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Here you will see the opinions of real people who purchase the services of Sanford Health (Hospital) in the state of North Dakota.

At the present the firm receives a score of 3.8 over 5 and that score was based on 33 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Sanford Health IN North Dakota

Adam Vaughn

Half hour early for appointment, still haven't seen a doctor an hour and fifteen minutes past our appointment. kinda sad it seems the only valuable time around here is the doctors. patient seems to be chop liver. After seeing the doctor finally great doctor. The problem is not scheduling correctly long wait times. No consideration for your time

Desiree Aaron

The nurses were wonderful. All staff was very polite and helpful. Very good care.

Ashley Farmer

I have been here at Sanford Health Hospital on bedrest since April 3rd 2015. After being rushed here with placenta previa, an accreta and a missive bleed bc of this. Let's talk about all the things that have gone wrong since I have been here: I have already been moved into another room bc the room I was in was cursed -toilet broke and wouldn't flush -light over my bed at 1am one night wouldn't shut off and they just ended up taking the bulb out -my bed broke and had to get another one Then they put this pick line in me for no reason bc they haven't used the dam thing since I was tortured by having it placed in... oh did I forget to tell you that the person that put it in didn't do it right so it was touching my heart and making my heart flutter so they had to pull it out a little bit. I had a horrible ultrasound a couple weeks again to the point where this lady made me cry. My doctor and I have been on the same page since day 1 that I shouldnt leave the hospital bc I have so many things going against me and to deliver my baby at 34 weeks. This morning I have the on call weekend doctor come in and tell me she plans on discharging me bc I'm not a high risk anymore since it has been 20 days since I bleed last. (I know for a fact they are running out of beds so instead of keeping me here where I should be they would rather have me at the Ronald McDonald House a couple blocks away but not healthy enough to go home.) Oh and since the weekend doctor believes I should have been released weeks ago I can't hardly walk to save my life right now bc my hips hurt so bad from being on bedrest... I'm so pissed right now and if I didn't have a great doctor (That is now on vacation) or some good nurses I would have asked to be moved to the other hospital that is over a couple hours away from my home.

Eric Obeng

Friendly environment

Tia G

Kelsey Stotz

Richard Richardson

Lori Chavira

Very shity er the staff didn’t have a good attitude didn’t seem like they liked their job waited for 40 minutes outside before we went to see the nurse then when they gave us the room they put us in the hallway just a damn curtain no privacy they said they didn’t have rooms available but I saw a few on our way out not good never going there again very bad staff

M. Jacques Barbe

britney Macias

I love the doctors and the nurses that went above and beyond. I couldn't thank them enough for helping my fiancé. The receptionists here need some hospitality indefinitely. . . In perticular, the neurology desk. Rude to make me rude back. That's not good for anyone.

Pan Locken

Lane Heidrich

Some really cool doctors and nurses work here.

Thomas McGannon

Convienient downtown location. Parking is bad until I realized they have valet parking.

Eric Pelt

Very nice and humble people!

Austin Reuter

Doctor's have become very complacent. Family member has been sick going on 5 months now with no form of actual 'treatment', just tests and more tests to come back every other week for more tests, only to be told to come back in another week for more tests.

Lizz Hopkins

This hospital USED to be a good one but something definitely has changed, because you so called "TOP RATED" facility ISN'T EVEN CLOSE, who rated you? Yourselves, Your family? Becoming a doctor or nurse isn't there an oath your asked to take? Being in a "helping" position? Well maybe your staff should take another look at it or even the definition of a Dr. or Nurse, shame on you people. And for anyone else out there who is sitting there reading this getting upset save it there's nothing you can say good or bad that will ever change my opinion n just for a minute think of it like this before you want to get a huffy puffy over my opinion. What if it was your family member? What if it was you? They turned away, they treated ugly, they acted disrespectful towards you, so u leave and go to another facility n within 25 minutes your IN SURGERY because you did need help because you were in pain coulda lost your life and why? WHY? Because what the nurse or Dr was having a bad day? or because of different views in recent events? Or because they found out they really didn't want to become a public helper because they have to help all different races? So after you can put yourself in my shoes with that point and still feel a need to think you got something to say by all means you go for it, but your wasting your time and there isn't even a point or view that would make this OK. So to the staff of this place hope that never happens to you, your child, parent, sibling, grandchild, the actions you did to my family. Yea I hope you or your family doesn't have to experience the ugliness your facility showed my family but then again I have no control of karma.

Bonnie Fetch

Chad Gabel

Farrah Marrowbone

Staff is hands on, very polite

Miranda Duckworth

Decent hospital

George Beltz

Friendly and professional

Kyle J

I'm biased because I work here, but Sanford Health is an excellent facility. We have top notch staff, particularly the nurses, with a newly announced re-appointment as a nursing Magnet facility - an honor bestowed by the ANCC for hospitals that care well for their nurses and the nurses play a major role in the safety and quality initiatives, which are both huge focus points for this organization. I've brought my own family here for medical care and will continue to do so well into the future.

John Parrish

Very nice hospital.

Rachelle Boehm

Anjel Kuhn

Vee Bill

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It's horrible

Phill Freeman

Teresa Beck-Glass

Hospital of choice .

Beverly Libby Cody


Arrived fifteen minutes early for my appointment. Sat in waiting room over an hour while people that came in way after me were called back. At least I got to pay to be ignored

Joe Lund



Doctor's are approachable..

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