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Sher P

Children’s Hospital has a reputation of being this amazing hospital for children. I guess the amazingness stops once you look grown. We have had nothing but awful experiences since the first time Our daughter went to the ER. I will tell you how: 1. The ER knew she had messed up blood work numbers and still let her leave 2. 24 hours later she was worse and numbers were still getting bad. They let her leave. She’s fine they said! She is a competitive cheerleader she didn’t walk off the competition mat on her own. 3. I had to fight and fight for hematology to agree to review her chart! She needs 2 blood transfusions and an iron infusion 5 days after the ER let her leave. Which hematology stated she should have NEVER been released!! 4. Her team tried to send her home when she was still unable to walk. Yeah we didn’t leave! 5. We wait 1 1/2 for an echo that was the next room over only to be told the tech left after the first 15 minutes we waited. 6. We waited 2 hours to see a doctor only to be told sorry we can’t find the doctor. We never saw that doctor. 7. I’m now getting conflicting information from nurses! I had a nurse tell me she will no longer speak to me regardless my daughter’s chart. Excuse me! 8. I’ve argued with family services over all the above. I’m pretty sure they are only there to listen and not actually make a difference. My list is actually longer but I’d be here forever. We have encountered doctors/specialist and nurses that were very rude. More rude ones than compassionate understanding people. HELLO I DID NOT PICK YOUR PROFESSION YOU DID!! I will continue to advocate for My Child and if that means pissing people off to make sure she is getting what she needs so be it!

Gail Trahd

Our visit was sadly lacking any professionalism or medical knowledge. After our visit during which the PA treated us with disrespect and contempt, as well as demonstrating a lack of knowledge, I contacted the patient advocate office to express my concerns - and absolutely nothing was done or communicated to me except five words pass along from the PA through the patient advocate that she was sorry I had a bad experience. It was obviously not a real apology. And when I received a letter closing my complaint - the advocate couldn't get the sex of my child correct. After over 20 years of working in the medical field and four children who have seen multiple physicians over the last 30 years, it made me think the advocates office was either inept in addressing any issues, hamstrung by the administration and not allowed to address issues, or so swamped with complaints they didn't have time to adequately address anyone's concerns.

Ronda Whitter

I cannot believe how much that this hospital has gone downhill. The staff is absolutely GREAT in all aspects, from house keeping to dietary. Out of them all dietary follows the rules more than anyone. Now the nurses are mostly great except for those whom puts a black eye on the entire system of not following Isolation protocols, NOR safety procedures or infection protocols for IV care for PORTs. Especially hard when she was there for a possible PORT infection that the clinic gave her there at the hospital and she almoywas septic. It is unbelievable the most dirtiest hospital I have ever seen. Separate hospital stays and three different rooms and also vents in the halls and each one the same. Severe dirt in all the vents, falling on the floor. My eyes burn and myself and my daughter starts with severe allergies after coming into the hospital. The hospital table for the patients food will not roll do to severe dirt, hair and food and mostly germs. Sure they use a special germ blaster to blast the bacteria and germs etc but things has to actually be clean in order for it to work. The showers all had soap scum in eCh and everyone of them. I called for assistance and yes they came and recleaned and gave new rooms and talked and apologized but it hasn’t changed a thing. I am super disappointed. Then one of the worst things is that they have gone down hill in all areas. Especially child life for children whom are on Isolation. They have absolutely nothing for them. The lady whom came started off with what all our daughter couldn’t have. It was horrible. One day I asked for her to some and she refused and never came and sent a volunteer with items that we never asked for. Absolutely the most horrible place now for a child with Cystic Fibrosis and whom needs Isolation. I have pictures, I took photos. I threatened to have her to be transferred to UK from where we just transferred from, because of moving back to this area back to our home in Northern Kentucky. Absolutely heart broken and ashamed.

Kelly Johns

Super good with my kids

Emily Hall

I have to come to this hospital every six months for a specific procedure and just everything about this hospital is great and amazing

Karen Broering

I visit CHMC about every 3-4 months with 3 of my 4 grandkids for pulmonary clinic...along with visits to cardiac, laryngology, psychiatry and neurology clinics and occasional visits to the main emergency dept. also services in lab & x- ray.....any visit is typically top notch by way of having updated information about the patient, and is a very positive caring environment. My questions are answered, the kids are listened to and any questions answered....and they are never made to feel " rushed " or " unimportant " even if a clinic is very busy. We 've had a few inpatient stays for multiple weeks, etc. I have to say that over all our experiences are always positive and feel very lucky to have Children's hospital close by in Cincinnati. This is one hospital that I "d have to give an excellent rating to every time.

Liz Haders

Wonderful staff for the most part. A few people who don't understand the concept of resting in a hospital, but otherwise great. I do want to say that everyone talks about pain management but no one actually practices it. Tylenol is not a cure all. That said they did a very good job of trying to make my daughter comfortable all the way to giving her valium to relax. The nurses in rehabilitation were amazing and helped however they could. Thank you ladies! Thank you children's!

Deb Long

My grandson had surgery on Monday..they kept family updated, Recovery staff best best staff on 4th floor A building...never did they leave the room after taking care of him without asking us if there was anything We needed or any questions they could answer...I work in a hospital and will be passing on this excellent customer service I witnessed...cudo’s to Children’s!!!

Matt Badertscher

Top notch in all areas


Can’t say much about the hospital as a whole, but I can say the research done here could and should be improved. Highly questionable practices. Highly against CCHMC in this regard.


Took my son and had great medical staff who were very thorough with their care. They were very friendly and made share we understood exactly what procedure they were doing and exactly what it would intell! They have state of the art technology

Mandy Colbert

In general we receive a high level of care here. I have no complaints as far aa the quality of medical care. My issue is with wait times. Why should I arrive 15 minutes early to an appointment when we ate left to sit for 45 minutes past our appointment time? It's just plain rude. Parents and families go to great lengths to be able to attend appointments. We should be treated respectfully. Our time should be respected.

Brian Little

Once my son came back to his room dr.'s we're back to see him right away

Sage Rocket

Awesome place, if you can't find your doctor, ask a security guard.

Ed Gregory

EVERYBODY we dealt with in a recent surgery were SUPER. Can't say enough good things about them. Having witnessed a number of nurses (and others) during our visit you start to notice from the start that they are a VERY special group of people. After seeing their dedication, sincerity, professionalism and patience (PATIENCE!) you just want to be a better person yourself.

Audrey Porter

I don't like anything about it. I wish I didn't have to give any stars. The staff is snobby. They act like they are so much better than the patients & their families. My nephew was suppose to have heart surgery. They cancelled at the last second & now expects us to once again rearrange our work schedules which is almost impossible to do. I don't like this place. They are very unorganized. I don't trust any of them.

True southern Accent

My son had to go to Cincinnati Children’s hospital to see a back Doctor. We had a wonderful time in Cincinnati. Our visit was great.

Daisy C

The hospital and staff were absolutely amazing to begin with. But after my specialist moved to another hospital, I haven’t had a doctor. They told me if I needed to be seen to go to the emergency room and go through there. The last two times I’ve been, the emergency room treated me like I was stupid. No other hospital will treat me. The other hospitals aren’t equipped to deal with my condition. So to be treated so bad at my only option hurts. Physically and mentally. Right now I’m sitting in a room, waiting for neurology to even acknowledge me while in pain. It’s been two hours so they probably forgot about me.

C M Kong

We visited main campus twice last month and Liberty once. Also called orthopedics, records and billing. Overall the staff is quite racist. We encountered security personnel questioning our presence! We felt a pushed back and delays every time we asked a question or requested explanations. Scheduling told me Children's only has 2 orthopedics doctors and thus my child had to wait 3+ weeks to get follow up appointment. We switch out of Children's, second opinion agreed with us that waiting 3+ weeks was doing more harm than good and original approach was not the best. Now I could see my kid is finally healing. Very disappointed. Ohio discount (per billing) is also not 49%, is much less.

Paul Anderson

Very disappointed with the rude culture that seems to be persistent with every visit to this place. Nursing staff can be so rude you just want to walk out. I've been coming here for years for my kids because it is the only place in town for them, if there was an alternative option, I'd go there. I recently needed to go to the emergency room for my kids and was treated terribly by the nursing staff, just cold dry rude people. My son also needed IV antibiotics a month ago and we stayed inpatient , the team that cared for us was very incompetent and rude as well, no one seems to care in that hospital and you can see the staff actively abusing each other and putting one another down.

Brett and Brianna's Candy Corner

My son had a 24hr ambulatory eeg. Once they removed the electrodes I noticed that they had pushed them on so hard they cut his forehead.


Great place to take your sick children


They have great food and the BEST STAFF EVER!!!

Agee BoyzRacing

We have had great experiences at this hospital. My son was transported here when he was 7 days old for his first, of 3, open heart surgeries. For the most part, everyone has been wonderful to my son and my family. I'm thankful to have this hospital fairly close to home.

Lisa Fowler

Took daughter for egg at children's hospital staff was ok nothing great but most of all the blankets were covered in yellow stains that looked like pee. Just unacceptable

starr miller

Childrens located in Cincinnati is the worse place to go unless YOUR WHITE. My 1 year old son had a temperature of 103 and when i brought him the carelessness these people had for my son was despicable. The attitude the atmosphere i recieved from the doctor was just flat out unbelievable i sat there for about 4 and half hours and received no help. I seen nurses walking their patients to and from radiology/x ray being so nice but told me and my "yeah just go down the hall u will find it and come back when u finish", the fact my chols had a fever that high and was sick the doctor told me its no big deal he is ok your probably being dramatic. Babies get sick at least 3 4 times a month during the winter

Courtney Mccutcheon

I posted one review already about the multiple ILLEGAL things this hospital did during my child’s stay there. I guess they didn’t like me posting about how they forced me into giving my son a surgery while he wasn’t healthy enough to have one (Thankfully all ended well there). Or the fact that I a NICU resident told me about two other children having MRSA (they’re supposed to be isolated) and they put my child in that isolated pod with those two kids. I contacted a lawyer before they would move my son. The list goes on. But my favorite was today. My son has hydrocephalus and was born at 25 weeks. He has had two brain surgeries. He has a shunt placed. I call today because I needed to have my son seen. He’s been acting pretty strange and showing a couple signs that his shunt may be taking too little or too much fluid off his brain. I just wanted to get him checked out. He has an appointment the 23rd of January. Some girl named Teresa calls me from neurosurgery as I requested. Refuses to make me an appointment. She told me to take my son to his PCP. They cannot do anything for what I want him seen for. I tell her this. She tells me to take him to the emergency room. Mind you, my son is 6 months old. 2 months adjusted. He has a blood disorder where he doesn’t create many neutrophils (these fight off infection). I am not allowed to sit in a dr office waiting room. My son cannot go anywhere public. I am not supposed to do that unless it is life or death. I tell her this. She tells me she can send the dr a message and see about getting me in with a nurse practitioner. I said no, my son needs to be seen by his doctor. The one who has been following him this entire time. She says she will message him. Next thing I know I have a SOCIAL WORKER calling my phone saying that they’re concerned I won’t bring my child in on Monday. And that apparently Teresa tried calling my phone (she did not. I even checked my call records at my phone company). This social worker goes back and forth telling me the same stuff. She has no idea what’s going on. Nor can she make me my appointment. There was ZERO reason for this woman to call my phone acting like I’m neglecting my kid when I’m the one trying to make this woman make him an appointment so I can bring him in. My sons shunt malfunctioning can kill him. I call to try to get it checked out and basically got denied and then threatened. So for the millionth time. SCREW YOU CHILDRENS.

LotsofLove Underwood

Its been awhile since my stay. But the nurses are extraordinary friendly. Thank you so much & God BLESS you all. Nurses & MDs

Beth Roesch

Great hospital. Was there for 3 weeks and the entire staff were caring, respectful, honest and open. We dealt with different departments who were all working as a team, to care for child. Most importantly, they treated our child with compassion and respect. They care for the child and provide many levels of support for the entire family

A Saracen

Great hospital and such a gift to the Cincinnati area but sooo expensive! My 5 year old son was having anxiety and he saw a psychologist, they talked about his feelings for an hour and we were charged over $400. I would highly recommend verifying the cost of any appointments before scheduling, especially if you have a high deductible.

Devonte Ahmed

Wait time is soooo long, then when you do speak with the doctor they spend maybe 2 minutes in the room. I understand they are busy, but hire more doctors so that we can get more personalized care.

Alisha Cope

I wish I could rate it a 0.. The hospital it’s self is nice but they literally push you to do something you don’t want to do. Before my surgery while being strapped down. I screamed out I didn’t want the surgery and they still did it, they put me to sleep after I was fighting to get out. I am pretty sure your allowed to choose different until they put you under to say you dont want to do something. That’s why they put me under right after saying that. It is going against medical advice but you have the right as your Own to decide if you want something done. So I lost my babies because of this TTTS surgery. I will never be back there!!!!!! I would still have my babies if it wasn’t for this hospital!


Buyer beware! Just received claims details for a cast on a leg. Patient was walking for 10 days before the cast, no surgery, no bone setting, no special procedure. This was done by appointment, with a doctor's refferal. The Cincinnati Children's Hospital charges for this service are over $2,500 (x-rays not included)

Brian Schnieders

Everyone that works there goes out of their way to help/accommodate you. Best hospital in the country.

Sarah Stoeckinger

The care in the ER is a joke. The residents practice what they are learning in medical school on your child and don't listen to parents' concerns. Allowed my daughter to suffer for hours. Hospital administrators are not interested in patient care either, as long as Dr's apply "standards" imposed by insurance companies to avoid being sued. Avoid ER at all costs.

Tom Taber Whole Tree Care by Trapper's

Patient (and parent), focused.... easy to schedule and communicate with. I feel that my son is in very good hands

Shannon Deese-Caldwell

Great staff and medical professionals.

Judi Stoker

This is the best children's hospital in the country and, I believe, the world. We use them exclusively for our children. They are now teenagers and we continue to use the Teen Center at the main campus. Over the years, we have consistently had excellent care. The doctors and staff are professional and treat the parents and the children as members of the team. I have never doubted their care plan, not because I blindly accept it, but because we arrive at it together, looking at the different options and agreeing on a course of care intelligently. I am particularly fond of this hospital because over 100 years ago, the women of my church, Christ Church Cathedral, came together to found a hospital to care for the children of Cincinnati. As a result of their vision, Children's Hospital has become a world renown hospital which has changed the lives of countless children and their families.

Shannon Suedhof

My granddaughter has been a patient here for the last six weeks, with a heart issue. The staff here is very well knowledgeable. And I, especially love the nurses that my granddaughter has had


If you have an Emergency do not go here. You have to wait hours to see anyone at urgent care and hours to see anyone in the emergency room. Find a different hospital because they don’t have the staff here.

James Campbell

Never fun but they got us taken care of


This is the best children's hospital in the midwest.

Shana Anderson

I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone who needs to put the health of their child in the hands of medical professionals. They are excellent!

Travis Tobergta

Childrens Cincinnati is the best, my daughter wouldn't be here with out them.

Tye Michael McKee

THEY said my nine year old sister was faking seizures but she's not her jaw clenched and she shakes so Bad and she can't move or respond but they say she's faking but do you think she is. I mean she can't even walk right and she shakes all the time even when she does it no matter what she's doing. Reply to me and tell me what you think.

Donald Collins

Make no mistake, Children's Hospital IS good for children. But, I soon had the same experiences the more negative reviewers had. About 90% of the staff you encounter here are extremely snobby and condescending. It's like they try to make you feel like a terrible parent every way possible. My wife was on bed rest at the significantly better run hospital next door recovering from a C-section. The staff wasted no time calling social services on her. They did not care about her recovery. I took almost a month off work trying to keep things together, streching my dollar as far as I could during this time. Nope. Not enough. When you are the breadwinner in your household, and it's time to go back, you will get another fun visit from social services. You see, this place is Hell for parents. You are trash the second you walk through the door. The same day my child was discharged someone had overdosed on heroin and brought a firearm into the hospital. Social services and security must have been too busy watching me. There are a few staff members here who are compassionate and care about people at this hospital. I give thanks and would like for them to know this review is in no way directed at them.

Carly Szerencsy

The Best hospital I went to. They got the job done they are so kid friendly and the staff are angels from heaven go there for your kids needs they will get your kid back on their feet.

Sterling Donaldjr

They work to make things great for my son

ashley Mitchell

They take wonderful care of my child. Every extended stay we are here they take great care of him and me.

Makina Starr

Best care for children must staff are here for the children

Eric Rothweiler

Best care from the top experts

Laura Campbell

i have amazing experience here, last year i have a broken leg and the doctor treat me well

Rhane Blue

Great LGBT friendly hospital. They are a wonderful central location if you need many doctors in various depts.

love infinity

They treat my kids like family. Always willing to listen and look for answers.

Michelle Taylor

Most helpful and understanding staff. Everyone from the help desk, parking attendants, check in desks and nurses were just terrific!! Thank you so much

Amber Tirtlot

My first time going to children's was last week on Wednesday i got admitted there that day on Halloween from getting attacked by a dog and after they stitched up my legs they rapped them and they didn't use any Neosporin no none stick gals and didnt even rap up all of the bit marks after my mom told them no wonds exposed so the gals they put on my legs stuck to all my wonds which put me in so much pain to were i had to go see my doctor to get the gals off my legs and one of the gals was stuck inside of one of my wonds it was so deep my doctor couldnt get it off and my doctor DID use none stick gals Neosporin nothing that delt with those gals children used. Children didnt prescribed me no pain medicine but my doctor did. I went back to children's today for more rabbie shots and they re rapped them again and i told them that my doctor wants my legs wrapped with the stuff they used and they didn't they put the same stuff they used last week and when i got home my mom told me to re rap them and the gals was stuck again on my legs. I DO NOT LIKE CHILDREN'S NEITHER TRUST THEM! THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WRAP DOG BITES AT ALL!!

Teresa Warren

This is the best place to bring you child!!

sarasmile lewis

Some of these reviews are bullcrap. And also some of you people need to stop taking your kids to the ER for every little thing. Try using your family Dr or going to urgent care. And also people I know how the ER works there. When you think people just walked in and are already called back to a room, they are actually just going to triage. And sometimes from triage they are directed to be seen in Urgent care through another door. So shut the hell up, and stop coming to the ER for every ache and pain.

mike hardman

Awesome I like this be able to see the building that you're going to

J Hunter

The nurses and doctors are patient and listen to your concerns. From the time you walk through the door until you leave, the staff makes you feel like your child's care and needs are important.

Dan McIntyre

I don’t understand how this hospital can have less than 5 stars. It’s an amazing place. Best doctors, nurses, and staff.

Kameron Nab

Having been a patient here since I was six years old, I can safely say this is the best care facility in the world. Everyone, from the janitorial services, to the doctors and nurses, everyone is extremely friendly and genuinely loves their job and is there to make sure your child recovers. This place is fantastic and if you end up here, you are in good hands.

Nerdy Fangirl

This place has done so much for me, I can't thank then enough. I really recommend children's if your child is in need of any operation or service. The process with them is such an ease and they really care for your child.

Katie Hughes

My daughter saw Dr. Lisa Kuan for an evaluation. Dr. Kuan was excellent. She listened closely to my concerns and made me feel at ease discussing my child’s behavior. The appointment was quicker than expected, to my delight, yet still left me feeling all bases had been covered. My daughter and I traveled from Berea, KY and on the way, she had extreme car sickness, vomiting all the way up. She managed to soil both of the outfits I had with us and I used up all of our baby wipes cleaning her up. At the hospital, the staff went above and beyond for her. They provided her with a clean gown and shorts to wear and gave me a package of wipes to use for the trip home. The nurses cheered my very grumpy and tired daughter up by blowing bubbles. The hospital was lovely and comforting after a very difficult morning.

So Done

Go in to take your child in for pediatric rehab and you get a doctor trying to force you to get your child injected with a flu vaccine. Asking once is one thing but trying to force it on you is another. Doctors need to start worrying and caring for their patients and stop worrying about making money for Pharmaceutical Companies. Other than that Cincinnati Children's is a great place and does help many children and families.

Vicki Moore

This hospital has been a Godsend for us. They have the best program for treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We drive over 200 miles twice a year just to get the best care. God bless Dr. Brenda Wong and her team.

Jenny Infosino

Our 7 year old needed eye surgery this morning and wasn't terribly nervous until we left for the hospital. She has a lazy eye and needed her muscles strengthened in her eyes. Our surgeon/Opthamologist is amazing and has seen our daughter for 5 years and has always been clear about the direction we were headed and what to expect regarding her eyes. Our daughter looks forward to her regular appts with Dr. Schwartz (so good with kiddos as is her staff!)And this morning she did a great job making mom and dad more comfortable. Every employee was wonderful with our daughter and with us... our pre surgery nurse was wonderful with our girl. She let Sandy take her heartbeat, she got her a necklace set, crayons and more and she talked to her.. directly and assisted in easing her fears. Thank you Pamela.. you are appreciated! I feel bad, as I can't recall her name, but the nurse/assistant that took us to the operating room made it so fun by having our daughter wave her best princess wave and EVERY employee that saw her waved back with enthusiasm!! Terrific job easing a little ones fears. Dr Jack (can't make out his last name in pic- sorry) the anesthesiologist, was awesome. Unfortunately, he ended up having to "help" our stubborn daughter with the gas. It wasn't fun but it got the job done and he was professional, kind and empathetic (with our kiddo and us). After the surgery, our surgeon gave us a container with one of her teeth as it was loose and had to be pulled and there was also a 1$ bill. The anesthesiologist asked the surgeon if she was disappointed to find out who the tooth fairy was and how he looked... lol... ‍ thank you so much... comedic relief is awesome! Your confidence made the hard part.... less hard. MY DAUGHTER... just woke up and cried a bit recalling sedation but she was SO HAPPY that the Dr. didn't do the mask initially... just the tub and she is so grateful (I didn't understand why it was done that way initially, but now I obviously do... my daughter hates any type of restraint... he obviously caught on to that. The desk of nurses that man the surgery area were awesome also... we sat close to them so we saw many interactions... friendly, helpful, and just a pleasure to see people that seem to enjoy their work a great deal. Finally, we were shocked by how quick we could leave... our discharge nurse was... surprise... awesome... friendly, helpful, and made us feel more comfortable with what we will deal with in the days to come. Terrific job to everyone at Children's!!

Melissa East

The nurses and staff have taken and is still taking very good care of my teenage son while his treatment continues. Very polite

Pete Sevy

Don’t be fooled by nice people and the food I was sent to ER and people laughed and stared at me while I was being drugged with out my consent . Think about who’s really around you in your life

John Carroll

Oncology was awesome. They treated us and my son with great care. Always taking care of all of us. The staff was outstanding. They had a plan and explained everything with no wasted time. Every appointment is on time and you get results same day. Amazing.

Greg Wallace

The best hospital I have ever worked in or thaken my childre to. First class

humphrey wayne

Best in taking care of children.

Carmine Giglio

We have taken our children here for treatments. The staff and personnel are top notch complaints at all. And as an added bonus, the cafeteria is excellent. It’s well worth the drive from Louisville to get the care we need for our family.

Irish Lass

After being told by plastics that we would be consulting w Opthalmology, I had to argue w nurse to get Opthalmology involved in regards to a post facial fractures and corresponding drastic changes in vision. So an hour and a half later, I was still with my poor child in children's...if there is any way you can make it to Liberty Way location, I would so recommend it. Doctors were great, but there's too many people running around, not knowing what they are supposed to be doing.


Super expensive but well worth the care. Amazing hospital. I hope you never need them but they treated us amazingly

Rachel Lester

It's a number 2 hospital in the nation great care here.

Ed Sparks

I love this place I love my kidney doctor and my gi doctor.


Im commenting here on the quality of the mental health system within the hospital, from what I've heard their general healthcare is amazing and if thats what you need them for then by all means go for it, it's worth it, however, their mental healthcare is plagued with mistreatment, I had a doctor tell me that my sibling trying to attack me with a knife wasnt a big deal because "i'm not dead", and used it to dismiss my concerns about going home to my family. The social worker who helps figure out what your plans are for after you leave came to the meeting having known nothing about why i was admitted or what was going on, completely unprepared, I took a bit to explain the situation to her and what lead to me being inpatient (including the involvement of CPS), and we went into the meeting. Almost immediately she started accusing me of being a liar and made no attempt to understand the situation. I would highly recommend against sending your children into their mental health system.

Kara Graves

My son had an appointment with an eye doctor, Dr. Gray. The appointment was a complete waste of time. The technician broke his current glasses, placed tape on them before returning them. He was not able to get a new prescription because Dr. Gray is not a specialist. The same eye exam completed by this doctor was a repeat of the exam completed by his eye doctor. While making the appointment it was explained the type of equipment needed to complete his eye condition. I was told Anderson's office was a full service location. I wasted 90 minutes of drive time, anther exam payment and 2 1/2 hours to complete the same exam completed two weeks prior. My son's quality of life was worst coming out than going into Anderson Children's hospital, he still can't see but now has broken glasses with tape on them. He is scheduled in two weeks for the specialist at Cincinnati Children's Burnet location. His prom is next week and he has tape on his glasses. I'm very disappointed to say the least.

Shanika McNeil

Long wait time for what they consider non emergency. Child had shortness of breathe and pain when he cough. But we waited for three hours... My son was in tears asking what is taking so long. I couldnt answer as to why.

Cana Rechel

Excellent doctors great staff. Super supportive

tina williamson

An excellent facility,clean and cheerful. The staff are amazing, and the NICU is by far the best around. Each member of the staff treats the babies and their families like theyare their family.. My grandson spent 32 days there and each medical person we had contact with was helpful,informative and genuinely cared for what my grandson and our family was going through. THEY KEPT HIM ALIVE DURING AN ALMOST UNIVERSALLY FATAL CONDITION. THEY DO MIRACLES HERE.

Alisha Ray

This place is the worst place to go to. Got refered to go there from another hospital and sat in waiting room 2 hrs after sitting in another one for 4. They kept saying ur next ur next and never took her back. They said its based off urgency well the hospital that sent me thought it was her appendix and u all acted like she was there for a runny nose. Need to have a better system and make sure all the associates are on the same page. When one associate tells me the first bed that is open your in there 6 people later went up to the front the lady behind the desk said oh my your the longest one In the waiting room your next 4 people later i was done. Need to learn what may not be important to the staff maybe is important to the parent. Calling her doctor monday and having her seen by staff that actually cares about thier patients. People bring thier kids there bc thier sick not based on ur urgency staffed needs retrained. Bc the nurse came out and waited 15 min for a guy to change a diaper instead of taking others back and then coming back for that person. Need to get your priority straight. Need to go in order unless bleeding or worse

Brittany Pavely

Absolutely awful customer service and scheduling department. My pediatrician sent a referral to the plastic surgery department a week and a half ago. I still had not heard back from scheduling, so I called to follow up. They had lost my referral and refused to schedule me in the meantime while the referral was being re-faxed. Time is of the essence for my son's condition and the scheduling department and referral system do not care about their patients at all. Very upset that because of the hospital's mistake my son cannot be seen in a timely fashion. Make your mistake right.

Beverly Wilson

I have been going here since I was 18 years old (I know, weird age for a children’s hospital) and will continue to go here for treatment. That is the great thing about children’s is that they keep you there and treat you as family. I have had a couple of not so great individuals every now and then but for the most part, the good always outweighs any of those. The staff is amazing and the atmosphere is wondering. I walk in the doors feeling safe and like everything will be ok. They have saved my life too many times to count on one hand. They allowed me to have to opportunity to be healthy enough to grow into the person I am today and I used to travel 8 hours in a car to get there or get a plane have surgery and fly back home all in one day. I need and love children’s so much that I moved to NKY. Thank you for all you do Children’s!

Tiffani Dorfmueller

I took my daughter to the Mason Urgent Care. We arrived approximately 10 minutes after opening, so roughly 12:10pm on Sunday November 25, 2018. At 1:30 we were told it would be about two hours before my daughter would be taken back to a room. In addition to that, the wait would be long before seeing a physician. We left an took my daughter to River’s Bend Urgent Care where she was seen immediately. I do believe that CCHMC provides extraordinary care due to the amazing people that are providing direct patient care. Luckily for us we were not dealing with anything life threatening. However, I can not understand how or why a wait would be so long after being open for only ten minutes. Unless there is a severe deficit in staffing. CCHMC has cut staffing to such a degree that they aren’t even capable of seeing a child with possible pink eye in a reasonable amount of time.

Vickie Ring

They take excellent care for my grandson.

Felicia Mays

I rate this place 5

Jon Meiners

Not incredibly impressed. Everything I have heard made Cincy Childrens out to be the best. I called for my sons life threatening peanut allergy and felt like a cold business transaction instead of care for my son. Not that the employees were rude just no personal care or compassion. Another issue was it was going to take 3 months to get my son in to see a doctor. I understand they are busy but a peanut allergy can't wait that long. I called Allergy and Asthma Care and they were immediately on it and super knowledgeable, helpful and caring. Even better was they were able to see me almost immediately.

Mike Lehner

Wonderful hospital that is saving childrens lives every day. We drive from Columbus to here every 6 months for testing and couldn't even think of taking our daughter anywhere else for her needs. Thank you Cincinnati Children's!

Peter Watts

Phenomenal staff and facilities. Ranked nationally as the # 3 Childrens Hospital in the country, but Cincinnati Children’s is # 1 in our heart! Thank you for everything you have done for our child and our family.

Derrick Dunn

This hospital is terrifi, they definitely want what's best for your child, much better than Dayton childrens.

Mike Feltenberger

Dedicated tuberous sclerosis clinic. Thank you!

Michael English

The service at the hospital is the best in the world. They treat your child like your own. The surgeons ate some of the best in the world. My baby should have had a 10 day hospital stay for heart surgery but two days after surgery we we're at the zoo having fun. Driving the 600 miles was definitely worth it for the best in the world.

Ramona Howe

Love this hospital . Dr grom and Dr svobova are the best!

Brian Whisman

We had to be here for our son for a couple of weeks most of the nurses are awesome and nice bit a couple are not but staff was super helpful

Nick Oyer

Always a great experience and superb care

Christy Keller

This place does not treat their employees fairly. When you are injured on environmental dangers on their property they treat you as if you are at fault or lying. I was hurt and they claim they filed a workers. Comp case but they refuse to give me the information or claim numbers. Not a good place to work


Volunteer Services is rude and doesn't understand how hectic a college schedule. I tried to be a volunteer here for a couple semesters, but my schedule was constantly changing due to having many credit hours and two jobs. Could come just about every other week, but that isn't enough for them. Even if you have valid excuses like illness or family emergency, they will still count it against you and kick you out of the system as soon as they get the chance. Very unfortunate that they treat their volunteers like full-time employees with benefits; as volunteers we are taking time out of OUR schedules to help THEM - maybe they would have more if they understood that. Jess in Volunteer Services especially is rude and inconsiderate.

kids kids

This place is a joke. My son has pectus. He struggles with walking breathing. Riding a bike swimming ect. Something a 16 year old should be able to do. He also has asperger's ADHD and tics. Which causes him at times to say things. We know as his family dont mean. He was due for surgery all prepared ready to go back cancelled and since have refused to do surgery. Dr. Brown and her team have done nothing but run us through loop after loop. While my son has been back to school one week. Missed two days due to breathing. And has collapsed 4 times since surgery was canceled. I've called emotional crying for fear of my child and watching him suffer. To no avail, I pray to God if he ever does get this surgery I will never have to deal with these people again. He lost his grandfather a year ago. And had a very hard life with his blood father. I my self have medication a long with his adopted dad in our home. That the surgeons say they are worried about him having in home. Due to him saying one thing one time in his whole life. Mind you he has asperger's. And tends to say things he dont mean or understand. So why my child goes through every day life. Not able to enjoy his life at all. To go talk to a stranger about one mess up in his 16 years of life. In stead of being able to breath walk swim enjoy a teenage life. I've exhausted my self looking for a different team. And if I found one which all are to far. He would not be going here. My son did not come to these surgeons about his mental problem. He came to them for help with his physical life. And they continue to do nothing but show him they dont care. Plain and simple.

Crystal Green

This is a great place with great care and employees. I was a patient here for about two days in the neurology department. Both Doctor Roe and Doctor Kelly are nice and caring, truly phenomenal doctors. My PCA's Holly and Lovanda and another darker skinned man with a long beard( he was the night time pca and I was sleepy and do not remember his name) were very nice. My nurses Nikki and 2 other ladies were very sweet. This is a loving and caring environment.


Suppose to be at the hospital at 730. Sit and wait for a hour. Then get called up to the room with no bed to just stand around. Then listen to the cleaning people complain because it's not their job to move the bed back in. So still standing and waiting. Not a good hospital to pick to go to.

Heather Anderson

So lucky to have such an outstanding hospital in our city!

Clara Diaz

Amazing OTs work here. I had the opportunity to do some observation hours when I lived in Kentucky and it was an amazing experience! Cincinnati Children’s hospital is one of the best hospitals in the country. My special-needs daughter has been in several hospitals across the country, and only a couple have been the best. Cincinnati Children’s is one of them. They truly care.

noah demerly

Our son was admitted to the ER after 4 days of life with low weight, Jaundice and in general, being unable to feed. With Christmas approaching, and having two other children, it has been very hard on our family this year. We recently moved to Cincinnati, and have been in transition for nearly 6 months. Cincinnati children’s has showed us the highest level of care, calmed our fears, and even gave Christmas gifts to our kids at Jingle Bell junction when it was uncertain whether we’ll be released in time to be home for Christmas. THANK YOU for being such a caring, generous hospital focused on one thing: Children. It is evident that their well being is at the core of every fiber at the hospital. Also props to the ER and A6 North that took excellent care of our son during his stay and got him back to health.

Jason Iles

Best hospital in tge tri-state

ariyana moss

Friendly staff and sometimes fast but good service

Linda nickles

I am a DME TECH and I love to see the babies play and laugh; it shows that baby is feeling better and we'll enough to go home to with its family. We at children's hospital strive for excellence!

Billy Shuman

I've had good experiences and horrible experiences here. It is a great hospital but they miss the mark on the important things. I always feel like $$$ walking in and out the door. The patient experience is always last. It seems like I have to beg to keep my daughter's experience a good one. We have had some great nurses and doctors but we have had enough bad times to start considering Dayton or Nationwide.

Naomi Davis

This hospital is a scam !!!! My baby had dental surgery done. It was 2 hours total in the hospital. Our insurance company paid $9,000. And we are still being billed $2,300. We had already paid the dentist before the surgery so her bill isn't part of this bill ! Pharmacy $520.25. ? Anesthesia $738.( Over charged by $200.) Operating room $8,854.51 Recovery room $520. (30mins in this room) Surgical supplies $340.24 My c-section to have her wasn't even that much. I high recommend that you go to any hospital but this one. This isn't my first time with a child having surgery. My son have had 9 surgeries that were more detailed (some that took 8 + hours just for the surgery)his bills never looked like this.

Kaleb Lawson

i think cincinnati really helpes us and saves are life

Timothy Bauer

I like how they got my son better. But now the only reason why my son is still in the NICU, is because he's not drinking what they say he needs to be drinking. EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. And when I Expressed my concern to the (APN) Renee, she was very rude and disrespectful. I didn't appreciate the tone and the way she talked to me, when I was asked questions about my son.

Julie Kramer

Very friendly and caring staff. Highly recommend!

Sarah Anderson

The worst customer service on the planet! Rude rude rude nurses and employees. No one ever calls back. You wait on hold forever. Had to cancel son's surgery because the prior authorization wasn't sent to the insurance company until days before scheduled procedure. Not one person was able to tell me anything about the process or what I would be responsible for if insurance denied. Stagfand doctors mad because I didn't want to take the risk of being stuck with $150,000 bill. No confidence in this hospital at all.

Annemarie Weber

Lady that initially helped us once we got back was very rude! For a place dedicated to helping children there staff didnt seem to want to handle any. Very unsettling!!! The whole reason for visiting was for them to help my child get back on her medications because she lost her doctor and because she hadn't hurt herself or someone else yet they weren't going anything. So childrens basically said wait until then to bring her back and she can be admitted here are some resources.

Damien Blair

The very best care staff for your child

Patti Irene

Most wonderful place and the staff is amazing have been coming here for 25 years

Jolee Futrell

We moved here a year ago from Louisiana. My daughter needed stitches and she was seen within minutes! The staff cared about her and cared for her. This is the absolute best hospital I have ever seen!!!

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