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REVIEWS OF Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus IN Ohio

Rachel Schweitzer

Came here this morning for my daughter's surgical procedure. The staff i dealt with was great. My nurse was a sweetheart, can't remember her name. Their surgery staff is amazing ! Great with kids.

Candice Beatriz

I just had a horrible experience, I went to the urgent care because my son had an obvious reaction to some bites of some insect, the girl at the front desk took our data and only said "take a seat" 2 hours passed and people came in and without waiting , so I decided to ask why something seemed wrong, the girl told me that lps who entered first would do it because they had an online appointment which I did not know what I could do and the girl who took my data did NOT warn me for deciding if I could wait or not. I had to wait 2½ hours and then another hour in the room just to hear that they had no idea and that they treated all the bites equally. Horrible experience.

Chasity N.

I have to be completely honest and say I didn't even Get to schedule an appt bc I didnt pronounce the name of the ENT correctly that I was trying to reach. The Very rude guy who answered my phone call informed me that I was more than welcome to call back and schedule my appt when I knew the Dr.'s name that referred my daughter for this surgery. I have 3 children and have been going here for years and I have never been turned away bc i said a name incorrectly. I am in disbelief at the blatant disrespect of this guy. This is a CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL- Please take your disrespect and short tempered-ness elsewhere..there's NO room for it HERE!

Raudel Monsivaiz

Mike Sanders

Awesome service every time during our week long visit

Sherry Harris

I never write reviews but I feel I needed to on this one. I had a horrible experience. I took my son in for high fevers. When I got there the person who brought him back said his temp was 103.5 so I asked if I could get some Meds to help bring his Temp down and he said yes. shortly after the nurse came in and said the same thing and I asked again if I could get some Meds to bring his Temp down and she said yes. Then the doctor came in he said he believed it was a Virus and he should be ok, again I asked for Meds and he said yes he would get him some. After some time the nurse came in with his discharge papers. Did not bring any Meds. So I asked where it was and she said the doctor never put any in for him. I left out of the hospital with my son having a 103.5 fever. So I went to the first store I could get to buy him some. I was just blow away, they just didn't care. I felt like they didn't care at all about him just trying to get him out as soon as possible. I will think twice about ever brining my child here again.

Isabel Castellanos

Waited In the emergency room for 4+ hours. Next time go to Mercy Fairfield.

JeSsica Alvarado

Its has been an hour and 20 mins and the doctor hasnt come in to see my son

dominic Wagner

unwilling muggle

The er wating room is full of children and there is nothing at all for them to play with. Neither does the urgent care. My son was sick and up set and cried on and off for the there hours we had to wait. The nursed kept looking over and laughing about my son and another young toddler that wouldn't stop crying. I thought this hospital was supposed to deal with children???? 1 and two year olds are not great at wating. The staff was not very good with him either.

Winston Spencer

I have HAD to go there three times in the last year and the doctors and nurses are ALWAYS wonderful! For a kid to say that, that should mean something.......... Anyway, I guess the last time we were there was last Saturday when I got hurt playing basketball and we had to wait an hour and a half because there were a lot of other really sick kids there and I just had a bad busted up knee. Anyway, my parents never hesitate about what Urgent Care or ER to take me to. It's always Children's in Liberty Township because they say, they are the best at treating me!!!!!!!! I like them to because they talk to me and ask me questions instead of talking to my mom or dad all the time.

Nikki Oney

Very caring. It is an extra drive for us but worth it.

Craig Schmidt

Long wait, confusion everywhere, I listened to registration staff openly complaining about their work and how unhappy they are. It shows in the experience here.

Kara H

All these reviewers pissing and moaning in their negative reviews about waiting for care (and bad service - like it's an upscale hotel) in the ER for care when they bring their child in for cold symptoms. Seriously... ERs are for emergencies! 103 temp is not an emergency. Go see your pediatrician and stop clogging up the ER with your non emergencies.. Anyhoo... this hospital is top notch for speciality clinics. We travel over 3 hours to see several specialists here. There's a reason they are ranked 3rd in the country. For rare/complex care they are the best in the region.

Heather McKay-Vogel

They take the best care of my children when it is necessary to bring them here.


I was seen in the ER with my 2 month old daughter and had a great experience. She was seen right away and the nurses and doctors were on top of it. They communicated well and were great with her. We were admitted due to her having an infection in urine and blood. We got to the floor we would be staying on for almost an entire week. Some nurses were great.. some were not. Im not sure most of the nurses had any consideration for the sleeping baby as they allowed the door to slam behind them, or the mother who just spent an hour settling the baby and getting her to sleep after being poked and messed with all day. Once they were done, they left the room, once again leaving me to settle my child down and get her back to sleep. Communication was terrible. Orders had been changed on my daughter many times and i was never aware. I had concerns that i wanted to speak with the doctors about. I would let the nurses know.. 2 days later, my concerns were finally addressed. The facility is beautiful and i felt i would have a better experience, but sadly i didnt. They made my daughter well, and i will forever be thankful for that. But some things need to be worked on for sure.

Bruce Mickey Nair

Melissa Baumaster

Kathlene Heath

Sheila Dawson

Do not come here!!! This people here are so confused and don't know what they are doing!!! My husband waited 2 hours for our son to be seen, and nobody had any answers!!! We will never come here ever again!!!

Kristen Curington

Stephanie Pan

The escargot was delicious, and the desserts were absolutely amazing!

bryan mack

Michelle Boyd

Noni KC

Cullen Bierbaum

My sister was rushed into the hospital in a ambulance from school passed out two times and we have been siting here for 3 hours unsaw saying she can’t eat

Maritza Nunez

Love this place. Staff is so friendly and talks to my son so nice and in terms he understands. Also staff checks in frequently to assure all is OK. Really puts MY mind at ease. Thanks staff

Donnie Myers

Great place

Human Resources

Top notch care. Dr. Choo and his staff are always excellent. Audiology department is wonderful as well - esp. Tim Nejman.

Daniel Leming

Never schedule an appointment here on a Sunday. They are understaffed so you will wait and wait and wait and then wait some more. Appointment times mean nothing. The ultrasound tech was very nice though and efficient once we got past registration.

Yachao Wang

3 days-old baby, 5 hours wait. on an emergency case

Laura Taylor

Jared Spitler

My 18 month old son and I were transported by ambulance to Cincinnati Children's Liberty Campus for a bad case of croup after being advised by our local ER. The staff made us feel comfortable and we were required to spend the night for observation. All of the doctors and nurses were very caring and took every step to error on the side of caution. The staff and volunteers stopped by several times with toys and books for us to play with, which made the best of our situation. We will be coming back to this facility should there be a medical need in the future.

Jamie Collins

These people are just the best. They make the kids and parents as comfortable as possible and always professional. I wouldn't consider taking my son anywhere else for surgery.

Missy Morrison

The doctor was great and so was the nursing staff. The Emergency room wait was ridiculous, though. My daughter had a broken ankle and we waited 3 1/2 hours before we even seen a doctor! There was not even a lot of people waiting to be seen, but we kept getting passed over and people that came in after us, were seen before us!

Chaz Campton

Terrible service. We waited in the room for the doctor for an hour and 15 minutes for them to tell us that our daughter who has had a bad cough for two months needs Tylenol. There is zero urgency to take care of patients. I will never go back to this location.

Candy Abbott

My appointment is at 310 it's now5:00 been waiting 2 hours. That's ridiculous

alexa ayala

Came in from out of town to spend the holiday with family. Brought my son who was having, what we thought was, an allergic reaction. He was misdiagnosed. He in-fact had a severe sinus infection and a staph infection that was missed by the medical staff. We were given over the counter allergy medication. I mentioned that he was having trouble breathing and had very bad congestion. I asked if the doctor could look in his nose. She didn’t. His levels were “all good”. I told them about his rash. He had open sores that were bleeding. She said it was part of the allergic reaction and scratching. He was still puffy when we were discharged. No steroid shot. We were instructed to call within 48hours if there was s problem and he didn’t get better. I called 10 hours later. Never received a call back. Called my sons pediatrician back home and he asked why a steroid shot wasn’t given based on the information I gave him over the phone. He wanted to see him the moment we got home. Two days later and minutes of being in his office he diagnosed him with a severe sinus infection, bacterial conjunctivitis AND STAPH infection. Our pediatrician said he’s had this for a few days and we were treating an allergy rather than multiple infections. It wasn’t something that popped up two days after his hospital visit. My sons pediatrician put him on antibiotics immediately as staph untreated can be dangerous. I called to file a formal complaint to no avail. The leadership and medical staff said they treated appropriately, which in fact was not. There is zero accountability for their negligence. They have no follow through, they do not take parents valid concerns into consideration, they lack the ability to examine symptoms thoroughly and quite frankly how they missed my sons simple diagnoses should truly make people nervous. They simply did not care enough because his oxygen levels were ok so that meant he was ok. How unfortunate. Stay away from this place.

D.Y. H.W.

Depending on time of day, wait times can be a little longer in the ER. I don't go to urgent care here. I go elsewhere. I do bring all of my babies here for specialities, exams, therapy and other things and we are usually in and out within an hour. Been coming since 2014. No issues as of yet.

Jeremy Sparks

2 appointments, no exrays no procedures and it was a 1000 dollars for evaluations. Healthcare is not expensive because of insurance it's expensive because of places like this. They use your children to drain your bank account. No wonder they fight against disclosing prices.

Queen Mitchem

Too slow. I wish I could give no star. Every time I come here day or night various hours I always have to wait foue hours. That is ridiculous. I'm in there about to pass out waiting for my child to be seen. Don't come to this Hospital unless it's an emergency. I just left witgoit being seen. Because of this hospital my kids won't go to the hospital unless they are about to die.

Nathan Goodwin

Waited 3+ hours to be seen by a doctor in the ER because my daughter was throwing up blood. By the time the doctor saw us she had pretty much stopped no thanks to them. Then they gave her an IV and nausea medicine. That took about 30 seconds for the doctor to decide. May not have needed fluids if we'd just gotten the medicine three hours earlier. Makes the big ER visit bill difficult to swallow after you get terrible service. Will definitely not recommend going there again to anyone.

Kim t.

I normally would give 5 stars bc we go to the liberty campus alot bc my son is a diabetic.... but we had to come to the er this morning bc my son was havin chest pains shortness of breathe an pain on his left side of his Stoamch. .... we got here at 1030 , we was called back for them to weight him an all that than was told there wasn't no rooms open, so they put us out in the waiting area again to wait it is now after 12 an we still waiting an his pain getting worse i went to the front desk an they was rude pretty bad..... said we had to wait our turn .... HELLO I have a type 1 diabetic son with fatty liver disease and kidney disease that is complaining of chest pains and havin trouble breathing on top of pains on left side of his Stoamch cant wait our turn . ... this suppost to be the er every patient that walks in that door is a emergency.... an when u have a diabetic that walks in that door with a emergency every second counts ...... this the worse service i have ever had .... half the patients comin in couldve went to a urgent care, parents when u bring ur child to the er for a runny nose or a cough it makes others with real emergency wait longer than they have too .....

Kristan Davidson

This is the worst hospital system that could have ever been created. Extremely expensive they over test and they do not diagnose correctly. Try getting an appointment with them through their networks. It is impossible and they never call you back. What a crock. It's awful that they have a monopoly on the system for care because their care is so very poor.

Dean Sawadeh

The urgent care is absolutely unorginzed. I walked into the hospital with my child. Then checked in I was told my child qualifies to be seen at the urgent care. When I reached the desk at the urgent care I was told that I have to register again. Ooh why !? This specific employee is a rude lady and she skipped over many times yes she skipped my son last year.. God what is wrong with this lady ?? Don’t waste your time pick a different location

Ashley Wingerberg

Very rude and unprofessional front desk staff will never been my children here again just from those two ladies in the front desk that I seem this morning at 10:00 a.m. very much attitude for no reason , don't listen to what I said , seriously you need better people working in the front end of a hopsital I also heard her being grumpy and gossping

Jamie Merrick

Prakash Sharma

Never ever take your babies to the liberty children hospital in the emergency during the night time. I visited the hospital with my baby at 8.30 and now it is 12.01 still unattended. The nurses and doctors are busy chatting and talking. Worst ER services ever seen in US.

Gwendolyn Cales

They're taking good care of my sick baby girl.

Betsy Strunk

I wish this was capable of no stars. It's 1:18 pm and we've been here since 11 am. They take your vitals then make you wait a hour until they register you. A hour and eighteen minutes later, we still have yet to see the doctor of any sort. They said they'd bring us a towl for her eyes (she has a migraine) and 40 min later have yet to bring it. They said she'd be next and still have taken three people before her. Service here sucks!

Amy Lynn Kern


Keli Tudor

We have used the er and had surgery at this facility. The staff does an excellent job at making sure the child and parents are comfortable and understand what is happening. I was amazed how caring the doctors and nurses were.

The Annichenni Adventures

This was THE Worst hospital stay I have ever experienced. We originally came in through emergency on 1/15/17. My 7 month old daughter wasn't eating and had diarrhea. They admitted her that night. Today was the day we were discharged and it was awful. They decided to keep her because she had lost some weight while being sick etc. So their only reason for keeping her was for weight gain. After 4 days of that we just couldn't take it anymore and wanted to self discharge against medical advice. Now, I am a 19 year old mother. However, I'm a great mom. A doctor named Brittany had been slightly on board until it came time for our self discharge and tried to scare us into staying. "we will call children's services, your insurance won't cover this stay and it will be at least 50,000 dollars." etc. Etc. Blah blah. So, I called our insurance and they said they don't advise leaving but they would cover the visit. Then all of a sudden my fiancé and I were "unfit parents " because we want to get our daughter back into home environment so that she can gain weight and be successful at home. The doctor belittled us, disrespected us and disregarded our wants and needs. I told her exactly that and asked to speak to a different doctor. So while signing the AMA she comes back and says they will sign off on our discharge and it won't be considered AMA because upon speaking with a higher up she realized we were in the right. Will NOT be back.

Ellen Abt

Children's Hospital took wonderful care of my 3 year old daughter! She was seen, literally the moment we walked in the door with a cough and labored breathing. They were thorough, clearly explained though out our stay both in the ER and inpatient room. My family is truly thankful for having such a fantastic place to take our kids! Everyone was so kind and helpful from the nurses, doctor's, clerical staff, housekeeping, dietary, respiratory therapists... frankly I couldn't have asked for anything better!


My daughter had surgery with Dr. Falcone Everyone from registeration-pharmacy-nursing-Anesthesia-Residents just everyone we came into contact with we're super friendly and over nice! I love this location and never have had any issue. I make the 20 so minutes drive anytime. Well worth it. Thank you to all that take care of my daughter on this day.

Amber Tucker

Amy Manning

Willy Jennings

15 day old baby 2.5 hours and still waiting to see doctor and our pediatrician sent us here with a call ahead. Poor response time poor service. People nice but no rooms they tell us. Need an app to find wait times at hospitals er. Pray my grandchild does not pick up these illnesses floating around here. Worried.

Isabel Ramirez

Great hospital

Jeff Shire

Great place. More convenient than the Clifton campus for appointments. ER is very nice, not crowded, and quick if it’s an acute care need

Jason Adkins

Randy Jones Landscaping

Wonderful place to take sick kids and give peace of mind to the parents. Thank you!!

Julianna Hemmerle

Hala Aoun

Nice medical center


Carolyn Belcher

Christi Wilson


Doctors and nurses are great, the facility is beautiful.

Chris Blair

Absolutely fantastic

ابو فهد

مستشفى مميز للاطفال

Mariah Holt

The docs are great but the nurses in the ER are questionable! I’ve heard them gossiping about patients in the ER laughing about cases they were working on. The lead was extremely unprofessional and didn’t seem to care about them talking about patients where everyone could hear.

Amber Diaz

Great occupational therapy teams

Megan Segbers- Eichenberger

The staff are very friendly and helpful!

Karina Trebnik

Good experience. Helpful, kind employees. ( In the ER )

Richie Griffith

This is THE BEST Chidrens Hospital around! We travel over an hour to Cincinnati when anything is happening! We travel to Liberty on an almost weekly basis for appointments, and they are always going out of there way to help us! My son at one time had a PICC line that wouldn't flush, and when we got there (2 hours later) they had a special team waiting for him and even brought a doctor in from another hospital to help out! First class hospital and one of the BEST in the Nation!

Darrick Rogers

The emergency room nursing staff (Some) are so rude and unprofessional it just doesn't make sense the attitudes they have. They ask patients would they like something to drink never bring it back. Put u in a room with thats dirty, paper on closets opened trash is full beding baskets are full like knowone has been working. Doctor nor nursing staff has checked on my daughter in about an hour. If i would have known this i would have took my chances at the main campus in Cincinnati. Doctors come into room don't speak to parents no introduction at all no nursing introduction no names given. Arrival at 11:30am and still waiting for services at 3:07pm all while my daughter is not feeling good at all. Children's Hospital Liberty Township you can do better than this.

Kayli Parker

Halyn Payne

this place is lit

Gerald Williams

Horrible! Stay away from this hospital. Emergency room personnel is rude and no sense of urgency at all. Called to complain to patient advocate...Jackie, she defended her staff and never apologized for poor staff. I'll put this on every social media I can. They are pathetic! Go to another hospital and save your stress level.

Jaenesa Cabrera

My experience here was absolutely amazing the staff was so helpful and sweet they all treat you like family and with so much care love it deffenetly recommend

Shelly Mcguire

My son had surgery here today. It took less time than they estimated and the staff was so nice and extremely accommodating. The nurses made sure I was completely prepared for everything that was about to happen. They brought toys and set up movies for him while we waited. They made sure to explain things in an easy way and not use words that might scare him(cut, needle, shots).

tasha floyd

This is the Liberty campus . Care is always good .

Skyler Stuff

They are rude! I went 2 times in 2 weeks. First one was okay- ear infection in right ear. Got an antibiotic and was sent home. Went back 9 days later because I had a feeling the antibiotic wasn't working. He had a fever of 104.8 too! She tells me that his ear is still red and his left one was too. She never said hey let's change his meds. Nothing!! I called patient relations and was told that I'm my child's only Voice and I should have said something to the dr. She made me feel like it was my fought and I should have told the dr how to do her job!

Nicholas Haven

Everyone that works here is super friendly. The lab team is so great!

Allison Magliano

My daughter had tubes surgery there 2 days ago. After reading some reviews I was extremely nervous, but rest assured the staff was awesome! We were greeted and brought back at our schedules time right away, our daughter was the focus the whole time and it was obvious. Her care and health were their priority and it was obvious to me. Her recovery was wonderful and so were the follow up calls from the staff. Highly recommend this hospital!

Brandy Teeters

Wonderful place to take sick kids


it is now 10:25 pm came in at 8:00 pm no one has seen my son yet not even been call once i just dont get whats happening here

Carissa Clark

Amy Payne

Every time i take both my kids here Its been great

Jeremy Duncan

Was in emergency for my daughters constipation. They have her a rectal laxative.she had a BM So I informed staff, watched out my window for 50 mins of casual conversation , everyone on there call phones, no one came to acknowledge my update on my daughter. Finally I call in a charge nurse and he comes and she trys to validate there actions. I'm sorry but if ur patient is hearing bout ur weekend and watching in Facebook instead of communicating with me what is going on . Watching you lean on counter engage in casual conversation instead of acknowledging my concerns then you dont deserve to be in health care.

george gonzales

I can't rate it yet, my son has a appointment by February, I got good references, we'll see what happens.

K Salvador

Danny Rivera

I've been waiting here for 3 and a half hours now, there inconsistent with there patients, and makes us wait forever to even see a checkup

dustin nunley

Dr Patricia Lee and the nurses in the ER at Children’s Hospital Liberty are awesome. Dr Lee was the best doctor I remember ever dealing with for me or any of my kids.. I highly recommended this hospital

Kayela Jackson

This is the worst hospital. They do not care about your child's health. They do not care to find your missing item either. Huge mistake bringing my son here! Called all of the lost and found and no one is able to help.

Miranda Hines

John M Burgess

Excellent staff, very friendly and helpful!

Renee Matthews

The best of the best!!! My daughter HAD cancer so we have had the opportunity to get to know the staff pretty well and I am so thankful to have Children's in my neighborhood for sure! Keep up the good work Children's and much much love to CBDI, we love you all! Joe, Renee, and Heidi!!!

Deans Sawadeh

I would give them 0 rating . They skipped my child . This is almost the 4th time for them to act like this. No need to be Sterio type kids. That's shame on you . They really have no manners

Kara Hall

Kathrine O

Simply the best. We appreciate all that they have done for our family.

Tyler Yosick

If I have to wait 20-30 minutes past my appointment time every time I come, that doesn’t spell a well-run hospital in my book. They could use some organization and better communication.

Jason Herndon

Not Happy went there my son is on the spectrum so he does not take any food or drink from anybody in the city does not know but they make sure to remind me to talk to a nurse if we like anything to drink even though I was getting it myself how rude that is send security in. Not Happy will make MGMT aware

Anthony Wilcox

I love Cincinnati Childrens, they have made a huge impact in the life of my 6 year old. She had to have surgery at 6 months, and they have been great all the way through, seeing us whenever we needed. Now we are starting to be released from some of her doctors, and we are still pleased. The liberty campus has handled much of her after surgery care.

Tony Kalberg

Best children's urgent care. Shorter wait times then any other children's hospital. Highly satisfied when ever we come here.

Runningwolf1 33

Slow at times but great place, alot of times waits can be 2 hours or more

Steve Brant

Everyone that works here is kind and helpful and they took very good care of my grandson

Jaggu Nanduri

Sean Moriarty

Good staff, when they aren't stepping on each others toes. My son went through the hospital with a broken arm, we had our original diagnosis from the dept head doctor, then another doctor comes in and tells us something different about the break. That's just scary. Then they "scheduled" us an appointment with the orthopedic doctor at children's in Clifton, but when we got there there was no appointment. It's a good looking hospital, but these people don't keep each other informed.

katie holderman

Kaitlyn Evers

Great team providing excellent care! We love children's!


I would give a "0" rating if possible. Sadly my son (who also suffers from asthma) was there three times and they failed to diagnose his PERTUSSIS AND BACTERIAL PNEUMONIA. Thankfully his family doctor was capable and diagnosed correctly. This is SUPERVISED NEGLECT.. Horrible. We unknowingly exposed literally hundreds of people.

Michael Cullum

We visited for an allergic reaction, and everyone was very friendly and thorough. They took our concerns seriously and were informative and polite. They were clearly working as quickly as possible to assist folks, but we didn't feel as though they rushed us. Highly, highly recommend.


It is clean, friendly,neat with beautiful view I like it

Diane Proctor

George McFry

Francesca Brynski

My children are 14 and 16. Every experience with Cincinnati children's has been horrible. 1) my son was not speaking at age 3 and they said he was "unacceptable for evaluation". No referral back or to anyone else. 2) my son had a MRSA boil on his behind and they brought the table with knives right next to his head- line of sight- grabbed one and lanced the boil. To this day- he remembers the knives. 3) my daughter, 16, with a blood pressure of 160/110 in the ER, and they couldn't get us out of ER fast enough. Saw a rude Doctor for less than 2 minutes and sent home with no recommendations and no concern

Jonathan Arroyo

The physical therapists and doctors here are vested in figuring out the cause my daughter's leg pains. We are now working on strength and flexibility and her pains are getting better without medication.

kristin richardson

wasn’t a pleasant experience, my 4 year old needed stitches and he felt the whole process after they had applied 3 numbing patches that failed to work because each time we sat in the room for over an hour. when they applied the 3rd patch we waited over an hour and a half. i knew he was not numb because he screamed at all the right times (i’m in the medical field i also get pt’s numb every single day ) so i knew he was not numb enough! i would have rather had them anesthetize his foot instead of him feeling them place stitches into his poor little foot, but they said “that’s last resort” i feel like they did a dis service because now he is fearful to go to the doctors. will not be returning

Naomi Brooks

I love this place but i don't drive so i really like the other one down town of cincinnati ohio too

carly Love

They wast beds on kids who are not suicidal and risking a kids life who needs it more

Alithea Cook

Regan Alford

Took my 17 month old here and the staff was amazing. They took such good care of my baby and treated me and my family with kindness and respect! All the staff was supportive and i am so appreciative that my child received such great care!! Thank you its so hard to find a hospital that will treat you good anymore. This is the best hospital ive ever been to. Keep up the good work and thanks again!!

Daniel Smith

C- Children's hospital

Stephanie Sweeney

Jason Wheeler

Great service. Rather expensive but they cut the rate significantly when paying out of pocket. Very thorough and knowledgable. Clean environments at multiple locations--Green Township and Mason.

Jane Jaye Johnson

My daughter had her first surgey today her preop nurse, postop nurse, anesthesist and Dr. Myers were great. Most importantly the nurses were so great with my daughter, they enjoyed her presence and so did did my daughter. My daughter was very vocal with her preop nurse and anesthesist, it was so cute. They all treated her like their own little child. Everyone was nice and pleasant to be around.

Jessie Glancy

I am at the Liberty Children's Hospital more often than I would like to be. My son has a chronic illness and we are there at all times of the day and night. The staff members are great from the front desk to triage to respiratory and nurses and the Doctors. I love that i no longer have to drive to downtown Cincinnati for each emergency, because I trust the staff at Cincinnati Children's liberty Campus!

K.P. Killen

I was very disappointed with my experience here. The stuff did not seem very kid friendly and the staff only spoke to me, not my child. The tables in the waiting room were dirty and had trash on them. The bathroom was so filthy that a gas station restroom would have been better. The wait was ridiculous as there were only a few people there waiting. Just not the quality I expect. It is worth the drive to go downtown Cincinnati to the Children's Hospital there!!


Staff is all nice and kind. Everyone is knowledgeable and easy to talk to.

cynthia bowling

Julie Schatzel

Kelly Ferriman

We moved to the area from CA and found ourselves with 3 sick, vomiting children last fall....(2 days after the Urgent Care opening, but was still under heavy construction, no signage, etc.) Our pediatrician told us about the UC there and recommended we take our children. We entered the only door, signed in at the only desk and told them we were sent to UC. After waiting 15 minutes we were taken to a room and a Dr. saw us. 2 of the kids were given anti-nausea meds and 1 got fluids. THEN we were told we were in the ER!!!!!! (Major bucks and not needed based on their symptoms...never told us they were taking us to ER). We petitioned it and the ER does the review (not an independent panel) and declined us saying we received ER doesn't matter if there was a mistake on THEIR part. Will NEVER go there again!!!!!

Danny Taulbee

Great place

Alyson Larson

The campus is very nice and all of the people are sweet and always there to help

Julia Reynoso

I know that I had personally checked the reviews on this hospital before my daughter had dental surgery at this location (today) and I was kind of worried from the reviews I read on here. PARENTS REST ASSURED. my 5 year old had her first dental procedure ever today and they wanted to put her under general anesthesia to knock out everything all at once, every single person I encountered today was very friendly and reassuring to both me and my daughter. The nurses were very involved in playing and talking with her and after meeting with dr. Schwartz I was feeling much better about the whole thing. They estimated her procedure would take 2 hours and got it done in less time and her teeth look so beautiful! Thank you so much and I applaud the staff here ! The wait list was so much shorter for surgeries here over the Cincinnati campus and I definitely recommend it!

Christian Brewster

horrible waiting for emergency. took forever for doctor to come into room

Matthew Hall

Best Children's Hospital

Margie Beverly

Was very dissatisfied the doc was in and out said oh viral infection checked him in 2 seconds high fever throat hurting crying non stop took to his pediatrician next day and had hand foot and Mouth disease

Alice Campbell

Nice service

faith roberts

Worst ever!!!! The wait was long and my daughter was one of the last patients to be seen so from the entrance into patient area was unfriendly. The doctor was arrogant and just rude. I will never take my children here again. She has a fever 103 and told she just had a cold but yet 2 wks of a hacky barking cough that was worsening to where she was getting dizzy from and nose bleeds. My daughter has only been on 3-4 antbx her entire life and I do not take her unless it is needed. We were made to feel like we were uneducated and a number not people.


Good hospital

Timothy Hendricks

Erika Murdock

Wonderful place! Been to the emergency room and for outpatient surgery. Fantastic with children. So attentive. Only place I will.go to take my 4 year old to the emergency room because they know what they are doing and are so attentive with the kids. Been t to other children's and this is the best one by far.

Rob W.

Excellent staff and faculty

Autumn Sinclair

Got my son in very timely and the visit didn't take long at all

Jenna Lopez

My son is special needs, so we come here often for appointments. It's close to home so that's a plus. The ER department is the slowest I've ever seen. Tonight we have been here 3 hours now and still have not seen a doctor. It was not that busy so I have no idea why. They don't allow preregistration, even with our circumstance, which is ridiculous because my son has an extremely hard time being in this place already, not to mention waiting three dang hours and haven't seen a doctor yet! Absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully we get seen in the next three hours and get to leave here by daylight

Karen El Rady

Wonderful staff very clean environment very safe

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