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REVIEWS OF UNC Rockingham Health Care IN North Carolina

Patsy Poe

Brandy Darden

This is the worst hospital ever! I wish there was another hospital around, my daughter is 11months old and extremely sick!! She got to the hospital around 6pm and still sitting in the waiting room and it's going 11pm! She is a BABY!! She should of been seen first that is how most hospitals work, well especially where I am from they take little kids being sick VERY SERIOUS!!!!!!! I advise parents with little kids that this is not the hospital for you!! They don't care

peace and love

joy Arahant

This is the best hospital ever!!

Andy F

Came in because of knee pain, having to use a crutch to walk with because it was swollen so bad. Having fevers for three days. Took x-rays, said it showed ok and basically sent me out the door. Told me to follow up with orthopedic. No blood work done after asking if I had a history of gout.

Kim Freeman

Worst hospital ever. Emergency department is lacking knowledge and good sense. They left my niece laying in wait for 4 hours for the helicopter. She probably would have made it had they been quick enough. They also let my husband leave barefoot without a phone walking. Seriously!!!!?? Go to annie Penn.

Paul Jarrell

Kristen Mulligan

When you go to the emergency department do NOT walk away from the check-in/triage area when they say "I'll be right w you"...even when they have someone doing vitals...make sure you overhear everything the person in front of you is there for or you will be overlooked!!

Winnie Kay

My mother fell forward onto her face with her left arm beneath her at waist level crossing her chest. She had cuts upon her face and she complained of pain level ten to her nose and left arm. Reception condescendingly attempted to diagnose by pshawing my mother's complaints.After a two hour wait a CT scan and x-ray were given. After another two hour wait, (5:40pm- 9:15pm total time ) without visual confirmation, mother was informed she had a fracture to her nose, given a pain prescription and sent home with instructions to contact her physician.

T.R. Fleming

I have used this hospital for decades and been very pleased with the care and professionalism shown.

Evelyn Martinez

Staffing was great. Care was prompt and compassionate. No complaints here. This little hospital's ER is better than most larger hospitals, where you are treated as a # instead of a person, and have to generally wait much longer to see the provider. Of special note, PAs George Wade and physician Dr. S. John Guha are excellent!

Phyllis Brown

First of all I would like to say, there is absolutely """NO""" wait time for true emergencies!!! Second, the government now has strict guidelines in place concerning pain medicine, so this is not the physicians fault for NOT prescribing pain medicine. Third, the emergency room is not intended to be used for your primary care needs. If you are experiencing anything other than a true, life threatening emergency, you should go to your primary care physician or visit an Urgent Care facility. The emergency room is NOT for colds, flu, stomach bugs and so forth, this is common sense. Also, don't get upset if you come into the emergency room by ambulance and end up getting rolled out into the waiting room because you were trying to get faster service. Patients with true, life threatening emergency's are seen first, then as time permits, non emergency patients are seen in the order they come in..... My family and I have used this hospital's emergency room since the very beginning (1960's) and we've always received the very best care, except for the night I had to take a close friend into the emergency room a few years back. The only reason, """the only reason""" she was shuffled through and misdiagnosed with a stomach bug is because the emergency room was packed (every seat taken) with people waiting to be seen for their stomach bug. My close friend had appendicitis and needed emergency care. She was sent home and her appendix ruptured. I blame this neglect on every individual who was there in the emergency room that night waiting to be seen who honestly had ""NO"" business being in the emergency room in the first place. The emergency room doctor just assumed that my friend was like everybody else waiting to be seen, so no tests were ordered and no blood work was done. Again I say, if it's not a life threatening (true emergency) go to your primary care provider or Urgent Care facility and leave the emergency room open for true, life threatening emergency's!!! One last thing, the government also has strict guidelines in place where antibiotics are concerned, so don't blame this facility for telling you to get "over the counter" medicine's for your cold, flu, stomach bugs and so forth.

Janet Ore

We're lucky to have this Hospital in our community, the staff is some of the best you'll find anywhere.

Erica Wilkinson

Was EXTREMELY slow. Got to the hospital at 6pm, did not leave until the next morning after 2am. Some staff were particially friendly, others were just hateful and very rude. Nurse could not put in a simple IV correctly. Doctors did not come back until HOURS later. Hospital room was absolutely filthy. Took 45 minutes just to check blood pressure when no one else was really waiting, we spent those 45 minutes in the waiting area. The nurses kept telling us "just a few minutes," those "few minutes" ranged anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour and a half. After over 8 hours of being in the ER, was finally sent home with the results of "we don't know." Extremely displeased at this hospital. Would not recommend to anyone unless extreme life or death situation.

Shayna Dixon

There always good and very in formative

Susan Dalton

I have no problem with the service from the medical staff at Morehead. They were all very professional. However, I'm finding it hard to understand how a patient's bill can go to collections when the bill was never sent to the patients address in the first place. When I have called the collections agency, it seems they received the correct address from the hospital. So my question is, if Morehead has the correct address in their system, why didn't they mail the bill from their office instead of trying to ruin someone's credit by turning it over to a collections agency. I have called about the bill since December 2014 and every time I call they say, "oh, well we have no record that you ever called". Really? I've been calling for the last 6 months and you have no record, you can't put a stamp on an envelope and mail a bill, and obviously you must have hired first graders to handle this department. Nobody there has an answer for anything, just an excuse. And as of today, I have received another collections notice and no one at Morehead is capable of answering a phone either. When I called the billing department a month ago, and I'm positive you will have no record, they said that the first collections notice was all that was due. Guess what, you lied! After 25 years of using the services at this hospital I am finished. Good luck making money at that hospital when the incompetent people running the billing office can't seem to find stamps and envelopes.

Nikki Victoria

I'm not sure what's worse. Being a patient here or working for this company. Also, it's impossible to get anyone to answer the phone in any of their business offices. No matter what matter it pertains to. Goodness gracious no wonder they can't keep a CEO for any matter of time. And the Christmas bonus is a meal at the hospital. Wow. Grab a plate and shovel it down fast or no break because they can't keep good staff.

Melanie Harrington

Different people have different pain levels/tolerance. Everyone knows this. After being doubled over in pain for 4 hours, doing CT scan, thinking i have a kidney issue. After my fiance and I actually REALLY figured out what the issue was. Doc comes in (older bald/grey haired man) comes in and literally says, " you are perfectly fine on paper". Really? (STILL doubled over) and tells me he cant do anything. Not as much as an aspirin! Then leaves..then another doc comes in, and leaves... This one particular nice foreign dr actually kept walking by and asked if i needed anything. He actually TRIED to help and get me ready to go. All of a sudden he comes in and cant do anything, like someone or something blocked them. Then says, if it gets worse, come back? For what? Nothing.. My insurance pays YOU to treat me, you work for me. When a person is refused service, then the payment should be stopped. Ince they stop getting paid, they might realize they are hurting us, but they will eventually pay...No compassion, no cares...this hospital has OFFICIALLY hit ROCK BOTTOM. They have scrapped the bottom of the barrel...

Blue Daze

One star because can't go ant lower

Moses Malone

Went here for excruciating pain shooting through my abdomen into my back. Apparently that doesn’t constitute as a medical emergency. The doctor said he could do nothing.

Vanassa Manuel

My husband was here for three hours in day surgery before they came got him for his procedure. Slow very slow.

Phillip Martin

Spent 3 days with my wife in this hospital..All of the test came back negative for heart problems. In less than a week we transported her to Moses Cone with the same symptoms . Her Aorota had 95% blockage that's a Widowmaker. All the rest we're blocked at 80% or more. She was given a triple bypass .. My hats off to Moses Cone because I would have lost my wife in less than a month after this hospital said they couldn't find anything wrong. This hospital is a death sentence and unless you are suicidal , don't go anywhere near it. This hospital should be torn down and replaced with a monument for the people who have died here..

Pamela LaPrade

Emory Smith

Went to the ER this morning. Husband had to have stitches in his finger. The doctor and the nurses were absolutely wonderful. So proud of Morehead Hospital and glad they are still here.

Christi Shelton

We have been sitting here since 8am for them to get my husband a room. He had mono and has been sick for a month now. The first time we brought him here they said it was nothing. Like I said a Month ago! Now he's 10 times worse and it took us taking him to Annie Penn for them to diagnose him with mono! By far the worst ever!!

Richard Linville

Judging by the rest of the horrible reviews I think most people get the idea so no need to elaborate by writing a book.. maybe one more horrible reading and review will get everybody some satisfaction by getting this place closed down. Horrible..I mean horrible place to go..

Idolizeno1 Pro

I heard they were the best in rockingham county

Robin Sawyers

Nurses, Doctors,Cnas and staff were very amazing durning my with my recouperation and very on top of things made me feel just as important as the other patients.. Thank you so much.. you all are amazing.. Im glad imade the right decision to seek care here..

LeNell Scales

By far the worse hospital I have ever had to go to. Had to take my daughter there last week, she was in so much pain to the point that she could not walk. I had to go in ask the lady behind the desk to help me put her in a wheelchair, she took her time, then went to get someone else to put my daughter in the wheelchair. Not to mention the rude doctor, Dr. Farrah,and the nurse, wish I had her name. They let her lay there for over an hour in pain, needless to say the medicine they finally gave her put her to sleep and they sent her home. I had to get a wheelchair and take her to the car myself. They really need people who genuinely care for patients to work here, not rude, inconsiderate people that are just in it for the money!!!! I hope I never have to go here again or anyone in my family. I recommend Annie Penn in Reidsville any day over that sorry overcharging Morehead!!!!

Cindy Martin

matthew harris

Bryan C

Not the worst E.R visit you'll have

Michael Workman


Came in with chest pain still sitting here with no answers 3 hours later. Haven't even seen a doctor. By far the worst hospital I've ever been in.

Alli C

Sheretta Moore

Nicole Moore

Tim Mays

Eden Chamber

Last winter I had a neighbor that had severe abdominal pain taken to Morehead Memorial Hospital. I took his wife to the Emergency Department and observed the whole process. He was admitted to the E.D. quickly and was seen immediately. The staff was kind and professional the entire night. They diagnosed kidney stones, and were able to comfort him, then placed him in a room. He was in surgery the next morning and home recuperating soon after. He has nothing but praise for Morehead, and based on what I witnessed, I agree wholeheartedly. -Randy Hunt

Shannon Stanley

I wouldn't even give this place one star if it wasn't for the great nurse I had. The doctor on the second floor sucked. I had to sign myself out of the hospital and go to wesley long just to receive the correct treatment I needed. No wonder this hospital is bankrupt I totally see why now. The care there from the doctors are aweful....

Jessica Dalton

Came in stomach pain. Come to find out i had a uti. Had to tye off my own iv to go to bathroom. Every time i call the nurses desk for anything it takes 15-20 to get it. Dont get me wrong there is 10 nurses up there eating jelly beans. I pushed the button last night 5 times to noone answering. The best service i had was students from patrick county. I would rather die in my floor at home than ever come back here.

Amber Hicks

I have tried for over 5 months to get a sleep study done here, once they FINALLY got the referral straight and called to set up the appointment they called back to tell me I needed to move it becuause of something with my insurance. Ok I understand that, that how ever was a month ago. I have called multiple times a day and left a message every time and NOT a single person has called me back. I have even left messages on the directors voicemail with no return call. If this is any indication of how things are ran in this hospital then it's a crying shame. DO NOT TRY TO HAVE A SLEEP STUDY DONE HERE. You will be greatly disappointed!!!!! I will be calling my Dr. Tomorrow to have my referral moved to another location.

Brandie Edwards

I brought my 16 year old in for Severe Stomach pains, it took 2 hours to get a room, and we have been sitting in a room for 3 hours, I hope my son has nothing major going on, Because we cant get anyone to tell us anything, Heck, A nurse doesnt even come and check on him.. Next time I will just drive to Cone, its out of the way, but atlease they act like Care... I mean @Cone it may take longer to get there, but we would be home, or atleast know what is wrong with my son by now.. This place has not changed, One bit.... You can change the name, But it doesn't change the service we receive..

Suzanne Motley

Alot better then most in this AREA

Darrell Massey

I've had several back, hip and shoulder replacement and have substance abuse problems in the past and now if you have a problem with one of these areas they treat me as if im only there to obtain drugs. Do they not realize the given this is EDEN NC You can obtain basically any they have less the over priced bill you will receive. The are the cause for the substance problem and I cant even get proper medical attention there. Be careful what you let them give you drug wise or you'll stand in my shoes (sober for 5 years)

Miriam Foley

Figures that hospitals mostly have bad reviews.

Andrea Flores

Took my friend back right away; wait wasn't long at all; it's really changed for the better

Chuck Gilbert

sherri walker

Professional, caring, kind. I'd rather spend my money here.

Joshua Rickman

Was in and out

Myla Barnhardt

My mother, who is 87 and lives in Greensboro, has recently had two procedures in the Day Hospital. From registration to the moment she was discharged and escorted to the car, she received excellent care.

S Penn

This ER has lost most of their physicians and specialists. No GI, no Ortho, no Cardio there anymore and no Ultrasound after normal business hours... You will wait (potentially hours) to see a nurse practitioner or physicians assistant. The care is erratic and the environment is chaotic. Some of reception staff are relaxed and unconcerned. May as well go to your local urgent care unless it’s a true emergency. If a true emergency try to go elsewhere. This is no longer a real ER.

Anglea Moore

Chris Tuck

This place sucks balls. 2 hours after having a baby and they are ready to get the discharge papers ready.

Kaye Bateman

I brought my sister Sandra Bateman in Monday Dec 1 2014 around 6am she was so sick that she had to be sent to Winston salem the doc told me when I ask him why she is in serious condition I ask why he said she has d it was 3 letters can remember them I ask what it was he said I DONT KNOW HOW ELSE TO EXPLAIN IT its serious how could you be so rude heartless when you just told me my sister is in serious condition she has got to go another hospital you are rude would not even tell me what the 3 letters he said I did not know what it is a nurse had to come over explain it to me even said im sorry for his action sick as my sister was she ask why was he so mean towards her when he first talk to her he was rude to her we traveled from Danville va to eden cause I thought morehead hospital was a good hospital BUT THIS DOCTOR HIS ACTIONS WAS UNCALLED FOR NANCY STOUT

Aziatic Teague

The worst experience dey actually made my step mother whose a diabetic wait 2 hours before she got treated ugh i hate dis hospital

William Po

Their care was excellent and everyone was courteous...but then the Bill came due. I received and mailed my Bill on September 11. On the 14th of September...3 days after I got the Bill...on a Saturday morning at 10 am the Hospital Billing department called. I told them to be patient and that the Bill due was being sent to them on a paper check. I then asked if they called EVERYONE about their Bill. Their answer was yes. I think that the Hospital Billing department was acting more like a Bill Collection agency and really I thought that this was very thoughtless and rude as the Bill itself said not due until September 23rd...So whatever niceness I received in the Emergency Dept. was cancelled out by their impatient attitude toward receiving their money...just to let you know....I never had dealings with them before and I have always paid medical, and indeed all bills due promptly...

River Moonglow

Kind professionals who actually care.

Homer Barnes


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