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REVIEWS OF CHI St. Alexius Health Bismarck Medical Center IN North Dakota

Samantha Grimm

Can they make negative stars? Horrible nurses ignoring lights. 4 different doctors and we've been waiting 5 hours to be discharged. If you're dieing ask the gopher in the ditch to help you.

Dennis Heck

St. Alexius has always provided me with the best medical attention one could expect to receive. Their religious affiliation although Catholic, meets all and any Christians beliefs or needs. This component greatly enhances the care and attention you receive, it is virtually unrecognizable as it is not an in your face experience, it is subtly under the surface in all the services you will receive. I am totally impressed and thankful for all St. A;exius has done for me.

Grant Lipelt

I'd rather bleed out on the street than go to this hospital. Was once a great hospital, but CHI has killed whatever commitment to patient care they once had. My brother suffered a broken neck, spent the critical weekend with the brace installed upside down. Required further surgery due to immobilization without low pressure beds available. My mother admitted for chronic dizziness was shown the door after 5 days untreated due to not listening/recording the symptoms. Do you self a favor and crawl the two blocks to the more competent hospital.

Claudia Kuball

Sherry Fetch


Waited over an hour and a half with my girlfriend in the Emergency room and the time before than over an hour and a half for me in the Emergency room. I ended up waiting for an hour just for discharge papers and the doctor didn’t explain a single thing. (With my girlfriend) We ended up leaving and going to Sanford and were seen in less than 10 minutes. Sanford on the other hand has very pleasant doctors and nurses and they are thorough and genuinely care for you throughout everything.

Christine Shepherd

Caregivers who believe on the mission and really care!

Brandy Aadnes

Horrible experience...waited hours to even see an er doctor then sat for another 5 hours to get admitted.

Vee Technologies

Joel Beach

Nimble Prune

I do not know what has happened to this hospital in the past 10 years but the administration side of things has taken a turn for the worse since the last time I have dealt with them. I found out that the bills that I have been paying via credit card have been charged to my card but not applied to my account with the hospital. I spent couple months going back and forth with them until they found the funds that had been "misplaced" on their end (I had to fax proof that my card had been charged to them multiple times). I stopped paying them until this issue was resolved because the funds were not going to my account anyways. Once the issue was resolved I was informed that I would receive a statement with the correct balance which I would then pay off. Instead of that invoice I received a collection letter from some collection company that is contracted to work with St alexius for the remaining amount. I promptly payed that bill over the phone while talking to some sketchy dept collector that attempted to gather way more personal info then he needed in order to process my payment. After working with St Alexius for 3 months to fix their screw up they promptly turn around and stab me in the back. I will be requesting all of my medical records from st alexius and walking my business and records over to Sanford health.


Recently had an appointment for my mother with the neurologist Dr. Wonjaru and his Nurse Practioner. My mother received excellent health care!!! I can not say enough about the healthcare my mother received. She is doing 100% better! Thank you Dr. Wonjaru and all the staff for helping my mother with her Parkinsons! Our family is very grateful!! God Bless you all!!

Aaron Anderson


Mark Sayler

Clinton Hackney

Literally the worst patient care I have ever seen. The nurses ignore lights they ignore alarms and they're never anywhere to be seen when you need them.

Robert Halstead

Keep up the great work !!

Jenna Mcdonald

St. Alexius ER is an absurd joke if you are seeking any type of compassionate treatment. I had Brought my father there when he was experiencing a mental health crisis (Bipolar) and relapse of addiction(alcohol) after being clean for 8 years and on his bipolar medications. I had begged the ER doctor for inpatient help for my Dad until he was stabilized on his bipolar medications so that he could think clearly. I told the doctor of the severe suicide attempts my father had made before previous to finding the right medications and sobriety. I kid you not, the ER doctor looked at me and stated "If I admitted every alcoholic into my inpatient unit I would never have an empty bed." The ER doctors plan was to give fluid and prescribe two medications to help him stop drinking. If anyone knows the evil of bipolar disorder my dad would have not been capable of overcoming the alcoholism first as the bipolar was obstructing his way of thinking clearly. The soonest my dad was able to get into a dual facility rehab was a week and a half later. My dad passed away the day before a bed was open at the rehab most likely from having drank himself to death. I will never forgot the lack of compassion, lack of knowledge of mental health crisis, and lack of any willingness to help that this hospital/ER showed towards us that day. Please, if your are experiencing an emergency, do NOT choose this hospital.

ben sprunt

Had to wait an hour for pain killers with the bone sticking out my arm and also had to wait 7 hours before I could get surgery. And let me say again the dam bone was sticking out of my arm

Karon Buffalo

Took great care of my mother., both times, August and December.

Monica Dawkins

Best registration person ever! Cheryl thanks for being so kind!

Tyler Wells

Rude and refuse to answer any general questions.

Amanda Evanson

I spent four hours there for them to send me home so I could drop to the ground because they couldn't find anything on their tests they sent me home to find out I am actually very sick with a blood infection!! So thanks st Alexis for almost killing me because you decided not look further due to my insurance.

Christian Sky

harassed my wife medical malpractice discrimination suing twice also for theft

Lorne Sorneson

Their nurses are great but their administration and system are poor. They are a corporate entity that i appears to be motivated by profit and loss, and not so much to providing great patient care. Could not get a straight answer from any of the administrative employees when we had concerns. Their answer was just a shrug of the shoulders and 'sorry there's nothing I can do about that.'

John Parrish

I love this hospital.

Naffessa Howard

Janelle Elaine

While I received wonderful and excellent care from Dr. Shannon Bradley and all of her nursing staff, especially Nurse Deidre, I've been through hell and back post surgery dealing with their billing office. Their financial department is a complete disaster. Not a single person knows what is going on. As set up with my payment plan, I've made each and every payment on time and for double the amount. I'm overpaid so far by more than $900. As I found out months later (after they sent me to collections for "not receiving payments"), apparently when you make payments online through the patient portal they set you up with - the money sits in an account and is not applied anywhere. You have to physically call them on the phone and ask them to distribute the payments you've made or you will be sent to collections. Then, when they've confirmed multiple times (both in email proof and over the phone) that they've corrected their error and the account is in good standing - you still can not trust them as you'll be transferred to collections every. single. time. you call to make a payment. The collections company they transfer you will inform you that they have NO account for you, no balance, nothing in your name and every time remind you they DON'T EVEN SERVICE CHI ST. ALEXIUS BISMARCK. So you call back, ask to speak to the manager, who doesn't have any solid answers as to what is going on, promises to recall the collections transfer yet again, and then never returns your calls again to confirm it's taken care of. Their system is horrific and a million times worse than my surgery. I've never had a problem trying to pay more than my scheduled payment on time in my life. I'd also like to mention I have friends who are going through the SAME exact situation and have had to hire lawyers to help them through this. I do NOT recommend this hospital unless you can pay in full and not have to deal with the billing department at all.

d harris

Yes Yes Yes!

Cullen Storsved

Allison Gegelman

I am calling the depart of health and reporting for the horrible malpractice of this hospital..

Becky Worden

This is a great walk in. I barely got in the door and was immediately taken back to a room. They listened to me describe how I felt, took some x-rays which were immediately read! We came up with a plan to treat my symptoms and I left with medication in hand. Way better than any other urgent care facility!

Donna Belisle

very pleased

Summer Gaffney

Great place to work!

Molly Stronger

Jackie Barnhard

kadon freeman

Doctors in the emergency area at CHI Saint Alexias think that i as a 19 year old who has NEVER smoked has a smoking addiction and doesnt actually solve the problem of my breathing problems of throbbing pains in my throat which i didnt want to go in because i didnt have money to pay more bills but got convinced to get it checked as it was getting worse over two days i was always gagging and almost throwing up that they think i have a smoking addiction and need to go get help because i smoke so much my throat is swelling up inside and theres nothing wrong i get there at 10:15 P.M. take xrays get those done at 11:45 P.M. and have to sit in a room until 1:20A.M. just so at that time doctors can come in and tell me that im lying and i need to get help and stop smoking so much that theres nothing wrong to take some caugh drops and it will be fine here at the moment 3:40 later i still am having problems breathing but they dont think anythings wrong. They just decided to give me 10 pages of things where and how i can get help to stop smoking.

Preston Surgeon

Tammy Schalesky

Took THREE trips to the ER in FIVE DAYS for them to realize my Elderly Dad had a STROKE. He had a very LARGE BRAIN BLEED ON BOTH SIDES OF HIS HEAD!!! He had a terrible headache; when speaking, couldn't understand him; & he kept falling & couldn't get back up. This is the LESS COMMON TYPE OF STROKE!!! INCOMPETENT ER DOCTORS!! THE fluid was FINALLY drained off by a neurosurgeon. He had difficulties recovering. A hospitalists & a nurse practitioner said that we should let my Dad DIE after only a week!! I was furious. I gave them a "piece of my mind". And I kicked the nurse practitioner off my Dad's case. *****My Dad is RECOVERING, No thanks to CHI St. Alexius.

Jodie Stave

I had both my boys there and received top of the line care by staff from the doctors down to the housekeeping. I'm happy that we have such a wonderful hospital to go to when needed

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