurses in the ER act as if they were hired right out prison: ride and unprofessional. Cleveland Clinic doesn't care who they hire. Hillcrest ER is famous for its long wait. I've seen people in pain sitting in the lobby for hours, suffering, and medical personnel couldnt care less.

Naresh Mullaguri

We recently had a great experience at this hospital. My wife's water broke at 10:00pm and we drove her to Hillcrest as discussed with our ObGyn consultant. It was our very first time to this hospital. The check in was very smooth. We were immediately taken to the triage area and the nurse assessed her and decided to get her in to the labor room. She explained the process of what to expect from the hospitalization which eased our nerves. The rooms were exceptional with a lot of space. The furniture can support two attendants. The nurses and the midwife who assisted with the labor were exceptional in our opinion. They were very patient and counseled every single step of it. Anesthesia support was good. They provided us with the epidural which helped with the pain. Communication among with healthcare members were well synchronized. New born resuscitation was excellent with code buzz mobilizing a lot of personnel to help with the baby. The post natal care including the lactational consultation were highly commendable. They educated the mother of what to expect in the first week and very patient. It seemed everyone who work there are really passionate and motivated to their roles. Our ObGyn visited us at 09:00pm from home just to see the baby as she was out of station and couldn't attend the labor which was awesome. They provided us with a lot of supplies useful for taking care of mother and baby after leaving the hospital. I have nothing else to ask. Definitely 5 stars. I would probably suggest to make the food a little better but that didn't matter for us to have a great experience at Hillcrest. The parking was plenty and free. Very friendly people. Definitely recommend this hospital for couples who are expecting.

Kelly Miller

The nurses and other staff members at this hospital were incredible. They were sympathetic to my needs and honest about communicating expectations. I had three doctors communicating with me each day. I am grateful for their support and quick work in treating me and would recommend to anyone.

Shay Lane

HORRIBLE! The lady at the front desk was VERY rude. I waited OVER 2 hours to get vitials done. I came complaining of cramping and bleeding and I was 12 weeks pregnant. The ER is the worst an need to do a hell of a lot better.

Brandy Blackmon

Love it I'm a diabetic pregnant with twins and they took good care of me. They insured me everything was going to be ok.

Joshua Yurman

The nurses and doctors here are top tier. Compassionate experts who take care of the whole person. We had all three of children here and I've been a patient myself.

Kathy Russo


Lisa Smith

Brian Hart

Worst service I have ever had. When calling to make appointments calls get redirected 6+ times because no one seems to want to do their job. Once you are at the hospital be prepared to wait and/or be ignored even longer. Will drive to the west side before I ever trust Hillcrest again.


LaVon Redmon

Unfortunately my recovery experience was HORRIBLE & TRAUMATIZING!! First I'd like to thank my surgeon Dr. Vicky Reed for the so far excellent care she has provided. Explaining in detail regarding my surgery pre-surgical and day of surgery, also for following up days after I was home. Next my family and I would like to thank Nurse Allison & Sarah and the African-American nurse [name unknown] who showed concern, respected & cared for me not only as a patient but as a human being. Sadly the pre-op nurse [name unknown] whom administered the needle in the very thin part of my left lower area of my wrist, DID NOT RESPOND TO MY CONCERNS!! Which I expressed to her that this wasn't the normal area of where I've had IV's placed and that the needle was VERY uncomfortable, bleeding way more than normal as my hand was turning blue and feeling numb. Her response was to allow the IV the start the process and it should feel better later. Which ultimately came out during surgery, as I was able to see as I woke up still on the operating table with the Anesthesiologist on the right side of me trying to place a new IV in my right arm in several places...6 times to be exact!! While noticing that my left lower hand was swollen and filled with the remainder of the PROPOFOL & IV under my skin area of my hand. Traumatized and in pain I was shocked by the blood on the table where the surgery took place. As I tried asking the question as to why am I in the surgery room and why are you still giving me shots, it hurts...while asking am I ok. After finally being brought into recovery without an IV in for pain medication, Dr. Mendell was called into my room to give me a local anesthetic he attempted 4 more times, but his cell phone and some small white paging device kept ringing and interrupting the process of him trying, while he showed irritation, being very RUDE and yelled at my family whom was escorted into the recovery room, by Tonya the nurse coordinator at the front desk. In my opinion Dr. Mendell is NOT someone whom has shown that he was trying to provide the highest quality of health care which is Hillcrest Hospital's mission statement. Improvements are definitely needed. Additional questions for Hillcrest Hospital: 1.) Why wasn't I introduced to the Anesthesiologist before surgery? 2.) Why Weren't the side effects of anesthesia explained to me? 3.) Why was the communication so poor between my family, the nurse & the recovery process? 4.) Why wasn't I treated with respect & concern by Dr. Mendell? 5.) Why hasn't anyone from Hillcrest Hospital contacted me regarding this matter after speaking with Amy Berardinelli the nurse manager whom I initially spoke with on 5/22/18 approx. 9:00-10:15am? 6.) When will the Ombudsman Jenny Bresler follow up with the complaint of this matter, After speaking with her 5/22/18 approx. 9:30-10:15am? Mrs. LMR

just another fit meg

My poor baby is in the NICU and the way they are treating her is making me sick! Currently looking for a nicu to transfer her to.

David Conway

Jeanie Kundtz

Excellent doctor,s and care

Jane Yanosko

I took my daughter to the Pediatric ER at Hillcrest after two trips to her primary care doctor to confirm mono. From the second we walked in we were greeted and taken care of by very friendly people. I was prepared for the typical "long night" in the hospital. I have to say that we were more than pleasantly surprised. Within 10 minutes of being in the room we were seen by an intern, followed IMMEDIATELY by the resident. Every single person we came in to contact with was extrordinarily friendly, professional and kind to my child and I. Additionally, we were in and out in less than 3 hours. My daughter said when we left that she wished that the doctor who treated her could be her "every day" doctor. Cannot thank you enough!!!!!

Sheila S

Save my live not once twice come tomorrow 9am you'll see

Alpha AI

It's alright. You amount of care depends on what floor and wing you are. There was terrible care. The only good place was the CSICU and Level 5 of Siedman tower. I'd recommend it, but keep in mind the care. My mom came here because she had a heart attack. Originally they thought she had internal bleeding, and they didn't do all the proper tests to proove that it actually was internal bleeding. Turns out, her heart was blocked. Nurses were alright but took forever. She almost called 911 because of how long it took. she's still in the hospital after having open heart surgery waiting at least an hour and a half for a nurse after she's pushed the nurse call button 3 times.

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