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Tek dhimal

I rather drive to a hospital at the end of the world to get good service than drive 10 minutes for horrible service. I was with my daughter in emergency for more than 2 hours she says she was thirsty, we keep asking for water but no one bring water to my daughter. I saw outside nurse and nursing assistant were chatting and using their phones. I work at clinic too and we always put patient first. Thank Fairview hospital for world class service.

Anthony Mechling

Nurses and staff are some what friendly. My least favorite of all the Cleveland clinic hospitals I've been too. Honestly parking here is just a joke. To charge people almost ten bucks for going to the hospital for a hour is outlandish. It should be free it shouldn't cost money to park. They already rob you twenty different ways, now parking too.

Julie Clark

Can't say enough about the fantastic team of nurses and doctors in the MICU. Professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and informed about the patients in their care.

Beatriz Mercado

I went with my son and we wait for 2 1/2 hours and they never call my son to be seen and we not the first time this happens mostly at night.

gemini_ nailz

It was great. Even though two of the nurses and a pcna were pretty rude for no reason. Anyways! Discharge was good until my wife was sent home without her prescription and one was a blood pressure pill. I have been trying for two days to get anyone at this hospital to help me. But I was told I had to call the doctor and his office was closed until friday. So two days without her medication. Beautiful hospital, but crappy service. I will be looking into a different avenue to get this complete lack of negligence taken care of. I was even told about a packet for therapy service ( PT, speech, etc..) which I never received.

Amy Smith

They messed up on my epidural, which caused me an awful headache and stubbing back pain, and they didn't even want to admit it!!! Luckily I had a great nurse who took a great care of me. She transport me to another room on a bed and didn't forced me to get up the bed, like other nurses did. I was in severe pain, from epidural, and they wanted me to act like nothing have happened, how rude of them!!!

Micky Kurtz

What not could not stay there again they told me they was going to help me then they put it down on me and I was there for overnight and then they kicked me out the door with my gown and everything else and my regular street clothes in a bag would not go back there again


Three stars for décor and atmosphere, but one star for the cardiac pods and my heart surgery which ended with complications and readmission.

Robert Wilson

We love his hospital. Had a 5 kids here.

Carol Pryor

Arrived at 10:30 pm with my daughter that had recently had surgery and was told to go to this location by nurse on call. She was in severe pain and nauseous. We sat for three hours in the ER with only one person being called back to a room. Meanwhile you saw over ten people leave. There were several people before her and she was so frustrated and uncomfortable sitting in a wheelchair for that amount of time that we left and went down to the main hospital. When I told the receptionist that we were leaving, she took her name and gave a half hearted apology. As I turned to go another worker was kind enough to ask me if I wanted a validation ticket. NEVER AGAIN!!! In the future I will always chose the main hospital.

Toni howell

Tania Grant

We are from Michigan and this was the closest hospital from our proximity and came highly recommended from a local. My teenage son got a bad cut on his abdomen while playing in a hockey game. The ER staff were all friendly, attentive and the wait time was less than what we expected. I do go downtown to the Cleveland Clinic main campus every few months for myself and I can say that Fairview Hospital had the same high standards in care that I always receive when I go to the main campus. Thank you!!!!!

stacy whitcomb

Been waiting 1 hour in the waiting room and no one was here when we got here. They called people that came after us b4 us and im pissed. People came out from the rooms so i know that there r empty rooms. We r still waiting. The registration lady came to us in the waiting room to register my daughter that is pretty bad and all she has is a broken foot. Really guys come on speed it up slow ass people

johni wressell

Staff was professional an attentive to my needs during my hospital stay

James Krenisky

Will Smith

Clean place ER don't have to wait long

Cheryl Hall

I just love Fairview hospital I was born there when it comes to emergency rooms that's where I go they're pretty quick to get you in and out good workers Pleasant people I highly recommend Fairview Hospital to anybody plus they also are apart of Cleveland Clinic who I love I used to go to Metro quit them move to Cleveland Clinic do Fairview Hospital somebody asked about visiting hours visiting hours there are 24/7

sultana sumi

Great hospital

Alan Roth

The Fairview Surgical Center is first class. Registration to recovery and everyone in between was awesome. I'd recommend this location for anyone who needs surgery and wants to have it in a family-like location. I hope I don't require the services again but if I did this is where I would come. Thank you all for taking care of me and wife while she waited all day for my surgery to be completed.

ginamarie gorsuch

Great team of Drs

David Richardson

Disrespectful uneducated nursing staff. Put me in room with elderly man with cdiff


They should be ashamed of themselves for charging to park. If they absolutely have to gouge the patient and soak them for parking it should be no more than $2.00 dollars a day.

Robert Gleeson

My poor mom waited hours in terrible pain to be seen in the FGH ED. You suck.

T t

I can only wow! From start to finish. Only three little complaints - 1) the nurse would not listen when I first got there to get a paramedic to put my IV in. I am a super hard stick. 2) Ultrasound tech pushed me into hall and left me there for about 25 minutes. Finally able to stop Jacob as he was going by and he went looking for someone and came back and took me to my room himself and then went back for the man that was waiting behind me. Jacob was wonderful! 3) Housekeeping never showed up on Friday to clean my room. Glad I went home that evening. The aide and the nurse actually came in and cleaned up. The food was phenomenal - Sally took extra care to make sure I understood carbs that were offered. The staff on the Terrace was above and beyond fantastic! My list is at home or I would list them all. Hugs to each of them. Thank you very much for the wonderful care I received from each of you.

Jim Hinojosa

Took. Grandson to emergency room, great staff got registered and seen a doctor within a 1/2 hour to 45 min pedestrian doctor was excellent had a student with her the nursing staff was also excellent

Becky Ninja

I was admitted for my water breaking for baby A. Delivering my twins three days later at 31 weeks (June 2017). I had an amazing experience from the moment I was admitted. And the NICU nurses and doctors are exceptional!

Rick Carson

If it was possible to give no stars at all. This review is in comparison to other Cleveland Clinic facilities that were extremely well run. FAIRVIEW HOSPITAL LORAIN AVE is probably the worst hospital experience ever in regards to customer service. Check in at 7 a.m. there was no one at the surgery center desk. When they decided to show they were so loud in reviewing details that everyone in the waiting room could hear. When we went to the 2nd floor out patient surgery center again no one at the desk. When they showed up they were out of wrist bands. I could not go back with my wife to her room. The waiting room is outdated and extremely uncomfortable not to mention crowded. I went to get something to eat in the cafeteria and when they finished fixing there breakfast and yucking it up about there activity the night before they decided to come offer me service. To top it off we are here for surgery and they do not validate parking. AVOID FAIRVIEW HOSPITAL OF CLEVELAND CLINIC if at all possible.

Samuel Sanchez

Nancy in emergency is the best

Carol A. Estrella

There are great nurses that perform a great service. However, the doctors are not as visible as one would like. Getting a bed took forever. The bed that was finally provided left much to be satisfying. Somehow we ended up in the oldest part of the hospital. The room was tiny and crapmped. There was no place for me to sleep and keep my child company overnight. And so I am not able to comment on actual medical treatment.

Lush and Lovely

We got to the Ped’s ER around 8:30pm- it was packed. We had to wait for a long time, but the nurses and other staff were amazing. They made trips into the waiting room giving kids some Motrin for pain, they wheeled around a cart with stickers and coloring books, and they brought us water. Once we were called back, everyone kept apologizing for the wait (which I didn’t even think was that bad) and they had us in and out quickly. Everyone was wonderful, it was a great experience!

Jason Opp

Very clean facility and everything looks brand new. They definitely pass that on to you. For a facility that brings in money hand over fist they can't even validate your parking. So you can have a three hour procedure and they won't even validate your parking. That is a joke, you are definitely just a number at the Cleveland clinic

Charles May

The first doctor I met with in the emergency room seemed concerned about my condition. The next doctor was very dismissive until he saw my CT results, then he seemed concerned. The doctor from the surgery team,although she was a little difficult to understand was very professional. I cannot say enough about the staff that took care of me while I was in the room overnight, they were awsome. The woman from housekeeping was a sweetheart. I really enjoyed my stay. Would have rated higher if it wasn't for the second doctor in emergency.

Shalise Colley

I have no understanding why I am placed in a room with someone that has a uncontrollable bile problem. She messes the floor her bed and bathroom. They won’t move me to another room as I requested and if I want the bathroom cleaned right I have to do it myself. How can I focus on getting better when I have to worry about this nasty room they have me in!

Jeannie Hamby

Love this place.very nice people

Keli Fine

My sister has irregular periods so of course missing her period wasn't unusual. We finally decided to take her to the emergency room when pain accompanied it. We were told she was 8 weeks pregnant all the while the nursing staff were absolutely rude and hateful to my sister. One had the nerve to tell her she shouldn't waste the emergency rooms time with nonsense. Well after I decided to leave disappointed(mind you my daughter was born here) and ashamed of such horrible behavior my sister and I decided to leave for West Virginia. On the way out we realized there was something honestly wrong and that Fairview had been wrong. Turns out the tiny little hospital with barely and emergency room believed my sister and found out she was almost 7 months, found out the gender AND they found my sister has preeclampsia. Lucky they saved her life and my niece was delivered a few days later 2pds 15 oz. Fairview hospital would have let my sister and niece die. I will never step foot in this hospital or the center for family medicine, which I have been a patient at since my early teens.

Mark Urman

Went in for muscle trembling and twitching. Has to stay for four days and they got that under control after immense drugs and what not. After that they loaded me me with many other drugs which caused my motor skills to be disoriented. I’ve been discharged now for 3 days and still don’t have 100% control over walking and fear even falling. I am seeking better secondary care at this point. Least to. Say I feel worse leaving then when I came

Kelly Filipkowski

We could not have had a better experience at this hospital. I delivered my first child via c-section last week and though things didn’t go quite as planned, every single person we encountered over our 4 day stay was absolutely fantastic. They were kind, encouraging, supportive and comforting. My husband and I were given time to rest with nurses quietly coming in to change IVs without waking me. They offered to take our little one the the nursery to allow us additional rest and sang our praises at every chance. Even though the birth was a bit rough, I left this facility feeling so empowered. The whole experience could have really scarred us from wanting to have other kids, but the staff made sure that even a hard few days was filled with joy. Thank you to every single member of the staff we encountered! You truly are fantastic!!!!

Dennis Cedeno

Ive been to Fairview hospital several times (personally and with my kids) and they never stop to amaze me with how well they do their jobs but what's even more amazing is the kindness which with they care for their patients, it's almost like their way of saying heres a little dose of love from us hoping you feel better.

Anna H

Delivered my first baby here and it was great. They made me feel comfortable the whole event. My delivery nurse was AMAZING!!!! My only complaint, billing called me BEFORE I EVEN MADE IT HOME with my newborn baby about the bill, and I had already provided them My insurance information. Calm down, I just pushed a human out.

Amy Schenek

4 hours and still waiting in ER waiting room with Husband. Never thought I would find someplace worse than the VA. Got here at 2pm on a Wednesday it's almost 630 and hadn't been seen.

Michael Wiegand

Overwhelmed by the quality and care of the maternity staff. We cannot say thank you enough!

Amy E

The nurses were wonderful and caring! I love this hospital!!!!!!!

B Fechko

I had to come to the ER here. The nurses and doctors worked really hard to find out what was wrong with me and 16 hours after I arrived, my Appendix was gone. I would go here again if I had a problem.

Michael Gibson

I was born here Oct 24 2005! I was in the nicu (newborn icu) for 5 days and did well.

Melea Evans

I’m very disappointed, I received they worse treatment of my entire life. Triage nurse misappropriated my reason for admission. It resulted in a 6 hr wait.(make sure your admitted for the right reason not what they think your coming in for or trying to come in for.) Delete The staff working were very disrespectful and very rude. I watched them treat patients with lack of regard.(left a cancer patient in er waiting room for 4 hrs. Did nothing to make anyone comfortable) I tried to help a guy and then they said they could not offer any support to him and I went to the secretary and ask for the head charge nurse.) when I tell you what she did... never in my life!!! Have I been treated so poorly!!! Beware!!!!( this women came down and she was very biased and a bigot in the rarest form... I was surprised at her mannerism... she came down bent over in my face with a scolding face and said “what do you need!!! What can I help you with!!!( as though I was a toddler or someone just to far beneath her) her voice was very unpleasant and the fact that she came in my personal space and she stood over me to intimidate... then I stood up and let her know that she was very inappropriate... and we don’t do that... I let her know that she has no right to stand in my personal space. I stood up and very respectfully explained my concern. She

Michael Thomas

Great Medical Care

Gerry Darby

Rajkumar Palanisamy

Took my son to Pediatric ER. Great Doctors and Nurses. Room was ready by the time we reached the hospital. Doctor spent time explaining to us what's going on and alleviated our fears. Overall, thankful to the medical team for helping us when we needed it the most!

James T. Kirk

The bottom of the barrel. Reading these reviews, I see I'm not alone in that opinion and experience.

Hanna Kyle Steele

The midwives were pushy about me getting an epidural despite my detailed birth plan to have a natural birth. They wanted to start pitocin dispite contractions on top of each other. It felt as if they wanted to take over my birth. The midwife who was with my whole labor, and knew my birth plan, left when I started pushing. The midwife who delivered my baby didn’t know my birth plan at all. She pulled on my placenta...which can cause hemmoraging. I did hemorrhage. She cut my babies cord despite me wanting delayed clamping. Wouldn’t recommend birthing here. I’m sad for my experience and hope that women will choose a hospital who will honor their birth plans. I will mention their are some AWESOME midwives that I think will honor your choices, unluckily they weren’t working when my baby decided to come.

Nora Patricia Rodríguez

They are always nice to us. Great medical staff.

Boehme PElizah

Hit & miss w/both obnoxious people & kind people. Probably volunteers @ desks (that's how hospitals save $). These people aren't trained/unhelpful. Nasty people on telephones. In 2013, my mom might have died w/out anyone contacting me, her caregiver & daughter (w/power of attorney). No one told me that she was in ICU (relapsed & rushed from assisted living). Apparently, anyone can say, I'm a contact, & the hospital does no due diligence (my sister is estranged). I've worked @ two vet clinics, & we required paperwork or confirmed w/phone calls for pets! & NO parking information! Garage is completely automatic w/no payment instructions!

Ryan Dunkle

Came in with chest pains and trouble breathing ended up waiting over 2 and a half hours to be seen in a nearly empty emergency room. Never again.

Brynn James

I volunteer here and it is such an amazing opportunity! The staff and nurses are beyond amazing and this has made me want to become a nurse!

Samantha Laurenzi

Best hospital ever.. I gave birth to my son there 3 years ago, they made it the best experience they could for me, my nurse during labor was heaven sent. Ever since, I've taken my son there for everything.. whether that be an ERA visit or a special apt or blood work, they always quickly saw him and did everything they could to keep him happy. Everytime we go, he leaves with stickers, suckers, crayons and paper, and a smile on his face. Yesterday, we went to the pediatric cardiologist and the medical assistant Jose (medical building attached to fairview) was BEYOND amazing. My son was very nervous but he did everything he could to make him smile.. even today for blood work, no tears because they are so good! Thank you fairview for being providing the best care!

LatinaBabyGirl Let's go

Worst emergency services EVER whats the point of going to emergency when they don't see you till 3 to 4 hours after you get there if that

Nicole Schaser

We take our son to Dr. Alton Melton (allergist) for the past 5 years. Best doctor hands down. I highly recommend him!

Oba Ajikobi Aliyu

Feras Mohder

Great hospital, great staff

Merrell Sheehan

Visited my step daughter during a tough time. Was impressed with the facility. Clean, bright and modern with a caring staff.

Macho Rivera

this hospital is the worst hospital next to metro. I been here since 630pm and it's already 933pm and still haven't got my wife pain medication for her back but everybody else has been here after us and has left before us what kind of stuff is that. all that million dollar hospital for poor services. i will not recommend nobody to Fairview sorry.

Kathy Purnell

I recently had brain surgery. Dr. Vorster did an a.azing job fixing the problem that was ailing me since August . I was so nervous on the day of surgery. The staff explained e everything they were doing and what was going to happen. During my short stay the nurses and staff were friendly and took good care of me.

AJ Duffy

My friend was not in a very good place. Went into the hospital. Got checked out by many doctors. All but one said she should be in there and needs to be. The one said no. And then they checked her out and had her leave. She needs to be in there. This is utter bs.

Eli Spector

I had a comfortable stay but the communication was honestly dreadful. I was told that I couldn’t be given any documentation of my diagnosis even after receiving significant treatment and spending the night, and when I asked for a print out of my chart to see the drugs I was given and diagnosis they told me they couldn’t do that either. Furthermore, I was told an ENT specialist would see me as well as my normal doctor before discharge, but they simply never came. I am hugely disappointed in the amount of my time that was wasted seemingly as a matter of course, and would recommend avoiding this hospital if you want to have any agency in your care.

Art Maynard

Love it

Patti Hart

The ICU staff are so amazing. Kind and helpful and very professional. I just have to share that the waiting area at ICU is kind of disgusting. Always dirty and the bathrooms are a disgrace. After almost a week I've only seen the cleaning staff there once. Seems unsanitary for people about to go in and see such critically ill patients. The coffee machine broke one day and a staff member came out to check. When she opened the machine's front door she even commented that it was disgusting. So don't drink that coffee. Again this review is more about that area and not the staff. Clean and vacuum that place once in awhile.

andrew musca

I always go to Fairview emergency when I am sick and I must say this is the best emergency room/hospital I have ever been to. I never waited no more than 10 minutes, the nurses are friendly and great when doing Iv's. The doctors are knowledgeable and show compassion, and they always get me in and out and feeling like a new man. I'm so lucky to have a hospital so close in case of emergencies, because this the only place I will go to. Thank you Fairview for all the amazing care you provided me throughout the years.

olben irizarry

Omar Jamal

born there

Kelly C

Horrible hospital we have been waiting in the emergency room for 4 hours now and haven't been able to get a bed and they can't tell you how much longer it will be. My mom is in a lot of pain but they don't have enough nurses so here we are waiting I don't recommend to anyone!

Patricia Jones

My brother is in Ohio. I am in Alabama. When I called the nurses were great. Very patient.

Tonya Coyne

The staff is mostly rude weather it be on the phone or in person! They screw you on the bill, even when your rated thru there own department. You will wait in the ER for hours, people were coming and going before I even went back, funny thing is I was admitted for about a week that time and they let other people who left a couple hours later go back first. If you want to go to a Cleveland clinic hospital go to the main one on the east side way better.

brandi brady

Absolutely garbage care!! Sat in the birthing triage having horrible pains and spent two hours of not seeing one nurse left in a room with a gown and sheet freezing, never offered a blanket or water I left in tears. I was transferred from Lakewood which recently shut down, if Fairview is going to take on the Lakewood patients they need to up there staff. Now I have to find all new doctors and hospital to deliver at because there's no way I'll return to give birth being treated so bad.


World class indifference. Cardiology doctors worst bedside manner I’ve ever seen. Don’t explain anything , despise being asked questions or having to explain their decisions. Right or wrong, just explain yourself and comfort the patient. Total lack of empathy and full of incompetence. All I ever heard was how this old dinosaur has practiced for 40 years. That doesn’t mean you know anything or we’re ever any good. I can’t imagine how many patients have suffered due to his grandiose superiority complex. My recommendation is anyone admitted here, record every interaction with every provider. Don’t trust what they say. They will help with the inevitable malpractice suits. Nursing A+ housekeeping A+.

Debbie Mitchell

They were great with my son with special issues of course the dr was running 2 hrs late for that didn't help with my sons anxiety. M

Nikittia Rodgers

Nice staff

Bailey D

My grandpa got legionnaires disease from here and now, he's on dialysis .

dorissa bellamy

Great staff, though they have HORRIBLE communication skills. They'll you one thing and then do another or they'll tell you that they are not allowed to perform certain procedures you've already had done.

Joseph McHugh

I was born here! top notch

Grace Giberson

I Love this Hospital I had to spend three weeks there and all of the nurses and doctors were GREAT Especially Dr Vorster who went above and beyond to help me with my shunt issues Dr Vorster he went above and beyond the call of duty Dr Vorster Rocks!

Colton Alleman

I'm giving only one star because of the fact they expect some people to drive over an hour away just to have to spend 30 minutes trying to get into the parking garage or have valet park their car. Nothing more than a money hungry hospital just looking for their next check. Atleast have a parking lot somewhere so people can come and park quickly and do what they need to do.

Lora Shanks

Beautiful hospital and wonderful staff. It's a great one stop shop for clinical service, outpatient care, and hospital stay. You don't need to go anywhere else.

Debbie Weisenberger

Came to ER with severe back pain. ER care was wonderful, quick, and very caring. Was admitted for observation. Nurses on 5N were the Best. Esp Nathan & Debbie. The neurosurgeon & infectious disease Dr also very compassionate & thorough, however they let some quack, Mamlouk, determine your stay time. He was rude from beginning. Acted like I was faking or had nothing wrong with me. By time I saw him was on pain meds & did feel little better, but tried to tell him about my last 2 months and he totally disregarded it! I could hardly walk for 2 months. In severe pain, nauseated, throwing up, couldn't stand up straight, and had to watch my little grandchildren cry because their Mamom was hurting so bad! He told me I didn't know pain. I've had kidney stones. Believe me, I Know Pain!! He was Totally disrespectful! Nurses told me don't worry that all from ER & the rest was documented so he wouldn't have only say. I was also told after MRI the neurosurgeon & infectious disease Dr would see MRI to decide treatment, but as soon as Mamlouk saw I was done on late Sat afternoon he went & read my MRI, supposedly, & discharged me immediately, without either other Dr reading MRI. He was a joke & never did get diagnosed by a Real Dr. Wish me luck! Won't go back there!!

Ashley Bash

My husband and I delivered our 4th baby here. IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE WE HAVE EVER HAD. (*Im not just saying that either) Every step from pre-op down to the ENTIRE NICU Stay (*which was an ENTIRE MONTH*) Treated poorly is an understatement. If youre looking for that special non stress friendly hospitality and safe care management***I wouldnt recommend FAIRVIEW HOSPITAL***

Jewel Lemley

Fairview takes in patients with insurance over patients who do not have insurance, despite the signs posted saying it’s based on severity of illness. Case and point: came in here with boyfriend. We both have pneumonia, but the nurses told me I was in a worse state than he was. Still he was put in a room over an hour and counting before me. He’s insured and I am not.

Johni Wressell

Great staff

Matt Moore

Longest wait for an emergency room visits ever. Two hours just waiting.

Fedaa Hassan

My experience at this hospital was horrible. Firstly, I payed eight dollars for rude service at the valet parking. Secondly, I called to ask about my dearest uncle who is in ICU and wondering what’s going on with him and the woman who answered the phone tells me, “how would I know?” I’m baffled by the disrespect of this hospital. In conclusion, I rather drive 30 minutes to a hospital with good service than to a hospital who is 10 minutes away with horrible service. Please keep my uncle in prayers. And I also pray that the workers at this hospital get better because people’s lives are in their hands.

shannon bailey

Best Labor And Delivery Department And Rachel Was my nurse she was Awesome and Amazing professionalism.

Milady Alexander

The nurses here are amazing but nurse practitioner is rude. I had a heart monitor on and I was supposed to go on a walk before i went home. Then the nurse practitioner came in and ripped the heart strings of the heart monitor off it felt horrible. Then she gave me my papers to go home without the walk or even caring. The heart monitor had been on for hours so it practicly glue to my skin.

Addison Hart

Found out what it is like to be treated like a second class human being. Short gap between insurance plans, had to go uninsured. I asked a nurse when I would get my wound wrapped, she told me to go to Walgreens and do it myself.

Wynter Noelle

If I could give them no stars then I would. I got to the ER and I'm 20 years old, and they put me in the pediatric ward. I was thinking well ok, at least maybe they will treat me nicer. Well the nurse was wonderful, but then the doctor came in. He cut me off after everything I said, gave me an attitude the whole time I was there, gave me my papers to leave with the wrong medication I was taking on it even though i told him over five times what i was taking, so he just scribbled it off and wrote the right one. Then he released me telling me nothing was wrong and everything came back perfect. I left, and today I got an email with my urinalysis results, and it told me I had a lot of red flags, but it didnt tell me what was wrong or what to do about it. Thanks for nothing! I will never be going back.

Nikeeta Stanley

I gave birth to my only child here nd may her soul rest n peace this hospital nd it's staff treated myself as well as my family as if we were family. My nurse Jill I will never forget the compassion this place showed me during the worse time of my life. I wish there were more stars I could give them but I truly wish I could repay them. Thank you Fairview Hospital I will never forget the big hearts that u all have.

Dave Price

everything about it was bad. rude nurses that could not even give my wife her medication during the night, but then pretend something was wrong with my wifes blood pressure the next day and refused to release her, they finally seen that they did not give her medication right and gave her one pill then. My wife REFUSED further treatment and asked to be released, Dr Droubie refused, and ordered another doctor, AGAINST my wifes direction and went to walk his dog. my wife had to walk out of that huge hospital, (she usually needs a wheelchair but they refused a transport, because they refused a release without extra billable services). again, my wife insisted she has a doctor for this problem and would refer to him. According to my wife, dr Drouble is increasing what the BP actually was by 30 pts, covering up for the hospital. Wife's brother went there and is a vegetable today. we will never go there or see dr .droubie again. Then there is the greed based fee just to park and walk in to get your wife. we will never see Dr. Droubie or go to Fairview again.

Nique carter

I'm literally sitting in the room with my mother while I watch two nurses at the nurses station Google places to go on vacation on the hospital computer. A guy nurse walks up they start talking about relationships then on pulls out her iPhone to text her bf. I normally come here at night where the service and professionalism is at an all time high day shift has to much time on there hands never again

Liz Spais

Can't leave a zero. I have MULTIPLE stomach issues. I have been in pain for over a month. My gastro did an endoscopy determined I have ulcers and changed my meds, with no relief. Yesterday I began having severe upper abdominal pain. I gave up yesterday and came to Fairview, I was admitted for "observation." I had some blood work and CT scan, but apparently everything came back normal. They did NOTHING else. CLEARLY something is wrong, but they discharged me in severe pain and just let me lay in this horrible hospital in pain. I have NO idea what I'm suppose to do, I can't eat because the pain gets worse. How the hell I'm suppose to work is beyond me. It's a hospitals job to treat patient's, relieve pain and to determine why I'm having this kind of pain. Dogs get treated better. Thanks for NOTHING Fairview Hospital.

Lacie Behnke

I delivered my son at Fairview in August. Great experience! Staff was wonderful, food was great, rooms were nice. Even though I was in labor for almost 30 hours most of the nurses were great and made it as pleasurable as possible! (except one nurse who was a ***, and yelled at me for moaning in pain and moving around to get comfy (it made the monitor loose the baby) , many hours in intense back labor with no meds, I felt I had the right to moan! lol) Postpartum was great! Wonderful showers and comfy sofa bed for hubby! Lactation Consultants were great as well! I will probably decide to deliver my next child here again

Savannah Holiday

We went to the emergency room sat there for four hours they said they were saying we were calling u for 1 hour and they werent. so very horrible emergency room !!! And one rude lady that said if thats what the doctor told u to do thats what u should do. But the birthing center abd post pardon were great so some parts good some parts bad emergency room = 1 * Birthing center and post pardom = 5 * So in all 3*

Jessie Rollins

place is a joke!!! bathroom wasnt clean cuz they were to busy talking when I came in. the curtain did not even cover my area like for real.. I have never seen something like this

Marci Cunningham

Communication is horrible .doctors receptionists secretaries get defensive if you complain. Been waiting for a heart cath since early this month. Still no word and cant actually speak to doc instead of secretary. Maybe they are waiting to see if another attack will happen? Runs like a disorganized circus.

amy lee

cafeteria was discusting , food handler served me fries and a hot dog with no gloves on , it happened around 6.00 pm tuesday 02.12.2019 . kielpasi was not edible . i understood that a company called airmark runs the cafeteria . horrible experience , the area surrounding the boufet was so dirty and stinky . appearntly airmark never cleans .

Vee Bill

Lite plays

(Translated by Google) The best. (Original) El mejor.

Mel Garcia

I have nothing to say about this place but that it was A+. The level of care that I receive when I had my daughter was ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My pregnancy was super super complicated and they were ALWAS on top. Form the OBGYN to the nursing team. The cleanliness of the place and all their modern equipment was phenomenal. We truly felt like we stayed at a hotel. And the staff super nice. Thank you Fairview hospital. For ever grateful ♥️♥️♥️

JD Dailey

I was there from December 9th until the 22nd and had a wonderful experience. I was on 5 north and all the nurses and doctors were amazing. I had to have part of my left foot amputated and Dr. Sholansky was an amazing surgeon who even came to my room numerous times just to say hi and see how I was. The entire financial staff went out of their way to get me all the financial things that I needed and even helped me get into a care facility to help with my rehab. I have nothing but great things to say about this place and recommend it whole heartily.

Patrick Henry

Clean. Helpful staff. Disappointed by having to pay for parking on a weekend.

Desirai Rosa

I had my daughter here and it was the best experience in my life, the nurses were excellent!!

Jose Colon

Buen servicio y buenas facilidaes.exelente personal

Joe Janik

Neurologist doctors and nurses are awesome the girl at the front desk are rude and disrespectful towards patients.

Brian DeGross

Spent 5 days for the birth of my kids and don’t have enough good things to say about the facilities and care.

Sharon K Stewart

Love the hospital an all the wokers are just wonderful

Shelley Horn

Very poorly organization of care; chart said my elderly father had an organ removed that wasn't; we were told the Surgeon Dad was waiting to see on Day 2 wasn't even working that day - to find out he was at another location and on his way - this caused my elderly parents significant distress, since the surgery results showed cancer in other places; didn't receive instructions to use the breathing spirometer until day 2 (and he has lung disease); staff didn't follow the restricted diet instructions

Kelly Pyles

This place has been wonderful! When we got here it started off a little rocky with people knowing what was going on for my husbands surgery but where it really counted they excelled! The staff on floor 3B Parkview was out of this world. They made sure not only my husband was comfortable but us too. We drove from Columbus, Ohio and I highly recommend the doctors and nursing staff.

Bernard Kumuhone

Awesome hospital great staff people that work here care alot about people and do their best for the patients thank you

Rocky Julian

Lou Gillota

Was at the cancer center there yesterday for a nother blood test and had a CT scan done was told I have I have in large blood cells and was told nothing they can do they told me to c a liver doctor so what the hell do I do now about my red blood cells being in large so do they keep people in the hospital for in large blood cells

Amber Silvis

I can’t describe in words exactly how grateful I am to the staff, Doctors, nurses’, PCNAs, anyone and everyone I encountered here were top notch. I’ve never been cared for on that level of excellence before. I was admitted a week ago and was released yesterday after a fluke intestinal viral infection. I was scared. Not one to go to doctors and take medicine, I knew I needed medical attention though. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone. I am forever grateful to the staff in ER, Endoscopy, and mostly in the Clinical Decisions Unit - Amazing team of people. Thank you for helping me feel better. Thank you thank you! I won’t forget this experience for many reasons. Mostly because I was so impressed.

will_BaskEtballKinG 14


Kaylee Miller

Worst hospital of all time went in with chest pain and sat in the waiting room almost 5 hours before i finally decided to leave knowing someone has a history of heart problems i dont recommend this place to anyone

Kristin Gorney

Dr. Alhaddad in the ER was great.

Vanessa Williams



Thanks for offering us groups marching in the 4th of July Parade some cold water! What a great place and many thanks!

Darryl Siler

Michael Tyna

Had our 2 children here. Rooms were fantastic and the nursing staff was impeccable.

Taina Perez

I wanna shout out the doctors nurses physicians xray technicians and pediatrician's that took care of my son at fairview emergency room last night. Dang they went above and beyond to make sure my son left the hospital feeling better and makin sure they found a way to maintain him like that while I was at home. For the first night in about a week, my son slept all though the night with out one complain.... (of course me being a paranoid mom being up till like 4 makin sure he was ok) but man. They did their job well...

A Google User

We were there this morning. Taken back quickly. Staff was just AMAZING. From beginning to end. Need a ER for your kids definately come here they'll do everything in there power to make sure your kid feels better.


COMMENDATION FOR FAIRVIEW HOSPITAL I am an 85 year old Korea War veteran, and on Thursday evening November 12, 2015, I was rushed by ambulance to the ER of Fairview Hospital, running a temperature of over 102 deg., and was diagnosed with double pneumonia. I was transferred to the MICU Room38 and received very thorough, professional treatment by nurses Laura and Nicole. There were others, but, unfortunately, I can't remember their names. Two days later I was moved to a step down unit. I hated to leave the MICU because they treated me so well... I felt like one of the family! The MICU nursing staff can’t be praised highly enough! After I was settled into my new room, PKIC Room134, the nursing staff took over from where the MICU staff left off. Again, the treatment I received was thorough and professional. (Even though I was clean shaven, had a neat haircut, didn't have a guitar, couldn't sing a note or dance...) The nursing staff, Shannon, Michelle, Kyle, Mary Ann, Amanda, Audrey, etc., treated me like a "Rock Star”! It seemed like every time I turned around I was going for x-rays or cat scans...As with the nurses, all of the technicians were professional, polite, respectful, courteous, and performed their tasks very well! The support staff, house keeping, room service and food delivery was equally as proficient. Regretfully, on Friday, November 20, I had to leave and return home, but in much better condition than when I came. Gratefully yours, Michael M. Juhn May 9, 1930 PS: I wish I could thank everyone personally for how pleasant they made my stay at Fairview Hospital....mj

Rick Tabar

I was born here :)


I just had a total knee cap replacement and I was in such such pain. Luckily I had Carolyn Goodrich as one of my physical therapist. She’s very knowledgeable about her job and explains everything I need to know about my recovery. Her professionalism about physical therapy is second to none. Fairview Hospital should have many more people of her caliber.

Terri Drury

Case Management is AWFUL! They are unable to contact you back at the number you leave and wait til the last minute to provide any info. Never have we ever experienced this lack of communication! One star is too high.

Lisa Franks

called the area of social work and left a message four times, four days in a row to be called back. Being that it is important that I speak to someone with regard to having a case manager assigned to me while I am in the hospital after surgery, this is a very important matter that needs to be taken care of prior to admission. Apparently answering the phone or returning phone calls is not on this person's list of duties, as I have heard from no one. I surely hope that the rest of the staff, i.e. nurses, are more efficient than The office workers. It makes me nervous that if the office workers aren't efficient then perhaps the rest of the staff isn't either., Especially after reading the other reviews.

Michael Knight

When ever I am taken to Fairview Hospital I am always treated with respect from all the hospital staff the emergency room staff is wonderful I have no complaints

Mik Master

My wife and I were involved in a vehicle accident in Mexico and were in bad shape when we arrived in Cleveland. We went directly to Fairview and were both treated with respect and professionalism. The entire staff was friendly, competent, and concerned for our well-being. I cannot say enough about the facility and their people. Thank you all !!


Have been to Fairview several times and sometimes there good and sometimes horrible. Went in once when my vision was completely distorted and moving. Couldn't walk, I thought I was having a stroke. I was left sitting in emergency for hours. When finally seen, they couldn't determine what it was so I was admitted to the hospital at 1:20am, taken up to a room and left sitting on a unmade bed. I need a cpap and O2 and wasn't getting either. Finally couldn't see to walk but at 4:00am I called mother and left staggering and banging into walls all the way. I did learn if you need to be seen you better go in an ambulance. I also learned if your on a cpap, you better take your own. Also, you might want to take something to eat. The one time, I had gone 27 hours w/o food. I finally got a lousy lean cuisine at 1:00am because I pitched a fit. I take a suit case if I go now. They have air mattress bed that don't work, push the nurse button and no one comes or else it doesn't work, and they keep doing the same test over and over and wake you up at 5am to do them. Personnel is kind of 50/50. Some are sweethearts and try to do their job and others should be fired. The food isn't bad when you can get it. I really assume most hospitals are the same but the prices are so much higher at Fairview and you'll be getting bills for 6 months if you go in and stay.

Kevin Mauter

The staff could be friendlier. Beautiful campus but I prefer University Hospital Westlake--at least you don't get nickel and dimed for parking, too.

michael dyson

Had our first child at Fairview back in September. Nursing was great!

Paul Lemcool

Very slow emergency room. Staff does not show concern for patients. Second time we have been here for the same issue. We will be going to university hospital from now on. Cleveland clinic does not care

Bri Repasky

I have had nine brain surgeries and this hospital, by far, had the best care during recovery. This includes other Cleveland Clinic locations.

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