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Debbie Alligood

Talked with Randy Schwan who is on the Trinity Board of Directors. OMG what an arrogant, sarcastic, and obnoxious man. No wonder Trinity hires Dr's with only a 1 rating. Minot want to entrust healthcare to hospital with 2.3 approval rating and ER DOCTOR with a 1.6 approval rating. Re: DR. JOHN NELSON, ER DOCTOR - Beware if you visit the ER at night. I ended up in the ER 2 weeks ago and in the span of 15 minutes i was settled in a room, he came in - DID NOT EXAM ME AT ALL. JUST LOOKED AT ME AND SAID "YOU LOOK FINE, GO HOME". I came back 3 hours later and was admitted for double pneumonia. I'm 62 yrs old and could have died. He literally sent me back home in minus 40 degree weather. BEWARE OF THIS HORRIBLE DOCTOR. ASK FOR ANOTHER DOCTOR. John kutch the President of Trinity Hospital is not qualified or fit to be the president of trinity hospital with a 2.3 approval rating. Was told by his assistant Allison, that he doesn't take calls from the public. No wonder the hospital has such a low rating. Especially keeping DR JOHN NELSON on ER staff with a 1.6 approval rating. It does no good to call Krista Schmidt in patient relations because she sends you a form letter and tells you she's "not responsible any longer" or if you are patient in the hospital, as I was, she comes to your room to happily tell you in person. PLEASE SEE DR JOHN NELSON REVIEWS FROM VITALS WEBSITE. GO TO DR. JOHN NELSON AND CLICK ON THE VITALS WEBSITE, SCROLL DOWN TO READ HIS HORRENDOUS REVIEWS. IT BOGGLES THE MIND THAT DR JOHN NELSON IS ALLOWED TO PRACTICES MEDICINE AT THE ER TRINITY HOSPITAL WITH A 1.6 APPROVAL RATING. I'M BETTING THAT JOHN KUTCH THE PRESIDENT OF TRINITY HOSPITAL DOESN'T LET THIS MAN TOUCH HIS FAMILY. DR. JOHN NELSON IS NOT FIT TO TREAT RATS MUCH LESS THE VERY SICK, YOUR CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, ETC. YET THE PRESIDENT OF TRINITY HOSPITAL SEEMS PROUD THAT HE IS ON STAFF. John Kurth, president a of Trinity Hospital, is a DANGER to the Minot community. With a 2.3 hospital rating it means people are not being treating and suffering in this hospital. Being the only hospital in Minot people need to be worried and insist that someone take over and clean up the damage that John Kurth has created. A 2.3 rating is unacceptable. Please call Mr. Kruth and question why the hospital has a 2.3 rating and what actions he is going to take to improve the rating. Minot deserve a decent and safe hospital. A 2.3 approval rating is danger to our city. If John Kurth was doing his job Minot would have a hospital to be proud of. A 2.3 rating is a disgrace to the community. I was one of the people that suffered and could have died because JOHN KUTCH president of trinity hospital insist on keeping DR JOHN NELSON on staff. So go to the ER with caution..

Krista Burling


Place is pure garbage. They clearly know my wife, a type 1 diabetic, is wayyy above a safe blood sugar and won't even give her insulin over a half an hour in.

JoAnn Paradis

Great customer service at the reception desk. Nurse Cheryl was friendly, efficient and experienced. We had a fun conversation which lightened up my visit. Dr. Albertson is a no nonsense to the point woman. She was able to diagnose my condition in 5 seconds then went and got a second opinion to confirm her findings (says a lot about her integrity ) wrote up a prescription making sure I could access a refill as I was traveling. This was an easy satisfying experience. I was impressed with efficiency of the Dr. and Nurse team. Good job! Thank you so much.

Nancy Miller

Our grandson was delivered recently by scheduled C-section and sent home. After being home several days he was not eating and thriving. They went back to hospital and were told by a different Dr. that the baby was a preemie and should have never been sent home! The baby was kept 5 days in the preemie unit and were told he may have brain damage from being sent home prematurely! We asked the head nurse to please look into this and never received a response! The baby Finally was sent to a speciality hospital in Fargo after 2 weeks. Within 2 days they have a diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome. I am appalled at the lack of knowledge, care and follow thru at Trinity. The stress and anxiety they caused these new parents is inexcusable!

Thomas McCoy

Not good Trinity! Not good at all! Staff couldn't provide even the simplest task of bringing water to the patient. I have heard the rumors about the staff. Didn't believe them until now. Let's get it together Trinity, the community of Minot deserves better

Gordon Snyder

As I continue my recovery from illness, Trinity Hospital has been nothing a but a blessing for me. From the outpatient clinic, radiology, and laboratory- all excellent.

Leslie McLaughlin

Dawn Burns

I was employeed at trinity health for 5 months. I am directing this only at the dept. I worked in. My treatment by my supervisors and co-workers was unprofessional to say the least. The mistreatment started from the moment I got there. I witnessed insubordination to my supervisor by one employee that was on the level that the worker would have been immediately terminated had this been anywhere else. This same employee proceeded to make derogatory and discriminatory statements about myself and my family. Then proceeded to make false statements about me. And encouraged other coworkers to treat me harshly. I went to my supervisor and nothing was done about the employee.I was deliberately taught to do my job incorrectly so that I would not pass orientation. I went on to teach myself the proper way to do my job as best I could. As I went to try to get the harassment stopped by someone in a higher position the harassment got worse and was told in no uncertain terms that if I kept causing problems and didn't just "quit" that things would only get worse for me. That statement was from a coworker whose relative was on the board of administrators. Another coworker was the granddaughter of the head of OR. I believed I was treated this way because of my own personal life choices. By all rights I should be suing this hospital and the workers I worked with. But it was "clear" to me that no one would stand behind me on this issue. I put in my 2 weeks because it became more tortuous to continue. The day before my last day there, I was terminated on the grounds of threatening to punch a coworker in the face. These were false allegations. My supervisor was not present that day. I was terminated by an upper level HR person and the "Head of OR " , who also happened to be best friends with my supervisor. I never filed a discrimination claim.

Tony Carloso

never..... never again

joy secrest

Got billed twice for the same thing and one of the payments was only a couple cents off. That's kind of fishy if you ask me. My son went in for dental surgery. We knew we where going to get billed for anesthesia and use of the hospital. (The nurses and anaesthetist where great) What I dont get is why billings department double charged 2 payments. Going to our insurance company about this, becuase they do pay a portion of it. We will Not be paying more then what we owe and we will not let our insurance company do the same. Either someone doesnt know how to do their job or they are very smart and know how to scam people out of their money.

Sandy Olson

I have never had a worse team any place. My mom was in for just over a week and they left her suffering to breath for over 8 hours until I got there for her breathing medications. Her and her room mate had to beg to go to the bathroom and the aids that helped them where mean and rude. I will never recommend anyone go there! My mom got better care in Bottineau Hospital hands down.


If I have 2 see a dr I would leave the state of ND period. The Dr's here a jokes. It's like they hire people from the streets. Maybe I should apply. I would make a ton of money. I called Trinity to make an appointment for a dermatologist and they told me it's a 6 month wait. (6 months seriously) ... I have a herniated disk & other problems in my back and alot of pain. Wich was discovered thru a MRI. I came 2 ND got an MRI and dr found nothing wrong with me. Gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me 2 take 2 ibuprofen. Lolll. Wat a joke. Glad I didn't have 2 pay out of pocket for this

Tabitha Goeller

After hours of my sister being in the hospital it's midnight and they finally tell her that she cannot stay after they said that they would get her a family room now she should drive 3 hours home

Carleen Gust

We are so grateful for the care our child received! Thank you Dr. Holland and the entire pediatric staff!

Keisha Chiarolanza

Very disappointing! Not enough staff to attend to patient needs so you are left with speaking to a nurse on the phone or just being plain neglected. But they certainly are efficient at calling to collect their $. I was in the hospital after giving birth, and they called my room less than 24 hours after I delivered to make sure that I get my baby put on my insurance as soon as possible so that they can bill. As if a new mother doesn't have enough on her plate......especially with the care being as poor as it was, I can say that the first thing on my mind was not making sure the hospital was paid for services that weren't even 24 hours old. They added to the stress even more which is in my opinion extremely inconsiderate. As for the care, I ended up with three different infections and a white blood cell count of over 19,000( that is over twice the "normal" count) all three infections could have been prevented from being so severe had my doctor actually taken the time to see me and evaluate me. Instead I ended up in the ER, and the doctors there didn't take care of me either( I was throwing up blood, had a sever fever, and literally convulsing uncontrollably and had not bee able to keep food OR fluids down for over 72 hours and they gave me ONE liter of fluids through an IV). I had to seek care at a different organization and be treated so that I could take care of my newborn without having a massive infection running through my body, and causing me to be so sick. Unfortunately they are the only hospital in town so seeking care else where when you absolutely need it is not an option. When going to Trinity for any care be sure that you are very direct and don't go home without 100% certainty that you have been treated as YOU need by the staff and doctors because quality or thorough care is certainly not something that is provided by this organization.

Jen Herrick

Josie at the admissions desk really needs to work on her customer service. After I apparently disrupted her conversation, because I needed to get blood drawn. She was absolutely rude. I would never recommend going to this hospital for anything. If possible, go to Bismarck. Trinity of Minot does not have their business in orders. They cannot find doctor orders that were ordered one day ahead of time. HORRIBLE!

Pam Brewer

Maureen Victoria

Basically good triage nurses, confused lab techs, inept ER doctors. Doctors that don't ask questions or look at you while trying to diagnose are not good at their job, if you can help it avoid Trinity.

Lance Porter

I had the displeasure of visiting this antiquated "hospital" over the holiday while visiting my family. I unfortunately forgot my inhaler for my light asthma and was having trouble breathing - not an emergency per se, just discomfort and figured why not go get a quick prescription. Being that Minot is Minot, there was nowhere else to go but the ER. Got checked in immediately because there was no one there. The old lady who got my information and took my vitals was quite grumpy and rude - hopefully retirement is on the horizon. I spoke to the doctor for no more than 5 minutes, I forgot his name but he was effective and right to the point, I liked him. All in all the whole ordeal took no more than 20 minutes. Now here's the kicker. The bill I received for a 5 minute conversation and a 20 dollar inhaler - 1600 dollars. This is beyond comprehension. Now of course I understand that using emergency services requires a premium, I'm fine with that. But over here in Fargo I visited the ER and required 19 stitches to sew my face back together (bad accident)... That required 2 doctors and around 2 hours on top of multiple anesthetic shots amongst other antibiotics and drugs... the bill for all of that work - 1200 dollars. Please explain to me why a 5 minute conversation costs 1600 dollars when 2 hours worth of skillful stitching and doctor work costs only 1200? The only answer I can surmise is the greedy owners and suits in charge of Trinity Health need new granite countertops, or a couple new boats to take out to one of their many lakehouses. This is an egregious abuse of power. Its honestly disgusting and lacking of any moral fortitude. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Hopefully some competition in the area will help you realize how incredibly outdated your hospital is and how to properly price your services. I paid my bill, BTW. The last penny you'll ever receive from me.


Dr. Mcmahon Trinity Health To be fair I can only rate office staff, not the Doctor. So, staff is incompetent, self important and uncaring. After losing two referrals and not contacting me for two weeks they refused me treatment because I told them they were incompetent and demanded a call back. I have a broken tooth that needs to be removed, so this is there "emergency" care.

far Good

Quite possibly one of the worst medical providers in the country. I’m not joking. Checking in here is like being in a third world country. They don’t follow protocol, they don’t adhere to industry standards and they will bill you for things they don’t do. They will also bill you more than once. Avoid the emergency room, unless you literally can’t survive until Bismarck. Trinity is nothing more than a loose association of fourth-rate physicians gaming the medical insurance industry and innocent patients for every dime. Honestly. The area would be better off if they would just go out of business. EDITED TO ADD: Trinity has a desk jockey handing out phone numbers to people posting here. I've been down that road. News Flash: they don't do anything.

Shariece Faulkner

Seriously. The girl named Autum answering the ICU phone needs fired. And I pray for the future familys of ICU patients that she is not the one to answer. She has denied me and also HUNG UP ON ME while trying to check on my boyfriend from out of state. In such a critical care center, why do the hospitals employ someone who has 0 sempathy of what you and your loved one is going thru? If you need to talk to anyone, ask for Solaman. He was very sympathetic and at least has manners. If i could give a negative star rating, I would. Due to one employee. Autum.

Jenny Rose Sabandal

Morgan Hoverson

Had a small surgery done in 2014, maybe early 2015. Our health insurance covered my surgery, so being told that they would bill my insurance and everything was all covered I trusted them. I haven’t heard from them since the day of my surgery- no phone calls, no bills sent to me. I moved to Minnesota in 2016, now it’s 2018 and guess what I found in my mail box?! A letter from a law office stating I owe Trinity almost $6,000 for my surgery bill and if it doesn’t get paid they’re taking me to court and garnish my paychecks. From reading previous reviews, I know what I’m getting in to when I call the billing department Monday. If it doesn’t get resolved I have a lawyer in my family that I can pay very little to clear this up. How unprofessional.

Molly Rowell

I am giving 2 stars because we only encountered one good nurse practitioner at the e.r. She was very nice and did a full assessment on my son. The other times I've been there have been a bag of sour bologna. The Doctor clearly does not like his career of choice. He has no compassion or eillfullness to do his job. I went in to the e.r after having spilled vancomycin on my skin and having a horrible reaction. He did not do an assessment, no vitals, he boiled it down to a panic attack. Because of his "conclusion" I now have to pay over $500 because workman comp won't cover a "panic" attack. I was red from my waist to face, HR 170 bpm, bp 100/56 and 34 breaths a minute (as taken by co-worker). To top the cake he had no sympathy, did not educate, did not even give a chance to explain my symptoms. A monkey could probably do a better job. As a nurse I'm even disappointed in the nurses on the e.r. very rude and degrading. Minot needs a dose of southern hospitality

Brooke Fort

Took my son to the ER after an accident. Dr.Olson and the Nurse that took his vitals did an amazing job. Thank you!

Denver Dooby

Went into er August 17th. Had sharp pain in my right side. Er was busy, wait time was 4hr. When I finally got to the back to be seen I was in crippling pain. Had CT scan done. Dr gave me a pain reliver. Narcotic! Hour later came in said nothing was wrong and left. Literally was there for 2 seconds. They had me sign my own discharge papers and showed me the door. Went out the door the ambulance uses. Had no ride no one to get me at 3am. Made it to m&h. After sitting for a bit got ahold of my wife to get me. Next I went to Sanford walk in. When she read the notes from the Dr she said he saw fluid present in the abdomen. She had me rush to Bismarck sanford er. I was rushed in surgery where my appendix was removed.

Annette Small

Highest quality health care we've received. On par with the Mayo Clinic. Every nurse, doctor, and staff member we encountered was professional, friendly, compassionate, efficient, and very thorough. Top-notch service and care.

Ricardo Vazquez

I will start with the doctors, are OK, nurses are great, but there is one particular case with a doctor who told us that our baby was deformed before she was born, sent us to take a lot of test, but our family doctor was checking my wife every week and every time she was doing great, and baby as well. But an a visit to the ER for a little bleeding he told us all the contrary and check my wife several times together with another doctor, he made my wife felt devastated, and cried all night until we went to the family doctor next morning and reassured her that everything was good with the baby, and told us that the ER doctor had made a big mistake, then we wasted 4 hours in the ER room just for some doctor crushed the happiness of a mother expecting her baby. We never received any explanation from the doctor or hospital, not even an apology from this said "doctor" on the ER. And in top of that the billing department is still billing us for something that happened like 2 years ago, with us not knowing for what service or reason, even we have a payment plan. Worst billing department ever, and sketchy doctors. Watch out.

Heather Baker

The billing department is the worst. Why should I have to call back in 3 months after setting up a payment plan? I have made my payments per the agreements, and yet it still isn't enough money for them. Get it together, you get your money, don't send people to collections when I pay ever month what we agreed upon. The worst, and I never leave bad reviews.

Lucas Foster

Clearly taking advantage of the fact that they are the only ER in town. Absolutely horrendous bedside manner. We have had one very nice visit however the amount of awfulness from the nurse practitioner (including both rudeness and mocking my wife) was plenty to make this a one star. If you can afford to go to bismark please for the love of God do it. The extra hour and a half will probably be a shorter time. My wife left in tears. Whole corrupt hospital should be shamed of itself

Kiley Rogers

Went for pain treated for nausea. Told them I was to get a ct scan of my liver and they said they couldn’t follow the request even though the info was already in their records. Sent home still in pain I’m just so over this hospital

Kelsey Herrald

I have recently found out I have Lupus ...I couldn't be further seen until I got a primary care provider who could refer me. Just to find schedule appts that they later called me to reschedule these appts. I have been in pain for the last month and they don't even consider how much I want and need help with the pain. Instead kept holding off. Good luck getting help you need here!

Melinda Timmons

Jake L

They have very professional and quality workers at Trinity Health. I'm very grateful for the services they have provided me recently. I had a pretty serious health scare and they were pretty great at keeping me calm throughout the whole process. I really needed some medicine to overcome the problem I was having, and they were great at giving me the best. It worked great and I couldn't be happier with the result. They saved my life!

Jameson Hayden

No follow up on results from my appointment. Billed at least 4 different times over the course of several months on 1 single appointment. Called to ask if I owe anything, they said no yet I had more and more random Bills in the mail.

amy swearson

Lisa Brandt and her nurse are amazing! They were willing to see me right away, even as a new patient!

Jenna Bruce

Doctor Talley is by the worst doctor I have ever delt with... Very rude!! No bed side manners what so ever and misdiagnosed my daughter.... Request a different doctor if you get him!! You have the right to do that!!

Em Me

I gave birth to my first child at Trinity. Dr. Amsbury saw me through my pregnancy (which had no complications). He was wonderful, easygoing, and to the point. I was induced on a Wednesday morning. Karla my day shift nurse was amazing. She saw me through all of the initial fear I had. Abbie was my night shift nurse. I began pushing at midnight. She was sweet, calm, and everything I wanted/needed in a nurse delivering my baby. I ended up having a csection. Again, Dr. Amsbury was calm with steady hands. Sherry in recovery was so compassionate! All my nurses on the floor after I came out of recovery were top notch. Megan (also a lactation consultant) was SO patient with me while learning how to breastfeed. Jordan was thorough and pleasant as well. The CNA (Connie) did things before I even asked which was wonderful. My only complaint would be that there is no nursery. After laboring for 20 hours and having a csection my husband and I needed rest. It doesn’t help a moms mental health either. Being so sleep deprived and wondering why she’s not bonding with her baby. Not having a nursery makes the hospital look like they don’t want to staff one while touting a mother/baby bond. Also, the student nurses were a bit scatter brained. Make sure you have everything you need when coming in and waking up the baby for vitals. Several times they woke him up only to realize they needed to go hunt for a thermometer, stethoscope, etc. So they had to go look and come wake him again. Which exacerbated the problem of my husband and I not being able to rest any. Overall it was a good experience.

Brandon Scott

Bakken Expediting

Most Racist Hospital I've ever seen in my entire life! "Native KKK alert!" They want to watch you die. Do not under any circumstances go to this Hospital if you are native, if this Hospital is your only option in a life or death situation, and your native, its your time to go.

Mike Sand

I was recommended by a family friend that is a doctor to get a mole removed. I called Trinity to schedule an appointment for a simple out patient surgery. They needed a referral to their dermatology department and then the soonest they could see me was January (5 months). This is much too long to wait if the mole is malignant. Give me a break! I got in elsewhere in Minot with no questions or delay in two weeks. Please share your review. Let's get Trinity out of Minot and replaced with a more competent health care provider.

Mike Graves

Sam Jensen

Was born here. Only time I've been. Still alive. That's something.

Ebony White

The attending nurse missed my vein with the IV, I told her it wasn't in because I could feel the cold saline right under my skin, but she dismissed me. It wasn't until after a large bubble of fluid had accumulated on top of my hand that they removed the needle and put it in correctly. My midwife/OB was Gloria, she did a good job delivering my daughter. When she was absent I had to see another GYN, she was rude with a cold disposition and talked to me in a condescending way. I wish I could remember her name.

Greg Marcil

I want to thank Dr Singh, RN Killee, Nurse Mackayla, Nurse Ellie, Nurse Jennifer, and all the other staff at Trinity, for taking care off my grandma Mae. (Anyone I left out, I apologize. You know who you are. Thank you)

Jerzie Kuglin

Chance Klatt

Absolutely horrible, fiancee went into the ER a month ago about a consistent headache. Got a CT scan and the result was nothing. So they gave her Advil and sent her on the way. We went back with the same headache but its worsening and also a lower abdominal pain do to reproductive organs. The same ER doctor had saw her and told her that they ran a CT last month for her head and gave her an ultra sound around a year ago so they wouldnt do another one because they had done it before. So we saw the doc for 5 min. Then he gave her 2 pills and said make an appointment with a specialist. I'm no doctor but I know things can change in a month with the human head. And I know that anything in the body can change with in a year let alone over a year. So the fact that he said he wasn't going to do anything for her was infuriating. Absolutely terrible. If your not about to bleed out.... go to Bismarck.

katrina huston

Vee Technologies

ty phillips

All of the 5-star “reviews” for Trinity Hospital looks like someone from the advertising office got sick of looking at their 1.8 rating and juiced it up to a 2.3. The generic response is to call some telephone number so they can talk to you about your experience.. I’d probably have a better chance of calling the BBB to report terrible business transactions. I pay for 125% in treatment bills and only receive 50% treatment service. Back in December 2018, I slipped on ice and hit my head. Went in a week later since I was having a week full of headaches, and the Dr didn’t want to do any scans or tests to ensure I wasn’t suffering from anything worse. Better yet he prescribed me a muscle relaxer, which within 2 days gave me heart palpitations. I’m from Indiana and this hospital would be ran out of town for the poor service it provides. The only reason they’re still in business is because of the monopoly it has here.

Jen Kraft

I had to go to mayo for a month for them to fix what trinity mutilated. Was suppose to be out of work for 4-6 weeks. After all is said and done, it will be at least a year before i return to work. The worst experience in my life.

billy danks

Worst hospital ever! Go here to die. These people always screw up your papers then insurance doesn’t want to cover stuff. They are sub par when grandma had a stroke. (How in the hell does she get dehydrated in the hospital, oh they forgot to give her liquids!) Shut this place down. They screwed up my wife’s referrals for surgery to be done else where. Come to find out nothing was done properly on trinity’s end and insurance won’t cover her surgery now! It’s been scheduled and we’ve already jumped through many hoops. Lost lots of money in the process! She is a teacher it’s not like we can just reschedule everything and everything will be hunky Dory. This is basically setting our life back a year!

Tanner Aasen

I feel giving one star is too much. They are uncooperative and about as useful as screendoors on submarines. I was a little bit late for a checkup (all they do is ask me questions and write down my answers then write me a prescription for the same pills I've been taking, which takes 5 minutes), but since I was a little late they had to reschedule me because they didn't want to take 5 minutes out of the doctor's lunch hour. I live far enough away where I have to plan my day around when I drive there. All they had to do was sign a prescription sheet and I'd be on my way, but nope, "we'll reschedule you for another day!" They do absolutely nothing and I have to pay a 25 dollar co pay each time I visit. Not to mention the gas money I spend driving there and back and the hours lost at work. God forbid I cut into your lunch hour 5 minutes though! If I could keep my prescription by just flushing my money down the toilet, I would take that option so I wouldn't have to listen to these people waste valuable oxygen.

Joe G

This health center and all branchs are jokes. I'll take my service to Mayo over Trinity any day. With a lvl 1 rated facility you would think they would thrive to keep everyone. Poor customer service, poor facility, poor relations. Hello mayo goodbye Trinity!

Holly Olsen

I recently had hand surgery by Dr. Cumani. His staff is awesome! From my first appointment to the followup after the surgery I was treated very well, I was seen ON TIME, and always left feeling I had received excellent care. Thanks guys!

Dustan Reynolds

Failures of health and human life

Nadine Hagen

My daughter had surgery with ENT. The whole process went smooth and she was a happy camper throughout!

Jeff Dick

I had an extremely wonderful experience at Trinity's Podiatry clinic. I am from Bismarck and every surgeon that looked at my congenital overlapping fifth toe recommended amputation and not surgery. They said it could never be fixed.I was looking for another opinion and found Dr. Williams at Trinity in Minot. The whole staff treated me like I was family and really made me feel at ease with my decision to have surgery again after having one pryor failed surgery about ten years ago. Carolyn and Kathy went above and beyond to help me. Dr. Williams was extremely confident he could fix my toe and the results were excellent. I would highly recommend Trinity's Podiatry clinic to anyone!

Levi ray

If you want to get screwed. Go here

Jeremy Armstrong

Had the pleasure of two surgeries and a week in this hospital. The staff was so friendly and helpful even with being over booked and understaffed they still got responded in a timely fashion to any issues. I guess maybe these other reviews are from a different generation where people believe they're the only ones that matter.

kc0ebf w

Dr. Sharma and her nurses were great. Dr. Sharma sure does care about her patients. Definitely was through on my exam and definitely checked over things well.

Daniel Swanson

My wife and I received confusing bills without any explanation of services rendered. When my wife called and asked for confirmation of the charges, the business office couldn't tell her why they were charging us, and did not give any assistance in connecting her to someone who could legally tell her what the charges were for. The representative did not seem interested in giving any type of intelligible explanation. We received an additional bill from the hospital that my wife paid. After reviewing it, we realized the bill was erroneous. I called the business department, and the lady "Kathy" agreed that the amount should not have been paid. She said she would talk to her manager, reverse the charge on the credit card, and call me after making the correction. The charge was not refunded, and she never called me back. Terrible customer service!

Amy King

Scott Ruther

*anonymous* I work there and have been treated like crap when i went to the ER. And there are a lot of things that higher-ups and HR need to resolve that have been reported and haven't been fixed. From patients not getting what they need to employees being treated like crap and made to feel useless.

Savannah DeCoteau

Go anywhere else if you can help it, this place is a joke. If your elderly and go here, chances of you passing are high because they don't seem to care once you reach an age.

Stephanie dunn

Luke Williams

I am giving five stars for my Dad, who works there. I have never met a person who sleeps less, works harder, is more humble, or is kinder to all the people he serves. People can rate this company whatever they want, but the fact stands that a choir is only as good as its worst singer.. Yes, there are bad employees and good employees; Yes, different people have had different experiences; but you are all blind men (or women for that matter) trying to describe an elephant: you will not be able to if you only focus on the negative experiences and never try to prove your first perception wrong. Give bad people the benefit of the doubt, good people the respect they deserve, and both an honest account. Just because some people are making bad decisions doesn't mean the entire group is bad, or, as Gandhi put it, "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

This is not my name

Negative stars if possible. Avoid Trinity at all costs. My first experience was for a pregnancy checkup. Being uninsured, I asked for a rough quote over the phone. Upon arriving, I was told it would cost about 10 times as much, and there was no way for me to know exactly how much it might even exceed that amount until after the fact. Later, I got a DOT physical which was paid for by my company. Almost two years later they decided to send me a bill for the same physical. Billing would not answer my phone calls or return my messages, and they sent it off to collections. This is something that my company paid for more than a year earlier, now it is on my credit report! These people should not be in business. There is a reason they have so many 1 star reviews. Avoid at all costs.

Denese Kolb

I wouldn't take my dog there.

Bronwyn Held

Do not go here if possible. The billing is terrible but so is the health care. As a kid I loved my pediatrician but that's about it.

Shannon Acord

My husband went in for back pains they never did anything for him no x-rays nothing so he went to Stanford the next day and found out his back is broke

Carley Chase

Night shift is completely HORRIBLE. They stand around chatting while patients are in need. Also they think it’s okay to leave patients sitting around in pee, which i find repulsive. This is the first and last time we will be coming to this hospital

New Town Shuttle

Just got a response from my first review that I did two weeks ago about their racist antics that every native American that gets transported to this kill plant has to deal with and it was the most canned and insensitive Responce I think I've ever read, they called their racism nothing more than a negative experience and instructed me to call and speak to their biased, not to mention racist establishment about it, so they could further racially assult me even further.

Lisa Steinke

Dr. Stanga is amazing! I have been struggling for a long time with allergies. He was kind and patient. He did not make me feel like he was in a hurry to give me a pat on the hand and send me on my way. He listened very carefully and took notes. He was very caring and knowledgeable. He was determined to get to the bottom of my problem. He went above and beyond to do research and get back to me with what he found. His staff is also friendly and helpful all the way around. I highly recommend Dr. Stanga.

Stephen Wilkins

Mike Uran

My brother had a stricture in the main artery to his heart on routine outpatient testing last week. By 4:00 pm the same day, he was in the Cath Lab having it repaired with a stent. As an employee, I know this happens at Trinity every day, but can really attest to it when my family member is the one treated. Kudos to the Radiology, Cath Lab, 5th Floor nursing staff and Drs. Chiquenu and Turk.

Gina Miller

I had an anaphylactic reaction to shrimp The ER staff was absolutely AMAZING!!!


Disa L.G. Awah and trinity hospitals are a joke. Pathetic place, no help. Worst facility ever.

Hana Valiente

NEVER see Dr. Emad Dodin from Cardiology. The MOST RUDE doctor I've ever dealt with.

Jordan Pasley

Charged twice for the same bill. When I called to infer about it, they told me it was my fault for paying the two bills, even though they were both on my statement presented separately on my electronic records. Financial counselor hung up on me when I asked if anyone could help me get this sorted out. Will be filing a grievance ASAP.

Janie Schroeder-Herman

My nephew was brought there by ambulance for febrile seizures from another emergency facility. Trinity discharged him and would not let us speak to a pediatrician. The doctor walked out of the room while we were still asking questions and left us in there with the discharge papers. We drove him to Bismarck and they admitted him. Trinity really needs to review their patient and quality care standards.

yarenis cardenas

This is the worst hospital I was there 3 yrs ago and I almost died because of them I went twice to the Emergency room because I couldn’t breath or swallow they did X-rays and they checked my throat and they told me I was fine when I wasn’t not only that but they had a student that was not trained enough and took out blood from my hand and left the rubber band on while taking blood out and I know for fact once you get the vain your supposed to release the band my hand was bruised for three weeks and that’s not all they knew what’s was wrong with me and didn’t do anything about it I had to fly back to Florida to see my ENT Doctor right away and when I saw my doctor they told me I needed and emergency surgery and got my tonsils removed because of I didn’t I would have died in a week my tonsils were so infected that idk how could a doctor if you deserve to call yourselves a hospital not see that. You guys told me I had a regular cooled you guys need to get some extra training in Newyork and California and in Florida especially Miami and west palm beach area

Jody Wright

I have had friends and family die here from stupid mistakes done by the staff of trinity.

shelby chapin

I've brought my 4 year old her multiple times over the past few years for lack of other close options. Most times for breathing issues. She has severe asthma and gets frequent pneumonia. We have been sent home 3 times in the past 2 years where I went to Bismarck for a 2nd opinion & got admitted for 3+ days. Most times she is given a nebulizer treatment and sent home. Our most recent visit on Easter she had a complete panic attack/asthma attack. She was screaming, crying, shaking, sweating. She was screaming asking for a nebulizer. I had asked nicely a couple times to give her a neb or oxygen. Her o2 was low but not extremely emergent but she was panicking, after 45 minutes I came out and had to yell for someone to give her something to help her breathe. As soon as she got her nebulizer she calmed down. Although this was the first time she was actually treated to standard in the ER I was not happy with the wait. If you have any other options, go elsewhere.


Best funeral home in the state!

Moriah Johnson

If a patient is in constant 8/10 pain. I do not think it is okay to continue to schedule months out. It shouldn't take years to figure out what is going on with your body.

Rebekah Randash

Just go to Bismarck in an emergency even though it’s two hours away. Because let me tell you trinity accomplishes nothing in two hours.

major tom

total dishonesty! went to trinity looking for work, talk about misrepresentation and dishonesty. Rude supervisors and clueless management. Do not seek employment here, they are bad. Can only image how bad they treat the patients if how they treat the is an example. Go elsewhere for your healthcare!!!

Alisha Gooday

There are too many things to say that are negative about this Hospital. I truly wish Minot had a second option for a clean, knowledgeable staffed hospital with an Emergency Room available. I know of diseases spread by this hospital for neglect to keep it sanitized, re-using the same needles on different patients, leaving surgical tools in bodies during surgery. It just disgusts me! There are some doctors and nurses who DO care, yes. But very far and few between. You're lucky if you've found good ones. Just be careful to not contract MERSA while you're there, or die in their care.

Jodie Engstrom

ED Dr didn’t know how to count the spinal processes to point out fracture. Asked for water from 4 people and ignored. Wasn’t given call light and I was in major trauma without anyone with me. They were supposed to get me up to walk and watch me but I had to do it myself. Upon discharge I was still drugged up on pain meds and they watched me struggle to stand up and walk. Didn’t get off their butts to offer assistance to car or open doors and I was in a back brace! Gave me 3 scripts and I’m from out of state. No clue where to go. How can a hospital NOT have a pharmacy? Or send people home with first fill?

Lacey Matula

When someone goes in that had a major heart surgery and is in pain and you all do is take temp and vitals and don’t anything but say oh your okay without throughly checking them over! If something happens when they go home you all should be help accountable for that! Half the ER doctors are joke (Dr. Nelson) the main one! We need people who truly care about people and there health! This is why so many people call you trinadie! Wake up people!!!

Nate A

Used to work here at one time. TRINITY WAS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR THE LARGEST CDC OUTBREAK OF HEP ON RECORD! Recently my family was firced to visit here. Found family member sitting in his own stool several times. Staff was 2 busy to help and his skin was brokedown. After saying he needed a sitter and nothing happening, he fell. Case management was rude and refused to help us get assistance. If you have a choice please avoid here. I was hung up on by staff. I AM A NURSE IT IS NOT SAFE HERE. ABSOLUTELY worst service ever. PLEASE if you love your family go somewhere else.

Judy Elletson

Love the care I have recieved there. Nurses and Doctors are awesome! I would recommend people to go there for their care :)

Froggy Master77

i wish i could give negative stars. after my ageing mother was rushed to the ER and i was called by her coworker to alert me and my sister of the situation we get to the ER not knowing if our mother is on her deathbed or not. then we was told we needed to check in. FINE!!! however, the "check-in" procedure is a joke!!!!!!! all in the name of "SECURITY"!!! this place is afraid of the "boogyman"!!! it took many trys at the kiosk to get the little sticker pass! RIDICULOUS! the touchscreen does not work properly wasting valuable time!!! and then they want you to scan your ID? what is this NAZI Germany? SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!!! so the ridiculous little sticker that takes forever to get gets you access to the ER!!! having gone thru all of this, i want to tell ETERNITY(Trinity) that if she had died in your care while we was playin your little game, YOU WOULD HAVE MET THE "BOOGYMAN"!!! FURTHERMORE, coming back the next day and going thru the south side then using the kiosk there i found the same issues. so i messed with the machine, and guess what? you dont need to put in your "real" name! you dont need to scan your ID! and the "picture" that you take doesnt even look like anything discernable to identify me! as well, i seen many people walking around who did NOT have your little ID stickers. SOOO.......? MAYBE ETERNITY needs to do an audit of your "security" practices because i am telling you that your opening this so called "non-profit" entity up to legal liabilities! now this is just my opinion and you know what they say "opinions are like A@@holes, everybody has 1"!!!

Tyler Hensley

I'd give these people negative stars if possible, they are a joke. They waited 5 months to process my wife's bill from her c section, she had Medicaid for 4 and a half of those months after the surgery, until we could afford our own insurance. We moved to another state shortly after, and come to find 2 years later...they sent the bills to collection because they were so ignorant they couldn't handle submitting it to her (at the time) insurance. Hope they enjoy not getting paid at all for their stupidity. Never take their word it's went through your insurance!!! Because they told my wife 3 times it had when they sent bills and she called each time to make sure they had the info they needed. LIARS!

Lu Lu

Star Blood

Arguably better than dying in the street.

Robert Horvath

Not very customer freindly at times, need med records, like pulling teeth!!!!!!

Gorm Pedersen

Elke Glass

Donavan Vetsch

Dystiny Rivers

This hospital really sucks. Depends on who you are to see if you get seen. I've been in here for a hour and everyone has gotten seen before me. 10:16 Chris came and got me but not before 2 other people got seen before me.

Bryan Gustafson

dan bumbalough

Not sure were to start. ER was the dirtiest I have ever saw being a heathwork myself this was scary, then to the 5 th floor. Were the nurses did nothing but talk loudly all night, they don’t have anything for spouses to sleep on.oh we were from out of town. Nor did they say there was a motel down the street no info give.. this hospital is like a Cracker Jack box never again would I come here, and the rooms were from the 1800’s bathroom dirty sad place for the city of Minot

Austin Fettig

Nothing but a bunch of crooks and horrible doctors who can't give a right diagnosis. Got charged for a visit that never happened .it went to collections because they didn't even have the right address. And never even got a phone call from them about it. I wouldn't even trust my goldfish with these people .If I could give a negative star rating I would .

Ariana LaRue

Fly me to Bismarck... worst hospital ever

Neil Ayers

they almost killed me. i had a severe brain injury, and they wanted to send me home after 4 days of icu. luckly, someone mentioned to send to to a brain unit in MN. thankfully they listened. Docs in MN said if i had gone home, i wouldn't have lived thru the night. spent 3 months in MN.

Joshua Larson

Had an issue with insurance that resulted in trinity owing me several thousand dollars due to double payment. 5 months later I haven't seen a penny

Colleen Holen

Barbara Holland

This is where misfits who can't find any other job get hired. Maybe you'll get taken care of, maybe you won't... Start to finish this place is a coin toss.

Braxton Schroeder

Ashley Sanderson

Lisa Malnourie

Me and Matthew Malnourie went in for his documented shoulder problem and he is in a lot of pain even had his shoulder pop out in front of a nurse practicioner and then was mocked and treated like less then a human being because his skin wasn't light enough and then a nurse had to have a racist conversation right next to us ugh not the first time either horrible place and we left he is still in pain but not gonna stand for that and now have to go somewhere else

Zach s

Emily Halvorson

As I’m literally wearing my white and red bracelet from this place, looking to be seen in the E.R. (Not to mention I work in the medical field) out of curiosity I call and ask on the wait time. They told they cannot answer that and LITERALLY hung up on me. I’m not sure what’s worse. The desk telling me 4 hours or being hung up on from a quote on quote professional hospital

Bunny Hop

Kathleen Hill

I recently went to the ER and was made to feel as a second class citizen. The doctor Wade Talley lacked considerably in any bedside manners. Will be sure to refer all to Sanford. I am a disabled RN and never in any hospital have I have worked for witnessed such poor people skills.


Trinity Health is a national, not-for-profit Catholic health system operating 93 hospitals in 22 states, including 120 continuing care locations — including home care, hospice, PACE and senior living facilities. Based in Livonia, Michigan,Trinity Health employs more than 120,000 people including 5,300 physicians.

Lorett Bodkin

I had back surgery December, 2017. I was in excrutiating pain. I started experiencing spasms which made me scream in agony each time until the spasm subsided. One time i asked a nurse to help me get repositioned. She was helping me turn over when the spasms started and when i started screaming, she shoved me over forcibly. My face was smashed into the railing on the bed. She then walked out and closed the door. I kept calling out for help. No one came. I finally called 911 and told the dispatcher my situation and that i needed help. Within a minute nurses were running into my room, including the one that shoved me. I told her to leave and not come back into my room. My experience at this hospital was horrible. I will never be treated there again!!

Jane Klein

When my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes we immediately turned to Trinity Health and they have been working with us for almost 3 years now. Excellent patient care, top medical facilities and a staff that is always there for you


I went and saw Dr. Maytan in family practice of medical arts and she acted very nice until I disagreed about a treatment plan and dhe degraded me over and over again. Not only a waste of my money and time (as I had to take the entire day off work), but to be Insulted and ridiculed just because this was the first time I saw her and didnt feel comfortable with her. I left very upset as she didn't consider or offer any other help. I went to the medical arts lab today to get lab work my doctor requested. I've been to this lab my whole life and have had blood drawn every month on and off for three years. Today after I waited 15 minutes, the phlebotomist called me back and asked which arm I wanted to do. She seemed to find a vein pretty fast and stuck in the needle. She did it halfway through and after I could clearly see she did not find the vein. Then, instead of taking it out- she pushed the ENTIRE NEEDLE in my arm. If that needle was any longer it would have come out my elbow. Her name was Jamie and after she pushed it in all the way I told her "you pushed it in way too far!" Obviously in a lot of pain. She didn't say anything as she took it out and then left the curtain area right away. A couple minutes later a different lady came in with red hair and a ton of tattoos and just acted like I was a pain. I got up and grabbed my stuff in tears because it hurt so bad. This is NOT the first time, it is the third that something like this has happened. Last time was December 18th where a lady stuck me with a needle 4 times until she got blood on the 5th try. When blood didn't come out right away on the first tries, she squeezed my arm and tried to move the needle around in my arm after it was already in. The first time was like that as well in October. The last time, it was a lady who was fresh out of training and only worked for 2 weeks and she had incidents even BEFORE me. The supervisor over all of trinity labs called me and told me that himself. Patients are NOT guinea pigs and not there for practice. Today, 2-19-19 this Jamie shoved the whole needle in my arm when she could not get blood originally. I have never met a phlebotomist that ever would think that was okay. Tonight I called the lab and asked for a supervisor, the phebologist who answered was of course Jamie. She told me they don't have one after 3 pm. I asked, "is there anyone in charge like a supervisor?" She said yes. I asked for the supervisor's name, and she gave me the name Tami. I asked, "is there a number I could reach her at?" She said they cannot give out personal information. I asked if this Tami had some kind of office number and she said no. I asked for the last name and she said Folk. I still don't have my lab orders done for my appointment tomorrow because I am so tired of being a guinea pig and suffering for weeks after. I've always been told I have great veins and still are told that all the time.

jason higgins

The billing here is absolutely horrendous. Apparently they operate as several different entities that don't communicate with each other at all. I just called last week to settle up my bill. I was given a number and I wrote the check. Half an hour ago I got a call from the business office saying that I owe another $220. I asked why. I said I just called the business office last week and you people have me a total, which I paid. Lady on the other end tells me that it was a different business office you called and you still have a balance with this office. Ridiculous. I hate dealing with this hospital. I wish there was another option. A non profit entity (LOL) that owns half of Minot and is building a half a billion dollar brand new facility.

Anthony Huelsman

Stephen Bello


Garrett Gallardo

Wife came in with symptoms of appendicitis. 4 hours to get results back .... from a urine test. Waited another hour to get XRays and blood work done (which took 2 hours to get back to us). Now we are told to wait for a CT Scan and it's been 7 hours already. Only than will we know if it's something serious or not. No reason for a urine test to take 4 hours. Or XRay and Bloodwork to take 2 hours when we were told it'll take 30 minutes. If you're really concerned about a serious medical problem you'll have no choice but to wait endless hours because you're the only one that seemingly cares about your own health.

Ginny Davis

This hospital is the worst I have ever been to and they don't seem to care about there reputation!!!

Michael Stein

Trinity has only two dermatologists. If you are a new patient and need to see one Dr. Hunter will not see you and Dr. Welsh is booked 5.5 months out!

Marq Nino

Marla DeFrance

I was there in the addition ward. While I was in treatment in this facility there was xanax,meth,alcohol,roxys and heroin available. I checked myself into treatment. I was not court ordered. Some of the staff was absolutely amazing. Some were very unprofessional. The staff was constantly talking about patients backgrounds and medical charts. Not only is this rude and illegal, its completely unprofessional. Trinity focused on alcoholism nlmore than drug addiction. We were made to watch a lot of movies. I never received any 1 on 1 counseling. I seen staff pick on patients. Literally harass them until they either walked out or Jason made them go to the state hospital. While I was in Trinity more people walked out than graduated. Being an addict I find this very disgusting. As stated in the 12 traditions: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principal before personalities.

Joe Loria

The staff was pleasant and able to answer all of my questions. They were prompt with calling us when they said they would

Karim Tripodina

I have been an employee and a patient at Trinity Health just shy of two years now. I can't say enough about the competence and compassion of the team here. It's a privilege to be part of an organization that provides such exceptional care to patients every day.

anonymous id

Worst hospital I have ever heard turning people away wasting people time and horrible bedside manner go back to school and learn something idiots. Or find a new profession that u guys can do.


Expectant parents please read this. It's a long review but after two years I need this behind me. I don't complain or write reviews but I can't remain silent in good conscience. I won't give names because I believe in forgiveness, and there are some good workers there who are forced to work with bad ones under lean management standards. On a Wednesday after 9 months of trouble free progress we went in after my wife's water broke. This started us on a time table and we got settled in by 10:30 pm. The pain meds she got around 4:00am knocked her out and disrupted labor, and at 8:00am our OB returned in horror to find we had basically been ignored all night. We hadn't complained. An infection was also discovered but we wouldn't be informed of this until months later. Pitocin was started immediately to no avail. They almost lost our daughter's heartbeat twice before an emergency c-section around 6:00pm Thursday. Amazingly the baby was ok. Mom was not. While we waited in the nursery for them to save her I saw the TV on in the vacant room across from the nurses station. Not sure if that contributed to the problem or not, but I did see it. Upon her return the pain and exhaustion were so debilitating she could hardly hold our little girl. On Friday her hemoglobin also fell from 10 to 7 to... somewhere around 6, we never found out. The traveling nurse caught it Saturday when, by my wife's color, she appeared to be dying. That day was spent receiving 3 units of blood. We left around 1:00pm Sunday, escorted by the same traveler that had been so good to us saturday. After 2 weeks fighting the unknown infection, and no healing, they wanted to admit her for IV antibiotics. At this news she finally broke down, so the doctor prescribed oral antibiotics instead. There will likely be no big family for us, and we are reminded every day by the scar. Especially my wife. The OB, the anesthesiologist, the surgeons, and the traveler were all good when they were around. In the end it was all blamed on a "staffing issue." All I can say is the Trinity tours, classes, and billboards are misleading at best. They're ok in a pinch, but do your research and GET AN ADVOCATE. Get a midwife, nurse, or anyone who knows what should happen, and cares about you and your money. Don't go in at night, or on weekends, or on holidays. Better yet, get another hospital if you can. An owner and his phone number won't fix this. Trinity is too remote and has had too little competition for too long. Being an employee won't help you either. Thank you google for giving me a voice.

Sarah Burckhard

I have two kids ages 3 and 8. I used the midwives both times and had an amazing experience!

Kaelyn Woiton

Trinity deserves ONE star because they've helped me in an emergency to regain my health (though the ER service was extremely slow). The other ONE star is for my doctors, who have exerted an appreciative amount of effort to figure out what is going on with me. OTHERWISE - this hospital is HORRENDOUS. The billing system does NOT hesitate to call you for payments, when they don't even file with your insurance or know what the bills are even for. I've met my deductible for the year and I'm getting bills that are 4 digits long in amount owed. It's incredible how they can work so hard to get your money, but they couldn't care less about you as a person. They don't make you feel like you're listened to, they have TERRIBLE customer service, and very few employees are pleasurable to work with. I will be finding another hospital or driving to Bismarck, which is unfortunate.

Sean Lyons

If you wantvto wait 3 hours before you get seen go on down


Do not ever send your love ones to the rehab center. They have a guy that works there, that likes to take advantage of ones that are at their weakest point. Makes them perform sexual acts that are not good at all. Also he will do what it takes to get what he wants from the women that are their to get them selfs better, but they come out more hurt then ever!!! So do not ever send your love ones here.

Erica Talbot

I was a recent user of your EMS system at Minot, ND. Having experienced chest pain, SOB and then syncope, I was transported by the ambulance to Trinity Health's ER Department. My experience throughout this journey was met by caring and skilled professionals. I am grateful for the medical expertise that was utilized to skillfully guide me back to better health.

Kim Sills

Wrong diagnosis, lied to and then hung up on by Tanya in Patient relations. That's a joke!!! Negative stars if it were available!!

Derry Westman

frog froggy

This place is ridiculous. We have unfortunately had to visit this emergency room a few times in the past year. It doesn’t matter what time of day or, day of the week you go, plan on at least a 5+ hour wait, on a good day. I have read these reviews and thought some people are just mad because of one experience but no, it’s like this all the time! Of course, they act like they care by having a department to respond to these reviews but you have to ask yourself, “Has there been any meaningful change?” Answer: Hell No! To top it all off they have the most uncomfortable waiting room seats this side of a third world country. Something they must have installed back in the eighties. Oh yeah, here is another thing I just remembered, as I sit here typing this out. The first time we had to wait in this purgatory (for like 6hrs) it was around midnight and we had already been there for like four hours. Well, across from us in this wide hall area, where there is more seating, sit this, at the least, 80 yr old lady on oxygen. She can’t sleep because of the slip and slide seating, so she has to stay awake for some undetermined amount of time. Nobody offers her a wheelchair or something to be more comfortable. So, little old ladies beware!! You’ve been warned!! I know there won’t be any meaningful changes by increasing staff or room capacity in the ER so, here is my suggestion instead. Invest in some new COMFORTABLE seating for those who don’t die before getting treatment. Maybe some bunk beds too!! Uh-oh!! Just heard a code blue!! Tack on another two hours!! It’s gonna be a long night...

Niki Stenberg

Absolutely absurd !!! They refused to let me see a family member. I flew sooo far to come & see this family member , after they had specifically told me a day prior that I would be able to come visit & see this person ! They were rude, they threatened me, & the manager & supervisor on day shift refused to see me & or speak to me ! VERY unprofessional ! He wasn’t in critical care or in the ICU. Anytime my mother would try to call & ask for this family members doctor they would make up lies & hang up on her. Multiple times ! This is the worst hospital I’ve ever visited, & will never have any of our family members go here again !! We are definitely going to be lawyering up !!

vernon kroh

Worthless the doctors shouldn't even be considered doctors, better off using Google or WebMD than going to trinity, worst ever

Sarah C

Excellent care for my Grandmother! Much better then the Williston hospital!

Miko Wolf

While there are great staff that actually do their job there is a lot of unfairness having been there on the floor myself. There are a lot of reports that arent handled. I myself was mistreated in the ER. And some of our workers that work with patients, example CNAs make as much as dietary. There are good staff there ive seen that part. Ive seen more bad than good though.

Helen Black Hawk

Nikki Luella

Worst place ever! Went to Sanford for stomach pain, who sent me to Trinity to get a CT scan. Trinity refused to do the reffered CT scan. Instead they did they’re own testing. I sat in the hospital for close to 9 hrs that night. They determined it was my gallbladder. They of course sent me to their specialist, who straight up told me there’s a test they can run to make sure my gallbladder is functioning properly, but we’ll probably remove it regardless... that was fishy to me. They had me scheduled to have my gallbladder removed. Had I of had the money I would’ve had it removed. A week later I was seen by a different doctor who determined there was nothing wrong with my gallbladder. They were going to remove my organ that is 100% functionable!!!! There’s something wrong with this! $10,000 is the bill. I’m fighting it!

Patricia Lawson

Not even enough beds, admits patients in hospital er without rooms, and has patients laying in hallways near door where they through garbage. Needs to expand and care more! Other hospitals really need to think about lighting their load because they need it. If it wasn't for trinity great care and lack of trying my mom might be in better health then she is now!

Pierce Morgan

Worst hospital ever!!! Trust the reviews on this one! And don't even bother telling me to call that customer service number, they hung up on me and were rude the entire time. Negative stars.

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