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REVIEWS OF Mid Dakota Clinic IN North Dakota

Rosemarie Kuntz

Got seen in the today clinic right away. Left with an plantain and a plan.

Gaylen Livingston

Very professional on focused on making sure I understood procedures being preformed and why

Lauire Ries

Bruce Mills

Hi I lived in Bismarck for 26 years I had my accident the second year that I was there was working at St A's hospital fell off the roof while I was working there back in 1991 since that time mid Dakota has been great with all my after care the staff are great and understanding I wish all states has great staff like them.

Ethel Wierson

Very user friendly website. Like having all the information they post readily available.

MacKenzie Ulrich

Dawn Feist

Bob Herrington

Professional friendly service from check-in to nurse and Doctor visit.

misty w

This was my first time visiting the clinic. The staff were friendly and thorough. I felt like each person who I came into contact with spent an adequate amount of time with me making sure to get all of my information correct. The NP was informative and was careful to check that I understood everything about possible future procedures.

Amelia Doll

Very nice and helpful staff. They spend the time you need and don't seem rushed.

Brian VerDouw

I have always been very happy with the service received from the Doctors, Nurses, and other staff at the Mid Dakota Clinic - Main Clinic. The doctors are always very helpful in diagnosing issues and working with me and my family to come up with the appropriate treatment plan. I also appreciate the Today Clinic at the Main Clinic as well. Check in is easy and the wait to see a doctor is usually minimal. The Today Clinic doctors and nurses are all very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Our family has been seeing various doctors with Mid Dakota Clinic for many years and we have been very appreciative of the service received from the Mid Dakota Clinic Main Clinic during this time.

Katie Pulley

The staff at Mid Dakota were very respectful of your privacy. They are very efficient and very sharing with information pertaining to your care. I'm always comfortable when I go there.

Ellen Paul

My experience was great. The people at Mid Dakota are friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable.

Cher Baggett

Laura continues to provide personalized care with extremely superior knowledge. It is obvious to all who know her how much she values current, progressive and top-notch service. I highly recommend her.

Gillin Cattle

KEEP ALL RECEIPTS! I was told I had an amount outstanding and when I referred to my receipt, my cash payment at the time was applied to someone elses account. I had to tell them the personal information of someone else that was on the receipt to get them to properly apply my cash payment to my account. Just keep receipts if you pay cash, otherwise I would've been out the $25.00 copay. Scary that this can happen.

danielle crowder

This is an amazing office to go to. Friendly staff and amazing Doctors, I love the fact they are always willing to try and work with my schedule being 3.5 hours away from them, but well worth the drive. And I ve never had to sit and wait to be seen. Always on time...Thanks for all you do...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

lena seright

Brooke OuterSpacePlace

They deny care for people who won't pay for procedures up front. I had a surgery scheduled and one week before surgery they called and said if I didn't pay 1500.00 up front they would not do the procedure. I have insurance and they are a participating provider with my insurance. By law, not only do they have to bill my insurance first but they cannot refuse care. They do both. They should be investigated.

Trudy Johnson

The staff was wonderful!! They were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful! They made a 3- day stay tolerable and almost pleasant

Matthew Faul

Nicole C Collins

The weight loss clinic (staff member) sure doesnt make you feel respected or comfortable communicating with them! You have to write this staff member 3 to 4 times before they answer. I thought the staff is there to assist and answer your questions... Very friendly first visit then bam doesn't get back to! Pretty disappointed in this staff member. And yes I know it can get busy but 3 to 4 times to get a short unfriendly reply and calling leaving messages asking to be called back and not calling back is unacceptable, I have to keep calling until I don't get a voicemail... The other staff members get right back to you and are very friendly!

Delores Royse Castle

Lynn Kriechbaumer

Joan Hall

Dr. Tanous is the best.

Brenda Simental

Kimi Fischer

Physician is understanding and good at her profession!

Ken Hintz

amanda tinnell

Doris Gilles

debby barth

Kristie Klein


Cancer is a very scary diagnosis. Mid Dakota Clinic doctors and staff have been helpful and friendly, with awesome assistance and care far beyond what they would have to give. It has meant a lot to the whole family. We tell people all the time about how happy we are that we chose Mid Dakota Clinic, and especially Dr. Rao.

Kris Bird

So far it has been awesome Dr. jan bury is awesome made me feel right at ease and gave us hope

Zarshal Zakir

wendy mccarty

Pius Koch


Mama Bear

Brenna Fried

Went in for a quick procedure. The staff was very curteous and answered all my questions without feeling rushed or incompetent. They were very warm and welcoming.

Rebecca E

I've been to this clinic many times over the last 12 years and I've rarely had anything but a great experience. The check-in staff are friendly, doctors and nurses are efficient, and the in-house pharmacy has always been speedy and polite.

Richard G. Olson

It was great

mary thelen

A Olson

We saw Dr. Matt Hamar for the first time for my eight year old son's sports physical. He was a little nervous since this was his first sports physical and he didn't know what to expect (he thought he had to get shots). Dr. Hamar made him feel very comfortable and also interacted with my six year old daughter who was along for the appointment. Dr. Hamar's nurses were awesome, too, giving us business cards with their names handwritten on them along with an invitation to call with any questions, concerns, or appointment scheduling difficulties! From check in to check out this was a great experience!

Donna Ritter

The doctors, nurses, and receptionists at Mid Dakota Clinic and Women's Clinic ROCK! Thank you, Dr. Jean Gustafson and Dr. Shannon Bradley!

Heidi Becker

I have always been comfortable with my Doctor and Nurse Practitioner at Mid Dakota Main Clinic. My questions are always answered, No Matter How Long it Takes, they spend the time with me! There is a level of respect offered here consistently. They are on The Ball as well as their staff! I, who rarely recommend anything, would recommend Mid Dakota Clinic (MAIN CLINIC)!

Colleen Fylling

The team at Mid Dakota Clinic in the GastroIntestinal Department was efficient, & prompt with pre procedure prescription/information. The department called to set-up the actual procedure as indicated and answered all concerns/questions. While at the procedure, staff was reassuring, answered all questions, and kept me appraised of and delays. Dr. Karls talked to me before and after the procedure. I felt comfortable with his explanations and follow-up requirements. I appreciated receiving written information from Dr. Karls the following week. A difficult procedure was completed as comfortably as possible!

Dennis Sailer

The Doctors, Nurses and Staff at Mid-Dakota Clinics are great. I worked in the health care field for thirty years. I would evaluate how the patient care was from the time I arrived to when I left the clinic. When I would get back to my office, I would evaluate if my office met Mid-Dakota standards.

Susan Knudson

The VA didn't send my papers to the right place. Mid Dakota .linic was patient with them.

Joshua Husebye

Christopher Abbott

I have always received excellent care from Mid Dakota/Primecare, both from my regular doctor and from the Today clinic. They are knowledgable and thorough. When I have emailed them a question through the patient portal, or left a voicemail with a nurse they have been quick to respond. I am thankful for the quality healthcare we have available in Bismarck.

Chunks Fritz

Allen Richard

Friendly folks. Large waiting area. Coffee Usually get into doc fast. Resembles 9th St clinic.

Danny Muhlbradt

Everyone was very pleasant, they all seemed interested in the problem, they get a -a-from me .

Mary Helen Hasby

Short wait times, professional and friendly staff, great experience.

Kristine Melby

Dr. Juelson did a thorough well check for my daughter. She took her time and we didn't feel as she was just trying to get to her next patient. She made sure all of our prescriptions were updated, so a call didn't have to be made later. I had a very nervous little girl in regards to getting a shot. They were so kind and attentive, she didn't even realize they had already given her one!

Cindy Johnson

Pleasant experience. Everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions. Didn't have to wait long for my appointment.

Anne Dramko

My experiences at Mid Dakota Clinic have all been excellent. Staff are friendly. The doctors have been reliable and well-trained. I have only had good experiences thus far.

J Dean

ReNae Quick

Joe Potocki

char butler

Lisa Ryan

Been going here for years. Excellent doctors and nurses!

Lisa Beaver

sarah marshall

Laurie A Holverson

My appt was on time and I enjoyed the time with my doctor. I received the information necessary and all of my questions were answered.

Brett Patzell

The entire staff is great. Reception is friendly. The lab is skilled with painless blood draws. The CDE is very thorough. The doctors are good at making sure all of my questions and worries are addressed.

JJ Thompson

rose prince

The Red River Women's Clinic is the only abortion clinic in North Dakota. This place does not provide or refer for abortions

Dwyane Rowland

They refuse care and want money up front thay are crooked don't go to them for care and save your money

Brannigan Coyle

Ron Hausauer

Patient portal is useless. Billing is terrible. Have bills in collection and haven't even received bills yet. Maybe they should bring the billing back to where it should be. When it was here we actually received a bill and it was itemized. Been fighting for four months to get itemized billing for secondary insurance company. Nothing. That company put written request to them we signed release. Nothing. Meanwhile bills getting turned over to collections. Pretty much had it but the only other option is Sanford. And that's not an option

Bobbie V

The staff, nurses and doctors of Mid Dakota Clinic are professional, friendly and thorough. I tend to get nervous going to the doctor, for anything, and they help calm me. Good people!

Cynthia Renner

laura helblingschaff

Mid Dakota Clinic in Bismarck ND has the most wonderful Doctors, Nurses, and other staff. The surgical team is excellent. The oncology department is excellent. Their bariatric department is excellent. What else can I say? They are excellent!

Linda Rebhun

Lois Zacher

Nika Pierre-Louis

Wonderful doctors, nurses, and reception staff! I've never had to wait longer than 10 minutes in the waiting room. Only complaint I have is the toys in the rooms and waiting room quite dirty - and I always have my kids with me!

Bob Grossman


Very good prompt and professional.

Penny Cresap

Charla CrazyBull

Called multiple times and left numerous VM's. Have not received a call back from my doctor regarding results.


Mis-diagnosed my condition. Ended up in the hospital for a week and out of work for a month. Went to walk in clinic were they repeatedly kept taking my money and telling me my symptoms were from a sinus infection. After taking it upon myself to see a Mid-Dakota sinus specialist, the doctor told me it wasn't my sinuses and that my sinus symptoms were being caused by my stomach. Both were wrong. Ended up in Sanford hospital with blocked tear duct that caused my entire eye area to swell shut along with facial swelling. My face was deformed. Sanford diagnosed my symptoms and provided the correct diagnosis and care through an ophthalmologist. Will NEVER go to Mid-Dakota again!! Horrible!! And I'm stuck paying huge medical bills due to their incompetence.

Jenn Wahlstrand

From 1 star review to a 3 star until the final appointment. If your curious as to why please read below. I have an appointment scheduled for 2 weeks from now (January 16) and was told by Cindy that they can not verify my insurance at this time and that I need to commit to paying $2,000 right now (January 3rd) to have my appointment. When I advised her that the insurance company does a first of year flip and that if she tried closer to my appointment time to reverify the information they need would be available. Cindy refused to wait until a later date since I have an outstanding balance on my account with Mid Dakota. I have been waiting for over a month for this procedure to happen so I could have beginning year medical deductions and now I am being told that I am not allowed to have this appointment. It is very possible that I have something very serious happening and have know bodily issues for over 2 months and now being refused service since I can not commit to paying $2,000 2-weeks before my appointment due to someone not willing to wait to re-enter my insurance closer to my appointment. Their website states they have counselors that are willing to make payment arrangements but that is obviously not true. I am highly dissatisfied with how this is being handled. Update: I have had wonderful service from Karla today (January 4) after posting this review. She took the time to actually listen to me and to try to get some clarification about what I am able to pay and not pay and how my insurance is set up. She even found out on how it would be possible for my procedure to be done at a different facility if I chose to go somewhere else. Luckily, my insurance information has been confirmed and I will still have something to pay but not the $2,000 right away along with payments following the procedure. I am now posting this with happy tears instead of angry frustrated ones.

Dan Stewart

excellent as always

Cassie Harrison

The wait for an ENT Dr. is always 30-45 min. Today we are still waiting for the ENT doctor 50 min later. Frustrating when the scheduled appointment is for a toddler.

Bobbi Birrenkott

Angie Andreas

Tammy Schalesky

I will NOT step foot in this FACILITY ever again! Lies were put in my medical records because I didn't come "skipping & hopping" into my appt. Then, I was told that I have no barriers to walking. . . FOR crissakes, I have ARACHNOIDITIS, which is permanent I inflammation to the middle layer of my spinal cord. IT CAUSES SEVERE PAIN 24/7/365 DAYS EACH & EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE!!! I call that a barrier!! And she is an INCOMPETENT "so-called" doctor.

Kim Edwards

Kortni Becker

Great care!

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