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Gail Carroll

My husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. He received all his medical attention at the Cincinnati VA hospital and they did a fabulous job of treating him. Ultimately he succumbed to his cancer in 2018 but he had knowledgable, empathetic, professional care. There's a system set up allowing all your doctors to access your complete medical treatments and records. Although I'm pleased with the care he received, I miss him terribly.

Rachel McAdams

The staff I've experienced (save one psychologist and a handful of nurses) treat patients like a chore to deal with. It feels like maybe suicide and disease in veterans keep VA costs down. They don't care about you (no, they don't). I can name at least three doctors who have treated me this way. Patient Advocate is the Doctors' Advocate. I love, enjoy, and appreciate my life (despite debilitating anxiety) WAY too much to use the VA as my primary medical or mental health care. If you can afford to go elsewhere, go elsewhere. I've been outside the VA, and it's worth every penny.

Martin Cabela

Excellent facility. If you enter off of Vine it is kind of a snake to get thru the parking lot the way Google brought me in. Closer entrance to parking garage off of Goodman Street on South Side. There is parking in front.

Adam Gerwin

Donna Sumbry


Garland Settles

Will Wooten

This is a quality hospital and they've been taking exception care of me for at least 15 years.

Mica Coiner

Horrible care in the renal clinic on multiple occasions from multiple different staff would love to see them investigated by state for incompetent patient care, lack of follow thru... even with being fast tracked now the damage has already been done “ well it’s your fault” is not what a doctor should say while rushing thru the visit and not trying to further patents care with correct follow up appointments

Mr. Tim

Garbage facility with mostly garbage staff. The VA has gotten worse under the current administration. Go else where for urgent or serious medical issues do not trust these quacks with your life.

Berry Johnson


James Boone

I've been on hold for over an hour and still waiting. This is ridiculous

Brad Roberts

I have yet to have a bad experience here, but only been coming here 6 years

Carl Whalen

Diann Myers, if you are that soft about the quote then you really need to grow up. First of all the quote was the one Abraham Lincoln stated about men whom served in the wars prior to and during his time in office. Secondly, the VA has not under any circumstances been sexually demeaning or racist. Finally, I think you should take a second to think before you speak because apparently you have no damn clue what you are talking about. The VA in Cincinnati is one of the highest rated hospitals for Veterans in the U.S.A and you are just repeating what news media sources have stated...Stick with facts here as this IS a review you are posting, not friggin' Facebook.

Amy Rickey

By far the most caring and professional medical staff I have ever been to. Thank you!!


Michael Winterman

I love all my Doctors

Cary Williams


Ben Durrant

They will not help you, I currently have a medical problem that is slowly killing me and the V.A. will not do anything to help me I am in a tremendous amount of pain. So if you expect them to help you go somewhere else because they will give a band-aid and some aspirin. I'm not blaming the Doctors because most of them are great. I'm blaming the Bureaucrats and the Liberals for this.

Internal Bleating

>be me >be 100% service connected >get turned down medical assistance because I look young. >quack "doctor" tells me verbatim "I should be your hero for not giving you drugs to sell"

Ivis Ableman

Rated#7 in the USA

Mike Perry

Some of the best doctors and nurses i have ever encountered.I would rate this hospital as an A +

Dee Gear

i had a life threatening situation the other day. i went to the VA and they assessed my situation and prescribed meds. i get my meds right there. without the VA, i would have ended up in the hospital, would have been on my death bed. pain is gone and i am feeling SO much better. i was in such horrible pain and i was going down fast. it was bad and getting worse. they helped me. i have to say that in the past I have had some issues getting the doctor to listen to me. i kept pushin and they have taken care of me. i got several tests and some answers to some of the problems i had been experiencing. when you find out what it is, then you go from there and you can move on with a plan. i would like them to test blood for vitamin deficiencies. that does affect your health. they do that with VA down south, but not in Cincinnati. i read my labs and look them up to see what was bad and i go on my own from there. it's been a lot better. instead of 1 star, i give 4. sometimes there's a lot of drama at the appointments, especially with cardiac. i still don't care for the one veterans advocate. if i need an advocate, i will not talk to this particular person. tpp job is to understand the veteran and be a go between the vet and the VA. But, tpp is on the VA side. I imagine it's because tpp is afraid of losing tpp job. i got no help. i hung up. i decided not to pursue it. maybe that was the plan.

Jill Beasley


On time friendly staff

Darshell Armour

I have never met such nice people. Everyone is genuinely friendly and very helpful. Most seem very happy as employees that seems to make for a great environment.

Kelley Jacobs

Russell Burgess

Helping Veterans in Need ...

bobby morris

Helps vets like me be healthy

Guillermo Leon Pricio

Always attentive and willing to sort out any issue I've ever faced. Provide sound solutions and see them through to fruition. Excellent/professional staff.

Frida Brashear

They make you check in the KIOSK that takes a long time because of the line and having have to answer several questions in the very slow computer! When the 2 people at the desk are not doing anything who could have quickly and easily checked you in! Doctors and care are excellent though. They're some of the best in the country. I love them!

David Beck

Couldn't be happier. I have made 3 trips to the hospital for 2 different issues. In all of the visits the online check in went smoothly and efficiently. My appointments all started on time or early. The medical staff was professional and friendly. I have been to another VA hospital, and they did fine, but this site far outshined them. If you need VA treatment, I think this is a great place for that treatment. One side note. The first time I did try to get an appointment I had to call the patient advocate. The 800 number that was listed puts you into a do loop. The patient advocate helped me as was very speedy about it.

Michael S

My usual VA is Bay Pines in St Pete Fl. I to the ER on Vine street today for a horrible back pain. This is the first VA that I've been to that actually cares. Doctor was very caring and concerned. The nurses were the same. If all VA hospitals were like this one the the health care of our warriors wouldn't be a concern..Thank you for helping me

Dorothy Thomas

The best health facility for our Vets. Thank you for serving our Vets of America they deserve the best.

Richard Poole

Preston Manning

This place sucks. If you want to die or remain sick, go here. I personally know that they turned away a vet seeking mental health who later killed himself and their treatments are a joke. They get more money than anyone in the government do a terrible job. The only thing that runs smoothly there is the cafeteria. Look at the 5 star ratings on this, all made up and generic.

Josephine Cruz

JoAnn Alessandro

The VA Cincinnati misdiagnosed my brother. He had been having headaches for a year. They kept changing his prescription on his glasses. He lost his vision when he woke up one morning, went to an outside hospital for emergency care , they did a MRI and found a brain tumor. He is now in rehab, learning to walk, no sight, and memory loss thanks to the VA system. The outside surgeons say it could have been prevented if it was caught sooner. The VA should be held accountable for their actions.

Diann Myers

I have received good care at the VA Medical Center on the few times I have had to use the facility. However, I have noticed on the newly remodeled part of the building you have the inscription that reads something like (Dedicated to HE who has born the burden of battle). I may not have it totally right but the meaning and the intent to leave out all the female military was noted. With all the scandal going on right now with harrasment, and sexual attacks do you really need to publically humiliate the female military by not including them in this inscription.

van oden


Rex Fultz

They take care of the veterans

Darin Ladd

Rated top 10 VAs in the country, and they earn their reputation. Received excellent care in all departments, thus far (with the notable exception of job placement services--unclear rules, but this service is only for individuals whose disability affects their ability to hold a regular job). Service is generally prompt and respectful. They use a kiosk to check in which is an excellent use of technology. I will take this space to express my dismay at the large number of vets who have really let their health decline, and then storm in demanding service (most are professional, but some act like whiny babies). Just because you get free medical care doesn't mean that you don't still have to take care of yourself! A true hero would stop smoking, sober up, and trim down just out of respect for the expense to taxpayers of end-of-life care for these risk factors. I know war wounds take various forms, but it surprises me that someone who once wore the uniform and has great war stories could forget the most basic lessons of self-discipline.

Sarah LaBrada

This Ty he best V.A. facility I've been too. Everyone is so nice and very helpful. No complaints from this Veteran. Hooah for life

Bert Reinhart

They care about vets

Kevin Wadsworth Johnson

Excellent care

Robert Clark

(Translated by Google) Prompt service (Original) Promt service

PTown Finest

Just like every other VA hospital in America, filled with a bunch of nurses and doctor's who don't communicate with their patients and expect them to read between the lines. I had lab tests done there and a CT scan and they didn't even secure my iV in my arm and 25ccs of dye went into my body. They said my liver wasn't functioning properly, but sense it wasn't "severe" they sent me home with more questions then answers. It seems like when they don't know what's going on with you, or when it's something that's not fixable to their comfort level, they send you off and expect you to fix it your self. This is why I hate hospitals because these people get paid the big bucks for nothing!!! Useless in my opinion!! Completely useless!!

Lisa Todd

Jesse Walker

What you need toget help its ay the va

William Grosselin

Yes whenever I go in in person they are great but yet when it comes to answering their phones they suck. Really if my life depended on it and i had one phone call and if the other side wasn't to answer I would live, I would call the VA hospital cause they never want to answer on the first call. You leave a message and they call back but you miss it and try to call back they never answer. I waited for 10 minutes while listening as it kept on ringing and ringing and ringing and ringing. Last I checked they're here to help us not keep us waiting. Slot of us need help and yet they won't answer their phones

Matthew Cook

Ohio's own

Awesome place to work...also a great place to take care of veterans from past and present. The VA is a true blessing for all of its different specialties it provides for vets.

Terry Michael Hacker

Richard Campbell

I have been calling all day to just setup and appointment and fill a prescription and it is either busy or the phone just rings and ring and rings... then BAM... hangs up! It has now been almost 6 hours and I have yet to talk to a single person.... 6 hours...

Richard Mack

Poor service, have to wait months for appointments for you to finally get one and then get rushed threw it and they wonder why veteran suicide is so high get it together.

Nathan Capps

Everyone there is nice and will help you if needed to.

Steve Shelton


Mark Shippy

I have been using the VA for 20 plus years, Years ago wait times were longer than normal, The VA today is faster now. But I just want to say my experience with the VA has been awesome, And I'm very happy with the care they have given me. No complaints here.

Brian Schuler

Cincinnati VA Medical Center is the regional Veterans Administration institute for all needs of our military members. State of the art programs and technology lead this hospital. Adjacent to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, shared services are more than just neighborly. On ste parking garage is ample. Recommended.

Terry Hale

Desi Stewart

Great veterans to talk to. Need some updates on the building

gregory alford

Drs dont care

gary mccord

Union workers will only do their minimum. Don't expect more. Soldiers might soon join a union too.

rochelle walton

It's for Veterans

Dave Christman

I am fed up with waiting on the phone for a half hour and getting medication I did not request and being charged for it. I am being charged $54 for 6 months of medication I did not request. I was also able to call the main number and be transferred to a department, now they changed it and I can't contact these departments.

wendy obrien

My husband goes here and they took all of our tax refund including my half because they say he owes them money all the way back to 2016 and I know he doesnt.If that were true why didnt they take our tax refund last year.Instead if informing him of this they sent what they say he owed to collections which in turn took all of our tax refund this yr and in 2016 and 2017.Veterans should not have to pay for health care.He works and has insurance which they were supposed to be billing but didnt because they said the insurance card didn't have an address,stupid I know.The collections agency said they never sent him a bill either because he wasnt receiving social security!! All we want is a resolution to this and our money back......

Terrance Lamb

All went well with my Dad and he's at home resting now,thank you all that sent up prayers and well wishes.

jason painter

Mike Petrey

Compassionate and professional

Colin Combs

I've been to 3 VA hospitals and this on seems to be the easiest one to get an appointment. The walk-in sick call isn't great. I come here for Neurology and dental mostly. Those departments are great

Eric Masey

Staff was super nice and it didn't take all day to see the Doc very awesome place cant wait to go back

Kimberly Frey

James Holbrook

Brian H

Mike J

Kenny Dwigans

Let's be real, this is one of the saddest hospitals to walk through. Go to any of the private hospitals around and they have designed them to try to uplift the spirit as they know you are at the hospital because things are not the best. Don't get me wrong, the Chiropractor, OEF/OIF clinic, Blood taking crew and a couple doctors/nurses are nothing short of amazing but as for a rating of the hospital as a whole nothing can describe the stress of going down there. If you are a returning disabled vet be ready for treatment to take years and appointments to be multiple months between. Compare this to private doctors I have had to gone to because I was being refused treatment at the VA and was accurately and quickly diagnosed then treated, but even after this the VA won't act. I have given this paperwork to the VA and they still disagree with my diagnoses from multiple doctors, loose the medical paperwork, or simply make me go back and forth between doctors to no end. I've dealt with this since 2011 and I just want to give other vets the tools to be prepared. Find a loved one to be your support, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING and keep originals, educate yourself about the whole process and be ready to wait. Not everybody at the hospital is bad but the environment is toxic, just ask 5 random vets in the halls of the VA hospital.

Rick Saling

I had colon surgery recently at the VA in Cincinnati. I cannot say enough about the treatment from the time I was admitted to recovery in SICU. The nursing staff went above and beyond making sure my needs were met. From Monitoring my vitals to checking on me to make sure I was comfortable. Thanks to everyone in the operating room and recovery for outstanding service. Sincerely, Richard Saling

Edwin Condra

Still far too long to get specialty clinic appointments I think they hope you'll die and thin out their patient load.

bigk14 c

My husband is a 65 year old veteran with multiple health problems. I am continually amazed with the high level of attention and care he receives on his many visits to the Medical Center. Everyone is pleasant, respectful, and seems genuinely happy to be working there. After having his health decline over the years with going to a so-called VIP-MD, my husband's health has stabilized and his quality of life has improved under the care of the many VA professionals he sees on a regular basis. We are so grateful that the Cincinnati VA Medical Center is there for him.

Robert Masters

Christy P

The OEF/OIF/ New Dawn Clinic is a belssing.

Hector M. Santiago

Christopher Tucker

Very helpful and friendly staff so far.

Katie Miller

Very busy get there early can be challenging to find parking

KayCee Carte


Carrie Aubrey

Trisha Andrews

Horrible right now I have to wait for them to open well at least for the doctor's coming in for women's clinic

Dave Brumer

You can't, contact the Pharmacy 24 hours a day the hours are misleading

Mitchell Guyon

C Allen

This hospital is amazing. I'm stunned. I've only been to one other VA hospital (Dublin) that delivers such capable, professional and empathetic care. My friend was treated like a king in the ER. His doctors name was Dr. Nguyen. He's a Superstar. His nurse was Emily, and she was Fantastic. His other doctor was a doctor named Dr Ford but I didn't give him a solid chance... but I did observe that he was nice. I can only hope and pray the rest of the VA hospitals take note and strive for the same level of care as this hospital-- sooner rather than later. KUDOS to the outgoing director Vivian Hutson and incoming director Mark Murdoch.

Betty Datar

Can get busy during the day. Pharmacy wait times can slow down to about an hour from start to finish

Sabrina Blake

They care.

Jeremy Reed

This place is so stress full. I never had a Nervous Break Down until starting coming here. It took me 63 minutes to find a parking place, and then when I finally found one. They made reschedule my appointment.

Amber Daniels

They help my Senior Vet clients in the home. If you have a senior vet or spouse in need of help in the home call the VA and see if you can get supports. You'd be amazed at the type of services they offer Senior vets.

john rauck

Miranda McClure

The staff is always so helpful and respectful. My father had a invasive surgery and he received excellent care and treatment.

Bobby Owens

I had experience only a wonderful group of hard working staff doing all that they could to make your visit smooth and giving great patience care.

Floren York

Wait times are way to long for ER. And usually only get a PA instead of actual dr

Jessie Holland

Dave barleycorn

Great medical professionals in the ENT dept. Cleaning of the general facility is greatly in need of upgrading. No janitors can be seen. Floors, bathrooms are really bad. Chief of staff should tour Dayton's facility and see how clean it is and how many janitors are working to keep it that way. Lastly The Fisher House is a Perfect example of how to treat someone special. Everything about the Fisher House is just perfect. The Staff, Volunteers and everyone involved make it a marvelous and special place.

Dr. Lökel

Keep up the awesome work!!!.

Tanks Rule

Combat vet. Over the 5 yr time mark.Makes to much money for any VA help. Another well oiled machine goes marching along.

Emmanuel Madison

There is no wait time

Vicki McIntyre

Personally I can say overall the VA treats me well!

Marshall Goodman

My health care is wonderful

Blakbutterfly KurvyKittenz

Hayley Hatfield

My husband received excellent care during and after his shoulder surgery. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They made sure he was comfortable and they very attentive to his needs and his health. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience

Vault Boy

Misdiagnosed me and had enough nerve to criticize me. Learn what a holter monitor is and maybe, just maybe youll find whats actually going on. Was told i had panic and anxiety, VA fought with me tooth and nail, finally outside hospital spotted the issue as an heart arrythmia. WILL NOT BE BACK.

Robert OBrien

They take good care of me and try to help you out

Alan Williams

My Brother was in the hospital & his care was fantastic, the Dr. explained everything very clearly & took time to listen to family history!

David Veerkamp

Great service, thanks.

Timothy Barrier

They saved my life

dele ogundiran

Clean and welcoming environment and the staffs are wonderfull

Samuel Michels

My great uncle died here of malpractice 20 years ago, I hope they have gotten better since them.

Michael Darden

Provided great care, before during and after surgery. Cincinnati VAMC has not let me down with providing medical care. I use VAMC and outside medical hospitals and both doctors great surgical procedures.

Toto Hayashi


Fight to get them to look at anything!!!! I only use them for service connected and thats absolutely it!!!! I go to my private doctor to make sure im getting the right medications. A handful of decent doctors, rest are a joke. Also they can be rude and i understand they put up with some issues that would test anyones nerve but when the next person comes along to ask a question, lose the attitude.

Bill Moore

Top notch team care at the Ft. Thomas residential PTSD/TBI program. The team involved with my care, and care all around, renewed my faith and hope in the VA system.

DAVE Sçhultz

The Cin VA HR - Why doesn't the VA Cin HR have a list of their current openings for positions needed posted in their office? & WHY don't they have a small desk w/ a terminal for applicants to apply to these positions in their office ?

Miranda Kiely

The service I have received here from primary care and the psych department has been by far the worst care ( if you can even call it “care”). My primary care labeled be “an issue in its self” while talking about me to another patient. I’m pretty sure that’s against HIPPA. She also treated me as if I didn’t know what I was talking about as far as the things that the St. Louis VA already established for care with my migraines and three bulging discs. I could go on and on but I’ll leave you with this advice, get care ANYWHERE else but here!

Richard Hill

They care about veterans

Bon diesel Tank

At times hard too get a appointment right away but . the hospital is small compared too the amount of veterans

Mike Smith

Sign up to get left in ER waiting room all day long. Really great care of vets.

SElaine Jones

Absolute professiona l caring. I amt so grateful.

Dawn B

Chris K

I have yet to have a long wait time or a poor experience at the VA. I checked in for an X-ray and was out the door in 6 minutes. Thank you

sean broerman

They always get me taken care of with a friendly staff.

Daniel Allen

Great staff

Cale Baudendistel

Gary Holbrook

I trust the Cincinnati VA Medical Center.

Brad Hoffmeister

I started my troubles affair 2004 when I was released from Army. My chief complaint was never damage and sever right leg pain, they sent me Ortho dept. Dr.Freiberg told my wife to shut up and to keep my daughter quiet while he typed in the computer. He did not even examine me. He looked at me as said there was nothing wrong and I was to young to have any issues. He then repeated himself , he said shut up he needed to put his examination in the computer. From then until now 2014 I have walked with severe limp and now have to have knee replacement, Cadaver tendon replacement in right foot to keep my foot from dropping and lastly a total hip. I have walked with limp and lived with such pain for the past years with no income and lost my first home because the refused to treat me. That further noted in Comp and Pension review that I was Malingering the truth about the severity of pain. I finally was able to get UC Hospital to seek the procedures. I am 36 years old with 3 children. I am a white male that is Married our Govt has delayed every appeal for Compensation and Pension. I opened a small shop so I can attend all the physical therapy and doctor appointments. I still have not no income from the shop it is barely self sustaining. The VA has blamed my back for many years , Never one time have I stated I had back issues. Further more ,I was taken from VA emergency room after waiting for 9 hrs from a medication reaction that they prescribed me. I cannot express how livid I am. The employees hands are tied and the big Government employees get there bonuses for delay care. There is not a single lawyer that is willing to fight the VA and sue them for the neglect and malpractice. They further stated that I could not develop all these conditions from walking with a sever limp for the years I have. I explained to them, that I should deflate there car tires when they head to Florida for vacation and see if they make it without a flat. It is the same thing. WHY CAN I NOT GET HELP!!!!! I cry everyday for relief and I get denied for any assistance!

Matt Holt


I can say nothing but good things about the employees of the VA system in the Cincinnati, Florence and Bellevue area..

Toney Johnson

Very helpful

Morgan Anderson

Flinnoy Hopton Jr


Joseph Harry Ariola

Best care around.

mike obryan

barney south

Most doctors at the VA are also UC students and Doctors

Michael Ward

Wonderful doctor who really gives a damn about you. I feel so lucky to have her as my cardiologist.

Charles Minge

They take care of their Vets well!! Sevendwarfs

The people are slow as hell. Worried about there lunch then patience.

Ernest Mitchell

I never have to wait long for service.

Michael Meehan

I've never had a more pleasant experience in a hospital. Highly recommended to any veteran

William Chapel Sr

Protector of the Pops! - Oathkeeper/King of Dragon

Warning: The MH department is either hit or miss. If you are assigned a Doctor that doesn't engage or does the absolute minimum, just ask for a new one right away. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch, take initiative and be polite and switch Doctors. Also, in my opinion, the Veteran Advocates are more like journalists rather than advocates. They are good at leaving record of events but rather short on taking initiative and finding solutions - be clear, professional, and confident with them and a resolve might come sooner. Other than that, I am AMAZED and thankful for a majority of the Doctors there. Working at the VA is a service in itself and the ones that stay dedicated to the VA deserve the upmost respect and gratitude. Take a minute to Thank the next Doctor you see! Most there have a selfless nature and are great people!

tom dreyer

I spent 61/2 weeks at the VA in Nov and Dec 2016 and many other times also. The care I have received is impeccable. My only complaint is those employees that clomp around with hard soled shoes.

R Zude

I’ve had VA healthcare since 2009 and have never had any negative experiences with the medical staff or scheduling. I’ve had a number of procedures with outstanding care and results. I have encountered some support staff that seem to have forgotten they work for us veterans and not the other way around, but otherwise totally positive experiences. Vets eligible need to sign up now!

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