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Tiffi Woo


Olivia Muetzel

No one likes going to the ER, but I always go to this one, because 1) i'm a klutz and have a klutz family, 2) it's close to home 3) the staff is always fast and courteous. I went for a car accident, the doctor and nurse were kind and thorough but I wasn't sitting there all day for nothing. Discharged and given instructions, and I went on my merry way, till next person in my family does something stupid

Karley Schul

Absolute worst patient service I've ever experienced! We had to call the squad for a co-worker who was actively having multiple seizures. She was in excruciating pain and absolutely miserable. The staff was unbelievably rude (Dr. & nurse alike)! Absolutely no compassion or understanding. They were rude to us and to her....rolling eyes and arguing with her.....i wouldn't take my sick dog there if I had to! I wish I could give 0 starts

Thomas Quinones

Few years back when I still living in lodi I hurt my foot at a concert, I came home and couldn't get out of the car it hurt so bad. I go to the lodi hospital, get an xray and all that jazz, they tell me nothings wrong, probably a sprain, go home and take some aspirin. I dunno if they assumed because my mothers a well known junkie, or they're just awful at their job, they made that decision. Well, fast forward a few years to today, I go to a podiatrist because my feet are KILLING me, I can hardly walk down the stairs, granted some pain was from work, but there WAS something wrong with my foot, something that if you simply looked at the xray could tell. So now my bones all funky and bent, all thanks to the lodi hospital. So if your injury isnt something exactly life threatening, go to the medina one, or anywhere other than lodi.

Colton Stanley

The don’t even deserve the one star I had to give them to leave this review. My daughter was the only patient in the emergency room and still was rushed out of there. Nurses were rude. And the doctor I’m not sure how she even got a degree. My 3 year old is clearly not feeling good and screaming crying but all they did was belatedly make it clear they were tired of hearing her cry. And I could go on but I’ll stop there. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital for a dog.

Gloria Stephens

Cathy Stanley

I took my son for a back injury to the ER. The doctor, Celia Entwistle MD was very rude. She did nothing to diagnose his injury. No x-ray, CAT scan, nothing. All she did was have him bend his toes and legs and said it was a strain. I felt she didn't take his injury serious so we won't be returning to Lodi Hospital. Although the doctor was rude the nurses were kind. Too many choices of hospitals to go to one and be treated unkindly and receive lousy treatment.

Dennita Kindall

My dad has had a wonderful experience with the nurses in rehab and critical care. The nurses are friendly and attentive. I can not say enough good about the nurses, food, physical therapy, cleaniliness. I could go on for a long time. Unfortunately my experiences in ER have been the opposite. I had an accident and I felt that I needed to have it attended to. The hospital is a mile away. I got there a little after 7pm. The last shift was exiting. I know because I talked to some of them. We entered ER. It was empty; not only could we see that but we had been told that. Vitals were taken and then we waited 40 minutes. Finally, I said we are leaving. When I went to leave they said the doctor is just coming to you. He gave me the excuse that there was a shift change; but there was no one in the ER to get an update on, so what was the hold-up!! It took 10 minutes for staples. They told me to get a doctors appointment or go to urgent care to get them out. When I went to Urgent care told me that the place that put them in usually takes them out as part of the injury. I called Lodi. The receptionist does not say anything about being billed but says that they can take the staples out. I drive 20 minutes. I walk in, get to triage and the nurse is incredibly RUDE. He says, "they lied to you. There will be a bill for this. Do .. you ... understand? They .. lied .. to .. you." He was so condescending. First of all, they said this is our policy, I called Lodi and nothing had been said about money. They did not lie. Lodi just did not volunteer the information. I said "I understand and I understand that I don't like your attitude. I don't want YOU to take them out." I left. I was not trying to pull one over on anyone and had he said what he needed to say in a respectful manner. I would have had it done and paid the bill. I don't even understand why a nurse had the job of telling me of financial obligations unless I specifically ask, which I did not. This is not the first time I have heard of bad experiences in ER by other people. Hopefully they will be able to up the quality to match the rest of the hospital.

Jim Oliver

I went to Lodi Hospital for blood work to keep tabs on my progress recovering from cancer. The reception staff were very rude and dismissive. After an extended wait in an empty waiting area and enduring intermittant glares from security and reception, I was too uncomfortable to wait any longer. I told the staff I was leaving and would get my bloodwork someplace else. I went to a different hospital, in Medina, and found out that the staff at Lodi had canceled and deleted the physician's order for my bloodwork. Is it the policy of the Cleveland Clinic to allow lab techs and other ancillary personnel to delete incompleted physician orders? This could be dangerous for patients.

Jessica Lubarski

The worst patient care we have ever experienced. Staff was rude and treated concerned family members like a nuisance. We were also one of the only patients being seen. however, it took 2 hours for blood work to come back which determined whether a cardiac issue was present or not. Not a very fast turn around for such a pressing medical concern. This hospital will no longer be out hospital of choice in the future.

Shawna Filley

Fastest ER visit I've ever had!

Elizabeth V

I’m not sure why all the bad reviews. I was there today for labs. Great friendly staff! Was in and out in a breeze. Also they have a really good little cafeteria. Nothing fancy but yummy. They were serving a sausage egg cheese and biscuit sandwich. The sausage patties were almost the size of hamburgers! Also the cheese was provolone. Yummy! Looks like they do more for lunch. I love my doctor there. Staff does an excellent job of following up with you and really cares. Labs were back by the end of the day. For the size it’s a good little hospital, in my opinion. Give it another try...

Laura Fisher

I live in wooster and come here when I need to me seen at the er... Wooster is such a joke... Lodi hospital is amazing!!! So nice and quick.. They make sure you're seen right away!!

Annie Evers

No OBGYN at night so they sent me home in awful pain with an ovarian cyst burst.

Farrah Allen

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