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REVIEWS OF The Outer Banks Hospital IN North Carolina

Dylan Pickell

Matthew Villa

Waited 3 hours to be seen, people who came in behide me went ahead

Brennan W

Pam Elder

First time there. Was very impressed with the triage nurse, the receptionist and the doctor. Everyone was very accommodating and friendly. Apoligized for the wait.

Stephanie Bergreen

I was brought in after being thrown from a horse. When asked what my pain level was I responded a 10. The ER doctor told me that was not possible because he was sure if he started moving my arm again the pain would be worse. I was in s much pain and I'm sure in shock from the accident as well I couldn't even respond. After xraying my arm he apologized and said I had the worst break he had seen and described my arm as shattered. It was bad enough that their ortho surgeon would not try to fix it and said I needed to go to a trauma hospital. I broke it from the shoulder to the elbow. As if that wasn't enough I told the ER doctor my wrist was also hurting badly. He messed with it a few minutes and said he didn't think it was anything. My daughter insisted on an xray and surprise surprise - broken. We requested a medical transport which they refused stating it wasn't medically necessary--despite the extreme pain I was in. Mt PCPs nurse also spoke to them about a medical transport but they still refused. It gets no time did they xray or scan my back, head or neck and they sent me off to find my own way to a trauma hospital which I did. Trusting that I was medically okay to travel if I could endure the pain I was driven to Richmond to VCU/MCV. Upon my arrival and upon hearing how I was injured multiple doctors and nurses at VCU asked if I had refused medical transport as it was obvious to them I needed it. VCU quickly did an xray of my spine and discovered multiple stress fractures in my back from the accident. Thankfully they were stable - but Outer Banks hospital never even checked my spine though they knew I was thrown off a full-size running horse. This could have ended so much worse due to their insufficient care! Finally - that wrist that we had to push them to xray because they didn't think it was anything required surgery to fix with a plate holding it immobile for three months and will require a second surgery to remove the plate and significant PT to regain the use of my hand.

Phillip Mullen

Robin Rose

The staff was very nice and the Dr had a great sense of humor. They took care of my mom and got her out of there pretty quickly.

Brandon McClure


James Gallagher

Had to stop in the emergency room for my daughter. As an out of towner, I did not know what to expect. I was very pleased by the efficient and friendly staff who took care of her right away. We were grateful for the care we received while on vacation.

Kathleen Dough

Currently going 3x week for cardio rehab.

Kristin S

Alicia Swofford

My daughter and I were on a short weekend vacation in late-October. One afternoon my daughter accidentally stepped on a cactus growing in the grass which resulted in a spine in her foot. I took her to the ER early, early in the morning. The staff was wonderful. My daughter does have issues with new people but she felt at ease with them.

Nathan Covey

Kind doctor one very unprofessional RN the rest are angels in my very thorough

Beth Carter

I arrived at the Outer Banks ER with symptoms of a possible heart attack and was treated with notably great service. Nurse Lauren Baer, Dr. Ray and Robin Adami provided professional, competent and compassionate care. The front end receptionist, triage nurse staff and radiology staff was efficient and polite. I truly appreciate the fine service I received during my time of crisis. Thank you very much for doing your job so well.

Stefanie Baker

Draconian. The ER is severely understaffed. No Estimated wait time. No sense of urgency. Dominoes delivery at front desk to the staff behind the counter was the only priority at this hospital. Cannot wait to leave here.


Total waist of money! They took plenty of tests and don't have a clue what is wrong with me. Now I have to go to Norfolk because this is serious and all they wanted to do was keep adding to my bill including the iv when I wasn't dehydrated.

Donald Waltz


So understaffed here at this hospital, however there are many nurses in the ER just hanging out at the front desk. No one will listen, been trying to get help or at least a straight answer on if we can even get the help needed for over 5 hours.. being told each time by a nurse that the doctor is in an emergency. The nurse missed a morning dose of Medicine by an entire hour. She was busy on the phone. This is not a hospital I would ever come back to, nor recommend! Spent the first 2 days in a room with no heat, just cold air that could not be turnd off so the room stayed around 68°. It was not until I was leaving that they gotten maintenance to fix the issue. It was hard enough to get an extra blanket.. I was not treated like a patient!

Chris Berry

The staff is amazing! The doctors and nurses gave us complete confidence and treated us like family. The only complaint is the squeaky beds. Every time my wife had to move, the squeaky bed would wake our newborn. Highly recommend the OB staff!

Cristopher Hofbauer

6 vicodin for a severely dislocated ankle with severe break. Joke seriously??????

John Boyce


Lauren Peterson

Gloria Serido

Very limited specialties.

Samantha Lewis

I had a great experience giving birth here

Tevin Davis

Slow as mallasses

Elzbieta Wiecek

Heriberto03 Gaming PS4

Service is great, the time wasted is also in a great amount, I don't want to wait 3 to 4 hours to know my son have a fever, figure of speech.

David H


Ronda Dwight

Sitting here as I type. 2 yr old with dehydration and 103 fever. Sat in the waiting room for 2 hrs. Prisoners in back are being treated. They brought us back and put her in a bed outside a trauma room... Unbelievable. Police putting away linens. Dr walking around looking for the equipment to look in her ears. Do yourself a favor... don't come here. Not sure what your other chooses are.


This is a small, local hospital equipped for minor medical conditions, births, and stabilization of more serious conditions prior to transport via helicopter or ambulance to Norfolk General which has a trauma center and is a teaching hospital as well. My experience is that they handle their mission well. I was struck broadside on my bicycle by an auto running a red light. I was admitted to the emergency room and immediately the team responded in assessing the severity of my injuries. Although none life-threatening, I was transported to Norfolk by EMS for observation and more comprehensive evaluation. Prior to transport the staff dealt with a sudden and unexpected complication in a calm, coordinated and very rapid fashion. At no time did I feel that care or attitude was anything less than professional and competent. All the staff I encountered were pleasant, caring and extremely helpful. Again my attitude was that I was happy to be alive (although in great pain) and maybe that rubs off. To each their own.

Perrin Tricou

I was here on vacation and ended up getting a knife stuck into my foot. Service was quick and friendly. The doctors and nurses were all incredibly nice, and knew what they were doing. I was in and out in about an hour.

Tim Bennette

I am absolutely disgusted with the charges associated with a 1/2 hour visit to the ER. Between Dr and ER charges it was over $1,000. Be very careful when entering this hospital make sure you make them give you estimates before service so that you can make a decent business decision.


Bad place. Don't have your baby here. Dr Drum whatever aka Hennessy is the lead pediatrician had I known about her I would of picked a different obgyn to service my baby.

Nicholas Szewczyk

Very friendly staff. Efficient too

Jenn Marie

Nothing like being on vacation and needing a hospital in an unfamiliar place. But the staff, nurses, doctors, radiologists were AMAZING here!!! They had us in and out and SO taken care of. We couldn’t be happier with our visit here! Thank you for making a hospital visit the very best it could have possibly been!

Julie Hansen

This is the slowest and worst hospital I have ever been to. I waited in the ER for an hour and half before someone took my blood pressure and temperature and then was sent back out to the waiting room to wait with everyone else, however everyone else there started to leave because they were waiting 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. You should not have to wait 4 hours in an EMERGENCY ROOM. Also, the staff was very rude and not helpful at all.

Komil Shukurov

I went to ER, and a physician came to see me for about 5 minutes and wrote me a prescription. And then I left home with $600 less. The hospital charged me $230 for just being there for about 10 min. the physician charged $380 just for writing me a prescription. WORST and THE MOST EXPENSIVE hospital to go. If you have an option then NEVER go to OBX Hospital.

Matt Sexton

Been here y hours in the ER waiting for a MRI. Not one single person can give me a time feame or any idea as to what is taling so long. Better idea to drive to the mainland than coming here

Patty O

The hospital staff is very rude and disrespectful! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO NOT GO THERE. The doctors and nurses are VERY disrespectful and not professional at all, nor do they even know what they are doing! I am a local here and this hospital is a joke!!! Horrible experience, horrible people at this hospital. My husband was injured and hasn't taken pain medication for like 6 years, which was for back surgery, but they treated him as if he was a drug seeker. I know there is a problem with drugs on this beach, but by automatically assuming everyone is a drug seeker you have caused poor treatment options for someone who needed medication. They need to start treating patients as individuals and looking at their whole history and present condition instead of how they are operating. Never again!!! Sad that as a local we can't rely/depend on our emergency services. :(

Katrina Henderson

I received great service at the hospital. I was actually headed to Sentara but we somehow passed it and ended up at The Outer Banks Hospital. As a visitor to the area I ended with a level of care I would not have received at home. I received care promptly from the nurses, doctor, ultrasound tech, and MRI staff. It was very impressive. All the the staff including those at the front desk were courteous and polite. They took my concerns seriously and they took my medical history into consideration. They also took into consideration that I am a breastfeeding mother with my child in the hospital. I was given extra pillows so I could comfortably feed him and additional info so I could make informed decisions about breastfeeding while on medication. I highly recommend this hospital.

Jacci Martin

This place deserves every negative review posted about them. It's bad enough to be in a health crisis warranting an ER visit, but dang the staff and wait times are horrible.

Lynne Reismeier

While on vacation, I developed an infection. My husband took me to the hospital where Dr. Ray and Nurse Kevin treated me. They tended to my needs, ordered the tests needed, were very professional and courteous. They took time and answer all of our questions. There was almost no waiting time, the hospital was very clean and admitting staff was very attentive as well. It was a very pleasurable experience which is never the case when you go to the hospital. Dr.Ray called in the prescriptions and when we got to the pharmacy, they were ready. Thank you Outer Banks hospital.

Lee Guthrie

This hospital is only good for tourists, birthing, labs and transfers to better hospitals. They have misdiagnosed more locals than can be counted. Not to mention making their patients feel like their losing their minds because they can’t find what’s wrong because of their lack of testing. If you want to be taking seriously go elsewhere, it will save you time and money and give you peace of mind in the end.

Dolly Tillett

My Oncologist ordered a Prolia shot due to poor bone density. The hospital denied giving me the shot in spite of having BCBS insurance. Now, approximately a year and a half later I fell and due to my osteoporosis, the fall resulted in a broken collarbone. ! ! No one should be denied care when ordered from their physician!!!!!!!

Svn Svns

been calling back to back my daughter has a fever of a hundred and two and no one is picking up

Debra Chaveas

Found myself with an ankle fractured in three places and the need for surgical repair. From the emergency response team, ER staff, orthopedic surgical team and Med-Surg unit I received excellent care.

Danny Bickel

Waited forever in emergency. Last one there and still waiting forever. What an ordeal.

Tim Galliher

The ER department was great , treated my daughter quickly and everyone was super nice ! !

Tiffany Bennett

Came in with flu like symptoms I’m explaining all my symptoms to the PA Dr Ray Clayton Moore and nurse Sarah The PA stops me dead in sentence and asks me if I’ve injected any drugs or shot up my jaw dropped so did my husbands. He left the room and the nurse apologized I am in shock still Never ever have I been so disrespected!!! Worst ER in the world Remind you They ask all this up front So he knew that I had already said no I only stayed and didn’t walk out because of Sarah the nurse She is amazing

Eileen Henrie

my father had leukemia and these fine people welcomed him and gave him his transfusions with respect and much care and friendliness. All the staff were amazing and warm. As a RN in a NY hospital, i was very impressed and grateful.I have confidence in this facility and staff. Thank you .

Douglas McConney

Would love to hear more about the specialty physicians at the hospital. Thinking on a move to Nags Head and this is a major concern for retirees. Help if you have knowledge, thank you.

Cole Logan

All around horrible

Kelsey Hammell

Thank you to the ER nurses Sarah and Heather who took great care of me while I was in the ER. They made sure I was well taken care of and kept a smile on my face even in a tough situation. I’m so thankful for the OBX Hospital and all of their staff.

Robin Denman

Excellent care with exceptionally kind doctors and nurses.

Stephany Vivadelli

I rarely post reviews but just want to give a "shout out" to the staff in the ER this past weekend. From the nurses, docs and techs, my care was excellent. Kudos to the cleaning staff as well, as the ER, my room included, was super clean. Anybody that's been to ER's recently knows this is usually not the case. Earlier in my career, I worked as an ER physician so I am well acquainted with health care operations. Keep up the good work!

Wes Lastname

Went to the doctors office and my two year old son needed some blood work. The doctor sent us to the hospital lab for the blood work. They charged us 167.00 for blood work. Something that cost at most 50.00 at Lab Corp. We were price gouged and are stuck with the overpriced bill. Will never go to this hospital again. They are out to get rich off of anything they can and care nothing of patient satisfaction or fair billing. When I asked why the cost was so much higher than Lab Corp they said "because we are a hospital". Not because they did a better job, not because they did more thorough testing, simply because they can. Scam artists if you ask me.

Jon-Anna Yates

Nice staff but incompetent. I had fallen, and injured my ankle and wrist. They said I had a broken wrist (I did not) and only soft damage to my ankle (I had a fracture). They fumbled around at putting a cast like thing on my arm (the nurse hated doing Ortho and said so)The first time they tried to put on two splints at once, which hurt and I insisted they find another way. So, I was overcharged for a cast I didn't need. Luckily they gave me a boot for the foot, so at least they did the right thing there. Over charged for services I didn't need .

K Wilkins

Horrible service!! Went to ER on Thanksgiving when the area Urgent care was closed for my 6 yr old who had a severe sore throat. We walked in with no one there, and waited 10 mins without being called back...then a few elderly began coming in who took precidents over my daughter. My wife said something about it to the desk woman, and we still continued to wait. We decided to leave after waiting 40 mins to try to figure out how care for my daughter until tomorrow when the urgent care is open.

Morgan Dudley

I have to say I was beyond impressed with how my son and family were treated from start to finish! We went into the ER due to my son busting his face open. The check in and triage was all done in a timely manner and they were very compassionate and friendly. Our wait was less than to be expected for a ER and not to mention a holiday weekend. Once we made it back to a room we were introduced to very friendly and compassionate team of nurses and doctors. Every step was handled professionally and with my sons best interest at heart. "Mr. Tom", as my son still refers to him as, did a remarkable job stitching up my sons eye. It was very clean and has healed very well. I am always hesitant about ER's that do not specialize in pediatric trauma, however this facility and their staff were amazing and I can not speak highly enough about our experience!!! Thank you for helping put this momma at ease!!

bridgett thompson

What a great experience in the ER Dr Ray and staff are amazing went in in extreme pain and they did everything possible to make me comfortable. Explained all procedures and had me out of pain and on my way with in a few hours. Thanks Dr Ray Vacation continues.

John Michael III

Released my son 3 times saying he was “just dehydrated”, while he had a BP of 190/120 he was released. After the third day of no results and barely any tests I drove him to CHKD. On the way to CHKD he went into a seizure and was in a medical coma for 3 days. Apparently the OBX hospice has no idea what the function of a renal glad is. I’m sure they can keep you comfortable while they let you die. This hospital is an absolute joke and other health care facilities will tell you the exact same thing.

Randy Murphy

One of the BEST hospitals that I've ever seen!

Jim Dorwart

As a cancer fighter, I needed to have infusion therapy while vacationing on Pine Island. The nearest place I could locate was the Outer Banks Hospital. I have been very pleased with their professionalism as well as with the job they did. Would recommend them very highly. Also yesterday a friend who is vacationing with us was at an urgent care facility and was told to get to an emergency room immediately. He was very pleased with the speed and thoroughness of the facility and with the fact that they contacted his PCP to get additional information and to keep them informed. While neither of us knows what the cost will be after insurance, we are both very happy with the service.

Coby Nida

First impression hospital was very clean, staff is very courteous and tended to my need right away. However, some difficulty in radiology department with equipment left me wondering of the competence of the staff in that area, although again, they were very courteous and kind. The doctor called in to treat me ( a surgeon) didnt take my advice to call my physicians and made a bad mistake according to my doctor and others docs I had seen since. He did not have the knowledge he needed to treat my condition and could have caused serious harm on my pre existing condition in which I had surgery to correct and he was trying to work in an area he shouldnt have touched. Could have caused serious damage. He was very nice had a great bedside manner and knew when his efforts failed to stop and send me somewhere I could receive help. So, bitter sweet experience but at least they were there to comfort me and I appreciate that as much as their efforts.

roger cawthon

These great folks could not have been nicer! Great personal care!

Ross Twiddy

The labor and delivery is one of the best in North Carolina. Excellent team of doctors and nurses who created a wonderful environment. Three children delivered, can't imagine a better facility.

Tori Lowe

If I could give 0 stars I would.

Kevin Borecki

Here for an evening visit to the E.R. after my kid broke his arm. Wasn't sure what to expect, being on vacation but our experience was very positive. Within 10 minutes of arriving and filling out a standard form, we were seen by the Triage nurse. We were then admitted to a comfortable and clean private room within the E.R. We were seen by a doctor shortly there after. By 2 hours, we had X-rays taken, read and a splint/ wrap in place and were discharged. So our needs were pretty simple, but every member of the staff was friendly, competent, and efficient. Thank you for your good care for my child, including appropriate reassurances.

sachiel 58

As a local,I have had to visit Outer Banks hosp/Vident on occasion.More recently,my visits have been frequent.I have had some issues with diagnosis because my case is a very special one,but I am very content with the hospital and staff itself.The ER team has always been prompt and courteous,as well as knowing their business.Sometimes,it may take a while for a Dr to get to me,as there are far more serious cases to be tended to.I certainly appreciate this,as I have been in that position before and was promptly treated.Not all Drs should be stereotyped.Every one is different,including one's bedside manners.I have yet had to release "the flying monkey's" on any member of the staff as each has been superb in treating me.Unfortunately,some clients visiting this hospital have been unsatisfied with treatment,etc,.Try visiting Heritage/Vident Hospital in Tarboro.Only after experiencing treatment with the nursing(diva's) team,(drs not included) there,can one come back to OBXH and breathe a sigh of relief,knowing one is in far more capable,kindly hands.

Bree Russ

k pu

Unprofessional staff that think saying "be an adult" to someone confused and crying five minutes after waking up from anesthesia is appropriate. So incredibly unable to deviate from the rules that they'd make someone who can barely walk from so much pain update their paperwork before being seen by anyone. Can't communicate between wings leading to incredible delays ("I'm sorry, we can't admit you to the ER until you're officially discharged from so-and-so's office on our computers."), take an hour and a half to bring a blanket (that's just down the hall, I ended up getting a blanket for the patient myself) to a patient and two hours after getting permission from the doctor to officially allow a patient to take their prescribed medication. Forgets to sign prescriptions not once but TWICE in just a week - luckily the pharmacy we go to didn't notice and filled them anyway. Surgeon forgot to see us for debriefing despite saying multiple times that he'd be there to speak to one of us after surgery. I know someone who says they'd rather die in route to Chesapeake than go to OBH. I think I can understand the feeling.

Krista D

Absolutely phenomenal staff at a wonderful hospital. My family and I were on vacation from NY and I had a lot of abdominal pain which turned out to be appendicitis. We went to the hospital at 9:30 and immediately was taken into the back with no wait. The doctor came in and introduced himself right away, then the other staff members came into take my vitals and draw blood. They gave me step by step information detailing what would happen next. I ended up needing surgery and the surgeon fit me right in knowing the urgency of my case. The nurses were all simply lovely, they were so caring and attentive and couldn't have been more helpful. My surgeon Dr. Doan was very fatherly and comforting and informed me of exactly what would take place. I felt extremely at ease and comfortable with how I was treated and couldn't ask for a better experience in a bad situation. Surgery took place at 4pm and I was out drinking a margarita at 11:30am (hey it's vacation right?!) the next morning. Amazing hospital!!

Laura Hinton

Short wait, excellent staff. Very happy I went.

Debra Halahurich

Jenna Major

Came here with my boyfriend who had a sprained ankle on Day ONE of vacation. Was in & out in a couple hours and the staff was SUPER friendly. Thank you OBH!

Scott Cross

Alan Smith

This place is a joke. They left me in the worst pain I've ever felt in thirty years for hours while the staff satvatvtheir desks and joked and laughed and ignored the patients. They make you suffer and deserve to be sued. Very unprofessional.DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL. Beware

Pro Free

I had surgery. Everyone was so wonderful, they made a difficult time for me much easier.

Alan Stark

There is no waiting time outside the ER like at most hospitals I have been to. When we walked in there were three people in the waiting room. We waited for almost three hours in an almost empty waiting room. On a Monday morning. When we asked about how long it would be we were told its handled on a first come first serve basis. The girl behind the counter had an attitude about it. I suppose that perhaps people complain to her about the wait all of the time, so now shes automatically defensive? Who knows. Dont go here unless its not really an emergency or you just want to kill time in a silent, boring waiting room.

Kopal Jha

Quick, friendly staff, clean and bright. Trouble is that as soon as they figured out the X-rays were "negative" (not a fracture) they gave me an ace bandage, a script for pain and a set of crutches. No diagnosis was attempted as soon as a fracture was ruled out. I had had to be carried off the beach and could not put my leg down. Ten days later, I still have a leg I cannot walk on or drive with. I'm going to see an orthopedist myself. Was never seen by a doctor, just nurse and nurse practitioner. My feeling is that had it been a fracture, it would have been set with care and attention, but anything less, no matter how serious, and they don't have time to make a diagnosis. Second - I need the X-rays they took, but they are not able to provide a digital copy, only the report on the X-ray. I'll probably have to get another set taken. I don't know if my insurance will pay for two sets of X-rays for the same injury.

James Collins

Willing to discharge patients from the ED just because they are busy without providing appropriate care. I guess it's the only option though.

Rob Gerhart

While on vacation wife had an infected cut from stepping on something at the beach. Went to the ER around 10pm on a Wednesday and was in and out in less than 2 hours. Back home we would have had to wait 2 hours just to get evaluated. Staff was all extremely friendly and everything was extremely efficient.

Luke Lenhart

The hospital is very clean and well kept and even had the olympics on! The staff was very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. However, the wait times to see a doctor in the emergency room are very long. It took about three hours to set a dislocated shoulder and take an x-Ray.

Adam Ornelles

Had to have surgery under general anesthesia. The nurses were exceedingly kind and kept me informed why the doctors were taking long and what they were doing. All but one of the doctors were very patient, comforting and friendly. When I left the hospital the nurse gave me a bag of crackers, two cans of ginger ale, two blankets, and two pillows for the ride home. Such great personal attention and no complications afterwards.

Sara Batey

Sitting in a Room for 2 hours now and my son still has yet to be seen. Worse hospital ever never have seen such a thing.

Mike Anzalone

Went in for routine procedure and everyone was great. Fast. Clean. All nurses and doctors were great. Highly recommend.

Todd Snyder

My experience was great, would rather have not had to be here, but... Great care from registration to being released.

Dapanpan Panda

Didn't want to have to visit the hospital but accidents happen. Everyone there is wonderful

Mickey Taylor

Husband had a heart attack last Sunday and he was transported by ambulance to hospital because nightingale had been grounded due to fog. 5 pm The doctor, nurses and admitting personnel were very attentive. Within an hour of arrival after heparin and nitro drip started he was sent to VB General. The only complaint is that IV started at hospital was placed incorrectly and when medicine pushed very painful. Instead of IV being removed nurse continued to push med. When husband got to VB site swollen and entire forearm black and blue. The EmT had to start another IV on route as unable use OBX site. By 10 pm he was out of cath lab having three stents placed. 98% blockage 86% and 85% blocks. Thank you. The cardiologist said the care received at OBX helped keep heart damage minimal. Thank you. God bless and stay strong.

Micah Puffer

Excellent care, top notch clinicians, efficient service. I couldn't ask for more!


MH Lacy

My daughter sliced her foot open with a shell while on vacation required stitches. She had no wait and was stitched on our her out of the hospital within an 1 hour . The staff was very understanding, kind and professional. We were very happy with our encounter.

Karen Austin

Do not go there if you need anything more than a band aid!!! They misdiagnosed a heart attack and sent me to a hospital 1 1/2 hours away WHILE HAVING A FULL BLOWN STEMI. The end result was me having severe damage to my heart and the placement of an ICD/pacemaker implanted.

Zuzana McDaniel

Heather Cater

Rude staff in front, lack of care. If I could give zero stars I would

Sharon Bauer

I was brought by ambulance to the E.R. For some reason I had lost the ability to walk, and was swollen and in pain. The Dr. was nice but didn't know what was wrong and was releasing me. I begged him to send me to Pitt or the nursing home, somewhere that I could get help. I told them I couldn't get to the bathroom, that I had to use a bucket in the bed. On my life, the Dr. said, as long as you can do that. He released me seeing my boyfriend had to lift me into my van, I still couldn't stand. It was unbelievable. I called the office to lodge a complaint when I finally recovered and of course they said they would look into it and call back. Never heard from them again. I have lived here on the Outer Banks for 35 years and still can't believe the treatment I received. True story

J Hovendon

Triaged us very quickly. Showed clear concern for my son (the patient). Explained well what they were doing and why. We'd heard horror stories about delays, but didn't have that experience at all.

Luis Mario Garcia


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