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REVIEWS OF Pender Memorial Hospital IN North Carolina

John Wigger

I dislocated my shoulder yesterday and was taken to Pender to be seen. I can’t say that I have ever been treated better by any establishment. Dr McGrath, Lee and Mai were amazing and made a terrible situation much better. They were top notch and I appreciate their care and attention. Thank you all!

Letii Hernandez

They make you wait for hours. A person could be dying and they don't even know it. What's more important is updating information first. Idc if it's their job, even if that's how it is in most places, it doesn't take a whole lot of time just do get through that. Other hospitals I've been to update information pretty quick especially if it's an emergency. I've had more bigger health issues and was in and out of Hanover in less than 2 hours. Staff is lazy & rude. Seriously the wait is just ridiculous. 3-4 hours just to get attended & it's the emergency room.

Yashinyra Butler

Cherryl Hansen

I came to the ER with severe pain in my back and legs. I was taken in quickly and only waited a few minutes for the Dr.'s assessment. Dr. Trezian was very compassionate and respectful. He ordered x'rays and explained the degenerative changes since the last x'rays in 2015. He gave me some pain medication and steroids for the inflammation. I want to thank Dr. Terzian and the ER Staff for their compassion and courtesy.

Tammy Ray

Was taken care of very well when arrived in er and during my hospital stay

Johnnetta Wells

Pender Memorial Hospital is the worst every time I go for my asthma they treat it like it's no emergency some of the nurses don't no how to handle patients that is in distress

Danielle Francis

They are very rude

Candy Jennings

Do not go to this hospital. Not for any reason. I went to this emergency room with heart pain, extremely high blood pressure and numbness in my left arm. I was told I needed to be sent to Wilmington, but only if I would go in the ambulance. If I refused the ambulance ride then they would refer me for stress testing within the next 24 hours or so. was enough of an emergency to warrant being sent to Wilmington but if I didn't want to pay for an ambulance ride it was no big rush? We were left in the triage for over 5 hours while they were "monitoring" me. The "monitoring" was taking my blood pressure twice. I had my child with me and we were left in a filthy room where we saw the doctor twice for maybe a total of 2 minutes. We were never told anything and just sat there waiting. I finally called a nurse and asked to leave. I signed myself out and we went home. I called in later to ask who the stress test referral was to so I could schedule an appointment. The nurse was incredibly rude and basically told me that because I left it was no longer their problem. She also said that I ran out of the hospital refusing care?? I talked to the doctor and nurses and signed myself out? I didn't crawl out of the window in the middle of the night and run?? This hospital has a terrible reputation locally. The "good" reviews you see here are mostly friends and family members. If you are still reading this, go to NHRMC. They will actually help you. Burgaw Hospital was without question the worst place I've been for medical care. If I could give negative stars I would. Seriously, do not go to this hospital. Go to Wilmington.

Bryan Freeman


Genesis Sanchez

Was brought over after a car accident, doctor walks in checks range of motion and discharges. He didn't take any x-rays or scans of anything, and it was a t-bone accident with 4 people in my vehicle!! If I could, I would give them a 0, because now I have to seek care somewhere else. NO preventative measures were taken.

bailey wilkes

jeremy harrell

Some of the staff has been rude to me and my wife and kids

Juanito Hernandez

i Voytoff

This is a very bad hospital! worst service! I'm sitting now, I still feel bad, I'm shaking everything, and they just throw me out! I was bitten by insects, my hands and legs are numb, I was vomited, red spots all over my body and swelled. but the doctors believe that everything is fine and sent home. if, God forbid, I die, know who is to blame for this

Jared gamer tv

Dr. Max was very sweet and compassionate. The nurses were as well. You get the sense that they truly care about their patients, and in my experience that is rare in an emergency room setting. Thank you all!

Riiig Mota

Expect to wait a long time and if you are of minority do not come here just go to Wilmington hospital they don't even have an interpreter for Hispanics no help it takes 15 min or less to do a flu shot but they say mine is taking up to 80 min!!! Rooms are very limited, worst hospital I been to, The Lady at the front can barely hear they need a better staff the staff here is lazy and only want their job to be easy

Juan Jesus Rivas

*PENDER MEMORIAL EMERGENCY ROOM* I was extremely disappointed with the service here. I came in with a serious situation and was treated like I was an inconvenience. The lady at front desk was polite but after that everyone was pretty rude. I was basically wheeled into a room with no pillow, no blanket and the call light was across the room so I couldnt call for help when I spoke with a nurse named KIMBERLY who ignored me at first she was extremely rude and sarcastic I was told I arrived right before their shift change. It took 30 minutes for me to get a pillow and blanket. I have a lot of respect for nurses and doctors my wife is a pediatric nurse and I've been a police officer for the better part of 10 years but a shift change should not mean they can treat people like I was treated.

Jess Todd

Daniel Hewett

Went in with severely swollen an abscessed Lympnode in neck couldn't swallow my own spit or hardly breath havent ate in 3 days An had been told by Urgent care an NHRMC vitaline to proceed to the ER due to my severe symptoms of a Lympnode abscess Both NHRMC vitaline an Urgent care nurse said I need a IV antibiotic an a deep tissue X-ray to see whats going on. Instead of the Doctor (Brian McGrath) trying to drain the abscess or do the X-ray or even just give me the IV antibiotics he only came in told me there nothing he can do he's not a Dentist he didn't learn that in Medical school he can only give me a shot for inflammation an some pain pills. I told him I had already been on antibiotics an pain meds for the last 4 days an haven't ate anything in 4 days he was still unconcerned. He was very blunt an rude, I told him I couldn't open my mouth up to drink he still proceeded to shove a popsicle stick in my mouth an jab it on my sore teeth! The nurses were very caring an concerning but the doctor was awful he didn't give a you know what about my pain an the severity of my symptoms just gave me a shot some pain pills an sent me on the way with a 350$ bill I'm a 20yr resident of Burgaw an this has really broke my heart the fact that if youre uninsured you won't get any good care. SHAME ON YOU DOC Tonight I'll go home an Pray I can eat one day this week because I am beyond weak an only have Meds in my system. The two stars Go to The Nurses an Receptionist that was in duty because they were indeed Caring.

Julie Brittingham

My husband and I brought our oldest daughter to Pender Memorial for severe back pain. She was taken back immediately. Dr. Collins started IV and tests done quickly. Nurses gave great attention to her needs. Doctor diagnosed her with inflammation of the heart. She was given medication quickly and transferred to NHRMC. EMT staff was very nice and made her feel comfortable. She was seen by cardiologist at NH whom was pleased that she had already been diagnosed correctly and medication was started. Our family was very pleased with our daughter's care at Pender Memorial.

Kelli London


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