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Nishant S

I had been to the ER and waited for nearly 2 hours before a doctor saw me. Finally I was shocked to see a bill for Level 4 ER charges and I am not able to get a correct explanation from the customer service. Also I had to pay 4 times more for the ultrasound at wakemed which was not an ER.

John sutton

Three years ago ,October 2nd 2016, I had a "cardiac event" (heart attack). The sta


Worst ER ever!

Justin Eyster

They operated on me and then kicked me right out. IMMEDIATELY AFTER I WOKE UP! I could barely move let alone walk. They didn't even give me any expectation of what my condition would be so I could make proper arrangements like having a wheelchair ready or having someone around to take care of me. I hurt myself pretty badly trying to get back to my apartment. I live alone and haven't had the strength to get out of bed. I would have liked more information about what to expect and how to prepare for recovery.

Bill P

I was recently in the hospital for intestinal problems and the staff and Doctors at Wake Med were excellent. My stay lasted 4 days and everyone made my stay comfortable and relaxing. I want to thank everyone that helped in my recovery.

Erin Fiedler

Every bad experience that one could have in the hospital my sister has had here. Poor communication, doctors are slower than molasses making decisions, they wait for a problem to occur before thinking about fixing it, she’s promised things that never happen. Everything about her hospital stay has been ridiculous and a lot of unnecessary problems have arose because of it. If I could fly her back here to Mayo Clinic I would.

Donna Waters

Proactive, kind, caring and concerned care. Dr. Kinlaw and the staff on 3E are the best-every one of them. And the ER too.

Debra Kopko

Sharing phone call from an uninsured American . They felt as if they did not come up with 250.00 they would be arrested. They were told while standing next to the security office make what ever phone calls you have to , we want 250.00 or you can't leave. Welcome to America land of greed.

Abul Azam

Went to this terrible facility after a botched wisdom-teeth removal for an emergency surgery. The care at this facility is simply lackluster and borderline negligent. I was made to fill out, in multiple different forms while barely able to maintain consciousness, my dietary preferences and allergies. Despite this, the information I provided was ignored repeatedly. Apparently someone must have thought it was funny to keep sending the Muslim guy pork dishes. The nursing staff was extremely lazy, with even simple requests requiring multiple visits and sometimes being flat-out denied because the entire staff was apparently "on break". It was only once my family had time to visit me that the staff suddenly perked up and started attending to my needs. It shouldn't take the magic "lawsuit" word to be thrown around to get proper medical care. Afterwards, the staff apparently "forgot" to process my insurance and sent me a massive bill. This again, after I was asked to provide my insurance multiple times and confirmed that they had indeed received it. This process took months of back and forth with this facility pursued by my insurance company before this facility finally admitted a mistake was made. Would not recommend to anyone.

John Draper

I work as a healthcare professional, and I know wrong when I see it. Terrible incompetence and breach of protocol dramatically injured my healthy baby. I'm just grateful they didn't hurt him more. Records were falsified in an effort to cover their butts. Our rights to accept or refuse treatment were systematically violated, even literally to the point of threat of physical force against my poor wife by an abusive nurse who literally insisted we had waved our rights to choose the moment we walked through that door. I served in army in Iraq, but their treatment of my family brought me and my wife to tears. I am consulting with an attorney on the matter. My wife wants me to add, that there are many nice and friendly faces there as well.

Jared Costello

Was treated like an animal. And that was with insurance! Wouldn't recommend anyone to go there for medical attention. Go to UNC hospital to get the proper medical attention needs.

Elizabeth Chamblin

The wait time to find out what's wrong with you is absolutely ridiculous. I'm sure the staff are overworked and the hospital is incapable of handling the growing population. I also got irritated because 2 different times people brought in food and were eating it. I saw Kentucky Fried chicken dinners and the other was McDonald's. I was sick to stomach going on 3 days, and the last thing I wanted to smell was food. I walked to the bathroom and saw somebody sitting in the bed eating a fried piece of chicken! Really? I almost walked out after waiting almost 8 hours, but I stayed. A very nice nurse made a good argument to stay. The medical team went above and beyond to try to help me. I will Always go to WakeMed, I don't care if I pass out in the parking lot of Duke, send me to WakeMed.

Rhashanique Everett

The worst hospital EVER! I WOULD PREFER DUKE OR REX THE NURSES ARE SO RUDE ITS OUT OF THIS WORLD THEY DONT CARE THAT YOU ARE IN PAIN AND TALK TO YOU ANY KIND OF WAY! I asked to speak to a manager or head nurse who I told I have been waiting to be called to the back to see a dr. for 3 1/2 hours and he cuts me off to tell me I can leave or stay AND HES NOT HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH ME ABOUT THIS I’m in so much pain all I COULD DO WAS CRY! It’s about a total of 5 ppl who came in after me and have all been called before me these ppl don’t care about anyone and are the rudest. I will never come here again! I will be trying to get in touch with corporate I have written down names this is the worst

Shaynee Roper

Recently, a member of my husband's family had surgery at WakeMed Raleigh. The care and compassion shown to him during his stay was incredible. Hopefully, he does not need any additional surgery but if so, we will definitely return to WakeMed! Thank you to all of the Physicians, Nurses, and Ancillary Staff that took such great care of him!

SJLavinder Lusby

The children's ER and pediatric icu saved my sons life. We were treated with such dignity respect and compassion while there going through the scariest time of our lives. Can not be more thankful for this hospital!


Hospital staff everywhere in Wakemed has been kind and helpful. I have no complaints, and when your loved one is being treated that is really important!

Hen Ry

I gave birth to my daughter on nov6. The whole crew was excellent helping me thru the labor and i want to thank them all for their understanding and hard work! Out of all the nurses and doctors, i remember Casie the most! She is outstanding and so sweet! I was in room 4C31. Luckily my whole time staying there also her 3 days working. I hope i wasnt much trouble for her lol. Shes just so bright everytime she comes into the room! Thank you again Casie youre the best!!! Keep up the good work! I meant to leave a thank you note. Hoping this would reach to her and the team. Ps: i like the meal delivery service but just funny how i order hamburger but only got the topping no bun no burger

Trish Johnson

My father was admitted to Wake Med Cary while visiting from out of town and hospitalized for 4 days. He was discharged from the hospital on oxygen diagnosed with significant lung issues (PE and IPF). When we called the hospital to have them sign off on a handicap tag so I could drive my parents back home (a 5 hour drive). They refused as he was no longer under the care of the hospital. He had been resting at our home until I felt we could safely travel. They discharged my father with oxygen unable to walk more than a few steps. No suggestion for handicap tag, wheelchair, shower chair, etc. His discharge/ discharge instructions were unsafe. Zero patient care!

Dallas Clifton

Thanks wake med, you've helped bring my mom Ellen Hare back from almost death several times, she loves the nurses & doctors & yes even the food, people need to stop & think, your not God but his helpers, she's almost 89!!


Had to go to the ER earlier this week. They wanted to do a CT scan. I asked how much it would be, since the last time I went to the ER 6 years ago I got a $2500 (after insurance) bill afterwards, most of which was from the CT scan. They couldn't tell me how much it would be, but that they wanted to do it. They sent in a financial case manager to walk me through payment plans and options to afford the CT scan. She behaved exactly like the closer they send you when you're on the fence about buying a car. She couldn't tell me how much a CT scan costs, either. Her words: "Nobody really knows how much anything costs until we get the bill back, not even me." So I called the billing department. Had to leave a message. They called back 24 hours later, after I had already left the hospital, and they said a CT scan, before insurance, costs about $5300. I went to a specialist for a followup afterwards and told my appalling story. They were shocked. They charge $300 for a CT scan, before insurance. +1 star for the staff and nurses who helped with my speedy intake and initial treatment. I hope they share CT scan commission with the nurses who actually deserve it.

Markyl Wilson

Very rude staff.

Jennifer Mclucas

I have received all of my healthcare at WakeMed and have had nothing but great experiences. The staff is always professional and takes the time to make sure all of my needs are met. I'm grateful for the care I have received at WakeMed!

jo m

I will not be taking my wife back to WakeMed after our disaster and that says a lot considering shes employed there as well, which is a shame cause a few of the nurses she had she couldn't boast about them enough. We then proceeded to meet the "PA" who proved to show he knew NOTHING about obstetrics. He had ZERO knowledge and even admitted it, and rather than consulting someone down to the ED that did he diagnosed her with something he NEVER would have diagnosed her with had he done an ultrasound to make sure there was no distress. But, instead went upon her last one 2 weeks ago and blood work (Which he COULDNT interept admitted again upon in the room especially the QUAN levels) She then met the CHARGE NURSE who proceeded to take her IV out, that was the most horrendous thing ive ever seen being taken out. Instead of holding the cath in place and taking the tape from around it as shes yanking the tape left the cath is coming out of the left too with NO HOLDING IT IN PLACE. My wife looked at her in shock the WHOLE time, and at the end let her know her attitude and mannerism was NOT the wakemed way. Upon calling her OB walking out the door they basically stated the incompetence of the PA not doing an ultrasound to somewhat confirm diagnosis when indeed the next day we found out everything was going wonderfully. Never, and I repeat Never again. She did want to thank the 3 nurses who worked on her but she was so discouraged she didnt get to grab her daisy award sheets for them.

Dr William Ferro

I recently had to bring my son to the children's emergency department. Taking a very scary event into account these professionals were amazing. Having a separate facility just really makes it easier on the kids well I'm very impressed and very thankful to have this resource so close to our house thank you thank you thank you!!

dianne reilly

My mother-in-law was unfortunately a patient at this facility. Cirrhosis of the liver with high ammonia levels, and 2 cerebral infarcts. They continuing refused the family a GI specialist. With symptoms of abdominal swelling, legs, poor appetite, diarrhea, and mental confusion. She was able to see a neurologist, who placed her on baby aspirin. I do understand that, BUT she has cirrhosis of the liver. The baby aspirin could possibly trigger bleeding since she is at high risk due to the cirrhosis. I have my husband and sister-in-law repeatedly ask for GI consult. I would not recommend this hospital, not even in the event of a emergency.


Worst hospital I’ve ever had the displeasure of being serviced at, 4 hours to be placed in a room, then 30 minutes to actually see a physician just to be prescribed ibuprofen that I can purchase otc. Somebody died the night I came, and the family members were horrified, screaming and crying, nobody batted an eye even the staff didn’t care. People that come here with excruciating pain should go somewhere else.

Laurence L Oakley

Worked there about 10 years, On Environmental Service Team, Connie Ritter No thanks! as Mark Foil, everyone is always working on weekends which that is hospital but environmental services es Could do better.

Linda Johnson

A long walk!! I'm old!! Visiting my sister! Please keep her un your prayers

Sarah Sheppard

Wake Med is amazing. I live in Fayetteville and Cape Fear Valley is horrible. They sent me home with a horrible life threatening kidney infection and I couldn’t see the urologist until 2 months later. I took it upon my myself to go to Wake Med and they immediately admitted me and had a stent put in my kidney to drain the infection. PA Kelly Gill is not only one the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen but she is so nice and understanding. I was told I would of have gone into sepsis if I haven’t come here. I would recommend Wake Med to anyone!!

Karen Cockerel

I'm at the hospital with my mother 3rd time this month. My mother says this is the best hospital she has ever been to. The medical staff is on point. John Redeker the RN attended to her needs. Nice tattoos! It is clear that he loves his job. Ashley Pitts is also her nurse. I just want to thank you for treating my mom with such care and kindness.

Lindy Leonard

My baby was born at WakeMed several weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier about our experience there. Every nurse was friendly and helpful, and we felt very cared for and supported. The nurse who was with us through most of labor was particularly excellent. We enjoyed the time we had with her and felt that she was invested in the process. I appreciated the hospital's approach to newborn care- the way they encourage rooming in and allow skin to skin immediately following birth. The first hour I got to spend with my son was such a gift! In so many details the hospital went above and beyond to make our experience a good one. 5 stars!!

Sederis Best

Omg had to come here tonight and staff was amazing.The doctor was friendly and answered all my questions. I have loved this hospital since they delivered my son twelve years ago.Best service then and I am so happy to say best service still.

Mario Kilpatrick

January 1,2019 I’ve been waiting for 2hrs for a release of a human remains to be transported. I called pathology, they put the No Show at all everyone seems to be so busy. Rude not even the words to describe.Poor communication between staff

Miguel Flores

I cannot even describe how bad I was treated at this hospital. They never cleaned my roadrash and other cuts and when I asked if they could the answer I was given was they could not do it.This left me with scars. I had a broken tibia on my right leg and a detached hamstring on the left leg.. I could not use both of my legs. Every morning they would try to get me to walk when I still could not use my legs. On the third day I asked the nurse to wrap my leg tight from above my knee to the top of my thigh so I can use the leg and get out of there. The happiest day to me was leaving this hospital. The only reason I believe they was trying to get rid of me was because they had me as UNINSURED on the Bill's they send me and keep sending me when the HR Lady from where i work gave another lady from the hospital all my insurance paperwork through workman comp and i personally saw this happen. I was called a month later to rate the service I recieved. I've seen prisoners in Iraq being treated much better than I was( I would have done the same) and after the survey I was told I would get a call. SMH. By the wa, I am not giving this place a 5 star. I edited this because after I submitted it it says I gave it a 5 star.

Stephanie George

Rude and cold staff. Was sent here after a dermatologist appointment fell through to hopefully get something to help calm my eczema down. Was told that it would be well over $200 to see the doctor and get a cortisone shot and that I would be excepted to pay upfront after showing my insurance. I felt like they were trying to advantage of a situation where I was in a lot of pain. Walked out before seeing the doctor to find a place that seems more focused on helping people like REX.


2 years ago they told me they completed the insurance claim and I owed nothing. Now I’m hit with derogatory claims on my insurance because they couldn’t do there damn job. A bunch of scammers

Daniele Weinberger

Fantastic care. Immaculate room. Wonderful, caring nurses. My dad came in very sick to the ER with a fever and dehydrated. The staff aggressively treated his condition and thankfully, within 36 hours he's is healing. Very grateful.

Melissa Callahan

This place.... My mom was placed in 623a with high co2 and ammonia levels. She had stage 4 pancreas cancer with metastisis to the lungs. For whatever reason 6 days afyer admission a cna decided it was time to weigh mom. Instead of weighing her in the bed, which would weigh patients, she asked my mom to stand on scales. After trying to tell her she couldn't stand she was made to stand and fell. In the process she broke her leg. I emailed and called admin with no response, apology, nothing. I found out what happened from my mom. Not staff, doctors, etc. After she had not eaten for several days the nurse asked her what she wanted and it didn't matter what shed get it. She asked for pepperoni pizza, which they have on their menu. Instead, they brought her the diet tray. Then I was told oh she can't have pizza. Needles to say I got her pizza. Who cares what she eats as long as she eats. Shes dying!!! Absolute disregard for people their. So thankful for transitions hospice. They got her out of their. Within 7 days of her leg being broken, she passed....

Yasmin B

Appalling level of care at the ER. Our toddler hit her head really bad on a concrete slab floor. Normally I'm a wait-and-watch kind of person, but felt this was serious enough to warrant an ER visit to be sure she was ok. The doctor did nothing except look at her eyes and use a stethoscope. In and out in a minute. We could have just gone to a pediatrician for that, but now we'll be charged a fortune for a single minute of inattention by the doctor.

Michael Dolman

Font like this hospital I come here because I have to .unfprtunatly it's hospital .it takes too long. I feel like they ignoring me they to slow I know they busy but I am a patient that it all should matter

Rita Hedden

In June of this year, I suffered a minor stroke. Family took me first to WakeMed North Emergency (the "women's hospital"); after a CT, I was transferred to WakeMed Raleigh Campus, as North did not have an MRI machine (??? - do women not rate one of those?) Both campuses provided professional, thorough, top tier, kind and compassionate care. There are a couple reasons, though, that this is a 4-star review and not a 5-star review. First, what's already mentioned - no MRI machine at the North Campus. I'm sure there's a valid financial reason for this but I do have to wonder that if this facility had been geared towards men instead of women, that there probably would have been an MRI machine installed there. That's just my opinion, though. As stated, I was transferred to Raleigh Campus mainly for the MRI, but also due to my pre-diagnosis (stroke), which would have to be treated there (my assumption). The MRI went smoothly for the most part; the MRI staff was good but not especially attentive - several times I told them that I needed support on my left side, yet I still was able to fall when transferring back onto the transport gurney (pretty much just slid off the thing due to a lack of support on my weak side). I spent one week in-hospital in Cardiac and received excellent care. The staff of 3E are not only highly competent, but caring, resourceful and compassionate. The care I received went beyond professional, especially the nurses and nurses' aides - there was a personal touch to it and I will remain forever grateful to them for taking such good care of me. They made sure I was safe at all times and went to extra effort to explain my medications to me. PT staff as well was awesome. One sour note is the food. Now, hospital food has never been haute cuisine, certainly; and there are a host of logistical issues to deal with in order to deliver literally thousands of meals - 3 times a day - within a certain time span. But . . . ugh. The meals off of the standard menu arrive cold, delivered by unsmiling, mumbling employees who won't meet your eyes. As far as I could tell, everything tasted the same - like some kind of "soylent green" stuff that's simply molded into different shapes depending upon the day of the week and the time. One breakfast I had, as a side dish, a biscuit & gravy that I literally couldn't cut. I mean, bread covered with gravy, soaking in it, and I couldn't cut it! Best option is to have family members bring your meals in from outside the hospital, but few have that option for every meal. My hubby stocked the room up with muffins and such, and family members brought a few meals in. Second option? Order off the other side of the menu. It's a PITA because you literally have to call someone daily (and be prepared for a little pushback if you're on a restricted diet), but I found that by calling into food service I received hot food and larger portions, plus being able to eliminate items you wouldn't normally eat (such as turkey bacon or chicken sausage - bleh!). It would be great if you could use an app to make those changes because there are times when the kitchen is rushed and they're a bit rude when you call in. But aside from the food, I can't praise enough in regards to the medical care. They made sure I was progressing, patiently answered my questions and addressed my concerns; were kind to my family members and celebrated every step forward I made.

Jay Camacho-Blades

Took a family member to the hospital there and it was the first time ever going to that hospital. I lived in NC for about 16 years I am not sure why not. WOW the hospital was pretty and the staff the best I have ever experienced. In the emergency room the cardiologist asked questions of the person I brought in, called and got records from other facilities before running unnecessary tests and asked a lot of pertinent questions. HE was VERY thorough. Everyone I ran into there was great from the desk greeter who gave me a map to show me how to get to the room I was going to (along with highlights and marks so I would not get lost), to the nurses aids, to the wheelchair guy who helped with discharge, to the food staff who brought the trays...just everyone. It must be a great place to work. The person I brought in was there a few days and left a new person. Now to show I am not exaggerating I got on the elevator one day and there were 4 EMT's with a cake and a bunch of smiley face balloons. I said "You must be visiting one of your co-workers" They said no... this was all for a nurse who is always so good to them. They said she is always prepared when they bring a patient in and she makes their job so much easier. So much so they wanted to show their appreciation. WOW. I knew it wasn't just me that felt like that. Wonderful wonderful hospital.

Kelly Flowers

Our 6 year old son had to go last night after figuring he would try some super glue. We have 2 year old twins and my husband took him. As a mother I am use to being right there with my children. After reading some reviews, I was unsettled to say the least. Our oldest is 20 and not much freaks me out. So,not being there I called the staff was very nice. They let me speak to the doctor that was taking care of our son. I did not want to take much of her time,she had already covered all of the bases and through a brief report I knew she was on top of it. The fact that the doctor actually spoke with me was above and beyond. I cannot recall her name but I would like to thank her for that. Thank you all in the children’s ER for taking good care of our son!

Kevin Woods

This hospital is a joke. If you don’t have a life threatening matter, go to UNC Rex or UNC Chapel Hill. My daughter was admitted, and the doctor recommended her be transferred to UNC Chapel Hill because WakeMed did not have the proper staff and resources to treat her. We were billed for an outpatient procedure (which our insurance covers less of than an inpatient procedure) even though she was admitted to the hospital. I will not go here again unless I don’t think I can make it to a UNC hospital.

GabbyLove ***

I don't trust ANY wakemed hospital after what they did to my grandmother. I want to know where these doctors get their training from. Please! please! never take your loved ones , especially the elderly, to this hospital. You may end up losing them forever. RIP Granny.

Misty Z

My grandmother has been treated here several times for different issues and the nurses and staff have always been awesome. This last time we were especially impressed with the compassion and care shown from everyone from the doctors to the nurses to the phlebotomists. We had a scare and the team was in there in seconds to take care of her. Thank you Wakemed!

Scherrie Kennedy

Don't bother with the kidney stone center. If you are in pain save yourself the cost and the run around and find a good Emergency Department. Typically when you go to the ED for kidney stones they give you fluids and pain meds to help pass the stone. They did neither, they did an x-ray and suggested I take a Tylenol. Absolutely terrible medical care. Update: I see below that the marketing department has replied asking me to contact them. I actually emailed the hospital the details of my complaint the same day I placed this review. They have yet to respond. This makes me feel that their response is more designed to look like they care, than an actual effort to improve their service.

David Gurney

The doctors, nurses, and other medical staff have been good. I have no complaints with them. However their administration such as billing and insurance are terrible! Last year I had a heart attack and a stroke and my insurance cancelled. Rex Hospital was more than welcome to help me with assistance. At Rex I had a Rex Assist agent that was always more than willing to call if I had questions. WakeMed there was nothing like that. I was only given a form to fill out and basically told me to hope for the best. I didn't have it and now I have a $32,000 bill. Now I got a phone call saying that I need to take care of the bill. The problem is that I am taking care of the bill with regular payments. Bottom Line: Go to a real compassionate hospital like Rex. Because WakeMed are only a business that wants to take your money

P Moore

Took my son to the ER since he was throwing up. He also had a small head bump earlier that day. Since he didn't have a fever or diarrhea, the doctor pressured me into a CT scan. I explained that he was acting normal until he started vomiting which was hours after he bump his head (barely a bump) but Dr. Matthews keep saying he still needed one since the two other "normal" symptoms weren't there. What ever happened to Doctors actually examining patients themselves instead of relying on a bunch of random exams. The CT scan was of course normal and not needed at all. BTW, the doctor only came in to convince me to do the CT scan. She didn't really bother to talk through everything and as normal, left it to the nurse and PA. I did address it with the doctor afterwards and she stated it was her job to pressure parents since she's the doctor and this is standard. She did not take feedback well. Update:. It was just viral. He had diarrhea later. Doc just didn't want to wait and seemed very inexperienced and rude about the whole thing, even saying my son could have died. Update: I originally rated WakeMed with 1 star but updated it to 3 for the customer service. As soon as I posted this and sent in a complaint, someone from their relations team contacted me during the next business day. In addition, one of the ER supervisors contacted me directly and discussed the situation with me. Of course, they couldn't admit to fault since that would leave them liable for a lawsuit; however, I appreciated their response time. They also waived the doctor's fee and provide credit for the unnecessary CT scan (This isn't what changed my rating - just a bonus). What would have made this better would have been if Dr. Matthews contacted me directly. I was told they would discuss better bedside manners with her but I wonder if they actually did. I hope they did so maybe she will do a better job working with patients and listening to them instead of pressuring them. Also, just a note on the billing, none of it makes sense. It's a bunch of codes and it's hard to understand what the insurance paid for and such. Then again, that seems like all medical institutions. Update: I am changing my review back to 1 star. Why - it's been about 2 years since this review and of course, having a 3 year old now, he fell and actually had a head injury with vomiting. This time, I knew it was actually a head injury which might need a CT scan but I absolutely refused to come back to this campus. We ended up driving an extra 15 minutes to the children's hospital - still WakeMed so they are still making their money - but the doctor here was 100% the opposite of Dr. Matthews. Even though this was a head injury, this doctor didn't recommend a CT scan as she said it was less than a 1% chance it was a serious head injury. She didn't even order any exams. Next day, kid is up and running around like normal. I hope Dr. Matthews is no longer with WakeMed as her bedside manners were awful telling me my son was going to die to pressure me into agreeing to a CT scan on a 1 year old with no head injury. In addition, she order a bunch of other useless test. Even though WakeMed is the closest hospital, I refuse to go back for my son.

Jenny Ritch

One of the nurses called me fat and they ignored me and basically told me to leave while I was in pain. Worst experience in an er I have ever had. You're better off just suffering than going here, they're a bunch of arrogant, rude children who don't care about anyone or anything.

Raikenly Gutierrez

Honestly I'm super happy with the entire staff,my fiance had the placer to delivery our baby in the hands of Tracy S.RN and Susie R.RN,in the name of our Baby Anthoine and us we would like to say THANKS,the complete hospital staff was amazing,awesome people, i just have to say Thanks,Thanks and god bless America

Bella Aminov

All the nurses are so warm and welcoming! The service was amazing and Very happy I came to this ER. They are the best and highly recommend this place!!

Melissa Franch

The people who work at this hospital are amazing, especially the ones who answer the phones. They helped my family in more ways than they'll ever know, and they saved my dad's life during his stroke. Thank you neurology and all the staff at Wake Med.

Brenda Hernandez

The doctor said that my mom had kidney stones in her gall bladder that's when they did the ultrasound. They were based on the ultrasound what it reads which it was she had a big stone and a lot of small ones. My mom was telling them where it hurts which it was her lower abdominal but they didn't listen on what she was telling them. So they decided to do the surgery anyway.But when she was in surgery they didn't found anything, no stones. But now my mom is in worse pain. That was a wrongful surgery.

Artishmie Zdrojewski

I just had my first baby here last week and the level of care we recieved was excellent. All of my nurses were amazing, everyone who was part of my baby's care was amazing too. I literally couldn't have gotten through it without my L&D & postpartum nurses. It was a very positive experience for my family and I.

Fred Monks

Without God,the great Doctors and Nurses I wouldn’t be here! Everything was done well from ICU to my Rehab. Thank you to all!!

'65 Luds

My mom was brought to WakeMed Raleigh with what turned out to be a serious condition. She was in for a week. Not only was the care competent, but everyone was extremely compassionate, especially the nurses and therapists. I gave it five stars only because there's no way to give it ten.

Leah Warren

While the pediatric ER nurses and doctors are amazing, there is little to be said about how long it takes for test results. My daughter had a broken foot and between trauma, X-ray, CT scan, and fitting for a cast/ crutches, we were there for over 12 hours. That is absolutely unacceptable.

Jaime Mitchell

Very knowledgeable staff, wonderful medical attention, would reccomend

Annie Harding

Went to WakeMed North with severe abdominal pain. Testing showed that I had to have my gallbladder removed. I was transferred to the New Bern Ave hospital for surgery. The staff was amazing! They made sure I was comfortable and my pain was well managed. The staff on 6C are amazing!

Daleen Fisher

Great medical care; everyone is helpful and courteous; campus and various areas within are secured.

Erm Brooks

I have been In the er since a car accident and have had minimal help. Xrays 3 hours Into being here. Its now hour 4 and I want to jump out of the bed and run to the nearest exit. I have talked to a doctor/ nurse for all of 10 minutes total since being here. And they won't let me stand up and go to the bathroom.

Thea Al

Shane Moseley you should be ashamed of yourself.... you're just bold faced lien! WakeMed is awesome and the staff are the sweetest people you would ever meet. Shane Moseley you better hope you don't meet no one like that, that will treat your father like that because there are people like that. But for you to just come out and lie like that is a disgrace. And for the other lady, this ain't Burger King have it your way. Tell your family to bring you food, I mean you mad cause you didn't get some dang chicken..... WOW, the nerve of you people. Shane, if it was that bad why is he there for not one but TWO MONTHS?

Adam Keough

Our child was born premature at 27 weeks. I honestly can't imagine he would have received better care anywhere else. The doctors and nursing staff were beyond amazing throughout the entire experience. I can't begin to recommend them enough.

Stacy williams

Not a good hospital if you are in pain they dont care about you there and they are very slow.I would not tell anyone to go there for good and fast service for pain.But they charge your bill sitn in lobby waiting

Felicia Alnehmi

I am so sadden about Wake med, I thought this hospital was great until my brother was release and came home with what look like tape burn around his feeding tube. However, no nurse or doctor wrote on his discharge papers or call about the open skin. Instead they cover an open wound with a wrap.

Joe Monday

BEWARE: Poor communication between nurses and family. Poor communication between doctor and family. Doctors are rotated every several days so if your patient is staying a week or longer you'll have several doctors with different opinions and communication style. Nurses on floor 5A are of little help to the family buy maybe better help to the patient. Had food being delivered to the room of a patient that was not approved for food days ago and would actually be a danger if it was eaten. Took over 24 hours to have an eye drop prescription filled for a patient in the hospital with clearly dry eye difficulty and I could go on. Next time its UNC or DUKE. By the way, if you want the surprise of your life, go to the basement of WakeMed. Its an absolute filthy dump.

al Hawkins

On my visit tonight I had the most wonderful team of doctors and nurses and imagining people. Doctor Blevins was great suturing of my face and helping me overcome some obstacles. The nurses were informative and nice. Couldn't have had more wonderful staff. Staff keep up the great job.

Lakshmi Priya

I had my girl delivered here. It was fantastic experience for me . Starting from nurse, midwives, doctors all are very helpful and responsive. I had admitted on Thanksgiving day and delivered my baby on next day. so that was very memorable to me and my partner. My special thanks to Doctor Diana McCarthy and nurses.

Jenny Hamme

We had a really great experience at least as well as you can have in the ER. Seen quickly and got admitted in decent time. The nursing staff was attentive and helpful. I hope the billing isn’t as crazy high as other posts say, but time will tell.

Bradley Lester

Please read through. We have had both of our children here. The first child was a negative experience of them wanting to put him in NICU for no reason besides money. If he would have needed NICU I would have been perfect with it. The head of NICU back then was an elder man that just because he was a doctor did not mean he was smart. Very rude and ugly. Well that was four yrs ago. Well that has changed. It has been the perfect experience. The nursing staff is on point, considerate, passionate, and loving. They have given my wife and new little girl great attention and care, kept us informed, and made us feel comfortable. They have gone above and beyond what they had to do. The dr's have had great bedside manners, which is old school in this new world. I highly recommend having your baby here. May God bless all the ones we have seen during our stay here.

Simple Yuli

I just want to say that the doctors, nurses, and the whole team are awesome. They took great care of my baby and me during and after C-section.

Joel Raupe

Recovered from a stroke here in 2015. Rehab was First Rate.

Rajneesh Patil

Very little medical attention walking into the ER on a weekend with broken nose. Ended up with a $550 bill out of pocket for no real treatment and 2 hours of meaningless wait. Have worked in ER myself, could do much better with the level of care or commensurate charges for what is delivered to a patient. 4 different folks walked in every 20 mins and asked the same questions repeatedly. Isn't there a file to look at after the first round of medical history and current symptoms? Anyway, obnoxious charges for just a tetanus shot and nasal spray just because it was delivered in emergency room? WakeUp WakeMed.

Chanel Hankerson

This is probably the WORST hospital in Raleigh NC. The staff and nurses do not communicate with you about your family member and do not give the accurate information when they do. To them it’s just a job it’s apparent they don’t really care about patients lives! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO MY WORST ENEMY !!

Stephanie Blazek

I took my daughter (1yr old) to see an ENT Dr. Flieschm and she was AMAZING from start to finish. They checked her ears and hearing after we were referred for MANY ear infections. She was so good with her and put me at complete ease before and after the tube surgery (that's saying a lot because I'm an uptight self admitted helicopter mom). As soon as she was finished with the surgery she came out and spoke to me personally to let me know all went as planned. A few weeks later we went back to make sure she was all healed and they looked perfect. This is the first time my kid has gone even a month without an ear infection and now we are at three months!!!! I'll wont go to anyone but this doctor even if I have to cross state lines again to do it. She's an awesome doctor WITH bedside manner.

The Fridge with T-Bone and Pjiggz

We only had to go get my son an ultrasound, it was about 2 hours away and the tech was very friendly and helpful as much as should be.

Ted Lysen

Although their medical staff is good their billing practices are awful Although I have been paying them consistently and have a payment arrangement with the they have still turned me over to collections which is now affecting my credit. Before you use ANY Wake Med doctor or service be sure you get the bill out of the way first. They also overcharge when they can. The practice I was seeing was purchased by Wake Med. When I would have labs done before the purchase my cost was $100 to $150. After the change I now get billed for hospital services. The same service cost $800.

Roger Wright

We had a good experience in the medical ICU, until we were forced to move to another hospital. Select in Durham. That place was a nightmare. THe docs and RN at Wake are top notch. We should have never lefr here. Thank you so much for the wonderdul care.

Sam The Game Man

Wakemed contracts outside companies for onsite services (example: an er visit at Wakemed that turns out to need surgery) that are factually known for billing negligence and poor business practices. Highly recommend driving to the next hospital unless your a medical billing lawyer or small claims wiz. Your coverage will not apply because they contract outside companies for internal operations. Even if your covered out of network (which they are out of network for most with the questionable departments) they will not send the claim to insurance, and they will lie about it. Then they will send you to collections. What should have been a fully covered operation will turn into $1000s in costs from just the anesthesiology, plus getting your credit scored knocked down a few hundred points, usually irreparably. If you are buying a car or house that could easily add up to $10000s to $100000s (WELL OVER $100000 ON A 30 YEAR MORTGAGE IN INCREASED INTEREST). That is assuming only 1 bill goes to collections. You can expect to receive a minimum of 2 bills for pretty much anything, although Wakemed did write off any internal bills.

G Mailer

One word : Parasites When my Auto Insurance paid out almost 1000 bucks, this idiots went for collection for 80 bucks. The diagnosis was for accident checkup after 1/2 hr wait --- everything OK. Nothing to worry. And the damage was about 1100 bucks. What has happened to this country. They allow in the name of insurance and medical care to suck out blood and tissue and down to marrow out of patients. Pity the people who has to go through this. God save this country

Melissa Delong

WakeMed recently reported an account to collections that I had been paying $200 per month on for well over 6 months. If someone is actively paying on their account, they should not be reported to collections to have this negatively impact their credit. In the future, if I need hospital services and have a choice in where I go, I will not choose WakeMed. I learned that they automatically report people to collections if they are not on a payment plan...they said it is computer generated and the computer cannot discern whether or not someone is paying. How ridiculous is that? WakeMed has no qualms ruining someone's credit who is actively paying their bills. Disgusting. If I could give them 0 stars, I would.

Theresa Frye

My sister Karmela Adkins was in Wake Med from Sept thru Dec she gained her angel wings on the Dec 1st at 3:50 pm she was in room 3B09 the folks that took care of my sister day in and day out was absolutely wonderful they gave my sister 110% of care and LOVE unconditionally my family and I will forever be grateful so as we try to get through each day without her here with us it's so heartwarming to know you all treated her like part of your family... Thank you all and God bless you


They treated me worse than an animal! I was there as inpatient and they made me cry , they didn't come to me when I was having pain or when the IV came off! As a result, I ended up bleeding on myself! The charge nurse manager even told my doctor to tell me not to bring anything to their attention. Apparently we patients are too much of a pain, they don't want to hear from us. Billing is also horrible and the managers never return your call or get on the phone! You could also need financial help but they never take a look at your expenses, only yours and/or your spouse's salary.

Lisa Alford

Here now in the emergency room and so far this is my worst experience ever with this hospital.

Tim Rabon

WakeMed is a 5 star, world class hospital that offers care for people in all different stages of life and health. As a local pastor, I've seen people be treated for many different sicknesses and symptoms. I highly recommend this hospital from my professional and personal experience. My own family has received great care during previous visits!


The doctors and nurses are wonderful. 5th floor nurses are the absolute best they are real busy but always find the time to go above and beyond in my book. Hats off to you ladies and gent

Diana Velasco

I absolutely love WakeMed! I've only visited the Raleigh location with my 2 kids for sick visits around 18 times with both kids over the last 10 years. The doctor's and nurses are fantastic and very knowledgeable! Everyone was caring and wonderful. However, if WakeMed could only work on the waiting time. In one occasion when my son was 2 with a really bad fever I waited 2 hours to be called in for vitals. I ended up leaving the hospital. I also agree that the billing is extremely high! WakeMed is a bit expensive in my opinion. Furthermore, in health care WakeMed is awesome!

Proud American

The Labor and Delivery staff and facilities are amazing! We had a great stay and met numerous wonderful people. Brittany our delivery nurse was awesome as was Katie our recovery nurse!

Explore Raleigh

Very disappointed that they would close their pharmacy on a holiday and not take into consideration those patients who are leaving on that day.

Risa Schluchter

Offices are great once you find them. Parking is a little iffy


Male, 25, Ehlers-Danlos Type 4, uses a cane, has had two strokes, computer scientist, on a lot of medications. Wakes up and stretches and works out and shortly after projectile vomits and drops to the ground in screaming pain. Has had these problems before but not this severe - it keeps getting worse. This hospital keeps calling it "anxiety". Goes in and is in the most pain he's ever been in in his life. The staff are telling him to stop being in so much pain and that he's not really in pain, that he's scaring his wife, that it's just anxiety. Some nurses are laughing at him. One mumbles faking something something. Originally going to order an x-ray and somehow that's cancelled (he has insurance). Even though he's telling him it's not acid reflux, they order him a GI coctail, no plans to see if it's this hernia that's been a huge problem for years. Someone mispronounces Ehlers-danlos. We know we're screwed. There's not going to be a resolution here. They're then holding him to the bed asking him about insurance and about his deductible. I kid you not. They stick him in a room for a couple hours. He throws up black stuff. They throw it out, nurses laughing. Must not be important. We're told its the pepto bismol he took four days ago. Compassion and empathy are a couple states over. Not to be found here, it seems. We've never seen hospitals and their staff behave like this. Typically even the worst doctor will take a passing interest in what's going on with a 25 year old screaming in pain. A patient who removes his two inch ingrown toenails like he's taking out the trash. We've only been here a year and a half and we're moving in a month. When I was in jail at the age of 19, I watched a girl hemorrhage for four days while she had a miscarriage. They kept telling her to stop faking it. She was five months pregnant and she lost the baby. That is the only other time I've seen this type of behavior. I've seen it here at Wake Med now three times. It's not anxiety. It's not in his head.

Jeff Heck

Very very disappointing experience. I brought my son in for a lesion on his knee, we were being careful due to a pre-existing condition. We waited for 1.5 hours in the lobby, 45 minutes in the room, spent 15 minutes with a nurse (not a doctor) who prescribed some meds, which ended up being the wrong prescription until i reminded him of my son's pre-existing condition. Waited another 45 minutes for the prescriptions...I had to go out and ask the nurse who was sitting back with his legs propped up on the counter socializing with a couple other guys. Finally got my prescription and we left. So the worst part is I got a $1,500 bill ($3,100 before insurance deduction) for this extremely unprofessional, what should have been vet short/routine visit. I tried talking to customer service who could have cared less about our bad experience or the gross overcharge. I'd only come here as a very last resort inn the future.

Modesty Foye

My birthing experience was horrible 4 yours ago! The nurse was very rude while I was in labor

Dan Murray

Nurse Pam and aide Sophia on the 5th floor were OUTSTANDING in their care and concern for the patient. Hats off to both of them for jobs more than well done!

Ashley Phipps

If you are pregnant and ever involved in a car accident, NEVER go to this facility for your care! It was horrible from waiting in the waiting room for over an hour to lack of communication with the doctors and nurses. I️ had never seen the same person twice! One doctor came and said “think we’re going to need blood work” that never happened. I advised that I didn’t feel any movement from the baby and still waited over an hour and a half for ultrasound. My blood pressure wasn’t being monitored regularly and not once did anyone ask “are you okay”? The room I was in had old dried up blood all over the floor and the chair/table was so uncomfortable! One doctor examined my belly and let the leg part of the table down before assisting me to sit up! Mind you no one ever introduced themselves. I can go on and on for the 8 hours that i was there about the laughing and joking of other patients instead of treating them all the way to the talk of vacationing to chile that went on in the hallway! Oh and one guy said “so the cut off is 22 weeks so we’re not going to monitor you in labor and delivery”! The cut off from what sir? He pretty much said anything before 22 weeks is not important! Yeah if I’m on my dying bed please don’t take me to this place!

Christian Bogue

The staff are friendly enough but procedurally this place needs a complete re-design top to bottom or to be acquired by a better run hospital. Boy was it bad and where shall we begin? No one at the metal detectors there to check pockets and I walked through with a metal watch on so so much for security, eh guys? No notification or number system so I had to keep checking every 10 minutes with the staff if my mother had arrived via ambulance. Once we moved to a triage bed the procedures around getting vitals, x-rays, etc., moved at a decent pace but a solid 4 long hours passed before. the cardiologist came by, this after "they'll be right by," which set the expectations it'd be happening quickly. Effectively they let emergency but stable patients occupy a triage bed for 4 hours when it could have been free for other patients in the ER. Again, the staff were friendly, but boy is it a poorly-run place not deserving to occupy that space when a better managed facility could do it. Best part? I can't wait to see the I'm-a-robot-who-couldn't-actually-care reply with "can you please contact us via email at..." so they can both A.) get it out of the public eye and B.) not bother to actually listen, fix it or make amends. Way to go guys, really sucking hard on this one.

Brandon Sargent

STOP SENDING ME 3 ADS IN A ROW. It’s to the point I’m recruiting others to lower your score. Please respond with why a hospital needs to advertise. You’re here to save lives. Please respond if money is more important than that so I can report that publicly, or don’t report it so I can do the same. I’ve recorded said ads live that came from YouTube on YouTube. Enjoy.

Kristina Hope Brooks

The hospital and staff here are A-MAZING!! We are so grateful for them and for the wonderful care that our child received during his short stay! They are unbelievably kind and amazing with kids!! If I could give them 10 stars I would!

Robert J

The hospital itself is good with excellent care. However, WakeMed should be more careful in the selection of contractors who perform lab testing. They currently use Raleigh Pathology Lab Associates. This lab follows the disreputable practice of balance billing. In simple terms, you go to the WakeMed emergency room, which is in your insurance network. Your insurer pays out-of-network Raleigh Pathology Lab Associates the same rate it would pay an in-network provider. But this lab says that isn't enough because they are not in your insurance network. They want you, the patient, to pay their full retail rate. That means that they will not only bill you for your co-insurance amount, they will bill you for the discount applied by your insurance company. I've read that some providers stay out of insurance networks as a business strategy so that they can balance bill the patients. WakeMed should either require Raleigh Pathology Lab Associates to join the same insurance networks as the hospital or it should dump this lab and find another.

Denise Blair

The problems started in the ER. The nurses and doctors proved that they did not care about the fact that my daughter was in pain. Luckily when she was admitted, she did have a few good nurses that took care of her. I commend them for trying their best to keep her comfortable as much as they could. The doctor on the other hand, showed us each day that he was clueless and did not care. The doctors never contacted her Hematologist although I asked several times for them to do so. The only reason that my daughter came to this hospital is because I don't live in the area and I told her to go the nearest hospital. What a mistake. What should have been a visit to the ER or possibly a couple of days in the hospital turned out to be a weeks stay. Never again will my child go here. The only reason that I am giving 1 star is because I can't give a 0.

Kendall Warren

I want to thank Dr Allen Marshall for saving my life after my accident I'm so thankful for WakeMed in Raleigh this is the best hospital I've ever been to . I miss u Dr Marshall a whole lot I hope u have a good summer and I'll always remember your smile and how good of a person u are I mean that from the bottom of my heart . Sincerely your Patient, Kendall Warren .

Jennifer Maupin

I think it says a lot that I'm giving this hospital 5 stars when we had to leave there without three of our children- one stillborn at term. Quality bereavement care plays a significant role in a parent's adjustment, grieving, and healing. The care we received at WakeMed was exceptional, and I have continued to derive comfort from it over the years. The nurses we had showed us God's love in the darkest moments of our life, and they were there to celebrate with us when we welcomed our son several years later. I remember the way they held our hands, cried with us, and cared for our deceased son and made us feel comfortable enough to savor the time we had to create memories. Sometimes the greatest love comes from simply bearing witness to someone's experience. I also know that if there was any way he could have survived we were at the best possible hospital for NICU services. In addition to this care we had positive experiences with our daughter's broken arm requiring surgery, a stay for jaundice, and several adult surgeries. WakeMed constantly strives for better patient experiences through their training sessions and listening to patient feedback. Thank you!

John Emig

I and my family would like to thank all Doctors, nurses , technicians,aides,chaplains,& cleaning people for their care,compassion,and expertise in care of our son Peter Emig. He was in the cardio vascular ICU room 208.He fought hard for 16 days but now has gone on to a better place. Thanks again for all your care and compassion your logo says it all Exceptional People Exceptional Care.All of you will be forever in our prayers. Thank you John &Diane Emig & family night

Lupillo Pena Mejia

Pretty quick and professional. Lionel was there for E Coli. Everybody did great Job. Thank you guys.

James Strickland

Today at around 830AM, I park my car and start walking up the hill to the emergency section of the hospital to visit my mother in law. As I was crossing, at the bottom of the hill, a man who had just been let go from the hospital was attempting to cross the street to get to his bus stop that was on the hospital property. I had to help the man across the street because his swollen foot was so bad that he could barely walk. This was made worse by the fact that once I got back up to the emergency area, I saw 3 police officers just standing in front of the entrance as if nothing was going on. I asked them why they didn’t help and they stated they did not see the man, they couldnt make the man stay, and that the hospital did not give away if I thought the hospital was prison or a wheelchair store. I told them that their actions were shameful and that they should have wheeled the man to his bus stop just a 100-150 feet away. My mother in law’s visit has been good and she has been well cared for, but that was an incredible display of incompetency on behalf of those who are paid to be a servant to those around them.

Myles crumel

They have great service as a patient who’s currently here! Came in feeling horrible but my leg feels much better and there services are quick!

Jason Michaud

There are not enough superlatives in the world to describe my team of care providers at WakeMed Raleigh! I love them all SO MUCH! Heroes in scrubs


My wife was in pain and constantly vomiting from what we found out later was an infected kidney stone. We were out of town at the time, so we took her to the local ER for pain management and diagnosis. They gave her pain meds and told her the stone would pass. Two days later we took her to a urologist in New Bern, NC and he said she would pass the stone and that she would have to wait 6 weeks before they would consider operating. After a week of her vomiting every morning and night as well as in constant pain, I decided to Google specialists for kidney stones. I found Wake Med Kidney Stone Center and called. They saw my wife the next morning and by the afternoon, she was in surgery for a stint placement. Dr. Ian Udell was amazing, warm, and very knowledgeable! He found she had an infection and wouldn't have passed the stone on her own even though it was only 3mm. I've never seen my wife in so much pain before Dr. Udell put in that stint. If you suspect you have a kidney stone, don't mess around with local doctors. I highly recommend Dr. Udell at Wake Med Kidney Stone Center!! Fyi they also provide nutritional counseling, xrays every year to monitor for any signs of future stones and an ultrasound after surgery to ensure no further problems! All from Dr. Udell yall! Some things are worth the drive time and money.

Tyler Groves

My wife and I had our first child at WakeMed Raleigh this past weekend. The staff blew away our wildest expectations. Everyone from Labor and Delivery to the Car Seat Technician that wheeled us to our car when we were discharged preformed with kindness, compassion, and excellence in everything they did. My wife and I can't imagine being able to have a better birth experience. 5 stars and our highest recommendation possible for having a baby at WakeMed Raleigh.

Rochelle Wyler

Sallie was an amazing Ap she helped me and reassured me all was going to be ok. Everyone else was awesome! Very professional in the cat scan room and the gentleman in The MRI. Thank you all of you for making my stay the most comfortable ❤️

Matt L.

I don't understand why you have to pay to park?? As if you're not charging the patient's enough. You're already charging up the a$$ for every little thing and then you want to charge to park to see a sick relative. This is unbelievably greedy of an already greedy system. You get to charge $200 for a tylenol and then have the gall to ask people to give you more money to park?! Un freaking believable.

Kelly Washington

I had my second baby at WakeMed Raleigh and all the nurses and physicians were so attentive and nice. I had plenty of support and definitely would recommend this hospital to all my friends and family!

randy Garcia

All the nurses and Doctors are very friendly they are totally doing there job.. the only thing that I really dislike is the food that they serve in the hospital for their patients no flavor not good at all I have to get use to it cause I'm gonna be here for a while .. but besides that the room is clean every day service.. everyone is nice..

ashanty perez

You’ll last 10 years just waiting in this hospital.

wooden biker


Becky and Fred Andrews-Tassitino

Wonderful community asset!

Dianna Knight

We had a wonderful stay on 3E - the nurses, nurse aides, nursing supervisor and the hospitalists were all wonderful! Grandma loved the food too!

Brenda Engram

The anesthesiologist Micheal J Plakki held up emergency surgery because they could not perform a spinal block on my pregnant daughter-in-law. They tried three times which was too much. Time was critical because the baby was ready to be delivered. They could not sedate her for a C-section and the doctors were arguing with the anesthesiologist because they were holding up the process. My daughter-in-law heard them arguing in operating room. They were having a difficult time on what how to sedating my daughter-in-law. This was a time-sensitive matter..Who do I talk to about this matter of poor performance in surgery with the anesthesiologist and his associate. He was taking a risk with the life of my grandson and daughter.

Leah Jane

realized I was writing about the wrong location but I’ll still give 5 stars bc I don’t know how to delete

Melissa Nichols

In the last year, I had a few admissions for various reasons. Each time, the staff, including physicians Dr. Lars Gardner, Dr. German Dy de Joya, Dr. Adam Purzycki, and Dr. Timothy Garner, physician assistants, neurological ICU nursing staff, post neurological ICU floor nurses, nursing assistants, lab technicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutrition and cleaning staff were all caring and friendly. Can you tell I really liked everyone and wanted everyone to know I felt what they do was important and appreciated their care. I would highly recommend WakeMed Raleigh campus to everyone for excellent care and compassion.

Ruth Aka

Will over charge you, add extra bills and run all sorts of lab that is irrelevant to your care or what you came there for just for money. I would never go back there again or ever refer anyone there. This place should be investigated for their fraudulent billing practices.

Dionna Goode

My scheduled c section was here and our baby boy was delivered 6/19/19. I cant say enough about the amazing staff, nurses and doctors. I’m a first time mom and they really helped me through everything, answered all my calls and questions and even held my hand while I was balling my eyes out. 5 stars and I definitely recommend to any parent looking for a good birthing center.

Kristin Hicks

Wake Med has really deceived there patients. They have patients wait over 2 hours to be seen that are in severe pain in their stomach from a procedure. They take back drunks that are in detox to be seen before legit patients. Not only does it take almost 3 hours to go to the back, they put you in a hallway with other patients. Then leave you here to wait and not even. E seen. They need to be audited and be shown the right way to take care of the patients and put the right patients in first. They told my wife that she wasn't seen because she was here for a fever. Shes here for burning in her stomach and still hasn't been seen and we've been here for over 3 hours. Hope nothing is seriously wrong or wake med will know. It's now 5:07 p.m. and we have been here since 10 a.m. My wife has not seen a dr and now they are trying to give antibiotics and they have no idea why. What the hell is going on with Wake Med Raleigh. I will never visit this wake med or bring anyone else to this hospital. The nurses don't even want to be here and are all over the place and doesn't even know what's going on with the patients.

Tim Stevens

Days in the hospital don't make for a great experience because you are in the hospital. But the care and concern shown to me by a remarkable staff made my stay there a cherished memory. It is good to know that there are people in the world as kind as the WakeMed staff.

Zachary Putz

If you have an emergency no matter what time. You will expect an over 1 hour wait. Then when you finally get back here 2 hours later it takes another 2-3 hours just to get a test done and another 3 for results. We got here around 12am finally leaving here 5-7 hours later. So much for "emergency" room. My girlfriend was in alot alot of sharp pain and waited again almost 1-2 hours till we got back and another multiple hours to get any answers.

Sheka Harris

The staff here is amazing! I had to stay 4 nights in the hospital, and everyone from the nurses to the doctors to the transport personnel to the dieticians to the EVS to the medical records personnel, was just the most amazing people. I had such a pleasant experience. I don’t have one person out of the numerous of people I had seen to not speak highly of. This hospital and staff is amazing!

Harley Corbett

My 3 year old son has asthma. We were sent to the ED from his pediatrician's office because his oxygen level was so low. By the time we got there, the ED staff had already prepared for him before we got there. We were taken straight back to a room after getting his arm bands. The nurses, MD, and respiratory nurse came straight in and got to work on him. IV, breathing treatments, etc. Everyone seemed to truly care on making my baby feel better and as comfortable as possible. They brought him toys to keep him occupied. We ended up being admitted into the PICU. Once we were moved, we had a new team of Nurses and Doctors. Amanda, RN and Phyllis, RN. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You two specifically treated my son like he were your own. & provided the absolute, best care ever. Thank you so much Wake Med. We try to avoid hospitals at all cost but when we have to, we choose Wake Med every time because to us, they are the best -Robbie's Mom


Sadly I've lost a lot of family here. There was nothing the hospital could do about it but the care during their finals days was always phenomenal.

MaryJo Sminkey

There's much I like about WakeMed, the facilities are really nice, wonderful rooms (particularly love the actual ROOMS in the ERs vs. curtained off spaces), great staff, I found the nursing staff in particular compared very well to other hospitals I've stayed at in response time, courtesy, etc. Unfortunately there's one area that is so low it just makes the stay there pretty much intolerable for me, and that's the food. Absolutely the worst food I've experienced in the hospitals in this area. I never once got a meal that was warm, let alone actually hot, and the quality of the food was likewise really bad, everything was overcooked and dry, with very little taste. Often plated with complete disregard for making it look appetizing (included in this review is a photo of the stuffed shells meal I was brought that looked like it was thrown onto the plate, one shell being completely devoid of ANY filling). Having to take already dry overcooked tasteless food and warm it up in a microwave because it's cold does not make for something that is very edible. Having been at UNC Hospitals and experienced food that always came on hot plates, and of far better quality (and much wider range of choices), I *know* the food doesn't have to be anywhere near this bad. When you are not feeling well, and particularly when you really need nutrition in you to heal properly, having terrible food makes your stay so much more difficult. The lack of restaurants in the vicinity that visitors could bring in for you doesn't help either (and getting in and out of the hospital VERY difficult due to traffic as well). So I personally will try very hard to make sure I don't end up staying here for any length of time again.

Roxie Carter

Incredible care from the nurses after having my baby here. Every one was so prompt and caring. The chocolate muffins at AuBonPain were the best I've ever had.

jeffrey sorenson

Beware they have a metal detector when you walk in. Security guards in an overcrowded emergency department. I was in the hospital 21 days ago, paid my co-pay and received a call from a collection agency today. What are they going to report on my credit? Current? They are turning fresh accounts over to collection to increase their cash flow. It was only 500 dollars. For anyone who needs serious care and may need payment arrangements, you had better avoid this place for this reason alone. Aside from this, the facilities, equipment and amenities were the worst I've seen. Staff were very nice quality people. All mentioned working so frantically that they were sweating and apologizing for their lateness and inattentiveness. Update: They reply "We want to learn more..." when they don't. I had already emailed them because the same weak reply is posted to all negative reviews. Why don't they answer two questions on this forum to quickly clear it up. 1) Do you use a collection agency called Optimum Outcomes? 2) Do you forward balances less than 30 days aged to this collection agency? Update: I had to wrestle my bill out of the Optimum Outcomes folks who used many different gates and challenges hoping I'd give up. When I finally received it, I realized why. It shows the bill is from WakeMed Emergency Physicians and comically says it is a collection agency collecting a debt. It shows the date of service and the zero balance yet it STILL hadn't been 30 days. It is a smoking gun. By the way, WakeMed whom quickly posts responses on Google Maps Bete that they'd "like to learn more" are equally insincere as they do not reply to emails on that address.

D Montgomery

Didn't know that you had to have speacial qualifications to clean floors, or clean anything for that matter. My previous custodian job didn't tell me that i needed speacial qualifications. Maybe if i get a Bachelor's degree in cleaning floors, I'll be more qualified.

Jamie Mann

My half sister Tisha L. Reade have been snooping in my medical records & found out that I gave a baby up for adoption. And then she told some of our family members & my friends about my adoption. The fact is that I do not talk nor deal with her. She lives in Orange Park, Florida & works in the medical field. But I don't know which part. I have never been nor lived in Orange Park, Florida. Come to find out that she have been keeping tabs on me through my medical records since August 2015. Not only I feel like I am being stalked, creeped out, and livid. That is a violation of my privacy. I don't know If somebody she knows at WakeMed was giving her my records or she got access to them on her own. But If I don't find out How & Why she did this. I WILL BE TALKING TO MY LAWYER! Edit: Since I did not receive no type of response back I let my lawyer handle this. I will never come back to WakeMed.

Regina Brantley

My grandfather was in E3-24 for over a week after having a heart attack then he started having other health issues and unfortunately passed away here. All the staff we say daily were very friendly and helpful, the nurses my grandfather had most of the time he was there were Kendall, Kirsten and Julia these nurses went above and beyond for my grandfather and his family and we just want to say thank you again to these wonderful ladies. We will never forget the care you gave to all of us. Please make sure these ladies get recognized for the outstanding job that they do daily for their patients and families. Thank you for the great service we received..

Isabella Diaz

I was admitted to wake med on Sunday morning, had my appendectomy that morning and came out around 7. By 11 they were trying to discharge me. I hadn't had a bowel movement since Thursday and could not even sit up. The ER nurse was awesome so no offence to her but as for the nurses after the surgery and the doctor I only seen once even though I was in unbearable really need to step up your care and overall bedside manner. My sister helped me to go pee with the container and I had to sit there in pain again and again waiting for someone to respond to the button call. I was discharged Monday still in a lot of pain with no bowel movement or someone to monitor my pain. I will not... repeat not..go there again. This place has really gone down since the birth of my son in which I felt completely took an care of but not this time.

Mo Mo

While my daughter was in intensive care the nurses did not reposition her head while she was on a ventilator and she has the worse pressure sore on the back of her head. What is even worse Is I her mother was the one who found it. She is having to have wound care and this was 2 1/2 months ago. Home health nurse has never seen anything like this before. The wound doctor does not know if her hair will grow back. This is a large sore at the very back of her head. We are not going to this hospital again.

Laura Crank

I would never suggest this hospital to anyone. Had my daughter here and unfourtantely lost her here too. The doctors were unable to diagnose what was going on with her that they had to get some testing done through Duke and UNC. This was the worst experience.

Cynthia M

Very relieved I avoided the practice altogether. Ana, the receptionist? was RUDE and short to say the least when she returned my call. First, I called to book an appointment and was told to go to the website, browse their doctors and book one. I did so and Ana called me back with a snarky attitude about how I chose the wrong doctor. Then instead of providing clear information in regards to what insurance the office accepts, she insisted that they wouldn't be able to take me IF I dropped my current insurance. Then when I mentioned that I would possibly be getting Medicaid in conjunction with my current insurance she insisted that since it's a secondary insurance they wouldn't accept me. It was confusing to say the least and her attitude was poor and unhelpful. Way to go Ana! You are a shining star. To add insult to injury she cancelled my appointment and sent me a follow up message. Rude.


Both of my children were born at this hospital. Received exceptional care during both hospital stays.

brian hunt

Lies , abuse, threats, neglect, stop reading and go to Rex. Absolutely inhumane. No help at all. Planning on a lawsuit.

Ralph Tillery

Use at your own risk. There is no communication between the staff and patient. Appts are made, not by myself or my primary Dr even though the office said my Dr had scheduled the appts. Etc. ad nauseum. You get me back in there at gunpoint.

Jazmin Parker

I’ve had my doubt about coming to wake med main campus I gave birth to my son here on the 20th the birthing center is incredible the Staff are nice amazing and caring and helpful. I thank you all who have helped me from my delivery process to my Overnight stay you guys are just amazing

Scott St. Clair

Asked staff to change TV channel due to the stress on family member about to have surgery. CNN was on and asked to change to something more neutral like HGTV. News about politics and violence is not what a patient needs to watch or listen to before going into surgery. The same day surgery receptionist advised that the channel could not be hanged or turned off. That is their policy. Guess patients don’t come first!!

semi hedgehog

I’d give this hospital negative stars if I could! My family always comes to this hospital because of the childcare is arguably the best in the triangle. Anyway Earlier this week, my aunt dropped me off to see my sister who is very sick, and a security guard calls in for me, but they somehow couldn’t find her in the system, and I told him I didn’t have a ride, my aunt said she’d be back to pick me up in a couple hours. So I go to the lobby closest to where she dropped me off to wait, and I started nodding off, only to be surrounded by officers. I told them the situation, and all I really wanted to do was just see my sister. I accidentally left my phone in my aunts car and I repeatedly asked if I could use a phone. Instead they search me, escort me to the front, take my picture, then ban me from the Hospital for a year! And that’s not even the worse part! On the copy of the report, they didn’t even spell my sister’s name right, and lied about telling me to leave a first time, after I told them I was waiting on my aunt! I had to walk for miles to get downtown because all the pay phones around were destroyed. I wasn’t a patient that day, but it isn’t right to treat people that way at all. And it hurts not being there when someone you love needs you most. But hey, money means more to you guys than one single life, I can’t expect a big organization to understand that I feel the opposite. Really hoped you guys lived by your “slogan”

Chyna Dej

I had a hernia repair and Dr Abraham’s surgical team were wonderful. Pre op Crystal and Mike made me feel comfortable and relaxed before surgery. Post surgery Jenni took the best care of me. I am so grateful I had her. Her supervisor was wonderful Michelle she checked in on her nurses and patients and has a wonderful personality. But Mike and Jenni made me feel at home. The only thing I wasn’t happy with were the nurses that took care of my overnight stay. Erica Richards was a sweetheart but when she left the staff after her was horrible they act like I was bothering them when asking for a ginger ale or my meds because I was in pain. They huffed and puffed when asking them a questions about anything. I felt like I was bothering them and a patient should feel that way.

Ernest Morrison

Absolutely the best care I have ever received. After the initial, normal wait, they were some of the most caring health care professionals I have ever dealt with. My nurse...Becca, and Dr Cooper were wonderful.... thank you all

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