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Netanyah Yael

I would not recommend this hospital or any high risk pregnancy patient to any hospital affiliated with WakeMed after my experience with them. I waited for over 3 hrs, in the emergency room after passing tissue the size of a piece of liver, in early start of a pregnancy I eventually lost. This particular visit I was told I was having twins and to take it easy because the bleeding may continue due to a subchronic hemmorage. With my first pregnancy, I never experienced any bleeding or spotting so I was very concerned but it made sense since I was actually having twins. Even though I got through the experience with doctor with great bedside manner, when I had to return due to more bleeding I was treated and told "I couldn't come in everytime I started bleeding". My first ob-visit was with a Dr. Miriam at another WakeMed facility for high risk patients and she had no bedside manner at all when telling me that one of my twins "died" And "at least you have one baby left" Not to mention, "I would have a hard time finding a doctor that would take me on being that I'm high risk". I raced out of there as fast as I could holding back tears. Later the same week, I started bleeding again as previous stated and even though I was right to be concerned since one baby had already stopped developing, I was told what was previously stated when I was indeed experiencing the early stages of a miscarriage. I came in at 445am that morning, I was told everything was good with the baby that was still fighting after waiting another 3-4 hrs. At 1100am I started experiencing lower back pain and fully miscarried 2 amniotic sacs and went back to the hospital for them to confirm what I pretty much already knew...the same doctor that told me I couldn't come in every time I started bleeding tried to "comfort" me by saying that he would've been "afraid" if his partner was expecting twins because they are so high risk. Thanks anyway I guess? Nothing about my experience with this organization was pleasant and if fact I was very angry for a long time because of how I was treated overall, the one star is for the supportive staff (which should get more but understand my point) ei lab techs that did their part. As far as the nurses/drs, I'd rather hold on and be driven to another hospital if it came to an emergency or childbirth. I would've given a review a long time ago but it's been exactly a year since I had this experience and I can finally let them know via review how disappointed I really am with how they handled such a awful thing for a young woman to go through. I wouldn't recommend the hospital for anyone because of my own experience but hopefully other Cary/Holly Springs or other Wake County residents don't ever receive the type of treatment I did.

Eric Aumiller

We were happy with the health care staff during our first child's birth. However they would not let my sister come to visit an hour after delivery. She had to leave the hospital premises. Quirky rules but I guess it's to keep the babies safe...

Paul Scheibis

Predatory billing. Long wait times. Over $2000 in the hole to be told all that I have is a bad bruise. I am insured! Something is seriously wrong with health care in this country.

Rhonda Womack

I fell at my home and went to the ER. The care I received was poor at best. the staff acted as if I was in the way. I had bloody nose, bloody lip and busted bruised head. No one cleaned off the blood. When they tried to put a cervical collar on me(the wrong size) they pushed against my head, this caused even more pain. I still don't know if I have a concussion. I received a CAT scan. the results which were given to me in the hallway while I was walking to the bathroom. Unprofessional.. this was all before I received any pain medication. it took the nurse 4 times to find my vein to give me pain meds. I asked to go to the restroom and was left in the hall way (I was fall risk) to find my way to the bathroom alone. the ER wasn't even busy that night. My friend took me to this hospital because it is closest to my home. never again. I will go anywhere else if I have another accident.

Patrick Grady

They took over 3 hours to call my daughter to the back then after we got settled into a room they told us that they needed the room for someone else and moved us in a bay to wait 30 minutes to do a single test then discharge us. 2 months later we get a bill for $600+. $570 to wait to wait 3 hours in the lobby? Freaking ridiculous!!!

Daniel A

I just left the ER with a family member. We were told we would be seen by a specialist and that the specialist had a few patients in front of us. No problem. We waited 12 hours in the ER. We were not offered food or water until we asked. Finally, after 12 hours, we saw the specialist and were discharged within an hour. When we first arrived, the triage nurse was asking very sensitive and disturbing questions in front of our six year old. I had to scoop her up and leave because our young child was already scared that our family member was ill. I do not doubt the expertise of the staff but the customer service is absolutely terrible. I have been in this ER twice and it has been challenging both times. Cold and calloused experience.

Claudio de Souza

Long time waiting for the CT scan in the emergency room

IMP Customer Service

Once again fooled by EMS to come to Western Wake. My 87 year old mom was ignored all night and in Pain all evening. Now we sit for 2.5 hrs in pre op for a surgery she was scheduled for two hours ago. Hasn’t eaten and in pain the whole time. Maybe they should schedule the elderly for morning surgery? This is her second time here and not any better than her first nightmarish visit.

Sneakerhead 51203

Last year when i was 14 my dad was having very bad heart issues, (now has 4 stints, one in each major artery), he came here because he was feeling like something was wrong, knowing the feeling from previous experiences, we rushed him there and he was eventually released after 2-3 days of being admitted, the heart center told us that it was just anxiety and that nothing else was wrong, 2 weeks later we went to a different hospital and they rushed him into surgery, his “widow maker” artery was almost completely blocked, they said that if he didnt come he probably would have died instantly withing the next 48 hours... this is my experience with this place and i know everyone makes mistakes, but the lack of effort on their part for running very few tests really hurts. Just happy that my dad is still with me here today.

Glenn Wright

Really friendly nursing staff, nice facility, reasonable prices on vending machines for visitors

Krissy Ross

My rating is of the women’s center where I delivered my first baby. The hospital staff was incredible. All of the nurses were so kind and sweet and took care of me and my new baby so well. The only negative thing I have to say about this hospital is that their kitchen service is not great. The food is mediocre at best and they delivered my food to the wrong room & didn’t get it resolved until 1.5 hrs later. Our delivery room was absolutely gorgeous but our post delivery room was not that great. The shower wouldn’t drain so they moved us to a new room. Overall the customer service at this hospital is 5 stars, but the subpar food & outdated postpartum rooms are why I gave this hospital 4 stars.

J Brannock

I took this place for granted. after visiting *** hospitals ER, I have to say this place is a freaking paradise

Barbara Hedman

Wait time was great and front desk and triage nurse were professional and compassionate. However, my trip was a waste of my time, co pay, and insurance bill. I came In with post operative hip pain and specifically asked for a nerve block or similar type of injection in lower back to ease pain. Explained to the PA I have had them previously and work well. Was told the hospital did not have that option available and also could not give an injection of narcotics to help with pain. He was only able to offer an injection of toradol and a prescription for an NSAID which I gladly took. However the toradol did not touch my pain. It has before in the but the level of pain was not enough for toradol to take the edge off. I would not want this provider to care for me again as he did not go out of his way to help me. The turn around time was quick to get me out the door. I do have chronic pain and it’s clear that Epic showed that I have several doctors helping me to include pain doctor. I was clear and upfront that I did not have a pain contract and that my pain doctor was waiting on insurance approval for injections. Also explained I had removed a pain patch a few days prior to this visit.

John Nichols

I brought my wife to the ER here on March 31 for real bad headaches, forgetfulness, and an almost inability to function, and the staff was outstanding. From the folks who checked us in; to the nurse, a tall gentleman with red hair, who registered her and took her vital signs; to our nurse Kristen, who took care of her once she got back to a room; to Jessica, our PA, who ordered her a CAT Scan, which revealed my wife was suffering from fluid build up in the brain, or hydrocephalus, to the Critical Care transport crew, who transported her to the main hospital in Raleigh, where she had a VP shunt installed to drain the fluid, and she is almost a completely different person because of it! I couldn't be happier with the care we received. Thank you to all!!

Candice Yagmin

Medical care is great. This review is about the cafe and food choices. The cafe is hardly ever open, when it is open there isn't any food. Very rude staff in there ad well.

Mayson Heyward

Worst experience ever... They never inform you of what is going on. It took 1 hour for a nurse to come to my daughter's room when we called for her. The doctor did not come in for 7 hours. Better to go to urgent care. This hospital wants to make the most money, so they force you to get several tests done. A bunch of lunatics strung together who try to blame others when you tell them about a problem. They need to get a better staff if they want to get positive reviews.

Jessica Disher

I just returned to my college campus from the ER this evening. I can honestly say my experience and care was EXCELLENT. My friend and I did have to wait over 2.5 hours, but with flu season in full swing, I kinda understand. My PA and my nurse Katherine (or Kat) was very caring and professional. Unfortunately, I got diagnosed with pneumonia on top of the flu, but the staff made me feel better with their care and empathy. I would highly suggest WakeMed Cary Hospital to anyone!


Unprofessional staff. Everyone seems miserable.


This is THE WORST hospital I have ever been to in my LIFE. If you’re dying please go somewhere else, anywhere else. The staff here would probably leave you in the lobby to die. I’m not exaggerating. While waiting for my ultrasound to see if I was miscarrying i watched several patients who were suffering sit and wait as long as i did. One woman was coughing so hard she couldn’t breath, her face was turning red and i thought she was going to fall out of her chair. Another woman was clearly in immense pain, crying out and screaming in pain. I ended up having to say something to the front desk and she still was waiting in the lobby.

Heather B

Terrible care. Doctor never even touched my husband who had a confirmed DVT. Never listened to his lungs or heart. Never touched his leg where the DVT was, did not check circulation, coloration, nothing. Never gave my husband any medication for the blood clot in the ER, gave us a prescription and told us to 'fill our prescription quickly'... When we asked basic questions like, should we stop PT? Should we stop aspirin? We were told 'those are good questions' and never got an answer. Our primary care was appalled at our care here. We will never go back.

C Hill

Just the worst experience. The wait is horrible and they don't bother to give any updates. Paged a nurse so my husband can get out of the bed and the nurse was in no hurry to assist.

Scott Clark

The staff in the ER and the ICU are truly amazing. They keep you informed at all times, are caring, and it looks like they truly enjoy their jobs. Shout outs to Terri in the ER, and Erik, Kathy, Pam, Carol, and Gloria in ICU. Truly amazing.

Scott Howe

Today (2/14/14) was a lousy day to take a family member to Wakemed Cary by 8:00 am for a gallbladder removal in the day surgery department. Had to also take my granddaughter along, as school was canceled due to ice/snow. Everyone there had a friendly, patient-oriented attitude. Dr. Yerby was awesome. I wish had I paid more attention to names, as I'd love to say thanks to many. Thanks to all at Wakemed Cary!

Joe Schofield

I want to start off with a thank you. The nurses, midwives, consultants and doctors in the Women's Pavilion and Birthing Center treated my wife and my family with the utmost respect and offered a care level that I have never seen before in my lifetime. We had the fortunate experience of giving birth to a new baby in this hospital and there is not a negative thing I can say about the care we received. There was a sense of comfort and professionalism throughout our 3 day stay. Hospital staff were always available and never did they seem like they were not looking forward, or pleased to assist my wife with anything and everything she needed during and after the birth. The rooms were also beautiful and clean and offered a sense of 'hotel like' feel. You could tell that they were trying to mask the fact that you were staying in a hospital. Just want to note that I can only speak for the care that was given at the Women's pavilion as I fortunately have not had to use their other facilities so you can take my review for what it's worth. If you have the option of using this hospital for expected child, I highly recommend Wakemed Cary.

Pancake Girl

The PA student and PA that took care of me get 5 stars. The nurse gets zero stars. I went in with severe stomach pain, fever, and diarrhea and urgent care sent me to be evaluated for diverticulitis. The wait was not terrible, about 45 minutes. I had an EMT student try to take blood and insert an IV; no one asked me if it was okay if a student worked on me. She tried to insert the needle in my right arm and proceeded to wiggle it around under my skin for about five minutes trying to find a vein. I said to please stop and try the other arm. Then for FIFTEEN MINUTES I sat there with a tourniquet around my left arm while she and the nurse tapped my veins, tried to stick the needle in and again wiggled it under my skin. THAT HURTS A LOT and I was in tears. Finally, my husband intervened and said, "Can we please get someone in here that knows what they're doing?" The nurse gave us an attitude and said, "Well, she needs practice" to which he responded, "Then she can practice on someone else, we are done". A phlebotomist came in a few minutes later and in two seconds my IV line was in and my blood was drawn and mentioned that it seemed like I was dehydrated. I truly did not appreciate being a guinea pig and being given an attitude when I was in excruciating pain to begin with. I went home with several bruises on my forearms as well as a bruise from where the tourniquet was. It took two weeks to go away.

Jessica Williford

Nurse thought my mom had C. Diff when she was at WakeMed Cary, but Dr. Mezzullo said he was 100% sure it was the antibiotic for Pneumonia they were giving her. A simple test, but he didn't want to bother running it. My mom went maybe a week at home when discharged suffering daily because she didn't want to go back for her excruciating stomach pain and diarrhea, but had to, because she had C. Diff! She has gone on to have it three more times since then. She could of got help sooner if tested at hospital! This doctor is not the only issue, they are quick to discharge when it is obvious patient is no better, so they come back again and again. Nurses who have you wait over 50 minutes on bed side toilets or bed pans, not doing proper protocol for C. Diff, can't get an IV right that my mom who was there for 10 to 14 days got IV changed 12 times! I think all hospitals should run better, but somebody is making money by keeping a nurse shortage, while patients suffer or die.

Susan Jones

My dad went to the emergency room experiencing stroke symptoms and was admitted right away. He spent 11 days at the hospital, including 2 in ICU. From the moment we entered the hospital until the day he left, the treatment and care provided him was exceptional. We were kept informed by his team of doctors and given a plan for his discharge to the acute rehab center at WakeMed Raleigh. Special thanks to Olivia on the second floor, who was Dad's absolute favorite. Hopefully we won't be visiting the hospital again soon, but if we have the need this is where we'll go without hesitation.


Very grateful to have such a caring staff to nurse me back to health and manage my pain levels without making me feel like some sort of drug addict. Special thanks to Ian and Elizabeth!!!

Foxette V

I cant think of a single bad thing to say about this place! I went in with Severe leg pain and a UC flare and they took such good care of me. There was quite a wait beforehand (About an hour and a half) but once I was brought back I was completely taken care of!!! All of the staff nurses and doctors were so kind and attentive. Not once did I feel rushed or ignored! I had a lovely student nurse called Beverely and my doctors name was Mike. They were wonderful people and took very good care of me and made me feel very comfortable as we figured out my issues. All of staff were very patient and understanding and in a time of pain thats really what you need most! Thank you!

Cesiah Hernandez

we came yesterday evening with my 88 years old Mom to ER, the attention and care for all personal was with excellency. She was admired in less than 2 hours to 2W 255. What a pleasure to meet the nurse and the aide. Everyone was fast responsive to all my mother's need. I want to thank Joe M. The nurse that was in charge, the love, care, knowledge and human touch that he put on everything he did. We still here, and I can't ask for better treatment. I highly recommend to everyone to come to this hospital if it's needed.

Amber Doyle

Came in late night with a dislocated shoulder and had the most amazing RN named Amelie. She was kind and personable, attentive, informative and calming even though my pain was causing me to act like a 32 year old toddler with a foul mouth. When things got even worse and my panic set in and I couldn't be calmed, she played my favorite song and got me (and my husband) to hum along the music with her to relax me while she massaged my shoulder and it worked. Doctor was able to manipulate it back in. She without a doubt one of the best nurses I've encountered. And my husband and I thank her so very much!

Barbara Weidemann

Have spent many days here (10 surgeries with extended stay times, multiple test visits, several ER visits), since my surgeon uses this hospital. ER visits I have always had great care with RN's and doctors. Have had a couple long ER waits, but that seems to be the normal for most hospitals. I would highly recommend patient training on patient care/bedside mannor for CNA's and lab employees, we have had many not so great and Volunteers, who seem to be cranky most times with our visits at the main desk, which is the first people you see coming to the hospital.

Leo C

Several visits to this hospital and saw er full. These people should call 911 to get immediate help. If you go to er and it's apparent you aren't dying you will have to wait. Emergency rooms are for emergencies. I won't complian about the wait because I went in knowing I would have to wait. Pulled up signed paper work waited on average 30 minutes in lobby. Nurse did triage then maybe about 1 hour till they find a room. They have signs everywhere saying that if your condition changes or get worst let them know and they'll prioritize you to get your case moving faster. Once inside I was seen and tested as expected. The test results can take up to an hour or more if they er is full. In this case it was 2 hours before my results came back. Doctors here are listening to what you describe ad symptoms and what nurses determined during triage. In my case it was chest pains. They ruled out the most vital heart attack so then it went to treating a muscle pain and running a few additional checks just to make sure nothing creeped up during the visit. After many hours all tests are negative and my pain is gone. I'm discharged. People giving 1 stars are nay sayers. If you were truly having an emergency this place has no problem taking you back to begin treatment. And like I said if your waiting and it's getting worst tell the lady in the lobby. I did once and was treated right away. Wakemed meets my expectations of an er. Unlike other hospitals I've been too and was told either they won't bill me and I needed to pay basically turning me away or embarrssed me saying I need to stop going to er for any little pain I have. Only reason they won't get 5 stars is because I was humiliated and picked on by staff during one visit. Due to circumstances I can let that one go with problems. But because of that they don't deserve 5 stars.

Janice Lamsa-Bloch

Looking back on my surgery I realized there were good and bad things happening. PT for the most part was very rude. Nurses too. Unethical and just out right wrong. Saying things to me and people around me that was very private. What the F were they thinking? I never gave them permission to tell anyone anything. My doctor respected that as should everyone else.

Marie Kate

I would give it a zero if I could! My father was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia and sepsis. He is very medically involved person who suffered 2 strokes in the past 7 years which left him with his left arm being paralyzed. Last year his left leg was amputAted as well. During 5 day stay at the hospital he suffered 2 incidents of hypoxia without even realizing it. And on top of it all he doesnt speak english! He ate his dinner, left his dentures on the tray and briefly closed his eyes. The stuff member came in and grabbed his trAy and left. When he called the nurse and explained thAt his dentures were gone, they threw a show that they were looking for them everywhere. But of course they did not! I came to the hospital within minutes from the incident and they assured me that even if they wont find them they will replace it. Or reimburse us for the denture replacement. My father went into emotional distress after 5he incident. I was so upset too!!! How can the person, with one leg and one hand can displace his dentures ?!!!! if he is not even being able to move or get transferred to the wheelchair without assistance!!! on top of everything that our family is going through, now we have to deal with denture replacement! Few days after diacharge i was contacted by the risk department and was told that they dont see any negligence in stuff actions and indeed my father is responsible for missing his dentures! Despite of my pleedings and explanations I was told that there is nothing they can do!!!!HORRIBLE! Never again!!!!

Amanda Fajardo

So this hospital was and is NOT helpful to my grandmas needs when it comes to case workers & nurses. All they wanted to do is push her out the door into the families responsibility to find an nursing home & treat her SERIOUS health issue. They threatened me & don’t care for their patients. They just don’t care in doing their job only just to put it in the hands of the family when we have enough to worry & focus on. I would NOT recommended anyone to bring their loved ones to Cary WakeMed. because they will NOT be treated as a patient or family. Not to mention the admen. Dep. filled out the wrong Medicaid paper that would have gotten her into a nursing home quicker. How does this happen if their suppose to be professionals & this is what their suppose to be doing. Now I’m completely stressed out having to do it all on my own no help to CWM. I should have looked at the reviews before I took my grandma there. If I could I wouldn’t put one star but that’s the only way I can get my post added.

Yogi Loomba

I am Prabha Loomba. Dr Struble did my total knee replacement surgery on Aug 12, they released me on Aug 13 afternoon. Wakemed staff is great!! Everyone was very nice and polite. One nurse Kim who took care of me on Aug 13 was exceptionally wonderful!! She was very caring, sweet and went out of her way to please me. We need more nurses like Kim. The bad part was food. It was horrible! Altogether I had a very comfortable time at Wakemed. Thanks everyone!! Prabha Loomba

Kevin Langston

Very pleasant experience! Thanks to everyone that helped. Very professional and kind staff! Thanks

Jennifer Jean-Baptiste

I had to go to the emergency room this weekend and started my care under Adam the PA in the Emergency room. He is fantastic! Very knowledgeable, caring, and invested in the patients. My husband and I were very Greatful. He also helped comfort us during a difficult time and ease the pain. Unfortunately while I was there it was change of shifts so then I had to get moved to the PA Tracy. From the moment she walked in Her body language said it all. Not impressed with her work. She was not nice, personable, or friendly. Very disappointed with that experience. She doesn’t seem to care or be invested in the patients. I wish I could of stayed under Adams the PAs care. I hope Wake Med realizes how much of an asset Adam is and the great work he does! Thank you Adam for all that you did.

Phillip & Rhonda Lloyd

my dad was in hospital for 2.5 weeks; nursing staff was fantastic on the cardiac wing; the doctors associated with the cardiology group were horrible; dr. Solomon was good, but others were marginal at best; 1 of the cardiologist withheld food/drink for 2 days for procedures --- okay, but never did the tests; then realized renal functions worsening due to dehydration, so "flooded him" with IV fluids; as a result, he then developed congestive heart failure/fluid overload; as a result, stayed in bed for additional 1 week with worsening renal functions and worsening heart failure (never had either of these before admission); after we (us, not the cardiologist) suggested a repeat echocardiogram to assess the heart function (since my dad's systolic BP was 76!!!!), my dad was found to have developed a pericardial effusion (fluid in the sac around the heart) not allowing the heart to expand and contract (developed in hospital, b/c on admission the echocardiogram showed no effusion) --- effusion was due to fluid overload and renal failure --- too much fluid and inflamed kidneys --- couldn't "pee out" the fluid; finally, was urgently transferred to Wakemed Raleigh, where dr. upham and dr. Williams did urgent surgery following day to correct effusion; renal function and heart failure immediately improved --- he's doing better now, but stay away from wakemed Cary !!!

prince joseph

Hi, I am giving this bad rating only because of the doctor who admitted me to “In-patient”. But I have to appreciate the Nurses as they are all really good. Also the hospital process was good if they don’t target money.

Elaine Llorin

The service I experience at wake med cary was absolutely horrible. I brought my son to be checked for cellulitis infection. The team here was inattentive to my 5 year old son issue. They check the infection by poking at the foot and said that they will treat with antibiotics. They never check blood work. I advised them that my son has an immune deficiency disorder and to please contact the specialist and they literally ignore the fact. Then to top off the matters worse they were unable to provide the first dose because they didn't have the medication in house and we would have to wait for the courier approx 4 hours. How can you not have clindamycin in stock for children do you not do inventory and then I asked if they could call in the prescription since it was 10 pm and they said NO. Bo explanation given and then sent us away! Well my son was hospitalized for the lack of medical treatment given and he has been in the hospital for now 3 days because of the huge infection that your facility did not detect. I hope you are ready to hear from my attorney DONt Go tO WAKE MED EVEr! In my book your facility is a negative -50000

Tina Santo

There is lady here that has been waiting for 3 hours and my husband has been waiting for 2 hours. This is ridiculous nobody nlknows what they are doing


Was sent here by my primary only to be told by the ed doctor they will not help me and kicked me out. I was having bad reactions to a medication and was scared.

Kitty Blile

My husband got very sick while we were out of town and they took great care of my husband. My problem is with registration and customer service. I gave them our insurance info in the ER, I then emailed it a few days since they said they never got it. I have now received a "self pay" bill. I tried to call and give the insurance, again, but they refused to speak to me. Said I'm not an authorized person on the account. Well I know that's wrong since I was the one who filled out the paperwork due to my husband being incapacitated. I'm over trying to give them MY insurance info so that THEY can get paid. Good luck with that Wake Med!

Danielle Melograne

This place is terrible! If your are having a emergency please don't waste your time and just go to Rex. Last night I went into to wake med Cary ER after suffering from a severe stomach virus. For 10 hours straight i had diarrhea and vomiting. I went to wake med around 8pm because I was severely dehydrated and had such a horrible headache I couldn't see straight and could not lift my head up. I was so dizzy and weak all I needed was some IV fluid and they left me sitting in the waiting room for 4 HOURS! I finally just left and went to Rex and my treatment and experience was wonderful. The nurses are amazing and compassionate. This was my second attempt going to wake med and both times wake med has failed me. Never again!

Jessica juggaloco

The only reason I gave 3 stars was for the nurse that delt with my father in law for 7 hours. I understand he can be a lot to deal with. But he has something neurologically going on that we are trying to figure out. He can't walk. He talks out of his mind. He knows where he is going why he is there but he doesn't understand what's going on around him. He was admitted earlier in the week. And they told my husband he couldn't go home with him because they wanted to discharge him into assistant living until we could get a bigger home for him to stay with us. Right after my husband left he was transferred from the heart unit to the observation on the other side. He was not cooperating well. I understand the nurses postiton. If not for nurse jen I would have given 1 star. She was very helpful in giving her side of the story and what she knew. But my father in law was discharged in the middle of the night. And signed himself out. In the state he couldn't even stand. But was found by the family member that had come to pick him up. Found walking the parking lot at 230 am. Alone. The nurse said an officer was supposed to stay with him until his ride cake to insure he didn't get out his wheelchair but he was found walking the parking lot. The nurse claimed she didn't know the conversation that occurred that got him released but was helpful with what she did know and she seemed to have put up with a lot with my father in law. Her alone I would give 5 stars too. She seemed caring and compassionate about the situation. But the administration. The campus police. And the mental health team that released him. I feel like they released him just to not have to deal with him. They should have detained him into the mental ward for all I care. But they shouldn't have let him leave. I am sure this is not the first unorderly patient they have felt with. But if this was your mother or father you would be upset too. The cop that was supposed to stay with him didn't and anything could have happened to him in the parking lot. When his brother came to pick him up he didn't even know who he was or where he was. This is unacceptable.


Nurse care goes from good to horrendous depending on the person. After my surgery, I rang for the nurse and I get a what now? Or a can't you see I'm busy?? The surgeons and MD's may be the best but most of the nurses are either overworked or just simply have an ATTITUDE problem. It's VERY hard to get well when you are seen as an obstacle instead of a human being IN PAIN!!!

Ivana Vidovic

If I could give the ER department a 0 I would. I rushed my 10month here after a dog bite and when we got there, they treated us like she had a cold or something less severe. We were both covered in her blood and I had no idea how severe her wounds are. Even after we finally got a room, it did not seem urgent for anyone to help us or confort us. While my child was in pain and suffering, they wasted 3 1/2 hours of our time just to tell us that we needed to go to WakeMed Raleigh so she could get stitches. Meanwhile, they wanted to do a catscan which I’m positive could have waited until after my child had been given medicine and stitched up. Once they released us and we drove ourselves to WakeMed Raleigh because we declined to wait an hour for their transport van, we got there during the night shift and had to wait so much longer to get the stitches than if we went there earlier. They completely wasted our time and let my kid suffer. Joke of a healthcare system.

Jitman Basnet

A great hospital! Great service! Wonderful doctors and friendly staffs! Saved my mother's life. Thanks to Dr. Harishchandra MahaSeth and entire hospital team.

Allison Sprague

This will be the only review I give and the last . As I will not step foot in this place again . Went in for back pain that was so bad I could barely walk. They told me it was sciatica with no x-rays or MRI . Gave me hydrocodone and sent me home. They litterly watched me practically crawl to my car in the rain,in pain. Mind you I saw my PCP the day earlier to get relief as well with yet a simple glance at me and 3 subscriptions handed to me that didn't work which is why I went to the ER. 3 hrs later at home I was in excruciating pain with all pain meds taken so I called an ambulance because I could no longer walk . They took me back to the ER (PCP) recommended because of the severity of the pain and they needed to run a MRI or give me something stronger. Go back and had the most non caring in and out no personal emotion from these nurses.The 2 others that come in to ask all your billing info, one tells me not to get snarky with her as I'm rotating back in forth in my bed screaming in pain as she's asking me the same questions the last billing person asked me and knocked my purse on the ground and leaves. Took over an hour and a half to get more pain meds injected which mildly helped. Then they wanted to send me home again! I had to make them give me a MRI. They also became a little more nicer when my husband and friend showed up. Well what do you know I have a herniated disc pushing on my sciatica. OUCH!!! They finally came around and gave me a little more of the mild pain injections and sent me on my way. I've been up every hour since in pain. So not only is this going to cost a fortune but that was the worst experience ever! ***** UPDATE****** just left the nerosurgen and I have a RUPTURED DISC! Not a herniated which is what the Dr read from my MRI at this establishment.....

kolter kesler

Very poor experience. I rushed to Wake Med with a serious condition. I was allowed to bypass waiting in line and went straight into a consultation office. I was told by the nurse I would be put in a room immediately. After being left in there for almost an hour, I went out and asked where the nurse was. I was informed that he was called away to help with another issue. They told me that they would try to find someone else to help. Finally I was put in another room, where I waited another 2 hours to finally have 15 minute procedure. The total time was over 4 hours waiting in pain. At the end when I was about to leave, I was feeling very nauseas and asked for a bottle of water. I was told I could walk to the lobby and buy one from a vending machine, ridiculous. The billing department is also not handled well. No one talks to each other and the "contact us" emails do not get returned. After expressing my issues with them, I was basically told they did everything right and I just needed to pay my bill. All in all, probably the worst customer service experience I have had at any establishment.

Eleanor Thorne

My parents have unfortunately been here multiple times in the last 4 months, and ALL staff (from the absolute cleaning crew to the doctors) have been wonderful. Today Wendy T, a new nurse in the ED absolutely made our day. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and compassion.

Charlotte Magoon


Zack Montery

They're a hostipal. How can I not give this life-saving place a 5/5!!!

Elizabeth Hathaway

The wait was long for the ER but the care was excellent. When they sent me for tests, ultrasounds, etc they were done speedily and had results within 30 minutes of each test. They prioritize via ambulance so if you think you're in a serious condition and need to get in right away, you may want to do that option. I waited just over 3 hours to be seen.

Tori Allen

Waited for 3 hours after getting my vitals checked and ended up leaving. Second time I've left bc of the long wait time. Rex is way better.

Tee Noname

Outrageous costs for care. I have nothing nice to say about Wake Med and their billing department. Not 1 associate was willing to hear me out, I felt like it was going in 1 ear and out the other. I wrote letters and had costs re-evaluated by billing yet not 1 employee noticed the huge coding error Wake Med made. Thankfully, an employee who answered the phone noticed. It only took six months of calling, emailing, and writing to find the employee who could help me. Ridiculous!

Todd Abel

The only thing positive about my stay was that the nurses were friendly. I was in 3 different rooms, I was given 3 different answers to some issues I was having and the professionalism ot the case manager was pathetic, one of the rudest people I've met.

GabbyLove ***

My grandmother was admitted here a few years ago and after a few weeks she was paralyzed from the neck down, no one can figure out what happened but I think wakemed had something to do with it. She was then released to hospice where they took her off dialysis and she died a week later. Call it what you want but I don't trust this hospital at all...

Georgia Garrison

My first experience at Wake Med in Cary. Went to day surgery for an outpatient procedure. I have had many surgeries in my life and struggle with anesthesia horribly. I have NEVER been to out patient surgery and able to leave same day. Always end up spending a day or two due to severe vomiting. When I checked in at Wake Med Cary, every single person was pleasant, smiling and helpful. As everyone came thru to talk with me prior to surgery they all listened to me. My surgeon (Dr. Tyner) and anesthesiologist (Dr. Crocker) came up with a plan on how to do my surgery without excessive gas. I was able to get home the same day and am doing well. ALL staff in the surgery center were fabulous!!! A big thank you to the Wake Med Cary Surgery Center. I hope not to need you again, but if I do will not hesitate. The only negative thing was when I checked in and registered they asked me for payment prior to surgery. When I said no and bill my insurance first then we can work out a payment plan she was agreeable. Would give 4 1/2 starts but can't rate with half a star. Thank you Wake Med Staff!!! G

Nina Gorman

They took excellent care of my daughter and my outpatient pain procedure s were the best.

SC Guru

I took my wife to WakeMed (Cary) ER last night for pain issue. After registering we were seen by a nurse, who apparently classified us as low priority. We were in the waiting room for 1.25 hours and I noticed this large sign advertising "check ER wait time." I pulled my iPhone and found the current wait time was 60 minutes. We were finally shown to an exam room and the nurse said the doctor would be with us shortly. He arrived 30 minutes later and did a competent job of diagnosis. He stated that a nurse would come back shortly with pain medication. After waiting 20 minutes, I open the door and observed no one at the nearby nurse's station. My wife's record was on the monitor, including the requested medication. About 5 minutes later, a nurse shows up. It was shift change time, so everyone is saying hello to everyone, discussing the latest news, etc. We finally get the medication after 35 minutes. My wife is really not well at this point. Another 20 minutes to have the nurse take blood pressure and get the paperwork. The nurse, who seem to be sympathetic, offers a wheelchair. I accepted and went to get the car. I pulled up outside the door, but the wife was not there. I got out and found her pushing herself in the chair. Apparently, the nurse had gotten involved in something else. Clearly, the ER management was not operating during our visit.

Jeremy F

Long wait times. Things seem to be extremely slow and no ones being called.

Murphy Murphy

In need of a pediatric emergency room! Wait times for sick children is way too long. Children should not wait with sick adults!

Mohamed Said

They have a sign at the emergency room said (if you think your condition is changing please let us know immediately) it’s happened to my wife and nobody care Very bad just take off the sign

Tyna Holden

Beautiful hospital. Employees were so pleasant.

louis fruzzetti

This place is a joke! I honestly wrote the NC governor about their policy and my experience with this hospital.

Lawanda Zimmerman

On July 8, 2019 my mother in law fell and broke her lower leg near her ankle. She had just recently turned 89 and unaware of the life changing events that were about to take place. Many friends ask why we went to WakeMed Cary since I retired from Rex. It was very convenient for us and I have not heard of any issues from my friends and neighbors. The ED was quick and staff was so helpful. We were told Dr Ehlert would be taking care of us. Jennifer his PA came and set her leg and casted it, there are not enough great words to describe this team just know we are extremely thankful. The entire time we were there I was surprised at how amazing the staff on 3 West was. This is a very difficult floor to work because of the extremely wide variety of patients being cared for by the staff. The day of surgery I noticed 3 RN’s in her room working like a well oiled machine, to my amazement I could not tell by watching them all day which one was “her” nurse. I never heard anyone say let me get “her” nurse. Christine Powers is the Nurse Manager of this unit, she and her staff have cultivated a truly amazing unit that cares for their patients and each other that is so rare when we know 12 hour shifts are long and the demands seems too many at times. I went there with an open mind and a nursing assessment eye always watching and amazed with the wonderful skilled loving care that was shown to our family.

Meaghann Zeiner

I had an outpatient surgery at WakeMed in Cary and it was filled with the most pleasant people I have ever encountered at a hospital. From registration and checking in, to the CNAs and nurse aids helping me get dressed to each nurse, it was kindness and warm faces during a more unpleasant time in life. I don't have many hospital experiences to compare, as I'm in my 30's and healthy but I will not go anywhere else should I need any type of procedure in the future because everyone here was outstanding. Thank you for making an uncomfortable experience much better!

David Cassone

Came in with pancreatitus, they have taken very good care of me. Kept me comfortable for what I was going through.

Mark Zimmerman

The entire team in the emergency room were great. My nurse was David, he was exceptional. Friendly, professional and a very caring individual. The surgical team was outstanding. They took the time to explain everything and ensure both my wife and I were comfortable and taken care of. I can't say enough positive things about the level of care we were provided. They were extremely busy, yet we always received attention and a friendly smile. Thank you !

Tom Jerwoski

Very fast service, less than half the time it took at Rex. Friendly and responsive staff. Definitely recommend.

Anime Life Line

Waited 4 hours when my throat was closing up for some undiagnosed reason. Had an allergic reaction to some medication, which they took their sweet time to help me. Had some unnecessary test run which made my bill extremely high. The other medication they gave me did help...eventually.

January Gilbert

I'm went to the ER at this facility while visiting family in NC, after being recommended to do so by urgent care for a possible bowel obstruction..we arrived at 12 noon and 4 hours later we were still waiting to be seen by a doctor, after having only blood drawn... at the 3.5 hour mark someone called us back to verify insurance.. I asked the lady, are y'all seroulsly asking for insurance information and we've been here 3 hours.. apparently, if your not being wheeled in or transported by emergency services, you're not really considered an emergency.. I live in TX and have experienced MUCH better service...if you're in Fort Worth, TX know that that Medical Center at Alliance takes care of you immediately. If you're in North Carolina, please don't waste time at WAKE-Med Cary..or at least check the wait times before heading there.

Nikolaj Jensen

A total joke. Siting with a 2 days old baby for serval hours and waiting for an ambulance to transport us to wake med Raleigh. They say we have to use the ambulance so they can monitor my baby, but if we had drive by our selfs we could have saved 2 ours and get settle. This place is a joke and maybe because they want to make money. So 1 star


Went in for heart trouble. A nurse gives me pain medication i ask the dose, she says standard dose why do you need to know the dose? UHM ITS A NARCOTIC WHY WOULDNT I?! then she gives a face and begins about methanol or methadone. Obviously i was just scoring drugs at the hospital rather than a drug dealer which would be a lot cheaper and easier. she wrote a report that swayed a little in her favor, though we both backed down, Had a ct scan and an echo, never got the results from either was just told by an cardiologist- We found blah, im letting them release you. This is after my first doctor wanted to admit me and not to mention i never saw him again, (which i should have) This hospital is a bad joke. You want money and dont care go be a banker. They need good staff with empathy. disgusting.


Had semi emergency appendectomy on Friday evening. Insurance approval was on its way but had to sign a personal guarantee for $24,000.00 before they would admit me! I was released, rushed out, same day. Hospital still has not called to see if I'm alive....5 days later! On bright side, staff was great.

Alyssa Macaluso

At first it was quick they got me right in but now have been sitting in a room for going on 2 hrs i got my ex-rays done 45 min ago and i just heard the nurse call to see if they can get someone to read it. Its going on 1am and i have to work in the am there is practically no one here. So why is this taking so long! !!!

Bobbie Hales

My husband went in on September 28 in the same day surgery to have kidneys stones removed. His experience was AWESOME!!! The nurses there were very caring and made his time there wonderful. They took time with me to explain how he would be feeling. Would go there again, IF, I had to had another same day surgery.

Amy Williford

During my mother's hospital stay, the doctor's and nurse's have been extremely awesome taken care of her and her treatment. All of the nurses and doctor's were very informative on her present care and her future care. They all treated us with utmost kindness and respect. We could not be more pleased with her care. Thank you all who assisted her in her care!!

Elle Temple

After I left the doctor's office after my epidural today (told not to do anything strenuous before tomorrow), Paul and Austin picked me up. Austin had previously spent 25 minutes in the waiting room with us, because the medical staff insisted I had to have a driver on-hand and we couldn't get respite care for Austin. As they turned into the parking area, I was already there and got into the car. Austin (who has a door fixation) tried to reach beside me to close my door, but his arms weren't quite long enough. He was fixated and Paul was stressed because there was a mail truck behind us, trying to get off the four-way divided highway. Long story short, Austin lost his mind (it seemed) and began hitting me, then Paul, throwing things, kicking, yelling, you name it! We couldn't make it out of the parking lot, because his behavior made it too dangerous to make the attempt. So we halfway pulled into the first available parking space at the back of the building and tried to calm him. Nothing worked. Two kind strangers offered assistance, but what could they do? One offered cold bottles of water, the other called a medical practice in the building that dealt with psychiatric cases (apparently) and asked them to send someone down. That woman was nice enough, but her simple suggestions had already be tried without success. We called Austin's pediatrician's office, but it took too long to get her on the phone. So, we called 911, and a paramedic and a cop car pulled up first. Two minutes later a full aid ambulance arrived with two more people. They administered Versad in Austin's left shoulder. They were surprised at how long it took to calm him enough to get him in restraints (feet/hands). The very sight triggered tears I couldn't hold back. Both good Samaritans gave me hugs (they had stayed more than 30 minutes) before leaving after the medical people had control of the situation. I rode in the ambulance (#37) with Austin. The entire time he was still restive and tried to remove the restraints. When we got to the hospital, I saw that he had abraded his feet, left leg and other body parts in his meltdown frenzy. They were so empathetic that I had trouble maintaining my composure--being so accustomed to professionals who were clueless about how to approach a child with autism and ADHD who was in full meltdown mode. So, the good part of this story is that the Cary cop didn't shoot my baby dead; strangers helped; and the medical team knew how to talk to Austin to help him be less terrified of the trip to the ER in restraints. I want to thank all the medical personnel who intervened to make what was a traumatic experience for my grandson much more bearable. Unfortunately, he won't be able to express his views on the events, but I did manage to take a picture of him while he was awaiting transport to the ER and he'll see it after his iPad is charged. Again, thanks Amelie (nurse) and the physician's assistant who cared for Austin after he arrived in the ER. You were two of the best things that happened to me today. I just wanted to add that we had another major meltdown incident about two weeks later at the Walmart in Apex on 24 April. We were lucky that so many employees were offered help and that the paramedic on duty in the ambulance that came to transport Austin to WakeMed Cary was the same guy (Bob--in No. 17 ambulance), who remembered Austin. This meant less of a wait to get him the medication needed to calm him enough to transport him to the ER. It was another horrendous drama made more bearable by onlookers. It was also fortunate that a shopper offered to physically help restrain Austin until the ambulance arrived. I gave him my permission, because my grandson was so out of control that anything anyone said or did made him escalate. Again, please ensure that all the staff on duty that day who attended to Austin know that we appreciated everything they did to help Austin endure what was another traumatic event.

Alex Pak

Horrible and dishonest place. My wife gave birth at this location 7 month ago. When we received and paid the bills we realized that they overcharged us. Wakemed’s billing acknowledged the error and agreed to issue a check to compensate the overpayment. Now more than 6 month since they agreed to pay we still didn’t get the refund. They keep telling us we will look into it with 7 days and never call us back. We made a mistake of paying with our FSA account and those payments can’t be disputed so my advice is if you decided or were forced to deal with this dishonest business entity pay with credit cards and then submit your payments to FSA administrator for reimbursement. This way you will be able to fight the fraudulent charges that you will likely get at this place of business more effectively.

Kerry Berry

Worst hospital that I have ever been to. The emergency room doctors are clueless and the nursing staff, while friendly, are completely unaware of how to do the most simple. Go elsewhere!

Llorin Family

Nothing much to say. Minor procedures vs. Viral symptoms are poorly triaged. Seems like a viral symptom is considered a major procedure and places you on a longer waiting list similar to a transplant waiting list. Suggestions on getting in sooner? Use lots of profanity and make a big mess in the restroom to skip the line. Seems more legit. Oh... Got here at 9am and its now 12 noon and Also approximately 10 other patients have gone in.

Janie Miller

Wake Med Cary is not your typical hospital. After a diagnosis of invasive breast cancer and several visits there for all the necessary tests to the actual surgery, I never felt like just another number. All the health care professionals were caring and concerned about meeting my every need. I found them to be an excellent health care facility.

Terria Thorn

I didn't! Every visit to this emergency room has been an awful experience. Your seeking medical attention yet the doctors don't want to take the necessary steps to treat you or get to the root of the problem.

Lisa K

Took my husband there one evening last week the ER was by no means busy. After my husband went behind the doors for treatment it took 2 hours for him to see a doctor. The whole time he was just sitting waiting. He asked the nurse multiple times where the doctor was, with no response. UPDATE - This story Only gets worse. The folks at Wake Med did not code my husbands case as an accident. They have totally messed up the insurance filing. My insurance plan did a conference call with Wake and myself to explain to Wake the error they made. Wake acknowledged their mistake but would not make the correction. They told me I had to send a letter of dispute and someone else would review the case.

AnnNC North Carolina

I went with Pneumonia and stayed 3 days these people were the best I've been around in a while. They really take care of you!!Thank Goodness for people like that when your sick!I will never forget the nurses of 2nd East. Thank you!

Patti Williams

Chaplain services are the best! Wonderful display of compassion this week. Thank you....

Serine Shannon

This hospital should be reviewed for their practices. They dump everyone back into the lobby after triage: violently vomiting, bleeding, crying, hacking. I went in on a Monday morning, with a head injury and was dumped back in the lobby for 2.5 hours with all sorts of people spreading infectious disease and contamination. Empty beds all over in the back. My room had spills of who knows what, a running sink, and out of hand sanitizer. Just a disgusting experience. I feel worse after “treatment” and will never go here again regardless of proximity to my home. Only my experience with the PA and triage nurse was remotely decent.

Donata Guerra

Thank you for saving my husband from kidney failure on March 20. I took him to emergency that day, and we assumed it was flu complications after three weeks of not getting better, but he was diagnosed with kidney failure due to blockage by kidney stones. All this has been reversed due to the diligent care of your specialists and staff. Every step of the way through Emergency Services up through Intermediate Care, a multitude of decisions were taken that steadily improved his chance to regain full use of his kidney functions and return to his old and best self. Each day he has improved drastically and he was released after a five-night stay. I brought a dying person into your hospital and came home with new life. We look forward to a joyful rest of our lives, giving thanks to Dr. Afridi, WPP Urulogy, Nephrology, Dr. Lyons, your Interventional Radiologists like Dr. Long, your Anesthesiologist, your emergency and floor staffs, and all support personnel. We look forward to continuing the upward trend as an outpatient, with full return to normal, feeling fortunate to have had the level of care you so quickly and generously provide.

steve churchill

If I could give them no stars that would to many. I was referred here because of chest pains. I got here at 8 it now 11:50 still sitting in the waiting room. They put a iv in my arm sent me back to the waiting room 2 hours ago.

vinay polepally

Pathetic wait times in an ER department. It completely looses the meaning of an emergency. Please avoid going to this location in times of emergency. I request the hospital staff to take this seriously.

Donna Agnew

Visited for both an outpatient procedure and imaging. The staff was extremely friendly, caring, and reassuring during both visits.

Taylor Farley

Would love to give 0 stars if possible. Understaffed, nurses can't put in an IV or monitor a catheter. My wife hemorrhaged over a liter of blood during C Section and we were not told about it until several days later. Poor follow up with staff that handles the complaints. After two month's of "investigation" into our complaints/situation they determined that we were given normal/sufficient care and would not comp anything off our bills. Money hungry health care industry. Shame. Do not have a baby at this hospital!

Tim Willis

My wife was admitted yesterday for high blood pressure. Everyone was very nice and professoinal. We were very supprised and feel very blessed to have this service in Cary. Thanks to everyone.

Patty Wetlands

Dr. Cook and staff A Bay emergency room were incredible. Honestly I was surprised at how smoothly our visit went. Based on my family's experience I would highly recommend.

John Evans

Both my children were born here and they were great. The postpartum rooms need updated. Ours had a could mechanical issues. But the staff is awesome! I highly recommend the maternity section! We've been to the ER also and it was fine both times. They took great care of us. I've never been to a ER that had no wait, so temper your expectations here. We still got in pretty quick and it was a decent experience.


This is my preferred hospital when in need. My daughter was born here, I've had multiple surgeries here and the ER staff has always been at the top of their game. The facility is always clean as are the conference rooms.

Landons Lewis

If your going to the emergency room you better have all day because the wait is ridiculous.

Kaycee Gibson

What a joke. Im going to end up in a hospital again just for the stress dealing with billing has caused!! Do not go here unless you are literally dying and this is the only place to go. The medical team is fantastic. Billing is so bad you'll wish you had just suffered at home. Cannot get in touch with anyone to help me with a billing issue over the phone,I just get the same representative who gave me the incorrect information in the first place, and messages sent through the online system appear to be going to my primary care doctor for some reason when the subject/topic is BILLING. Now collections on an account I attempted to pay (and was told was not finalized, DO NOT PAY) is ruining my credit. Trying to contact directly didn't do any good. UPDATE: They got in touch with me, and confirmed what I had been told. I was told they would be back in touch after speaking with a supervisor and the legal team, and never got another call back. Got a call back from the collections agency, after I paid, saying they were requesting deletion from my credit report .the deletion has not happened at this time.

Ali Sadeghian

I would of give zero if it was possible. The waiting time is so long that you should be almost died to be able to go to the emergency room. Not recommended at all.

Guy Orgambide

From the receptionist to the nursing and surgical staff, everyone was caring and remarkably efficient (special thanks to Jennifer P. for her kindness). The facility is very nice and the workflow between services smooth and rapid. I never felt that I was in a surgical factory, but rather in a well-oiled, human-size healthcare environment.

Janet Couture

My neighbor was extremely sick and taken to ER at WakeMed Cary by ambulance. She was made to sit in the waiting room for 2.5 hours before seeing a doctor. She was sent home with pain killers and steroids. Three days later she was admitted to Duke Raleigh where she was finally diagonosed with a highly toxic strain of staph attacking her body. It had attacked her joints and eventually she was transported to Duke Durham for a heart valve replacement. Seven operations later and a team of doctors to remove infection from joints and replace a detoriated heart valve. She is recovering but has a long road to go. Couple days later before arriving at Duke for help, we probably would have lost her. The staph came from a tooth extraction for a new bridge. The staph went directly to her heart. When she entered WakeMed her joints were hot, swollen, and she was in so much pain she could not stand. When the nurse was told about the tooth extraction after admittance she questioned as to whether the doctor needed to know that. Thankfully she was told to put it in the record. My neighbor had forgotten to mention but once mentioned it should have been noted without question. Wakemed's lack of resources, lack of urgency, apathetic attitude and lack of caution needs to be addressed. Luckily no one died this time. I will never go to Wake Med ER again. I have in the past with friends and for myself. Everyone was treated the same as my neighbor. I was not because I demanded immediate care. Something needs to be done about Wake Med ER in Cary. The wait times and ridiculous and urgency does not exist for an Emergncy Room.

Christina Szrama

My two experiences w L & D is that despite having midwives on staff, they are alarmist & tend to medicalize instead of prevent. They also show no appreciation for doulas as birth professionals. (Do they feel threatened?)

Felicia Marsh

Have always received good professional care here.


I came to this hospital as inpatient and they treated me worse than an animal! They never came to me when I had pain or nausea! As a result I ended up throwing up at myself. The charge manager even told my doctor to tell me not to bring anything to their attention. They don't want to be bothered! Billing is also horrible. They always make mistakes and the manager will never get on the phone. Horrible!

Chelsey Taylor

Honestly I couldn’t be happier with the care we received last night . We went to ER for my son who landed on the end of his bike handle bars. Everyone was very friendly, and the plastic surgeon came in to do the stitches for us even though he was on an anniversary dinner with his wife . We are pleased !!!! Thank you wakemed for making us feel Comfortable.

D Price

I went into the ER in June with severe abdominal pains. The front desk person was awful (rude and condescending) but the nurses were amazing. Everyone in the triage area was wonderful with me and my disabled son who was with me. I ended up needing emergency gall bladder surgery. The PA in the ER was okay, not great. She was very young and seemed inexperienced. She would say I'll be right back and then disappear and never come back to explain what was going on. I had no idea for a long time what was going on. I mean hours. I was admitted and sent upstairs. There was a cockroach in my bed. I only saw it when the night nurse came in to check vitals and turned on the light. I killed it. She shrieked. Apparently this is an ongoing problem in the surgical wing. Nurses have reported it. Management does not fix it. I asked to speak to administration. Charge nurse came. Fine. Nothing happened, no one came from admin the next day. That says A LOT. Surgery next day. Got home, got bill. Surgeons have no contract so I owe half. No one told me this. That would also be true at Rex, I called to verify. But for the level of care, next time I'm going to Big Rex. No need to add the contact us blah blah blah message below. I couldn't get anyone to talk to me while I was IN there.

Chris Bern

My elderly father was hospitalized for a week around Thanksgiving after a bad fall. While in the hospital he had various degrees of dementia as well a new heart problems. I was blown away by the consistent care, respect, and consideration from all of the staff, especially the nurses. He was in the ICU for a few days and then lower level care the rest of the visit. I stayed with him, even at night. I didn't have a single bad experience or bad caregiver! The doctors and PAs were also great. I was especially impressed by how patient and genuinely compassionate the staff was to him and to me. I want to give extra compliments to Chris and Eileen, two nurses with us the last few days. They went above and beyond what was necessary and expected of them, and were a true blessing.

allen reynolds

Well the doctors are amazing and kind and caring. But the nurses and nurse aids are not so much the same, they have either been foreign and hard to understand or extremely rude none caring about the pain your in like the nurses i have this morning.

Lisa B

I waited for over 3 hours tonight/ morning and still wasn't seen. The only thing I got was triaged and I hope I don't get a bill for that when it only took 5 minutes. I'm really frustrated because I went for leg pain that woke me up because it was hurting so bad. I got there around 12:20 a.m. and left at 3:45 a.m. Went to Apex and they said I would be billed twice and they didn't have the machine there to check for a blood clot. So that meant me going back to the Cary hospital at 8 I was told. Don't think so.

Carly Stranz

Angry. I went in last night and I have spondalothesis. I was in my usual severe chronic pain and instead of putting me on an IV and getting me the CORRECT pain medication after I had told them numerous times I have hight tolerances to pain med they instead gave me the smallest dose in a pill form of Vicodin, and Ibuprofen which never works. Surprise surprise 45 minutes later nothing. Called my nurse back and they tried to give me a muscle relaxer that does not work on me because I have the pill at home from my primary Doctor. And if I'm not already in enough pain, they take my X-Ray wrong. You cannot see spondalothesis if your patient is laying down on their back and you take the X-Ray, I went to my chiropractor (and I've had X-Rays before) and he found it immediately by doing a standing up X-Ray and you could see it clear as day. Severely dissapointed with their supposed "care" the whole time it felt like they we're treating me like a drug addict. Because after the MR, and after they had only given me one medication option so far they said "well I don't know what to do." Wow, that's great. The last time I was here I had the exact same experience not a great hospital.

Earl Hunter

Certainly not the best one in town but they are close. Go to them if you don't mind paying TWO THOUSAND, THREE-HUNDRED & SEVENTY DOLLARS ($2,370 ) to be transported between One hospital and another on there - WHAT- must be gold plated bus. For heart conditions.- no I'll go to DUKE, RALEIGH

Michael Eno

Horrible place.... Waited over 7 hours before I was finally out of there for one x-ray!!! My room was filthy, blood stains on wall, smeared snout on walls as well. Hair and dust built up in corners of room. When i told them what i was elergic too said idk what to tell you take it or leave it! So i left it and they gave an attitude..... Will never go there again!!! The state should even allow that place to be open. Oh and as theres people being brought in by EMS and them asking why they can't be put into a room they said no bads... But as i was brought back into the rooms before other people that were there before me I saw atleast several rooms open!

Rhonda Nicoletta

Went in for a swollen knee that I’ve had for over a week. Can’t bend or straighten it. They took X-rays and proceeded to tell me there was ‘nothing wrong’, however I can’t walk. Told me I needed crutches and to not bear weight on it, even though I thought there was ‘nothing wrong’? Clearly besides the knee not being broken there is obviously something wrong. Nurses were ok. X-ray technician was very nice. Doctor that I saw with last name Goodman was horrendous. Asked me what I did to injur my knee and then mocked me for it. He couldn’t speak clearly. He was a mess. Was speaking so fast I could hardly understand him. Rushed through the entire ordeal. Mumbled something about torn cartilage. My primary doctor told me it was a torn meniscus, I just wanted confirmation. Worst experience ever. I’ve been coming to the Cary wake med for over 20 years and sadly that will be my last time. Doctor should be reprimanded. Complete waste of time. Wish I could give a zero.

Patricia Stephenson

I waited for three hours just for them to see me for 15 minutes and not even diagnosed what was wrong with me it was the most horrible experience that I've had I can't even see a real doctor it's all students. They didn't even know what I was talking about when I was talking about my back muscles. Definitely never going back to Wakemed I should have just went to Rex

Ann T

Was in a car accident about 12 days ago and was taken to the ER by ambulance. At first I did not know where I was but I shook myself out of the fog I was in. The actual treatment and assessments from the PA was good, but the nurses definitely need more training on how to handle people in distress. When they went to disharge me It was 12 am on a Monday morning. I have no family in the area to come pick me up so I was trying to find a friend to come help but it was very late. I told them I was working on getting a ride and it shouldn't take long but the nurse said I had to leave and sit in the waiting room. The ER staff in the squad had cut my shirt off at the accident so I had nothing to put on and I needed my friends to bring something with them so instead I was given a paper shirt and again told I have to leave. It was not busy there at all and no one was waiting to get in but I was rushed out anyways. I was still not thinking clearly at all...I did not even know what Wakemed I was at. I was then given a list of taxis to call and was told to sit down. I called the one they told me to call but they never showed. After waiting for 50 minutes I decided to get an Uber. I had to wait in the waiting room where it was freezing cold in just a paper shirt...and it did not even fit me right...I was mortified. I could have continued to call friends but I got so disoriented I could not remember who I had tried and who I hadn't called and I was so stressed out sitting in the cold in my paper shirt that I really couldn't think straight. I understand when it is busy it is a whole different situation but to put someone who just got knocked around by 2 airbags, had no idea where she was and was obviously still very confused out in the waiting room by herself is not right. If I ever need an ER again I will not go here..

Michael Northrup

This is by far the worst ER visit I've ever seen. I wasn't the patient in this case but have had the luxury of seeing my girl in horrific pain from an ear infection/preferation. After about 2 hours of waiting we finally get a nurse to come by and say they are waiting for a "provider" to be available. She asks how much longer and of course the answer of "I'm not sure". This disgusts me so much. If you ever need emergency assistance it may be quicker to go jump off a cliff.

Aron Echols

Thank you for letting me use the restroom, i been living out my car for almost a year now after these Federal Stalkers kept coming in my home, apartment and now try breaking inn my hotel room while im sleep at night, im sure not too leave any money under my pillow..they stalk me coast to coast please report them to the news they are abusing their Badge...

Denise Biggerstaff

My name is Joe, Denise is my fiance. I dont usually write these things I've always felt if I get good or bad service I made the choice to to do business so its on me but, I felt I needed to write. If you read this and want to hear what happened at the Apex location, please read review of Wake Med Apex under Denise as well. I was transferred here from the Apex location and admitted to the ICU step down unit. I went to the ER at Apex via ambulance due to severe leg pain and all around feeling sick, things did not go well at Apex. The nurses and doctors at Cary spared no time making me feel comfortable. Although my main reason for going to the hospital today was for severe leg pain ( three surgury's performed with awful results, surgury's were performed at another hospital and by doctor unrelated to Wake Med) the doctors focased mainly on my heart. I am still trying to find a doctor to this day to help with leg pain, I believe I may have found one and I am traveling back and fourth to Tennessee. I was unaware that I had a heart attack for awhile and was wondering why all this uproar over my heart, I did have bad pressure on chest and EMT was advised of this, once I was informed HT it all made sense. Although they never treated my leg pain they did do a doplar to make sure there were no blood clots. The whole time I was there they kept my pain under control. Dr Deepti Sharma was one of my doctors while I was admitted and I can tell you after dealing with so many who have doubted me and pused me off to someone else, she is a gem. She took the time to listen and even gave me needed criticism when it was due, she made sure I had the medication needed at discharge to get me thru to an appointment with a pain and cardio doctor. I only wish she was my primary, I'd like to let her know of the nighmare I've been dealing with since I left her care. Two nurses I'd like to thank, and if you have a choice I'd grab them up, Peng and Kandy, although most of of the nurses were great these two stand out, Kandy even cried with me when we were taliking. So now I'm back on the hunt for a doctor to fix my back so I might have a normal life. I want to say thank you to Wake Med Cary and would'nt hesitate to go back and unfourtunatly I may have to. I do have to criticize one thing though, the food, come on guys its awful! Dont let that stop you from coming here, I just promised a couple people I'd mention it. Thank you again!

Kayla Peterson

Kind of a long post, but worth it if you're anxious over which hospital to choose: I gave birth here about two weeks ago. Naturally, I was incredibly anxious as this was my first baby and I didn't know what to expect. I labored at home for a couple of hours and finally, when I couldn't take the pain anymore, my husband and I were admitted. From start to finish the nurses and my doctor, Dr.Wyckoff from Cary OBGYN, were beyond amazing. My blood pressure was dangerously high and I had developed pre-eclampsia after not having it all throughout my pregnancy. They caught it immediately and treated it. I had a medicated birth and the anesthesiologist that administered my epidural was reassuring and so professional. I truly felt safe and like priority number one. I hemorrhaged four hours after birth as well. The nurse caught it before it happened and an entire team of amazing nurses and a doctor stopped my bleeding and gave me medicine for the pain. They worked together as a unit and I am confident they saved my life, as I was losing an immense amount of blood. My baby and I were able to come home safe and sound and I'm beyond relieved and grateful that I chose this hospital. As a side note,my son did have to be readmitted to the NICU for jaundice. I was scared to leave him with strangers at first but the NICU nurses were so kind and reassuring. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences at this hospital. As another aside, the food is really good! Usually hopsital food is trash but not here. They give you the ability to order tasty things off the menu, I recommend the masala and chicken soup!

Adam A

8/23/2019 - This ER is NOT for infants. This ER is NOT a pediatrics ER. If you need an ER for infants or babies, then please PLEASE GO TO Raleigh Pediatrics ER instead. Tell the ambulance to take you to Raleigh and not Cary! Some of the staff is actually really great at what they do and I thank them very much. The officer even helped save the day a bit, too. Failures include lack of: expediency, competence, paperwork expertise, and pediatric ER care. The ER is quite dumpy compared to the rest of the building. I hope that the new superstructure going in next door is going to be the upgrade because it severely needs it. My wife had her final lab test on 12/31/2018 at the hospital. The tech's technique promptly put my wife into early labor and we went to Cary Hospital the next day on 1/1/2019. The hospital was practically empty and the Samira Tahtawi didn't seem to want to be there at all. She was dismissive and rude to my wife. This is our third child and we know what labor looks like. She claims that my wife was in false labor and forced us to leave. We pleaded our case three times that this is not false labor. My wife then proceeded to continue to labor at home in massive pain and we were back at hospital later that night. This same doctor also gave us specific time frames of how many minutes in between contractions and they were completely wrong. She said she doesn't want us back until contractions are two minutes apart consistently for 2 hours. That never happened. My wife was having contractions for 40 seconds to 10-12 minutes apart and most were at 4-6 minutes apart while we were there with Tahtawi. My wife was fully dilated and Tahtawi said that this kid could take another 6 weeks and sent us home. She said we can go wait in the parking lot if we want to. My wife never hit Tahtawi’s time lines, not even close. My wife was forced to labor at home. Why? Because we didn’t hit Tahtawi’s contraction time lines. Therefore, good luck having a home birth. Later that night, we almost birthed the kid in car on the way back to the hospital because my wife's contractions were not what this doctor wanted them at. After finally giving birth the nurses told us that Tahtawi should not have let us go home. Now I get the bill and because this rude doctor gave us dangerously wrong information and marked my wife's visit as a false labor, we are now getting double charged for Emergency room hospital visits. This is so wrong! It should be one ER bill, not two. I’ve written a formal complaint against this doctor with the hospital and the State Medical Board Examiners for endangering my wife and baby’s health. Update 4/28/19: the hospital has apparently not gotten all the information and is only concerned with Tahtawi’s lack of proper bedside manner. Therefore, they are not willing to update my billing, even though their doctor on call is giving out dangerously false information to its patients. Also, because Tahtawi was “contracted” out with another company, then the hospital is washing their hands of this matter. Thanks. Why would the hospital contract out? ..Because none of their doctors wanted to work on New Years Day. Therefore, this means that if you are a patient and can wait until the hospital is on regular business hours then you will have better luck with proper care..? This also makes me wonder if Tahtawi purposefully put in incorrect info in her report or there is something else fishy going on.

James Staley

The nurses were amazing. They, in my opinion, deserve all the praise they can get. I had gall bladder surgery and they looked after me like I was one of their family,

Carly Ammon

I wish I could give zero stars. First I'd like to remind people I'm disabled due to chronic Lyme disease, the Epstein Barr Virus, and other chronic illnesses that most Drs and nurses don't understand which had it's affect on my hospital trip. I will mention which parts those are. I did the survey but forgot to mention the fact that a nurse assumed I had problems with addiction, in the report it did not say that. (I have chronic pain and was on the fentanyl patch for over a year so we don't want that is what the report said) and sent me into a breakdown and that was only part of my experience at that circus. The staff don't work together, they don't know anything when the shift changes. There was only 1 nurse and 2 nurses aides that gave me the help and care I needed and were nice. One nurse while I was still in the ER said I would be getting intensive care if I was in intensive care. Considering they put an alarm on my bed since I'm a fall risk this was very frustrating, also when the iv was hurting to the point I was almost crying and I have a high pain tolerance she just kept saying I did it right it shouldn't be hurting. I felt disrespected many times and dismissed. If you break your leg or something common they may be better but the waiting times are always awful and I've hardly ever had a good experience with the staff.

Amanda Champaign

The ER staff is friendly, however, The waiting time is ridiculous! My 3 year old came in with a bad rash, so not top priority of course, but still waiting 3 hours and haven't seen a doctor yet. Just needs to be a bit faster then it would be a 5 star rating for me.

Chip, Matthai

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the members of your staff who cared for my father Paul, during his recent stay in your ICU and room T25801, which was his last room when he was discharged. I just have to tell you that EVERONE was just so Very professional, warm and Caring. You explained everything before you did it, which helped put my father at ease. I wanted to thank the lovely kind nurses who warmed my fathers heart with their SMILES ! Please THANK the WHOLE TEAM , I wanted to put every ones name in this, but there was just so many. Again, Thank you so much. Our family and my father are very grateful and we wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING ! Sincerely, Chip Matthai

Michael Freeze

My wife just delivered our second child at WakeMed. The staff was great but I'm giving the hospital 2 stars do to the very very small post part um room they put us in. The room was a joke and felt like a glorified closet. It was completely unacceptable.

luzbin barbosa

I was there on the emergency room for a bicycle fall, with my son we were there for 5 hours they took X rays of both of us , they told us there were no fractures, send me home and told me that it was just the bruises and they would go away with time, the pain continued, next day I went to my doctor and they found I had an elbow fracture and need it a sling. they took my money they missed the diagnostic all together. ... not good

Evan Schroedel

Was not upfront during our hospital tour that the birthing center would be renovated in 2017. Post partum rooms are microscopic, uncomfortable, and quite shocking when you were expecting something else. I was willing to let that go, but then the Billing team took over and they are incompetent. Make sure you understand your benefits like the back of your hand or you will end up paying more than you should. Even then, it will take months of phone calls to your insurance provider and the hospital to get things sorted out.

Gaminggirl Youknowit

From being a very healthy person, I started feeling sick Friday August 16th. I came in Saturday just to make sure I was good due to my fever being so high. They told me I it was like a summer flu.. so they discharged me. So a couple of days later trying to fight at home still not feeling well I went back Tuesday the 20th. The found something they they told me Saturday that was good, they admitted me because I had a high heart rate and fever was still high. They did all these test, I believe I was poked 100 times told me all my test was negative and come to find out after being in the hospital for 5 days that one of the negative test was positive. I have been annoyed and bothered. I had great nurses, but to tell me something I thought was negative just all of suden popped positive is not good.

Janice Firling

My husband and I were very pleased with the care and treatment he recently received in the Emergency Department. He completed the triage process and was examined by a physician within a short period of time. The competence and recommendations met all of our expectations. There was some delay in the discharge process because of follow up with his primary physician and awaiting orders for medications. Thank you WakeMed Cary!

Carla S

The staff is nice but I would not recommend this ER if you have a real emergency.

Nora Bartel

This place is ridiculous. Went in with a serious emergency in horrible amounts of pain and watched people with stomach bugs and colds go before me. Told I would have to wait 4 more hours to speak with the doctor and get the results of my tests, after already waiting for three hours in an uncomfortable waiting room in serious pain. Some of the staff were very nice, others were incredibly rude. Now, I know the emergency room is not a fun place, and there is usually a lot of waiting. I get that. This was just ridiculous, especially with the reason I went to E.R. I left in tears before getting seen. Seriously, avoid WedMed Cary - they don't understand the meaning of emergency. EDIT: The comment they have left about taking patients in order of severity is also funny, as they clearly do not. I went to another hospital that same night (shortly after leaving WakeMed) and was seen immediately. They wanted to admit me to inpatient for a severe kidney infection and dehydration. I had to receive treatment immediately. Lucky I was able to go home after a rough night in the hospital with meds and fluids. So it seems fairly obvious that no, you don't take people in order of severity, unless they arrive by ambulance.

Troy Nietschmann

$4,000 just for walking in the ER. Nothing was done except some Rx. Their "standard' ER cost is matter how long you stay or how minor the issue. I was robbed. Always go to REX....a world of difference. Better customer service, better rates, better everything.

Kenyatta Shabazz

I've been to this hospital many times before and received great care with insurance and without but today's experience was highly disappointing. I was brought in by the ambulance with chest pains. They checked vitals stating they were good and sat me I the waiting area which was at 3:45 pm. My family and I sat there for several hours. In between having labs and x-rays done but sent back to waiting area. I finally go to the admission station at 7:45 pmasking how much longer only to br told I was discharged. I was never seen by a doctor also still having a IV from the ambulance still in my hand. I was then brought to the back . I truly thank God it wasn't a heart attack. Deplorable care!!!! Is this what our healthcare system have come to.

Chris Leveille

I went to the ER at 7pm at night because of horrible stomach pain. I got my blood drawn and was seen in a timely manner because my blood cell count was high. Turns out, I had to get my appendix removed. The nurses and doctors were great folks, no complaints there. The doctor reassured me this was a routine surgery that they preform 4 or 5 per day and it should only take 15 minutes or so. Piece of cake he said. I went into surgery at 12:30am and was out of surgery in 15 or so minutes.. I went to sleep for the night, woke up at 7am and was discharged at 9 am. That's 14 hours in the hospital, my bill from Wake Med was $34,000!! Are you kidding me? I also had to pay the surgeon $4500 and the anesthesiologist $2500. So all together my bill was over $40,000 for for a 14 hour hospital stay, a 15 minute routine surgery and one crappy breakfast tray. Unbelievable, my insurance covered most but I still owe a lot on my end. I recommend going elsewhere for service as this place price gouges the average person. They got over $30,000 from my insurance and are threatening to send me to collections because I can't pay the remaining thousands owed immediately. Can we say greedy!?!?!

Jason Mooberry

My son was treated here overnight. He was expedited through check-in and triaged within an hour. Not sure if this is typical or due to the flu epidemic this year, but I was grateful. The triage room was clean and the staff were courteous and accommodating.

Gabs H

The wait time is ridiculous, the staff are more interested in talking to each other about pop culture than actual care, and no matter how much you sit there in obvious pain and need to get treated, the triage nurse will ask you an essay's worth of questions which everyone who comes in the room will ask again. Its like they don't care at all especially if you're a male patient.

Cody Stilwell

I came in for double pneumonia and was put on an IV drip. The nursing staff are friendly but that's where the list of good ends and the reason I'm not giving one star. The call bell intercom system goes off every 5 min to notify me and I assume everyone else in the building of a tech being needed or a doctor needed for line 1. This is what wakes me up every couple minutes due to the fact of the speaker being at the head of my bed which is great if you are calling for a nurse or need something but not for mass messages to the entire hospital AGAIN every 5 min. Now the real kicker is that I had on multiple occasions someone hooking antibiotics up to my IV without ever washing the connector with an alcohol pad or any type of sanitizing which AGAIN I am in for double pneumonia so compromised immune system and what not. If you value you're health and can make it to another ER like Rex or literally any other ER in the state please do your health a favor.

Bill Coyle

Just got back from a two night hospital stay there. Could not be happier with the treatment I received and the friendliness of the staff. Even the food was good!

Steven Meyers

My three day stay from back surgery, by Dr. Deol, was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! The Nurses were nothing less than angels, the rooms were delicately designed with soothing colors and curves unlike any hospital I've ever seen and the bathroom was so large and easy to maneuver that one felt better than being home. All staff members were always there when needed and with an abundance of positive and warm concern; even the cleaning lady, was so helpful and talkative that she brought much laughter out of my pain. And Dr. Deol, well, considered him a genius! I have zero pain for my reason for surgery ,which lasted for well over a year. After only four days at home, I'm able to move and maneuver with very little pain. Dr. Deol, the hospital I give the highest praise possible; nothing but nothing was of a negative bent; from reception to pre-op, to surgery, to hospital care...All these professionals deserve the highest praise!!!

Tom Goodman

I was admitted for three days for emergency surgery & follow-up care after a femur fracture two months ago. Everyone on staff was great and made the experience as tolerable as possible, and I really appreciate that they helped calm my nerves before surgery. My recovery has gone very smoothly and so in retrospect I'm very pleased with the quality of medical care I received there. The food was also good. Private rooms throughout the entire stay. I realize everyone's experience is different but I honestly can't think of anything bad to say. Yes it was expensive, but welcome to the 21st century. If I break my other leg I wouldn't hesitate to come back.

Maureen McGinnis

I would like to say that this was the best hospital I have been in. The team that helped me Amber/ Erin/and Sadie under Doctor Lutz was the best. They held my hand when I cried and assured me every step of the way. A truley amazing group of people. I'm sorry I can't remember everyones names who helped me but I really appreciate all the love and attention even when I know it was chaos outside my door. Thank you again so much! Maureen McGinnis

Casey Lipinski

This review isn't even about me its about a 6 MONTH OLD little girl whom they had in the waotong room throwing up in a TRASH CAN! NOT sterile or safe AT ALL then they take back 2 grown adults 1 of which has a "sore hand and wrist" WHAT THE HELL?! This is an INFANT THROWING UP IN A TRASH CAN and they're taking grown adults that got here AFTER the baby! MOST HORRIBLE THING IVE SEEN SINCE MOVING HERE IN JULY!

Sandeep Shankar

Very happy with faculty and facilities provided. Hospital RN are very knowledgeable and supportive. They are always available to fulfill our need and guided us through tuff times.

Meredith Schuyler

Great hospital. Had a baby there and also some accidents with kids. Clean environment and great staff. Dr.s we had were first rate.

Cristobal Alvarez-Russell

All staff (from the doctors to the patient techs) always went out of their way to help me in a very compassionate manner.


Top notch place I was in within a half hour! I was taken care of regardless of my economic status because it was never even discussed or asked for even though I can pay. They ordered what I felt were appropriate tests and not excesses trying to pad the bill and got me into see a specialist almost immediately even though it was not a dire emergency. These people place healthcare first. I see alot of people complaining about their care and you should take into account that they are not feeling well and may be taking it out on the ones tasked with their care. I had gone to another hospital that was wakemed and was sent home still feeling sick and ill. Even though I'm still very sick I'm satisfied knowing that the staff at wakemed cary did all they could to address the problem and just knowing that allowed me some awnsers and the abilty to accept my situation and take the steps to midigate my illness. That goes a long way!

S.T. G.

I was not the patient. I was the patients escort. The patient was given the V.I.P(atient). treatment. The staff was wonderful. The volunteers were so helpful and even aided in patient transport to the car. The nurses and surgical staff came and introduced themselves before the procedure which really helped to ease the stress. Great experience.

Ryan Futrell

Excellent treatment from the doctor who performed surgery on me and excellent support from the nurses before the surgery and after. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.

Ajay Bains

Went in emergency and was in the waiting room for 4 hrs before could see the doctor. By that time, the pain subsided to negligible and still billed $$$. Unnecessary charges were levied.

Vic K

After 10 years in healthcare, to come and receive a greeting of: 'what's up' by a security officer/receptionists was so unprofessional. The standard of excellence I am condition to expect was not displayed at all. Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte has set the bar high for me when it comes to healthcare facilities. I miss my city hospital.

Lydia Rhine

If I could give this hospital a 0 I would. I was seen here and they literally left me in the waiting room with an IV in my arm for HOURS with an empty bag. I was so sick I came in on an ambulance and they never took vitals for over four hours. I was denied access to any medication or basic care. They wouldn’t let me use the phone to call anyone either. I began to bleed back into my IV bag and the nurses refused to help turn the IV off or provide additional saline. Very ill elderly people were left unattended as well. The nurses response was sit down we will call you after I came in an ambulance due to being so ill that an urgent care called ems to address my health concern. They never even looked at my abnormal blood work from urgent care and I never saw a doctor for over five hours. They were completely negligent. If you are sick stay far far away. Update: They sent me a bill which is insurance fraud. It has all of this stuff on it that I never even received. They even billed me for a doctor that I NEVER SAW. I got a 6,300 dollar bill for them to give me three bags of saline and never see a doctor. This place is atrocious care. STAY AWAY. They are committing insurance fraud and billing for care they never gave.

Robert Davies

My wife was in acute pain and was taken by ambulance to WakeMed on Friday. She was kept waiting in the ambulance for 20 Minutes before departing from her house while the crew filled out paperwork to insure they would be paid. After arriving at Emergency, she had to wait five hours while she was screaming in pain until she received care. Next time, she will make sure she gets medical attention elsewhere.

Edward Altherr

The actual care was very good. My interaction with the 2 nurses (one being a neighbor) and the ER physician were great. Unfortunately, I had no choice in being taken by ambulance to this hospital back in Feb, 2015 to the ER for an injury to my back. I was in extreme pain and on morphine for it, so my ability to ask the appropriate questions regarding any charges, etc was not possible. This negative review is also directed towards my insurance carrier (United Healthcare- UHC) whom I will no longer use when my year runs up in a few months. I believe there is a concerted and planned effort by Wake Med and UHC to circumvent a lot of the usual and customary charges typically paid by insurance companies by hiring independent contractors in their hospitals. This is especially the case in an emergency situation where someone who does have insurance but unable to ask a timely question like, "If I need to have any diagnostic x-ray imaging done, is/are the radiologist(s) an employee of Wake Med or just an independent contractor?" is taken advantage of. What I found out after the fact is that Wake Med pretty much hires independent contractors as radiologists to save the hospital money and then these hired guns can charge whatever they desire to the patient who has insurance, which will automatically be put into an out of network category. When this occurs, the patient essentially foots the entire bill. This makes me question the ethics and integrity of the well paid executives of Wake Med and also the insurance companies. Last time I had checked, a hospital's mission is to help people and not save itself money so that it's already overpaid executives can receive a larger bonus. If anything, most of the millions they (hospital executives) steal each year should be given to folks who actually perform the treatment and help their patients (docs and nurses, etc).

Samantha King

Most nurses are nice but the doctors are extremely rude. Wait times are ridiculous and they dont provide adequate medication. I always have to go to a private dr after I leave Wakemed because the medicine they give me doesnt work for my condition. Will be going elsewhere next time I need emergency treatment. I also want to add that the wait times on their website are completely made up. The wait was over 4 hours just in the waiting room. Ridiculous!!! People are throwing up in the waiting room around everyone else. Just horrible. I would give it a ZERO if i could.

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