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REVIEWS OF CHI St. Alexius Health Williston IN North Dakota

Scott Scenters

I'll keep this brief. My wife went in for a CT scan with contrast. The technician blew out 2 veins, left bruises and a big knot under her skin from pushing solution into her skin from an i.v. that wasn't in the vein. Then spilled most of the contrast on the floor. The response letter is attached. We ended up in Minot having more testing due to their incompetence. I'm not paying for a service not received! Guess we are going to court on this one. I got the letter with only 2 days to respond, in writing, on a weekend...great timing St. Alexis. The letter is under the photos tab. Response to your comment St Alexius...start posting or letting people know up front what your prices are for service and supplies that you are going to be charging.

Mariah Hackley

M&A P.

Honestly going to the ER is never fun but the staff really was awesome. Very nice and patient with me. Good job Williston hospital! Made me really feel comfortable and felt like I was in good hands. I appreciate all the ER staff last night and it shows each one of you love your jobs. God bless all of you and thank you.


Worst hospital ever. Like they hired people off the street to be a dr.

Joel Metrick

It’s terrible!!! I’ve been fighting with them for two years! I pay my bill every month. Never late. A constant battle for them to keep payments straight. Always receive late notifications which they are not. Customer service is useless because the billing is done by a 3rd party. I hate it. If possible go somewhere else.

Kasandra Parsley

My son had an allergic reaction to peanuts and I rushed him to the E.R. EVERYONE was so great and quick. Receiving great care! Thank God for them!

Ryan Bloodgood

there is no way to describe the terrible service i recieved here. if you break a bone and are in severe pain drive somewhere else. after i made my first apt to schedule surgery which they cancelled. a lot of follow up appts were cancelled. finally got an appt two weeks after i was supposed to i was at the orhtopedic for seven hours to get an x ray and have them tell me they messed up on my surgery and wanted to open me back up and lay me up for another six weeks. SUMMARY: quacks,hackjobs,worst experience of my life, unless its life threatening i would suggest going somehwere else.

sterling archer

Charged me 5,530 to send me out the door saying they found nothing, their simple thieves.

Molly Cooper

If I could give a rating of a -10 I would . My husband has mild asthma, he uses his inhaler once or twice a day. He had called first thing in the morning to get in for a same day appointment (which he was told to do the day before when they had no appointments open). He has always went to a health care provider for a refill. After waiting on hold for 15 min the receptionist tells him he will have to go to the ER as they "don't have appointments open for that type of appointment". It wasn't an emergency but it's not nothing either! What kind of appointment trumps trying to breathe?!? I had started going to Trinity after bringing my two children in for a sports physical and not even being able to understand the Dr who they set us up with! If we are paying that much money for medical services I would at least want to be able to communicate with the dr!

ty robinson

Worst , scariest hospital ever. I’m not even sure half the employees are legit, The hospital was incredibly dirty. So unsanitary!! My recovery room from my c-section delievery of my baby boy , the restroom was incredible filthy, looked like the floor was covered in layers of dried up piss & blood I can’t even !! Avoid receiving care here if you can, find a better hospital in watford or Minot this hospital just isn’t worth it.

Victor Montiel

Talita Hutchins

I had to get surgery and the surgeon was wonderful. The native nurses however were very rude. They did not introduce themselves properly. They were doing things to me that I did not understand and caused me to have bruises. They also made it hard for me to eat by leaving my room without putting my tray over me and they made it hard for me to move around by keeping my walker on the opposite side of the room. These nurses made my icu experience very scary.


The reviews are scary as all get out so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. Took my 8 year old in and the nurse's were all great and we were in and out in a hour with a prescription. Review update 2019: You are in and out quicker than any hospital I have ever been to so that is a plus. The con here is how much you are being charged. Watch your bill closely. They will charge you a grand for a doctor coming in your room so make sure he/she actually walks in there and talks to you because I've been charged that and no actual doctor ever came in my room.

Steve Jonas

Visited this place in January with very high blood pressure was sent home and told to drink water went back February 8 and could not see put of my right eye they had me walk to a ct scan did a basic eye test and basically kicked me out to go across the highway to see an optomologist it was 38 below zero I had no vehicle as I suspected that I had a stroke and they did not care if you have a death wish go ahead and go here .I ended up in my home town the next day a different state .and was hospitalized for 4 days and yes I had a stroke which I feel they should have prevented there bill nearly beat me home this place is terrible and they cost me my job considering a lawyer

Irene Sanga

Dannie H

Don't waste your money going here. I'm honestly convinced they do not have any actual medical training. It's a waste of time and money to go to this hospital and ER.

Keith McLennan

Considering we're in North Dakota and this area is overpopulated the service is pretty good. Two hours for a face injury isn't terrible.

Dakota Kids

I Have always received good care and have always felt listened to. Thank you

Vee Technologies


It’s like the Ben Taub of Houston. Only way I go back...... Death

Big Mama

Brian Veitz

Megan Peters

I will never ever ever go to this hospital/clinic ever again. I have been getting bills in the mail stating it’s a “balance forward” when I have no doubt in my mind my 3 insurances covered everything. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Poor service and poor billing department.

Griffin Nelson

30 minutes on hold is just sad.

Heather Swiecki

I cannot believe this hospital.....can you even call it a hospital??

McKensie Schultz

Kimyada Brown

Omg I have never been here and scared to death to go

David Solem

They do good at surgery, however, you pay dearly for it even when you have insurance. My young child had a tonsil surgery, received big bills from 5 different departments. The best is that I received another bill from them 8 months after the surgery! Great PR Mercy! Good luck calling customer service as it is located in the Philippine Islands, glad to know I am paying wages for a person located in another country. If you like to gouged in the pocket book than this the place to go. Will do all my doctoring in Sidney or somewhere else from now on. I am done with this hospital!

Lisa Spangler

Kimberly Brooks

I had my son at this hospital and let me tell you, it was the worst experience I've ever had!! The doctor who delivered my son was so rude. No one could take pictures and it was totally rushed . I signed papers so my son could have a birthday certificate and ssc but I never received neither, my son is now almost a year old and I haven't gotten a ssn for him . Some of the nurses were nice and that's what made my stay nice but other than that they aren't that professional

Cody Calonge

Absolutely terrible! The nurses and ER Dr. were extremely rude! The nurse was giving attitude because I couldn't spell prescription names exactly and wasn't positive on dose, now, I know they need to know but I went for sprained ankle. Just wanted to be sure nothing major broken. The X-ray tech, very unprofessional, and moved me around like there wasn't an injury. Made me hold the film and my leg up while there were wedges for that purpose right next to the table. Now, I am an amputee, hospitals are nothing new to me. I have also broken several things over the years. The best person to deal with was the nursing student! She was great and pleasant. The Dr. was very short and indecisive. No bedside manor at all! In the end they loosely wrapped it with an ace wrap... I asked for a boot or splint to which he answered it's just sprained really bad you can just go down town and buy a brace. Then he reiterated that it was a terrible sprain and needed a brace! My fiancé is pre-med, I have been in and out of hospitals for injuries my whole life. Worst experience ever with a nurse and Dr. I have a ton of respect for the medical field however this was uncalled for! If your hurt and can make it, go out of town or to another clinic!

Monique Freeman

My husband had a flair up with his gallbladder and was in severe pain. The onsite staff was very effective and got him in a room in a timely fashion. The Er-doctor was also great in taking the pain away to make sure he was comfortable.

Barbara Henry

I've been dealing with a breast inflammation,lumps, mastitsis. These doctors have no idea what they are doing. Now that I'm in a pregnancy nothing can be done, but I'm told to talk to the obgyn about my breast pain. When I talk to them about it they dont listen I'm told take a tylenol, send me back to the surgeon so they can go cut more stuff up. The surgeon prescribed me pills said it doesnt affect the baby. Even when I'm in pain or anything else they dont worry about it. If you guys are this stupid I dont need you delivering my baby and I dont need your opinions either. I'm ready to just get a mastectomy so I dont have to sit here and deal with this anymore it's that serious. They dont feel my pain. Dirty rotten people.

robert cahill

These people are Crooks and Liars they have no Integrity I would never ever go back to these unprofessional people

Shannon Hansell

It's crazy that you need to actually rate this place with at least one star before your review can be posted!!! I am amazed that this hospital remains open. I would strongly suggest utilizing another facility. The lack of professionalism is unbelievable! During a recent visit to the Williston area, my husband ended up in the ER. At first the doctors wanted to admit him. They asked if I could bring in his at home dialysis machine & all of the medical supplies needed for it. I mentioned that this would be a HUGE liability for the hospital which could lead to a very costly medical malpractice lawsuit. The ER doctors decided that my husband would not be admitted. Kind of strange how quickly things changed!!

Sally Smith

How does this place not get closed down?? Dirty, and the worst food ever eaten. Rotten fruit and tasteless gross meat.

Cotton Hall

I suffered an Ischemic Stroke January 29 of this year... Thanks to the incredibly fast response of the doctors and nurses and the amazing folks with local EMS in Williston I was treated immediately with tpa therapy and then air lifted to Minot for further treatment and observation. I thank God for my medical team and their knowledge because thanks to their fast response and treatment I have gained back most of my mobility. The staff in the emergency department, ambulance and helicopter teams were not only professional but they treated me as if I was a member of their own family. I could not have asked for better care from them. Although having a stroke was a huge disruption in my life, I'm glad that I had this team of doctors and nurses!! (You guys are amazing thank you so much and to Mercy Emergency Department, Williston EMS/First Responders/Police Department, thank you too!!!) You guys rock!

Eric S.

They delivered our baby and did a great job!

Austin Skoog

Billing Disorganized, Hospital Disorganized and was Billed twice for the same items multiple times.


no no no

Gatlin Billeck

I mean. The ER visit was slow. And some of the nurses are not that great. Some are annoying. Some are great trust me the food taste just awful. All low salt. Or some didn't have any

daniel noble

Jack Watson

This is the worst excuse for a clinic I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Two years after my wife was seen in this “clinic” and after multiple times disputing a $43 charge on that bill, the morons in the billing department put us in collections without ever answering to any of the disputes. Not even a notification of intent to turn over to collections. This is why we switched to Trinity. Avoid these people at all cost.

Jennifer Browne

Before going here I read all the reviews and was scared to death but didn't want to drive to Minot to the ER. Came in on a Saturday morning (it wasn't busy at all) with my husband and I both presenting the same flu symptoms. They took both of us back right away, and a team of the nicest, professional staff took care of both of us together. They ran swabs, blood work and chest x-rays and had us out in 90 minutes with a diagnosis and medication. They even apologized for the wait! We told them they were great and they all seem surprised. Kind of sad, so I wanted to say something positive so other people won't be as freaked out to go here for medical care. It's really not that horrendous.


Worst hospital ever! They double bill, don't send you bill so it gets sent to collections! We sent a $650 payment and when our balance didn't go down we called and they said they never received it! Not paying them another penny!

Michelle Thompson

My husband went to the ER in September 2015. The service was horrible! He had to come back 2 days later and ended up getting air lifted to Trinity in Minot. We got a bill in November and paid it, thinking we were done with it. 8 months later we get 3 separate bills in the mail for "professional fees". We called the number to get some answers on why we are being billed so late and what a professional fee was. We could get nowhere! I wish I could give them less than a one star rating. Beware!!!!!!

Lauren Amity

If I could give zero stars I would. Worst patient care. The doctors are all traveling and don’t care about you at all. No one if able to help you wil anything they will be keep transferring you around the hospital and eventually just hang up on you. I was hung up on three times while being “transferred”.

Patrick Becker

I went to this ER the first time. They swabbed my nose and throat (I had 102 fever coughing nausea sever head ache and neck hurting) . They did all the testing and said hmmyour test results are good. Right before I left she stuck something in my ear and do oh you have an ear infection. They gave me and antibiotic and I left. Before I left they told me to come back if symptoms got worse or didn't improve. Two days later and I still have a fever and throwing up profusely with one of the worst head aches I've ever had (been consistent for three days). So I go back and a different dr sees me this time. She comes in and says I checked your blood work and your levels for parasites etc are double what they should be. I kept telling them my head is killing me and I cannot stop coughing. About three hours later the dr comes back and I quote " go home take your antibiotics you'll be fine it's just an ear infection. " I said my head is killllllllling me and my cough makes my head ache ten times worse. She said take 3 grams of Tylenol you'll be fine. They gave me discharge papers and said they treated me for a fever..... when I questioned my head ache and coughing throwing up etc a different nurse came in to take my Iv out and release me. This is the most unprofessional uneducated bunch of idiots I've ever met in my life. It's currently going on day 4 I still have fever over 101 my head ache is just about dibilitating and my cough is about to drive me nuts. If you are thinking about going to this place... like I told them I would drive allllll the way to Minot or DIE before I came back to this ER. I don't know how these people sleep at night bc I surely can't! It's 3am and my damn cough and head ache woke me up... so think twice before u waste a second or a cent in this DUMP!!!!!!!


I had my hip surgery here because he is known to be the best. The aftercare was horrible. The few that care do not make up for ones who don't. Never leave your love one alone. No surgeon is worth this!! Go somewhere else

Tyler Wells

Bryan Holt

They don't care best way to describe it.

James Miller

Went in for a standard doctors appointment to get my inhaler prescription refilled, doctor came in, rushed through the vitals and telling me what I should use instead of what I've been using for 30 years, they bill me for 230$ for a regular visit and I saw less then 4 minutes of the doctor. Called their billing department, they said they couldn't help, I was forwarded to the doctors office and was told it was a billing issue and to call them back. After discussing further I found out that a NEW patient gets billed almost a $100 dollars more for their first visit just because you are new in the system even though I've been to the hospital years before. A standard visit in a neighboring town such as Tioga comes in at almost half of what CHI charges. Make the time to travel an hour and it will save you money if your insurance doesn't cover a large portion of it.

Chantal Wright

Jo Penn

I couldn't have imagined a better experience. From the moment I walked in, everybody was super nice and helpful and made me very comfortable. Nurses were great. Dr. Li was awesome. The cat scan guy was really cool and joked with me. The anesthesia guy was the same and even popped in to check on me after surgery. Nothing but good stuff to say about everybody I came in contact with at this hospital.

Abbie Kemp

Kyle Stolis

Slowest moving people alive. Completely indifferent to your pain. They should be ashamed to call themselves an ER.

Justice Brady

Terrible experience with my birth here. Doctor was a complete jerk and tried to kick my husband and mother in law out of the room. And my MIL came here when she was having issues and was told she had hemorrhoids and she actually had colon cancer. Yes, they misdiagnosed cancer. Steer clear of this place. We try to go to other locations if at all possible before we have to go here.

Haze Weston

The nurses are horrible they do not listen to patients some barely speak English and are very hard to understand. They never have the answers you need. The people at this hospital need to go back to school

christie vincent

Joseph Cecil

DO NOT GO HERE. Incompetent Dr's who say you are not sick. Another Dr finally says "i guess you are sick". CHI is billing Sick People twice for the same illness. Even after speaking with them and verbally state they will fix their errors, they send a letter in the mail months later stating it wasnt corrected. CROOKS, GO TO TRINITY!

Andrea Kwan

The service was okay but the billing was terrible. It charged us copay but never showed it to our insurance company, so they charged us twice when the bills came. Also, for one hand jury, they told us to do x-ray for both hands. it ended up we had to pay twice for x-ray, which was unnecessary! Black list hospital!

o tui

We were in and out in about an hour and thirty mins. Staff was kind and straight to the point. Looks a little old inside but we had no problems voicing health concerns and got proper attention and treatment needed.

Joanna Uhlenkamp

I think there is serious public health concerns to have a hospital this old dirty and bad washing hands standards asked pediatric dr. If they wash the tools between each person they said no don't need to cause only there hand touches it oh yes let's all breathe on the same flashlight and hope it stays clean as your 1/2 inch away from touching my kids mouth...Oh and your perfect and never accidentally touch a mouth with it. Right... yuck

Stacey Marsh

First and last visit! I've lived in many places across the country, and to me, this place ranks the worst. I wish zero stars was an option. I will drive long distances rather than waste time, insurance, and money at this place ever again. I hope this helps!

Jennifer Christopher

Trent Panasuk

Jessica Lynch

We usually take our son to dr Nelson in bismarck, but we decided to check out dr Grover since there is now a ENT doctor in williston. And I must say that we are sticking to the drive to bismarck to see Nelson. I found her completely unprofessional as she called my 3 year old son a baby because he was scared and upset and told me to "make sure he has a nap next time." 2 days later he went to another doctor and found out he had strep and an ear infection. We will not be going back to her.

JC Babcock

gina rice

The Staff at the Front Desk was not knowledgable about having a signed release form in my Husband and myself's file so that we can be informed on each other's medical issues( Hippa Laws) . We were sent to Medical records then sent back to reception, then back again and then back yet again. After seeing the Doctor, we were sent to have blood drawn . I waited over 30 minutes and my Husband waited over 45 minutes, this is too long of a wait. We felt like Cattle being herded through. After 2 weeks I had to call about our test results, the Doctor nor his staff contacted us. I asked to have the information mailed to me, the nurse had to verify that it was okay to do that. REALLY. The Doctor informed me that if I need specialty care for my Arthritis , I should go back to my Doctor in Montana for that. What a joke!!!!!! I will not be returning to this Health Care Facility.

Trisha Omoth

Peyton Rose

Great experience here! They were able to get me in and out in no time. The staff was courteous, kind, and they listened to my concerns! Thank you, for the great service. I appreciate it!

Sasha Nicholas

Leaving one star,because there is no "zero starts "option, or more like negative starts.. these guys are the worst hospital I've even been too, nurses are lazy and useless, doctors are even worse.. my daughter was seen twice and told that there was nothing wrong with her, we went to Bismark which is 4 hours away to get actual help, and these morons at Saint alexius in williston have completely missed her pneumonia. I don't know where they got their education but WOW..

Melissa Doxey

WORST hospital you could ever imagine!! The staff was rude, and acted like they did not want to do their job. My night nurse while I was laboring let my babies heart monitor go off for 40 minutes and did not come in to check on him one single time, my husband had to go get her to come check! Turns out I had an infection and fever and it was stressing the baby and she did absolutely nothing about it. My husband had to keep pushing her to take action when I had 104.4 fever! The nurse was very rude and acted like I should know when and what to do at certain times, when this was my first time ever having a baby and I was being induced because of complications. How would I have any idea on what to do?! Isn’t that their job?? After the baby was born, his nurse didn’t know what she was doing and kept waiting for other nurses to tell her what to do, and she had a cold. She was coughing and sniffling all over my brand new newborn! And None of the nurses had any knowledge on how to help me breastfeed. All of this and more made it a very horrible experience to deliver a baby. Now we have paid off all our medical bills with them and they keep saying they keep“finding” some. They apparently just “found” a bill FOUR months later. This is a very unprofessional and unpleasant hospital. I would not recommend going there if it’s possible. If your situation is that you can drive a little farther to a different hospital I would do so, so that your not stuck with “found” medical bills for the worst service you could ever imagine.

Shane Nelson

Stay away from this hospital! They suck!

Bola Samura

I had baby in this hospital and I can still feel the knot the dr tied on me from the outside after six months.I had over 7000 Bill's with different accounts. I paid on each monthly yet they send me to collection agent,CHI why.Do u think working in ND I have to pay all this bill at once and be homeless. This is dissapointing.

Keiona Trimmer

Went here and had initial appointment scheduled for my daughters well child exam, got bumped till the next day. Scheduled her second well child exam for yesterday, got called two weeks ago saying her doctor was not going to be there. Reseduled and then got called this morning saying I’m going to have to rescheduled because she’s not in. Next opening was till December. I have never been to a place where the Doctors call out as much as they do.

Ayla Blacka

My husband was recommended to come here to the ER after seeing another care provider due to chest pains, shortness of breath, and really high blood pressure. Once we made it up to registration window to start the process, he was approached by a nurse who literally denied him service to be seen. Because he isn't from Williston and he needed to wait to see his primary care provider.

Jamal Elkouz

Everyone here except select few nurses and docs are complete idiots the er doc is the stupidest doc i have ever encountered and the worst part is they know they suck how this place is still open is beyond me

Loren Teske

We had our dad in the emergency room and tried to call to get help finding him not only were they unprofessional they were the most rude people I have EVER spoken to. If you have time go to a GOOD hospital. I wouldn’t take my dog to this hole in the ground. The women who answered the phone FIRE this shallow, rude person. This is the worst review I have ever posted. If I could use the words I would like to I wouldn’t be able to post this review. God bless all the souls who have to use this POOR excuse of a dump. I am not done as soon as I get time I am contenting there medical board. Thanks for nothing.!!!!!

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